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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  November 30, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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call this number or visit us online at [ bagpipes ] hundreds gather at a public memorial, right now, to pay tribute to a police officer, former marine. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. the memorial service for officer kapoot began just over an hour ago. tara moriarty is live at vallejo high school where 4,000
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people were expected to attend. tara? >> reporter: this has been an emotionally-charged funeral. right now, the daughters of sergeant kapoot are giving comments. i don't think there's one speaker who has not choked up there. kapoot was a former marine. he coached basketball here. he was a 19-year veteran of the vallejo police department. [ bagpipes ] >> reporter: kapoot's mother, wife and daughters were sitting behind the flag-draped coffin at vallejo high school. so far we've heard from vallejo's police chief, the assistant basketball coach and some of the members of the team. >> we rode to school and talked about the usual things about school, grades and the team. as i stepped out of the car.
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i turned around and walked away not knowing that would be my last moments with him. >> reporter: thousands of police officers from all over the state are paying their respects. kapoot was killed during a bank robbery chase november 17th. the suspect shot him in the back. >> tremendous love for the community, members of the department. i'm at a loss for words. >> reporter: kapoot was a heavily-decorated officer. officer of the year in 2000. police say he was a family guy. in fact, he took into his home the children of his close friends who were killed in a motorcycle crash in january. he was actually in the process of adopting them when a family member stepped forward to take the kids. now, according to the program, he liked camping, he liked to race cars, he visited elementary schools promoting
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bicycle safety. this is the program here. it says "honoring the legacy of jim kapoot." we're getting ready for the 21- gun salute after the daughters speak and then we'll have a flyover. there will be no funeral precession but folks are invited to attend the -- a reception which will take place over at the fairgrounds. i'm tara moriarty live in vallejo, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. streets around the high school are closed for the memorial. broadway and amador streets are shut down north of tennessee. nebraska street is closed around the high school. the closures are in effect until 1:30. the man suspected of shooting officer kapoot is being held without bell. henry albert smith -- bail. henry albert smith entered a not guilty plea to murder charges. he faces special murder charges, including the robbery and murder of a police officer.
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his next court appearance is 31st. we're posting more information at you can find the clips on the front page as the top story. a young marine from danville who died while serving in afghanistan will also be laid to arrest today. the remains of 19-year-old josh corral arrived back in the bay area on monday. hundreds came out to pay their respects. his funeral service is open to the public. it begins at 12:30 at the east bay fellowship church in danville. corral was killed on november 18th during his first tour of duty in afghanistan. and the remains of a san jose soldier killed in afghanistan are due in the bay area today. 21-year-old specialist sean wallsh was killed and his body is expected this afternoon. san francisco police have
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arrested a man accused of intentionally running down a calfire firefighter thanksgiving morning. police say 29-year-old albert bartal was run down after an argument with a man at a jack in the box restaurant on geary street. investigators say the suspect deliberately ran him over a couple of blocks away. he was arrested at his home in south san francisco. >> another police officer that works patrol in san francisco saw this surveillance video that has been out in the media and he recognized the suspect and he had seen him earlier that night in the broadway corridor. >> bartal is being treated at san francisco general hadn't. the -- hospital. the suspect is being held on attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon charges. a reward is being offered for information about an oakland shooting on monday.
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crimestoppers is offering a $35,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the shooters. police say it's not clear how many suspects there are but a security camera shows at least three shooters. three of the people shot are listed in critical condition. the child underwent surgery at children's hospital oakland on monday because of swelling in its brain. doctors are monitoring him to see if the swelling goes down in the next few days. >> closing arguments and jury deliberations are set to begin today in a federal civil rights case involving former b.a.r.t. police officer johannes mehserle. the defense and prosecution rested their cases yesterday. johannes mehserle is one of five officers defending themselves in a lawsuit filed by passenger kenneth carruthers. he testified the officers used excessive force in 2008 at the coliseum b.a.r.t. station. the wind is starting to
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pick up. there's a high wind advisory until 6:00 tomorrow night. there is also a high wind warning for many parts of california, including the california mountains and the high sierra. mark tamayo is join us on specific information about how strong the gusts will be. the winds are providing some relief. they are easing the dense fog. an advisory ended at 9:00 this morning. drivers are warned to slow down and proceed with caution. the fog overnight caused problems for local airline passengers. eight flights were canceled this morning at mineta san francisco airport. planes scheduled to take off this morning never made it in last night. nothing cancellations at mineta are rare. >> we have one of the best on- time performance record of any
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u.s. airport but there are those days when the tulle fog can slow us down. >> oakland airport did not report any problems. major u.s. banks are among the top gainers today on wall street where stocks have soared. the main reason is today's coordinated action by central banks in washington and around the world. the central banks moved to lower the cost of borrowing easing fears of a global credit crisis like the one that followed the 2008 collapse of lehman brothers. taking a live look at the board, you can see the dow is up 386 at 11,942. the deadline for occupy sf protesters to leave justin herman plaza has come and gone but so far police have stayed on the sidelines. david stevenson joins us live to explain what's happening there now. >> reporter: good afternoon. take a look behind me. right now under that pink tent
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the city's director of the department of public works is meeting with occupy sf members about a proposal that was pitched to them to move the protest to a nearby school across town. in the meantime, occupy protesters are continuing their protest and mission to educate people about economic inequality and expectations that this camp could be raided soon. now, last night the group rejected the city aproposal as it was written to relocate to this empty school. the city says the school is a more stable space that would put an end to raids and ease tension at justin herman plaza. we witnessed this confrontation in which police intervened after a man said he was spit on my campers. some say it's important to keep the movement here at the plaza near the heart of the financial district rather than take up the city's current offer of
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space in the mission district. they give a space which is one-fourth the size of the list of requirements. during the general assembly, it deadlocked because it's just unacceptable what they want. it's an extremely high crime, high drug use area that they are trying to give us. >> a spokesperson for ed lee said there are no immediate plans to evict campers. >> reporter: again, coming back out live, you can see the meeting that's going on with the head of the department public works which is facilitated -- which has facilitated this proposal about moving across town. we've seen a small police presence but no signs that any activity is imminent even if the occupiers tell us about the general decision to stay here for a moment and negotiations appear to be ongoing about whether they would be able or
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interested in moving across town. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, david. in london, the strike by public sector workers erupted in violence. security guards pushed back protesters trying to storm an office building. demonstrators lit flares and held signs criticizing government. police arrested more than 50 people in demonstrations throughout the city. 2million took part in today's one-day general strike all over great britain. the public sector workers are not happywy government demands that they pay more and work longer for their pensions. the mass protest closed down most schools and limited treatment at most hospitals. ahead why these people are gathered in gal park to make an appeal to -- in golden gate park to make an appeal to the
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hello, skranton! [ cheers ] >> president obama is
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campaigning and fund-raising today. afterward the president is supposed to attend a reception. after a day of hinting he may call it quits, herman cain is back on the campaign trail. and he spoke in ohio and told the audience that these rumors will not bring down his campaign. cain's campaign manager said there's no way he's dropping out out. san francisco former oakland raider, chester mcglockton died, overnight he
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was the raiders first round pick in 1992 and was selected to play in the pro bowl 12 times. he was in his second season as a defensive coach with stanford. he's survived by his wife and two children. a 29-year-old man filed the first lawsuit against former penn state assistant football coach, jerry sandusky. the man said sandusky abused him more than 100 times between 1992 and 1996 and threatened to harm his family if he reported the abuse. >> he's now taken this courageously, and all of the other survivers that are come before him and have yet to come so other kids can be better protected -- protected. the man is only being called john doe.
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authorities say he met the boy through his charity "second mile." this is world a.i.d.s. week. in observance, free h.i.v. screening are being offered in oakland. they are being given at the lifelong medical care on 16th street. the center is offering rapid screenings which give results in 20 minutes. rapid screenth allow those who are h.i.v. positive to be connected to care immediately. the center says the test is 9% accurate -- 99% accurate. standing at golden gate park, a group said state parks are not just natural resources, they are economic resources. >> over 85 million people come to visit california state parks every year to go picnicking,
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hiking, biking, enjoy our natural beauty. as a result, the california state park system generates over $4 billion in park-related expenditures. >> environment california says that if the government does not act, a fourth of the state parks will close by next july. crab lovers are celebrating at last. but now that fishermen have agreed on a price, crab season is officially here. the catch arrived in san francisco this morning. and ktvu's paul chambers talked to people who were happy to see it. >> reporter: as the saying goes, better late than never. if you are a fan of crab, you will agree with that. today, we were there as crab fishermen unloaded their fresh catch at pier 44. the season was delayed by two weeks ar food buyers and fishermen could not agree on a price. buyers wanted to pay $2 a
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pound. fishermen wanted $2.50. and when that wasn't settled, there was the delay. >> it's a shame we didn't have them for thanksgiving because we sell a lot of them at that time but we will sell a lot at christmas. >> reporter: fishermen set traps and then returned with crabs. >> a small contingent of boats decided that was good enough and they went fishing and that was it. they set the price for the whole west coast. >> it was tough. crabs are real scarce and we took a hit. >> reporter: but for now, that's all over for those who love to eat them and enjoy. and fisherman wharf is now back. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news well, a live look outside.
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you can see the changes over the past few hours. first of all, the fog has cleared. you can see why the wind has been picking up with wind speeds. currently oakland in the upper 50s. the wind will be a big weather story, at least topping our weather headlines for today and also tomorrow. right how, you can see where the fog is it's out toward the central -- towards the central valley. nothing too extreme just yet. but a bit of a breeze. in fact, out towards fairfield sustained at 24 miles an hour. san jose 13 and san francisco reporting winds on the record of about 3 to -- on the record of about 3 to 5 miles an hour. mount diablo, these winds already hitting the higher terrain. you can seat wind profile throughout the morning hours. at 11:00, just over 3800 feet from mount diablo, wind gust reported up to 17 miles an hour. as a result, the high wind warning currently in place,
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already verifying as you can see for the higher terrain. the north bay hills and the east bay hills. the strong offshore winds are picking up for today. winds gusting easily 61 miles an hour. but the exposed peaks could be right around 70 miles an hour. closer to the bay, right around the coast and for the inland valleys, a wind advisory gust could be around 45 to 50 miles an hour. here's the setup -- the weather system to the east. high pressure developing offshore. the pressure difference develops winds. highs will max out in the 60s. the winds are an issue for this afternoon, tonight, and also as we take this into friday morning. you can see the dense valley fog already pushing out of the region with temperatures today mainly in the 60s and right around the upper 60s. here's the wind forecast as we do take this into this evening. these are wind gusts as you can
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see for san francisco and 30 to 40 miles an hour. this is a major event as we take this into thursday morning and thursday afternoon and winds gradually back off as we head into thursday night and friday. temperatures this afternoon, san jose 62. half moon bay, 61. here is a look ahead. you will notice this with your weekend always in view. no rain clouds here but the winds are a serious concern, especially for the bay area hills. we'll gradually cool things off for the second part of the weekend. the biggest you hear, normally when we have a high wind event, it's normally 6 to 12 hours. this will be up to 36. >> oh. >> and more damage could be caused. >> okay. thank you, mark. it was going to be a happier holiday until someone decided to be a grinch. someone broke into the locker and stole $4,000 worth of food,
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blankets and food. now they are asking for help for donations for those who are gonna benefit from this. >> it's all about the children. like you said, it's all about a community and we're here to help anybody in need. >> restaurant customers quickly raised $350 last night. it's a start but the group only has until december 16th to replace everything that was taken. ahead -- another check on wall street and what just happened with home sales that's not happened in a year. the discount double check?
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stocks went up today. pending home sales jumped in october to the highest level in a year. the number of americans who signed contracts rose nearly 10.5% for the biggest gains in the midwest. the national association of realtors released the numbers this morning but the surge follows three months of declines and realtors say cancellations are growing as falling home values an tough home qualifications force potential buyers to walk away. coming up on the news at 5:00, the bay area prepares for strong and potentially dangerous winds. how people are preparing for tonight's wind event. plus -- we're live at occupy san francisco hours
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after the protesters were told to vacate. what is next as demonstrators defy orders to pack up and leave. those stories are coming up at 5:00. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. also we're as you here for you at and mobile [ this broadcast captioned by erin c. mc clure ]
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