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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 2, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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no official wind advisories. that doesn't mean we are done with the breezy conditions. talking about a fire in san francisco and a fine for the san francisco fire department and we have some mixed news on the employment front this morning. the details released in a new report released just 30 minutes ago. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues.
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good morning thank you for joining us. it's friday, december 2nd i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. >> happy friday everybody. we still have breezy conditions out there. windy in higher elevations. especially oakland hills. napa has a gust to 23. fairfield 25 miles an hour. temperatures today as long as that breeze blows we will be in the 60s to 70s. steve, right now traffic is effected here by a crash on the nimitz freeway. you can see that southbound 880 is just past 66 on the way over to the coliseum. there is a crash in the left lane. traffic is backing up. big time past high street. if you are heading south be aware of that. the morning commute looks good if you are driving in san francisco. let's go back to the desk. the san francisco fire department has been fined $21,000 in connection with the deaths of two firefighters.
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tara moriarty is at the station involved with more on why today's date makes the news of the fine even worse. tara. >> reporter: pam, today is the six month anniversary of the deadly house fire that happened only blocks from fire station 26. it's a fact that is not lost on firefighters here. kind of a double whammy since the cal osha report just came out. firefighters would not speak to us or comment about the report. there were four violations. three serious that will cost the san francisco fire department $21,000. we have pictures from that day june 2nd when firefighters perez and valerio died in a house fire. what investigators found the battalion chief entered the home alone and did not keep in contact with firefighters outside. and also two backup firefighters were not kept outside. finally there was a break down in communications between firefighters as you can hear
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from the 911 tapes. >> how much fire you got? what is the location? >> we are looking at low visibility. >> 26 come in. give me an update. what is your location? >> reporter: there was no response. the cal osha report says penalties are due within 15 days of notification. the fire department can appeal. no word on whether it will. we are live in san francisco i'm tara moriarty. the bay area continues to deal with high winds this morning. and the winds have caused power outages throughout the area. we just got these updated numbers just about 15 minutes ago. pg&e says it has been able to restore power to about 1,000 customers in the south bay. there are still nearly 700 people without power. about 340 in the east bay. and down to just 30 on the peninsula. as we have been reporting power
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fully respore before the people in san francisco. time now 6:03. more than 24,000 people have no electricity. down trees and power lines have isolated thousands of homes. look at this. a 50-foot tree limb damaged power lines, smashed a fence, and almost hit a house. some people in the santa cruz mountains have been without power for 24 hours now. even people that lived there a long time were caught off guard. >> we have lived here for 18 years. i have never seen the wind quite like it was today. >> pg&e says the power may not be fully restored until the weekend. the labor department released the jobs report this morning. it shows an unexpected shift. we are beginning to go live to
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our washington, d.c. for numbers. 27-year-old giselle esteban is expected to enter a plea before she goes before a judge in hayward. there have been several delays in this case due to her pregnancy. she is accused of killing michelle le back in may. prosecutors say that killing followed a long standing feud between the two former high school friends. that attempted child abduction in front of a restaurant turned out to be a fake. turns out the little girl made up the story to get attention. police say she did see a man walking in front of the restaurant but did not talk to her or try to grab her. it appears many san francisco voters have issues
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with ranked choice elections. new u.s. study concludes most find the system confusing and complicated. last month city voters were asked to rank their top three choices for mayor, sheriff, and district attorney. researchers find only about one- third filled out all three choices in all three races. and that is despite the city's $300,000 campaign to educate voters about the rank choice system. artificial turf may replace the graph at the golden gate park. the city's planning commission held a meeting last night getting public comment on this idea. grass at the beach fields will be replaced with that artificial turf. supporters say kids are losing play time because the fields have to close periodically so that the grass can be regrown. however,ices argue the turf is not environmentally friendly. >> this project destroys the habitats in the western end of
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the park. it's the equivalent of putting in a seven acre asphalt parking lot in parkland. we think that is the wrong direction to go. >> in a city where families are actively fleeing the suburbs we are in a place where kids cannot play sports. >> the final decision is expected in the springtime. eight children ended up in the water when their sailboat capsized yesterday. they were all wearing life jackets and the current pulled them back to shore. some good samaritans saw what happened. they helped pull the boat to shore. the children were wet and cold but otherwise they were okay. >> i'm gad they were okay. sal, is 880 okay? >> it is getting a little better but there is still a blockage there. let's go right to the picture. you can see southbound 880 now. we told you about this crash. there wasn't a serious injury crash. nevertheless it's blocking lanes and you can see 880 is
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backed up now. if we get rid of the super there at the top left. you can see how backed up it is. way past our frame. past high street. this is an unexpected delay for you heading down to the oakland airport. plan accordingly. let's take a look at the commute westbound bay bridge. that traffic is moving along pretty well with a little bit of slow traffic. this morning's commute i just figured out hold i was when i said super. who does that? northbound 101, northbound 280, northbound 17 that traffic is moving along pretty well. all the young kids say deck koa. >> thank you, sal. we do have a few high clouds coming over. a weak system brushing by us. until big deal. a couple people have been e- mailing me steve, steve, rain. i don't see anything. past ten days very, very quiet. until about december 15th at least. unless there is a hiccup in the
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forecast model. i don't think so. what is coming our way? possible wind events. we just had one. there will be a little one today. that strong low has it moves off into the rockies that is producing a lot of snow in the denver area. breezy to blustery. windy in the hills. there are no wind advisories. i would be careful in some of the higher elevations. anywhere from the oakland hills to mount diablo. you can get pretty good gusts but only the higher elevations seem to be taking the strongest winds so far. that doesn't mean -- napa has had gusts to 69. 50s and 60s. 64 at napa because they have a north wind at 23 miles an hour. fairfield north at 25. north at sfo. north 12 at santa rosa. calmdown to san jose which is why if you are in one of the
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wind protected areas it's not cold. the signature right there. that is going to keep some of that breeze going. sunny and breezy. mild lows. the visibility is great. mostly sunny today. sunny and breezy. a few high clouds in the morning. once the wind dies down our lows will drop off the table. when will it be? probably sunday morning. that won't be the coast that will be inland. very quiet pattern with no rain in sight. thousands of hondas being recalled. penn state football still hampered by the child sex abuse scandal.
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dispute over dirty dishes led to this confrontation between occupy protestors and the police in boston. officers in riot gear moved into the camp late last night. it took away a sink that was filled with dirty dishes. the city claimed that sink was a public health hazard. that led to a brief scuffle. and there was a lot of yelling as you can imagine. police made at least three arrests. demonstrators from a bay area occupy camp are planning their next move. occupy santa rosa protestors have packed up and moved out of their tent city after their
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city issued camping permits expired. now some of the occupy santa rosa members say they will reoccupy city hall. penn state university will find out this weekend if they will be going to a bowl game. there have been calls for penn state to decline a bowl game invitation because of the child sex abuse scandal involving the former coach. jerry sandusky has been charged with sexually abusing eight boys over a 15 year span. yesterday the university announced it would donate its $1.5 million in bowl proceeds to a pair of organizations that held sex abuse victims. the president said if the student athletes have earned the right to play in the post season, they should be allowed to do so. the labor department announced this morning that the nation's unemployment rate actually went down in november. it's an unexpected drop. ktvu alison burns joins us now from our washington, d.c. newsroom with a closer look at the numbers. alison. >> reporter: that is right.
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analysts expected the unemployment rate to stay the same. this is a good surprise. let's take a closer look at the numbers. employers added 120,000 jobs in the united states last month. the unemployment rate is down to 8.6% from 9% the month before. it's the lowest unemployment rate since march of 2009. meanwhile congress is fighting over how to create more jobs. the u.s. senate rejected democratic and republican plans last night to extend a payroll tax cut. democratic leaders wanted to pay for the break on social security taxes with a new tax on millionaires while republicans wanted to freeze federal pay. some did not like either idea and said the tax break has not created more jobs. >> why would we double down on a policy that didn't work? >> the tax cut expires next month. if it's not extended working families will see their taxes go up about $1,000. a closer look at the november jobs report and who's hiring
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and who's not during my next update in an hour. for now we are live in washington, d.c.. congress is inching closer to a showdown with the president by a 93-7 vote the senate has approved a $662 billion defense bill. now it requires the military hold suspected terrorists linked to al qaeda. even those captured on u.s. soil. president obama is threatening to veto. he opposes increasing the role of the military in handling terror suspects. new information on the nato air strike. the one that killed 20 pakistani troupes a year ago. pakistani officials gave nato approval for that air strike. not knowing that their own soldiers were in that area. u.s. officials told wall street journal an afghan led assault force was hunting down the taliban when they came under fire. it was actually pakistani
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soldiers at that camp. the united states is promising a full investigation. back here at home san jose police are out there searching far group of men who they say beat up a man and called him a terrorist. the alleged attack happened a couple days before thanksgiving at the lucky grocery store on south white road. the victim who was of indian decent and does not want to be identified said he was surrounded by a group of people and pulled from his car. he says they called him a terrorist and started beating him up and broke his jaw. police say if you have any information about this, contact them. san francisco's police chief said the city has made major improvements to the department's crime lab. chief greg sur has asked them to take another look at the facility. the chief is responding to recent charges that lab technicians have mishandled critical dna evidence. that led to big legal trouble.
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ktvu has learned former san francisco crime lab technician debra madden has been indicted on federal charges. she left the lab after she was suspected of stealing drugs. but both the state and city declined to prosecute her. it's not clear what led to the federal charges but madden is set to be arraigned on wednesday. time now 6:17. a bizarre story. police looking for a man pretending to be a police officer. they say a woman was pulled over by this impurse nay tour r -- impersonator. police say they asked to her license, registration, and car keys. he looked at the documents gave them back but took the car keys. the woman ended up walking home. 6:18 is the time right now. back to sal to check on the commute. >> there is an accident pam and dave. southbound 880 as you approach the not the high street but the
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hagueenburger off ramp. it looks like they have temporarily shut down lanes to get cars out of the way here. southbound 880 is a mess heading down to the coliseum. it has partially been cleared from the lanes. they had to close things off temporarily to do that. the traffic is pretty soon people will get out of their cars wondering what is going on. this is a huge problem for 880 southbound. again the injuries were not reported as serious but the cars were badly damaged. let's move to highway 4. westbound highway 4 there is a crash here as well. it looks like someone is directing traffic along this crash. westbound highway 4 it's a big backup for this crash as dave is panning to the left here. you can see traffic will be pretty slow and it wasn't that bad at first. but now you will see just as we -- it's okay for you to go
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fast. we are all used to this fast panning in this youtube world aren't we? yes, we are. traffic is very, very slow. this mornings commute on westbound 580 as you drive through 680 that traffic is moderate. hello steve. for those that turned on the tv. >> southbound # 80 very slow traffic. we have mostly sunny skies today. it will still be breezy to blustery. no wind advisories are out. i would be a little careful on some of the bridges or some of the higher elevations. even napa airport has had gusts to 30. you can see a system clipping us. that will give us a partly cloudy morning. once the wind tails off you can see the cold air. the blue off to the valley and also the north. as long as that breeze is zier. north at fairfield 25. north napa 23. that doesn't include the gusts. that is just the sustained wind. the second they die off, the temperatures will plunge.
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there is another system coming in. you can see it. along the western edge of it. that will keep a breeze going. that is a much weaker system than the big low that developed and move into the four corners. sunny and breezy though. a little blustery. windy at times. 60s and 70s. the question is when will this wind die down? it will pick up. i'm leaning on sunday right now. it will be a nice weekend. it will be sunny. it will be dry. there is no rain in sight. honda is recalling thousands of its cars because of an air bag problem. the concern is the air bags may inflate with too much pressure. honda say there is has been 20 accidents related to the problem including to deaths in 2009. the recall effects the cord, civic, and odysseys manufactured in 2001 and 2002. general motors is offering to buy back chevy volts from owners that are concerned about
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fire risks. that move comes after three vehicles caught fire after government crash tests. gm insists the cars are safe. but it says they want to make its customers happy. berkeley based anne's is talking about going public. they filed for a $100 million public stock offering. the public did not -- the company did not disclose the stock. a 70-year-old man trying to do the right thing paid for it with his life. the man in fairfield facing charges with the deaths of a good samaritan. what is being blamed for a messy accident in tennessee involving at least 50 cars. highway 880 interstate 880 there is a crash blocking lanes there. there is also a crash on highway 4 that has created a huge backup. people coming out of the bay point area. we'll tell you more about both those crashes straight ahead.
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good morning. southbound 880 the crash has been cleared. traffic is finally beginning to get better. but a crash on highway 4 has not cleared. look at highway 4. this is
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bright line of headlights coming out to bay point at a standstill because of this crash blocking lanes. and now we are getting word of a crash on the bay bridge. all of a sudden this friday is not so good. 6:25. then there was this. thick fog, black ice, all blamed for a deadly pileup of 50 cars. this is tennessee. this happened on an overpass yesterday morning. one man was killed. 16 others were hurt. it took more than five hours to clear this scene. back here at home whale watchers think an orca whale that was found dead on a beach last weekend was swimming off the coast of vancouver island. it was identified through its very unique physical markings. this could support a theory that it was following a food source. it was an 18-foot long orca. tissue samples were taken but it may be months before we know the actual cause of death.
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a fairfield man is facing hit and run charges in connection to the death of a man who stopped to help him. the body of 70-year-old rudy gonzalez was found in a mcdonald's parking lot. police say gonzalez stop to help 52-year-old michael wilbert who's suv had a dead battery. people in the area said he had been living in his rv for the past six month. he now faces charges of felony hit and run and vehicle manslaughter. strong winds causing damage all over the area. we will bring you a live report coming up. also tensions are boiling up over this is occupy san francisco and there were more problems out there just a couple hours ago. and in new york we are watching there because the
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welcome back to the morning news. ringing the opening bell this morning is kbc securities, jp morgan is there as well. it looks like it's a pretty good opening. they are celebrating a belle january equity investment -- belgian equity investments conference. we will smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us on ktvu channel 2 morning news. it's friday, december 2nd i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. time now 6:30. busy morning. tensions boiling over at the occupy san francisco camp. in fact the police briefly tore
6:31 am
down the barricades there last night. there was new trouble a couple hours ago. ktvu paul chambers is back now. he's at justin herman plaza. what happened? >> even more problems happened within the last 15-20 minutes. you see where the white tents are? that is where people from that are street artists that are beginning to pick up their lots and things. there was one woman from occupier that went after the people that are preparing to set up their stands. we can take a look at video here. the woman from occupy got up in the faces of street artists telling them they are not welcomed. i will see other members of occupy tried to calm the situation. even pulling her away. the street artists say this is a tough time for them. they are not able to make any money. they are not able to be out here every week. even they believe people from occupy are stealing from them. and tourists and others were not come to the area. >> their aspirations are desperate at best.
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i would say it's pretty sad there are street artists. clearly we must be the 1%. and trying to effect our business. >> reporter: now once again earlier this morning there was another confrontation between people within the group. it had seven police cars showing up. a couple men were invited into the encampment were drinking and taking part in drug activities. officers did just stand by. there was no problems and no one was arrested from that situation. once again back out here live. we have an incident that happened. actually people within occupy took care of that situation. there is a man here with occupy i will try to talk to him in a minute. i'll have that coming up at 7:00. live in san francisco i'm paul chambers. all right. 6:32. dozens of occupy santa cruz protestors are still inside an abandoned downtown bank. they broke into this building
6:33 am
wednesday night and say they have no plans to leave. our ktvu cameras were there. some of the protestors were coming and going right there through a roof vent climbing through a barricaded door as well. many say it's time for the police to move in. >> i think our downtown is continuing to struggle unless we show that we are willing to support businesses. we are willing to support property owners. right now they are not standing up for the property owners here. >> police have posted signs saying the demonstrators are trespassing but it's not clear if they will remove the protestors by force. now police briefly went into the building shortly after the takeover but they decided not to allow the occupy protestors to stay at least for now. the suspect in last months deadly shooting is now in custody in kentucky. ktvu news received the booking
6:34 am
photo of 20-year-old norris terrell last night. authorities arrested him in lexington earlier this week. the oakland man is awaiting extradition back here in the bay area to face charges in the death of a young man that frequently stayed at the occupy camp. the fatal shooting took place on november 10th. city leaders decided to clear out the camp a few days later. stay with us here at ktvu news for continuing coverage of all of the occupy protests. you can get updates any time of day by going to our website time now 6:34. the november jobless report came out awhile ago. it shows a major shift in the unemployment rate. stay right here with us. coming up at 6:50 we'll tell you where the unemployment rate now stands this morning and the reason behind the change. high winds are once again causing problems throughout the bay area. ktvu claudine wong is in oakland this morning with a look at some of the damage.
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claudine. >> reporter: we are on east 16th. take a look at this tree that fell down. we just talked to the tree service that will come clear this out. basically what you are looking at are trees who's roots were damaged any way. when the wind came through it just knocked it down. this is an apartment building it did not fall toward the apartment building it fell right into the neighbors yard. the man that was responsible for cleaning us all up that was hired to clean it up say actually they are lucky out here because as you can see it pushed through that fence and actually fell on a shed a little bit back there but did not fall on any structures that had people living in it. that is lucky. he says he will be out here to clean this up later on today. >> quite a bit. >> reporter: how long do you think it will get through all the calls? >> most of them we already prepped last night. today is just going back and
6:36 am
cleaning up. >> reporter: again back live out here where you can see the damage left behind by all this wind. again he said it will take five hours to cut this all up, get it cleaned up and hauled away. he said he will go back and clear his schedule. he wants to make sure because it's in someone elses yard it gets cleared up and taken away as soon as possible. a lot of damage across the bay area because of this wind. it has died down this morning. live here in oakland claudine wong. the high winds made for a bumpy flight for three southwest flight attendants who had to be treated for injuries they suffered during a flight to oakland. i want to show you video of the paramedics bringing in one of the flight attendants. she was working on a flight from albuquerque when that plane hit severe turbulence. >> it was bad. the plane shook quite a bit and
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dropped you know the kind where you are >> you had your seat belt on. >> two of the flight attendants were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the third was treated at the scene and released. none of the 95 passengers on board the plane were injured. southern california is bracing for a second round of high winds expected to last throughout the afternoon. it follows yesterday's wind storm which is being called one of the worst in years. the gusts caused wide spread damage knocking trees and houses and on to cars. the good news is no reports to serious injuries. the winds also ripped shingles off roofs and knocked out power for 370,000 customers. 200 homes are damaged. and ten cities have declare states of emergencies. 6:37. crews in redwood city spent the day mopping up a diesel fuel leak from a freight train. it brought in sand to try to absorb 200 gallons of fuel.
6:38 am
mostly industrial businesses in that area. but we're told none of the fuel was spilled into nearby waterways. 6:37. back to sal. we've had problems on the road this morning. >> we've had a couple different areas of the bay where we had slow traffic. we will start with the bay bridge where we had an earlier crash involving a motorcycle. the very good news there the motorcycle did fall off his bike but then immediately got back up. i think he was wearing the road gear there. the protective leather and the helmet. got up and after just a little bit of talking road off and now the traffic is moving well on the bridge. but there is a slightly larger than usual backup at the toll plaza because they did have to get people in there to make sure that rider was okay and now that lanes are clear. let's move along and take a look at north and southbound 880. the traffic is moving along
6:39 am
pretty well after an earlier crash here past the coliseum. highway four still remains very slow because of a crash that was blocking lanes. they ended up moving it to the shoulder. traffic isbacked up all the way to -- traffic is backed up all the way to antioch. 6:38 let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. a beautiful sunrise. we have breezy blustery conditions. i was looking around and our observer dave in nevada 64 degrees. yet around palo alto i have seen anywhere from 38-53. if the wind tails off, temperatures really cold. if it stays up there it's very mild almost. mid 50s and 60s. we have a weak system brushing us. we will keep the breeze going. there are no advisories posted. some in fact higher elevation there is are still gusts 40-66 miles an hour. it will still be a breezy day. mostly sunny. a few high clouds in the morning. no big deal.
6:40 am
up in the higher elevations even though there are no advisories, it's still kicking up its heels. look at the temps. napa 64 degrees. 64. mountain view 50. 48 concord. 52 san jose. 63 in san francisco. that is because of the breeze. napa 23 miles an hour. that keeps the temperature held higher. same for sfo and santa rosa. yet calm oakland. and calm toward san jose. it just depends. you can see one little system dropping straight down. that will keep a breeze going. nothing compared to what we had last 24-34 miles an hour. 60s and 70s. we have to maintain the wind to get these temperatures. as long as they do we'll be there. when they die off it should be over the weekend. that's when the lows will be really cold. it's dry and it will be sunny during the day and weekend.
6:41 am
6:40 is the time right now. al qaeda is holding a 70-year- old american hostage. what al qaeda wants in exchange for the u.s. to let him go. we are live in san francisco where this cal osha report may cost the fire department thousands of dollars. we will tell you what investigators say went wrong during a house fire that killed two firefighters. westbound bay bridge that traffic is busy because of an earlier crash on the deck. we'll tell you more about what is going on now.
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welcome back now. here's a quick look at the top stories we are following for you right now. there was a brief scuffle among occupy san francisco protestors just a little while ago. that followed last nights chaotic scene. riot police briefly took down the barricades surrounding that camp. police say they were only trying to contain an increasingly hazardous situation. the high winds still causing damage around the bay area this morning. there are more than 1,000 customers with no power right now. most of them are in the south bay and the east bay. pg&e says they are hoping to get your power back on to most of the customers by today. just after 2:00 this morning fire crews finally left the scene of this livermore
6:45 am
grass fire. started last night. quickly spread because of those high winds. about 193-acres were burned. cal osha has released a report connecting the fire station with the death of two firefighters. >> reporter: six months ago today firefighters from this station number 26 respond responded to a -- responded to a house fire. many of those same firefighters that were interviewed are learning about exactly what went wrong that day. they came in and declined to speak with us about the report. there were four violations, three serious that will cost the san francisco fire department $21,000. we have pictures from that day june 2nd of this year when firefighters vincent perez and valerio died from internal
6:46 am
exposures. cal osha investigators found that battalion chief entered the home alone and didn't keep in contact with firefighters inside and there was not two backup fighters outside. there was bad communication between the firefighters. >> how much fire you got? what is the location? >> we are looking at low visibility. >> 26 come in. give me an update. >> there was no response. the cal osha report says penalties are due within 15 days of the notification. the fire department can appeal this. no word on if it plans to. we are hoping to speak to the chief. waiting to see if she has reaction to the report. we are live in san francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. a new al qaeda video claims the group is holding an
6:47 am
american relief worker hostage. the half hour video shows al qaeda leader saying his group has 70-year-old warren winesteen. he was kidnapped nearly four months ago. he's a former u.s. aid worker that has lived in the region for years. al qaeda says they will release him if the u.s. stops air strikes in afghanistan, pakistan, and somalia. we may find out today if herman cain will quit the race. he will have a heart-to-heart talk with his wife gloria. his wife did not know about his friendship with a woman that claims she and cain had a 13- year affair. cain says she gave the woman ginger white money to help with her bills. but insists there was never an affair. she also added he has helped other friends out financially in the past. the bay area radio bomb
6:48 am
shell. a power house sprains station is changing formats. that story is coming up on mornings on 2. more jobs headed to downtown oakland. international call center bought the tribune tower for about $8 million. that building was foreclosed after the previous owner defaulted on the loan. they plan to upgrade the facility and hire 300 people. the 88-year-old building was the home of the oakland tribune newspaper but was heavily damaged in the earthquake. 6:48. your hands are full. lots to talk about. >> yeah. this morning we kind of got into it and we are mixing it up out there. i want to show you pictures. highway 4 is slow. you will see slow traffic all the way from antioch to bay point. and this is because of an earlier crash that was blocking lanes. if you want to get through here, what you need to do is give yourself extra time. people have already thought of
6:49 am
using the side roads. you are not going to be ahead of that. you are going to get on to some of the side roads and view this is terrible. this is awful. let's go out and take a look at westbound bay bridge. that traffic is backed up all the way out to the mccarthur maze. there was an earlier crash on the span itself. a motorcycle crash that has been cleared up. this morning in livermore traffic is getting busier. driving up to the willow pass -- sorry. toward the dublin grade. and a couple minor accidents there. as we move to santa clara county, northbound 101 the heaviest traffic approaching 880. the site of a crash there. 6:49 let's go to steve. sal, thank you. for those of you with that big 60-inch high def tv there you go. there is a few clouds over us. all sorts of lows. anywhere from 30s to 60s. breezy to mild. i heard from bryant he's up at
6:50 am
lake observatory imus up to 68 miles an hour. there is still a pretty good breeze there. breezy and windy at times. lots of 60s or low 70s. windy up in the higher elevations. there are no advisories which is surprising. weak system just clipping us. you can see it going through the sierra. so that cold air is up there. it's waiting for all the wind to die down. the low that was responsibility for our big wind machine has moved off in the four corn earns. but still breezy to blustery. for us the biggest strongest gust will be in the higher elevations. 63 in san francisco. 64 in napa. concord is 48. palo alto i've seen 58-43. north 25 fairfield. north ten sfo. i've seen anywhere from richardson bay to oakland harbor. another little system driving
6:51 am
straight down. you can see it coming straight down by oregon. that will keep the wind going. nothing like we had yesterday. still a breezy blustery day. 60s and 70s on temperatures. any wind means temperatures can be warmer than that. this time of year it's tough to get in the mid 70s. sunny and breezy with your weekend in view. labor department released the november jobs report this morning. the economy added 120,000 jobs last month. that was just about what was expected but the surprise was the unemployment rate going down from 9% to 8.6%. that is the lowest rate since march 2009. now the labor department says while hiring is improving a bit, one reason for the lower rate is actually because more than 315,000 people have simply given up looking for work. beginning next week, you could own a piece of the super bowl champions the green bay
6:52 am
packers are selling stock in the team for the first time in 14 years. they are the nfl's only pubically owned team. shares go on sale on tuesday for $250 each. now the value won't go up. the stock price won't change. but stockholders do get voting rights and can attend annual meetings. the money raised from the stock sale will help pay for renovations at lambeau field. good news for 49ers fans this morning. season ticket prices won't go up next year. 49ers president and ceo jed york made the big announcement on twitter. he thanked the 49ers fateful. he says we are keeping season ticket prices flat for 2012. 6:52 is the time right now. another oakland raider in trouble with the law. the charges lineman mcclain is
6:53 am
facing after an incident with a gun. a bay area tradition comes back this weekend. hey mickey. oakland is getting ready for another children's holiday parade. oh, those shoes are amazing. i just want to be her. really? she was married for like three hours. well, she's efficient. look at that color. wait a minute. didn't she name her kid hawaii?
6:54 am
maui! yeah... she built a yacht for her pug. actually, it was a lakehouse. yeah, he's right. this heel is so fabulous. mine. look at that. cute. she was here once. what? she had toes like a sloth. really? ew. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay.
6:55 am
welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. taking a live look at the big board. dow jones up about 85 points on
6:56 am
that jobs report. and zynga company is $9 billion. the family of a prominent san francisco attorney killed in a hit and run accident. they are hoping the offer a new reward will help catch the driver. dodge cast per was killed in august. chp says a white pickup truck hit him from behind and fled the scene. now the press democrat reports cast per's family has raise -- casper's family has raised reward. mcclain is still expected to play against miami even though he was arrested in his home state in alabama. he was in alabama for his grandfather's funeral. he was involved in a fight thursday night. he was released on bail yesterday. he faces four misdemeanor charges. oakland is getting ready for the 12th annual children's
6:57 am
holiday parade. it begins at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon at 11th and broadway. it ends at 20th and harrison. more than 100,000 people are expected to line the streets. they will be watching bands, pbs characters and floats and holiday parade is hosted by our very own claudine wong and dave clark. you can watch it right here on ktvu channel 2. >> we are looking forward to that. sal, the commute we are not necessarily looking forward to those problems. >> one of the good things dave and pam those problems seem to have cleared up a little bit now as we are looking at 880. remember how bad it was? they cleared the crash but it took a half hour. and if you are driving this morning westbound bay bridge that is clearing up a little. we did have a crash this morning on the span that has been removed. and things are recovering a little bit here. if you are driving in san jose northbound 101 the accident we had on 880 is gone.
6:58 am
6:57 let's go to steve. still gusts in the higher elevations. there are no advisories though. it will be a breezy and blustery day. when the wind dies off that's when the low will take a move to the south. coming up on mornings on 2 we are talking about the wind and weather problems are far from over. tensions boiling over at the occupy sf camp. there were new problems just minutes ago. stay right here with us.
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