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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  December 2, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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clean up on the high winds continues in oakland. take a look at what this family is dealing with, this tree right in the middle of their house. >> and it's been heated and -- to occupy san francisco, as two arguments bring the police to the encampment. >> a horrible discovery in a gas station trash can. it's led to a possible homicide investigation. plus, the new jobless report came out just 90 minute ago. how those numbers are affecting wall street. mornings on 2 begins right now!
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good morning! welcome to mornings on 2. it is friday, december 2. we begin with strong winds still causing problems around the bay area. ktvu's claudine wong has been out all morning looking for damage. she's live in oakland, where a tree is right on top of a house. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, we're in ascot in the oakland hills. this tree coming down right out of their yard on to the roof of the home. you can see there is damage to the roof, and it's going to take awhile to get this cleaned up and taken care of. we're told the family did not spend the night here last night, obviously. there's structural concerns, they'll have to deal with. this is just one of many spots we've seen this morning where there is going to be clean-up this morning. i talked to a man who runs a tree service and a cleaning company, and he says look, he's been around surveying all the damage, he has seen a couple of situations where there are trees in homes and he is going
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around, basically just watching things here and then determining which is his priority for the day, as far as time to clean up. again, this is on ascot in the oakland hills as they're dealing with this huge tree here on the roof. you can see how big this root system is. they said what basically happened is these trees just not strong enough to withstand the winds some the winds knock it down and unfortunately this went right into the house. we can look at the scale. you can see next to me just how big of a root system this is p have a big of a mess it left behind. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. pg&e continues to make progress in restoring power in the bay area. 690 customers are still without power in the south bay but that's down from nearly 2,000 earlier this morning. there are 340 customers in the east bay without power. and there are now 10 customers in the north bay without power.
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pg&e says they hope to get the majority of customers restored by today. tensions boiling over ago the occupy san francisco camp. police in riot gear briefly tore down the pair kids last night, and there was new trouble within the past hour. ktvu's paul chambers has been out there, at justin herman plaza. paul. >> reporter: there's been two confrontations since 3:30 this morning, the most recent about 45 minutes ago. it happened here in the area where you see the two officers standing. there was a confrontation between one member of san francisco occupy san francisco, and you can see in the distance there are people that are vendors that are setting up. the street artists were the people they were attacking. the artists were taking part in a lottery to pick up their lot and set up their stations. the woman from occupy got up in the faces of the artists, telling them they're not welcomed because she thought they were putting together petition to move occupiers out
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of the area. this was just one member of occupy. i will say other members of occupy came out, tried to calm the situation, apologized, pulled the woman way. one says the woman was drunk and mistaken. >> little paranoid about the artists, thinking they were going a petition to get rid of us. that's what caused the paranoia and whatever she said to agitate the artists. >> but the artists say it's a tough testimony for them, especially this close to the holidays. they have missed weeks of being here, a few of them even belief members of occupy are stealing from them. they feel it's time occupy san francisco becomes a thing of the past. i talked to gentleman who said this is a wrong spot, they will not come out here because they're afraid and they do not want to deal with and and think occupy is not part of the solution, they're a major problem. earlier this morning, around 3:30, there was yet another
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confrontation within people in the group. it had 7 police cars showing up, bystanders and police told me a couple men invited into the encampment were drinking and taking part in drug activity. when others within occupy asked them to leave, things got heated. there are officers here, more police presence here today than it was when we were here a few days ago but i think it's because there's so much heated tension within occupy. people are upset because they den know if they want to stay or go and they're very upset and of course we will stay on top of and this bring you the latest, especially if anything else happens here. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. meantime, demonstrators from another bay area occupy camp are planning their next move. occupy santa rosa protestors packed up and moved out of their tent city after their camping permits expired. however, some say they will reoccupy city hall. a dispute over dirty dishes led to a heated confrontation
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between occupy protestors and police in boston. officers moved into the camp late last night. they took away a sink filled with filthy dishes. the city claimed the sink was a public health has after that led to a brief scuffle between police and protestors. along with plenty of yelling. police made at least three arrests. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage of the occupy protests. you can get updates any time on our website at a possible homicide investigation is underway in stanislaus county. a baby was found in a gas station trash can. this happened about 9:30 last night in waterford. that's about 19 miles east of modesto. the sheriff's department says paramedics responded. they pronounce and the baby dead. it's not known howled the child was or if it was a boy or girl. deputies are calling this a
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criminal investigation. new smoking restrictions could soon be affecting mountain view. the voice reports a city is considering banning smoking at outdoor dining areas. smoking would also be wand within 25 feet of the windows and doors of most public buildings. nightclubs and bar owners mountain view have come out against the restrictions, saying their businesses could be hurt. palo alto, gilroy, and sunnyvale already have similar rules in place. there's word of a possible fishing scam targeting californians who receive unemployment benefits. those on unemployment receive benefits a debit card. some people have reported getting phone calls where the caller says the card has been temporarily blocked, and they need personal information. the employment development department says they will never call and ask for personal information. they say there's no evidence unemployment records have been hacked, and the calls could be
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attributed to random dialing. the labor department released the november jobs report just about 90 minutes ago and shows a major shift in the country's unemployment rate. stay with us on ktvu mornings on 2. ahead at 7:15, we'll take a closer look at the new numbers, plus the ongoing debate in washington that could have effect your paycheck. kgo radio in san francisco announced a stunning shake-up. many of their popular talk show hosts are being let go. the radio is switching to an all news format from 2 p.m. to midnight. now ron owens will continue his popular show from 9 a.m. to noon. brian copeland will keep his weekend show. but talk show veterans gene burns, gill gross, ray, and john rothman are leaving. those big changes start on monday. sal, i know we worked for many years with brian copeland here on mornings on 2 as a weather person and
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entertainment reporter. so he is still at kgo but big changes for a very big radio station, where i got my start here in the bay area. >> i know a lot of people who worked there over the years, grew up listening this them. i used to listen to you on the weekends tori, doing the news. >> uh-huh. >> before you women and a big tv star. good morning! let's go out. i like to give miss tori campbell a little grief on a friday. julys a little! let's go out and take a look at the commute now. the traffic here at the toll plaz is backed up for about a 20-minute delay. the good news is there was a motorcycle accident that turned out to be not that serious on the bridge. the motorcyclist was fully dressed as they say in the leather protected gear, got up and drove his motorcycle off the bridge so that's good. this is a look at 880, recovered after an earlier crash had been blocking lanes, traffic is completely recovered here. and this morning's commute on 280 northbound you can see slow
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traffic here approaching 880, but so far so god for the start for your drive in the santa clara valley. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. very good morning. some wind gusts are still near 70 miles per hour from mount diablo to the observatory in san jose, yesterday there are no wind advisories. santa cruz mountains still a breezy pattern. breezy to mild. lows -- i should say 30s to 60s. they're just -- if the wind dies off, it's in the 30s or 40s. if not, it's mid-60s. sunshine today after a few clouds this morning. it will still be windy at times but i don't think anything like we had yesterday. i mean it was rip-roaring. weak system going by but that keeps the breeze going on the western edge of it. it's not as strong as that low which is moving off into the four corners. but for us it will continue to be windy in the hills. now so far the strongest gusts, 40 miles an hour, oakland, mission peak in fremont also
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40. mount diablo 66. and lick observatory has gusts to 68. yet santa cruz mountains, mount tamm, about 30ish. so it's not as strong towards the north bay and also peninsula or south bay. but there's still gusts up there from 30s to 40s. palo alto -- 38 to 53. redwood city, i've seen 42 to 57. take your pick. you're better off just going walking outside it taking -- see mild or cold. lot of 60s due to the north breeze, fairfield north at 24. north 16 at napa. gusts to 39 about an hour ago. santa rosa north at 14. southeast in oakland. north at sfo at 10 so we get that northerly breeze and here comes the nectarine forcement. this is a weaker system but you can see it there. it just keeps that brose going. so today breezy to blustery, windy in the hills. mostly sunny, highs 60s and 70s. once that wind collapses, though, man, will it be cold around here! there's no rain in sight, nothing through the 10-day.
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sunny, breezy. 60s and 70s on the temps. these are above average. and they extended outlook does show it will be dry. it's just a matter when the wind dies. when it does, it will be really cold in the morning but the days will be nice. >> thank you, steve. welcome home! 50 national guard members are coming back to the bay area in just a few hours. why their return marks an important milestone. and the reason sfo's newly rebuilt terminal two has won special national recognition. and real grass or fake? why this debate is heating up in golden gate park. $@
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san jose mostly sunny, few high clouds. weak system just breezy, windy up in the hills, 45 miles an
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hour. at the surface breezy. highs 60s, 70s. later this morning, more than 60 national guards soldiers will come home to their families and friends. this is homecoming last month. soldiers coming back today are all with the california national guard 297th medical company. they are the last national guard unit to come home from iraq. they provided medical and dental care for soldiers in iraq, and they trained iraqi medics. they're expected to arrive at the san mateo national guard armory at 11:00 this morning. the november jobs report came out this morning, and it included a little bit of surprise. employers adding about 120,000 jobs last month, as forecast. but the employment rate actually went down from 9% to 8.6%. it is the lowest unemployment rate nationally since march 2009. ktvu's allison burns joins us live from our washington, d.c.
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newsroom where the employers helping fuel this hiring surge. allison. >> reporter: tori, as you might expect this time of year, the most hiring was in retail. leisure and hospitality and health care also saw a boost. while government jobs are down. meanwhile, here on capitol hill, part of president obama's jobs plan suffered another big setback. the united states senate rejected democratic and republican plans to extend a payroll tax cut. democrats wanted to pay for the break on social security taxes, with a new tax on millionaires. >> we think this is a fair thing to ask. the wealthiest americans who sur -- over the last few years to contribute to give working families a break. >> what they're doing here is paying for a temporary payroll tax relief with a permanent tax increase on job creators. >> that payroll tax cut expires at the end of next month.
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if not extended, democrats say the typical working family will see a tax increase of about a thousand dollars, reaction from the obama administration and house speaker john boehner to the latest jobs numbers during my next update in about an hour. allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. congress is moving closer to a showdown with the president by 93-7 vote the senate has approved a $662 billion defense bill. it increases the role of the military in handling terror suspects, even those captured on american soil. president obama though is threatening a veto. he says given the military more control limits his options. new information on that nato airstrike that killed 24 pakistani troops about a week ago. according to the wall street journal, pakistani officials gave nato per manages for the airstrike, unaware of their own soldiers in the area.
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u.s. officials told the wall street journal afghan-led assault force was had beening for taliban militants when they came under fire from an encampment on the border with pakistan. pakistani soldiers were actually at that camp. the united states has promised a full investigation. here a child was among eight people arrested in a battle between palestinian youth and israeli police yesterday. flags were burned, tires were burned, rocks were thrown towards israeli border guards. near a refugee camp in jerusalem. the protestors are against the building of a barrier and a new checkpoint near that camp. a san francisco federal appeals court has ruled that most bone marrow donors can be paid. they say technological breakthroughs make the process of donating bone marrow similar to giving plasma. supporters want payment to come
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in the form of $3,000 scholarships. housing allowances and charitable donations. opponents claim donor compensation will exploit the poor and encourage them to undergo risky medical procedures to benefit the rich. artificial turf could soon replace some grass at san francisco's golden gate park. the city's planning commission held a meeting last night for the public comment on a proposal. grass at the beach chalet field will be replaced with a turf. supporters say kids arees losing playtime because the field has to close periodically so the grass can regrow. but opponents argued the turf is not environmentally friendly. >> this project destroys the habitat in the western end of the park. referred as the equivalent of putting in a 7-acre asphault parking lot in parkland. we think that's the wrong direction to go. >> in a city where families are actively fleeing the suburbs,
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we're in a situation where kids can't sign up to play sports. >> a final decision is expected in the spring. two firefighters recovering this morning after being injured by fire and strong winds. the fire started at the back of a house in the 200 block of east tennessee street. 40-mile-an-hour wind gusts set the flames and smoke to the roof. those two firefighters were inside the house. they suffered minor to moderate burns. a sheriff's deputy is called a hero this morning for rescuing a man from a burning house. the fire started yesterday afternoon on eleanor drive in woodside. when police arrived, a woman who had just got out of the house said a man was still in there. so the sheriff's deputy ran in and pulled him to safety. both had to be treated for minor injuries. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the san francisco fire department is being fined $21,000 by cal osha. this comes after an investigation into a house fire
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in june where two firefighters were killed. coming up at 7:30, the claims that are made by state investigators. it appears many san francisco voters have some issues with rank choice elections. a new usf study concludes most found the system confusing and complicated. last month city voters were asked to rank their top three choices for mayor, sheriff, and district attorney. researchers found only about a third filled out all three choices in all three races. that is despite the city's $300,000 campaign to educate voters about the rank choice system. a runway expansion for a marin county airport is close to taking off. earlier this week, it was determined the plan for knocks field airport would not significantly impact the environment. the 11 million-dollar expansion plan would lengthening the runway by 1100 feet. the supervisors say this will
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make the airport safer for pilots and bring in more business. san francisco international airport's terminal two is now lead gold certified in sustainability. the first airport facility in the u.s. to achieve this ranking. the award ranks buildings according to energy efficiency, water conservation, and environmentally beneficial details like lots of windows to reduce the use of whiting. sfo's terminal two opens in april and is 15% more energy- efficient than building codes require. the terminal designers hope to lead the way for future airport upgrades. and i was just at terminal two over thanksgiving, if flying in and out. of there. and it was very nice! >> i know the wind kept you awake again. >> yes, it did. >> is it finally letting up? this is a live picture, look at the flag there. steve will have the latest on the gusty winds that have been all over the bay area, and what is in store for us this
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weekend? and drivers now say is the biggest safety concern on the roads in a new survey. >> the roads now look pretty good. when it comes to not being super congested. but of course there are exceptions. we'll tell you where they are.
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did is 7:24. the biggest safety concern for drivers in the bay area has changed this year. it's now dealing with those who text and talk while hyped the wheel. safety officials say the concern over cell phone use while driving more than doubled from a year ago. 39% of people polled now say drivers who text or talk on a hand-held cell phone behind the wheel are the biggest worry. speeding and aggressive drivers came in second. last year, it was flipped with only 18% saying cell phone use was their biggest concern. hey, sal, why are you watching highway 237? >> well, because it's slow, and
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getting into the santa clara valley, and today for your drive through the cities, get into the main part of the valley, a little bit slow. it's not really as bad as it could be. slow traffic on 237 west. let's move along and look at the 880 freeway, recovered after an earlier crash. and this morning at the bay bridge toll plaza also recovered. we had an earlier crash on the deck. traffic is backed up to the maze. now let's go to steve. >> lots of sunshine, mostly sunny. there's a few high clouds coming by. weak system brushing us. no advisories for win all throw some higher elevations 40 to 70 miles an hour. visibility. windy in the hills. once the wind stops, these temperatures are really going to take a drop. we'll see some 20s and 30s i think by sunday morning. there goes another system. see how it's driving straight down? that will be a much weaker
7:27 am
system than the one we just had. but can't lose the wind. so sunny and breezy, 60s and 70s. as long as the breeze is there, these temperatures will be above average for the rest of the year. no rain in sight. 10 day outlook is dry but there will be a couple more wind events, tonight, tomorrow and maybe another one next week. >> thank you, steve. powerful winds causing problems. nearly everywhere in the bay area. steve just told us nearly 70 miles an hour created a nightmare for one firefighting team. >> we're live in san francisco, where cal osha is out with a report detailing what went wrong during a house fire that left two firefighters dead. we'll tell you how much the department may have to pay, coming up. >> plus southern california bracing for round two of those fierce santa ana winds.
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high winds continue to cause problems around the bay area. hundreds of people are still without power, and some are dealing with serious damage. claudine wong is live in oakland where a tree has fallen on a home. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, tori. we're on ascot in the oakland hills, and i want to show you what it looks like from this perspective. you can see really the path of this tree as it came crashing
7:31 am
down on to the home in the oakland hills. as we come closer i want to stand next to it. when you talk about the root system on a tree like this, it's huge. and it just came up in one piece. as you can see if i stand next to t you can can see how high it is in comparison with me. did cause a lot of damage out here. we have round the tree system, you can see a little bit more of the damage it caused to this roof. we're seeing a significant damage. i was in the back of the house and you can see it coming down all the way to the other side of this home. fortunately, we don't believe anyone injured in this case but family didn't spend the night here obviously because they'll have a lot of structural problems to deal with, going through here. this is just one of problems we've seen in the bay area today. we saw another tree down near an apartment building, that crashed into a shed. we saw that earlier and talked to a tree company who was in charge of cleaning up messes like these, and they said they're basically going through areas like this, taking a look at the damage and then just
7:32 am
assessing which ones are the ones that will be fixed first. that takes top priority because it's a structural issue, and because there is damage to a home like this. not sure how long this will take to clean up but certainly quite a mess. winds have died down the clean- up does continue. >> thank you, claudine. and pg&e crews have been working to restore power in the bay area. but their latest update, 25 minutes ago, shows the numbers have gone up. there are now more than 1500 customers in the south bay without power. but that sup from under 700 an hour ago. there are 300 customers without power in the east bay and 20 customers in the north bay who are in the dark. clean-up after that windstorm in southern california may be hindered by a second round of those severe santa ana winds today. the gusts caused widespread damage, knocking trees into homes and even a gas station
7:33 am
was knocked down. luckily, no one was seriously injured. 200 homes are damaged and 10 cities declared states of emergency. we will have another live report from southern california later with more on the damage left behind. the high winds pushed the flames in the fire in livermore that destroyed two homes. it broke out yesterday afternoon on andrew street starting in one house and quickly spreading next door. a third house was damaged. no injuries have been reported. the cause of the fire is under investigation. high winds are also blamed for a livermore grass fire that took four different agencies to battle. this is first spotted before 6 last night. it began on collier canyon road and quickly spread to about 193 acres. firefighters say 67-mile-an- hour winds made the flames hard to control, and then to make matters worse, the fire is in a rural area, there are no fire
7:34 am
hydrants. crews had to truck in their own water just to fight the flames. some homes were threatened, but none were damaged by the fire. firefighters didn't leave the area until just after 2 this morning. this morning three southwest airline flight attends ants re recovering after bearing hurt during a flight. this is video of paramedics bringing one of the flight attendants off the plane at oakland international airport. last night she was working on a flight from albuquerque when the plane hit severe turbulence. >> it was bad. the plane shook quite a bit and dropped, where you're glad you got your seat belt on. >> two of the flight attendants were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the third was treated at the scene and released. none of the 95 passengers onboard the plane were injured. the san francisco fire department is facing a 21,000 dollar fine after a report by cal osha. ktvu's reporter tara moriarity has more on the tragedy linked
7:35 am
to this report. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. a lot of the firefighters that knew the two that were killed in that fire back in june came out here this morning and talked to us about what kind of men they were. but they officially are not allowed to comment on the report. we're told the chief is the only one who can do that. so hopefully we'll hear back from her later this morning. but this is particularly bad timing for the firefighters here at station 26. it was six months ago that they responded to that fire in which two of their own men were killed. now many of those same firefighters are interviewed in the cal osha report. but they are officially learning what went wrong that day. they came back from a car at 5:30 this morning. they have heard about these violations, four of them, three serious, that will cost the san francisco fire department $21,000. june 2 was the day it happened, when firefighters vincent perez
7:36 am
and tony valerio died while battling a house fire. what investigators found was that the chief entered the home alone and didn't keep in contact and firefighters outside. two backup firefighters were not kept outside either, and there was not affected injury and illness prevention program in place. finally, a breakdown, it notes, in communications between firefighters. as you can hear from the 911 tapes. [audio not understandable] >> there was no response. penalties are due within 15 days of notification. the fire department can appeal this. no word yet on if it plans to. but we are hoping to speak to the chief later this morning, get her reaction. i talked to some of the family members of those two fallen
7:37 am
heroes. tara moriarity, ktvu channel it news. a very disturbing discovery in stanislaus county. sheriff's investigators say someone found a dead baby in a gas station trash can. this happened last night in waterford about 15 miles east of modesto. the reporter is there, and says the police are treating this as a criminal investigate. >> reporter: i spoke with the watch commander this morning and he explained right now investigators have very little information to go on. take a look behind me here. this is where that infant was found in a trash can after 9 last night. a few minutes ago a mother and her daughters came by to drop off the cross as well as a stuffed animal here. take a look at this video shot yesterday of the scene by modesto just after 9, a man going through the trash can looking for aluminum cans said he discovered an infant wrapped in a blanket.
7:38 am
he believed the child was in fact deceased. that is when he called 911. when the fire department arrived at the scene, they did pronounce that child dead. earlier we spoke with customers as they were pumping gas and reactioning to the news this morning. >> it makes me sick inside and i can't believe anyone can do that to -- a being. terrifying. >> in a way how could you kill him? makes no sense at all. seems like we lost a human being. >> and if you look here, you can see it just one of many surveillance video cameras posted to the side of the wall at the barn here. investigators said they have in fact reviewed the video which does cut off about right here. they said they did hope it would be helpful. however, right now they have not found any leads for anyone with information you are asked to call the stanislaus county
7:39 am
sheriff's department. back to you. >> 7:38. a fairfield man trying to do the right thing ends up paying for it with his life. coming up at 7:45, ktvu's pam cook will join us in the newsroom with details on what happens and the charges one man now faces. our time is 7:38. let's check back with sal. things -- how are they doing around the originals? >> they're improving. remember earlier we had some slow traffic, we haven't had any fog for a few days, so that's good because the wind has been blowing all the fog away. so visibility has been good. this is a look at highway 4. that's improving a little bit, coming up to the willow pass. you will see traffic also slow on 680, driving through pleasant hill in contra costa county down to walnut creek. the morning commute at the bay bridge toll ms.a looks pretty good here. there are no major problems. driving although -- i would say looks pretty good for the time of the morning. i wouldn't say this is great
7:40 am
traffic. but it's not affected by any crashes on the bridge. earlier we had but now things are actually moving okay. and if you are driving in santa clara county, valley, northbound 85 from saratoga to cupertino, slow traffic and then 280 is slow also from downtown into that same cupertino area. let's go to steve. >> remember monday and tuesday, we were dealing with thick fog, really thick fog. then the wind. we still have wind but a few clouds this morning and that made for a beautiful sunrise. the temperature is 66 degrees. i mean, just amazing lows here, from upper 30s to mid-60s. i was talking to friend of mine, mike, 63 degrees all night long cordelia. all night. you don't see that very often. you really don't. san jose haze around the edge,
7:41 am
up at lick observatory, brian sent me an e-mail saying we have gusts to 68 miles per hour up here. although it just -- toss appear and the oakland hills it was 40. now it's down to 22 or no wind at all. mount diablo is almost up to 70, now 56 some maybe things are calming down a little bit. still breezy, blustery day but mostly sunny. there's another system coming right down, and that's going to keep the breeze going i think today into saturday. a break on sunday, then maybe another low develops into -- well, arizona or california on monday to keep the beat good morning sunshine, windy at times or breezy. 60s and 70s. still in the higher elevations we get that northerly wind. so there could be some decent gusts here. i think probably near 70, but just an hour or two ago we had a couple locations that were close. 40s, 20s or 60s on the temps. just san jose 49. and when that wind dies down, it's going to be really cold. yet there is north 14, north
7:42 am
napa, fairfield north at 24. westerly at sfo, and southeast oakland down to san jose which is also calm. so for a few there's still a north breeze. for others, not much. that will keep the breeze going. then again maybe another low early next week to keep the beat going. so breese to windy at times. mostly sunny, but still windy up in the hills. 60s and 70s on the temps due to the north wind. very mild lows, great visibility, or cold lows if your wind has stopped. 60s and 70s today. the key will be when the wind dies down. that's when it will get really cold here, and i think i'm going with sunday. could be saturday but more likely on sunday. and then looks like another wind event on monday, tuesday. >> wow! thank you, steve. just out, the new monthly unemployment number, and the numbers gone down. but one reason behind this change is not necessarily good news. i want to track santa? now there's an app for that!
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stocks and early trading today after a report shows he showed improvement in the u.s. job market. and germany's chancellor talking tough about fiscal discipline in the european union. taking a live look at the big bothered, the dow up 98. and the nasdaq is up 29. s&p is up 14. the labor department released the november jobs report this morning. the economy added 120,000 jobs last month. the rate came down from 9% to 8.6%. that is the lowest rate since march 2009. the labor department says while
7:46 am
hiring is improving, one reason for the lower rate is because more than 315,000 people have simply given up looking for work. san francisco based zynga could file its ipo prospectus today. the company has developed popular social networking games and its stock offering could begin by the middle of march or the middle of the month. the upo is expected to debut at between 8 to $10 a share and raise nearly a billion dollars. and if you want to keep track of santa this christmas, now there's an app for that. this year the norad tracking app is offered on andrade and iphones, and online it. will offer games like elf talk throughout december, then track santa on christmas eve. last year norad set a record more than 7,000 e-mails and more than 80,000 calls. your time is 7:46. a man was killed after stopping
7:47 am
to help a fellow driver. pam cook is here with more on what sounds like a just horrible mistake. >> reporter: one man is dead, another is now charged with felony hit-and-run and vehicular manslaughter after it appears the two were simply working on an rv. it happened sometime yesterday morning when 70-year-old rudy gonzalez stopped to help another driver with a dead battery in cordelia. a short time later, his body was found in the mcdonald's parking lot on interstate 80. >> somehow during the starting of the vehicle, the vehicle goes into motion, and strikes this individual. there's evidence out there that indicates may have gone under the vehicle, and ultimately resulted in his death. >> the police say the driver then took off, without helping the man who had stopped to help him. officers found the vehicle a short time later and contacted the suspects. identified as 52-year-old michael wilbert.
7:48 am
a business owner tells police he has been living in his rv and they often seen him panhandling nearby. police also say the man killed rudy gonzalez of fairfield was on his break from his part-time job as a delivery driver when he stopped to help wilbert. a new al-qaeda video claims they're holding an american relief worker hostage. it's a half hour clip that shows an al-qaeda leader saying 70-year-old juan weinstein is being held. he was kidnapped by armed men in pakistan about four months ago. he is a former u.s. aid worker who has lived in that area for years. al-qaeda says they will set him free, if the u.s. stops airstrikes in areas including afghanistan, pakistan, and somalia. the u.s. senate has unanimously approved tough new sanctions on iran's central bank. lawmakers want to punish iran because of its possible nuclear weapons program and the recent storming of the british embassy
7:49 am
in tehran. senators from both parties said they don't think the obama administration has been tough enough on iran. we could know as early as late today whether republican presidential candidate herman cain will drop out of the race. he plans to have a heart to heart talk with his wife gloria. he told the newspaper yesterday his wife did not know about his friendship with the georgia woman who claims the two had an affair. cain admits to giving ginger white money to pay bills, but insists there was never an affair. he says he routinely gives money to knows who need it because he's a softie. a decision will come before monday. san francisco's police chief says the city has made major improvements to the department's crime lab. chief has invited the organization that reaccredited the lab to take another look at the facility. the chief is responding to recent charges that lab telling nations had mishandled critical dna evidence.
7:50 am
that led to big legal trouble, including the acquittal of three suspects in a homicide case. ktvu has learned former san francisco crime lab technician deborah madden has been indicted on federal charges. madden left the lab after she was suspected of stealing drugs but the state and city declined to prosecute her. it's not clear what led to the federal charges. she is set to be arraigned on wednesday. tonight is the opening night for zoo lights at the oakland zoo. look at some video from previous zoo lights events. tonight the zoo will once again be transformed with the lights, the sounds of sights of the holiday season. the highlights include a candy cane lane rides area, walking around the christmas tree and the children's zoo, and the light show. it's beautiful sight. the zoo lights will run until january 1. it will close for christmas eve and christmas day. >> cool because they flash to the music, for about 10 minutes
7:51 am
or so. lot of fun. all right. 10 minutes before 8:00. a popular automaker recalls thousands of cars, the potentially dangerous malfunction causing the concern. also, an historic east bay building changes hands. the details of the deal that aims to bring 300 new jobs to oakland. thank you, mr. lopez.
7:52 am
you're welcome, mija! coraliz has the manners of an adult and something else adult-like. my treatment. at st. jude children's research hospital, we pioneered the new use of an adult cancer drug that could help save kids like coraliz across america.
7:53 am
what does research mean? to mommies and daddies, it means everything. give thanks for the healthy kids in your life and give to those who are not. go to st. or shop wherever you see our magnifying glass. thick fog and black ice blamed for a deadly 50-car pile- up. this is tennessee. this happened yesterday morning on an overpassion. one man was killed, 16 others were treated at hospitals for injuries. it took the crews out there more than 5 hours to clear that scene. honda is recalling thousands of cars because of a problem with the air bags. the problem is the air bags may inflate with too much pressure and cause serious injury. honda says there have been 20 accidents relating to the problem, including two deaths
7:54 am
in 2009. the recall affects the accords, civics, odysseys and other models made in 2001 and 2002. general motors is offering to buy back chevy volts. this comes after three vehicles caught fire following government crash tests. general motors insists the cars are safe and says it wants to make its customers happy. a movie being shot at a san francisco liquor store turned into a tense standoff with some actors and police. a japanese crew was enacting a robbery scene inside the alpha market on cole street and police officers thought it was the real deal. officers tackled one of the actors who was holding a fake gun. they say he is lucky he didn't get hurt. more jobs are headed to downtown oakland. international call center company call socket has bought the tribune tower for about $8 million. the building was foreclosed after the previous owner
7:55 am
defaulted on a loan. they plan to upgrid the facility and hire 300 people. the 88-year-old building was the home of the oakland tribune newspaper for years but heavily damaged in the loma prieta earthquake. we have a new crash in vallejo. >> that's right, on highway 37, at walnut street. a big rig car carrier and another car are on the shoulder so if you're in vallejo, watch for. that let's also stay in the east bay and look at interstate 880 with an earlier crash here. southbound 880 heading out to the macarthur maze. northbound 880, heading up to the macarthur maze is a little slow as well. westbound bay bridge is backed up for about a 20-minute wait. and this morning in contra costa county, highway 4 antioch and bay point slow. it's recovering though as we move the maps to fremont we have slow traffic heading down from hayward and union city. and in santa clara county, northbound 280 and 101 are slow
7:56 am
into sunnyvale. now let's go to steve. >> thank you. lots of sunshine, mostly sunny, weak system giving us higher clouds. no wind advisories. some of the higher elevations still dealing with some gusts over 40 miles per hour. but it does look like things are calming down compared to about two hours ago. so look for sunny to mostly sunny day. the key is, there's no rain in sight. the weekend will be fine. it is just the lows. once that wind tails off, will be really cold. that will be inland. 30s, 20s, but then looks like more wind again possibly setting up for early next week. so pattern is sunny. just depends on the wind and looks like it will be off and on for the next three to five days. >> thank you, steve. police in one bay area city have an important warning, watch out for a phony cop! a by day of clean-up for one oakland homeowner as this tree comes crashing down on this authorize roof.
7:57 am
>> and things are calm here outside occupy sf, two major confrontations. i'll have the report coming up when mornings on 2 continues. [ screaming ] [ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state.
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is friday, december 2. the strong winds which you know about are causing problems all over the bay area. there's no electricity for hundreds of customers, and a lot of homes have been damaged. claudine wong is live in oakland right now, where a tree dramatically fell on to a house. claudine. >> reporter: over on ascot in the oakland hills and the tree came crash, down on this house yesterday with the wind pushing it over. a lot of damage to this roof. even as the winds are calming down, there are some homeowners who have a lot of work ahead of them. we'll take you around to the other side of the house because there's still a lot of damage. i want to show you some pictures of fruitvale and a tree that went down -- [audio not understandable] that building was -- spared, but the tree actually fell down
8:00 am
into a neighbor's fence and on to a shed there. we saw the man who was going to be responsible for cleaning that up. he says it will take about five hours. he cleared his schedule to do that and said the problem with that tree and the others is the roots just couldn't stand the force of the wind. >> i want to call with bad roots, root fall and all. like this one here. the roots system -- so yes, they have more. >> so you look and say -- the roots are just bad? >> right, yes. >> we've come back to the back of the house here on ascot this morning because we want to show you what was the other side of the tree. a very big tree, unscientific estimates say about 60 feet. but it came all the way across this roof, and at the very end it snapped off. we look over fence, you can see the rest of the tree as it's laying down in the backyard here. so a big mess, fortunately everyone inside the home was fine. they're not home now. obviously they cannot stay here
8:01 am
until this tree is taken away, and these repairs are made at least to the roof. but the weather is getting better. that's the good news. show you their amazing view from off their deck and you can see sun is shining, it's clear. the winds have died down. but again, even though these winds are gone, this clean-up is going to continue. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. pg&e crews have still out there trying to get the power restored in several bay area communities. lot of customers woke up to no electricity this morning. now more than 1500 customers in the south bay with no electricity. it's up from just under 700 an hour ago. there are 300 customers with no power in the east bay. 20 customers in the north bay have no electricity. tensions are boiling over at the occupy san francisco camp. police in riot gear tore down the barricades last night and there was new trouble just within the past few hours.
8:02 am
paul chambers joins us live from justin herman plaza. paul, what happened overnight? >> reporter: since we got here at 3:30 this morning, there have been two heated confrontations. things are calm now, you can't see it because there's a bus going by. but you can see there are police there sitting here. they've been here all morning, and both occasions police had to come out here to the scene. most recent dispute happened at 6:15 this morning, when street artists were lining up to find out where they could set. their booths. one woman got really up in their faces and told them they're not welcome because she thought they were putting together a petition to kick out occupiers. other members of the encampment sprung into action and tried to calm down the situation by apologizing and pulling the woman who they say was drunk and mistaken from the area. however, the street artists who say they too are part of the 99% feel the encampment is an eyesore. residents will not come to the area, and say sharing the land with the occupiers is dangerous and driving business away.
8:03 am
>> for sure, everyone is nor cautious with their things and won't leave their booths. and they're noisy and they make rants and want to know why they're not happy they're here. >> i don't know anybody stealing or taking anything from the artists. i know we don't have any money to buy anything from the artists. >> the other confrontation this morning had bystanders police and people telling me that overnight a couple of men were invited into the encampment, drinking and taking part in drug activity. things got heated when others asked them to leave. officers stood by just to keep the peace and no one was arrested. we can come back live, it's pretty calm here right now. no problems whatsoever. but there are police here on standby just in case. and we'll stay on top of and this bring you the latest coming up at 8:45. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. dozens of occupy santa cruz protestors are still inside an
8:04 am
abandoned downtown bank. they've been there since wednesday night, after breaking into the vacant building on river street. and they say they have no plans to leave. our ktvu camera captured some of the protestors coming and going through a roof vent and climbing through a barricaded door. police have posted signs state that demonstrators are trespassing buttites still not clear if they plan to remove the protestors by force. >> i think our downtown is continue to struggle unless we show it we're willing to support businesses and property owners, and right now they're not standing up for the property owners here. there's tens of thousands of dollars to this. >> police have posted signs stating the demonstrators are protesting, but it's still not clear if they plan to remove the protestors by force. police went into the building after the takeover but decided to allow the occupy protestors to stay at least for now. police in atherton searching finish a fake cop.
8:05 am
a man pretending to be a police officer. officials say a woman was pulled over wednesday night by the fake cop. right near atherton and elena avenue. police say he asked for her license, registration and car keys. he looked at the documents and give them back, but kept her car keys. that woman ended up walking home. a man accused of stealing a picasso drawing from a san francisco art gallery will be in new york today where he is facing charges there. mark lugo just finished a 138- day sentence for stealing a  picasso sketch from a gallery in union square back in july. he is due to be arraigned today on grand larceny and other charges in art thefts at two manhattan hotels. we want to check in again with sal. >> things are better, than earlier this morning. and we have very good visibility and the winds are not as bad as they were. steve will touch more on that. but you will see some slow
8:06 am
traffic here on interstate 80 as you can see it's very crowded coming down to the bay bridge toll ms.a area. and looking to see if there's anything going on that could lead to all that slow traffic, for example, an accident. and looks like there is something new on the east shore freeway. so i'm going to ask our guys and the control room who have control of that camera, kevin and dave and company, back there to look around for me. and by the time the next time -- there it is. by the time we go on the air probably 10 minutes or so, we'll turn this camera around and look at that crash that we have on powell street. because it was good and now it's not. you can see it for yourself. let's move along and take a look at the -- let's go to the maps. traffic in the santa clara valley is going to be slow on 280, on 101. you can see there although 280 improved, 101 has not and we move the maps to contra costa county, where highway 4, a new
8:07 am
crash here, highway 4 westbound near port chicago highway on the shoulder. 680 is also slow in pleasant hill. there it is. thank you, guys. they found it. look, they stopped traffic. you can see it that one truck is pushing the car along with chp off to the side. chp officer had to drive real fast to make sure the traffic didn't hit the other car. so we're watching this live as it happens. now they're going to push -- watch this. push this other car off and get it off somehow, off to the side. so there we go. that wasn't that hard! all the lanes are open. thanks, guys n the control room. let's go to steve. >> where is that, sal? >> 80 west brown at powell street. >> thank you, sir. nice job. mostly sunny, not bad. not a bad today. still gusts in the high elevations over 40. there were 40 to about 70 for a while. mission peak, fremont, lick
8:08 am
observatory, mount diablo, but things seem to be calming down. there's another system slicing by, made for a beautiful sunrise, but that's moving fast. the fast mover. so breezy, lows are either cold or they're really mild. from upper 30s to mid-60s. lots of sunshine today. it will be a little breezy. windy at times, mainly in the high elevations. get the breeze. looks like we're stuck in this pattern here 3 to 5, maybe 7 to 10 days. no rain in sight. some people asking or e- mailing. do you see any rain? no, nothing until after december 15th. unless there's something going on in the forecast models but they're all pretty much in sync, also with the wind continuing here toys down, then picks up. higher elevations east and south bay hills mainly -- strongest areas for the breeze. although some locations it's calm. you go about a mile away and it's howling. 40s, 50s and 60s on the temps. there were a few upper 30s this morning. napa north at 21. fairfield north at 20. although a little west at sfo and southeast at oakland.
8:09 am
san jose it's calm. and some locations right there will be influenced by that system, another weaker one dropping down. we just had the strong one move off. now this one comes in and there's hints of next monday, another low will form down in the southern california or southern nevada, arizona, which means more wind on the horizon here. breezy to windy. mostly sunny, but the winds still kicks up in the hills. mild lows for many. sunny, breezy, great visibility. seems to be a little more haze in the area today than yesterday. 60s and 70s, with that north wind, mild stills for some. days are getting dies down it will be cold in the morning. but with your weekend in view, it will be sunny side up. i think if anything, we'll have to deal with more wind early next week. >> thank you, steve. clean-up is underway in southern california right now, after one of the worst windstorms in recent history. yesterday's gusts knocked trees into houses and on cars. luckily, no one was seriously
8:10 am
injured. the winds also ripped shingles off roofs and knocked out power for 370,000 customers. pasadena was one of the worst hit areas, where schools and libraries were closed yesterday. and goes gee joins us now from pasadena. are the schools open this morning? >> reporter: good morning, tori. no, they're not, at least 10 different school districts in this area are closed. we're talking about hundreds of schools. i'll show you why. talk a look behind me. this is just one elementary school here in pasadena. and you can see a little bit of the damage the clean-up is actually underway here. and i'm going to ask my photographer to show you, this is just some of the damage we've got trees that are just snapped. there's a tree up there that's just snapped in half. and the rest of the tree has fallen on the roof. the school damaged quite severe here. let's look at some video we shot for you yesterday. at quite a dramatic scene, at one of the low gas stations here in pasadena, where the
8:11 am
roof -- it started with a tree. a tree collapsed on the roof, the roof collapsed on the gas station. basically putting it out of business until further notice. the repairs there will take a very, very long time. this area very hard hit. and economically we'll feel this for months to come. we have entire shopping centers, shopping malls, that remain closed and they're going to really feel it. no one wants to close down their business, just weeks before the holidays some the damage is quite severe. no dollar amount yet, insurance adjustors and crews are out assessing the damage, and repairs and the clean-up is underway here. and that's the latest. we are live in pasadena here in southern california, back to you. >> all right, thank you. trouble for a member of the oakland raiders. why rolando mclean was arrested and will he play in sunday's game? a jury clears johannes mehserle in his latest trial, what is next for the former bart police officer. plus, michael jackson's doctor is going to jail.
8:12 am
how that trial is affecting the legacy of the king of pop. if i can take classes year round
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[ male announcer ] classes start january 3. gray visibility. that's not an issue. we do have still some breezy conditions, look like things are calming down, so sunny, breezy today. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. and we have -- that's my cue! i missed my cue! we're not the only ones dealing
8:15 am
with the very strong winds in utah, gusts 100 miles per hour reported yesterday brought town street signs, power lines, 50,000 people without power. also top of many big rigs causing traffic backups on highways around salt lake city. one county issued a disaster declaration last night, saying its infrastructure damage exceeds $3.5 million. pg&e crews got the power back on for thousands of santa cruz county residents during the night. right now just about 23,000 customers have no electricity. the fallen trees and downed power lines are blamed for isolating several hundred homes in mount herman. in nearby ben home an, a 50- foot tree limb damaged power lines, smashed a fence, almost crash into a house. in the santa cruz mountains, some of the residents there haven't had electricity for 24 hours. even longtime residents are surprised by this.
8:16 am
>> i've been up here almost 20 years now, and this is the worst i've ever seen it. we lost power where i live two miles from here and half of my neighbor's roof is gone. >> pg&e says the power may not be completely restored until this weekend. it's 8:15. the november jobs report came out this morning and shows hiring is up, and the nation's unemployment rate is down. employers added about 120,000 jobs, and the unemployment went down from 9% to 8.6%. it's the lowest unemployment rate since march 2009. ktvu's allison burns joins us live from washington, d.c., where it's expected reaction is split on capitol hill. >> reporter: tori that's right, we just talked to labor secretary who says these job numbers show the economy is continuing to improve. >> confidence helps when you hook at the 21-month pattern,
8:17 am
three million private sector jobs have been created. >> on capitol hill, house speaker john boehner said the employment rate is still unacceptably high. >> today marks the 34th consecutive month of unemployment above 8%. and as you may remember, the obama administration promised that unemployment would not exceed 8% if we passed their stimulus bill. >> part of president obama's jobs plan suffered a big setback in the u.s. senate last night. democratic and republican plans to extend a 2% payroll tax cut were rejected. president obama has said working families will see their paychecks go up by about a thousand dollars next year, if this tax cut is allowed to expire as planned next month. speaker boehner says he is working with fellow republicans on crafting a compromise today. allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. the family of a prominent san francisco attorney who was killed in a hit-and-run
8:18 am
accident where they're hoping a new reward will lead to the capture of the driver. donald casper was killed in august deuce his evening lawn in the town of forestville. the chp says a white pickup truck hit hill from behind, then fled the scene. now the press democrat is reporting casper's family is raising the reward in the case to $50,000. the chp is also again asking for your help. it's in the case of a woman whose body was found along interstate 680. the body of 47-year-old roma batsa was found in contra costa on november 12th she was hit as she walked on the freeway. officials are hoping someone may have seen something or have information and they're willing to come forward. a federal jury has cleared johannes mehserle and four other bart police officers of excessive force in an incident
8:19 am
from 2008. mehserle broke down in tears after the verdict was read. jurors had deliberated for five hours. the transit officers were accused of beating 43-year-old kenneth caruthers and arresting him on trumped up charges after he yelled at them about car break-ins at oakland coliseum parking lot. >> like to move on with his life, but he knows he has things he has to deal with that are created on the night of the tragedy. >> i'm very disappointed. i'm very disappointed. >> i hope people are going to fight the way that i did. >> he believes if video existed like the death of grant, the outcome this this case would have been different. mehserle still faces a civil rights suit from the other men who were on the bart platform the night grant was killed. a judge has issued a gag order in the murder case of officer james capoot. the order will prevent prosecutors and defense attorneys from publicly
8:20 am
discussing details of the case. 37-year-old henry smith is accused of shooting and killing capoot after a bank robbery and chase last month. smith has pleaded not guilty. time is 8:19. oakland raiders linebacker rolando mcclain is facing several charges in alabama after allegedly firing a gun at a man. he smiled broadly here for the camera, as he was arrested yesterday in his home state of alabama. he was there to be at his grandfather's funeral. police say he was involved in a fight wednesday night. police were told he held a gun to a man's head and fired a shot beside his ear. he was released on bail. he is still expected to play on sunday, when the raiders play the miami dolphins. 49ers fans have something else to cheer about, besides the team's 9-2 record. season ticket prices will not be going up next year. team president and ceo jed york made the announcement yesterday on twitter.
8:21 am
he thanked the 49ers faithful future boeing the best fans in the nfl, and said -- the 49ers can clinch a division title if they beat the rams on sunday. the details about michael jackson's exposed during the murray trial could actually help the late pop star's legacy. experts say that revelations about jackson's drug use made him look like a regular person trying to cope with an addiction. he say he was portrayed as a victim of money hungry doctor. conrad murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in connection with jackson's death earlier this week he was sentenced to four years in jail. why police in san mateo are telling people to put the police dispatch number in their cell phones. >> are you tired of the winds? up next steve paulsen will tell us what mother nature has in store for this weekend.
8:22 am
>> good morning. if you're driving on bay area bridges right now, or anytime soon, you'll see slow traffic at some of the approaches. we'll tell you where.
8:23 am
8:24 am
welcome back. san mateo police have a lift for you, safety tips for shoppers this holiday season. one of the things they say avoid carrying too many bags. too many purchases.
8:25 am
also, more shopping malls have escorts it to help you out to the parking lot. beware of strangers walking up to you, trying to make contact. since thieves also prey on unshoppers who are rush or distracted, and the police have this suggestion -- program the local dispatch phone number for the police right into your cell phone so you can call if there's anything suspicious. after you open up gifts, break down those cardboard boxes, don't just put them out in public before you throw them away. burglars and thieves are always walking around looking for big boxes, looking for signs of a giant tv or computer in your home. so just a couple safety tips. >> good advice! all right. let's check in with sal. how is the bay bridge toll plaza doing? sit pretty light last time we checked. >> it was not bad for this time of morning. there is obviously slow traffic on the commute day, and we have that. but it's lighter than usual, and even though we had a crash earlier in the morning.
8:26 am
now, on some days that would be really bad. but on this friday things have cleared up nicely. laps a backup of five to 10 minutes. also this morning we're looking at interstate 880 northbound, we're getting that slowdown past the coliseum heading up to 23rd. and also, contra costa county, concord, walnut creek, traffic looks good. still a little slow in bay point and antioch and we're looking at the nimitz free southbound 880 at 82. there's a minor crash after that into free month. steve. >> thank you. happy friday, everybody. still breezy today, not as windy as yesterday. some of the higher elevations picking up, decent gusts, and i've seen about 18 to 20 miles an hour around the bay here. so not as bad as yesterday. no wind advisories. had a weak system brush us, and you can see some of those higher clouds made for a beautiful sunrise. but if you had no please at all, man, it do be cold. those lows overnight into the weekend will be dependent on the wind. if there's any breeze, it won't be that bad.
8:27 am
if there is, no breeze at all will be really colm but breezy to blustery today, still windy in the hills above a thousand feel. 30s to 60s on the lows this morning. 40s, 50s and 60s here. still in north wind for some, but san jose west at 15. and west-northwest at sfo, so things changing a little bit. there's another system just coming right true. i think that will keep the north wind going after everything is said and done. sunny, breezy, mild lows but great visibility. that's good. there's no rain in sight, though. 60s and 70s. temperatures above average for this time of year. the weekend again, once the wind dies off, sunday morning, we'll see some really cold lows. just a question of when. and then it looks like another wind event possible monday, tuesday. a bay area pot club may be forced to close today. the reason the feds want to shut it down. >> cal osha has just issued a report on the investigation into two --
8:28 am
>> plus a presidential campaign in crisis. the big announcement from herman cain that may happen in just a couple hours. state farm. this is jessica. hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm.
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welcoming back. time is 8:30. the san francisco fire department has been 49ed $21,000 in connection with the deaths of two firefighters. tara moriarity is in -- at the station involved in this with the details. tara. >> reporter: firefighters from station 26 spoke to us and recalled fond memories about their fallen comrades. today is the six-month anniversary of their deaths but they're not allowed to comment
8:31 am
on the cal osha report. that will be left to the chief. we're waiting to hear back from her. investigators say four violations happened when crews responded to the house on june 2nd. firefighters vincent per pez tony valero died from internal thermal exposures. cal osha found that the chief entered the home alone and didn't keep in contact with firefighters outside. other violations, two backup firefighters were not kept outside, there was not an affected injury ill and illness prevention program, and a breakdown in communications between firefighters as you can marry from the 911 tapes. and >> and there was no response. these fines as we mentioned
8:32 am
total $21,000. they're due within 15 days of notification. the fire department of course can appeal, but no word yet on if it plans to. we have contacted family members of the fallen firefighters, but we have not yet heard back. tara moriarity, ktvu channel 2 news. it is 8:31. a medical marijuana dispensary in marin county could soon be forced to close its doors. the marin alliance for medical marijuana in fairfax could learn today if a recent eviction ruling will be upheld. the dispensary has also been targeted by the feds because it's located near a park. the manager says she is will continue to make home deliveries regardless of the outcome. an attempted child abduction turned out to be fake. we told you yesterday about the 11-year-old girl who claimed a man grabbed her in front of the brewing company wednesday night. turns out the girl made up the story to get attention. police say she did see a man
8:33 am
walking in front of the restaurant, but he did not talk to her or attempt to grab her. san francisco mayor ed lee reportedly doesn't like a plan to give tax breaks to businesses that hire ex-felons. a spokesperson says mayor lee thinks that proposal is just not comprehensive enough. the measure offers companies a $10,000 tax break for every ex- con that is hired. it reduces the recidivism rate, but critics say former cons should not be given jobs when so many others don't have a job in the city. the woman accused of killing nursing student america el le is due in court 30 minutes from now. 27-year-old gisele esteban is expected to enter a plea before a judge at 9 a.m. there's been several delays in the case due to the fact she is pregnant. she is accused of killing le, who disappeared after attending
8:34 am
a nursing class in hayward in may. prosecutors say that killing followed a longstanding feud between the two former high school friends. san jose police are looking for a group of men they say beat up a man and called him a terrorist. they alleged attack happened a few days before thanksgiving, at the lucky grocery store on south white road. the man who is of indian descent and does not want to be identified says he was surrounded by a group of people and pulled from his car. he says they called him a terrorist and started beating him up, breaking his jaw. police are asking anyone with information to come forward. new numbers from san jose show the city's budget deficit is smaller than first thought. the city's original $80 million deficit for 2012 is now less than half that number. lower pension costs for police officers and firefighters are cited as the main reason. as a result, mayor reed is now
8:35 am
calling off a tuesday vote for the city council to declare a fiscal emergency. however, mayor reed says that vote could still take place next year. residents in san francisco who have a greener way to celebrate christmas. the department of environment is selling living trees. what you can bring back after the holidays. the return trees will end up in a nursery. they'll eventually be replanted on san francisco's streets. the trees cost about $75 each. they could be picked up this sunday between 10 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon, right in front of the department's headquarters on grove street. the city of oakland is getting ready for the 12th annual children's holiday parade tomorrow. earlier today, look at this, we were there, ktvu was there as workers put the finishing touches on the floats for tomorrow. they'll be 101 floats,
8:36 am
balloons, and bands. this is the only holiday parade in america that features marching bands from outside the united states. but 100,000 people are expected to line up broadway along broadway for tomorrow's festivities. >> it's going to be a great day in oakland. we look forward to having everybody join us on broadway. >> the parade starts at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. the parade route starts at 11th street and broadway, and continues along broadway until 20th street, and the route then heads towards lake merritt. ktvu's claw don't wong will be there, and i will be joining her. >> how nice! >> and you'll be able to see it right here on ktvu channel 2. >> i will definitely tune in! i think the weather will cooperate. let's check in with sal, hopefully traffic is moving well this friday morning. >> yes, it is. not a bad -- we're looking fooled in many areas.
8:37 am
highway 4 has recovered nicely. we had earlier problems but now that looks much better up to the bay point area. also the morning commute looks pretty good. if you are driving on 880 north and southbound, southbound looks better. northbound slow as it normally is passing the coliseum. and this morning, heading further south, you can see that 880 southbound you'll see some slow traffic. northbound 880 past 92 a crash on the shoulder. not a big delay, though. now let's go to steve. >> thank you very much. weak system gave us higher clouds, where is the rain? for six months we again get any rain so we need some. this is not unprecedented. but maybe the 16th of december, there's signs maybe something trying to come through. we'll see. but nothing until then. looks like another stretch of maybe wind developing by late sunday and into monday, another low drops in. don't think positive -- things
8:38 am
can change fast. but for the next seven to 10 days it looks very quiet here on the west coast. high pressure will build in behind this system. not as windy but still breezy so breezy to blustery, windy in the hills. things seem to be calming down. lows all over place. crazy. 30s, 50s, 60s, if you have any kind of north wind it's in the 60s. if not, 40s. lows over the weekend. if that wind dies down, man, will it be cold! 20s and 30s for many. a westerly breeze or south easterly at oakland airport, also san jose west of 15. northwest now at -- so maybe things are turning yet that system you can see it diving in the northern part of the state. i think that will enhance the breeze. so sunny and breezy, mild lows. visibility really good. forecasted highs, 60s and 70s. and this is all dependent on the wind. not only our afternoon highs but also the lack of wind into the weekend with the overnight lows. the winds stop, the temperatures will drop fast. if it doesn't, they'll stay up.
8:39 am
sunday will be the coldest morning on the weekend. the days will be sunny, dry and maybe more wind again early next week. it's 8:38. herman cain had a lead in some republican polls earlier this year, but now the presidential candidate could quit the race as soon as today. reporter jamie dupree joins us via skype from washington, d.c., so what are you hearing? >> reporter: a lot of conflicting messages right now. herman cain is heading back to atlanta to meet with his family and his wife. this is the wake of allegations of a 13-yore affair with a woman from atlanta who has been making the rounds on all the networks in week. cain is spending mixed messages about whether or not he will stay in the race, acknowledging this morning that he is still reassessing but says at the same time he wants to beginning the support of his backers and so he's asking people by e-mail to send him the reasons they want him to stay in the race. you look at the data and his poll numbers have gone down a lot. he's run an unconventional
8:40 am
campaign. look where he's been this week, michigan, ohio, and tennessee. not exactly early states that we'll be talking about next month in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and florida. but cain as of now saying he's going to talk with his wife, figure out what do and go forward. he still has a big headquarters opening tomorrow in atlanta for his georgia headquarters. georgia doesn't vote, though, until super tuesday and there's a lot of people here in dc who aren't sure he will be around come march are 6th. we'll see what happens. back to you. >> and if herman cain does step down, who would gain? >> reporter: certainly look at the polls and newt gingrich has been going just about up for every point that herman cain has been going down. i would almost say that right now gingrich has really made this into a two-person race, and really the question is who is hurt the most? it might be mitt romney, because if herman cain leaves, then certainly newt gingrich would get a lot more focus. but people aren't sure herman
8:41 am
will get out. we'll see what happens when he gets back home and said hi, honey, i'm home. >> i wonder what response will be. i'd like to be a fly on the wall for that conversation. thank you. time is now 8:40. a bay area radio bombshell, a powerful san francisco station changing its format. and a closure of the occupy oakland camp, a break in last month's fatal shooting at frank ogawa plaza. >> it's been tense moments here to occupy san francisco and police are on the scene. i'll explain why coming up.
8:42 am
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8:44 am
a surprise drop in the unemployment rate sent stocks higher today, capping a week of extraordinary gains. investors encourage after germany's chancellor made tough remarks about fiscal discipline for the european union. the markets have come back. right now the dow is up 37. nasdaq up 14. s&p is up 6. right now we want to take you live to washington, d.c., president obama is speaking in a building near the white house where he has been talking about the jobs report. let's listen in. >> move. and so i just want to thank
8:45 am
whoever is participating for stepping up to the plate and showing extraordinary leadership. i am confident that this is going to be one important piece of the puzzle to get the economy moving again. thank you very much, everybody. thank you, guys. >> tail end end of the president speaking. earlier we heard from the labor secretary saying the jobs numbers show the economy is continuing to improve and that looks like bill clinton there, who is coming up to the microphone. again he is -- played a big part in the event earlier this week on global aids day, and the former president bill clinton obviously putting a big role in that. however, of course, there is some mixed reviews on the jobs report coming out unemployment down to 8.6%, house speaker john boehner saying that rail rate is sill unacceptably high. some of the other top stories we're following right now. picking up from what tori was just saying, the lake department announced hours ago
8:46 am
the economy added 120,000 jobs last month. the jobless rate is down to 8.6%. that puts the unemployment rate at its lowest level in 2 1/2 years. the bay area still dealing with high winds this morning. look at these pictures. couple homeowners had to deal with fallen trees. more than 1800 people here in the bay area still have no electricity this morning. most of them are in the south bay. and there's been a lot of tension at the occupy san francisco camp. ktvu's paul chambers has been out there at just 10 herman plaz ago, 10 bus the confrontations. paul. >> reporter: good morning, dave. there have been few heated confrontations involving people from occupy san francisco since we get out here at 3:30 this morning. and both the occasions the police had to come out to the scene. this morning street artists were lining up to find out where they do set up bothers when one woman from occupy got up in their faces and told them they're not welcome because she
8:47 am
thought they were putting together a petition to kick the occupiers out. other members vic struck into action and tried to calm the situation by apologizing and pulling the woman who they say was drunk and mistaken from the area. >> got paranoid about the artest si thinking they were trying to get rid of us so that caused the pay knowa whatever she said to agitate the artists. >> it's just a mess. there's -- the cops are trying to do the best they can do to keep everything under control. but these people have really got to go. >> street artists say the encampment is an eyesore driving away residents and say occupiers are stealing from them. the other confrontation at 3:30 this morning, police say a couple people were invited to the encampment, drinking and drug activity, and things got heated and when others from occupy asked hem to leave, that's when they got upset. become out here live, basically the situation is calm now but
8:48 am
of course it's volatile because people are arguing about whether they should stay or go. the suspect in last month's diddly shooting outside the former occupy oakland camp is now in custody in kentucky. last night we received this book photo of 20-year-old norris terrell of oakland. he was arrested in kentucky earlier this week. he is now awaiting extradition back here to the bay area to face charges in the death of a young man who often stayed at the occupy camp. that fatal shooting happened november tenth on frank ogawa plaza. city officials decided to clear out the camp a couple days later. stay here with us at ktvu tv for continuing coverage of the occupy protests. get updates at any time by going to our channel 2 website, earlier this morning fire crews finally left the scene of a livermore grass fire.
8:49 am
the fire was called why before 6 last night. it spread to 193 acres. firefighters say 67-mile-per- hour winds made the flames hard to control. and to make matters worse, the fire was in a rural area with no fire hydrants. crews say they had to truck in their own water to battle the fire. some homes were threatened but were not damaged by the fire. in total, crews from four agencies were called in to get the fire under control. kgo radio in san francisco has announced a stunning shake- up. many of its most popular talk show hosts are being let go. the reason, kgo radio is switching to an all new format from 2 p.m. to midnight. ron owens will continue his popular show from 9 a.m. to noon, and brian copeland will keep his weekend show. but veteran talk-show hosts gene burn, gill gross, ray and john rothman are leaving the big changes begin monday.
8:50 am
one of reasons for the big changes i believe is because the ratings have dropped partly because of the internet and satellite radio, so they are making the change at kgo radio. >> it's big. a very bumpy flight to passengers on a southwest airlines jet that was headed to oakland. what they're saying about the turbulence and how two flight attendants were rushed to the hospital. >> also trouble on the tracks in chicago. new information on this morning's derailment.
8:51 am
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8:53 am
eight minutes before 9:00. u.s. department of agriculture declaring solano county a part in disaster area because of crop damage. they made the decision this week after an unseasonably cool spring combined with freezing temperatures, hail, and rain damaged crops in the county. farmers can apply for federal aid to help cover part of their losses. crews in redwood city spent the night mopping up diesel fuel that leaked from a freight train. they noticed the leak with 8:15 last night. they brought in sand to absorb it and after the 200 gallons of fuel spilled, this was in the area of bloomquist and see port boulevard. the neighborhood is made up of industrial businesses, none of the fuel end up in the nearby waterways. and new this morning, a freight train derails in chicago. these aerial pictures are the first to come from the scene. about a half dozen cars are off
8:54 am
the tracks. emergency crews say there's no danger at this time. and there are no reports of injuries. the train was hauling office supplies, not hazardous materials. traffic in the area, though, is backed up. giant cranes are being dispatched from indiana to help straighten out the cars. this morning three southwest airlines flight attendants are recovering from injuries suffered in a really bumpy flight to oakland. paramedics brought one of the flight attendants off the plane to oakland international airport. last night she was working on a flight from albuquerque when that plane hit severe turbulence. >> it was bad. the plane shook quite a bit and dropped. the kind where you're glad you got your seat belts on. >> two of the flight attendants were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the third was treated at the screen and released. none of the 95 passengers onboard were hurt. this morning we're saying good-bye to a longtime member of our ktvu family.
8:55 am
editing supervisor cathy ortiz is leaving after more than 30 years at channel 2. claudine wong joins us live to share just how important cathy has been to our morning newscasts. claudine. >> reporter: amazing part of our family. we're taking you inside the ktvu newsroom right now. you can see sal over there working hard this morning because we want to show you behind the scenes a person who has been key to making everything you see on the morning news great. this is her son michael ortiz, a lil surprise. we're going to walk back here to the place she called home for 32 years. 32 years! this is our editing bay where people put all the video together and we're going to wrap around here -- working hard -- she's camera shy. look who we brought for you! we brought another member of your family! our ktvu family saying hello. i know you don't want to talk,
8:56 am
she's camera shy. pictures we want to show -- >> this is actually cathy ortiz arriving in a limousine this morning. and nice ride. and we're having a problem with the signal. cathy got a special vip treatment this morning, walk income very early in the morning to work. standing ovation! >> she's a class act. >> yes. >> she deserves that. >> yes. absolutely. and she works hard every day. one of upsung heroes behind the scene who makes everything come together in a brilliant fashion. so we'll be -- >> you can hear us now? >> we've got you now, claudine. >> here we are. let's take you back out here. now you can hear everyone. the whole family coming out to give her the round of applause she so deserves. and just an incredible part of this family. we are going to miss her so much! she spent a lot of time -- sleeping now that she doesn't
8:57 am
have to wake up for the morning show. we want to give her the thanks she so deserves. she's camera shy, i promised her she could smile, look beautiful. >> you make my cry, that's why! >> we miss you already. i miss her so much. and so does everyone around you. just giving you a big thanks this morning. [applause] >> all right. nice round of applause from some of the hard working morning crew. cathy does such a fantastic job. handsome son. we'll have a nice party in just a few minutes too to celebrity her hard work and giving her a chance to sleep in now! >> she's earn it. sal -- >> getting misty eyed here. good morning. let's look at the toll plaza, before we all go away here. it's getting light.
8:58 am
now to steve. is steve there? >> yes, i'm here, what? >> weather time, steve. >> oh, excuse me. sunshine today, breezy, not as windy as yesterday unless you're in the higher elevations. i think the wind as long as it stays up, our temperatures will be okay. lows could be really cold. maybe another wind event monday, tuesday. 7 to 10 days very quiet. no rain. >> all right. that's our report for this morning. we do thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. and join us at noon, and look at that picture! cathy there on the left. she's been here over 30 years. we'll miss you, cathy!
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