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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 5, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PST

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hello and it's time for an all new "right this minute." >> incredible rescue video as a couple and their dog are pulled from a sinking ship? did the u.s. coast guard get it done? and the search is on for -- how this live bait cow could lead to the rogue bovine's capture. >> sit the holiday season. it means it's time to bust out some carols.
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>> a choir took a fall and kept falalalaing. >> and this man forgets his tools and can't break out. cops release video of this comedy of errors. >> and a frisbee thrown off a bridge is caught by a guy on a boat. is this video too good to be true? or too good? >> our top story today is a rescue story. and nick, you have all the details? >> for some folks, the dream of retiring on a boat is just that. a dream. for one couple it turned into a nightmare. an elderly couple had to be registration rescued by their own boat. the boat was taking on water.
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that helicopter had to leave to refeel. so they tried to get the water off the boat. that zint work. they had to come back out and pluck this couple off of their 59 foot pleasure cruiser. here comes the wife. watch how fast she zips up this rescue line. >> oh my goodness. >> see if you can tell me what is inside this. >> a pet? >> yep. their little dog is in the pet carrier. dogs and women first. the line goes down a second time to pick up the husband. no serious injuries. they did go the hospital to be checked out. they're not quite sure if they are going to be able to save the vessel. this was their place of residence. >> they probably put all of their money into it.
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>> a three hour downpour created serious flooding that got up to five feet high and it made way for a dramatic rescue. this is in a downtown area. note to the right there is a van and on top of the van is a woman. now from a balcony, there are people who are trying to rescue her and you won't believe what they will use to try to get her off of the van. a ladder. think about this. floodwater is rushing by. this van is not on a level area. it's wet and slippery and they are bringing -- lowering this ladder down for her to climb on top. >> you know what? honestly, they are reaching her, can't they just go down, grab her and pull her up? what do they need the ladder for? >> if she slips off, she is gone. >> she is able to climb up and
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they grab her. look, another guy is climbing over, trying to get to the ladder. he is climbing over the railing trying to get at an angle and then he pulls up. another successful rescue. >> you never know who you're missing with. and this guy picked the wrong clerk to try to rob. it's in massachusetts about 5:30 inhe morning. ba with a mask and the yellow glasses on. he came in and asked for money. >> he gets up and starts swinging at the robber. >> what's the robber holding? >> the robber is holding a knife. as the struggle continues, he is sort of pushed back into an
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aisle of candy and he is actually stabbed. he gets stabbed by the guy but he keeps the fight up and eventually -- >> i was about to punch him back again but he turned around and ran out without taking anything. >> he walks away with a few stitches but already back to work. >> the cops always say that's the worst thing you can do. you never fight. just come ply. >> sometimes i feel like when the cops say that it gives robbers to say people are going to comply because they are being told to. >> he was not afraid. he is already back to work. you got to think that has got be in the back of his head. this could happen again. >> ready? >> take one.
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>> i have a ninja story for you guys of the bovine kind. wild ninja cow. >> big, black. i saw two little beady eyes. that's all you could see. >> she's black, big, and she moves quick. >> stop talking about me. >> basically, in nebraska, it has gotten really cold and the black cow has come into the city to find food. >> no real concern that sit is n attack cow. >> it eats and grass, pops in the yard, rushes off in the woods and no one can find it. they sent a firefighter out into
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the woods, but they could not find the stealth cow. >> wild ninja cow. >> what this is is a temptress cow, if you will. they are trying to lure this ninja cow into this gated area. >> the two of them will make their acquaintance, and then we will back a trailer up. >> have any ranchers reported this cow missing? >> no, that's a great question. no one has reported a missing cow. >> wild ninja cow. >> i like to think of this cow carrying ninja stars and going around and dookying. >> the cow has done no damage. just fertilizing people's yards. >> i think he's going to make
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it. i'm rooting for him. >> wild ninja cow. >> how old is this guy? >> grandpa has god a six-pack. >> we'll tell you his simple workout. >> question, why is this choir on the ground? >> sort of picks everything up and continued there? >> the show must go on. >> what happens when they take one step too many. >> and the shop girl dilemma. >> do you need a 7? >> sound familiar? you will want to see this video.
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the time of the year where people pack on some pounds because of the holidays. if you're feeling bad because you haven't been going to the gym, this video will probably
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make you feel even worse. >> the dude you're seeing here in new york city is pretty in shape. he is 60 years old. his name is herbert. he does 700 push ups, ten sets of pull ups and dips five days a week. people think you have got go the gym but the guy is just using like his own body weight. >> look at his lats. >> grandpa has g a six-pack. >> they are ate and their goal is to inspire people to work out and live a healthier lifestyle. listen to what they say to the guy. >> you got a young man's body, sir. >> 60 years old right there. >> that's how i want to be, too.
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>> he doesn't even have the bat wings. >> that's called the bread dough. >> i call it the third hand because it waves when i wave. >> he is like a smooth chocolate mr. clean. >> that is exactly what he is, actually. >> okay, guys. it is real or fake time with our favorite guy. what's up matt? you have got three more awesome video today. the first one is called screw you, i'm going solo? >> this is sweet. let me show you.
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obviously, the lead guitarist wasn't too happy with the rest of the group. the drummer is missed off. i was, too. >> i'm going with fake. the guy looks like a stage hand. why would a stage hand do othat? >> i think it's real. >> the show at the monkey duck saloon and it was definitely real. >> we have another one. pet or wild rah coop? i'm going with a woman claiming it is a wild racoon. >> i think sit is a pet. >> she is way too calm. not buying it. >> agreed.
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awfully cute, though. >> 4-year-old frank. >> all right. so here is a four-year-old with a great internet skill. check it out. >> okay. i'm going real with this one. >> that's a tough call. i want to believe it's real. it's pretty cute. >> i think it's real. >> i'm afraid to say it's fake. >> i'm going to call it more fake than the balloon boy hoax of 2009.
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>> earlier this year oprah winfrey had a search for the next tv star. one of the winners was a guy named zach and his brand new show is about to premier and i want to show you the official trailer. >> i'm upset. >> did you call me ice man and i call you maverick? >> he is 28 years old and has cerebral palsy. he traveled all over and pushed the limits. it looked like it was going to be an insanely fun show to watch. >> we are fantastic. how has it been traveling across the country?
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>> it has been an maizing experience. >> of all the experiences, what has been your favorite so far? >> my only surfing experience has been watching point break. every city has something different and unique. >> what is your message to everybody watching the show. >> good attitude about life and enjoy the ride. it's an awesome journey. >> a hot new car that is hitting the pavement, kind of. >> i feel like there is not room for a human in it. >> about that. wait until you see this thing.
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>> is that a huge cricket? >>
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keurig has over 200 varieties from 20 leading brands, including tully's. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. way to brew. in oklahoma city last week, a deer was captured doing something pretty serious. >> the deer ran through a glass window. nobody was there at the time. but the deer had to be unitized. >> when they get scared or
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spooked they run all over the place. >> it was pretty dangerous. somebody, a creature or human going through glass like that, especially at a office. that story cough been compounded if somebody was in there. >> i had just went out to get in the truck and load stuff up. as i was pulling forward, i looked over there and it was a deer. >> that's ryan talking right there. he works next door. did you see the speed at which the deer was running through the parking lot? >> this is what the holiday season should be all about. not about black friday? >> no. >> you are about to fall in love. she got money for her sixth wirt birthday. instead of buying gifts for herself she decided to adopt an
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angel through the salvation army program. >> i got it and i started looking for her some stuff. it is sad if they wake up and they don't have any presents under the tree. i don't want her not to get presents. >> aadorablaadorable? >> you give a kid birthday money and tell them to buy whatever they want, they will buy the biggest. >> the mom was a single mom. while she was putding herself through nursing school. >> we were actually given christmas presents from the salvation army, unknown to her. i have always wanted to give back but i never thought it would be my daughter who kdecidd to do it first. >> all the things that she would want. these are the things that i would like and want so i will get them for this little girl.
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and she even says that one of the things that she would love is to meet the little girl that she is buying presents for. >> i hope she was a good girl. >> i think we should send this girl a present. >> i'm down. >> this thing is is a scream machine. >> i don't know what it is but i like it. >> who makes it?
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it's so low to the ground. >> don't tell me this is a toy car and it's only five inches long. >> i feel like there is not room for a room. >> you cannot sit in it and it's only a toy car. an $1100 remote control car. xo stands for experts only. this is sort of the super car. >> i thought you were going to say this is the latest greatest move over car and it's going to cost a million dollars. >> if you guys were wondering what to get me for christmas, now you know. >> the $1100 grab bag. >> time to bust out the carols.
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>> it's the holiday season. >> take a look at the honor quire. >> the bleachers collapsed on these guys. doing their choreography. the whole thing collapses and everybody hits the deck. >> the show must go on. >> it was one step into their choreography there. >> almost like they screamed on key in four part harmony. >> they will replace them. they will pay back.
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all their scheduled performances. they will all go on. >> on risers that are probably anchored down to the ground. >> illegal works, alcohol, and this guy. all the ingredients for a great reality show. find out what's it's all about. >> and remember this brave girl? she tells her story of why she decided to bare itll.
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building. we have got the video of the break in and break out. >> hear the story behind the baby who talks a big game. >> we have got a brand new trend. >> vacation guest home. >> probably like a bed and breakfast. >> the video shows a frisbee being thrown off a bridge and caught off a boat. >> some people still think it's fake. >> now we have the dude to take on the doubters. >> it was not planned. >> a guy walks into a gym in florida, but i don't think he's there to work out. he walks in, looks like he is carrying a gym bag, but it's a bag of tools. the guy is here to rob the place. specifically the vending machine. >> the vending machine? >> yes.
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>> what could possibly be in a gym vending machine? >> this is at an apartment complex fitness center in florida. the guy walks in in the middle of the day. no one is working out. this area is where the vending machines are located. he goes back there. the guy tries to bust into the vending machine unsuccessfully. so he thinks i'm going to use my electric drill they brought. except here's the problem. he forgot the extension cord. dang it. i need my drill. i'm going to run back out to the car. and realizes, i'm now locked in this hallway. now he has got to bust out a screwdriver and hammer to break out so he can go back and get his extension cord. but he's not done. i might as well rob the place. >> come all this way. >> so he goes out to his car,
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grabs the extension cord, goes back in, drills a hole, didn't get any cash, didn't get anything. not even a snickers or a milky way. >> what could possibly be in there? a couple hundred bucks? >> i would say a hundred bucks is more. >> throw the treadmill into your truck and sell that. >> the video was released, showing close ups of the guy to find out more information. asking for people to call in with tips. >> that's a normal sized carol. i found this article. this is a giant, which is like a cricket, but one of the largest and now the largest bug on the
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planet. they are only found on a barrier island of new zealand. and this guy who is a former park ranger went to look for one and searched two nights. and found this female wetta. and now it has been declared the largest wetta ever found. it weighs two and a half pounds. they say that with an exclamation point. >> at a cool hotel in france. and it's not exactly lux yours but it is super unique. they have been placed in an old
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medieval town. what this woman did is put them out in her garden. >> i would stay there. >> isn't this kind of neat? it has got a kitchen. stove, microwave, bathroom area. feeding area. that's the loft where you sleep. >> other than experiencing the novelty of staying in one of the tiny rooms, why do i want to be in this lady's yard. >> she is just a regular french person. nobo special. > like breakfast. >> you get breakfast? >> you have got stay in a tiny box. >> so you visit this town, and you know, take awesome pictures. you went to france. i stayed in a box in a lady's
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yard. >> you're enjoying the french countryside. >> i could go next door. >> wants to fish. >> we have seen so many cool trick shot videos. this one is probably my favorite one.
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where to you think that frisbee is going? >> into the water. >> is a bird going to go by? >> perhaps. >> he totally got it. >> i didn't see that. >> the guy throwing the frisbee is two time national ultimate champion. >> the greatest thing is the fact that it was unplanned and spontaneous of him jumping up. definitely not what we had written up. glad he made the catch. >> what was the original idea? >> for me to throw it out there.
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it was definitely an awesome job by the driver. >> how many takes did you shoot? >> i normally don't disclose that. the first one i did i threw it out there to show the driver where exactly it was going to go. he didn't get to it, he misred it. >> so you posted this video a few days ago and you have more than 2.5 million views. some people look at it and still think it's fake. >> it's definitely real. if you want, look. i am not coming out with just one video. i have probably 100. look at the videos. the amount of time it would take to fake it, first of all, i have no idea how you would do it with three camera angles. but the amount of time and money? i would rather do the real thing. >> for more information on the videos, head on over to our
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website, >> big red on the radar. >> the best armed forces in the world will be tracking and seeing where the big guy is. we've got the latest. >> kesha wants your help helping dogs. >> street dogs from all over the world?
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ke$ha. >> do you still believe in santa? >> absolutely. >> good. norad is tracking him again this year. here is last year's high jinx. >> who knows. i wouldn't criticize. he's making his list and checking it twice and i know somebody who hasn't been nice. >> santa has the time to do fly byes on some of america's greatest landmarks. >> of course he would. if he is visiting kids, he will do a little loop around some of the hot spots. >> this year norat teamed up with google to track santa and you can track santa on their website or you can follow along on twitter. >> the best armed forces in the world will be tracking and seeing where the big guy is and they're going to make sure he gets to his destination safely. >> we picked up big red on the
9:40 am
radar. >> you would be freaked out if the military planes are surrounding. >> i think they are getting used to it. >> when i dress up as santa every christmas eve, does it throw the guys off? >> do you gain like 300 pounds? >> thank giving is the kick off. >> if you want to track santa claus, go to our website. >> last week i showed you video from a blog about acne. >> i'm going to show you what my face looks like without make-up and how i apply my foundation so i can look like this. >> the girl does some pretty amazing stuff with make-up to cover what she considers one of her biggest insecurities. we have her via skype. you are incredibly brave to do the video that you did.
9:41 am
because you stay that your skin is your biggest insecurity. >> i had been teased in school because of it. i think if someone else is going through this they need to understand how they can deal with it, what they can do about it. at first it wasn't anything. i left youtube for about five months. i checked youtube again and i had almost a million views. it's like my duty. >> so wearing make-up didn't make your acne worse? >> sometimes it did but it's really about how you treat your skin. you can use products under your make-up such as primers and remove your make-up when you're done. >> people who are dealing with similar problems, what's your message? >> there is inner beauty. you can use the cosmetic things to feel confident but confidence is what beauty is.
9:42 am
>> your boyfriend taught you confidence? were you uncomfortable? >> for the first four months, i would not let him see me without make-up. i did it on accident and i started crying. he told me i should be confident and i was still beautiful. >> does he have a brother? >> siri can do a number of things. that is a feature on the iphone that you just talk to. who knew that siri could be so romantic. >> make it romantic in here. >> i'll dim the lights and turn on the fireplace. would you like to watch? >> no. >> good. i don't like that chick flick anyway. let's get down to business. >> he used siri proxy that allows him to add his own
9:43 am
question, answers, commands into the question and answer command library. but if it actually works and it dims the lights in this guy's living room, that is cool. but i have a feeling a guy is hitting the switch. >> you can tell this guy programmed it. that's like, that's the guy response. who wants romance? >> yeah. >> he would get much further with siri. >> sounds like she is trying to sex this guy. >> or like a smart phone. maybe she is trying to data process, get through e-mail. >> get down to business means like a software update. >> a small boutique, an eager customer and a snarky sales clerk. sound familiar? >> do you have these in half?
9:44 am
>> no. they are limited edition. >> what's the deal with the unpleasant shopping trip? >> and a new show about people doing illegal stuff. shocking right? but what they are doing that's so bad?
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and now a friendly reminder. right this
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>> right this >> thank you for your attention. and now back to the show. >> have you guys ever had moon shine? >> every day. >> you have? >> it is illegal. >> i had no idea. >> there are people in southwest ap slay that make it their business during corn harvesting season to make moon shine. >> the search for a still site have kicked up trouble. >> the moon shiners you are seeing are tim, his son and their partner tickle. >> the partner's name is tickle? >> these guys are the stars of a show called moon shiners on discovery. >> i guess he ain't going to let me get back.
9:48 am
>> i was just driving down the road. >> this man here is looking at life through rose colored glasses. >> he is alcohol beverage control agents jesse tate. his goal is to stop the moon shiners. >> how do you create a reality show about something illegal. >> what would you say if somebody want to set up a still somewhere around here? >> i kint know this. >> moon shine is stronger than four loco. and most moon shine or a lot of it is corn alcohol is made in
9:49 am
people's bathtubs. >> there is nothing i would drink that is made in a bathtub. >> it's really cheap. all of us in this room could get drunk for about five dollars. >> do you guys ever go shopping and when you're trying to talk to the sales rep, she is just not giving you what you're asking for. no matter how much you try you can't get what you want? this fwirl is trying to buy a pair of shoes. >> we are completely out of size seven. >> okay. do you have a half? >> they don't make these in a half style. they are limited edition. if you want to try these, some people really like them. they are similar in some ways. >> in that they are both shoes. >> why did they create this
9:50 am
video? are they trying to raise awareness about shopping? >> no. so they are both comedy writers and this is one of the skits that they came up with. but it's real. >> we don't have a website. trying to preserve traditional instore experience. >> she is not going to make a sale that way. >> i'm ke$ha and i have joined the humane society. i'm a street dog defender. >> the humane society international and ke$ha have teamed up because they want to give vaccinations to and spay and neuter the thousands and thousands of street dogs around the world. they want people to donate to help street dogs. >> these dogs are treated like nothing, becoming victims,
9:51 am
poisoning, electrocution and shooting. >> this video is more heartbr k heartbreaking. >> because these dogs are sick and homeless. >> are they from all around the world? >> yes. the one that breaks my heart is the mom. >> dogs not only struggle to feed themselves but also a litter of puppies. >> if you get your pet spayed and neutered it increases their life expen tansy. and if you fix a female dog, it lessens her chance of cancer. >> they want to fight rabies and kurb an overpopulation of pets. every little bit helps. >> saying that you're a treat dog defender is pretty cool. sounds cool. like a super hero.
9:52 am
>> become a street dog defender today. let's put an end to this cruelty. >> who is this person talking to? >> etrade kid. >> possible. we're talking to the parents next.
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you can sit back and make an impression. stand out and make a flash. this is actually at a cocktail party. he decided you know what? a cool party trick.
9:56 am
>> he did get a hug from the ceo and a picture at the end. what do you think about his tricks? >> pretty good. >> that's just something you don't expect to see in a store like that. >> oh my goodness. >> new parents love to pull out their video cameras and shoot their kids doing all kinds of fun things. check out this video of a 14 month old. >> i think only he knows what he is talking about is some serious business. >> on the other end is the etrade kid.
9:57 am
>> this is from a vlog. we have the dad and his mother. mike, you came up with the idea for the site. was this a way to vent parenting frustrations or were you trying to help other dads? >> a little bit of both. before i had a kid i was vocal about being annoyed with other people sharing stories about their kid and how great their kid was. when i had a kid i wanted to be more honest. >> how do you think that fatherho fatherhood. >> who do you think he was talking to? >> my parents from the beginning, everyone talks about how cute their kid isment our son is saying he is better than the etrade baby. maybe he is talking smack. >> what's the hard truth about
9:58 am
being a dad? >> to be honest it's a lot more fun and maybe more easier than i thought it was going to be. >> we will leave you with more. got to give a shout out. thanks for watching us, guys. see you tomorrow, everybody. have a great one. [ screaming ] [ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house.
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whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state.


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