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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 12, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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if that's the case they should be up there protesting and not here. >> tension on the waterfront this noontime as occupy protesters ram troy shut down the port of oakland. good afternoon. i'm tori cam be. protesters started starching before the sun came up and they gathered in front of two gates at the port to disrupt operations.
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we have live team coverage. allie rasmus will explain why some protesters have left the scene. but we begin with kraig debro in the middle of the march. >> reporter: tori, i'm at ber -- berth 35 and 36. i asked him if this port is open. he said, yeah, trucks can go in. and then i went to the trucker over there and i said, you can go in. why don't go inside? he said because nobody is in there to unload the trucks. >> reporter: the occupy protesters were marching up to the port of oakland this morning at 5:00 a.m. they are working to shut down every port in the country. >> reporter: the port of oakland is the fifth busiest port in the nation. long beach, the second. >> they say they are helping us but i don't see how.
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when they cost us money delivering our loads, not getting our wages for the day. >> reporter: all morning long, truck drivers sat in long lines at the port. they were waiting for a chance to pick up cargo. if they can't it means a lot of about $400. these independent truckers pay their own gas and health insurance. some think the shutdowns are long overdue. >> we don't have any insurance, no retirement. nothing. >> reporter: there was also a split among longshoremen. the union leadership opposes the shutdown but none of the rank in fail that showed up would or did pass the picket line. according to one of the organizers, once longshoremen have been sent home, they are done for the rest of their shift. they won't come back. protesters will be back this afternoon for another protest before the next longshoremenship starts.
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reporting live at the port of oakland, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, kraig. allie rasmus joins us with more on this story. >> reporter: the protesters are gone for now, but if you look behind us, up until about an hour ago, that he were about 200 or 300 people gathered, protest with their signs, blocking their entrance to berth 30. this is the review -- view from newschopper2 this morning, a couple of hours ago. now the protesters are gone because the group believes they successfully shut down operations here, at least for the morning shift. but they are planning to come back for the evening shift, for another march at 4:00, 5:00. meanwhile, i want to show you the long line of trucks parked out here. they were protected by the blockade, they couldn't unload their cargo. they couldn't get food. because we're told if they
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abandon their loads, they can face $500,000 fine from their company. they get paid by the mile and when they sit parked they lose out on anywhere from $300 to $700. >> they should be at the offices, not out here. >> reporter: but protesters including longshoremen told us events like this is a part of the oc.movement. >> it empowers people -- occupy movement. >> it empowers people. >> reporter: one woman came from redwood city to be here and this afternoon, she will go back to her college to take her finals. >> i don't have enough money between financial aid and working to make ends meet and i think that's wrong.
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>> reporter: we contacted the spokesman for the port of oakland to find out how much this is actually costing the port. we didn't have anything -- he didn't have anybody available to talk to us at noon but he would make the director available later today. we will have more on on the news at -- more on this on the news at 5:00 and 6:00. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, allie. this morning, jean quan spoke out and called on workers to consider the rights of the port workers. >> we're working hard to keep the port operations operations -- operations. we urge them to respect the rights of those trying to work today and to keep their protests peaceful. >> mayor quan sent a letter to the occupy movement. she says shutting down the port sends the wrong message to everyone who works there. i'm told mayor quan will be speaking later and when that
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happens, we'll bring it to you live. today's demonstration is also affecting ports all over the west coast. we'll take you to the places where arrests have been made. and those protesters with occupy san jose are getting ready to wall. demonstrators say they will meet outside the wells fargo bank at the park center plaza at 4:00 this afternoon for a march and rally. in san francisco, dozens of police officers are standing by in preparation for today's protest. over the weekend 55 occupy demonstrators were arrested for sleeping outside the downtown federal reserve building. police say the group gathered there after the main occupy camp at justin herman plaza was broken up last wednesday. police say the group was given ample warning before they made arrests for illegal lodging no one was hurt. and the recent raids appear to have sent people to
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berkeley. it's now the largest in the area, they have 100 tents as well as a huge dining area. occupy cal protesters are demanding that charges not be filed against protesters at an occupy cal demonstration next month -- last month. 39 are facing criminal charges following their arrest at the occupy protests. they are set to appear in court today. they were standing up for public education and free speech. stay with ktvu throughout the day, for continuing live coverage of today's demonstrations. you can also follow the movement online at oakland police are looking for suspects in an overnight shooting. it happened just before 11:00 last night at 16th and east 12th. police say the victim was shot twice during a robbery attempt.
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according to witnesses, the victim was shot in the leg and a shoulder. there's no record on his condition. belmont police are investigating a fatal pedestrian accident. a woman was crossing el camino real just after 5:30 last night when she was hit by a car. police say the woman was not in the crosswalk. the 20-year-old driver of the car did stop and police say he is cooperating with investigators. the coast guard is monitoring a sinking tugboat which is leaking oil near richmond. a large part of the decommissioned navy tug is submerged in water. it began to sink yesterday and it's leaking fuel into the bay. it's believed about 300 gallons of fuel have spilled out. the coast guard says booms have been placed around the area and no wildlife has been affected so far. >> luckily, the wind was with us and the oil stayed within the dry dock and we have three layers of booms to make sure the oil does not get out of the dry dock area.
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we've seen no significant oil anywhere else except within the dry dock. this morning, stanley hall on the uc berkeley campus reopened after shutting down over the weekend because of a diesel fuel spill. about half an hour ago, officials said they tested air quality last night and in the morning to make sure this was -- it was safe for students an staff to return. a tank for an emergency generator overflowed on saturday releasing an estimated 1700 gallons of fuel. some of the fuel flowed into nearby strawberry creek and other campus waterways. specifics say they -- officials say they except to have more specific information later 0 -- later today. authorities say 38-year-old anthony stetam was killed in the state prison in fulsom. he was found injured in his
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cell early saturday morning and then pronounced dead. he was convicted of an attack on a taxicab driver in a carjacking. the downtown festival in san jose, the carnival, features 20 ride. last night some people saw chunks of the farewell ris wheel -- ferris wheel coming off. no one was injured. the problem has been fixed. president obama says the republican candidates vying for his job are essentially identical. in a "60 minutes" interview last night, the president said most of them share the same philosophy. >> the core philosophy they are
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expressing is the same and the contract envickses where i want to take -- envisions where i want to take the country and where they want to is stark. the american people will have a good choice. it will be a good debate. >> the president says when all is said and done, the campaign will be a long, hard-fought race, likely. i'll tell you what 10,000 bucks? $10,000 bet? >> i'm not in the betting business. >> romney and perry were sparring over whether romney supported mandated healthcare in a -- headquarter in a -- healthcare in a book he wrote. >> i was taken a little back. driving out the station this morning, i'm pretty sure i didn't drive by a house that
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anyone thought a $10,000 bet was possible. so a little out of touch with the normal iowa citizen. >> the nonpartisan fact-finder says romney mischaracterized his words. and a wet, cold start to your workweek. but will it last? steve paulson has your forecast. and it's the peek of the -- it's the peak of the holiday season. what fed-ex says it's doing to keep up with the demand on the busiest day of the year. [ screaming ]
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occupy protesters are attempting to shut down ports -- up and down the west coast. about 200 demonstrators gathered at the port of long beach this morning, the nation's second busiest port. police pushed them back. at least three protesters were arrested at the port of san diego. they were among hundreds of demonstrators who gathered there in an attempt to disrupt business. so far, there have been no violent clashes between police and demonstrators. the u.s. supreme court will
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take on arizona's controversial immigration law. the justices said today they will review a federal appeals court ruling that blocked several tough provisions in the arizona law. one of the provisions has gotten a lot of atells nationwide. the -- attention nationwide. the one that requires police while enforcing other laws to question a person's immigration status if that person -- person suspects that person is in the country illegally. president obama says regulate something a job of the federal government and not the state. with the u.s. troop withdrawal in iraq in the final days. president obama and nouri al- maliki are talking about what's next in the relationship between the two countries. >> we're here to mark the end of this war, to honor the sacrifices of all of those who made this day possible. >> god willing, thank you very much. >> the president met with the prime minister this morning at
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the white house. both are pledging to maintain strong ties. president obama says the u.s. and iraq will continue to cooperate on security issues without the presence of american troops. all u.s. troops are said to leave iraq by the end of the month. tonight on ktvu, we take an in- depth look at what veterans face when they return home. tune in at 9:00 p.m. for our special "out of iraq." a republican leading political group is expected to launch television ads this week critical of president obama's support for the fremont-based company solyndra. the group crossroads gps will target the obama administration's $500 billion loan to the now-bankrupt company. a spokesman for president obama says republicans want to wipe out investments and clean energy to keep american
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dependent on fossil fuels. fed-ex expects today to be the busiest day in history with a projected record 17 million global shipments. online shopping is behind the big jump. fed-ex has been gearing up for this day since october when it hired 20,000 seasonal workers. the company says in the 40 years they've been in business they've never handled so many shipment, the -- shipments. if you haven't stepped outside yet, i can't stay i blame you. it's freezing. not really. it's cold. it's in the 40s. there are some areas finally seeing the sun especially up towards sonoma county, lake, mendocino. still some light wrapping in -- light rain wrapping in down in southern california which is giving them a pretty good rain. for us we're on the northern edge of it. so we don't get much. don't have a lot of moisture to work with. but it's there. this system continues to spin
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in from the east. mainly light rain. go back toker to any. >> yes, thank you. >> steve. we want to -- go back to tori. >> yes, thank you. >> we want to go back to oakland where there is a press conference going on about the occupy movement. >> which led to delays. but the port has remained operational throughout the morning. traffic is now flowing in and out of the port. we are working with our partners, labor, community, business truckers, dock workers and our government and law enforcement officers to keep the port operational throughout the day. we stress again it is important to keep the port open so workers can continue to make a living and the port can create jobs and we can all take steps for economic opportunities for
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-- opportunities for us. >> good afternoon. so far this morning's demonstrations were peaceful. we want to thank the port, police and demonstrators for keeping it that way. we will continue to work hard throughout the evening to keep things smoothly. we urge demonstrators to respect the rights of the 99% who are working out at the port and downtown and urge them to keep their protests peaceful. good afternoon. just about 20 minutes ago we were asked to remove -- or to clear the gates in front of the american terminal. there were about seven people there blocking the trucks from entering. we asked them to leave. five of them left. we arrested two of them. this was done in order to keep the ports of america terminal operational. we'll continue to have a presence down at the port
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throughout the day and throughout the evening. we'll continue to facilitate peaceful demonstration and allow everyone to exercise their first amendment right. there were no reports of violence. there was one minor vandalism which i'm not privy to discuss right now. there's been no use of force by our officers and no one has been injured. thank you. >> with that, we'll be happen foy take some questions. >> mayor, can you speak to the bottom line and oakland and how important the support is? do you have any numbers? figures? >> well, clearly the port of oakland is unique in the sense that many urban areas have lost their good-paying blue collar jobs. a few cities still have these vibrant ports. oakland is particularly important to the country
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because we are the only port in the country, i believe, that exports more than we import, that we're particularly critical for the agriculture shipments. so that's why one of the reasons even a half day delay can cost loss to agriculture producers to we believe 800,000 jobs across the country are linked to the port of oakland because a lot of shipment of goods, west of the mississippi come through the port of oakland, and for this city in particular, that's been particularly hard hit by the recession. one of the reasons why -- i've only been there 11 months, i've spent a good deal of the time there, these are good-paying jobs. president obama says if we can double experts, we'll create 5,000 new jobs in the bay area. so when you are in that competitive market and when people decide, well, where are you going to send your goods
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to, this is a city that's been disrupted guy. we think it's unfair to -- twice. and we think it's unfair to the workers at the port. the union has been very clear. they would rather fight their own causes and is not happy that some workers will lose pay for a second time in a row. >> as i recall, the first time you were supportive of the effort. in fact, i believe your husband marched with the protesters. what's changed this time? >> let's be pretty clear. as a mayor of the city, my job was to make sure that people could peacefully demonstrate and that being in this particular job you always have to weigh people's right to express their opinions and keeping the city safe. my husband was a community monitor that day. so were 200 other people. if you remember, there were
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10,000 people on the street and we were trying to keep the vandalism to the minimum. we had six stores vandalized that day. but pretty much it was peaceful and in the evening all hell broke loose. so in terms of closing down the pore, i've never been support -- port, i've never been supportive of closing down the port. >> the port of oakland is responsible for over 460 million a year in local and state taxes that do fund our schools, local roads and our community. so any damage to the port does, in fact, cut into those tax revenues at a time when we need them the most. [ the question is inaudible ] >> we've had operations at all
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of the terminals today. we've had impacts at those gates but we've had operations -- >> "impacts" is a loose term -- you don't have any reports of workers not to be hired snaud. >> i -- workers not to be hired today? >> i don't have those reports. we had operations at all of our terminals and today and we had impacts. [ the question is inaudible ] >> well, again, i'm saying that there were impacts -- i don't have the details of those but we are in full operation as we speak. we've had some disruptions --
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>> you've been listening live to a press conference, put upon by officials including the mayor and the interim police chief. there were five arrests we heard at -- due to the protesters but for the most part it's been quite peaceful. we will continue to monitor this press conference and have more for you on our website and also in later newscasts. right now we want to go back to steve paulson to complete our bay area -- bay area forecast. >> it's cold out there. santa rosa, 53. con record, 48. 49 redwood city. you can see our -- concord, 48. 49, redwood city. you can see our system down there. at least some are getting some snow. we'll get some rain. not a big deal. the system slides down the coast. it will be gone tonight. there's a little bit of a breeze so it kind of cuts right through. light rain mainly south and also the east. if the wind dies down we'll have to deal with the fog. some of the higher elevations,
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mid-40s at best. probably some fog. could be a brief system and that's it. it will be dry but it will be cool nights an mornings on the weekend. >> thank you, steve. and that will do it for us. we'll have more coming up in our later newscasts at 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00. thanks for watching. and have a great day. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. way to brew!
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