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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 12, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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port. news chopper 2 is live overhead. you can see how massive that crowd is and the protesters continued flowing into had area. >> news chopper 2 is over right now. we have live team coverage. we are monitoring the area around the port. we begin right now with paul chambers long the protest route. paul? >> reporter: we are in the heart of it. there are two factions going on. this is the second group that started at the -- at west oakland bart station. to down here to the port. there are 4, 5, 600 people out here part of this group. it has grown as we come long. there were people on the side of the road, jumping in, bringing in bikes, signs, talking about how they want to
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occupy the port. they are talking about ending the war. talking about problems dealing with school and education. you have lot of people coming together under this one group of shutting down the port. the reason why they targeted the port is because it's to take over all of the west coast ports. from alaska to san diego and right here is the port of oakland. like i said, there are two groups out here. one massive group ahead of us, a mile ahead of us, you saw that, and right here you can see we have had about 300 people ahead of us and 200 people behind us. people are just coming together. they want to put down and shut down the port. i will tell you, scott olson, the veteran who suffered a head injury during the police raid during "occupy oakland," he was also out here. his first major return back
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with the group, showing his support with the group, of course, we will stay on top of this. i have seen police officers on the side of the roadway here, standing outside just in case, we have not had any problems as we walked along with the people. no issues from the protesters or police. everything has been safe and peaceful. we will bring you the latest as it develops. live, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. and i i am eric -- and i am eric rasmussen. a second wave of protesters came through here in the last 30 minutes. the longshoremen union said employers here at the port did not hire any workers for tonight's second shift. but not everybody here thinks that's something worth celebrating. >> second wave of protesters came back to try to shut down business at the port of
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oakland, forcing some trucks into reverse, even though the drivers are the ones they are supporting. [ music playing ] >> come off the port and they only make 8-$10 an hour. the crowd is a repeat of this morning where hundreds blocked trucks but said it was a message to the 1% in charge. most unions with held their support and some opposed it. >> if you are going to take an action that will effect working people they should be part of that and that did not occur. >> reporter: they say 50-200 workers made it to their jobs because of large crowds of protesters in the morning. shipping companies that port did not order workers for tonight. >> what do you say to the guy who is losing work today? >> i think where we are at with
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this economy, everybody has skin in the game and everybody has to hurt. >> reporter: coming back out here live you see one of those trucks trying to make its way out of the port right now. not as many people on this end. we will be able to get out fine. one difference from during the general strike on november 2, there were a lot of strucks suck right here. but it appears the word got out. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. >> reporter: and i am noelle walker here in the thick of it all outside girth 55 and 56 at the port of oakland. as i look around i cannot see the edge of the crowds but my photographer is up top with a view to give you an idea of the number of people who are here right now. they have been making
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announcement and they said they are waiting for another 1-2,000 additional people to arrive here before they have one of their general aemblies to -- assemblies to decide their next move. >> reporter: rit gear and ready to go. ktvu was the only crew when dozens of sheriff's deputies loaded up for round 2. >> they didn't do enough today. >> reporter: some think law enforcement didn't do enough. >> the protesters were doing everything they could to provoke them to do something. getting in their faces. talking about their mothers. you know, the deal, trying to draw them out and the cops were calm. >> reporter: trucks are lined up waiting, stuck for the night. this morning was peaceful. law enforcement made their
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presence known but made only two arrests. >> there were 7 people there, blocking the trucks from entering. we asked them to leave. 5 of them left, we arrested two. >> reporter: we are at the police station when they were brought in. >> i don't think it was necessary. no one here is being violent or anuresessable. >> reporter: he came prepared with a gas mask. he was downtown oakland on october 25 when protesters and police clashed in a cloud of tear gas. >> we will continue to facility peaceful demonstration and allow everyone to exercise their first amendment right. >> reporter: and you are looking at some occupy protestors. they are on top of one of the many trucks that are stuck here for the night. they are in the middle of
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making announcements. earlier they said there is a call for a 3:00 a.m. shift. one of the decisions is whether or not they will stay here and try to shut down the 3:00 a.m. shift. they asked anyone who is not here yet to bring food and water and they told these people not to go anywhere. occupy has settled in for the night, potentially here outside birth 55 and 56. i am noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. scott olson who was hit in the head is leading the evening march to the port of oakland. scott olson, that is him there, he is still recovering from a skull fracture that happened on october 25. ktvu's cameras were rolling as he was carried away.
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documents show oakland police approved the use of tear gas when scott olson was injured. they authorized using chemical agents to disperse crowds if commanders said they needed it. the movement is taking on radio and clear channel communications. >> we want access. and we want access now. >> this protest at sacramento's kfdk is one of several demonstrations across the country. clear channel promotes quote hate speech. they are where rush limbaugh got his start. >> we want to look live near the port of oakland out front where a thousand demonstrators are settling in for the night. we heard from our reporters,
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team of reporters out covering and following the movement, they gathered at frank ogawa plaza at 4:00 this afternoon and marched down towards the port of oakland where they are vowing to shut it down and block the truckers from the getting in. they are calling for food and water. looking like a long night in front of the port of oakland. we will follow the occupy protestors during this newscast and online on click on occupy protestors on our home page. >> pg&e says it's cage and unlawful but some are taking matters into their own hands. ktvu's maureen naylor is live with the threat the residents are facing. >> reporter: pg&e sent this letter to 16 residents who had their smart meters removed. it warns if they don't replace
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it they will have their electricity shut off. >> reporter: she has been concerned about losing her power since receiving this letter last week. >> if we don't hear from you we will discontinue your service. >> the letter comes after she and a dozen others returned their smart meter last week after hiring a electrician to remove the device and replace it with a analogue meter. >> anxiety. >> she says the health issues is why she doesn't want a smart meter. >> we get one back on or they will disconnect our electricity. >> pg&e says it's safe and warns it's unlawful and dangerous to disconnect the device. >> potential of fires, burns.
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only pg&e professionals trained. >> they will call and make sure i am here. >> reporter: she returned home with a new promise from pg&e they will keep her power on. >> they would call me and small an analogue meter. >> reporter: tonight the fire department is concerned about untrained people removing the meters. and pg&e points out that a vote by the cpuc could come by january to allow people to opt out. reporting live, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. the penn state scandself spking change here in california. the new law being pushed in sacramento. >> and live in oakland where demonstrators have now converged. cold night tonight and fog back in the forecast, i will have the tuesday morning forecast lows and where the fog
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will show up.
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we continue to follow the occupy protestors going on at the port of oakland. live pictures from news chopper 2. two large groups combined to form one massive group, over a thousand protesters. they are on middle harbor road and they have shut down port operations for tonight. and we are hearing they will try to shut down the 3:00 a.m. shift as well. this is all part of an act going on up and down the west coast. some truckers saying they are losing hundreds hundreds of dollars because they can't bring their trucks in. also some are saying the
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protesters are giving the port of oakland a bad name and some ships could decide to use other ports. there could be a long-term negative impact as a result of this protest that port of oakland. so far today only two arrests and things tonight have been peaceful. we will continue to monitor the situation. group of law makesers calling for new legislation that would prevent an incident similar to what happened at penn state. he outlined a new bill that requires organizations that employ coaches coaches and administrators to provide training on the identification of child abuse, neglect, inappropriate or illegal contact with a minor and mandates any such behavior be reported to authorities. >> we need to be their bosses. their ears. we need to be there to protect these kids and i wanted to -- and i want to do everything i
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can. >> in california, coaches and administrators are not required to report suspected child abuse. the wait for homeless families to get a spot at a shelter is a lot shorter. ktvu's rob roth is live in san francisco with the generous help just announced. >> reporter: we are in the tenderloin outside the hamilton family shelter. it is filled tonight but the waiting list to get in has tripled in the past four years. >> reporter: this 10-year-old girl lives in a homeless shelter with her family. >> they would tell me to change it and go home. >> reporter: you couldn't. what would you do? >> cry.
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>> reporter: she is one of 2200 homeless children in san francisco. this couple is expecting a baby in a month, they are living in a family shelter where the wait list for a bed is 7 months. >> it could be worse. >> reporter: today a committee held a hearing on the crisis. >> the numbers keep growing. we need to do something. >> reporter: help appears on the way. they are donating $1.5 million to help homeless families. >> it's going to help end homelessness for a couple hundred families. >> hurts me to get up every morning and hear my daughter say when is it going to stop.
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>> reporter: many families will be leaving these beds but till the city builds more affordable housing families will continue to fall through the cracks. reporting live, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. the department of labor fined several chuck e. cheese restaurants for violating child labor laws. the company was fined $28,000. an investigation found management was allowing workers under 18 to use equipment considered hazardous. some included minor operating industrial trash compacters. it's getting cold out there right now. fog back in the forecast. no rain. sprinkles today but not enough to register. temperature right now in napa and santsa rosa 45 and 44.
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-- santa rosa 45 and 44. what you will see is the temperature, 38 in santa rosa, 41 in napa, the temperature when reached fog will form. there is the temperature. this is -- you will have fog. that's the dew point temperature. fog back in the forecast. dense in patches. showers move out. increases the dew point temperature, that increases your potential for fog in the morning. here we go again. overnight lows are cold. 29 in santa rosa. 32 napa. plenty of fog in the morning. patchy inland. these are the highs from today. highs tomorrow, about the same. maybe warmer. more sunshine. when is rain getting here? we haven't seen rain through here. this next week we are not going
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to see much rain either. this whole week looks to be dry. end of december before we have a shot at rain. even there models are pulling away. here we go. high pressure, you get cold mornings, valley fog and you get mild day time highs. tuesday, 57 napa. 57 fairfield. 57 brentwood. santa clara valley, no spare the air night tonight, 66 morgan hill. 58 in livermore. forecast day time highs tomorrow. tomorrow looks like the next couple days. few clouds in the five-day forecast, thursday, maybe a sprinkle, i put that in there. right now bay area weekend in view it is a dry five-day forecast forecast. with the issues being cold mornings for the kids and the fog is a drag for folks san
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francisco, inland valley areas. >> real cold. >> thank you. president obama and iraqi prime minister are observing the end of the u.s. military presence in iraq. the two leaders placed a wreath by the tomb of the unknowns today. at a press conference they said they will maintain strong ties and the president warned the united states would remain a major player in the region. tonight at 9:00, tune into ktvu news for a special report out of iraq, hosted by julie haener, we look ate home front returning this christmas. the past sacrifices and the cost. tonight at 9:00 p.m. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 a live look from
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the ground that protest that port of oakland. we will update you on what is happening and what you see flying here and who it's all for. those stories and more at 7:00 on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. more than a thousand protesters blocking a main for thetrance at the port of oakland. we will have more for you coming up next.
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sports now, close to opening day. >> christmas day, warriors fans looking forward to that. warriors opening things up for a media open house. concerns jordan, looks like the clippers will be matching the offer sheet the warriors extended to him. they are still looking for a big man. and the players putting on a happy face despite it doesn't look like they will have a big time man in the middle and they will work on their defense. particular steph curry talks about how important defense is. >> only way you are going to win, we know that. offensive talent will get you 36 wins and that's it and we
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have to figure out -- coach is preaching whatever it takes to win. we got to make that happen. >> defense comes in handy in every sport. ask raiders fans against the packers. turnovers, penalties, four interceptions. the raiders were never in it. they were down 31-0 at halftime. if you are the coach, how do you spin a happy face on this thing? >> we played the world champions last night. we played a team that just held that trophy a year ago and is undefeated. that's what we are aspiring to be. last night was a measuring stick for myself and the team and we are not there. there is three more weeks left in the season if we get an opportunity to get in the playoffs, who knows. there is a chance. >> going to be seeing them on
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tv. they play anything like that. [ laughter ] >> that's the truth. that's the sporting life for right now. you know? >> yeah. be real. >> thank you. before we go, another live look at the port of oakland right now where a thousand protesters shut down the port of oakland. they are calling for shutting down the 3:00 a.m. shift tonight. calling for food and water. we will have the latest on 234- 6789 -- latest on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 and on ktvu channel 2 news at 10:00.
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