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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 13, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PST

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troutman and it's time for some of the greatest videos and stories from the web, "right this minute." a 4-year-old catch as train. after giving his babysitter the slip. we'll tell you where the young commuter was headed. a rescue over icy alaskan waters. as the coast guard pulls up a surfer? it took an internet video, but finally, the world is listening to stop girls say. >> could you do me a huge favor, could you pass me that blanket?
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>> just the other day we wore a shirt that looked very similar. and when you came in, you said twinsies. it's a danger with two handles. >> it's a cross between parkour, gymnastics. >> we're go into the world of extreme pogo-sticking. and they're not all rabid blood-suckers, how an abandoned baby bat was nursed back to health. >> he's so cute! we begin today's show with the story of a little train ride. steven, you have details? >> strange things can happen on your morning commute. it can lead to some interesting scenarios. imagine you're waiting on the train platform to get a ride too work and you see this. >> is that a kid waiting for the train? >> oh yeah. a little 4-year-old boy, jesus sotello. this is a platform for the max, a light rail system in the portland, oregon metropolitan area. little jesus, he loves taking
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the max. and he knows the route to the max. because he walks it often with his mother. he left his gresham, oregon home while his babysitter was changing his little sister's diaper and walked to the ruby junction max station and waited 20 minutes, got on the train, headed east. >> is no one alarmed that this little boy is alone on the platform? >> a school bus driver noticed that jesus was playing around with the ticket vending machine and called police. but when police came to the scene, jesus was already all aboard. jesus is no dummy. because he ended up two miles away at the multinoma county medical offices where his mother was having a doctor's appointment. >> what? did he find her? >> fortunately a neighbor inside the medical center recognized little jesus called the police and then you know, returned him back home. the total time he was gone from his home? about an hour and a half. >> i like this kid.
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>> he's all about adventure and travel. >> a lot of 4-year-olds can't go to the bathroom on their own. and this kid can go on the train by himself. well it may be the middle of december. but it's surf's up, in anchorage, alaska. >> it's got to be cold surf's up. >> water is about 40 degrees right now. but it's apparently the peak surfing season in that area. and that's what led to this coast guard rescue. 38-year-old jeffrey jones of eagle river, alaska, was out surfing by himself. and he got caught up in the rising surf. it started to get a little unpredictable, out of control. and he needed to get out of the water. so he started climbing up the cliff. to get away from the surf. he got himself trapped on a 200-foot cliff. with nowhere to go. jeffrey was in good shape, no injuries, he just couldn't get out of the predicament he was in. so they sent down the rescue basket. he hopped in, they brought him up and he's in good shape.
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>> it's amazing he didn't have an accident getting from the cliff edge to the basket. >> i know the rescue driver trains for that, but don't you think he's probably thinking -- i'm glad i don't have to get in the water today. >> if this guy is extreme enough to go surfing in 40-degree waves, i'm sure i'll be back out there in no time after this. i want to show you a video that's going to raise the question -- where the heck are some people's holiday spirits? >> oh, no. >> we got this story from our good friends at cairo, in seattle, washington. and it shows a thief that went up to the front porch of a family and stole their packages. >> no. >> oh, man. >> that is exactly correct. this family in washington state, just south of seattle had been burglarized last year so they decided to put a surveillance camera outside their front door. they set up email alerts from
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their surveillance camera to tell them when someone approached their house. they got an alert saying hey, some packages were delivered and then they were like, yeah, packages. they got an hour later, alerting them that someone had come close to their front door. when they looked at the tape, they realized the packages were gone and they saw this thief came up and take their mail. >> oh. >> this is the grinch, that's what the grinch did. he stole people's christmas presents, these are probably presents for their family, for their kids, for themselves for christmas. this is awful. the couple are hoping that by releasing this video, people will recognize this guy and his v sweatshirt and will turn him in to police. >> i can't wait until they catch this guy. we should steal all his christmas presents. >> two wrongs don't make a right. >> we're better than that guy. >> we're better than that. you guys remember the story i brought you back in october of the little 2-year-old girl who was run over in the chinese
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market? >> yeah, terrible. >> many passers-by just -- left the child in the street. and unfortunately, that child died. from that incident. there were tons of comments from around the world saying chinese people are cold. or heartless. well here's a video from an event that happened on friday. of last week. this is cctv footage. it appears to be two women and a child, one woman looks like the child's mother. she's picking the childup, trying to drag t child, ge the child to me and she frustra walks away. if you see, this suv turning around, the suv hits the child. >> the kid is wearing like orange. >> how do you not see that? >> right. >> but watch this -- the suv stops and you see the woman who appears to be this child's mother just burst into action. and the woman who is the driver
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of the suv quickly gets out of her car and also tries to help. but look at this. look at all of these bystanders. look at all of these passers-by on the street that all -- come running to the aid of this little child. >> oh, my goodness. >> they're picking that thing up. >> and the child comes out from under the car, into what we think is the mother's arms. >> wow. >> unbelievable. >> completely a different response. >> i love the amount of people who came to render aid. that's not like a few people, that was a lot of people. >> so many people, and according to reports, because of the quick action, because they lifted the car and got the child out, the child was reportedly unharmed. dinner time for bella the dog. >> she's got her little paws up there. >> what's going on here? inside the place where one of the world's best is made. >> hey, how long it takes them to build this.
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>> hint? we weren't even close. and the story behind this scene in a casting agent's office. >> it came down to like something like this and not having a better resumé or references. >> a great elf saber battle a hey guys, what can i get for you? i would like a decaf 360 calories please. and for you? i'll have a triple iced 410 calories please. you want the 40 whipped calories on that? uh, you know what... i'll have this instead. [ female announcer ] swap one thing a day for a yoplait light. with 33 flavors all around a hundred calories, a swap a day adds up to amazing. now you can add some crunch to your creamy. yoplait light with granola. try it today. [ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house.
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whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state.
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nice landing. it was. welcome back to the show. but don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. >> this is an adorable little 7-month-old dog named bella. and it's dinner time for bella. watch how she eats. >> what in the --? what? >> did you see her get into her little chair? >> let's do that again. >> you see this little contraption sitting up against the wall and here comes bella out of nowhere. this little high chair-looking thing is modified version of what is called a bailey's chair.
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it's named after a dog who had to have a little chair like this. because of the condition called mega esophagus. and little bella has congenital megaesophagus. meaning that her esophagus is enlarged and lacks the muscles and mobility to swallow food correctly. >> so she has to eat like standing up almost so that it goes down? >> right. and her owners want people to know that this isn't as big of a problem as it sounds. they train bella, she gets in the chair and closes the little feeding table down on her own. she gets in there. they feed her meatballs first, to kind of open up the esophagus. and then they feed her her food. with a little bit of water and then she has to stay upright in this little contraption for about ten minutes after to make sure that everything gets down. but they say it's not really a big deal. >> i like how she's got her little paws up there like where's my food. >> i know some humans that don't
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have that good of manners. a last few decades we've seen childhood toys turn into extreme sports. bicycles, skateboards. what about your pogo stick? >> extreme pogoing? >> x pogo. >> you bet. >> what? >> e pogo or extreme pogo is a cross between parkour, pogoing, gymnastics, skateboarding. >> whoa! >> these pogo sticks aren't like what we used to play on, these things have super krypton springs in them. >> that dude was no feet, no hands there for a second. >> that guy just spun around his entire pogo stick. >> i didn't even think they made these any more. >> back flips, front flips. kind of the same stuff you see on skateboards, right? they just jumped over a person in a wheelchair. >> it's so funny. they're doing all of these crazy tricks, but at the end of the jump, they're still on a pogo stick. >> i think these are cool.
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>> to tell us more about pogoing, is one of the stars of the video, fred. >> pogo-sticking is cool, it's different, it's unique, like a portable trampoline. a lot of tricks derived from skateboarding, bmx, motor cross, we have handle bars, foot pegs. extreme pogo sticking came out eight years ago. traditional sticks use a steel coiled spring that allows you to get six inches of air. today we have pogo sticks that use rubber bands and also air-powered pogo sticks. the ones tat jump nine, nine and a hf feet in the air. they go for a to $300. >> you guys are saying pogoing is nerdy and uncool. i'll name some things that are way more nerdy, people do quidditch. i'm going to run around with a fake broom between my legs and play a game from a movie that's made up. aw, those terrible twos.
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>> is that cat food? >> no, this is a 2-year-old terrible two-er. >> he's throwing it up in the air. >> who decided to take the family's golden retriever's food -- and spread it throughout the entire kitchen. and have fun with it. not only that, he thought it looked like cereal, so he brought out the milk. >> oh! >> that's it right there, huh? >> can you see it by the refrigerator in the back? and he's just, you know, making little dog food angels. >> look at the pile of food to the right in the pantry door there. >> yeah. >> is that entire closet filled with dog food? like if you open the door will come out? >> what's in the dog's water? >> milk! >> milk. >> what do you expect out of your son, when his name is havoc. >> his name is havoc? >> his name is havoc. >> oh, god. >> really? >> is that his nickname? >> that's really his name.
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>> what happened? >> the dog is like, it wasn't me this time. i am clean. it wasn't me. >> they're going to be finding kibble for years. next time on "right this minute." >> teddy the porcupine is back and cuter than ever. >> he's eating gingerbread cookies. >> that's next time on "right this minute." who says bats aren't cute? >> well -- go ahead and say it, one, two, three. >> what we're going to say about little drac the bat will have to wait a couple more minutes. and then we'll tell you what this guy says men want in women. >> you think girls shouldn't do
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certain things, it's the girls against the guys. whose side are you going to be on?
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keurig has a wide variety of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from.
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keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. because it is. . this is just damn funny. an old clip from an old '80s talk show. but it's recently been uploaded. it's got mulletts. it's got whistling. wow. >> and you put those two together, and it's just entertainment. [ applause ] this is ralph, ralph is a
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whistler and he's about to whistle "georgia on my mind." ♪ ♪ >> what? you said whistling, i thought like -- ♪ i've never seen anything like that. >> he's got a very unique style. ♪ >> what is this? >> this clip is originally from a show called "kelly and company" that aired on wxyz tv. >> america's number one tv show. >> totally. little drac was orphaned by his mom. so the people at bat world sanctuary in mineral wells, texas, they adopted him and now he's thriving. >> he's so cute. >> he's about the size of a
9:20 am
grown man's thumb. >> he was abandoned by his mom. they had to mimic some mom behaviors to help him grow and thrive. they take a cotton swab, they put warm water on and they kind of rub him down, so it mimic's a mom's tongue. >> the bat can't see, they don't know it's not mom. >> he just knows he's been held by some friendly hands. they take a little cotton sponge and they drip milk into it. it took him a while, but he learned to suck the milk out of a sponge. >> how cute is he? >> they said that the mom felt like she was probably animals f they're endangered, they will abandon their babies, and he was abandoned. oh. he had his wing out. >> and they say he loves to rock. >> just like rocking himself to sleep. >> like a little baby. >> he rocks himself after he's fed. >> i went to the bat world
9:21 am
sanctuary website. they have sections on their if a facebook page about donating to their website. whether you should have a bat as a pet. can you find out more information about the bats and little drac and follow his progress at >> one, two, three, when he gets bigger are they going to call him dracula? holy cow. bentleys are one of the finest vehicles you can get. >> you show off your wealth. whereas with the bentley, you show off your taste. >> a lot of the interior of the car and the whole car itself is made by hand. >> obviously we use technology. i think with the lasers to cut this out. and basically it's a time scale. the key feature of selecting the veneers, the jointing of the veneers is still done manually. you can't replicate that on the machine.
9:22 am
>> think about how long it takes to build a bentley. >> a month. >> it takes something like three months from us putting the specifications into the factory to the car popping offer the production line. >> it takes about three months, it takes about 18 hours for gm to build a car. >> i expect it to take three months if i'm paying $250,000 for one of these little toys. >> do you custom-order these things? or can you buy a premade bentley that you just like? >> every vehicle you see in the factory is sold. we don't make a vehicle from stock. we build every one to customer order. >> i get excited when i see a bentley. rappers are always talking about bentleys. >> i like the symbol of b. i feel like i need one, driving around in a car with a bill b on it. >> guys, what do you really want in a girl? >> really nice hair. i'm into hair. >> really? >> big, beautiful eyes. >> that's very noble of you two. and very nice, but mr. scooter mcgruder has his own idea of
9:23 am
what men are looking for in a woman. he is from florida, he's 23 years old. and he just had an opinion. >> while it is true that some men are attracted to int select yule personalities. most men need to be physically attracted to a woman. don't fart, burp, you know these types of things. one of the most important things men look for in a woman is a low slop factor. >> do you act like a lady? >> i'm on the same page as old scooter. >> you think girls shouldn't do certain things that -- >> not around me. i'm okay with a little bpp, here and there. >> it's life. it's real people. >> it can happen, just in the right places. and excuse yourself. >> i'm liking nick more than steven today. >> i'm keeping it real. >> how many guys have you been with. had you ever hooked up with one of my friends. how good are your sandwich-making abilities. >> he's 23, he don't know what
9:24 am
he wants in a woman yet. >> i think some of the things he's pointing out are slightly less important to a man my able. >> nick's a man. >> i think you have to be able to hold yourself to these standards. >> you're saying he needs to look at the man in the mirror. >> ask him to change his ways. >> from this guy says he looks for in girls, the many interesting and questionable things that girls often say. we joked around before about girls saying "i am obsessed with frollo." >> it turns out that there are other things girls like it say. >> could you do me a favor. >> could you pass me a blanket. >> could you turn it up a little bit? >> could you turn it down a little bit? >> listen, listen, listen. >> shut up! >> that is my favorite -- shut up! >> pretty much every girl i'm friends with says that. >> this video does feature a cameo from juliette lewis. >> first of all, ooh. >> i know, right?
9:25 am
>> like i'm not even joking right now. >> twinsies. >> i've never said lot of this stuff that's being said in this video. >> just the other day we wore shirts very similar and when you came in, you said twinsies! >> this video is the brainchild of graydon shepard and kyle humphrey. this is their first youtube video. they run a twitter account that has 57,000 followers on twitter. a couple of my favorites they left out, i have the best boyfriend. and i'm so pale. so are these videos accurate? well you can see for yourself. >> you can go and tell us that you don't think that girl video is very accurate at"right this minute." 'tis the season for santa at the mall. >> but how do you narrow these santas down? >> how about, the santa olympics. >> this is going to be good, i can tell. and see how scottish train
9:26 am
riders take the law into their own hands. >> they're saying to the big guy, good going, dude.
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>> the height of the planking craze. >> i love that one. he's planking between two planks. >> there he is on top of an atm. >> oh. >> what's the story, beth. >> let me tell you why this planking video is in the news. alexander heart was found guilty
9:30 am
of disorderly conduct by a judge and fined $303. his brother, ryan heart, with a was also arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. but he is still awaiting his trial. and let me show you the planking photo that started this on the police officer's memorial. they weren't considering what this memorial meant. >> that was completely disrespectful to the fallen officers who have lost their life in service. >> they put the photos on facebook. they put the video on youtube. and then the disorderly conduct charges came. >> a copy of citation for disorderly conduct, all right? >> officer from squad 57 is shown here giving alexander a ticket. >> this has sparked an outrage online. >> this could have very easily left this photo out. >> future plankers beware where you plank, i guess. >> when you go on a train, you pay your ticket, right? to ride on the train.
9:31 am
>> sure. >> not this dude. >> come on off! >> this video was taken on a scott rail train in scotland. this guy seems to not have paid his ride on this train. so the attendant proceeded to try to get him off the train. >> hey! >> you have no business -- >> finally the guy stood up, says -- >> get off! >> come on. >> now! move [ bleep ]! move now! >> whoa. [ bleep ]. >> hey! >> people weren't exactly upset that the kid got thrown off the train. thatter saying to the big guy, good going, dude. >> i'm with them, too. the train has to keep to schedule. that guy has somewhere to be. just like everyone on the train had somewhere to be. sorry, dude, you had the wrong ticket, you have to get off. it gets real sketchy when the
9:32 am
public gets involved in enforcing rules. now let's say it gets hurt. now it's on the shoulders of the guy who ejected him. >> i would rather see a video of a guy standing up and giving money to the guy and say i'm going to buy this guy's ticket, let him stay on the train. >> the guy that posted the video said i considered giving the kid some money. but he said when he heard the kid yelling, you know, the f-bomb back to the attendants, he's like, no. >> the ticket-taker guy and the kid is mouthing off to the guy. i think he got what he deserved. this is a story of a brave woman who had the courage to face her attacker. >> do you have anything to say before the state imposes sentence? >> no, your honor. >> this guy is 18 and he's been sentenced to 15 years in prison because he attempted to rape this woman, heidi damon. >> i am not a victim, i'm the
9:33 am
victor. the stronger and the winner. i survived. you have simply victimized yourself. >> hopefully, this will help someone get strength. and be able to go to the authorities, if they're in a bad position. >> that is heidi damon. she wants everybody to know who she is and encourage other people who are attempted rape victims or rape victims to come forward and show their face. and kind of take the shame away from it. she blacked out because he choked her so hard. and she was able to survive, and make it through. >> so many women that go through that are so afraid to show their image. because they're so embarrassed. and she is facing it and she's in a way, setting the example for other women to do the same. >> what makes me so sick about this video, is the, that man's face. while she's talking to him. >> he's indifferent. >> a smug little look on his punk face. >> i don't care what you're saying. >> it's so obvious that he's just a pure coward.
9:34 am
>> he is now 18 years old. when he did this, he was younger. you're talking a young man whose life is gone because of his callousness, and he got what he deserved. >> i will be free for the rest of my life. you will be a prisoner for the rest of yours. over the weekend, some folks tried to break a record that actually doesn't even exist. the most naked santas. ♪ ♪ they had santa con in san francisco. >> apparently it got boring. >> the crazy things weren't crazy enough. they decided to d naked con. and hundreds of people did this. [ cheers and applause ] >> they got girls and guys. >> whoa. >> jingle bells, man. jingle bells. >> so basically, because there's not a world record to break, this has to be a new record of
9:35 am
naked santas. there has been a world record of the largest nude photo ever taken, in mexico city, 18,000 people and the largest group of santas. >> there's quite a few people that are wearing clothes. did they count all the naked stuff? >> they counted the naked people. there were people out for santa con to begin with. they were people in the full-on santa costume. these people made the naked santa appearance as part of. >> what constitutes nude in this? can you have your beard and your hat on and that's it? >> yeah. >> i hope no little kids were walking by when this was going on. i think the little kids would be like, santa? >> in san francisco, it is legal to be nude in public. so these people are not breaking any kind of law. they just are trying to break a record. >> naked santas. >> okay. >> and did they? >> how many -- >> they're trying to establish a record is what they're trying to do. >> they're trying to -- >> yes. >> would these people be considered naughty or nice? [ cheers and applause ]
9:36 am
photo blocker. more than a beer cooler. this is going to save marriages, not ruin them. >> wait until you see how this thing works. can their teacher kick the ball through the hoop, full court? >> not easy. >> did he do it? >> maybe, maybe not. we'll show you, when we come back.
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social media has made it impossible for people to get up to no good. why? because everybody takes 0-their camera and takes pictures and posts everything on facebook. >> divorce, you floozy. you're fired. dirty old men. >> well norte beer has a fix for that. >> photo blocker. the first beer cooler that detects when a photo is being taken and shines a flash keeping you safe and sound. >> that's all, is this a real product? >> yes, it is. >> without photo blocker. >> you're such a liar. >> with photo blocker. >> oh, you didn't have any fun. >> without photo blocker? >> you jerk! >> so far this has only been field-tested in a couple of south american countries. maybe it will move north of the border. >> i would be out and about carrying my beer cooler with me at all times. i don't care if it's a bottle of water in there, i would be
9:40 am
carrying the norde beer around. >> if this thing really works, i wouldn't be surprised if a budge of the celebrities that we see all the time start using this thing. >> i saw george clooney kissing on brad pitt. they can't see the picture because the flash goes off. >> that would be quite a headline, for sure. >> this is a great invention. >> all the creepy old men out there, beware. because now, or maybe not bew e beware. now you can get your groove on a little bit more. so maybe this isn't that cool. maybe more creepy old guys will be at the bar a little more. >> guys that want to sneak around or their wives. >> this is going to save marriages, not ruin them. >> wait a minute, no! >> i don't think this is such a cool invention. >> norte photo blocker, what happens in the club, stays in the club. it is christmas time and elves are casting for a position in santa's workshop. >> oh. >> the problem is. what happens when there's one
9:41 am
position left and two elves left to cast? >> a full-on saber duel. >> i think they really want the job. >> yeah. >> who knew that it came down to like something like this and not who had a better resumé or references. i like that their light saber colors are in green. >> christmas colors. >> who knew elves were so violent? >> i didn't know. i'm scared to go sit on santa's lap now. have you noticed one of the elves in the video is in a wheelchair. that is the writer and creator of the video, and her name is teal share. she has been in a wheelchair since she was 14 years old due to a car accident that left her with a spinal cord injury. she is an actress,rying hollywood. and because of her disability, has now become an activist and creates projects that help other actors with disabilities get different job opportunities. so tell me where the idea for elf sabers came up. >> i grew up watching "star
9:42 am
wars" and i've always been a fan and i've always just wanted to be in a light saber duel. >> has it been really difficult for you in hollywood being in a wheelchair and working as an actress? >> unless like a role comes up specifically for a girl in a wheelchair, it's really hard to get in to audition for something. which can get frustrating, it's like, why can't i play the teacher? why can't i play the wife. why can't i play the secretary. the thing that is most frustrating is lots of times they don't even think that there's actors out there in wheelchairs that they can cast. >> these are some sexy elves. >> well, you know. >> i think we need to do our own light saber video. >> i don't know what -- >> now you're just a few minutes away from the end of the show. and spending a lot of time on our favorite website, say it with me now, okay, now back to the show. have you ever heard, if a
9:43 am
5-year-old can do it, so can you? one coffee company may have proof. >> they are doing everything very carefully. >> see why you might want to hire these very careful 5-year-olds to be your personal baristas. and, we've got a glimpse into the olympics. the santa olympics, that is. >> this is going to be good, i can tell. >> yes, it is. see the santas, later.
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welcome back to the show. but don't forget to check in at great videos, all day long. if a 5-year-old can make espresso, so can you. and they've got proof. >> aw. >> so cute. >> that's lany and ethan. and they are going to use the espresso machine from clyde coffee. the machine they're using is is a commercial-quality espresso machine. and i went to their website. their espresso machines start at $650 and up. >> the coffee should make itself. >> they've got the espresso grounds, they're putting it in the machine like a barista at starbucks. >> right. >> they're putting the little cup where it needs to go. and look at that. she made espresso. >> it's not just an espresso they're making, it looks like a
9:47 am
little cappucino is going on here. >> a little steamed milk. >> is anybody else nervous that these 5-year-olds are playing with hot liquids? >> no. if you have kids and they've kept you up late at night and you have to get up early to take them to school, would you love it if your 5-year-old would make you a nice cappucino before you drove them to the bus stop. it's kind of dangerous. >> they are doing everything very carefully. >> they are careful. >> look, they got little swirls. >> she gave it a shake, too. did you see that? >> this is where i have a problem. i wouldn't give a 5-year-old espresso. >> no! >> they don't need to be amped up on anything other than the sugar in their oatmeal or captain crunch. >> but they'll be very cute. >> and very energetic. do you remember these little guys? the mini band from the uk? ♪ ♪
9:48 am
♪ ♪ >> how big are these guys? >> i predict they're going to be big rock stars. >> i love the little girl, understated little girl. she's just standing there, jamming away, doing her thing. >> they're from the uk all between the ages of eight and ten and this music video is called "sign of the time" it was written by the mini band. you can see the entire video at our website, >> officially, too cool for school. steven, i know youe a big nckotto show this one to you. to slego, ireland where a couple of students challenged their teacher to kick a ball from one side of the gym to the other into a basketball hoop. >> not easy. >> did he do it? >> well you're showing me the
9:49 am
video, so -- [ laughter ] >> whoa! >> that teacher is like, you know what? challenge me, you don't challenge me. i'll show you punk kids, watch this. declan brennan is 44 years old, he was the teacher that was challenged to a trick shot. he said, you know i'm not a trick shot guy. but back in the day i fancy i had a pretty sweet left foot. booted this thing across the gym, boom, swish. >> he got a little lucky. >> definitely more than lucky. one shot, one take, no practice. we talked to him and he assured us, there's no trickery here. it was man up. do it. slam. >> i would like to see one of the kids try to do that. >> probably can't. >> whoa! we're taking a break from the cat videos and showing the
9:50 am
dog some love. we'll talk to the guy who made this for all you dog lovers out there, and steven. >> cats are too busy judging you
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this video shows a whole lot of pomp and circumstance in south africa. but it's a little bit of -- in my opinion, a disappointment. ♪ ♪ >> it's "danger zone." >> "danger zone" by kenny loggens. the bay doors begin to rise, it's a beautiful sunset in south africa. the entire crowd and the stands the fans are sitting on starts to roll out from the garage they're in. >> is this where tom cruise comes out? >> you called it, here comes the fly-over. what do you think we'ring about to see here, after all this? >> like the new digitally-remastered dvd of "top
9:54 am
gun" or something like this? >> a couple of portions. this is a celebration for the opening of a porsche dealership in south africa. >> what? >> yeah. >> what? >> that's it. this yeara time of year santa is really busy. to play santa at the mall for all the good girls and boys, he needs some great santa representatives. how do you narrow the santas down? in hong kong, they have the santa olympics. >> so -- >> this is going to be good,ky tell. >> in this particular challenge. we have eight would-be santas. and they have to compete in five different categories. including -- what looks like pushing a sled around with maybe a present or two on the front. >> they also have a teenaged girl doing this. >> and it's curling. >> it looks like curling.
9:55 am
are they curling for santa? >> yeah. >> oh, the present toss. >> the present toss into the chimney. >> when he's running late to save time, can he do drive-byes and launch it into the chimney. >> he has to lasso some very stoic reindeer. this is the one i find incredibly questionable, eating soup. >> with their beard. this is how you keep a clean santa. >> look at the guy who wins this, he's a full-time magician. he was crowned as hong kong's best santa. >> i'm a santa stand-in myself. every december 24th. and i'd like to enter this competition next year. >> you ho ho ho for us? >> ho ho ho! >> well do! on the internet, and on this show, we feature a lot of cat videos. you know what i say about cat videos? brrrr. >> i would like to introduce you to a good old-fashioned dog
9:56 am
video. ♪ >> this video is about five minutes long. and the entire thing, is dogs doing what they love to do. sticking their heads out the window as their owners are driving down the road. what i love about the video is at the very end, you get to learn all their names. you've got mia, you've got body, snickers. sneaky. pinky. >> i've never seen a bulldog named pinky. >> and keith. >> this is keith, he is an amateur filmmake frer broom lynn, new york. he put this entire video of dogs sticking their heads out the window. he's joining us "right this minute" to tell us about it. keith, why did you create this? >> i like making videos for fun.
9:57 am
and i stuck this on a car while i was driving a dog around. i looked at the video and it looked really cool. i figured i would shoot more dogs and see how it looks when you put them all together. >> did you go get your friends and say hey, hook up this camera and take your dog for a spin. >> i started asking neighbors and people in the lobby with cool-looking dogs and i asked them if they were interested in making a video and none of them said no. and i asked friends and eventually got 13 dogs. >> any thoughts of maybe doing the same thing with cats? >> i thought about it. i've actually asked a few of my cat owner friends. and they don't really think that their cat would enjoy being in a car. >> cats are too busy judging you in their, in your apartment and destroying stuff while you're gone. and being real cynical. >> i'm allergic to cats, too, so i have less of an interest. in the spirit of the season, we're going to listen to a little of mariah carey's "all i
9:58 am
want for christmas is you" as interpreted by a dance company. this is called "festive video one." ♪ i don't want a lot for christmas ♪ ♪ there is just one thing i need ♪ that's going to do it for today's "right this minute." we're going to leave you with some more of this fancy fun. hope you enjoy the rest of your day. we'll seal you tomorrow, day. we'll seal you tomorrow, everybody. -- captions by vitac -- ♪ ♪
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