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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 14, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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seen black ice in spots already and we will have kraig debro talk about that, it is icy and give yourself more time and plan accordingly. this is the sunole grade, the traffic looks okay down there, let's go back to dave and pam. incase you are wondering, it is cold up there, really cold. kraig debro is joining us live in napa with more on how cold it is outside, good morning kraig. >> reporter: this is not the kind of cold i like but we are here in the city of napa and that county's sheriff's office called the city of helene and none of them have reported any cold related accidents overnight but if you are
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looking at my breath you can see my breath is steamy ought here. this is not quite a bit. in the lower bay area where you get some ice. take a look at the windshield, you can see the buildup and yes, i am getting a little snow, some frost building on the winds shield. it's cold up here but so far we have no reports of any overnight accidents but of course you want to watch your bridges and culverts because it is fairly dangerous if you are not careful. let's go to steve paulsen who has the full weather picture, steve ? locations are running warmer because of low clouds
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around and yesterday we had a tiny bit of clouds. 43 in oakland, 3 sick -- 36. san jose was 46 and you can see the 29 in napa and san rafael so there are still cold temperatures and we will have more on our forecast coming up shortly. time now 5:01 here is a picture of a winter advisory and it has been lifted but not before a few more inches fell. this is frasier park right near the grape fine and there are were several accidents out there. but then high winds are expected back on friday. now we want to hear from you and if you have anything cold
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weather related, we want to see them. or upload them to the ktvu channel 2 news' facebook page, we will be happen hi to show one of your pictures this morning. crews are on the scene of an early morning fire. it started just about 90 minutes ago on 22nd and international. we have a video coming in from the scene. investigators are still working to find the cause but they did find something inside that building. >> we have found some things but at this point we are not sure what action they will take. >> nobody was near the building when crews arrived and they had to be under control in just about five minutes. >> how much money did they lose
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during the protest. truck drivers lost between 500 and $1,000 of their own money. they caused delays for long shore men, dockworkers and pick ups. state police will come under fire today, state lawmakers will examine the recent use of force on protesters. lorraine blanco has more on what we can expect today. >>reporter: good morning, students want campus police and university officials to be held accountable for both incidents, here at uc berkeley, the baton incident and the pepper spray but students are not sure this will be enough.
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now the video of campus police and students quickly went viral and they called the response to protesters excessive. state lawmakers asked for today's hearing at the capital and they are expected to testify this afternoon. the hearing will cover nonviolence and the use of forcefulness. and they will also speak today at this hearing and it will take place at noon at the state capital. reporting live from the state capital, lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 news. they will announce a program for middle-class families. the new program is the first of its kind. uc berkeley has a long history of helping low income students afford a classes. they will help a broad
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diversity of students on exes. house republicans -- students on campus . house republicans are throwing down a challenge to the u.s. senate. coming up, we will bring you a live report from the washington d.c. room who says the republican bill is dead on a rifle val. -- arrival. and also partisan tickets will play out. republican plan requires they not exceed revenues in anyone fiscal year. democratic plan -- democratic plan does not have spending caps and neither bill is expected to get the two thirds majority. they are throwing out the lawsuit of a man who claims not to own half the company. he is basing his entire case on a contract they say is fake. he says he has a contract from
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2003 proofing he gave facebook founder money to develop facebook. but ink on the contract is less than two years old. could you just take me to the bridge, sal? >> all right, can we take it to the bridge? golden gate bridge southbound 101 to the toll plaza looks good and we did see them changing the configurations on the bridge. by the time you arrive make sure you are cautious about that and this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no major problems on the lower deck or upper deck. in san jose 280 traffic looks
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good. let's go to steve. it is cold, although yesterday semolina was fine and still north bay temperatures okay, a little warmer towards oakland and high ward. the national weather service talks about the only spot but as kraig debro showed us there are pockets where we are getting some mid-20s . we have a watch chi -- patchy system giving us some light rain tomorrow and it will give us more precipitation. they are getting more than we are, what nerve. a mild area between santa clara and it is tough to -- a mild area in santa clara valley. thursday we will get light rain, weekend looks dry, during
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the day cold nights and mornings. all right, our time is 5:08, well the bay area quality management officials say we are going to have another spare the air day banning burning inside and outside. we had four straight spare the air days. wood smoke is one-third of the soot that is in the air and it is caused by is 100 million stoves burning in the region. we will have more on the holiday gifts from the marine car sent by the wrong people and it is causing some hurt feelings. >> and good morning westbound 880 traffic looks good, no major problems, we will tell you about the morning commute
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straight ahead. [ screaming ]
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[ zapping ]
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there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. . welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 news, right now it is 5:12, a holiday package meant to cheer marines ended up in the wrong place. it was a letter addressed to the marine with information about rehabilitation. the problem was more than 1,000 packets were sent to the
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families of marines who were killed in action. they are apologizing for the mistake. and up to fort brag in north carolina, at fort brag the president will thank u.s. troops for their sacrifices. more than 200 troops have died in the nine years of fighting. we know what was behind last night's bomb scare in downtown los angeles. police evacuated the busy train station last night. a suspicious backpack was found on one of the trains. the l.a. bomb squad gave the all clear after about three hours. the owner of the backpack was named bang bang.
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and there is a fight over how much urge kill sam -- uncle sam takes out of your paycheck, they have voted to extend the tax cuts and some say it is already dead on arrival. allison. >> reporter: it is the partisan bitterness we have seen all year and now it could cost all of us at congress if they do not reach an agreement. they voted to extend the 2% payroll tax cut and would keep $2,000 in the paychecks of many americans but there is a need for approval to bring oil from canada to the u.s. republicans say the pressure is on the u.s. senate to pass this bill. >> if senator harry reid wants to hold up the job's bill, he will go on santa's naughty list. >> and the payroll tax cut is
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raising fears of a government shut down funding for scores of agencies runs out on friday and democrats say they will not move on that until the pay tax cut issues is resolved. i will have more on resolving these issues in my next update in about an hour. allison burns ktvu channel 2 news. and more than a million adults have insurance since the healthcare overhaul took affect. many will remain on their health insurance -- until children turn 26. they are setting up a mobile medical van until a permanent site could be found. it operates out of san mateo human services building on mid- field road. they abandoned plans to move into a facility and a missed
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deadline will secure enough parking. the mobile clinic is only open on tuesdays and it will limit services like pregnant i tests -- pregnancy tests and birth control. they are facing several felony charges including bribery and falsifying government documents. now according to the examiner, the former inspectors have been accused of giving passing safety of grades in exchange for money. george will hold a 10:00 a.m. news conference to talk about the case. they are taking the fight to beat childhood obesity and almost 60% of richmond residents are either overweight or obese. critics say this idea is an
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elitist tax for low income people. they say they are trying to stop an epidemic. san pablo is considering a proposal just like that for 2014. we will go back to sal to check in on the morning commute, how is it looking, sal? well we wanted to start off slow and easy so you can ease into it and reward the people who are getting out on the roads early. no problems to the willow pass grade and no problems from the van nearby why bridge -- venetia bridge. and both directions to the coliseum look good and driving on the mcarthur freeway is looking good all the way to the mcarthur maze. and on the shoulders, we see emergency vehicles on the shoulder and traffic is not
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affected too much so far. let's go to steve. thank you sir, and a very good morning, san jose has clouds, they are in the 40s north bay locations i was just looking coldest i can fine is polk valley and send lean in is running -- semolina is running warmer so even though it is cold under most live clear skies, we do have clouds around. we have low clouds and fog, and again i am going to extremes here. there is a system dropping down tomorrow, i think that will keep low clouds around. fog sun cool again later this afternoon. fairfield in the 20s, napa just went up to 30 and i thought i saw a low cloud deck and that 27 is now 30 for napa.
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36, look at oakland, hayward, san jose, they are all running warmer, livermore yesterday was 32 and now they are 36. freeze warning out for the national weather service has posted for 9:00, 9:00 an advisory. it is still cold and our system is dropping in and that will give us some light rain tomorrow morning. that system will deepen and if you have to travel, that big power house low finally moved out and another one will drop in there thursday night and friday. we will probably get more than they do. ever 6 mountain view, also san jose, los gatos, 50s. breeze picks up friday and
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saturday and the morning will be on the cold side. major stock markets are on the downside and that's after they did not offset the european debt crisis and news of record high borrowing costs for italy it sent asian stocks down overnight and some of the ongoing losses are because of the european financial managers taking money out to reinvest in their home countries. let's check in on wall street where we start the day dow jones industrial average, nasdaq and s&p 500 all losing a bit of ground yesterday and right now the futures point to a slightly lower opening. our markets open in just about an hour. boeing has the first firm order for more fuel efficient jets. they have ordered 208 planes including 150 of the new 737s.
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boeing calls it the largest deal ever. and they say combined it will lower production rates to record levels. time now 5:20, all of you distracted drivers, they want to end all phone calls in the car. heavy rain in new zeal land traps two men in a tree, the rescue -- we will have the rescue that gets them to dry land. we will have more on when this commute starts to get busy stay tuned for more on weather and traffic. !
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. good morning we have some cold numbers here, we have low clouds and once it clears, we have a lot of low-to-mid 50s. well a rescue crew came to the aid of two men trapped into a tree by rushing floodwaters. take a look at this, this is video on the south island of new zealand, we have had heavy rain creating dangerous conditions when the river bank gave way and they spent hours before rescuers got to them. magnitude 7.1 quake hit new ginny just after 9:00 standard pacific time. people came running out of buildings and parked cars
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rocked but so far no reports of any injuries or major damage. a new call to ban all cell phone use in vehicles and that includes hands free devices. they want all drivers to stay focused. california shows distracted driving of more than 100 deaths and a two-year-old girl was hit while a teen was texting at the time of the accident. >> our goal is nobody using hands free or talking on the phone in the car but it is not going to happen overnight. what can we do to build a better foundation to achieve that goal. >> well the national transportation safety board does not have the power to enforce this but it has carried a lot of weight with congress and state lawmakers. san jose is one step closer to becoming a public park.
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these are my favorite, it towers above los gatos and yesterday an environmental report was filed. supporters of the project say it is a huge milestone and they will now start creating the public space. now down to the final four on the x factor and one northern california singer is hoping to make the cut. [crowd noise] [applauds] >> that is chris renee up until now he was a trash collector and this week the final four will perform in tucson and that includes one picked by the audience. the winner of the show will receive $5 million and this is the largest single prize in television history. you can watch chris and the three other finalists right here on ktvu channel 2 news. a bold theft on a local campus, what the suspects got
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away with and how it will affect them, stay tuned for more, we will explain. say goodbye to candle stick park, we will tell you where they will be playing in the next couple of years and we will have more on why some people are not happy about it. we will tell you where a freeze warning is actually in effect. and if you are driving in the south bay, so far so good. we will tell you where we are now beginning to see signs of the morning commute waking up. [ male announcer ] steak combos,
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. well,good morning to you, it is wednesday december 14th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. sal castaneda has the traffic, how is it looking, sal? well, maybe you are trying to get out to the roads and if you are trying to take the san mateo bridge, it is beginning to get heavy and we are starting to see some signs of the morning commute beginning to wake up. we have southbound near gilroy, you will see some slow traffic and let's look at the east shore traffic already bunching up between richmond and berkeley. it is 5:30 let's go back to the
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desk. we have a frost warning actually in effect for the north bay valley. ktvu channel 2 news' kraig debro joins us from napa and he just spoke with a truck driver about the conditions, kraig? >> reporter: i did, pam, we did talk to a truck driver, guys that work outside in this type of weather including we stopped by this used car lot 29th and kansas and we wanted to show you how the frost is building up on cars here. i did call some local law enforcement and they said no weather related accidents out here. this is much more icy back here for some reason but you can still see it is fairly thick there, it is about an 8th of an inch. i spoke to a truck driver and of course he drives in this kind of weather all the time and he is wearing shorts but he said when he drives in this
5:32 am
weather he has to be careful. >> we have all eight wheels driving our trucks so it is pretty cool but of course we have to be careful. >> reporter: and a freeze warning for napa, some of the north bay valleys here, i spoke to people from calistoga, they said up by old faithful you can see the contrast of weather between the hot guyser and the -- geyser and the steam, you can see it really well i am told. i don't know if it came out that well but it is cold here and it will be cold at least until 9:00 a.m. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news, let's go to steve paulsen for your complete weather forecast. some locations are starting to warm up. now at 39, there is some low clouds around and the coldest temperatures are in the north
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bay. everybody else is running warmer and oakland was 36 yesterday, 43 and hayward in at the 40s san rafael was 43 and it is still cold. santa rosa and napa, 23, kentwood 28, semolina also 29 north bay not as cold but it is still chilly out there. steve always has the best forecast and you can get him on twitter and you can get the latest information on our channel 2 website. you can also get the weather sent straight to your phone, just sign up for weather alerts. and big news at franklin middle school, parents say thieves stole hundreds of dollars from a funds raising event. this started at 8:00 last night during the kids' weather
5:34 am
concert on the campus. men in hooded sweatshirts walked in and stole about $700. that money was supposed to pay for musical instruments and equipment as well as teaching time. if you have any information about this call vallejo police. they are another step closer to leaving san francisco. last night city council gave its final approval to pay a $1 billion stadium. tara moriarty is at candle stick park getting reaction to all of this. >> reporter: it looks like they will be saying goodbye in the next three years. they have one major hurdle and that's securing a big chunk of change from the nfl. >> members? [applauds] [applauds] >> reporter: cheers could be heard as the santa clara city council voted unanimously to
5:35 am
top 850,000 in loans 40 million from the redevelopment agency and the rest from the san francisco 49ers. the plan is to build 60,000 foot stadium at the great amusement parks which has been in the works for five years now. >> the city is not at risk, our lease payments are not at risk and our citizens are not at risk. >> this is not what the people voted for. >> reporter: some people say it is too much debt for the people of santa clara to pay and if you break it down they have a population of almost 100,000 people. that is a debt of 700,000 per person and some say it is just not worth it. coming up we will tell you why some san francisco fans say they don't mind driving down to
5:36 am
the south bay to see their san francisco 49ers play in another stadium, tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >> well if they approve a deal, what do you think should happen to candle stick park? that is a question we have been asking you the viewers this morning. candle stick park sits on a beautiful piece of land and a museum and hall of fame would be nice due to all their accomplishments. send us a message on facebook and we will share some of your comments in the 6:00 hour. pg&e customers have had their power cut off after they removed their smart meters. all three believed smart meters created health risks and the smart meters were replaced with analog meters and they were
5:37 am
returned to pg&e however removing smart meters can cause fires and has refused to replace meters with the old kind. pg&e has formally taken responsibility for the san bruno pipeline disaster. they admit they are legally responsible for the killing of several people and destroying dozens of homes. it is a response to pressure from a judge handling a barrage of civil losses. the judge diamonded to know whether pg&e would take responsibility or try to deflect the blame. >> just know these residents have you everred terribly financial and that is just part of it not to mention the stress they are going through and still going through. >> now critics were quick to attack pg&e's motives and they -- motives and they believe it
5:38 am
was a strategic ploy to limit lawsuits and damages. now for more on this case, go to our website, just go to the front page of an upgrade for a bike path has been voted down. it runs in the park and yesterday the san mateo county board of supervisors rejected a $10.4 million offer from stamford university to erect the path. they are making it safer for everyone, a bicyclist faces serious charges after a deadly collision in san francisco. coming up at 5:45 the reason the district attorney says this case has a bigger message. time now 538 hopefully --
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5:38 hopefully everything is moving well out there. i always want to qualify it because believe it or not on highway 4 and parts of antioch, we already have stop-and-go traffic. people get up early there and you can still beat most of it. 680 is clear for the most part heading out to walnut creek and we check for stalled vehicles or crashes and we are not finding any in this area. 880 north and southbound looks good. northbound traffic is moving nicely all the way up to downtown oakland. and as you can see northbound 280 is looking good and there was a crash which just cleared completely and south bay santa clara valley is off to a nice start. here is steve. thank you kindly. it was colder yesterday for many locations and the only 20 i could find was in the north
5:40 am
bay. yesterday we had a lot all over the place but due to the cloud bank, it is moderating temperatures a bit. fairfield and napa and san rafael are getting warmer. livermore was 32 yesterday and redwood city was down to 34, now they are 37 oakland was 36 now they are 33. lower lake up in lake county, 18 degrees. pope valley, napa, santa rosa 29, semolina 25. it's still cold. freeze warning out until 9:00 just for the north bay, nobody else, temperatures everywhere are running warmer due to that low cloud deck and in advance of this system it will be giving us some light rain and it will deepen again over
5:41 am
southern california. they are doing a lot better than we are. low clouds and chilly and if you think it is cold here, it is 7 degrees. clouds tonight, rain in thursday not much a little bit it will be goo gone by thursday night -- by thursday night and the weekend looks sunny except for nights and weeks kens which as you -- weekends which as you know will be cold. a killing spree started even before the grenade attack at a crowded bus stop. and also, they are trying to turn the bay bridge into a spectacular work of art. good morning if you are driving on the golden gate bridge any time soon, traffic looks good heading to the toll plaza and we will tell you more about the morning commute and have a look at your bay weather. the droid razr by motorola.
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. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following at 5:43 state lawmakers will hold a hearing on the way campus police showed force among students. they will have police experts testify as well as students. and they are saying goodbye to san francisco. last night santa clara council gave final approval to pay for a new stadium right next to the great america amusement park.
5:45 am
and a republican bill to extend the payroll tax cut is dead on a rifle -- arrival. that is because president barack obama said he would already veto it. and it started by trying to kill his cleaning lady. police searched the home of a 33-year-old gunman and found a woman in his garage. after killing her he went to a central bus stop and lobbed hand grenades and so far three people have already died. a toddler and three teens. 123 people were injured in the attack. the gunman shot and killed himself and police are still looking for a motive. more than 5,000 people have been killed in syria since the uprising. protests continue across the
5:46 am
country and opposition forces say nearly 40 people were killed just yesterday. they want the president to step down but he has refused. time now 5:45 the penn state sex abuse scandal continues. they are accused of covering up abuse allegations. meantime january 11th is the next court date for jerry sandusky. as we told you yesterday he waved his preliminary hearing and pled not guilty to 52 molestation charges. his lawyer questions the motives of the 10 accusers. >> what greater motivation and i hate to say it and it's part of our case but what greater motivation and this money. and if he is convicted on all counts, he could possibly get up to 500 years in jail.
5:47 am
time now 5:46, a clayton middle school teacher will not enter a plea until the end of this month. they charged him with 20 sex crimes yesterday. he was arrested on campus friday. police say he admitted to having sex with a former student who was underage and remains in jail on a million dollars bail. it happened yesterday afternoon in brewster avenue. the victim is listed in critical condition. police are now looking for two other young men spotted running from the scene and they believe this attack may be tied to redwood city's violent street gangs. this happened back in july at the intersection of bark and
5:48 am
mission. he ran a red light on his bicycle and hit a 68-year-old woman. she died later of injuries. he is charged with vehicular man slaughter. >> this is a message we are trying to convey to the entire community, weather you are riding a bike or whether you are a pedestrian, the reason we have traffic laws is to protect everybody. >> now he is due back in court january 6th and if convicted he could get up to a year in jail. in the meantime they are considering tougher penalties for riding bicycles on sidewalks. a fundraising effort is underway to turn part of the bay bridge into a work of art. they want to install 2 5,000 light bulbs on the western side of the bridge. they could be chromed by a soft -- they could be controlled by
5:49 am
software and could flicker in sequences. it would not be visible to drivers though and cal strand has to sign off and a -- cal trans has to sign off on it and approve that project. pam, dave, good morning, traffic is moving along well if you are driving this morning along the bay area, let's look at the bay bridge, you can see traffic is backing up just a little bit and usually another half hour or so is what it will take to get this crowded which is when they turn those metering lights on. it is a nice drive, crossing 880 and continues along 1010. if you are -- 101. if you are downtown, southbound traffic looks good. let's go to steve. a little different change here, we have low clouds and it is mainly towards peninsular south bay and we have a dry air
5:50 am
mass. north bay is one of the few exceptions here. 30 in santa rosa has gone up, 20 in fairfield and i expect napa to go up as well. 36 in san rafael. 43 this morning that is a big difference. 36 in concord. up in lower lake 18 leader of the pack pope valley is updated to 22. napa 29 send legal that was -- send lean that was 29 -- semolina was 29 and it goes until 9:00 in the morning. well, the low clouds are in advance of the system which is on its way and that will give us light rain tomorrow. creasing clouds tonight but we are on the chilly side so let's face it, it is december and it is getting closer to the
5:51 am
sortest day of the -- shortest day day of the year. they are starting off warmer so which is those low clouds break we will have to make up about 25. that system gets stronger and southern california, we will have an increase in winds and temperatures -- increase in wind and temperatures will start to moderate a little bit. u.s. imports are up 7 / 10th of a percent and it is the biggest jump since april but less than expected. over the past year it has increased nearly 10% and we'll see how the markets react to that news in just a little bit. consumers are returning a lot of the electronics they buy and the good news is that 10% is for defective products.
5:52 am
and in some cases buyers are saying they have changed their minds and it is costing them $17 billion a year. and contracts sold for $1.6 million. they outline the jobs they are offering their friends. he paid for a 10% share in their company and has been buying him out for the same share ten days later. that will now be $36 billion. >> how much? >> 36 billion. >> wow. time now 5:32, what connection does google have with slavery. the connections they made and the lives that were affected by it. and federal government plans to do something about it. stay tuned we will have more on
5:53 am
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5:55 am
. the fcc has started implementing a law that limits how loud television ads can be.
5:56 am
it was written by lawmakers last year and it cannot be louder than any regular programming. time now california lottery, suspected in several lotto thefts. kelsey tampa bay is -- kelsey usually cashes the winning tickets after stealing them. he often goes to coffeehouses and homeless encampments around san jose. they have made a big donation in order to fight modern day slavery. they will donate $11.5 million to organizations that fight human trafficking. it is believed to be the largest grant for the prevention and rescue of people being held or forced to work against their will.
5:57 am
facebook has moved to headquarters and will be completed this weekend. they are leaving the facility they have called home since 2004 hundreds of workers have already moved to the location and they say they are making the move because they are making room for it's more than 2000 workers and plans for expansion in the coming years. let's see what sal says about the commute expanding. traffic is getting a bit slow to the center part of the bay. northbound 280 looks good but we have slowed traffic on northbound 101 coming in from morgan hill and gilroy. also the morning commute looks good on 680 but 580 is getting crowded on the pass. well they are going for the big one as the san francisco 49ers move closer to moving. they came up with the dollars
5:58 am
giving the nine nine a new -- san francisco 49ers a new home. they are just hours away, how the police responded to protests, stay tuned for more. we have lower temperatures and it is a cold one, i will have a look at your forecast coming up. know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. text save to 7-8836.
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