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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 14, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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recent conflicts between student protesters and police now shift from the campus to the state capitol. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. state lawmakers are holding an ambitious hearing at this hour in sacramento on the recent protests and police use of force on the uc campuses. the joint legislative panel includes both senators and assembly members. they hope to determine how some
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occupy protests turned into violent clashes with campus police and to find ways to stop the violence. in one case police used batons to disbergs a -- disperse a crowd of demonstrators. >> i want to make sure that, you know, those students who are being active are able to do it in a safe and has been commented long-traditional manner and we don't send a mixed message to our children that if they do become activists they will be pepper sprayed. >> lawmakers will hear from uc professors, students and campus police. our reporter is in the hearing right now. we'll have live cick starting tonight at 5:00 -- we'll have live clig starting -- coverage starting tonight at 5:00.
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ow! ow! ow! >> this is youtube video. the protesters says he was struck on the right thigh and had severe bruising. the chronicle reports that the officer and his is up have been reassigned to street duty until an -- an internal investigation is complete. hundreds of donated dollars were stolen during last night's kids winter concert at franklin middle -- franklin middle school in vallejo. kraig debro has more. >> reporter: sadness and a feeling of betrayal. it happened right there. last night was the school's biggest music fund-raiser. it turned out to provide one big disappointment. so at franklin middle school
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today they are trying to figure out how to get the money back. one of the ways they want to get it back is maybe have another fund-raiser. but they've also decided that maybe next friday when the winter ball comes around they might not have it because of what happened last night. last night. ♪ >> reporter: as music was playing, two men stole money from the kitty, that money is supposed to support the school music program. >> for this to happen, it's not fair. it's not fair to our kids. >> reporter: supporters entered the gym and the -- where the concert was held. and then two men took a box holding hundreds of dollars. >> there were a couple of parents there guarding it. one parent had to leave. the other parent remained there. i guess he got distracted.
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>> this is the wigsest fund- raiser -- biggest fund-raiser so this is gonna hurt. >> silence, stunned, saddened silence. >> reporter: the money they make from the program helps finance the program. >> it could buy four band uniforms or a trumpet. >> reporter: there is a security camera just outside of the gym, the young suspects are on tape. now, franklin middle school does have an pt and if anybody wants to they can contribute to the count this could help them. here's the number, it is 876- 227-5975. 876-227-5975. reporting live from vallejo. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2
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news. >> thank you, kraig. the marin county sheriff's department is investigating a stabbing tonight on a bus. investigators say a passenger attacked the drive r of a count- run shuttle bus. just after the bus arrived and they say the attack was unprovoked and the passenger stabbed the driver with some kind of sharp object in the neck, face and head. the driver was taken to the hospital with injuries that did not appear to be life- threatening. deputies are still looking for the attacker. a young man is being treated at a peninsula hospital after a stabbing in redwood city. it happened late yesterday afternoon on brewster avenue. the 19-year-old victim was stabbed several times and is listed in critical condition. police are looking for two other men spotted leaving the scene. oakland firefighters made quick work this morning in a
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shed-like building attached to a roofing supply company. that was around 3:30 on international boulevard on 22nd avenue. it took firefighters about 30 minutes to put the fire out. they say no one was near the building when the crews arrived. >> we found some marijuana on scene. we're not sure -- it's a small amount. o.p.d. has been contacted but at this point, we're not sure what action they will take. >> investigators are trying to determine if the marijuana firefighters found had anything to do with the fire. >> in about 90 minutes, two former safety inspectors will be in court to face felony bribery charges george gascon just wrapped up a news conference outlining the alleged scheme. he said the two took money from restaurants and employees to help them get passing safety grades. the men took up to $200 each from each restaurant's food,
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safety manager. gascon said they victimized the businesses hundreds of time. >> as public servants we are entrusted with not only the well fare of the -- welfare of the public. >> the safety inspectors face multiple felony charges. each man could be sent to prison for eight years and fined 10,000. there is a new warning from governor jerry brown. the -- the state could face more cuts. that's in addition to the $1 billion in cuts he ordered yesterday. those cuts will take effect january 1st. funding for the school busing program will be eliminated. the uc and scu school systems will each lose $100 million along with in-home support for seniors and the disabled.
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state revenues fell short by more than 2 billion triggerrering the cut -- triggering the cuts. this would raise the state-wide sales tax by a half cent. >> allky say, you can't pro-- all i can say, you can't provide mown you don't have. that's the point. you either cut or tax. there's no third way. there's no alternative. >> the funding lost, $79 million at the start of the year for the schools and college fees could go up to $10 per unit. uc berkeley has just announced a new financial aid program for middle-class families. lorraine blanco has more. >> reporter: well, they are calling it berkeley m-cat.
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>> that stands for middle class access plan the chancellor says it's the first of its kind in the nation. right now, students from cal come from those families classified as middle class, making between $80,000 and $100,000 a year. students will be expected to pay for a portion of school expenses through work, study and loans but with the mcat the university will pray the rest. the money will come from reses nay pay -- paying. >> we're optimistic that the people of california will respond very positively to this initially and will provide philanthropic support for it. >> university frill says while the number of upper class and lower class students is increasing here, the middle
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class is not. to see if you qualify, you need to fill out the free application for free federal aid. now, more good news, this aid does not need to be repaid. so that means less student let in the -- debt in the future. lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. tomorrow, open carry activists will gather at -- gather at the sun valley mall in concord. this comes after what they call an unlawful search and seizure. earlier this morning, police stopped and questioned two open- carry activists who were displaying unloaded guns at the mall. tomorrow's event is to educate local police officers about open-carry laws, they say displaying an unloaded gun is not illegal under state law. the california lottery is assisting police in searching for a man suspected in several lotto ticket thefts from stores in the silicon valley. this man is accused of stealing lottery tickets from at least
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-- from at least 18 stores. investigators say he usually cashes the winning tickets after stealing them. he's believed to frequent coffeehouses near little saigon and homeless encampments around san jose. a showdown over the controversial tax proposal. more chilly bay area weather. are we in for a change or more of the same? steve paulson is tracking the forecast and you will hear it ahead. welcome home! [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome home! [ cheers and applause ] >> president obama is thanking the troops and marking the end of the war. oday ♪ ♪ takes everything you've got ♪ wouldn't you like to get away? ♪ ♪ ♪ sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name ♪
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♪ ♪ you want to be where you can see ♪ ♪ our troubles are all the same ♪ ♪ you want to go where everybody knows your name ♪ ♪
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the chp has identified the man killed in a crash near highway 4. a passing motorist called 911 after spotting a car in a field nir hillcrest avenue. officers found the body of mathew steven reed outside the car. it's not known exactly when the crash happened but it was foggy in the area. the investigation clogged up traffic in the area for much of the morning. the fight over extending a payroll tax cut that expires in two weeks has shifted back to
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the u.s. senate today. ktvu's alison burns reports on whether the senate will take up the bill that passed the house last night. >> reporter: there are a lot of political games right now surrounding this bill. so it's still unclear how this is gonna play off. the u.s. senate came into session earlier this morning and harry reid said hent waked to vote on the republican -- said he wanted to vote on the republican bill last night that involving the oil pipeline. democrats are okay with the pipeline now but the bill will likely fail. reid wants everyone on the record. >> the sooner we put this away from us -- behind us, the sooner we can put something in that protects middle-class workers. >> reporter: and the fight over the payroll tax cut is raising new fears. funding for agencies runs out on friday and they say they
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won't move on that until the payroll tax cut issue is resolved first. back to you. new numbers show 2.5 million more adults have health insurance since the new healthcare law took effect. under the law, children can remain on their parents' health insurance plans until they turn 26. the government says families have been eager to take advantage of the opportunity to help children who are making the transition to work. president obama went to north carolina to mark the upcoming end of the iraq war. >> i'm proud to finally say these two words and i know your families agree -- welcome home! [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome home! >> accompanied by the first lady, president obama honored the 1.5 service members who went to iraq. the special forces of fort bragg were the first to enter
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the reason in 2003. the army base has lost 200 service members since the conflict began. >> over 30,000 americans had been wounded. and those are only the wowrntdz that show -- wounds that show. >> u.s. troops will pull out by december 31st. the president has pledged to help after the war. a los angeles judge seemed a bit surprised this morning in a good way at a probation progress hear for lindsay lohan. >> ms. lohan, you have actually done the work and done it not only on time but early. it says you were doing an -- >> the judge noted that lohan is fulfilling the terms of her probation. she's been performing community service at the county morgue, undergoing counseling and she's on probation for a 2007 case.
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a freeze warning was lifted at around 9:20 this morning. frost covered just about everything outside. ice on the roads combined with fog to make the morning commute more dangerous. at 7:00 a.m. temperatures were still in the mid-20s. today is another spare the air day in the bay area. air quality management officials are banning wood burning indoors and outdoors. last week we had four straight winter spare the air days. officials say wood smoke is a major cause of winter time air pollution in the bay area. well, it's still cold in parts of the north bay. around sore, sonoma county, we still have low clouds around and some upper 30s and 40s. for everyone else, sunny for many. we will have a little change in our weather plan. a weak system will be in here
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late tonight and maybe tomorrow and maybe will give us rain tomorrow morning. there's not a lot to it. the pattern is very stuck. still cold, some low clouds, sunny. it's not bad if you are in the sun. tomorrow, mostly cloudy. very light rain and then it's out of here. and the weekend looks sunny, breezy, cold lows. 42 sonoma county airport. 52. not 57. i think that's -- i think that's a little out there. san jose, 52. limp, 526789 some of the low, the pope valley -- livermore, 52. some of the lows -- the pope valley, 22, kentwood, 25. rincon valley 29, yountville 29. the big powerhouse low down in southern california has moved out thankfully but it left about two to three feet of snow. so somebody in california is getting snow and rain and
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there's more rain this month month in san diego than here. things are definitely topsy- turvy. this next system we'll split it. we'll have mostly sunny skies. it's on the cool side. but not bad. tonight we increase the clouds and mostly cloudy. some morning rain. i don't think it will be much but i think we'll get something out of it. and after that the seven and ten-day outlooks are very, very dry. 50s on the temperatures. they will start to drop. but then they will be held in check because we'll see the increasing clouds. so that will help a little bit. we'll go with light rain and then we'll clear it out and the wind picks up and we'll -- wind picks up and we'll take it into the weekend. >> thank you, steve. planned parenthood has set up a mobile medical van in redwood city until a permanent site can be found. it operate the out of the
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parking lot on middlefield road. in september, the health organization abandoned plans to move into a facility in el camino real, amid protests to secure parking. the mobile clinic is only -- is only open on tuesday. it will offer pregnancy tests, birth control and treatment for sexually transmitted decemberess -- diseases. caltrans and the chp are teaming up to clean up. litterbugs be aware, highway patrol officers will be cracking down on violaters. cleanup cost nearly $60 million statewide last year. just ahead, we'll look at the stocks. for outstanding performance by a male actor in a leading role --
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>> and the nomenees are -- nominees are -- >> we'll tell you who is up for the s.a.g. awards.
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keurig has over 200 varieties from 20 leading brands, including tully's. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. way to brew.
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stocks have been down all day as weak commodity prices sparked a selloff in the energy sector. taking a live look at the big board, the dow currently down 135. nasdaq down 42. s&p down 13. facebook says its plans to
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move to a new menlo park headquarters will start next week. facebook is using the palo alto facility it's used since 2004. hundreds of workers have already moved to the sun microsystems building. the 49ers push to build a new stadium -- the 49ers' push to build a new stadium there took a big step today. >> let's take a vote. yes on the motion? counsel members [ cheers and applause ] >> the council approved $50 million -- $850 million. voer would pay back their loans with ticket sales and revenues. san francisco's mayor ed lee says it's still not a done deal and he holds out hope for keeping the 49ers in san francisco. >> we'll be there should there
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be less than expected financial support for a very expensive stadium. >> they hope to begin playing in 2014. "time" magazine has announced its person of the year for 2011. the magazine shows "the protester" time "cited des scent across the middle east and the occupy movement. last year, facebook counter -- founder and ceo mark zuckerberg was "time's" person of the year. the as are a hit in hollywood. >> for outstanding performance by a male actor in a leading role in a male picture, the nominations are george clooney "the descendants" starring leonardo dicaprio and brad pitt
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"money ball." >> the nominations were announced this morning "money ball," the film about the oakland as received nods for best actor. tonight at 5:00, students in oakland will be on the move this afternoon. why they are marching through the streets and what they will demand at a school board meeting tonight and looking live at the port of oakland. it turns out this is not the only place in the bay area with bad air. those stories and more coming up at 5:00. thanks for watching. have a great day. state farm. this is jessica.
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