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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  December 15, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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device and tightened it up. expect this vice had teeth. >> this dog individually has been in service for six years with no prior incidents like this. >> reporter: the police got the dog to release freeman's arm and wáepbt and went straight to the hospital. >> he was carrying a flashlight moving it, and that attracted the dog. >> reporter: a dog behavior specialist has been called in for investigation. it's possible that the dog may need further training or face a possible early retirement from the police force. at this hour investigators in san francisco are trying to figure out how a man who was working on a bus got pinned underthe vehicle. that accident claimed the man's life.
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john sasaki is in the city and he tells us cal osha has been called to the case. >> reporter: there is crime scene tape that still surrounds that bus there. you can see the small charter bus that killed a man this morning. it was just before noon that invest bay investigators say a man was working on that bus. he was laying on the ground beneath it and it appears to have rolled under the risers. this is called cal party bus and lucky tours. no one can tell us which company the man works for and how the accident mapped. we can see there was some wood that was used to block the tires on those risers and somehow they appeared to have filed. cal osha is the lead
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investigator. >> this person was working on a tour bus. this victim was employed at the time so therefor cal osha comes in and investigates because it is a fatality or injury. >> reporter: by the middle of this afternoon fire crews had come in and jacked the truck so that medical examiners could come in and remove the body safely. i spoke to investigators and they are not releasing the man's name because of pending next of kin notification. 31-year-old isaac mcdaniels was arrested on monday. he was charged as being an accessory in the homicide in oakland. at the port of oakland today most workers said a company that was virtually shut
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down by monday's occupy protest were finally back on the job. 400 warehouse workers said csg logistics lost three days of work. the company finally got enough work in place. some people say occupiers were wrong to target the port. >> we were happy to be back at work. because we did it once before about a month ago and it was bad on everybody. i understand their cause but what about our cause. those who need to make a living. >> reporter: shippers have warned that if there are any further port delays in oakland they will take their business to other ports. >> reporter: the occupy los angeles movement is now focusing on immigration enforcement measures. protesters chanted the popular occupy slogan outside immigration and customs offices in los angeles this afternoon. organizers say they're
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demonstrating against what they call overly harsh enforcement measures. they want the federal government to put a halt to exportations of immigrant families. lawmakers on capitol hill debated whether to pull federal funding for a california high speed rail project. at issue, two controversial new proposals in the house that would cut off federal money. ktvu's scott mcfarlane reports there's growing frustration with many house republicans about the projects rising costs. >> reporter: his farm sits where the bullet train's tracks would sit. cole loffton came to washington to tell congress they need to stop this process. >> it would tear up my ranch. it would be a lot of environment damage. >> reporter: support locally is plummeting for the train and that costs are soaring. the new price is estimated as $78 million. >> what went for the voters in
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2008 is a lot different than what is before the voters today. >> reporter: they want voters to freeze all federal money for the train for at least a year or redirect all of that tax money to improve california roads and highways instead. but the mayor of fresno and speed rail officials fought back. they said the train will be used, will be popular and will create jobs. >> i've been on this committee for 19 year, i've been involved with transportation for over 30 years, transportation is the engine that put people to work. transportation is the engine that will regenerate this country. >> reporter: the u.s. house transportation committee hasn't said if and when it will vote on this plan to freeze the money for california's highway system but we of course will keep you posted.
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scott macfarlane. congressional lawmakers met all day to keep the government from a lockdown. today president obama and republican leaders said talk of a shutdown is premature. >> there's no reason the government should shutdown over there. i expect everyone to do what's necessary in order to do the people's business. >> i think everybody needs to step back and take a deep breath. i think there's an easy way to untangle all of this. >> reporter: republicans also spoke about a bill to extend social security tax cuts and unemployment benefits. gop lawmakers won a controversial oil pipeline project included in the bill that's something president obama opposes. the senate today approved a massive decent spending bill and sent it on to the white house. >> on this vote, the yays are
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86, the nays are 96. >> the measure includes tough financial sanctions against iran in retaliation for their nuclear program. the white house says mr. obama will sign the defense bill. coming up at 5:30, the top man at the defense department visits iraq today to mark the end of the war. president obama is using his executive authority to boost the wages of almost 3 million health care workers. starting early next year employers will be required to pay them the minimum federal wage and over time. >> as the health care business has changed over the years the law hasn't changed to keep up. so even though workers like
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pauleen do everything from bathing to cooking, there's still lumped in the same category as teenage babysitters when it comes to how much they make. the labor department says more home health workers will be needed as the number of people age 65 and over doubles in the next few years. last week's numbers show 366,000 applications for first time benefits. the lowest number since may of 2008. and it's below 375,000. that's the level analysts say can lead to a lower unemployment rate. those numbers for new jobless benefits helped push stocked to modest gains today. investors were also encouraged by an unemployment index. the dow jones climbed 45 points, the nasdaq added one.
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the jewish community center in walnut creek is closing down just hours from now. it's a sudden announcement and people who rely on the jcc say they are stunned. our jade hernandez live there now with what happens next, jade. >> reporter: that's right, a staff meeting just wrapped up within an hour and come friday this jewish community center will be no more. a letter went out last night to parents telling them of financial difficults. boxes were already being unloaded today, soon everything inside the center including the building will be sold. tomorrow is the last day of school. >> okay, if that doesn't break your heart i don't know what does. >> reporter: parents who sent their children to the contra costa jewish community center preschool couldn't believe what this letter from the board's president meant. in it he says at an urgent board meeting last week it is
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determine had determine that we are now at a point where the current offerings cannot maintain the program. >> it is a huge undermining of our community and given my background, this is really important to me and to my family. >> reporter: the jcc leases the community gym and park next door to the city of walnut creek. the city manager who has been in contact with the center's executive director until a week ago tried to lend support. >> we wanted to sit down with them and talk about other programmatic opportunities. >> reporter: the gym is on lease and will remain open. parents expect to attend a meeting tomorrow at 10:00 for
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answers to their questions. 13 teachers will also be laid off and within the past hour we've learned that the jewish community center is nearly $400,000 in debt. coming up, you're going to hear from a board member with a plea to help keep this 35-year-old center open. reporting live jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. two penn state officials accused of failing to report alleged sex abuse by jerry sandusky will be in court tomorrow. former penn state vice president gary schultz and jim curly will be in court and say they will vigorously fight allegations that they could have done more to report the allegationed sex abuse. environmentalists right now are pushing to postpone a big decision about the america's cup yacht race. what they say needs to be done before the yachts come to the bay. it's beautiful out there right now.
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almost forgot about the showers we had this morning. the ground is wet, the fog comes back tonight. i'll show you the areas that will have the nastiest commute. >íñ y=mñs9w ♪
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a major shut down of a california freeway is still shut down tonight following a fiery tanker truck crash. it will remain close through the weekend. tonight engineers said an overpass heavily damaged will will have to be partially demolished. supporters of the america's cup race in san francisco face a major hurdle tonight. david stevenson is live where a vote will be taken on an environmental impact report. >> reporter: environmental groups hope this will slow down
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a bit. the owner of san francisco's high dive says construction next year on a new pier for america's cup will be great for business. race organizers say the event will pump $1.4 billion into this san francisco region. >> we expect to see an up tick in our business because right from the day they start construction. >> reporter: a big step toward starting that construction, a vote by the city's planning commission tonight on a massive environmental impact report. but a council of the environmental groups is saying not so fast. it's asking the commission to delay certification and give the public more time to review this recently review 45 page document. it says what will pay for damage. >> we want to make sure that there are adequate plans for signage and fencing and monitors to keep people out of the sensitive areas. >> reporter: the environmental
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council and race organizers have worked closely tomorrow on how to protect the bay. but city officials say they are now on a tight deadline to get san francisco ready. >> i think we do have time to do the construction we need but we really can't see too many delays between now and when we get things approved and ready. get shovels into the ground and piers being built. >> reporter: the planning commission right now is hearing public planning on the environmental report with a vote coming within the hour. if it's approved the environmental council says they will appeal that decision to san francisco's board of supervisors. live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu. caltrans plans to rebuild the eastbound onramp to interstate 580 in richmond at western drive. the project that will close the ramp for two years. critics say that means the only way to leave the san pablo peninsula would be to get on the westbound onramp and go
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five miles across the bridge into marin county then turn around and come back. they want caltrans to come up with an alternative before the work begins. the weather system that moved through the bay area this morning didn't do much to bring snow to thsierra. along interstate 880, skies were clear and the road was dry by the this afternoon. there's a live picture way up at 7,200 feet near the summit of donor pass and truckee. you can see traffic is light and no snow on the ground there -- and donner pass. the first three months of 2012 will be warmer than normal east of the rockies with the exception of new england but cooler than usual here in the west. they say they base that forecast on a continuing la nina weather pattern. and bill, we had showers all over the area but they were done before noon. >> they were here, out of here.
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it cleared out very rapidly. rainfall accumulations were very light. the highest amounts were in the .2 in sonoma. everybody else .7. these were the highs from today, they were impacted because of the cool start this morning and fog as well. tonight's daytime highs going to get you some 60s. tomorrow is friday already. you're going to wake up tomorrow and it's chilly. that weather system tweaks through last night or in this morning. kind of mixes things up. fog goes away. temperatures warm up but high pressure fills up behind it. that's how nature works. the low brought the rain creates a little vacuum and nature does not like a vacuum so the low comes in. cooler overnight lows as we go through the next couple of days and clear skies. outside right now it's 50 in santa rosa, 49 in napa. dewpoints up in the north bay tonight are going to be in the mid- and upper 30s, that's high. not in the 20s but mid- and
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upper 30s. that means fog is going to be a real possibility and likelihood for many. the dense fog advisory, it's a tough one. the national weather service will probably evaluate it at midnight. this dry weather producing this kind of thing when you get the fog, poor visibility and the issues with your morning commute. until it starts raining again, it's not for a little while we're going to be talking about fog and low clouds around the bay region. tonight's overnight low forecast for the morning hours. 35 in santa rosa, 38 in napa. that's up a good 10 degrees from some of the overnight lows a few days ago. but it will be a foggy morning when you come on friday. we will look directly at your five day area forecast. so i'll show you some of that encouraging news. all right, thank you bill. check this out a cable tv
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installer got quite a shock when he went in to make repairs. that is a 500-pound black bear. he was apparently sleeping in the basement of the home but woke up when the men started to do their work. they say they plan to relocate the sleepy critter back into the woods. >> wow. well, he's not santa but as you can see here he's stuck up on a chimney. how the man got there and how he got out. and the move southern california did to help people who's homes were destroyed by the big fire in berkeley. graffiti vandalism is an ongoing and expensive problem in the south bay but san jose police say they may have taken down one of the city's biggest tagging crews. in the past few years alone, dozens of infants have
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died in santa clara county. health officials have the áf made a discovery that will help save lives. wait till you hear what google had just patented. >> tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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jcpenney. this is the first person i've had an issue with. he thought someone may have been building a christmas comedy. but this was actually a real life emergency. one with a happy but embarrassing ending. >> this is what happened. a man found himself in a sticky and sooty situation. he got stuck in his family's chimney and he wasn't playing santa. >> he thought it would be a nice way to get into the home.
5:24 pm
and it wasn't. >> family heard jorge herr era calling for help. they called firefighters. but what was he doing in there in the first place? >> initially it came in as someone cleaning a chimney. then we were told by a gentleman who lives in the house that he was trying to avoid having missed curfew. >> herr era was trapped in the chimney for hours before he was rescued. he then went inside to go in the front door this time to face the music and his family. herr era was not seriously hurt just scuffed up and dirty and a little too embarrassed to speak to reporters. each house was designed by a guest builder teamed up with a palace chef. this is a picture of a house
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that our very own campbell helped to build along with chef campbell no relation. guests at the palace vote for their favorite. if tory campbell's ginger bread house gets the most votes, the palace will make a donation to her favorite charity. the crisis center. barry bonds will be back here in court tomorrow for what may be the last time. back where all his legal troubles began eight years ago. in berkeley today, how the government is coming to the aid of people and businesses hurt by last month's telegraph avenue fire.
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should he go to prison or get probation? barry bonds' lawyers are asking a judge to go easy on the former giant slugger at tomorrow's sentencing. bonds was convicted in a federal investigation of steroids use. rita williams has been looking at court papers and talking with experts and joins us live to tell us what penalties bonds could face, rita. >> reporter: it's been a long time coming but tomorrow barry bonds find out what penalty he has to pay for obstructing justice way back in 2003. >> and nobody really thinks he's going to get 15 months in prison even though the prosecutors have asked for that. the real question is whether he will get any jail time at all or will he get home detention or probation with home detention and a lot of community service. >> reporter: it's now been
5:29 pm
three years since bonds testified, they said he lied and obstructed justice. eight months ago a jury convicted bonds of one of four charges and tomorrow he's sentenced. >> i don't believe that barry bonds will ever go to prison. >> reporter: that from the man who started it all balco's founder victor conti. conti always defended bonds saying he had no firsthand knowledge trainer anderson gave bonds steroids. >> just take it like this and put it under the tongue. >> reporter: you cannot be sure that anderson did not supply him with steroids. >> i cannot. but it's all suspicious. >> reporter: did he juice or not? bonds was not convicted of trying to mislead investigators. >> he's only worried about the hall of fame after this case. >> reporter: barry bonds may get detention in his beverly hills mansion, community
5:30 pm
service or prison likely will not take effect as he appeals his conviction and that could take another year. rita williams, ktvu news. ktvu news are investigating the report of a 15-year-old who says a man approached him twice as she was on her way to school. she says the man offered him money to help find his cat but she ignored him. she describes him with a mole in his right cheek and earring in his left ear. last september a 32-year- old gunman walked into the carson city pancake house and began firing. he killed four people including seven members of the nevada national guard. seven other people were injured. nevada's governor as well as the mayor of carson city were among those on hand for today's reopening. the state today issued a
5:31 pm
disaster declaration for the berkeley neighborhood devastated last month by a five alarm fire. that news could not have come fast enough for local business members. >> reporter: the merchant association says busyness -- business is off by 5%. the declaration helps those who lost space by the fire. >> everybody needs to eat food that way they get to see my shop. >> reporter: with rally's and thai2 closed. who's eligible? renters, home business owners. >> and nonprofit organizations that were impacted either directly or financially as a result of the disaster. >> reporter: the amounts vary but all are offered at lower
5:32 pm
than market rate. the loan is aimed at helping those that were impacted by the fire. >> al gire owns a legendary shop. the damage was damaged by restricted access from if street. >> you cannot walk the lenght of the sidewalk, no foot traffic. >> reporter: businesses are hoping the loan and the holiday street fair will re resuscitate the area. >> we really need to recover in this tight economy, the way to do it is to have sales at christmas time. >> reporter: the first opportunity for that is in two days. in berkeley, kraig debro. republican presidential candidate newt begin give today vowed to wage -- newt gingrich vowed to wage a campaign. the former house speaker took part in a public television
5:33 pm
program in fort dodge iowa. gingrich said iowans are smart enough to tell the difference between someone trying to help the country and someone running a negative campaign. >> i am very committed to running a positive campaign for a very practical reason. we are in real trouble as a country. we need big solutions. >> reporter: and gingrich repeated his officer to hold three debates with president oe what if he wins the republican -- president obama if he wins the republican nomination. officials don't know when -- cal access run by the secretary of state's office has been offline since november 30th. secretary of state debra vallen says the system needs a complete overhaul. that's expected to cost up to $20 million. lobbyists and political committees are using a paper filing system as a way for a
5:34 pm
fix. the military held a ceremony to mark the end of the military mission in iraq. troops lowered the flag that had flown over baghdad for nearly nine years. leon panetta was there for this symbolic transfer of power. he told u.s. traoápes, quote you have done everything your nation has asked you to do and more -- he told u.s. troops, quote. you have done everything your nation has asked you to do and more. >> you will leave with pride in knowing that your sacrifice has let the iraqi people begin a new chapter. >> reporter: panetta stated that nearly 5,000 u.s. troops made the ultimate sacrifice and nearly 30,000 were injured. disturbing new information tonight reveals just how many families are living on the
5:35 pm
streets. we'll tell you who's suffering the most. plus researchers have now linked smoking to another type of cancer. the medical connection and who it affects. >íñ y=mñs9w
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congressional negotiators have reached an agreement that will head off a possible government shutdown. you will remember at the beginning of this newscast, we told you how congressional negotiators had been meeting behind closed doors all days. it appears they have been successful. the government shutdown would happen tomorrow night. at this point we're just getting word from the associate press that congressional leaders have agreed to a measure that will avert a government shutdown. the millionaire's tax would impose a tax increase on those earning 2 million a year.
5:39 pm
it would raise an additional $6 million a year for education if approved. a growing number of families are facing homelessness in san francisco and across the country. the u.s. conference of mayors released figures that shows on an average night more than 560 families in san francisco were on the street, in shelters or transitional housing. in a hearing in washington, d.c., homeless experts told congress that young children are suffering the most. >> for babies, toddlers and preschoolers living doubled up in motels and other homeless situations creates toxic stress, causing developmental challenges such as physical delays and failure to thrive. >> the federal government moves toward $1.2 trillion in automatic spending cuts. green peace has made peace with facebook. the environmental group attacked the internet giant for
5:40 pm
opening a data center in oregon which uses most of its electricity from coal. they they launched an unfriend coal campaign on the social network. the national institutes of health has temporarily banned scientific experiments on which chimpanzees. the nic says the primates may still be needed in a study of new diseases. researchers from the moffet cancer center and university of south carolina say women with scuomous cells were more likely
5:41 pm
to be smoker than those without the disease. women who smoked for at least 20 years were more likely to develop squomous skin cancer cells. and a new study may have led to a new treatment for deep vain trombosis. those who took iron supplements did not have a higher risk of blood clot. this shows treating iron deficiency may help prevent deep vain trolbosis. i'm tom vacar, getting rid of electronic items for hard cash, still ahead. back here in 10 minutes, we're going to look at your bay area weekend. i'll let you know which day will be the warmest. new at 6:00 --
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>> graffiti vandalism is an ongoing and expensive problem in the south bay. but police say they may have taken down one of the biggest tagging crews in the south bay. thousands of infants have died in santa clara county. now health experts have issued a warning they say could save lives. could a vision of the future include cars that drive themselves? wait until you hear what google has just patented. 60% off all blankets. and 50% off diamond jewelry. plus, with jcpcash, get $10 off when you spend just 25. no exclusions! unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. go to to see everything on sale. we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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cupertino based apple is reportedly expanding over seas. an israeli financial newspaper says the center will focus on semi conductors. it would be apple's first r & d center outside of california. apple's vice president of research is currently visiting israel and that the company has already hired a israeli high tech veteran to head up the operation. ktvu's consumer editor
5:45 pm
talks about an attempt to recycle the nearly 5 million unused cell phones, most of which can fetch a couple of bucks to a couple of hundred dollars. >> i can help you price your device. >> reporter: this eco atm is one of 50 currently operating in california. >> put it in there, if you're unhappy with the price you can always take it out. the machine won't eat it. >> we have 4,000 models loaded in our data base. >> reporter: the ecoatm will examine it to give you the best price. a iphone four will fetch $135. an older iphone with a dead battery 22. but most are worth something. >> instant cash right here, just like an atm. >> reporter: the make sure to get the most for your device make sure it's charged, because a charged device can get you
5:46 pm
more cash. right now they can take ipods and mp3 players and soon, small tablets, gps' and small hand held electronics. what happens to the device, it's refurbished and resold or recycled. other machines are already in the oak ridge valley fair and grape malls with more coming soon. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. the institute for highway safety has awarded a record number of top safety pick awards for 2012 vehicles. 115 of the 200 car, suv models got top safety picks. that's 18 more than last year. no light pickup tested made the
5:47 pm
grade. the toyota brand had the largest number of top grade vehicles with 15 makes the list. general motors came in second with 14 and volkswagen had 13. it's a day to remind the ban on plastic bags begins next month. san jose celebrities and the mayor were models in a fashion show showing off the latest in re usable bag fashion. and the alameda county waste manager authority is supporting a measure to require retailers that sell fresh or packaged food to charge customers a dime for bags. it will also require for all bags to be reusable or made of recyclable material. the golden globe nominations were announced this morning in los angeles. >> best animated feature film,
5:48 pm
the adventures of tin tin. arthur christmas, cars 2, puss in boots, rango. >> one of those nominees cars 2 was produced by the bay area's own pixar. fox' new series new girl received multiple nominations along with favorites like modern girls and er. returning as mc for the event is controversial host ricky jervase. you might know who this is, the singer from santa cruz will find out tonight if he made it to the x factor finale. last night chris rene performed with the other three semi finalists who remain on the show. then his fate was handed over to america as the voting polls opened. the results of the viewer poll will be announced on tonight's show. the final three will compete for the $5 million grand prize. it all begins at 10:00 right here on ktvu.
5:49 pm
it's taken nine months but debris has began to appear on the west coast from the tsunami in japan. other floats have shown up farther north on vancouver island. the floats probably showed up first because they ride on top of the water and submerged debris will likely arrive at a higher volume in the next few years. nasa scientists have found microbes living in lava tubes that survive in conditions very similar to mars. the hearty microbes thrive in cold temperatures and feed off of a reddish oxidized minerals found in the caves. the same found in the surface of mars. >> time to check in with bill martin to find out when that fog is coming back, bill. >> it's soon to be back kenney. we look for fog to show up in
5:50 pm
the next few hours, especially in the north bay. the ground is a little bit wet. rainfall fell this morning. you may have seen it, may have not. a little bit of shower activity still lingering in sacramento. maybe just some low cloud cover and drizzle as best. you did get .2 of an inch up in sonoma. the basic idea is we need rain in the rain gauges and .2 of an inch does not amount to much. that doesn't look like that's going to happen, this week or this weekend. there are some signs that we may get some rain in here before christmas which will be some good news. here we go, long range forecast because we're back to that dry pattern. the fog comes back, sunny in the afternoon hours but that cool valley fog lingering and you will fine it. it'll start off slow tomorrow or tomorrow and it'll start to grow. and as we move into the weekend it'll give this patch will get thicker and thicker and head
5:51 pm
south toward fresno and bakers field. with high pressure the dominant weather feature around here, we head for a dry weather pattern with you guessed it more valley fog nights and mornings. temperatures because the ground is a little wet and the dewpoints are a little higher are going to stay in the 20s. so napa tomorrow morning you wake up it's in the mid-30s. by 7:00, 8:00 a.m. you're at 42 degrees. the fog starts to clear off, by lunchtime or so temperatures are back into the 50s. antioch 60. these highs will be warmer than they were today, as you head toward friday already, good air quality with this. and we head into a bay area weekend, where not much is going to change. you're going to see a few clouds, some fog and chilly mornings. i wouldn't call those warm but they're mild. as we head into the weekend your forecast highs are going to be mainly in the 50s,
5:52 pm
perhaps a low 60. your forecast with bay area week end. if it shapes out like this. boy i tell you what, folks in truckee did get a little bit of snow but just a couple of flakes came down. they need snow for the christmas break we talked about. that two weeks is huge for them so they need it. >> thank you, bill. a church in new zealand is once again stirring up a lot of controversy with its annual christmas billboard. this year's version shows the virgin mary looking at a pregnancy strip with the message, mary is in the pink. and they say their message is that christmas is real. it's about real anxiety, courage and hope. it's a dignified goodbye to
5:53 pm
residents who led invisible lives. who's being named in this honor.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
in san jose today for the second year in a row, a church recognized those who died in the street and make sure they were not forgotten. volunteers and community leaders read the names of all the homeless who died in 2011
5:56 pm
in santa clara county. the event was organized by life builders who provide shelter and other services for the homeless. the number of homeless deaths peaked at 82. it has been dropping since then but this year the roll call included 61 names and that's 10 more than last year. >> we get to know these people, we find out how old they are, we know sometimes how they died and it breaks my heart to think you could live your life and die and there's no one there to claim you or even call out your name. >> jenny nicholas says on any given day 7,000 people live on the streets of santa clara county. one of the country's wealthiest counties. she says this time of year is especially tough because of the cold weather. on some nights the demand is so high the shelters are forced to turn away dozens of people. they serve 10,000 adults and children who are homeless or at risk for homelessness.
5:57 pm
coming up in just 90 seconds. they are prolific and bold but now they are busted. how the san jose police broke up a ring of graffiti vandals. those holiday shopping bags may bring cheer to your loved ones but they may also bring you danger. police are stepping up patrols.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
they tempted police with you tube videos showing vandals painting graffiti. the abrupt closure of this walnut creek jewish center is leaving teachers and children in the lurch. what we just learned in the last hour. good ev -- evening i'm ken wayne. frank somerville is off tonight. >> and i'm julie haener. robert handa is live now in san jose with how vandals may have slipped up, robert. >> reporter: there had been more than 2,700 cases of vandalism this year, most of it graffiti. and those who may have wanted attention from


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