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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 20, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. the lights are back on at candle stick park. we will tell you what they are saying about last night's game. and in north korea, the move president barack obama is making to stabilize the region. why more of us will go out of town this year. stay tuned for channel 2 morning news continues. complete bay area news continues, this is channel 2 morning news. well, good morning to you, welcome to tuesday december 20th, i am dave clark. >> let's get back to steve for a check on the weather.
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another dry day. it will be sunny today, temperatures 50s upper 50s to a few mid-60s and our dry air continues. here is sal. westbound 80 is guesting more crowded as we head out to the mcarthur maze, no major problems this morning. also the commute looks good if you are driving on the commute here, traffic is looking good on the southbound 680 as you drive passed mission, let's go back to the desk. . steelers had their sellout crowd, good morning allie? >> reporter: for the most part there were no security problems to tell you about but this
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morning pg&e is saying different things about what may have caused this power outage to begin with. it was a different story for part of the game and the power went out twice during the game and it happened 20 minutes before kickoff. this is video of what it looked like in the stands. tara moriarty happened to be at this game and took the video and you can see from the pictures, the backup generators did kick in so it was not totally dark. the game was delayed for about a half hour and the game was delayed and during the second quarter the power went out again and for the most part fans remained into their seats and remained calm. now some fans reported seeing what they thought were fireworks coming from some of the stadium lights before the
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power went out and late last night officials believe the outages were from a blown transformer but pg&e is not confirming that. we are told they will not have an answer until later today and it could take a few days to pinpoint an exact cause. mayor ed localed on the fire department and the utilities commission to investigate along with pg&e. live in san francisco, allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. time is now 6:03 and vallejo policeel are searching for the gunman who robbed a store and shot the clerk. it happened on sonoma boulevard. two men wearing masks made everybody get on the ground robbed the store shot the clerk in the leg and ran off. the clerk's injuries are not life-threatening. they are searching for
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whoever robbed a jewelry store in cupertino. ktvu channel 2 news tara moriarty is there with what the police are saying about the suspects, tara? >> reporter: they charged into the jewelry store with guns drawn and stole some jewelry and ran off westbound. it happened in broad daylight yesterday and the sheriff's office said three men carrying guns stormed the store and took off with an undisclosed amount of jewelry. they are trying to piece together a description and all we know at this point is they were wearing black ski masks. it has been a family run store for years. he works alongside his two
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children. we are hoping to speak to the family to find out what security measures they have in place and if they will be changing anything. we put a call into the sheriff's office and we will let you know if they are releasing anymore information this morning. live in cupertino tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. live in north korea the body of kim jong il lies in a glass coffin. they show government and military officials passing by paying their respects including his son kim jong un. 11 days of official mourning will be followed by a state funeral december 28th. also president barack obama continues to reassure american allies in asia about the stability to the region after the death of kim jong il.
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last night president barack obama spoke with the prime minister and both agreed they would carefully monitor north korea and stay in close contact. the payroll tax cut has hit a political roadblock in washington d.c. they say they will not approve the tax cut because they want a full year extension. live with all the political posturing and what it could mean for your paycheck just weeks from now. and they say they will fight any efforts to recall the mayor. the council represents more than 100 unions. they say it is a waste of resources and energy. mayor jean quan has only been in office less than a year. >> i think sometimes people don't know and they will just
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find anything. >> she has no leadershippabilities at all, she is a union organizer and she's has no has -- an she has no leadership and the. >> they will try to get them certified on the november ballot. according to aaa about 11 million people all over the state will travel or take a flight have. most are expected to be driving on a though fewer people will be flying overall, friday is expected to be the busiest day with 134,000 people expected to take over and land. some people get their holiday started kind of what we
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are seeing yesterday morning. we also have a crash we have been tell you about we have live pictures of a car that went over the embankment and this is a picture of guadalupe in daily city. it looks like they just opened all the lanes here in daily city and there is a car over the embankment which went down 200 feet which is kind of a steep area. it looks like it took out some guardrail as well. it is hard to tell because it is dark but those guardrails are gone and they will have to do some repair but right now there is not a lot of traffic here. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic is moving along relatively well and into san francisco. let's say we moved to the san
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mateo bridge. let's go to steve. there is no rain in sight, low pressure has developed in southern california giving them more rain and the end result is there is more wind for us. gusts up to 64 san not bad at the surface but this has been -- 64 and it is not bad at the surface but there is nothing that says it is going to rain. it is the dryest december on record in san francisco. it is not just us but much of the west, there is hints around maybe the 31st but except for wind or fog, if you are travel you can see a quarter of visibility. everything continues to go
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offshore and wraps back around southern california. a little bit of fog coming back in and it might give you clear skies. it is mainly out towards the east. 35 for redwood city and everything stays to the north or decides to bypass us or develops in southern california foreign why -- california. mild afternoon, cold mornings, 20s, 30s and 40s some of that fog could make it tough especially as you get towards eastern contra costa county and the delta as well. we can't things down friday and saturday is looking sunny and warmer. sunny and cold but a blizzard warning remains in effect for mexico and texas.
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drivers navigated snowy roads and windchill temperatures below zero are expected and up to 8 inches of snow could fall. winds up to 20 miles per hour were forecast for that region. >> we complain but we don't have that. they shut down the port and it will be a major part of the conversation and they want to make sure is it never happens again. what president barack obama is doing to mark the end of u.s. military involvement in iraq.
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. time now a little after 6:00. we are looking at egypt, police raided the square and they are evicting protesters who want the military government to resign. now a 15-year-old protester is in critical condition after being shot in the clashes today. egypt's rolling generals coming under increasing criticism at home and abroad for using unarmed protesters. since the violence started friday at least 14 people to have been killed. president barack obama and vice-president joseph biden will be marking the end of the military involvement at a base in maryland. it comes after another one in
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fort brag in north carolina. after the event president barack obama will welcome home troops from iraq. the withdrawal comes almost nine years after the beginning of the iraq work began. congress is locked in yet another showdown in tax breaks and jobless benefits. they are expected to reject a compromised bill that would have extended both. we will hear how all of this could have affected you, carol? >> reporter: maureen let me take you live to the floor of the house of relatives where the dual has begun. now to avoid looking like they are avoiding the tax break i am hearing house republicans will avoid the senate bill all together. there will not be a direct vote on the bill. instead they are sending them
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back to the negotiating table. our tax the could go up in january and unemployment will run out as well. it will buy lawmakers more time and the short term fix means congress will have to come back and do it all over again. >> i want to make sure we are here to make sure congress passes a yearlong extension. >> it is unclear whether they will work out a deal and unless it happens, the bottom line is your taxes could go up in just 11 days. live in washington carol hahn ktvu channel 2 news. 6:16, the british division of rupert murdock is getting
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ready for a payout. they accused the company of phone hacking and that includes princess diana's former lover. they forced the company to shut down their news of the world tabloid. exact details of the settlement have not been made public. investigating an expose in shanghai which makes parts for apple computers. 61 were hurt. they are using safety precautions in order to prevent more accidents and apple has been criticized by its chinese based suppliers. back home they are looking to avoid another shut down. there were few confrontations with police on that day however some city officials say that will have to change because the
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economic consequences outweigh the conflicts. oakland police hope a dress will help solve a mystery. police say a woman was wearing the dress. she was barely conscious when they found her and she later died. she was described as african- american between 30 and 40 years old, 5-foot 7, weighing 200 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. oakland city council is expected to take a vote on amuse miss pal i.d. -- a mouse miss pal i.d. card. but the oakland card would be the first in the country to work as an "a" tm debit -- an atm debit card.
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it is to help avoid high check cashing fees and having to walk around with large amounts of cash. maureen? on our facebook page, people have weighed in and many say they like the real tree versus the fake tree. >> it is a lot more work but that smell... >> it is issues we were tackling with our morning news facebook team. you can find us by searching for us. let's look at the morning commute. it is a little bit slow at the bay bridge toll plaza. it was slower yesterday but not as slow as it would be. i think a lot of people have the week off schools have been quiet of course not at the malls but schools have been shut down for the break. just a reminder we are keeping
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a close eye on airports and we are well aware of traveling and we have our eye on it there. this is a look at 237 in the valley and traffic still looks good crossing 880. let's go to steve. fog is starting to come back, west coast pete said it is foggy in fairfield vacaville and reporting wind but other than that, it is mainly clear and cold. low pressure to the south, high pressure to the north and that's just the pattern we have been stuck in which means a very dry december. so cold mornings sunny days but no rain is expected so if you are traveling the snow is the bigger issue. it looks like tomorrow, maybe thursday, we will get another round of wind. some fog off the sonoma coast coming back in from the delta
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regions. santa rosa napa, 0s for others, 34 san jose -- 30s for others, 34 for san jose. high and dry except for the wind pockets of dry, fog sun mild conditions and temperatures 50s to 60s and it all depends on the breezes. that fog hangs around we say in the upper 50s and the extended forecast is quiet. with your weekend in view you can go ahead and make plans. if-- if anything it is the bigger story on wednesday. maureen? pills berry baked goods says the rising costs of wheat cost earnings. they were able to raise prices and not loose many customers.
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they also lost a controlling steak in yogurt which helped boost international sales. closed lower than $5 for the first time since march of 2009. many banks have seen their stocks fall recently but there are more concerns particularly about whether they have enough capital to absorb mortgage related losses and meet international standards. time now 6:21 a sign of compromise from pg&e and they are allowing customers to get rid of smart meters once and for all. and new places they could look for life on other plan nets -- planets coming up, stay tuned.
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. good morning bay bridge toll plaza, it is backed up and once you get on it is a nice drive to san francisco. and the investigation into last months' san francisco water-main break may be finished next week. that 12-inch water-main break caused nine homes to be damaged by this. the utilities commission will
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be issuing an investigative report. for the first time pg&e said they can keep their traditional meters over the smart meters. that will go before the utilities commission which they will vote on next month. some are saying smart meters are bad for your health. pg&e does not want an issue with their customers over this. yesterday crews started inn stalling the first strand of the bridge. it will be one of 137 strands that will make up the south suspension span. each will be brought up in what is called a first of its kind effort. each strand is made up of 127 cable wires strong enough to hold an suv in mid-air. it will take two or three days
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to make sure everything is working right but the entire job is are expected to take several months. cal strand says while it is interesting to watch, motorists should keep their eyes on the road while crossing the bridge. the kept letter missing is to find planets close to the earth that could have water on their surfaces. that would mean they are able to support life. there are hundreds of planets that bear further investigation. bryan stow was able to have an interview and what happened during his first interview. what pg&e ask saying this morning -- is saying this morning about what caused two power outages during last night's game. and it looks like storm
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troopers, they are taking over wall street. it should be an interesting opening, they will have the early stock numbers straight ahead.
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. good morning and welcome back, we are just coming back there you have it is opening bell and it will be an interesting morning, this is a live picture of nasdaq, and the reason behind it is local company is announcing it's long awaited video game of star wars, the old republic. it is based in red wood city and stocks right now are poised to move in the upward direction as they are and the early numbers as the futures have been indicating and the dow jones industrial average is up
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180 points. we will go ahead and smile and thank you for joining us on ktvu channel 2 news. it is tuesday december 20th i am dave clark. the time now is 6:30. fans were left in the dark not once but twice last night between the 49ers and the steelers. allie rasmus is live and tell us what pg&e is saying about the power outages. >> reporter: it is still not clear what may have caused the outages and pg&e is investigating the problem but they are not confirming reports that it was a blown transformer. they are not going to have answers for us until later this morning. many are reporting they saw what looked like sparks near a transformer below some of these stadium lights and candle stick park does not seem to have any
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problems but the first outage happened 20 minutes before kickoff. this is video of what it looked like in the stands after the power went out. tara moriarty happened to be at this game and took pictures. you can see back up generators kicked in and lights came on so it was not completely dark. the game got going and a few minutes into the second quarter a second power outage and another delay. some were disappointed that this happened during a nationally televised game. >> the lights went out and we were like, what is that? it is a little embarrassing... >> everyone is cooperating. >> reporter: officials believe these outages may have happened because of a blown transformer but pg&e is not confirming
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that. san francisco's mayor is calling for several investigations. he wants the fire department and utilities commission to investigate what went wrong along with pg&e. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. injured giants fan bryan stow for the first time gave a television interview. it shows bryan stow in a hand hose -- san jose rehabilitation center. doctors say he suffered damage to the frontal lobe of his brain which controls his personality. he is able to hold a simple conversation with dr. nancy schneider man. >> hi, i am nancy. >> hi. how are you? >> i am doing well, thank you.
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you are just as handsome as your sister said you were. >> he continues to get better day-to-day and doctors expect some kind of permanent disability. the two have been charged in the case and both have pled not guilty. well the megamillions lottery jackpot is up for grabs and it has hit $152 million. people in hayward are telling us what they will do when they win all that money, dave? >> reporter: we are at the world's fair and things are back online now, it was tense moments for buyers and sellers.
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megamillions jackpot lottery is supposed to go on sale this morning. they were doing a brisk business and they had a problem with the machine that produced the tickets. after a few minutes it was solved and those with lottery fever were able to stick it out. >> do you think you will be late for work? >> i don't have to be there until 10:00. >> besides if you won you would not have to go to work anyway. >> i think it would be nice to pay off the mortgage and maybe a cool million will do it. >> reporter: when it comes to megamillions jack pots. this year a man won $78 million and less than a week before that six people from l.a.
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split the $113 million jackpot with some people in greenville north carolina. i want to show you the guy in the blue sweatshirt, how many? 33, right? >> reporter: they waited it out, both people were here. you heard from deborah and they got the thing fixed and even i can buy tickets if i want to. reporting live kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news. more bay area restaurants are stepping up to raise money for the fallen vallejo police officers, officer jim capoot. they are donating to the family trust. it will run until 10:00 tonight. last night the peace officers'
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alliance ran a fundraiser and in venetia they donated to officer jim capoot's family. six flags will also donate to the officer jim capoot family fun. the death of kim jong il is causing mixed reaction to many who remember the leadser will -- leader with many different sides. one man says his family was affected and we will have more on that. the toll plaza seems to be getting busier. it is getting busier and people are not completely off, at least not everyone is. let's look at what we have. starting with the toll plaza, you can see traffic is backed up a little bit at the toll plaza with no major problems. if you are driving into the city it does get better on that
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upper deck and northbound 1010 getting -- 101, getting up to the san mateo split, so again if people are out there, you will see a lot of people, mostly men at this point standing in line, dads getting their jobbing done. >> this is highway 101, some and -- stop and go there. also looking good in present hill. we have clear skies and we have some fog cool with mainly 50s and 60s. main of you e-mailed me saying we need some rain. let's look at san francisco with some of the ugly numbers on what is a very dry december so far. in san francisco 12 / 100th so far. two decembers not a drop of
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rain fell, 1876 and 1989. the wettest months is usually december. beating january we usually get 4.56. unfortunately a dry december translates to a dry year. it is a blocking pattern and until the whole globe changes i don't see much change. you can see the clouds going and some of the fog at the service is starting to creep back in. no rain is expected. if you are traveling the only two things you don't have to worry about is rain and snow. napa 29, 32 in livermore, fog came in and went up to 34 a quarter mile visibility but high and dry in the pacific.
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pockets of thick fog, cold morning, mild sun, system upper 50 -- some upper 50s for some. and our extended forecast it is quiet and winds kick up on thursday and it is looking mild to warm on saturday. thanks you steve, time now 6:30, edison is apologizing after a form left thousands of customers in the dark for almost a week. they lost power in a storm that caused winds gusts at 30 miles per hour. they are promising to do a better job. they are launching an investigation into the response. into the bay area, a hollywood actor is pulled out
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of the water, what happened to him, we will have more. and we will tell you what clues they have to go on next, stay tuned for more, we will explain. in bay point, west to concord, we will tell you more about the bay area commute and have a look at the bay area weather. [ screaming ]
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. well, good morning, here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following. they are still trying to figure out what flocked out the -- knocked out the power at candle stick park. a transformer blew up just before kickoff and there was another power outage in the second quarter. again they beat the steelers 20- 3. they say they will vote for an extension. and republicans want the extension to last a year. and the megamillions lottery jackpot has reached $152 million this morning. nobody matched all six numbers in friday night's drawing leading tonight's jackpot.
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time now 6:44 the search is on for the suspect who robbed a jewelry south in cupertino. here is more on the leads that detectives are following up this morning, good morning tara moriarty. >> reporter: we are trying to get a better idea of who would rob a jewelry store and details at this point are sketchy but all we know is the thieves were wearing black ski masks. witnesses say three people stormed into the store with guns and left westbound on rodriguez avenue. -- rodriguez avenue. sheriff's office will not say how much jewelry was stolen. it has been a family run store for 30-to-40 years. he works alongside his two children here and the store is supposed to open at 10:00 this
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morning and we are hoping to speak to the family to find out what security measures they have in place and what, if anything they will be changing at this point. hopefully they will be able to get a good description from the suspects. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. we have dramatic new video to show you, it is the end of a car chase after a mother claimed her four-year-old daughter had been kidnapped. police swarmed the man who suddenly stopped his car. police surrounded him take the little girl away from him. one television story reporting that the man involved in this video is the girl's father. time now 6:46 we are finding out about a surfing video involving gerard butler. crews rescued a man near the
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pillar ranch ramp after several waves held him down and dragged him under water. now we are finding out it was gerard butter filming upcoming scenes from a movie. he was not hurt but did go to the hospital for observation. about 100,000 koreans call the bay area home. this man works for the korean times. his father is from the north and blames kim jong il for keeping families apart. >> they took everything away from me, property, lands, the rice, you know food and everything. so that is why he escaped. he left-most lane of his family back in north korea. >> but some say the late
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dictator has been unfairly characterized and north korea has been misrepresented. they are facing tough criticism after a school newspaper created an offensive cartoon drawing. coming up what the principal said about the offensive drawing. and it is westbound at the gill man exit. it is at the top of your screen, you can see it if you look at the top of the screen, there is something blocking that fast lane. pardon me, westbound 80, that is gillman street, it is a crash in the fast lane and traffic is backing up. after the crash traffic does begin to move again. watch for the crash, they are trying to get it out of the way and this commute is quickly
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backing up into el cerrito. we will let you know when it clears. there is a little bit of a delay, not a major delay, maybe five minutes may be a little less than that. and this morning's commute on highway 4 westbound, the rest of the commute looks good. you can see on 80, the back up from that he will area crash -- el cerrito crash has not reached penol yet. it's going to be another quiet day, low pressure replacing what has been there the entire month and high pressure builds and hangs there. it is called a blocking pattern until the whole pattern across the globe changes we don't get the much needed rain.
6:50 am
second dryest december ever after 160 years of weather record keeping so this is not good in reno or anyplace else. it is really all you have to worry about but skies will be mostly clear. 20s, 30s and 40s , 27 oakland airport. 34 fairfield, a quarter of a mile visibility and temperatures if you don't have the fog will be in the lower 60s. we have hazy sunshine, a little breeze and 50s and 60s and the extended forecast has your weekend in view. maybe on thursday and friday calmer and sunny and warmer weather on saturday. at&t is giving up it's
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three $9 billion bid to buy tsa. they faced off from two government agencies and they will have to address another shortage of wireless air waves. they will have to pay a parent company because the deal was not completed. sales of the drug lipitor were cut in half just one week after the first competitor. that is after pfizer's and the to keep people on the medication. generic versions cost one-third the price of lipitor. time now is 5:51. he is now the subject of an investigation. and a six foot tall surprise for needy families around the bay area and it is
6:52 am
coming from oregon. traffic is looking good after the gillman exit, we have more coming up, stay tuned.
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. welcome back, we will show you the latest on wall street. the dow jones industrial average opened and the numbers are surging after the opening bell. this is good news regarding
6:55 am
germany. you can see currently the dow jones industrial average is up 230 points, s&p 500 is up 25. and former meadow park, police say a coach confessed to stealing two ipad from two students. he turned himself in. the two ipad were later found at his apartment. this case has been sent to the san mateo district's office and they once suspected two people steel backpacks in the same area. high speed rail project, last night they voted to formally call for an end to the high speed rail project. one concern is the price tag, almost $100 billion. they estimated the cost from san francisco to the los
6:56 am
angeles line would be less than $40 billion. some low-income families will be getting a 6-foot tall surprise at the holiday giveaway. last night, a truck carrying furs were donated and he wanted them to go to a good home. so many of these families will be given a box of food and 100 of these treats will be arriving there as well. tonight is the first night of hanukkah and once again they will be celebrating in union square. this is video from last year's festival of lights. the first candle on the men nor why will be -- menorah will be hit at 5:00 p.m. singing about her favorite day of the week is this year's
6:57 am
most watched video on you tube. [ friday... ] >> the rebecca black song got almost 800 million views on you tube. many were light hearted but many are watching political video and for good reason. >> that song always gets you. all right let's go to sal and look at traffic. >> i am confused by led zeppelin, that will take care of that. let's go and take a look at what we have on 80. we have a crash at gillman, it moved a crash at the center divide. bay bridge is lighter than usual but there is a small backup here and if you are driving on 80 to penol, that backup has not reached vallejo
6:58 am
just yet. it's cold, 20s and 30s and 40s and it is breezy especially in the east bay hills, highs 50s and 60s. >> thank up steve. lights out during monday night football, what allie rasmus found out about not one but two black outs last night. stay right here with us.
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