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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 27, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. an antioch man runs over and kills his own child. how the government is responding, what safety tips you should know about. and an environmentally friendly options in the bay area. it's not as cold, we will have details coming up. danger in the air, what we are being asked to avoid today to avoid a major health hazard. ktvu channel 2 news continues. good morning. thank you for waking up with us this tuesday december 27th, i am pam cook. >> dave clark has the morning off as does steve paulsen, rosemary orozco is here, good morning rosemary. it is back to work tuesday dealing with low clouds and we
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have some of our valley locations reporting patchy dense fog. we know what that means, get out the door early give yourself some extra time. low clouds are hanging over us this morning. we have 30s and areas in napa, many of us sitting in the 40s including 47 degrees in san jose. we will take a detailed look around and show you what you can expect coming up in just a few minutes. good morning tara. we have patchy clouds in this area which is the pittsburgh area, you can't see it now but there is some fog out there so you want to make sure you go slowly if you are driving westbound towards concord. and 880 near the coliseum, it is dark out there and we have not had any problems to report here. we have some backup here and we will keep you posted on that. let's go back to the desk. it's now underway in
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antioch. channel 2 reporter kraig debro has more on why the death of a two-year-old boy is being called an accident. >> reporter: good morning. we got calls from the police and more details of what happened yesterday. there is no good way to accept a child's death but yesterday seems especially tragic since it was the day after christmas. police are investigating even though they don't believe there was any criminal wrongdoing involved. it happened yesterday, a man got into his truck which was parked in the garage of his home. the man did not see the boy and the father pulled out the driveway and as he started to he ran out of the driveway and he took the child to the hospital and the child died in the hospital. >> it was something that happened it was not meant to happen. i don't know what to say. >> reporter: police were on the
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scene for about four hours taking pictures of the scene and inspecting the truck. now the national transportation safety administration, national highway safety administration has safety tips you should know about concerning people and children especially backing out of a driveway. teach children not to play ever on or near vehicles where they are parked. always know where your child is when backing out and remember, they have larger blind spots with these vehicles. i have some other vehicles on what to do in this situation and how often it happens to children. reporting live in antioch, kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news. police are searching for suspects in an overnight shooting. it happened at 39th and international at the bart station. the male victim was behind the wheel of a red truck when he
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was shot in the next. police are expected to shut down three blocks searching for those suspects and evidence. bay area, air quality management officials are asking the public to refrain from burning wood today. no spare alert has been issued but the skies need to recover from unhealthy levels of smoke pollution from the holiday weekend. a battery could have meant the difference between life and death, a woman and her two dogs were killed when her home caught fire early yesterday morning. 48-year-old valerie rogers died in her bedroom most likely from smoke inhalation and they say she did not have working smoke alarms in her bedroom. >> it is important to make sure you have the amount of working smoke alarms in your home on a
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regular basis. >> reporter: they say it appears the flames started in the kitchen or hallway and quickly spread to the attic. many people are heading back to work after the long christmas weekend and it is still time to start thinking about what to do with your christmas tree. allie rasmus has more on the story, allie? >> reporter: you are probably going to see a lot of this on the curb, christmas trees that are dumped here stripped of their tinsel and ready for compost or wood chipper. christmas tree recycling kicks off in most areas in the coming weeks. later here in san francisco, they will have agreement chipper -- giant chipper for their annual christmas tree celebration and they will have the proper way to dispose of your christmas tree. 45million trees are sold every
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year and unfortunately, they end up in the landfill so recycling is the best way to go. here is a look at the schedule for other bay area cities. you can start leaving your tree out through regular recycling days through the 13th and to start earlier, kickoff action starts today. in the east bay it depends on which city you are in. black hawks, you can get your tree picked up january 6th through the 10th and the following week you can pick it up in lafayette. be aware in all of the cities we mentioned, they will not accept christmas trees that have artificial snow painted on them. those will have to go directly to the landfill and also they will not accept trees any taller than 5-foot tall. this tree will make the cut but if your tree is taller than
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five or six foot tall, most will ask you to cut it in half before taking it. the iowa caucuses are just one week away and that is leading to a big campaign push to all of the gop candidates. stay with us, because just ahead, we will show you some of the new campaign ads the candidates are working for support. and sal castaneda -- tara moriarty is in forecast cast this morning. how is the roads looking this morning? we have an accident on 80 eastbound and you can imagine at least one lane is most likely blocked there. at the bay bridge toll plaza, mike is right, things are getting back to normal, we have been seeing a little bit of backup here, we will let you know if those metering lights
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go on within the last half hour as they normally do. this is foggy and we have had a lot of fog up in marin county in napa as well as parts of other counties and everything is looking good. at the sunole grade traffic is flowing well at this hour. let's check in with rosemary. that fog will be with us and visibility is down to a quarter mile right around napa a quarter mile, patches of dense fog an "f" s o is reporting a rifling flights are being delayed. valley we are seeing low clouds and the fog will be with us during the morning hours. a future forecast model shows it burning off quickly and we are seeing an offshore breeze right at the surface. let's hope it clears out fairly quickly and if not it could be a burn off around noontime like
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we saw yesterday for areas around the bay. this is the coolest we have been all morning long. 28 in fairfield, the closer we get to sunrise, temperatures are continuing to cool. we are reporting fog and it is actually freezing fog, very cold air there, not necessarily ice particles hanging there in the suspended air but it's very cold and it could freeze if it hits a freezing bottom. not as cold this morning, most of it up in the 40s and partly cloudy skies to mostly sunny skies. seasonal for this time of year. we are in the winter, below 60s and just a few areas, 66 in san rafael, upper 50s for the east bay, as well as oakland, upper 50s in danville as well as livermore. santa clara, 56, mid-to-upper
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50s are expected for our coastline. extended forecast we are going to be dry through thursday night, friday morning a few scattered showers especially over the north bay and our overnight lows are continuing to improve. upper 30s and upper 50s and lower 60s for the seconds half of your day, back to you. she spent more than a year in an iranian prison and said thank you, but did she really mean it. the new posts explaining her actions. and on facebook, it mother her son.
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. welcome back. a utah woman turned to facebook after being held hostage for nearly five-days. she posted a message saying she and her son would be dead by morning if somebody did not rescue them. police went to the house and at first the man would not allow police talk to the woman. the police changed his mind and allowed them to talk to her and the police saw she was hurt. >> i never met a person i just chatted through facebook... >> now the man was arrested and
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now faces charges of kidnapping assault, child abuse and domestic violence. he served 120 days in jail for assaulting the same woman last year. the man accused of threatening to kill his wife and having a standoff with police is expected to have an arraignment. he made the threat before barricading himself in his car for an hour. officers eventually convinced him to surrender. the arrangement starts at 1:30 this afternoon. the first official contest in the race is now just a week away. allison burns has more on how the candidates are trying to gain support, allison? >> reporter: michele bachmann, rick perry and newt gingrich
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are all launching bus tours while mitt romney is focusing on his character and he can not i can vision. -- economic vision. i am going to make it simpler smaller and smarter. >> reporter: rick perry is trying to breathe new life into his campaign taking aim at his rivals. >> why trust a congressman to fix 63 years in congress. >> reporter: it is rand paul polling at the top. the libertarian candidate said he will come in near the top giving him new momentum heading into new hampshire. a week later, a closer look at the polling in iowa during my next update in about an hour. allison burns ktvu channel 2 news. a new poll shows mixed numbers for president barack obama heading into 2012 for of the first time since july. the daily tracker shows more approve and this disapprove of
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his job. 47 approve, 45% disapprove. that is a big difference from his lowest mark of 38% approval rating. however only 39% approve of president barack obama's handling of the economy. uc berkeley graduate sarah shaw is revealing for the first time why she said thank you to iran after her release. now in a new post at the website she thanked iran after her release last year in order to secure the release of her fiance shane bauer and josh fattal. she knew she would be criticized for thanking the iranians. they finally came meant to september after two years in custody. we are now learning more about a house fire in connection kate that killed five members of a family on -- that in connection kate that killed five -- contra
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connecticut that killed five people. they took down what was left of the burned down home and the cause of the fire is still being investigated. a man is accused for posing as a doctor. he is accused of running a phony dermatology clinic in the mission district. guzman has no license to practice medicine and gave at least one woman an infection after a botched liposuction procedure. if convicted he faces up to 12 years in prison. they are warning drivers to stay off the roads if they are drinking. highway patrol just wrapped up highway enforcement and now they are getting ready for the christmas crackdown. new checkpoints are getting ready and officers will be on the roads.
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several bay areas are offering free rides starting at 8:00 new year's eve and they will last until january 1st. free rides on cal trans will start new year's morning and a santa clara valley transportation service will have free service on new year's eve and bart plans on extending its service on new year's day. 18 minutes after 6:00 and there is still some fog out there, tara is checking in on the camera. that's right we had some heavy fog advisories and so far no patches in marin county and napa. at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have been seeing some back up a lot more than yesterday. yesterday there was virtually nobody on the roadway but those metering lights have not gone on yet so you still have an easy trip into san francisco.
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speaking of san francisco the fog is thick and you can barely make out the road and some of the buildings but traffic on highway 101 is moving well. we want to report some ice. take a look at the map, it is off mountain road between pope valley and angie. >> some areas are definitely dropping to freezing, fairfield, parts of north bay are sitting at freezing and with that fog and moisture up in the air, relative humidity is way up from a few days ago and that means we will have the patchy fog and frost and if it is freezing that patchy fog becomes freezing fog and that means where some areas are freezing it will stick and become ice. we have napa and oakland reporting southeastly wind and it is pushing this way and hopefully this will push out
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that cloud cover earlier than what we saw yesterday. upper level winds, we have an on shore flow which is coming from the pacific. we have 4 degrees, -- 44 degrees, 34 napa, 40l1sl0 around the bay area, temperatures in most cases, 46 in san jose, upper 30s in livermore at this time. your satellite radar here, we have zone flow and ridge of high pressure, you can't even see it. we have partly cloudy skies from time to time but the storm tracker is clipping northern california and we will be dry for the next few days. patchy fog and mostly cloudy skies. partly cloudy at noontime. we will be sitting in the mid- to-upper 50s and today is a lot like yesterday and our extended forecast, we were hoping for a
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little bit of rain for wednesday and we have pulled it out of the forecast and it looks like friday morning, a few scattered showers and a dry holiday weekend. back to you. a chris sister in most -- crisis in most major cities, they dropped 1.2% bringing the annual drop to the largest metropolitan areas to 4.7% for the year. they are now filling the compact hybrid which claims to have the best fuel economy in the world at 83 miguel tejada. it is -- milesberg -- 83 miles per gallon.
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david lee roth left the band for the first time in 1985 and rejoined in 1986. shortly after that he left again because of a reported feud and now with the bands 0th anniversary, roth is reporting to be back again and no cities have been announced for that tour. more problems for california speed rail, why amtrak could derail the first step. it was a big day for new orleans saints drew brees, the record he broke during last night's game, we will have more on that. we will have more traffic hot spots coming up, stay tuned.
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. here is a look at the east shore freeway, those lights are headed towards the mcarthur maze where we still do not have metering lights on and that's the good news. and again headed towards berkeley again no delays. 6:25 let's head back to the desk. and a train went derailed
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and the region has been battered by tropical cyclones. they believe the conductor may have tried to cross the waterlogged bridge and it will take days before salvage crews can bring the train up from those floodwaters. derailed by amtrak, part of the area had to rundown the central valley. if the train collapsed, there had to and back up use for the track. amtrak could cut service between bakersfield and mess set. they have no plans to -- merced, they have no plans to ever use it. protesters are demonstrating in the syrian city of hahns. there are a number of people
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protesting a nine month crackdown by government forces. sir ran leaders -- syrian leaders came to make sure the area complies with the crackdown. they are warning about a recent crime spree that could affect thousands of bay area customers. the supermarket is recommending shoppers review their bank accounts for suspicious activity after thieves put card skimmers at 24 northern california stores. they are asking customers to check their bank activity to make sure there is nothing suspicious. they are reaching out directly to customers and it is hard to gain a customer's trust but it is very easy to lose it. mark jackson has its first ever win under his belt. they beat the chicago bulls in front of a sellout crowd in or call arena.
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-- oracle arena. he did reinjure his physically repaired ankle and the warriors are calling it a tweak but the athlete is day-to-day. new orleans saints quarterback drew brees broke his record of 5084 passing yards. 6:28 is the time tragedy takes the life of a two-year- old boy in antioch and his father is at the center of the police investigation. if you didn't get what you wanted this christmas, i have a twist for you on after christmas shopping. spare a dollar and you could win hundreds of millions. we could show you how much you could win in megamillions
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 news firefighters there just rang the nasdaq, code 3 for a foundation was there and they provide financial assistance to firefighters who are diagnosed with cancer and they were there gaining recognition for their good cause and right now we are looking live at the new york stock exchange. we have the last week of trading for the year and it looks like a down day and we will get you those numbers in just a minute. good morning everyone, thanks for joining us on ktvu channel 2 news. dave clark does have the morning off. a two-year-old boy in antioch is dead after a boy accidentally runs him over.
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kraig debro has more on how common this type of tragedy has actually become, kraig? >> reporter: good morning, mike, it is an accident that can be avoided and i have got some calls from the police department hoping for more details. for instance we have no ids on the man involved or his young son. also we were not told where the man was going when he killed his young child. it was here where the boy was killed and struck by the pickup truck. police say the man was starting to back out of his driveway when he struck the boy and neighbors say they are left speechless by what happened. >> we don't know what to say or how to help or anything. >> i feel so bad. it was not something that was meant to happen, just -- i don't know what to say. >> reporter: the government
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said the leading cause of death for children between 2 and 3 are from vehicles. a child had gotten out of the house and was struck and killed by a person leaving that resident. 20% of vehicular accidents involve children up to four years of age. another 16-year-old was struck and killed and in april a three- year-old was struck and killed from a person who backed out of a driveway back in 2009. according to safe kids, child pedestrians most likely to be injured in parking lots and sidewalks, two thirds of children are boys and low income urban boys are at a higher risk of injury than other children. reporting live in antioch, kraig debro ktvu channel 2
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news. a big-rig runs over a pedestrian in southern santa clara county which happened at 2:00 a.m. in the area of mathieson highway in the town of san martin. it happened at the south kerry airport. when authorities arrived on the scene they found the male victim dead. the big-rig stopped after the collision and it has been taken to a nearby station for rent six. -- for rent six. the suit claims they failed to conduct an adequate background check on the man who hired him in 2007 who had alleged inappropriate conduct with a young girl in a swimming pool. nine girls are now involved in an after school program at the san jose elementary school.
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he will be formally charged with the murder of his estranged wife. he is accused in the fatal shooting of 29-year-old valerie. police found her body back in october and found what is believed to be the murder weapon upon two weeks ago. he killed his wife after a heated argument. valerie was the mother of three young children. a san jose woman accused of dropping her toddler out of a window on christmas day will be in court facing attempted murder charges. she underwent a psychiatric evaluation. they say she recently suffered from extreme emotional distress. and has a history of mental problems. her son only suffered bumps and bruises. cortez jumped out of the window
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and broke both feet. they do not expect much change in 2012 and most do not expect to see much change in the current unemployment rate and the overall prediction is for 8.4% by the time of the election in november and the u.s. economy is likely to grow 2. 4% next year. growth for this year is likely to be less than 2% but americans are still spending, in fact one retail analyst is upgrading their forecast. coming up, how much cash shoppers will go out during the holidays. a jackpot is worth more than $200 million up for grabs and we are in hayward where people have already been showing up to buy tickets. my husband bought ours yesterday. >> reporter: good morning, pam, very smart, you are ahead of the game.
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i am hoping for a christmas miracle and i've got mine now. there has been a steady stream of customers buying a ticket to win $206 million. the reason it is so high is because there has not been a winner since november 1. last night's jackpot was $160 million. nobody got all five numbers with the meganumber. if you don't win, where does your money go? let me tell you 50% goes back to the player prizes, 50% goes to lottery operating costs and 3 5% goes to government resources in california. the drawing is tonight and that means you have until 7:45 tonight to have your chance to win $206 million. reporting live lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 news.
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i want to go right to tara moriarty in forecast cast, there is an accident? yes, and it looks pretty serious. it is at dixon landing road. a three car crash, they have been moved to the right lane and we understand a woman has been hurt and an ambulance is on its way. near the oakland coliseum, traffic is moving very well and finally at the bay bridge toll plaza, we were seeing some back up but it has alleviated and hopefully more people are off and hopefully you are one of the lucky ones. back to you pam. back to work after a nice holiday giving you a live look, it is still a little dark out here. it is tough to see. we have some ground fog this morning and it is patchy and
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dense in some spots, especially napa fairfield, finding it through the delta as well. because of the low clouds and fog and on shore flow from the pacific our temperatures are way up. anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees and 15 degrees in some cases. it is 32349 napa and it is chilly in some places especially parts of the north bay. san francisco oakland 46 in san jose, a big improvement from the weekend and a big improvement from just yesterday. a ridge of high pressure is breaking down and we have zone flows going on but the storm track is staying to the north. we are not going to see rain tomorrow, we may see it friday morning. temperatures sitting in the mid- to-upper 50s, 56 for berkeley, 56 in oakland, 56 for san jose,
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60 degrees in mountain view and 60 degrees in san mateo. your extended forecast remaining dry, thursday partly cloudy skies upper 50s and lower 60s for the afternoon. it looks like we may get a few scattered showers at least over parts of the north bay. partly cloudy skies upper 50s and lower 60s for your afternoon. back to you. hundreds of teens swarmed through malls of america, why social media is to blame for the brawl that broke out. 30 million christmas trees sold every holiday and unfortunately most of them ended up in a landville, how you can dispose of your christmas tree the right way. and through bay point, more folks are on the roadways and traffic is looking overall petty goods for your tuesday
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. good morning everyone, here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following, a two-year-old in antioch has died after his father has run him over with a truck. police in oakland are searching for suspects in an overnight shooting which happened near
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the bart station. investigators say the male victim was behind the wheel of a red truck when he was shot in the next and he is expected to survive. a week to go until the iowa caucuses candidates are starting to push for support. rick santorum is working there and michele bachmann and newt gingrich are starting bus tours. mitt romney is starting his day in new hampshire before traveling to iowa. it is time to start thinking about what to do with your christmas tree. allie rasmus joins us from san francisco with what the city plans, allie? >> reporter: a christmas tree somebody left is the perfect candidate for most recycling programs. it does not have any artificial snow sprayed on the needles and it is less than 5 feet tall.
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most programs are asking trees be cut in half if you want them to be recycled. most christmas tree programs are kicking off today and they have a giant wood chipper for their annual wood chipping tree festival and that's to remind people of the best way to dispose of their tree. they have 35 to 45 million trees sold every year, and most end up in the landfill. so curbside tree collections will begin and here is a look at other bay areas for pick up. in oakland you can start leaving your tree during regular recycling pick up day. san jose it starts earlier. regular pick up december 27th for the next couple of weeks and in the east bay, pickup is
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scheduled for january 26th through the 10. and in other bay area cities this morning, antioch, livermore, it appears they don't have pickup services available and in most is cities you will have to take your tree to a drop off location. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. several appearances are being blamed for at least 10 fights at minnesotas mall of america. they stopped severals near the -- brawls near the food court. most of them were drawn to the mall because of social media reports that said the wrappers would be there. nine people were or rested and -- were arrested and parts of the mall were evacuated to break up the malls. another mall, winnipeg mall was crowded because of boxing day sales, what is boxing day, it
6:47 am
is equivalent to black friday here. one pulled a knife and others discharged pepper spray. the two suspects ran away but others nearby were hit with the pepper spray. it was a much more pleasant experience for bay area shoppers, there were early indications showing it will exceed many analysts projections. retail analysts are expecting to ring up nearly $407 billion through the holiday season. we had projected a sales increase and they have upgrade the forecast to 3.7%. it was a holiday for many americans and it was expected to jump 60% compared to next year. deadly helicopter crash, the reason it caused a medical crisis at a hospital miles away. coming up on mornings on 2 at
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7:15. it is the golden gate audubon christmas bird count and it is meant to assess the bay area's bird life. they will count birds in 17 different bay area locations including spanning the bay. last year 1,700 different species were counted. and many are celebrating a holiday, the week long holiday began yesterday. the celebration begins at noon at san francisco city hall. 6:48 we go back to tara moriarty in forecast cast. tara? in marin napa fairfield, you can see we have heavy fog being reported at highway 4 eastbound railroad avenue, all the way to the antioch bridge so be aware of that if you live in that area and definitely
6:49 am
take it slowly. in the bay bridge toll plaza, we have not seen the metering lights and we passed that hour so you have a pretty good commute into san francisco this morning. finally 880 near the oakland coliseum, traffic is looking good and we did have an accident earlier on 880. this is south of dixon landing road, we had a three car crash so we will keep you updated on that. 6:43 let's head over to rosemary orozco. rosemary? tara mentioned we have fog out there and fog is widespread patchy and dense in some areas. napa and fairfield reporting low visibility. you will find along highway 101 give yourself some extra space this morning. it looks like 10:00 we will begin to see this burn off and
6:50 am
another mid-morning, late morning is expected similar to what seesaw yesterday. because of the cloud deck, it is a lot warmer than the rebound. santa rosa is still looking at what we are expecting still cold outside the door and sitting at about 24 just a few days ago. napa 39, 27 in fairfield where we have freezing this morning. and most of the bay waking up in the 40s and mountain view as well as san jose so you will notice that getting outside your door this morning. satellite radar, we finally have seen the pattern switch. we have an east/west flow, we have a zonal flow going on and unfortunately, we have pulled out the possibility of rain tomorrow and we may get a shot on friday. for the forecast dry conditions and we will have a quiet day. 64 degrees in san jose, mid-to-
6:51 am
upper 50s along the coast. and everywhere you look a few 60s. and the change between now and thursday, thursday night into friday, we may wake up with a few scattered showers especially over the north bay. we will continue to improve and you have seen a big switch in the pattern. saturday and sunday it will be dry, we start out with upper 50s and lower 60s and partly cloudy skies. back to the desk. k-mart stores did not do as well. stores' parent company said sales were down 4-point 5%. sears sales fell 6% compared to last year and now they will close at least a few stores across the country but have not identified which ones. earnings rose 53% to $23 million. it is better than the forecast
6:52 am
and farm house egg brand shows strong demands increasing food costs for a trend. it is a potentially life or death situation, they are deciding whether to allow the leader to enter the country. and they may have to take a detore. fog is creating issues in contra costa county, we will show you which freeways you may need to slow down in. stay tuned for more.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 news taking a look at the big board on the new york stock exchange, dow jones industrial average up and this week is expected to be pretty quiet. al qaeda is claiming responsibility for a series of coordinated attacks in baghdad last week, 69 people died in those blasts and the message posted does not mention the u.s. troop withdrawal but focuses on the shi'ite dominated government. they have been trying to gain control since saddam hussein fell. and united states will allow the cont the u.s. for treatment.
6:56 am
the yemen leader could arrive this week. he is recovering from a bomb blast that almost killed him last june. the white house was concerned they would be criticized for providing a safe haven for a man accused of killing hundreds of protesters. her husband spent four nights recovering from a successful procedure for a coronary stint. the government did not keep the company's founder from visiting, mark zuckerberg has been trying to convince the vietnam government allow facebook into the country. mark zuckerberg spent several days touring vietnam and they added no official business was done. and business on the golden gate bridge, they will soon have to share the sidewalk with
6:57 am
pedestrians. retaliate tore racing work will begin -- rest tore racing work will begin and they will close the west side walk until april 1st. all bicyclist will have to use the east side during that closure. coming up on 7:00, we want to go back to tara talking about heavy fog in some areas. it has moved to contra cost terrible and now on highway 4, and in the pittsburgh area, you can see it rolling on the roadway there. we are hearing some reports of very heavy fog from just east of railroad to the antioch bridge so make sure you definitely take it easy on the roadway. up next we will have a look at this accident, a three car crash at dixon landing road. the cars are blocking the slow lane so be aware the ambulance is en route and we will bring you more information as it
6:58 am
becomes available. we were seeing back up on the left-hand side of your screen as you make your way towards sunnyville. let's head over to rosemary. with clouds and fog out there, 30 degrees reported in areas of fairfield north bay but most of us are sitting in the 40s at this time. several degrees warmer than just 24 hours ago. we do expect the clouds to be burning off later and upper 50s and 60s and partly cloudy skies for the forecast in the afternoon. we will have an extended forecast coming up in just a bit. a tragedy involving a toddler and it happens far more often than you might think. stay with us, we will be right back.
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