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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 28, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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rain it will be towards the extreme north. the lows are warmer so 30s and 40s, they will end up with partly cloudy skies lows to mid- 60s, now for an update with traffic, pam? good morning, traffic picking up down towards oakland and we are expecting traffic to be heavier this morning as more people are headed back to work after that long holiday weekend. if the bay bridge is part of your commute, you may want to leave earlier, expect some delays traffic is moving slowly because there is some road work that has shut down two lanes on both the upper and lower deck. it is expected to continue for at least another hour. we begin with new occupied camp in oakland on a vacant lot on mandela parkway and there are already more than a dozen
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tents. joining us from what is being called the cyprus triangle, paul? >> reporter: you can take a look, it is right behind the green fencing but it is over near the enclosed vacant lot. he gave us a bird's eye view of the encampment and i counted 14 tents inside. now since the main encampment was closed last month back in oakland city hall, it was at 18th and linden at a home which was in default. they first claimed they had permission to stay there but the owner notified them they wanted them off the land and the area was quickly cleared out. they are planning to stay here for a while and like i said, they had a food table set up.
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like i said there were 14 people set up and we'll see how long this one holds out. governor brown is now weighing in at the port of oakland. he says the state and city must do everything possible to keep the busy port open and that will include calling in aid as occupied activists have shut down the port two times in the last two months and mayor jean quan said she may be unable to keep the port open during future protests. protesters are planning on taking part in next monday's rose parade in pasadena. coming up, the float that protesters are building and what parade organizers are allowing protesters to do, we will have more on that. a small plane crash happened not far from highway
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4. lorraine blanco joins us with new information about the crash and the pilot, lorraine? >> reporter: good morning, you can still see the single engine plane a few feet beyond this fence at the field just off the runway where it crashed tuesday afternoon. here is what it looked like from news chopper 2. it made an emergency landing at 330. firefighters pulled the male passenger out of the wrecked plane. they were taken to nearby -- taken to a nearby medical center. we are still trying to finds out if he was a pilot involved in this crash. now the national transportation safety board will be investigating this crash and both the pilot and passenger are expected to be okay. reporting live ktvu channel 2
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news. we just spoke to the san francisco police department and officers are looking for suspects which happened on eddie. a woman was shot and she is expected to survive but it is still not clear what led up to that gunfire. a suspected member was to convicted of killing a high school student. he was shot while riding his bicycle in oakland last may. michael hearts man belonged to arrival gang. it took jurors two to three hours. the man faces life in prison. they shot and killed a pit bull that charged at them during a search. it happened at 6:45 on bethel island. deputies were searching for a man who had been harassing them at a gas station.
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the dog they shot and killed belonged to the suspect. the man was later taken into considers city. that pipe burst happened near the broadway shopping center. several businesses reported flooding. crews worked throughout the day to repair the pipe and repave the road and they did finish the work but not unti 9:00 last night. a design flaw sent water shooting into the air over the thanksgiving weekend. san francisco public utility commission said an engineer failed to include a crucial joint which holds pipelines in place. more than 1 million gallons of water were released flooding a number of homes and cars, there are still no estimated totals on the damages.
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time now is 505, starting to pick up on the east shore emoryville, everything is looking pretty normal there. bay bridge toll plaza, we couldn't get more crowded but as we have been reporting there is road work, routine maintenance road work being done on upper and lower deck. they usually wrap up construction work at 5:00. >> we are just getting word and both vehicles are now on the soldiers and chp is now on the scene. >> sal castaneda is off and we are not replacing him permanently, tara moriarty will be here shortly. the pattern changed, high and dry and there is a little system that will get us friday
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but even that looks suspect to me. today high clouds, warmer lows due to the cloud cover but we are started off with upper 30s to 40s around crescent city but after that i have not heard of anything yet. you can always tweet me if you are getting some rain. upper 30s for some, 40s for some during cloud cover and it is holding things in check but the air mass is really dry. pacific northwest, i have seen projections with 5 to 9 inches of rain. somebody in the north is going to get some rain but it is only going to be north cloudy and really mild towards the san jose rally a little more.
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extend outlook which always has your weekend in view, here comes your system and that will be the best opportunity for the rain but i don't think much will happen. as we clear it out for the weekend, it will be hazy and warmer. thanks, steve. with iowa caucus six days away, rick perry announces a change on abortion... . north korea talks about kim jong il and how the man's son kim jong un took part in the funeral procession, we will have more on that stay tuned.
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. it is now 510 and tens of thousands of mourners turned out for the late kim jong il. soldiers fired rifles 21 times with a huge portrait, kim jong il's youngest son kim jong un walked along his father's hearse, many people cried. they are threatening to shut down a waterway if the un presses forewater sanctions. in the persian gulf it is estimated 20 to 40% of the
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world's oil passes through that straight. the u.s. wants to increase and they are trying to not pursue a weapons' program. >> he will not run and nelson who won his first term back in 2000, he was facing a tough campaign against several challengers and it will make it more difficult for democrats to maintain their majority in the senate. they want to file their case against a school custodian for lewd acts against a child. he worked at cambridge in concord and walnut acres and walnut creek. the boy who was not a student there, he is being held on $5.1 million bail. and many are worried a new
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year's tradition will show more excitement and this others. occupied protesters are planning a mass demonstration. police organizationers have been -- organizers have been negotiating and protesters will be allowed to march on the parade route after all the official floats have passed. >> it will be pretty incredible, the people's procession will march, the people's parade is a countermark to the corporate parade that much of this has come to embody. >> objecting buyers plan to unveil recycled bags stretching 40 feet from ten particular call to -- from ten call to ten call. -- from one area to another. they deserve to go to the
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pro ball more than any other team in the league. other 9ers heading are runningback frank gore, punter andy deand david acres. three raiders are defensive enrich charred sea more, punter shane legeller. and governor rick perry is making headlines by showing his fuse -- shifting his views on abortion. here is more from our washington d.c. room, good morning allison. >> reporter: that's right, rick perry is continuing his bus tour in iowa today and he is trying to appeal to conservative voters by signing
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a pledge that he appeals to it for including rape. until now perry supported abortion in certain cases but he changed his mind after seeing a documentary two weeks ago about abortion and talks about his campaign record on the campaign trail. >> protecting the unborn children, including planned parenthood... >> meanwhile the race is getting nastier ahead of the iowa caucuses between newt gingrich and mitt romney in my next update in about an hour. allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. i understand tara is here, good morning tara. we have information on the bay bridge, two lanes shut down in both directions and be aware of that if you need to get in
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and out of oakland and san francisco this morning. you can see traffic is flowing nicely in both directions and the folks on the left-hand side of your screen are headed downtown. we have a look at the golden gate bridge which is hazy but not nearly the fog we saw yesterday. we had several fog advisories and i am hoping that will not be the case tomorrow, clear sailing into san francisco. and at the sunole grade, southbound as you make your way towards san jose looking great. 5:16, let's check in with steve. i'm sorry, steve, you are back? >> i have been here for 45 minutes, where have you been? >> i understand, i have been at the keys. there has been some rain, cent city, lake contradiction there is not -- lake county,
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there is not enough here, low 30s and 40s and we are just stuck in that pattern. we are seeing a light pattern change and it is not enough and there will be copious amounts up there. high clouds just not for us. so cool morning but not cold and not in the way of fog as clouds stop that formation. mild to the south, so partly sunny skies partly cloudy conditions and we will have pleasanton, upper 60s across the board here. and just a little bit more fog and the system on friday is the best opportunity and i don't think much will happen and we clear out for the weekend and it will be warmer again.
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. european markets are up right now but many people are off this week and most markets closed down as japan announced the drop in december. the -- the nike fell slightly and they are down about 1% each. china shanghai closed up slightly after the agreement with afghanistan. and they are looking at kind of a mixed opening, a little bit of a down opening for dow jones industrial average and s&p 500 as you can see. pretty small moves as you can see it might be busier towards the end of week as many wrap up their portfolios for the end of the year. crude oil remains at $100 per
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barrel after iran threatened to block the streets and about one- third of the country's oil balances through there. some say the air is still not being spared. and the reaction by two parents, after their baby gets a handful of president barack obama. we will have more traffic coming up. stay tuned.
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. flights arriving at newark hours yesterday. la guardia experienced delays up to an hour and a half because of storms. flooding is causing an unusual problem in louisiana. several coffins floated away and some of those coffins date back to the 1950s. church volunteers are now working to get things back in order. spare the air alert could
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change, they are considering another wood burning ban due to unhealthy air. soot is part of the problem and several spare the air alerts were issued for them including christmas day. it has been a few weeks since they had any rain and officials are hoping for a few drops in the forecast. this time last year rain was coming down in buckets and the sierra was buried under a massive snow pack. so far this has spared us a water shortage and we are hoping it will be enough to keep us in the clear. >> will usually january, february march are our biggest rain months -- usually january, february, march are our biggest rain months but we are hoping we can get through. >> it is an idea to practice
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good water habits because we never know what the weather will bring. jerry brown sees a bright future for california and sat down for an end of the year review. he gave himself a passing grade and touting his first year back as governor as a success. >> i think schools will be in pretty good straights in two to three years and california itself come 2014 will be a lot better off than where it was when we started. >> governor brown is expected to unveil a tax initiative and they face a $3 billion shortfall but it could rise to $13 billion to the past year and a half. the an eight-month-old baby
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are talking about it, he and his wife meredith was shocked when their little boy cooper put his hand in president barack obama's mouth. it robbed around -- wrapped around their teeth and would not let go. now they say the unplanned photo is just another memory. >> we have the newspaper printing the article for us and trying to you know make like a scrap book or something for him. >> it is a pretty big moment. the president is laughing the whole thing off, when speaking to a group of marines, the 8 month old cooper must have been attracted to his big nose. tara is in for sal and we have been talking about construction on the bay bridge, it is unusual because it's not getting picked up until 6:00.
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we have two lanes and however there is no fog and that will definitely help the morning commute and there is different pictures off our cameras. you can see traffic is flowing very nicely and up next we have a look -- what are we looking at here. it looks like the bay bridge. this is san rafael, sorry, folks. yesterday you could not even see anything at the san rafael area and this is good news at the bridge there was a heavy fog advisory here and that's obviously not in eel affect this morning so -- not in effect so that is good news. we have a little fog and it is not too bad as pam mentioned, there is some construction in effect for the next half hour or so but clear sailing as you make your way to san francisco this morning.
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let's head back to the desk. a plane goes down and today federal investigators will arrive at the crash scene looking for an answer. they have resurveyed and i will -- resurfaced and i will show you their location coming up. and a curve ball as it moves to san jose, stay tuned for more. take the finish challenge.
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. it is wednesday december
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28th, dave clark has the morning off. >> and i am pam cook, i want to say hello to one of our most loyal viewers, my mom. >> good morning mom, and pam's mom and my dad, they are both loyal viewers. we'll see some partly cloudy skies, here is tara. thanks steve, this is a look at the 880 coliseum, traffic is moving slowly and you can see this is the east shore freeway, everything is crystal clear and different from yesterday when we had all that fog, which is good news for your morning commute. let's go back to the desk. in san leandro, crews are responding to a water-main break on leonard drive and
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william street not too far from interstate 880 and i want to give you a live look at the scene, at some point two feet of water was gushing from the pipe flooding nearby streets and crews are working to repair that break and it is still unclear how it is exactly affecting service and we will be following that story throughout the morning for you. they will arrive on the scene of a small plane crash in concord. it is not far from highway 4. lorraine blanco joins us with more about the condition of the pilot and his passenger, lorraine? >> reporter: the man is registered to pleasanton and both pilot and passenger are expected to be okay this morning. you can still see the wreckage
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and they were forced to make an emergency landing just moments after take off. the pilot declared an emergency and tried to land the plane but the crash off the runway affected them with gravel. they say the injuries are non- life threatening and ntsb is expected to investigate and they will try to figure out what went wrong on takeoff. reporting live lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 news. and they are looking into a jet air to blowout at the sacramento airport, the southwest airlines was taking off and fire crews rushed to the scene as a precaution. the fear was that it could catch on fire. 130 people were on board the plane but no injuries are reported and passengers say it was a frightening experience.
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>> we got halfway down the runway and it started shaking and they set the nose down on the runway and it was okay. >> again, nobody was injured and it was on the way to seattle. it has been relatively quiet during this holiday season but there is a new holiday camp in oakland. ktvu channel 2 news' paul chambers joins us live from what is being called the sybbe russ triangle, paul -- cyprus triangle, paul? >> reporter: it is behind that enclosure on that vacant lot. we have a bird's eye view of the encampment which has 14 tents on it. this is the second one since
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the main encampment was shut down last month. it was at 18th in linden at a home which was in default. at fares homeowners allowed them to stay there but then the homeowners notified police and they were notified they were not able to stay there. we will try to take you inside at our 6:00 hour and have more on it at that time. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. there is a reward for information about the attempted kidnapping of a burst. a man walked up to him and tried to lure him with candy. when the boy told him no the man tried to grab him by the arm. the boy managed to get away and told his parents what happened. he is listed 5-foot 6 inches,
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has a mustache and was wearing a green and brown shirt and dirty shoes. they will release new details today about a case involving a pregnant woman four years ago at work. she was crushed to death at digital pre-press. two years ago they filed criminal charges against the man and his owner accusing them of labor code violations. yesterday a judge ruled they could be held criminally responsible. gilroy police is hoping this surveillance video will help them find a man who robbed a wal-mart. the store was busy with holiday shoppers at the time. the man walked up to a cashier with a note demanded money and left with cash. the man they are looking for was wearing a black giant's
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what the and a black reebok jacket. there may be a swing and a miss, according to giant's manager peter mcgowan. they will fight to deep their territorial rights. mcgowan says he will be amazed if they allow the a's to relocate but they will allow the a's to go to san jose where they have an option to buy land near the h p pavilion. commuters have begun to deduct $230 a month in mass transit expenses but now the maximum deduction has been cut to $125 a month. for people who drive, monthly exemption will go up from $230 a month to $240 a month.
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advocates for mass transit sends a message at a time when people are being encouraged to use mass transit instead of driving. it is a few days away from 2012. resolutions are going fast. coming up a check of local celebrations and how people plan on ringing in the new year. they are encouraging congress to make it easier for people to visit the u.s. a million tourists are asking them to go for 2001 and that's costing american businesses $859 billion in untapped revenue. the federal government following september 11th terrorist attacks will tell us more coming up. and a number parked on
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woodside road, it was a two car crashed move to the other side of road on the shoulder. we should be keeping an eye on it for you. the commute into san francisco this morning is a pleasant one. and bay point, those folks are headed westbound towards concord and it is a nice crystal clear picture after what we saw with the heavy fog. thank you steve. we have a pattern change today, rain unless you are watching crescent city, there will be some heavy rain totals but for us there will be a lot of high and mid-level clouds but i have to tell you, i don't want to be negative or anything but i have seen projections out to january 13th and there is no rain which is ugly. high clouds today, warmer lows
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due to cloud cover. a mild to warmer afternoon. you can see high clouds and draped across us, there is not a lot but some. the layers of the atmosphere are so dry. 30s and 40s on temperatures due to cloud cover, there is no fog or cold temperatures but this system will slice on through and a stronger system does arrive friday which leaves us a little bit of hope but i wouldn't put much into that because i don't think much will happen. not as cold, 38 to 45, partly cloudy, hazy skies and mild to the south, maybe on the cooler side, temperatures upper 50s, low-to-mid 60s, sometimes you start off warmer so afternoon highs could get low-to-mid 60s
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especially ahead of los gatos, mostly sunny and with your weekend coming into view, it will be warmer especially on sunday. people in philadelphia are expected to get some relief after being hit by a powerful storm. heavy rain and wind gusting with problems on the roads and flight delays. about an inch of rain fell in some areas but things again are expected to dry up as that storm moves out of the area. well on the surface it sounds alarming. there is more reported hate crimes than any other state in the country and why police think this is a good sign. plus, a tragic death, it is a california sky diving facility. traffic is going well on the san mateo bridge, we are keeping an eye on the south bay
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coming up. a
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. good morning, we have upper 30s and 40s with clouds coming in. here is a look at some of the top stories we are following right now. there is a new occupied camp in west oakland and there are already more than a dozen tents in what is being called the cyprus triangle. right now crews are responding to a water-main break in san leandro. it sent water into the streets and still no word on how long the repairs will take.
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this morning federal investigators will arrive on the scene of a small plane crash in concord at the airport, passengers suffered minor injuries and it is still not clear what caused the plane to go down shortly after take off. and skydiver is dead after a skydiver tried to land, the parachute opened but he left at -- landed at bad angle. it is the 6th death in the past 15 months and more than 150,000 jump am occur at -- jumps occur at that area. michael has admitted he committed the gruesome crime three days before christmas. authorities say he confessed to
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repeatedly striking nine-year- old girl in the back of the head with a brick. he then dismembered the child and hid her remains in the freezer. and looking for information leading to an arrest for a sexual assault which happened in east oakland. it happened monday morning after she was robbed and sexually assaulted at knifepoint. police describe the attacker as african-american and he weighs between 140 and 150 pounds. california has the most reported hate crimes in the country and police say it is not necessarily a bad thing. according to the department of justice california reported 1,300 hate crimes of and eight of them occurred in san francisco. most of those were against the gay community but police say this means people are talking about hate crimes and reporting
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them more often here. in other states, most others are afraid to come forward. the new healthcare overhaul is causing confusion among patients and doctors. one or more americans received presentive screenings such as cancer screenings and flu shots however some thought they had to pay for free healthcare but when he was sedated doctors removed two cancerous poll lips. it turned into a diagnostic procedure which allowed his insurance company to stick him with an 1,100 dollars bill. and last year when new year's eve fell on a friday, they experienced a 50% increase in patients from the year before. they expect big numbers this weekend as well since new year's eve falls on a saturday.
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they expect it will be the busiest night all year with a flood of patients coming in after bars close at 2:00 a.m. typical injuries are car accidents and fights. well good news, they are already spending big to ring in the new year. they are at the hotel where at least 600 people are expected to attend a new year's eve party. tickets cost $150 per person and tickets are selling faster than they have in previous years. they only have a couple of tables left and then for the tickets, we have a few hundred. >> the other city businesses are preparing for the big day. the height regency is planning a rooftop party complete with the fireworks show. some will be having hangover kits such as mints and vitamin
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c. a check on traffic coming up with tara moriarty and sal castaneda. that is exactly correct. do not drink and drive, there will be plenty of officers on the roadway. right now we will look at traffic in the south bay, no delays westbound as you drive towards sunny dale and that construction beginning on the upper and lower deck of the bay bridge. two lanes are shut down but will be back open in the next couple of minutes and a slight back up as you can see at the bottom of your screen. finally a look at that two car crash this is in the woodside area. two cars have been moved to the shoulder but it is causing some back up as you can see with the orange there. let's go to steve. we have recent clouds coming over us and this is going down as one of the dryest, probably the third dryest ever and most of that
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fell on what was it 15? what we had 11 and 12th accept 100th and after that the rest of it is not looking good. 5 to 10 days in january are not good either. if you believe in the outlook and i do. the pattern has changed a little bit. instead of lows dropping down to southern california or the four jet streams, it goes west to east instead of north to south so we are in a different pattern change. upper 30s and 40s on the temperatures, san francisco 47, napa 38 as well. you can see cloud cover streaming into the north, seattle which needs rain, portland which needs rain, and they may get 5 to 8 inches so it is favorable for them but i don't think it will dip farther
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enough south. and near the crescent city, lake county could get a little bit but with the layers of the atmosphere, when you go to the surface 10,000 feet in, it is so dry. hazy skies, upper 50s low 60s partly sunny skies, mild to warm for some if a southeast wind kicks in. mostly clue did i by -- cloudy by friday, it will start to warm up possibly by sunday. this year, holiday shoppers say price was not the number one concern. after the meltdown, price was not the top priority and they were more concerned with finding the best an exact gift they wanted and they rated the best in customer satisfaction. last year cyber shoppers
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spent more than $30 billion between november 1 and december 26th and that is a difference of 15%. apparently they like the same thing about staying in a hotel any time of year. a new survey asked what they liked best about a holiday stay. the hotel bed ranks second, the third comes in not having to clean up after themselves, room service 5th and not good in terms of what they are looking for. this time regulators have already ordered the company to pay a million dollar fine. and a man steals a police cartoons all captured on tape. why they are trying to make a getaway.
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. we are looking at the police camera through traffic then it captured the eventual crash near the owe border. there it is, the suspect was
5:55 am
having an alleged meth lab inside a motel. officers handcuffed him and they managed to handcuff him. one man is dead after a fatal accident. this was the scene from news chopper 2, highway patrol says a motorcyclist crossed the double yellow line and crossed the area head-on. the driver of the truck was not killed. >> it is not an easy commute and not good to people who will not slow down. >> they spotted the motorcyclist and say he was going to fast to pull him over. they also say devil's slide is a dangerous commute an ongoing construction makes the problem worse. apple is not commenting
5:56 am
about a fine imposed by the italian government. they did not provide enough information to customers and they specifically say, they encouraged staff to buy the protection plan which includes product assistance but apple employees say two free years require assistance and they are ordered to pay 1.2 million dollars in fines. the democrat is going to have a new owner and new york times is selling it to a newspaper chain for $43 million. they plan to keep most of its current employees at the north bay business journal. already, it is coming up on 6:00 and we want to check in with tara moriarty who is in
5:57 am
forecast cast. it seems it is off to a pretty good start. metering lights are still on so that is the good news. let's go south bay, bottom left to santa clara, no delays. and near pittsburgh traffic is looking good but we did have a hit-and-run pop-up on the screen a couple of minutes ago on eastbound 4 but it should not affect your traffic too much. let's head back to the desk. and take off at away area airport, what we learned about the pilot and his passenger. and another encampment popped up in oakland. is this some rain or is this more false hope?
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. our runway a small plane crash. and burning wood, the reason officialsre


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