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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 28, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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this one set up in west oakland. want to show you live pictures of the scene from news chopper 2. there are a lot of police on hand taking quick action here to essentially dismantle this camp. there were only a handful of tents there. we are down on the ground with the latest on what's going on there right now. >> reporter: i can show you, police are still in the process of clearing this camp out. they now have everybody it looks like outside the gates of this property where they were set up. you can see not very far outside. everybody has set up here on the street as police stand guard blocking them from returning to this property. protesters thought they found the perfect location because they couldn't find any records indicating who owned this land. those owners surfaced and asked police to step in. just after 5:00 p.m., oakland police moved in on the occupy protesters called zion cypress
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triangle. they were following up on a warning issued earlier. everyone here on this vacant land was trespassing. >> got real high volume, there was a little bit of marijuana smoking, we could smell it in the air. >> reporter: organizers continued bringing in supplies when they escorted us in, they had set up addisen tents and started work on a kitchen. one told us said they checked out each person who wanted to come in. >> no criminal activities, no drug and alcohol policy here. there's no people drinking or on drugs. >> reporter: they're putting the word out to other occupy movements to come join them, but some are glad that won't be happening. >> this is my business and to
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leave it at night and not knowing what we're going to come back to in the morning. >> reporter: maybe something of all stalemate setting up, one of the tents is set up outside the gate now. we were able to talk to one of the owners of the property. he bought this property from the city about five years ago. as recently as an hour ago, police told us they couldn't move in and do what they're doing now because they had to have an official written consent form from the owners. apparently that's happened and they are still moving people out. we've taken a closer look at what was happening as we're getting the video of people moving in here. maybe one person was actually arrested. people were given citations for trespassing. we're live here in oakland for ktvu channel 2 news. in walnut creek today, occupy protesters staged a low-
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key demonstration. the occupiers wore sandwich boards and marched in the crosswalk at north main. they said they were there to support the millions of americans who are unemployed, in poverty, and without health insurance. and they hope to raise the consciousness of people who shop and work in walnut creek. police are planning to keep occupy protesters from disrupting the rose parade. organizers are urging supporters to bring large black and white signs criticizing corporations to monday's parade. protesters say they'll bring a 40-foot wide inflatable octopus to symbolize the grip corporations have on the political process. hundreds, including activists from other parts of the country, are expected to target inside and outside campaign offices. organizers hope to disrupt the
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slew of campaign events. there are no plans to disrupt the actual voting process. a man is in the hospital after being run down on a city sidewalk. it happened late this afternoon at 98th avenue and eaves street. police were looking for a woman wanted on illegal drug sale warrant. the woman spotted them, drove up on a sidewalk, and crashed into a man. the woman allegedly knocked over a utility box and tore off her side view mirror before driving off. police are still searching for the driver. we are awaiting word on the victim's condition. police released new details in a hit and run. investigators say they think this man was driving a maroon 2008 toyota seqoia that struck a 16-year-old boy. the boy was walking along at about 6:20 when he was hit. the teen is hospitalized now in
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stable condition. officers followed a trail of debris to a nearby target store but couldn't find the suv or driver. they say a surveillance camera got a shot of the person who police think is the suspect. a san francisco judge has ruled the owner will stand trial. crushed to death by a machine she was working on at digital pre-press international. they face involuntary manslaughter charges as well as labor code violations. >> we're very disturbed. that's why we're taking this so seriously. we're proceeding legally and this is the kind of stuff that is preventable. we know this is not a unique setting. there are probably other places out there that are unsafe. >> prosecutors say the two defendants will be arraigned in
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january. family and friends gathered for a vigil to remember an oakland man who was gunned down in an act of revenge. the security guard was shot to death on this date back in 2009. prosecutors said it was in retaliation for identifying a man in a gun case. they sentenced reshon lee for 65 years to life in prison for that murder. a wanted parolee is in custody following a pursuit this morning. >> stop. keep your hands above your head and drop to your knees. >> the police dog helped corral the suspect. they spotted the man driving a stolen el camino. he hit at least two cars. the man surrendered after scaling a fence. an all-day police action wrapped up about an hour ago. officers runed up 52 people
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wanted on drunk driving warrants. agencies taking part and we followed one agency all day. some offenders need to pay fines, some didn't show up for meetings, others failed to complete their paperwork. >> there's consequences for getting arrested for dui. everything we do is a reminder to get people not to drink and drive. >> today's sweep is part of the larger holiday dui enforcement period that started december 16th and runs until new year's day. a slew of new laws coming january 1st and many will impact young people and their parents. that story ahead in just 8 minutes. in san francisco, two new cameras will be installed at a busy intersection. it's fell and ma sonic.
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we're there live. >> reporter: the cameras are installed. the cameras have been brought here in an effort to make a notorious intersection safer. for years it's been among the top intersections for injury collisions. a dangerous place to cross by foot or bike. >> i almost got hit once and it's scary. >> reporter: they often tangle with cyclists and pedestrians. >> people want to get through the light before it changes, so they'll come right here and then the bikers are supposed to cross too. i saw someone get hit that way. >> yeah, it's a business confusing: >> reporter: some drivers say they're confused by visual clutter and a special bike crossing light added a few years ago. the transportation agency has added red-light cameras in what
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they call a last-ditch effort to stop collisions. >> we try to do all other options and in this specific case, we saw instances continue to happen even after we've taken other safety measures. >> reporter: the 24 red light cameras have helped reduce collisions by 45% since 1997. fines on this new camera may range as high as $530. >> this is about creating additional deterrents to provide for a safer environment. i think you can do it and do it thoughtfully if you're not motivated by profit. >> i used to live in l.a . where there are cameras everywhere. >> reporter: the cameras will be turned on in early january with signs posted warning of the fines for illegal left turns here. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news.
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>> a plan to manage traffic is creating a controversy. the city council has voted unanimously to install round abouts on a stretch of old redwood highway that runs through the downtown area. those opposed say reducing four lanes down to two means congestion and upset drivers who may use other roads to get where they're going. a group is collecting signatures to put the matter before voters. a pilot made an emergency landing after hitting a bird shortly after take off. the plane landed safely. the flight was canceled and passengers were booked on other flights. fire crews closed the runway and reopened it a short while later. federal investigators investigating last night's double tire blow out. the pilots of the seattle-bound
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plane had to stop the plane when the wheels blue blew. the passengers did call it a frightening experience. a judge has ordered the u.s. government to pay a san diego family $17.8 million for the loss the loss of four family members. the marine core was returning to base in december of 2008 when both engines failed. the pilot ejected safely, but a mother, grandmother, and two babies all died when that jet plunged in their home. a series of mistakes by the pilot led him to fly over a populated area. a portion of water service was out all day due to a water main break. crews got the call just after 4:00 this morning. more than two feet of water was
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gushing from the pipes. drinking water was not impacted. little change in the number of companies that plan to hire next year. career builder found 25% plan to add more staff next year. about 7% say they will cut staff. more than half of the companies also say they plan to give their current staff a raise next year. firms in the western united states were slightly more likely to say they planned to hire. now, on wall street, new concerns in europe weighed on investors today. the dow fell 139%. the nasdaq lost 35. also today the s and p 500 moved back into negative territory for the year. rumors of a revolutionary hd tv from apple appear to be gaining momentum with reports of a new partnership with samsung and sharp electronics.
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we're outside the apple store with the latest on the code name i-tv. >> reporter: between i-phones, i-pads, and i-pods. what we have is a half a billion mostly satisfied apple customers. imagine what a list of sales prospects that is. the apple faithful can hardly wait for an apple tv that could be out next summer. >> i have an i-pod touch, an i- pod, mac book. >> reporter: television's the most mature, so consumer expectations would be very high. >> apple has to have a game changer and they have to price it in a way that makes sense. >> reporter: apple didn't create music players nor cell phones nor computer tablets. what they did create changed everything. while there are smart tvs out there, imagine what apple may
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do. internet ready tvs can take you right to non-tv sites such as google and facebook. >> they have to come up with something so good that we didn't even think about it. >> i'm assuming a lot of people like the gadgets. i bet it would sell pretty quickly. >> imagine a tv that had one cord, no connections at all. >> reporter: getting folks off the couch to use a touch screen seems to be out of the question. >> possibly using an i-pad or i- phone as an i-pod touch as a remote control. >> reporter: will customers rush to buy them? >> i think they will. i know i will. >> reporter: even at a premium price, the name will likely sell many items.
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they expect hackers will set up attacks on mobile devices in 2012 as people are using their phones more for internet banking. new cars that link the mobile device to the car's computer are up for hacking. netflix is paying the price for changes to its service. satisfaction ratings for the video service fell 8%. 10s of thousands of users dropped them after they raised prices and tried to charge separately for their streaming video services. as for the top, amazon ranked highest. followed by avon, jc penney, qvc, and apple. parents need to take notice of the laws that will impact
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children. what you need to know. >> reporter: 6-year-old na thete weighs 59 pounds. a new law going into effect january 1st changes all that. car seats and booster seats will be required until children are either 8 years old or 4- foot 9 inches tall. >> i kind of feel bumped out a little. >> why? >> because i really want to know how it feels to sit in this. >> reporter: another new law targets kids who want to get high from cough syrup such as robitussin. we found teenagers who knew of others that drink cough medicine as a recreational drug. >> were they under 18? >> yeah. >> reporter: rebecca thinks teens who want to get the drug
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will find ways around the law. >> you should be able to buy medicine when you need it. not all teenagers do that. >> this is actually really nice. it's a little cadillac. >> reporter: a new law now prohibits kids from hopping into one of these tanning beds unless they have a prescription. it will affect business. many teens already have paid memberships. >> i see us probably giving refunds to memberships that have been paid out. we'll be giving money back for sure. >> reporter: tanning salons will start checking ids. some salons are requiring them to have parents sign a waiver to give permission. >> starting january 1st, it will be illegal to carry an
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unloaded handgun in plain sight in california. the law may put police in a bind. >> it opens them up toward civil rights lawsuits, if they make a false arrest it's something where the taxpayer is probably going to have to end up paying for that. >> the group responsible citizens of california says it has identified dozens of exemptions to open carry ban. they can be fined a thousand dollars and sentenced up to a year in jail. we have some rain showers showing up on live storm tracker 2. it's about 6 hours north of the bay area. a little bit of activity moving into parts of the north bay. we cannot rule out the chance of a few sprinkles or drizzle in the short term. looking out toward the golden gate bridge, the higher clouds heading into the region. that fog will greet you first
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thing tomorrow morning, especially right around the bay. tomorrow morning not nearly as cold. the coolest locations, no 20s, no 30s. they will be in the 40s. you can see the source of the high clouds moving in from the north, all associated with a very weak system. we will continue to have a few high clouds spill into the area on your thursday. scattered high clouds. that high will continue to weaken allowing this cold front to move into northern california. so by friday we do bring in more cloud cover and the possibility of a few light showers. the main focus will be up in the north bay. north of the golden gate bridge. this is not a significant rain producer. in fact, once that system moves through, that will set the stage for a dry weekend as we do wrap up the year.
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here's our forecast showing you the main rain band up to our north. as we take this into friday morning and into the afternoon hours, you can see the weak system falling apart. as a result, the highest chance of a few light showers or sprinkles for the northern half of the bay area. for tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m., mostly cloudy, patchy fog, temperatures in the 40s. by lunchtime, we'll hold on to that scattered cloud theme. forecast highs mainly in the upper 50s. here is a look ahead. your extended forecast with your weekend always in view. there's a little rain cloud to reflect the possibility of a few sprinkles or light showers into friday. then into the weekend, scattered clouds for saturday. still quite a few clouds into next week. we're going to get the latest forecast model information over the next couple of hours.
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>> what about fire works on new year's eve? will the clouds impact it? >> as far as the dense fog, it should not be in the picture but we'll keep an eye on it. they are likely nowhere near the bay area. that one ticket was sold at a grocery store on new york's long island or middle island new york. maybe you're just in from new york. the winning numbers are 23, 32, 33, 39, and 43 with the megaball 8. we have an update on a story we first reported earlier this month on a scam that hit. thieves stole thousands of dollars from the account. the money was supposed to be used for care packages for troops serving in afghanistan. since that news broke, they
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have received an outpouring of support from the community with donations totaling about $11,000. coming up in just 30 minutes, the peninsula police department is cracking down on a dangerous tradition. join us for these stories and much more coming up at 7:00. visitors will have to pay more to get in to this park. who's exempt from this new fee hike?
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the cost to visit the woods is set to go up in the new year. the entrance fee will raise from $5 to $7 starting january 1st. it will go directly to state parks which has been hit hard by budget cuts. this is turning into quite an off season. >> the off season fire sale by the oakland as continued. two more major leaguers have been sent packing.
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bailee was an all star? 2009. he has the best save percentage in as history. he's gotta go. ryan sweeney has been plagued by injury, but he's a 283 hitter. both were sent to the boston red sox. in return, they get josh reddick. he's a 248 hitter with a total of 10 homeruns. they also get miles head and raul encantara. we told you last night about the 18-49ers chosen. heading the list is patrick willis. the only person in franchise history to be a pro bowler in all five of his first five nfl seasons. >> for the people who voted and
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for each guy that made it, i feel like bowman was a qualified guy to be on that list. >> there are a lot of guys that still should have made it, but it will show you what kind of football team we have and the kind of caliber of players we have on this team. >> go bears. >> thank you and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news.
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