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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  December 30, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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definitely rain slicked roads. make sure you go a little slower this morning. 4:29 let's head back to pam. we begin with overnight news from oakland. right now police are looking for suspects in a drive-by shooting. that happened shortly before 2:00 a.m. in the downtown area of oakland. investigators say bullets from a passing car hit an 18-year- old man driving another car. the victim then drove a short distance to seventh and market where he stumbled out into the street. he's now listed in stable condition. it's not clear what led up to that gunfire. occupy protestors are taking their cause to new heights. late last night a demonstrator climbed the top of a tree. he set up a wooden platform and plans to camp out there. fellow protestors gathered at the bottom of the tree to help avis him billion supplies. police were on scene but for now they are allowing him to sit up there.
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demonstrators spent a month on top of tree. a dozen occupy protestors were arrested earlier yesterday after they took over a foreclosed home. activists from just cause say they occupied the home in west oakland yesterday afternoon to protest fannie mae foreclosure policies. police arrested four people. work crews then bordered it up. san jose police are investigating another disturbing case of fan violence at a big league sports event. a 16-year-old girl says a drunk sharks fan attacked her at hp pavilion. kraig debro joins us. >> reporter: there is not a lot they can say about the case right now because the girl was a juvenile. the girl was take ton the -- the girl was taken to the
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hospital. she was conscious on the way to the hospital. the woman responsible or alleged to be responsible was not arrested by police. this all happened on wednesday night. this is a picture of maggie and her six-year-old sister mia. this comes from the marin independent journal. two nights agoth girls attended the sharks game. they got the tickets for christmas. but canadian expatriots weren't there to pull for the sharks but were for ey came in pull -- became the targets of a woman in her 40s. a drunk woman. the woman harassed her and swore at them. the woman sitting behind them leapt in the air. when her hand came down her hand hit maggie in the back of the head. the sharks issued a statement saying the woman that hit maggie saying the contact was
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accidental and no fans report seeing any contact. one of the reasons maggie is a giant canucks fan. not only is she from the area but four years ago when she had a brain tumor canucks came to the hospital to see her. reporting live in san jose kraig debro. a registered sex offender suspected of killing his former girlfriend is now behind bars this morning. prosecutors have decided there is finally enough evidence to file murder charges against raymond wong. he's accused of killing alice sin of pi until. he showed no emotion. >> he is a very cocky. somebody i would consider
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arrogant individual. >> the body of diablo valley college student was found in a remote dirt road in nevada. this murder case relied mostly on responsible evidence. it was bogged down by the question of whether authorities in california or nevada had jurisdiction. as 2011 comes to a close the bay area three largest cities have matched or exceeded homicide totals. oakland has seen 102 homicides this year. san francisco recorded 50 homicides this year which matches last year total. in san jose the city has seen the highest number of homicides in 15 years. that number does not include two people killed at san jose state. a suspect is under arrest after a high speed chase. police from american canyon pursued a car driving
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recklessly around 9:00 last night. officers followed that vehicle on interstate 80. two others crashed into each other. trying to avoid the suspects vehicle. the individual was arrested. no one was hurt during the chase. time now 4:34. the owner of a popular walnut creek night spot is fighting a new order from city hall prohibiting him from selling alcohol past 11:30:00 p.m.. the city handed down the order to lift lounge after 80 calls to service. owner chip crew says he can't be blamed for all of the calls. the walnut creek police say it's oversaturated with night bus and leading to fights. >> i don't think we have an issue here. there will be issues everywhere at different times. obviously when there is alcohol involved. we don't really have too many problems. >> cruz has filed an appeal
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which will alaw him -- which will allow him to serve drinks until 12:30:00 p.m. tomorrow. the 2006 law mandates cleaner low carbon fuels to reduce dependence on petroleum products pap judge says -- a judge says it unfavors bio fuel. advocates for cleaner fuel say hay will -- say they will appeal and for a new ruling. the budget passed by the state legislature last summer approved that step as a way to save $1.7 billion. cities which count on that money for low income housing and other major projects sued but lost. >> we'll be allowed to complete
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our contractual obligations. >> as a result of this, k-12 schools will be getting more than a billion dollars this year in revenue they would not have gotten. >> the decision will cut city's large and small. the biggest cities are likely to feel more of the impact. san jose is bay area's biggest city and says its redevelopment agency has been the driving force in revitalizing downtown. the tech museum and arena have been built through regency funding. >> a lot of families are not going to have affordable housing here. which means companies will not be able to lure workers here. >> projects like the proposed baseball stadium won't be effected by the decision. that is because their finance through special taxes or private partnership deal. a warrant has been issued
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by a woman who says hit a man by her car. 27-year-old erika rojo drove on to the sidewalk on wednesday while she was tries to get away from fremont police. she has two felony warrants for auto theft and transporting drugs. her car hit 50-year-old carl duke. he was thrown 50 feet by that impact but is expected to survive his injuries. a union city bakery was evacuated after a hazardous material scare. a cleaning crew struck a freon line and ruptured it around 7:30 last night. the leak was contained to the site. ten workers were inside the bakery at the time but no one was hurt. a pilot program kicks off this weekend to stop drunk driving. government statistics show alcohol related crashes represent more than 40% of all deaths on the road.
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templar sewing is joining in with mothers against drunk driving to offer people a fritted home. their vehicles will also be towed back. 2011 is quickly coming to a close. there are many things to be done before that famous ball drops in time square to ring in 2012. coming up in 15 minutes we will show you the preparations under way right now in new york city. beautiful. 4:39 is the time. we are looking at a little bit of rain. i hate to call it rain. i don't know what you saw. i saw very light drizzle. steve has been forecasting we could see rain. >> it was raining in daly city. you could hear the rain drops. then it got dizzily across the bay bridge. definitely sighing a lot of --
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definitely seeing a lot of rain out there. let's take a look at the cameras. this is a look at the golden gate bridge. looks pretty foggy. we do have a fog advisory in effect for the pacifica area. no problems as you drive into san francisco this morning. at the bay bridge a fog advisory is also until effect for those of you driving westbound. fog advisory for the dumbarton and san mateo bridges. this is what we saw yesterday and tuesday i believe. make sure that you drive slowly. finally 280 near san jose you normally don't see fog here but you are seeing fog here. it is 4:40 let's head back over to pam. >> all right. steve paulson is off today. we have rosemary will be here in a moment. cloudy skies are expected today with patchy fog after light drizzle in the morning. the highs for the day will be in the upper 50s. mostly cloudy skies expected this evening with patchy fog as
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well. lows in the mid 40s. just about what we have been seeing the past couple of weeks really. mostly cloudy weather is expected tomorrow as well before becoming partly cloudy as well. we could also see more fog tomorrow morning. highs likely to be around 60 tomorrow that is. police are investigating whether armed robberies at two mcdonalds restaurants are related. investigators tell the times harold two young men robbed the mcdonalds on springs road. they made off with an undisclosed amount of cash. the light before police arrested three men with a similar robbery. the upcoming new year will bring some new changes to muni in san francisco. all in an effort top speed up travel times. muni plans on reducing the number of stops on eight of its bus and light rail lines including the five fulton.
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the exact stops that will be eliminated have not yet been announced. muni says a detailed plan will be released in february. right now it's 4:41. banned from the english language. plus. a dramatic rescue in southern california after a hiker chases his dog over a cliff. fog causing problems at the san mateo bridge this morning. we'll tell you other bridges effected by the fog coming up.
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it's 6:44 we want to take a look outside. you can see pretty foggy. this is the camera in downtown san francisco. looking toward sutro tower. pretty foggy out there. rosemary will be here shortly with the complete weather forecast. interstate 10 is back open this morning in new orleans that is after two people were killed. nearly two dozen people were sent to the hospital. new orleans police say poor visibility is to blame for the crash. most likely a combination of fog and some smoke actually from a nearby marsh fire. russian officials say a fire on a nuclear submarine is under control this morning
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aphtha is after burning for several hours. flames started last night on the submarine. it's believed that wooden scaffolding caught fire during welding repairs. the docked submarine has several nuclear reactors but russian officials say the fire did not pose any risk to the reactors. nine people were injured during the fire fight. kim jong un is the great leader of north korea. he is initially to share power with party leaders as the party transitions. north korea is warning the rest of the world not to expect any changes in its policies. kim jong il died two weeks ago. north korea's official mourning period ended yesterday with his funeral. this is an incredible story. a southern california teenager and dog are safe this morning. that is after they were rescued from a cliff. it all started yesterday when 19-year-old ivan, his father, and two dogs were hiking in the
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san fernando valley. his father tossed a bottle after the cliff and the dog went after it. >> i thought i was going to die. >> two firefighters repelled down the cliff to rescue sulice and the dog. hundreds of northern california teen anallers were found with drugs while traveling through northern nevada. they displayed the marijuana, pipes, bongs, and alcohol taken off five buses. they were on their way to utah for a ski trip. apparently unchaperoned. police were called to a mcdonalds with reports of teens smoking marijuana. it would have been a huge legal and logistical challenge to determine who each bag of the drugs belonged to.
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he gave everyone a luckture and urged them to be safe on the slopes. in election news this morning the republican presidential candidates are blanketing the state of iowa this morning just four days ahead of the iowa caucuses. the latest poll shows mitt romney ahead of the race closely followed by ron paul and santorum. the candidates tell voter what is they would do as president. >> i'm a strong advocate and believe we must do it as soon as possible have a full audit of the federal reserve system. >> i like pbs. public broadcasting. but i'm not going to kill big bird. but there will be advertisements on pbs to help pay for big bird. >> iowa caucuses are next tuesday january 3rd but a win there is not a guarantee of the
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nomination. an attorney in virginia has filed a lawsuit to have newt gingrich's name placed on the state's primary ballot. the party determined that gingrich's campaign failed to pay in the required 10,000 signatures but the attorney filing the lawsuit contends many of the signatures supporting gingrich were improperly excluded. only two of the republican candidates mitt romney and ron paul were found eligible for virginia's march 6th primary. san francisco based twitter is not commenting on the threat to sue it. israeli law center says twitter and other social media provide centers to groups. that goes against last years supreme court case. in the past twitter has said it does not take a political stand and it favors free speech. time now is 4:49. a funeral will take place today for the oakland man who became
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an organ donor after his shooting death. 23-year-old charles butler junior was killed last week while driving home from the store. were his death butler requested to be an organ donor. as a result two men received butlers liver, pancreas and kidneys. today's funeral gets under way at 11:00 this morning at the center of hope community church in oakland. this weekend hundreds of people are expected to pay their last respects to an oakland city hall reporter. a memorial service will be held in fremont. earlier this week the body of the 55-year-old journalist was found inside a friends home in the east bay. police have not determined the cause of his death but there is no sign of foul play. funeral arrangements also pending now for the former mayor of fremont. bob wasserman was hospitalized for respiratory problems and died yesterday. he had served as the city's
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mayor since 2004 before that he served as fremont's police chief and on the city council. fremont's vice mayor will take over his duties until the city council fills the position. more than 100 children will be waking up as oakland church after taking part in a massive sleepover. that is happening at the allen temple baptist church. the sleepover features 24 hours of food, fun, and friends designed to keep the children off the streets and in a safe environment. organizers say the event also allows participating to connect with the churches. >> so we just thought we could create an environment where they could come. they can have fun and we can feed their spirits too. >> i'm excited about how we have other people from other churches so we can expand our youth ministry and meet other people. >> church church ores plan to make it an annual event. we have the annual list of words pane phrases ban -- words
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and phrases for ban of the english language. this is the 37th year that lake superior university has compiled the list. it includes. baby bump. shared sacrifice. win the future. occupy. man cave. the new normal. all right. they want those words out. 4:51 is the time. two college football teams will face off against each other tomorrow at a bowl game at at & t park but today players will be working toward a common goal. getting ready for the big event the preparations taking place ahead of the neweers eve -- new years eve ball drop in times square.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. 4:44 is the time. tomorrow my bruins ucla, and the university of illinois
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football teams will compete the craft fight hunger bowl in san francisco. today players will help hundreds of needy families. ucla football teams will serve meals at glide memorial church. illinois will do at st. anthony diner. very nice. tara is bruins as well. we are ucla grads. i have moved on to basketball. we will watch ucla play cal. >> i think ha is a -- i think that is a good idea too. let's talk traffic. this is the first real rain/mist we have had in awhile. that mixes with the oil on the roadway makes it slippery. make sure you drive carefully this morning. at the bay bridge a fog advisory is in effect for those of you driving westbound. a fog advisory also for the dumbarton and san mateo bridges. along the bay bridge there was construction going on eastbound.
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three lanes are blocked off until 6:00 this morning. so be aware of that. in san rafael it is extremely clear. this is unusual. we have seen a lot of fog in marin county this week. we do have a fog advisory in effect for the pacifica area. no real problems here. and finally highway 4 through bay point near pittsburgh the fog has not rolled in and your commute is looking good westbound on the bottom portion of your screen. coming up we'll talk a little bit about the ace train schedule it has been modified today. 4:56 let's check in with rosemary. good morning, to you. how are you? we have that rain out there over northern california. we are seeing a little bit of drizzle this morning. it's enough like tara said to bring you wet roads out there this morning. we'll be tracking this for you. for the most part we will see just a few sprinkles here again. that will be about it. the satellite radar shows you we have plenty of clouds
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overhead. because of it our temperatures feel pretty good out there this morning. many of us sitting in the 40s and low 50s. 51 santa rosa. 53 in oakland. 52 san francisco. 57 mountain view. and 53 san jose. what a difference from just a week ago when we were sitting in the 20s. do you remember that? prepare for the wet roads. i will show you future cast for a little bit here. we have clouds. we have rain to the north. it will slide. it does drift south just a little bit. but not really enough to bring us a lot. we're seeing a little bit of a cloud coffer out there. a little bit of wet weather. we are rolling into the overnight hours and we are dry. our weekend looks fairly dry as well. we'll take a look at your extended forecast coming up. final preparations under way for the new years eve celebration in new york city. as usual security will be tight. police plan to close down some streets in one of the largest counterterrorism events of the
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year. a million people will jam into time square this saturday night. city crews practiced dropping confetti. there are plenty of events here in the bay area as well to ring in the new year. lover rain will have more -- lorraine blanco will have more. also coming up a very disturbing story. another incident of fan violence. claims a teenage girl is making against a san jose sharks fan. new attempts to occupy frank gala plaza.
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