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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 30, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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complete bay area news coverage, starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> as shots ring out in oakland in a double shooting, a ktvu crew was nearby, that is our top story. good afternoon, i am claudine wong in for tori campbell. two people were hospitalized following a shooting. our news crew was covering the funeral of a young man in oakland when they heard at least four gunshots ring out not far away. our photographer ran to the scene where two men were lying
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on the ground with 1 shot wounds, witnesses say they were sitting in the car when another man came up and shot. according to witnesses one of them is out of the military. >> cool dude, smart, just came back, just got a job, on the right track, trying not to be a static. >> police tell us their injuries are not life- threatening and there is no indication it is related to the funeral happening nearby. also in oakland police are looking for suspects in a drive- by shooting that happened before 2:00 a.m. in the downtown area, investigators say bullets from a passing car hit an 18-year- old plan driving another car. he drove a short distance and stumbled out on the street. he is in stable condition and it is not clear what led up to the gunfire. friends and family are saying good-bye to a young man gunned down as he drove to the
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store but it is not just the life of charles butler they are reshing, as ring, as noel walker tells it is more. >> reporter: it is still going on. i will send our photographer in there to give you a look as it continues. the service is something the family really needed. they say they are getting some consolation that charles' death gave others life and it is making today a little bit easier. finding the words to say goodbye is never easy. saying good-bye to someone who had his whole life ahead of him more difficult than words can say. >> no words that i really can express to say goodbye you know because it is so devastating to the news that i had got about my nephew. reporter: 23-year-old charles butler graduated from the merchant marine academy and
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looking forward to his first assignment when he was shot while driving in his neighborhood. >> we ask that you do cry, wipe your tears and also let your heart be joyful for his life and be joyful for what he has done and going on to be with god. killed three days before christmas, his funeral today comes just before the new year. >> i just want to ask you to look at your neighbor and just smile because charles was always smiling. i don't know if you noticed or not but he was always smiling, gold teeth and all, look at the person on your left and just smile at him. >> reporter: in death charles butler gave others a new chance at life through organ donation, his liver went to a fellow church member grateful ill. his pancreas and kidney are helping make another bay area family's holiday wish come true even as his own family spends
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their first holiday without him. >> we don't want to just get t- shirts and march and the next day things are normal, we want to address violence on the street, which is providing options for individuals who have decided that they don't care about their life or others. >> reporter: now that shooting you heard about at the very top of our newscast happened right down the street, just a block away. charles' cousin says it is an unfortunate example of why she is passing out these flyers today at this funeral, trying to start a memorial fund to give kids prone to violence some other option to turn to other than guns. live in oakland, noel walker, ktvu channel 2news. >> we are seeing something today that we have not seen in a while around the bay area, damp weather. drizzle in the streets and things a little bit wet but really it wasn't even enough to measure, rosemary says showers are expected throughout the day in the north bay and a sprinkle
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or two south of there. we really do need that rain right now, we are on pace to have the third driest december in the bay area. rosemary will be here with your complete forecast. the accident injured four people in san francisco this morning, including two police officers. it happened about 5:45 this morning at the intersection of third and 22nd street. a muni light rail vehicle crashed into the vehicle and according to the fire department it was not going at a high speed when it broadsided the cruiser. they were taken to hospitals with moderate to minor injuries. >> any time you can walk away from an incident like that it is is a a good thing. we will find out what happened and get those details out. >> they are looking into the cause. service was disrupted for a few hours but that is running
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normally right now. that wasn't the only crash involving a muni this morning. the train hit a car around 9:15 a.m. at the intersection there. there were no injures reported and they ran shuttles until service resumed. the cause is under investigation. a girl is recovering after she says she was attacked by a drunk fan. according to reports maggie, seen here on the left, says she suffered a concussion after a woman hit her in the head during the game. she lives in the bay area now but is from vancouver and was wearing a canuck's jersey, her attacker in the 40s says she accidentally hit her while celebrating a goal. she underwent surgery years ago but is expected to be okay. the police are investigating. it is called the hunger bowl and they will face off tomorrow but today both sides are teaming up to fight hunger
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in san francisco. new at noon lorain blanco joins us live from glide memorial church with more on what the teams are doing. >> reporter: hello claudine, the hunger bowl is happening tomorrow at at&t park so it makes sense just a few miles away both teams are feeding the hungry today. see the bruins buses behind me right now in front of glide. my alma mater, the ucla players arrived at 11:30, getting ready to serve lunch, 90 bruins will be helping. it is the only college bowl out of all 35 dedicated to a social cause. their opponent served lunch at st. anthonys on golden gate, they did everything from preparing meals to cleaning up after. tomorrow is all about football but tomorrow is all about helping the community for both teams. >> it feels good to be able to give back you know this is a community service, just to know
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we are making a difference. >> and the bruins will be serving lunch here at glide until 1:30. the craft hunger bowl will be tomorrow at at&t park at 12:30. live in the tenderloin, lorain blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, lorain you and i both bruins, so go bruins, thanks. the hunger bowl is part of a big drive to replenish food banks. this one got a delivery in a giant shopping basket and they presented a $130,000 check to the food bank which will help hungry people throughout the area. >> we have 215 pantries around san francisco and marin. the other place it can go is like glides and st. anthony's where we have college players serving meals. >> the money and food is enough to provide 880,000 meals for people in need.
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well it looks like something from a movie set but it was real. the search for an arsonist there. we will take a look outside. still looks damp, rosemary will tell uswill last and what new year's eve will look like. occupy protesters go to new heights. and you will have to look up to see the tactics.
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cal trans crews are taking advantage of the light holiday traffic to demolish northbound lanes there. it is going to effect the north ramp as well as eastbound and westbound 42nd avenue and the southbound 880 high street connector to eastbound 42nd avenue, that work will continue until 3:00 p.m. today. a man who admitted drinking 13 beers before getting in his car and allegedly hitting and killing a man was arraigned this morning. juan martinez pleaded not guilty to charges. he is being held on one million dollars bail. police say the 23-year-old killed a man at 8:30 saturday morning. prosecutors say martinez fled the scene then reported that
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his car had been stolen. the highway patrol is investigating a deadly crash early this morning in the south bay. authorities say just after 6:00 a.m. a truck went off the roadway on a connector ramp between interstate 880 and highway 237 in milpitas, the coroner has not released the identity of the person who died but the cps says he was a 52-year-old man from san jose. a crime scene investigator was killed while investigating a drive by shooting. 46-year-old mary donnaho had just arrived. she was hit by an suv as she got out of her vehicle, the driver stopped and is cooperating with investigators. >> it is not very often that we lose a family member here at the sheriff's office especially the line of duty. it is a tragedy when it happens. and in this case it is simply a tragic accident. >> she was the mother of a 12- year-old son and was a nine year veteran of the sheriff's department. the highway patrol is
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investigating the incident. firefighters are chasing after an arsonist in hollywood. there were nearly a dozen separate fires in that area early this morning. at least 15 cars were tore wered, some of the flames spread to nearby homes and apartment buildings, one firefighter was injured. occupy oakland continues its demonstration in and above franco galo plaza, where some activists spent the night in a tree. he was okay after that fall. protesters say they have decided to occupy the trees because police have a difficult time removing them. he plans in definitely. >> you guys how long we are going to be here. as long as it takes to make a statement. obviously we have not made a statement because we are here. >> they tried to set up a tent
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but it was removed. they say they didn't actually sleep because that would have but them in violation of the law. a teenager and his dog are safe after they were rescued from a cliff. it started yesterday when they hiking. his father tossed a bottle off a cliff and the dog chased after it. he went after the dog and the two slid 150 feet down a slope. republican presidential candidates are on a last minute campaign blitz with just four days to go before the iowa caucuses. this is their final weekend to persuade voters, particularly the undecided to join their camps. jennifer davis reports. >> reporter: mitt romney has been drawing big crowds in iowa and today gets help from a top gop star known for his blunt talk. >> you people disappoint me on tuesday, you don't do what you are supposed to do on tuesday for mitt romney i will be back
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jersey style people. >> new jersey governor chris christie, one discussed as a candidate himself has come to the hawkeye state to give him a boost. he fell short another years ago, placing second and once again finds himself neck and neck with another candidate. this time ron paul. >> ron paul is incorrectable, honest. >> iowans have a few more days and many are throwing their support behind rick santorum. the surge has pushed him into the number 3 spot. >> the latest poll shows momentum on his have, that is a good thing to have. >> the news is not as good for newt gingrich, whose popularity is fading but he continues to make an appeal to voters. >> i will ask you to be with me for the next eight years. >> gingrich is getting help in virginia where he failed to get the 10,000 signatures necessary to qualify for the state's primary ballot. one of his supporters filed a lawsuit challenging that
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decision. in washington, jennifer davis, fox news. >> some comments by the daughter of house minority leader nancy pelosi may get her in trouble with her mother. according to the san francisco chronicle alexander pe pelosi said her mother wants to retire but is staying on because of that. they say it is not true and she is preparing to come back if they win next year. they worry the expansion of the panama canal could hurt west coast ports including oakland. the ports relay on asian imports but the project which calls for a third lane will be completed in 2014 and will allow large freighters to by pass west coast ports and head directly to terminals on the gulf and east coast and allows
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ships to carry almost three times more cargo. today the state warned about this. it calls for 14 to 17 billion dollars in repairs, that includes 5 billion in bonds approved by voters 5 years ago. experts say breaches in the levees would pose a threat to life, property and drinking water supplies. >> good afternoon to you, cloudy, cool and moist out there, giving you a live look at the san jose international airport, 1 to 2/100s reported this afternoon to tipping the bucket just a bit in some areas but it really isn't going to amount to much. we are not looking at a lot of rain with this system but again we have watched a little bit of light rain and showers and a little bit of drizzle. giving you a lack here a look
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here at storm tracker, a moist flow going on here this afternoon and this will continue through your friday and that is bringing us a little bit of drizzle. you can see here this continues to shift to the east. the storm does, not bringing us a whole lot of rain. those low clouds and the moist flow bringing us quit a bit of drizzle and that is hard to pick up on the rare, so a very soggy day in some cases and that will be what we see through the afternoon, by 2:00 or so it shifts, looking at the tail-end of this system bringing us actual brief showers through the afternoon, looks like along the san mateo coastline, and the golden gate and by 4:00 continues the shift down there. by 5:00 or so take a look at the north bay, already beginning to clear out and we do dry out tonight. our weekend is going to be dry. what can we expect today, mostly cloudy skies, brief showers replaying and light winds with forecasted highs mid- 50s to low 60s, right now mid-
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upper 50s. we have not budged much in the last several hours. started the morning in the 50s and for the afternoon, well, we are going to be in the 50s, 58 novato, 57 oakland, 56 san francisco, under mostly cloudy conditions. the south bay will see a few low 60s, 62 mountain view, 66 san show say and 66 degrees for half moon bay. your extended forecast here looking at your holiday weekend, so drying out by tonight, tomorrow morning a little bit of that lingering moisture going to manage around hang around but we do have an offshore flow that will help to dry us out, so partsly cloudy skies dry conditions and for your new year's day 50s in the forecast, dry conditions and we will continue that trend monday as for tuesday. so while we are seeing just a little bit of rain today not going to help reel really
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with that deficit for december -- >> i was surprised when --- >> -- we could -- >> -- thanks rosemary. well preparations are underway for the celebration, as usual security is tight. police plan to close down streets. up to a million people will jam in. they practiced dropping confetti to make sure they are not going to dedisappointed. >> it is awesome, i thought it was snowing at first but it is exciting to know there are tons of confetti on new year's eve. we are all excited. >> earlier they tested the ball. this year's theme is let there be friendship. we have a list. go to our website and look for the link. you can also ring in 2012 with ktvu channel 2 and the american country new year's eve live
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after the 10:00 news tomorrow night. ahead a closer look at the final day of trading this year. and a company is calling it a convenience fee, why the way verizon customers pay their bills could soon have them paying more.
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all right, only a few hours left in the 2011 trading year and a quiet day expected today. the big winner for the year mcdonalds up 31%, bank of
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america the big loser, down 59% this year. well, verizon customers are now going to have to pay the carrier a surcharge if they pay their bill using a credit card. they announced customers who pay over the phone or on-line using a credit card will now have to pay two dollars each time as a convenience fee. but the company also says there are ways to get around paying that surcharge. customers who set up an auto peja count will be off the hook and customers who mail in a check or pay at a verizon store can avoid it. some consumers say it is annoying to pay a fee to pay their bills. hundreds of teenagers got off with a warning while traveling through. police displayed the drugs they confiscated from 5 buses. they say the teens in the buses were on their way to utah for an unchaperoned ski trip. the police chief says it would
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have been a huge legal and logistical challenge to figure out which bags belonged to who, so instead he gave everyone a lecture and urged them to be safe. expect a tie up because of the critical mass bicycle ride. they will meet at the foot of market street and then hit city streets, critical mass always takes place on the last friday of the month. coming up at 5:00 more on that developing news where two people were shot fire a funeral for a homicide victim. also reports of a missing monkey stolen from the zoo. what zoo officials say led to that monkey's disappearance, those and more at 5:00. thanks for trusting ktvu channel 2 news.
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we will see you at 5:00. and remember we are always here for you on and on mobile have a great friday everyone. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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