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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  March 17, 2012 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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[chuckles] >> reporter: take a look behind me, this
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checkpoint on san pablo avenue in berkeley started at 8:30 and believe it or not the officers here toll me that the goal is not to make the arrests, but to deter drunk driving. >> have i have to to something in honor of st. patrick's day. >> reporter: on a holiday with a reputation for drinking the st. patrick's day dui checkpoint in berkeley is meant to discourage drunk- driving. >> roll your window down, please. >> reporter: checkpoints like this one in san francisco's richmond district are in cities and counties across the bay area tonight. redwood city is trying something a little different. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: transforming a quiet neighborhood street. >> checkpoint, your driver's license. >> reporter: into a pop up sobriety checkpoint. >> have anything to drink at all? okay, thank you for your cooperation and you have a nice evening, all right? >> reporter: this is the first of four mobile checkpoints that redwood city will have tonight. >> by moving to different
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locations, people have to question if they are going to encounter us. >> i think it's great for the city. there are a lot of people driving around speeding and drinks. >> there is always the chance of something terrible happening with people on the road drinking and drive. >> reporter: the message, if you are drinking, have a designated- driver. >> now drunk-driving doesn't just potentially cost lives, it costs a lot of money, about $10,000 in insurance increases, fines and potential jail time. noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. four people were at local pubs today and they were crowded along market street in san francisco for the 161st st. patrick's day parade. and with the luck of the irish, the luck that the iraq are famous for, the rain held off and families and tourists turned out to watch the marching bands and floats. organizers say 5,000 people participated in the parade which ended with a big
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celebration at the plaza, plus find out how president obama marked theholidays. we're on stormwatch tonight. people came out to see the latest changes to the mouth of san lorenzo river. earlier this week the river threatened to undermine part of the popular boardwalk and the water is still flowing close by. crews are using sandbags to protect the boardwalk and heavy equipment to reroute the river towards the sea j. the national weather service has issued a high-surf advisory for the bay area coast starting tonight. in santa cruz this afternoon, surfers hit the waves taking advantage of a 4-5' break. the surf advisory is set to expire at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. some bay area mountaintops got a dusting of snow today. this is what it looked like this morning at the lick observatory on top of mount hamilton about
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4200' up. the mountain picked up even more snow as the day went on. >> right now on live stormtracker 29 shower activity has been on the decrease somewhat every the past few hours. that is after a fairly active day of showers and thunderstorms reported of heal and as ken mentioned with the snow on the bay area peaks, right now as you can see the shower activity focuses on parts the south bay. we could pick up more of a dusting of snow, least a layer towards mount hamilton. we have dropping snow levels to 2000'. we'll show you more activity and possibly snow along the superintendent 17. it will be that cold. shower activity old of boulder creek. as far as rainfall totals since last monday, look at these numbers, very impressov. north bay, nearly-6", san francisco, 3", oakland over 4".
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we can beat that. santa cruz county from the santa cruz mountains to the coast and up in the santa cruz mountains for monday through the afternoon, a 5-day total amounts of 20", 19.96" of rainfall over past few days. very impressive coming up, i will highlight shower chances for tomorrow and if we have any more strong storms showing up in the long-range weather maps. thank you, mark. our rainy weather left a walnut creek neighborhood in the dark. pg&e crews worked to restore power in the lakewood neighborhooded. more than 500 customers lost electricity when a power line was knocked down. in the sierras, skiers and snowboarders spent the at the end of the enjoying fresh snow. boreal mountain resort in truckee
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reported-46". forecasters say snow will continue to fall off an on throughout the weekend. can always find weather alerts by going to our website search teams spread out in gilroy looking for a missing woman, who was feared dead. she is believed to be the victim of her own son. an iraq war veteran blamed form killing his little sister before killing himself. janine de la vega shows us where searches are are looking. >> reporter: dozens of people met at the redwoods apartment today, all of them want to help find 52- year-old martha gutierrez. >> it's raining and cold and they don't feel nothing. they just feel the heart, because they help look for her. >> reporter: friends and neighbors searches the brush for any sign
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of gutierrez. with the steady rain falling, many feared that the rising levels may hide evidence. police say they believe gutierrez' son abel may have seriously hurt or killed her. the searchers covered about 45 miles along with cadaver and police dogs. they are large canyons and mountainous and rugged terrain. >> policee say there snow specific evidence that led them to search that area. gutierrez' friend say searching on their own is the least they can do. >> ter doing their best and we're doing our best and everyone pray for her and pray for us too to find her. >> reporter: police tell he me that afternoon they have exhausted all their leads and at this point do not plan on sending out the search-and-rescue team tomorrow. janine de la vegas. ktvu channel 2 news. a pair of robbery and
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carjacking suspects were both arrested. 39-year-old roland ramirez and it'll-year-old franchesca galope were arrested at lincoln and cutler avenues in san jose. during the police pursuit ramirez hit two cars an abuilding before he allegedly attempted to carjack another motorist today's arrest comes after an hours long standoff with police and s.w.a.t. yesterday where the pair managed to escape the police. the boyy was spotted at:45 a.m., partially submerged on the rocks in southern end of the marina, near hs lordship's represent. a restaurant employee made the discovery and called police. authorities say the body of that of an adult male and there are, nor obvious signs of trauma or suspicion of foul play analyst an equipment malfunction an underground pg&e vault sent a man hell cover
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flying into the air. pga says it happened in the financial district near california and grand avenue. when police got there the officers knew it was a powerful blast. >> we got here, there was a man home cover about 10' away from the hole, and it was in at least two pieces. >> pg&e says when crews arrived they could see smoke rising from underground. most of that smoke dissipated within about an hour. no one was hurt and no cars were damaged. the exact cause of that blast remains under investigation. we're learning more tonight about the u.s. soldier being held in connection with the massacre of 16 afghan civilianses. as casey stegall reports staff sergeant robert bales served three tours in iraq and was hoping to stay state id. >> reporter: the 38 -year-old staff sergeant arrived in afghanistan last december for his fourth deployment, a miss he was not happy about according to his
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attorney. seattle-based defense lawyer who was hired to represent robert bales says his client as under the impression that his days of serving on the battlefield were over. >> he was told that he was not going to be redeployed. the family was counting on-not being redie destroyed. redeployed. and then literally." that changes. >> reporter: as we stationed out of joint base lewis-mcchord in washington state. the small neighborhood where he lived with his wife and two young children, ages 3 and 4 has been overrun with media this week. those who knew him simply can't believe the man they once saw playing wiz had kids on the front lawn accused of sparking this massacre and sparking international outrainfall. >> i feel he is just a victim of a terrible , terrible war.
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and usually when something happens like that, it's related to ptsd. >> 11 of the victims are said to be part of the same family. nine of the victims were children. >> reporter: ironically at the beginning of last month, bales was assigned to a force that as paired with local villagers to provide security to the locals. a senior u.s. defense official says that this soldier had been drinking in the hours prior to this attack, something that would have violated military orders, banning alcohol in all war zones. in los angeles, casey stegall, fox news. in afghanistan today demonstrators took to the street to protest the transfer of that suspected killer to the u.s.. bales is now being held at fort leavenworth, kansas. there have been numerous such protests in recent day as afghans call for staff sergeant bales to be tried in an afghan court. the emotional plea today from the parents of a missing
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south bay girl. plus the clue that is giving investigators an idea of what might have happened to her. >> during a time when law enforcement is cutting back, one local department is bucking that trend. also president obama has irish roots and see how he celebrated st. patrick's day. the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds. [ male announcer ] this march, dive into the subway® jalapeno tuna,
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>> a search is on for a teenaged girl missing in the south bay. 15-year-old sierra lamar was last seen leaving for school early yesterday morning. ktvu's deboravillelon say authorities are treating her disappearance as suspicious. >> i talked to her and said goodbye and gave her a hug and things were good and i told her i loved her. >> reporter: marlene lamar had no idea her 15-year-old daughter sierra didn't make to school friday until getting an e-mail from sobrato high school that evening. alarming because sierra usually washings to a school bus before dawn, but the bus driver saw no sign of her and neither did her friends all day. >> i can't believe she would not contact her friends and let them know she is okay and do this. she would never want us to go through all of this pain. >> reporter: search teams have been probing the creeks and fields near the lamar home. and scanning for clues from above, in the sheriff's helicopter. >> we have scoured most of the these fields all the way to the
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foothills on west side as well. >> reporter: working off her scent, the dogs is traced severe's half-mile walk to her bus stop. but the trail goes cold rondher driveway, suggesting she was picked up. investigators are mining her laptop for recent contacts, but sierra is described as happy at home and school and no relationship trouble or history of running way. sierra's cell phone charger was left behind in her room. and calls now go straight to voicemail. her family is blanketing local shops with her picture, doing all they can to bring her home safely. >> come home, baby, please come home. you are not in trouble. everyone wants to see you. >> reporter: the family plans to continue distributing these fliers. as they wait for word at the family home, a second night not
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knowing what has happened to sierra. in morgan hills, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. searchers in sant bento county located wreckage of a small plane and the body of a pilot missing since wednesday. bieche kraft bonanza disappeared perfect a flight on arizona to san josi and went down near the ghost town of new idria. the federal aviation administration says the pilot tried to land in hollister because of bad weather. his identity has not yet been released. a firefighter injured remains hospitalized tonight. fire officials say the 15-year veteran fell through a roof while fighting a fire this past thursday. this is a photo of that firefighter just before he fell. he suffered second-degree burns and injuries to his hands, waist area and below his waist, but he expected to recover. fire officials say if not for his air mask, that firefighter might have died from the smoke and heat. the santa cruz county
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sheriff's department is hiring. the department website has three positions posted one for a sheriff academy product, another for a transfer from another law enforcement department, and a third job as a correctional officer. the santa cruz sentinel reports more hires are on the way, saying that the department plans to hire a total of the five new departments bringing the sworn staff to 104 positions. accusations are flying in syria tonight after twin bombs kill at least 37 people in task damascus. as doug mckelway reports the coordinated attacks may have been coordinate by a well-known enemy. >> reporter: the powerful bombs detonated near intelligence and security buildings. this hospital in full triage mode, the injured say they didn't know what hit them this morning. >> i was sleeping, but i could not get up. i could feel my body, but could not move it. >> reporter:
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deadly blasts happening two days after the first anniversary of the uprising against president bashar al- assad. the united nations estimates that 8000 lives have been taken so far. the government first blamed al- qaeda for the bombings, but syrian state,tv it says the blasts were the work of "terrorists." these refugees in turkey, pointing the finger the president azad. >> we're used to this kind of thing by now. it's the regime that did it. it's the regime's fault. >> on friday u.n. envoy kofi annan spohn spoke to the un security council sending a team to damascus to explore settingp a new tropical motor
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monitorrion mission. it's raising the possibility its fighters trying to take advantage of syria's turmoil. in washington, doug mckelway fox news. in election 2012 news, rectangles furb for momentum in republicans push for momentum in the midwest. >> to keep that going with the delegate selection in missouri. >> the missouri caucuses started on a sour note today. in one county santorum's group reportedly became alarmed when voters for mitt romney and ron paul announced that they were getting together after airshotsing match that caucus end with no vote and a few arrests. results for missouri won't be final for months. delegates don't have to commit to a candidate until state's convention in june. >> there are four people running for president in our party right now. i will support whoever our nominee
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nominee is. i happen to be i'm the best guy at beating them. >> in southern illinois tonight he emphasizes his business experience. that means he has lived the economy, not just debated about it in congress. romney leads by a few points in illinois polls and received an endorsement from the chicago ruin. tomorrow puerto rico holds its primary for dells. illinois conducts its primary with 69 delegates at state and symbolic importance for ther of president obama's home state. louisiana has 46 delegates up form grabs anyway primary next saturday and in the overall delegate count tonight, romney leads santorum with almost twice as much, 495 to 252. president obama today warned against efforts by congress to scale back wall
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street reforms that prevent the manipulation of energy markets. >> it's not just wrong, but dangerous, that some in congress want to roll back those protections and return to the days when companies like enron could avoid eaglation and reap enormous profits no matter who it hurt. >> he called for an end to oil subsidies that cost taxpayers $4 billion a year, but cautioned there is no quick fix to gas price as they fluctuate in response to middle east politics and other international factors. bay area gas prices meanwhile have leveled off in the past week triple-a now reports a gallon of regular in san francisco cost $4.41. that is the same it as it did last week. in oakland prices dropped by $0.01 to $4.43. the president celebrated his irish heritage today with a
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pint of guinness. mr. obama surprised customers at dubliner irish push in washington, d.c.. the president mingled with the other st. patrick's day partiers and on his way out posed for pictures. mr. obama's great, great, great, great grandfather immigrated from ireland. in chicago residents thrilled to see the sight of the river dyed green. organizers say it's been a tradition for 50 years after a plumber used green dye to trace a leak and came up with the idea of dyeing the river for st. paddy's day. and occupy lawsuit and the incident in oakland that has protesters ready to head to court. >> and the stunning accusation that apple workers in china work in substandard conditions. >> we still have a few showers on live stormtracker 2 radar. coming up, shower chances for your sunday. also the temperature change you
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. two occupy oakland protesters hiltpy car during a demonstration last november are now reportedly suing the owner of the car. lanzlance laverdure and margaret so are suing the driver of the vehicle. a bart police officer police officer talked to the driver and determined he was not intoxicated. the driver was never charged with wrongdoing, but police say charges could still be filed. >> in news of the world, a man identified as an american contractor and held captive for nine months was released today. michael hultz said he was deployed to iraq in 2003 as an
10:26 pm
active-duty soldier, but left the military after 15 months to work as a civilian contractor d. afghanistan, human rights activist say at least 11 afghans captured by u.s. forces and turned over to an afghan jail in kandahar showed evidence of torture. last year coalition forces said they would not hand over capturedach begans to the kandahar facility or 15 other facilities due to un findings. according to human rights group the torture includes beatings and electric shock. and from the uk uk the founder of wikileaks julian assange says he plans to run for a seat in the australian senate. he is wanted in sweden on sexual assault charges. he has been fighting extradition and leaving in england under house arrest. a
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ukrainian prison guard insisted he wasn ukrainian pow under the nazis. after the war demjanjuk settled in america and in 1980 he was extradited to israel to face trial. as we convicted of being ivan the terrible, a sadistic guard at the treblinka camp. the man who wrought the world's energy drink thai bill billionaire chaleo yoovidhya died today. chaleo created a thai trink that became the prototype of red bull. from the battlefield to the farm fields of california, see how some u.s. troops are making the transition after they have come back home from their tours
10:28 pm
of duty. also a sign of solidarity, the fundraiser that had people hosing their hair and raising money to help cancer patients. 0
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. a collision on highway 24 in the east bay ripped apart an suv, but remarkably highway patrol officers say no one suffered life-threatening injuries. we want to show you the pictures here. officers say a land rover and a truck collided on highway 24 event the telegraph around tonight. check this out. it's not cheraw what led to the accident, but you can see the force of the collision sheared off the side of the land rove a woman and babe where i were taken to the hospital. as were the man an woman in the truck that was hit. highway patrol officers say those in the car had cut and bruises and complained of pain, but no one appeared to be
10:31 pm
seriously injured. in the wake of the massacre of afghan civil yaps, soldiers in the central valley are training for a positive missionle they are learning how to grow food and how to share their knowledge with afghan farmers. the training reigns from low- tech planting to high-tech troubleshooting. claudia cowan with the story from fresno. >> reporter: before their is deployed overseas to help stabilize afghanistan. >> we have herbs to go here. >> reporter: these army and marine civil affairs specialists had he had to fresno, california for a crash course on that war-torn country's most violental industry, agriculture. >> it's one of the poorest countries on our earth. the food insecurity situation is chronic there and if we can help get them a little bit more secure with their food supply, get them through that hungry season just a little bit better, that means they are on the road to stability, and
10:32 pm
growth. >> reporter: afghanistan is also the world's biggest grower of poppies that in turn funds the heroin. this will encourage poppy farmers to grow legal crops in and in a climate similar to where they are headed they learn the basics from planting and soil and irrigation, key ag issues that face 80% of all afghan citizen. these eyewitnesses will be able to connect extremely poor farmers with the latest technology through eafghan ag an app is that is linked to agriculture experts in u.s. on hand to provide information, feedback and possible solutions. soldier jared mattiason says with the app he can help diagnose a tree or even a chicken that doesn't look quite right. >> i can take a picture and send it back to these guys to the u.s.d.a. and fresno state and they get back to me within hours with an
10:33 pm
exact answer of what is wrong with the chicken and how to help them. >> reporter: u.s. forces helping a transitional government secure agricultural sustainabilities through technology and outreach. in fresno, california, claudia cowan fox news. the popularity of raw milk is growing in the barack. even though top health officials say it can be dangerous the danville farmers' market has been selling raw milk for years and now sells four times amount when he first started and chamas long as dairies feed and care for their cows properly, raw milk is safe. >> in 13 years i have never found a bad pathogen because the cows are eating grass. >> i am not allergic to this milk at all. >> raw milk is legal in california, but it is
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prohibited for sale in more than two dozen states. many officials including those at the centers for disease control warn against drinking. 46% of those got sick from dairy products got ill from raw milk. >> man whose widely publicized stage performance that apple workers in china work in substandard conditions now admitted he lies. mike daisey admitez took liberties in portraying conversation assembly lines in china. they track down daisey's chinese interpreter. dozens people today involvemented to get their heads shaved to help raise money for children's cancer
10:35 pm
research. the st. baldrick's foundation organized today's fundraiser at oakland's children hospital. the volunteers were there to raise money, but also to show their solidarity with now cancer patients going through chemo epper therapy. we talked to one father daughter team who said today's was especially important to nem. >> i care, because my daughter is fighting cancer, diagnosed a year-ago with leukemia and she is still in active treatment, but we decided right away we wanted to do something to help change the state of children's cancer funding in this country. >> organizers tell ktvu the event today raised at least $150,000. researchers in australia say climate change may be affecting the mating habits of sharks. the university of queensland scientists say sharks are mating at an extremely high rate and may be their way of surviving was ocean temperatures change. >> afghanistan zoo released a
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photo one of its newest edition a baby rednecked wallby. zookeepers expect it to weigh as much as 300 pounds. wall pounds the 49ers are keeping pretty business this off-season and just named another big-name free agent for the offense. was it peyton manning? find out in sportswrap. we have seen rain everyday since tuesday. meter mark tamayo tells us if we'll finally break the streak tomorrow.
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. well the radar right now beginning it settle down after a fairly active weather day across parts of bay area, with showers and thunderstorms and reports of hail as well. right now, as you can see, not a lot of coverage out there, as we come in tighter here. you can see the coverage, mainly out to the hills towards the east of san josi for the hills there and tracking a little bit of activity out towards san mateo county to the north of half moon bay, to the north and south of half moon bay. towards santa cruz county towards boulder creek, rain showers close in that area and also to the north of bonney dune. you probably noticed abincrease in the winds around the bay. those cold northwesterly winds and the latest observations, look at sfo, currently 43 miles per hour. oakland,29 miles per hour. first thing tomorrow morning, it will be chilly out there.
10:40 pm
partly cloudy skies, a chance of a shower and temperatures in the 30s. mid-30s all the way to the mid- 40s. so 35 in santa rosa, to 46 in san francisco. remember last night at this time we were tracking heavy rain pushing across the bay area? we still have this area of low pressure we have been dealing with all day today. it's going to remain in place for tomorrow, but gradually scoot out to the east. as a result, tomorrow will not be a washout. partly cloudy skies. we cannot rule out the chances of spotty showers with the cool air in place, especially that coupled with the winds. winds gusting to right around 30 miles per hour. snow levels will continue to drop and we could have levels coming down to 2,000'. so be watching out for that for tomorrow morning. our forecast model showing you this with the cloud and rainfall. look at what happens early tomorrow morning at 2:00 and then into 8:00, 9:00 and 10:00.
10:41 pm
>> a little bit of activity, the focus in the santa cruz mountains and then into the afternoon hours, you can see the scattered variety. not a lot. in fact we'll have partly cloudy skies and cool and blust ery as we head into monday. winter weather advisory in mace for the sierra until 11:00 tomorrow mother. snow levels there around 2000-2500'. forecast highs for tomorrow, everybody in the low to mid- 50s. it will be cold out there, san josi 56. half moon bay, 54 and a look ahead your five-day forecast, a few rain clouds, but upcoming week will be much different than this past week. monday, just increasing clouds. we could have a few spotty showers primarily in the north bay on tuesday. another chance of showers on wednesday and a few extra clouds on thursday. you will feel that chill for the second half of the weekend.
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>> thank you, mark. well coming up next, the 49ers sign a former rival. plus march madness and the san josi sharks continue to fight for a playoff spot as they face detroit. sportswrap is next. havlat
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. good evening everyone and thanks for joining us our saturday night edition of sportswrap. now sharks appear to be skating out of their funk , but they know 12 games left in the season, the playoffs are already here. sharks hosting detroit and you know these two teams don't like each other. sharks


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