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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 11, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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boat. >> and ktvu's chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the weather. is this unusual? >> not really. it is spectacular to see a funnel cloud like that but this time of year when we have a chance of thunderstorms, the dynamics come together for the potential of what we saw today. here is the imagery. you can see there is the yellows and reds, that is about the time where the tornado was when the damage was reported. looking at the damage t looks like a tornado. this was taken from stockton, stockton to the north of your map. this is looking back at that area to the south, at this point it is clearly a funnel
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cloud. it moved off northeast at 20 miles an hour. i am going to back this up. i want you to see the progression of the cell. you see the dark reds? this is the system, right? north of myers there. let me roll it back further. there you have. that is about the time of the funnel cloud. as it moves off, it loses energy. listen, these things love the central valley because the ground is flat. when the wind comes in it comes in with a flow it is smooth, it gets sucked up into the clouds and that is where you get tornadoes. next couple days, we have more dynamics like this, that will create or potentially could create funnel clouds. when i come back i will have the complete forecast.
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>> thank you. we want to show you another picture of a funnel cloud, near discovery bay. send us your weather pictures. our coverage continues on the new uc davis report is in. it blasts the administration and the campus place in the pepper spray incident. ktvu's ken pritchett is joining us live from uc davis with more on the report as well as student reaction. ken? >> reporter: that report was unveiled in a public forum. that meeting is still going on right now behind me. 190 pages. it says that pepper spray incident could have been avoided and should never have happened and puts the blame on the administration, the campus police department and the officer who was seen in that
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video. >> reporter: he released his mindings on the november pepper spray incident. it says police were ordered to remove tents. the chancellor feared outsiders from the occupy movement were involved but no evidence supported that concern. the chancer was found and the police chief, responsible for the incident. it says she failed to community no use of force and they set the time line for the operation. the police chief was sited for failing to challenge that time line and failing to command the officers. >> i feel like responsibility does fall on the chancellor. and she wasn't clear in what kind of force should be used. the report disputes claims by the officer who used the
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pepper spray that they were trapped or had reason to feel trapped. it does not recommend punishment but students have their own opinions. >> they should be held accountable. that is straightforward and simple. >> reporter: we received this letter, response letter from uc davis chancellor and she does not expectly respond to the accusations but she does say that they will immediately begin to assess the recommendations and develop a detailed response so the university is planning a response. no outline of what changes they may make. we will have more on this report at 6:00. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. family and friends had a difficult job of saying good-
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bye to a father daughter who were killed last weekend. ktvu's john sasaki joins us live with more on the emotional day. john? >> reporter: the memorial here continues to grow tonight on the same day they layed to rest the father and daughter. >> reporter: it was a muslim service in which the further solaiman nuri was layed to rest first and then his daughter hadessa nuri fallowed. >> purest man. he parade on the road or -- prayed on the road or at home. he would coach. he would dedicate his life around his children. >> reporter: the pair along with his 12-year-old daughter were riding their bicycles saturday morning. a white suv ran into had
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family, killing the father and daughter. >> they did everything together. she wouldn't go anywhere without her dat -- dad. >> reporter: today family members told us the daughter and the mother were at the funeral. >> always cherish everyone around you. you never know what could happen. always be grateful for everyone in your life and tell everyone you love them every day. >> reporter: coming up, you will hear how family is confident the justice system will bring justice. the 17-year-old driver was released from jail yesterday. live, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. police are looking for the driver in a hit-and-run crash over night. investigators say someone hit a bicyclist around 1:30 a.m. there were no witnesses but officials say the impact was
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loud enough to wake up residents. authorities identified the victim as juan garcia. . dozens came together to help search for missing teen sierra lamar. they scoured two new locations, a quory and a shooting range. mark clasp whose daughter was kidnapped and killed is spear heading the searches. . >> we would be looking for things like shallow graves, under piles of garbage. my daughter was found under a pile of garbage. >> deputies scoured the reservoirs earlier this week because they are close to the home. she disappeared march 16. there is a $10,000 reward offered for her safe return. george zimmerman who shot and
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killed trayvon martin has been arrested and now he face as second degree murder charge. ktvu's darlene is live now. >> reporter: the special prosecutor made the announcement but she called trayvon martin's family first, the same family she met with three weeks ago and promised a fair and thorough investigation. >> today we charged george zimmerman with murder in the secondary. >> reporter: she was matter of fact as she announced george zimmerman will be charged with second degree murder but refused to offer new details. >> there is a reason cases are charged in a court of law. >> reporter: george zimmerman turned himself in before she made the announcement and now in the process of being booked in jail in florida. it was 45 days ago when george
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zimmerman shot and killed trayvon martin. he claims he shot in self- defense and pugged the trigger -- pulled the trigger after trayvon martin confronted him but surveillance video shows george zimmerman had no head injuries as he was taken in for questions. >> is it your desire as the prosecutor of the case to see him go to jail for life? >> we don't make that determination at this time. >> reporter: she would not elaborate on what george zimmerman said today. he he being -- he is being booked now. he has the right to see a judge within 24 hours so he could hear the charges against him tomorrow morning. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. >> trayvon martin's mother and
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father called the past 45 days nightmare. >> we want nothing more, nothing less. i say thank you. >> the teen's family spoke minutes after the announcement in washington d.c. the justice department said they are conducting a separate investigation. one day after his rival stepped aside, mitt romney today came out swinging against president obama. he appeared at a company owned by six women. he said president obama's policies amount to a war on women. >> these are just statistics which show how severe the war on women has been by the failed policies. 92.3% of jobs loss have been
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lost by women. >> he said the general election campaign started yesterday. >> newt gingrich said today's rick santorum's exit is an opportunity for him and he is staying in the race. >> when i get away from washington it is amazing how -- [no audio] >> newt gingrich campaigned in delaware today, visiting a senior center. this is his third visit to delaware this month and it comes two weeks before their primary. he is hoping to snap up 17 delegates. right now he trails mitt romney by 500. voters prefer president obama over mitt romney. clear politics.
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president obama is leading mitt romney 48% to 43%. that is a spread of 5%. the president has a 7 point advantage. both poles were taken before rick santorum stepped aside. bart is gearing up for tomorrow. a 70-foot long train car made its way to the site of the future extension in san jose. the 10 miles will make up the first phase of a 16-mile extension. some people said they are looking forward to having bart service the area but not everyone is pleased. that coming up at 5:30. wall street broke its
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losing streak today. the dow is up 89.46 to 12805. the nasdaq is up 25 at 3,016. it is a hit and run that devastated the families of the victims and the driver,. still picking out showers in the bay area and there is more rain headed our way and potential thunderstorms. i will have the details back here in just a bit. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? we had to watch basketball in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about?
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jury handed down a guilty verdict today in the trial of a software engineer accused of murder. jason cai shot and killed xia zhao outside her office in july 2008. investigators say jason cai was trying to stop the lawyer from representing his former his
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mother-in-law. jason cai was charged in the death but later acquitted. the first trial ended in a hung jury. he nearly killed a phillies fan with a truck and today he found out he could be released in two months. ktvu's david stevenson is live with the emotional day in court. >> reporter: the philadelphia boy was struck in this intersection last august. today the driver was sentenced after an agreement aimed at forgiveness and healing. >> reporter: andrew vargas was senseanced for felony -- sentenced for felony dui. andrew vargas' truck can be seen striking a taxi and racing away and he also struck ryan white. he is still severely injured, unable to swim or ride a bike.
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>> i cannot find the words to express how remorseful i feel towards the white family. >> reporter: the prosecutor read a statement from the white family. >> we commend you for admitting your guilty and taking responsibility. this does mean a lot to us and will make it easier for us to forgive you. >> reporter: with time served he could be released by june. 5 years of probation, 9 months of counseling and 100 hours of community service and 1 strike under california's law and pay restitution to the white family. andrew vargas hugged his attorney after the sentancing -- sentencing. >> they are devastated.
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>> reporter: a fund has been set up for ryan white's medical cost. for information on that go to and click on the bay area story stab. david -- tab. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. parole has been denied to charles manson. they released this picture of charles manson taken last year. he is now 77 years old. he was convicted for the murders of sharon tate and four other people. she is relieved. >> i am so relieved. this one will not be effecting any young minds. he is not fashionable, not smart, not brave. i never have to make these statements about him again. thank you, lord. >> charles manson cannot apply
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for patrol for 15 years. terrifying moments inindnosia today. two earthquakes shook today. >> there was fear and panic today as two back to back large earthquakes took the region. 8.6 and 8.2. today's quake sent them running into had streets. >> reporter: authorities issued a tsunami alert and families packed in to flee to safety. but the killer wave that was feared never materialized and the alerts were lifted. the only wave that hit was 30 inches high and no injuries have been reported. that was not the case in 2004
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when a tsunami left 230,000 people dead. >> why no big tsunami? there are mega 31st quakes and -- thirty-first quakes and the strike slip quake, that is where it occurs horizontally, creating a vibration. then there are the mega thirty- first waves, -- thirst waves. they cause the sea bed to drop vertically and water, sending waves across the oceans and at a high rate of speed. >> thank you. let's check in with bill
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martin. saw a little bit of everything, rain, sun and wind. >> it was a blustery day out there. the funnel cloud today and more of this is to come. live storm tracker 2. i will show you what we have. scattered showers towards livermore. most of the activity now moved off into the mountains. let me pull up -- i will turn on a radar. heavy rain in jackson, in the foot hills, you are less likely to get a funnel cloud, when you get into the foot hills you have hills and mountains and it doesn't get a nice smooth flow, that is why we had the tornado in this area because the valley is flat. so for us today, we had a
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little bit of everything. hail in the south bay. no thunder and lightning but it was possible. sun comes out, heats the ground, the air rises, warm air rises into had cooler clouds. that happened for some of us today. for others, few sprinkles. over night low cooler, tomorrow morning as you head off, a lot on spring break, just a little cooler tomorrow morning as you get going. there might be clouds late tonight increasing. as you get into had morning hours it will start raining. your morning commute is a wet one. here is today's system. as that slides through, the next system is out here, tomorrow morning. morning commute will be a wet one. there is cold air and it will
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be similar to today. we have a chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. and a third system rolls in friday morning. when i come back, i will have the computer model that rolls through the next couple of days. see you back here. >> thank you. new information is coming out about the oikos university plans, when school will be back in session and why millionaires and their secretaries pose for pictures with president obama today and san francisco ranked high on the list of energy saving buildings.
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students at oikos university are waiting for an announcement about the school's future. there is word once students return many classes will be moved to another campus. the campus in oakland was the site of a massive shooting that left 7 dead. millionaires want tohave their taxes raise -- to have their taxes raised. >> the buffett rule will get us moving in the right direction. it is more specific than anything the other side proposed. >> president obama made his pitch for the buffett rule.
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the proposal would raise taxes on those who earn a million to $2 million by 30%. the plan is named after warren buffett who says he pay as lower income tax than his secretary. congress might back the idea if it was renamed the reagan rule. >> i know that may disqualify him from the republican primaries these days but what he was calling for then is what we are calling for now. a return to fairness. >> president obama says the plan could bring in an extra $47 billion over the next decade. san francisco is on the epa's list of the top 5 cities for energy efficient buildings.
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san francisco was number 5. the environmental protection agency estimates energy star buildings use 35% less energy, emit less pollution and save the u.s. $2 million a year. look at this. what does it look like? a shoe? yeah. and it is considered a weapon according to san francisco police. i will explain. >> bart arrived in san jose today but why some feel the project has already gotten off track. but let's celebrate! [ male announcer ] buy any kfc 10 pc meal or larger
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don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. . complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. >> san francisco police say women have a very powerful weapon. and that one woman took advantage of that to go on the
5:31 pm
attack. something you don't hear every day. a attack with a high heel. ktvu's pall i is live -- paul chambers is live. >> reporter: good evening. this right here -- this right here is according to a weapon. a weapon took a shoe, swung it at a man near this bar. and seriously engined him. -- injured him. >> reporter: some consider them to be a fashionable accessory. >> high heels are empowering. they make you look good. feel good. >> reporter: according to san francisco police that type of shoe can double as a weapon. this weekend proved that after a man was hit.
5:32 pm
>> he attempted to intervene, during when the female attacked the victim with her shoe. approaching him, striking him. >> reporter: the male victim was cut badly and taken to the hospital. officers are looking looking looking for the woman. >> in this case, caused a serious laceration it was used as a woman. this isn't uncommon. >> the girl grabbed a shoe and hit the girl. >> reporter: the victim declined our interview. they have a picture of the suspect and if she is arrested she could face time. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> it is similar to one on new year's eve in san jose. a woman was knocked to the ground and kicked. her cheek and neck were
5:33 pm
punctured by a high heel. the club eventually closed after they covered up the attack. police say a carjacking attempt may be the motive before two students from usc over night. a gunman opened fire on a bmw this morning, killing a man and a woman inside the car. they were both international students from china. police say the gunman is still at large. in san francisco investigators are reviewing surveillance video that contradicts the accounts of a bicyclist who slammed into a pedestrian killing him. the footage of the collision shows sutchi hui stepping into the cross walk and the bicyclist making no attempt to slow down.
5:34 pm
he said he tried to avoid people but there were only a far people at the time. bart train made a trek to san jose today. here is the bart car. this map shows where it will run to down to santa clara. ktvu's matt keller is live in san jose with the latest on the story. >> reporter: as you said, san jose got a bart train car this morning, sent by bart officials in preparation for tomorrow's ceremony. while some are excited, others aren't happy about the long road it will take to get there. >> reporter: building the way to san jose. construction has begun on the project. >> lots of construction. boots on the ground. lots of trucks. it is going to be a massive undertaking. >> reporter: several roads in san jose will be closed or
5:35 pm
blocked during the construction of the 10-mile project, two stations. the work is expected to last till 2016. people living in the warm springs neighborhood have mixed feelings about the project. >> traffic is terrible. we have too much construction and costing too much money. >> it will be more convenient. >> reporter: several buildings will be destroyed, including this park. this family has been here since 1985. they received notice they need to be out by april 28. inconvenient and costly. >> $40,000 just to move. >> reporter: the transportation authority promised to reimburse his expenses but finding a new building is difficult and wants the public to see what happens to small business owners caught in the path of bart. >> nightmare. whole thing has been a night mare. >> reporter: this will be the
5:36 pm
first to close. that will last for 9 months starting on april 30. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. the port of san francisco is working to revive its water taxi plan. the port commission okayed a contract with a company two years ago but the company was unable to get the service up and running so the plan is to look for a company to run boats and have it goes for next year. a public hearing is set to get underway to talk about more bus service. here in oakland. the proposal calls for doubling the number of express bus runs between fremont and the peninsula. they will take public comments and vote on the proposal in two weeks. the decision voters made that
5:37 pm
will bring new services to people who live along the coast. >> didn't get the job? why a faulty back ground check might be to blame. >> and why the fda is changing its practice.
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a new report says faulty
5:40 pm
back ground checks could hurt your chances of getting jobs. many people are wrongly identified as having a criminal record and they are not always given the chance to clear up the misinformation. they recommend or over night for agencies that conduct the checks. voters passed a measure to fund 24 hour emergency medical service. in a special election held yesterday, residents decided to replace a $32 tax with a $44 tax. the extra revenue enables medical services services to provide ambulance service to coastal residents around the clock. the fda is raising concerns
5:41 pm
about the amount of anti- bitotics given to live stock. experts say the over use of anti-biotics led to an increase of drugs. nurses are stepping up their commitment to help veterans. first lady michelle obama was there today as the white house announced a new initiative to train 3 million nurses to recognize and help treat symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder and brain injury. >> the commitment is for all the nation's nurses to be armed with the understanding of what the symptoms are, so they can be helpful in the process. >> half of the nation's vets get their healthcare outside the va systems. hard to believe a newborn
5:42 pm
baby found alive in a morgue. it happened in argentina. doctors told the parents she died after birth. they went to the morgue to see the child and they found her alive. after spending 12 hours in a refrigerated room. baby and parents ares to be doing fine now -- ares to be doing fine now. we got more showers in your forecast, the morning commute will be wet. i will see you back here in 10.
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officials anorth korea will launch long range rocket. they believe north korea are testing its capabilities. the u.s. threatened to suspend food if they carry out the launch. the central intelligence agency recuting at stanford today. recruiters were met by protesters. >> reporter: there were a couple dozen protesters here today and more students inside, hearing recruiters talk about different job opportunities
5:46 pm
with the cia. >> reporter: protesters lined the entrance at the career development center where the cia were recruiting. >> they always had a presence. >> we are all here today because the university has welcomed an organization that commits torture, over throws governments and installs dictators. >> reporter: they held signs that said cia, go away. >> raising attention to the fact people should go to work for the cia. they should be aware of their history. >> reporter: he camped out in the rain storm to make his point. >> soaken. we were fairly wet. >> reporter: protesters invited ray mcgovernor to speak. telling them about both the good and the bad.
5:47 pm
>> be aware. that it may be that you are encouraged to do things that violate your conscious. >> reporter: cia representatives declined comment. ktvu channel 2 news. gas prices hit a platue here in california. today's average was $4.25 for regular gallon. it is up 8 cents from a year ago. today was $4.35 in san francisco. $4.24 in san jose. the price of natural gas is at its lower level in a deck decade. today's future's price was under $2 for a thousand cubic feet. down 59% from last summer. it could lead to lower electricity costs. the government has set up a
5:48 pm
website to help students figure out how much they could owe after they graduate from college. they are testing the site. it contains information from 7500 schools. that includes graduation and loan default rates. and a calculator to plug in numbers. you can find the site by going to and click on web links. . history buffs are getting a chance to own reltics from the -- relics from the titanic. you can place bids online. among the items are lockets, letters and paintings from passengers on the ship. the auction ends at 8:00 p.m. on april 15, the date it sank 100 years ago. the coast card is about to launch a new mission, one that was prompted by global warming. they will begin its biggest deployment ev.
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rising temperatures are melting the ice caps and opening new water ways ways to shipping traffic. we have been talking about it all day. wild weather. light showers to funnel clouds. >> potentially a tornado. that looks like it did damage at french camp and the damage we can't call it a tornado till the national weather service looks at it. but it looks like a funnel cloud touched down and became a tornado. all the activity is in the foot hills now, sacramento, 80, when you get into the foot hills it is tough to get tornadoes because of the topography. so as we go into tomorrow, rain for the morning commute. afternoon, scattered showers and maybe a thundershower and
5:50 pm
friday again. more rain. here is thursday. here is friday. good news is, the weekend, look goods. friday -- or thursday, morning showers, thundershower in the afternoon, maybe a follow up to a funnel cloud. it is not unusual to get funnel clouds this time of year. it is about the heating from the sun and the cold air, usually the cold air is further north. as we go into the mountain, winter storm watch that is in effect thursday morning to friday morning. they will be extending the ski resort dates. the forecast for tomorrow, 11:00 p.m. tonight, clear. thursday morning, right? 6:00 a.m., roll right through, 6:00 a.m. now, theurmy morning commute you will get -- early morning
5:51 pm
commute, you will get wet. thursday afternoon, scattered showers, that is what happened today, that is when we got the funnel cloud. livermore valley, antioch, morgan hill, those areas are ripe for that type of activity. friday, here comes thursday night, not bad and friday morning. friday afternoon and a break for the bay area weekend. friday, giants opening day, rain in the morning, scattered showers in the afternoon. it might be wet out there on the field and in the stands. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, in time for the weekend. >> thank you. >> time to warm up. the singing contest, the x factor is looking for stars in the bay area. auditions open a week from
5:52 pm
today in daily city. april on april 18 and 19. open call is on the 20. reebok and nike settled their disbutte over tim tebow's jerseys. reebok was infringing on nike's licensing rights. the problem is, nike has the rights for the nfl apparel. she picked up the phone and saved her mother's life. see how a teenager is setting an example for other young people and how she was honored today.
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. the police department closed its investigation of whitney houston's death, concluding no crime occurred. whitney houston died as a result of a drowning in a bath tub at the beverly hilton hotel on february 11. it also found cocaine and other drugs were in her system. bay area teen is being hailed as a hero. >> today and avenue day you are a 911 hero. >> she was recognized this morning in a ceremony at san
5:56 pm
francisco city hall. she called 911 when her mother was having heart problems and stayed calm as the dispatcher gave her critical instructions. >> the dispatcher was another awardee. ktvu claudine wong mced the event. it was organized by the san francisco department of emergency management and the group 911 for kids. the idea of homeless housing taking ovthis mo-- over this motel has the neighborhood up in arms. coming up the paper work that could make that idea a possibility.
5:57 pm
>> berry growers are getting squeezed, the trouble they are now facing for the third year in a row. mom. and let's hear it for sara's paper mache eiffel tower. it's the washington monument. and dad, i'll never forget what you said to me this morning. you said "brian, it's 11:15. get up." so maybe this is just the cake talking but let's celebrate! [ male announcer ] celebrate the little things. buy any kfc 10 pc meal or larger
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and get a free double chocolate chip cake. a father and daughter are layed to rest after their bicycle ride, the welcome sign
5:59 pm
that brought comfort. >> a funnel cloud in northern california, we are tracking the unstable conditions that created it. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >> good evening. family and friends gathered today to say good-bye to solaiman nuri and hadessa nuri, the father and daughter killed. ktvu's john sasaki is live with the community support shown today at the funeral. >> reporter: it has been four days since the crash. people are still bringing good wishes. they were laid to rest this morning. the family of solaiman nuri and hadessa nuri asked the media to keep our distance during the service. it started to rain, which was a good sign for the family. >> someone passes away and there is rain, rain, the gates of


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