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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 12, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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enforcement and public safety. >> reporter: he said two sheriff's deputies were serving a warrant at this uniwit a manope -- unit when a man opened fire. >> we don't know anything about him. we don't know what the motive is, all we know is we have two people dead, one of my valued members of my team is dead. >> reporter: we saw numerous s.w.a.t. armored cars moving in. from above it appears the windows are broken but they said they had not attempted entry. but there is concern there may be explosives inside the apartment, which is why the bomb squad was deployed. no contact has been made with
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the suspect. >> reporter: the name of the sheriff's deputy hasn't -- deputy has been reloosed. it is -- released. it is unclear why the civilian was there. we heard from the officer here that the sheriff will provide a briefing tonight. it is the sheriff who has been revealing the details. if we hear from the sheriff we will bring it to you and we will be live at 6:00, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news- >> police activity has been unnegativing for residents. -- unnerving for residents. the neighbors who know the suspect in the case are surprised. ktvu's rob roth is also live with more on that part of the story. >> reporter: police have evacuated neighbors in the area around chrysler where the
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shootings happened. we found several people are few blocks from here waiting waiting to see what happens and waiting to go home. >> reporter: she was taking her dog for a walk this morning when she heard sounds. >> i heard gun shots and i ran in my house. when i opened the door there was police out there. >> you got to get out of here. something serious is going on around here. all i had was boxers on. >> reporter: other neighbors were drawn to the area. >> one guy they were trying to resuscitate him, they were doing that for a good 5 minutes. the other guy was the officer, as they were running him towards the car, they had another car shielding him. the shootings happened in
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a complex of small two story apartment buildings. they often see a lot of gang activity on these streets. this family lives outside the area but they decided to head for a relative's house anyway. >> i had all my kids with my mom. >> reporter: -- anybody could have -- >> anybody could have got shot. that is scary. it is spring break and the kids are out. >> reporter: we are back live. so for neighbors they appear to be waiting for police to tell them that it is safe to go home. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> you saw two of our crews the, we have on this story, we are keeping them there and
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monitoring develops. we are expecting to hear from the sheriffs. when that happens we will bring it to you here on ktvu channel 2 news. developing news. north korea launched that rocket they showed off on sunday. according to south korea officials. the u.s. government says the launch might have failed. several say it would be seen as a provocation. they said it was a peaceful program but other countries say it was a test to deliver war heads. we are on storm watch as the last of the three storms roll in. we have live team coverage beginning with ktvu's chief meteorologist bill martin. >> as it moves in it has more cold air and more severe weather. it was wet this morning. check out the satellite image. you see the activity there.
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that is is heading our way. we will expect to see rain and have a chance of thundershowers, especially in the north bay. you see this activity getting relatedy to move through the -- ready to move through the bay area. live storm tracker 2. you can see reds and yellows in the valley. that is where strong weather is occurs. next couple of hours, especially in the north bay, we will see yellows and reds, that mean as chance of a thundershower. those are making their way here and as we go into tomorrow, it will be a wet one. we will time it up here in 10 minutes. business owners got more than a wet from the storm. ktvu's david stevenson is in the city where sewage added to the anxiety. david? >> reporter: cleaning crews brought in these fans to help people dry out. they are bracing now for
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another round of rain after a day that brought them a lot of grief. >> reporter: the damage to the san francisco block was clear. >> it is rain water but it brought sewage up with it. so they have been impacted. >> reporter: thousands of gallons of rain water over wellmed the sewage -- over wellmed the sewage system. >> it overwhelmed our system. came up through the man holes holes and drains. a lot of places are below grade. they are under the street level. >> reporter: the stable cafe, dates back to the 1850s. >> that is all sewage. this is sewage too. >> reporter: flooding will keep it closed for days. >> we be to rip up the floor
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and led the boards dry out. >> reporter: the city came out to clean up the block and will reimburse business owners for some of their costs. she says the city should do more to stop this from happening again. >> what they are doing hasn't worked the last 10 years. this is the third time we have gone through this flood. >> reporter: 6:00,6:00, the damage done here hours before a show was set to open and the plan to help another flood on this block. reporting live, david s -- david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. . >> and it caused problems for another building. the roof collapsed at the good will. rain accumulated because the drains were plugged. >> crews went up on the roof to
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assess to damage, while up there they found other blocked drains and they were able to clear the debris to let the roof drain properly. >> no one was hurt and the damage did not effect the operations. thunderstorm rolled through this morning. it dropped hail and a lot of rain. this video was sent in by a viewer. there were no reports of any damage. our coverage continues on our website,, click on the weather tab. the labor department says the number of people applying for unemployment went up. it jumped to 380,000. this comes after declining numbers since last fall. the average rose to 368,500. the california supreme court ruled that employers do not have a obligation to make
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sure workers take their lunch breaks. california law requires employers to provide a break of 30 minutes and imposes penalties if they don't. attorneys argued they must make sure workers take the brakes. attorneys for the employer said they need to just provide the break. in a move to give more clout google is considering splitting its stock. the split shares won't have any voting power. the structure would give the company's founder more power than their share holders. google stock was up today and closed at $651. >> stocks held strong throughout today's session. >> signs out of china and europe helped stocks finish
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higher. hewlett-packard led after sales of computer rose. the dow is up 181 to 12,986. nasdaq is up 39 at 3,055. a political war of words today, jobs, motherhood and mitt romney's wife. it started when mitt romney said his wife gives him advice on how women areenthed by the economy. she said she can't understand because she never worked a day in her life. mrs. romney fired back. >> my career choice was to be mother. we need to respect choices women make. other women make choices to have a career and have a family. i respect that. >> president obama weighed in today saying there is no tougher job than being a mom.
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coming up, how voters are weighing in on the controversy. garden city new york will have the nation's only pta chapter focused on the gays and lesbians students. california's high-speed rail system moved closer to reality. the california high-speed rail authority approved its business plan. now the legislator has till august 31 to okay a bond issue for the project to run trains between southern california and the bay area. effort launched to support wet land improvements for the bay area. business leaders and groups announced a partnership to promote flood control projects. the group will seek funds to restore the old levies that were built 100 years ago.
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the earthquakes and sea levels could cause them to collapse. >> that would result in ininidation of the south bay. -- ininidation of the south bay. communities will all be effected by that. >> organizers estimate it will take a billion dollars over 50 years to make the improvements. the man accused of shooting a teen in florida appears in court. we will have a live report from florida.
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the jet blue pilot who went on a rampage last month was indicted on one count of interference with a flight crew. on march 27 witnesses say he came out of the cockpit and began screaming about a bomb
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and theirrists. -- terarist. george zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman who claims self-defense in the shooting death of trayvon martin appeared in court today. that hearing was very short. >> reporter: very brief. good evening. during that brief appearance george zimmerman's attorney delayed a request for a bond, leaving george zimmerman behind bars and at this point still in confinement. >> reporter: george zimmerman said very few words. he is facing a second degree murder charge. >> you are appearing for your first appearance at this time for charge of second degree murder, and you are represented, true? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: it lasted less than 5 minutes. they entered a not guilty plea. outside the prosecution addressed the charges, the
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maximum possible under the law. >> we charged what we thought was appropriate. the defense was expected to talk about a bond with the judge but the issue never came up. >> didn't make sense where w where the -- sense with where the case is. >> reporter: george zimmerman remains in jail. >> facing second degree murder charge. he is frightened. >> reporter: a conviction on second degree murder charges has a potential of a life sentence, which is why bond is denied. but that is yet to be determined in this case. usually in florida the term for a second degree murder conviction is 22 years. live, ktvu channel 2 news. >> george zimmerman's attorney will invoke the stand your
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ground law. it allows people who feels threatened to use lethal force. california doesn't have a law like it, however 25 other states do, including arizona, nevada, oregon and washington. since more states have approved these laws the number of homicides have increased. . >> they say go out in public, armed with your gun, shoot to kill, you don't need to avoid a confrontation. oakland police are looking for two men responsible for a bank robbery and three attempted bank robberies last month. this man robbed a bank on march 19 and tried to rob a chase on march 28 ask this man try -- and this man tried to rob a
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bank on march 20. if you know who they are call police. this year's first discovery of west nile virus. a dead bird tested positive for the disease. this could mean a longer west nile season. last year it was reported that end of june. wild, stormy night. let's check with in bill martin. >> we have had a mild winter but now there is cold air coming down, it is setting up, that is why we had the tornado yesterday. the sun is hitting the ground and the air is creating wild weather and that will continue over the next 24 hours. thundershowers in the next 4-5
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hours and tomorrow we are expecting thundershowers. these are big clouds, something like this by merced, they could get you a severe thunderstorm. so far no warnings. the fact this is occurring now, stockton, elk grove, that is what is coming in. it is coming down, as it slides south the thunderstorms end up here. i will be with you tonight till 10:00, and there will be stuff going on and tomorrow morning, it it will be -- it will be wet. tomorrow afternoon, giants opening day. maybe a severe thunderstorm, very active period right now. we will keep you posted. what happens, all this cold air is coming down. there is the cold air. when that gelts ovthe top of -- gets over the top of us, the
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got to 63 in oakland. it gives you severe weather. that is on the north coast now. that all shifts south tonight and tomorrow. definitehy a wild weather pat -- definitely a wild weather pattern. when the sun comes out it will fuel this. this is showing you the cells sliding through the bay area tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon. when i come back, i will roll it up, we will through friday, saturday, sunday, we will pinpoint your bay area weekend. mountains will be wet. i will have the details in a few minutes. >> thank you. turn in the search for sierra lamar. what searchers are doing. plus the challenge the city issued to businesses that could help put people to work. >> and a vote for the pet
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more beautiful... with more flowers and vegetables. guaranteed. everything changed with miracle-gro. for you are these flowers, like soap is for showers. everyone grows with miracle-gro. . the state senate voted to extend the deadline for a license plate. backers presold 4,000. they need another 3500. it gives them another year for the sales. it goes back to the assembly for minor changes and then to
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governor jerry brown. administration wants more information from chrysler on its jeep ranglers. they are looking at fires. they say it received 23 complaints about fires. oakland spent $3.2 million picking up trash illegally dumped. that comes from the california waste management board. they picked up 16 tons of illegal trash. the city says it is bad in east and west oakland. and it is not just oakland, richmond spent a million dollars and it cost heyward $900,000. statewide, $200 million last year. san francisco issued a challenge for city businesses
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offer young people a summer job and a chance at better life. >> it is important in terms of survival for the kids to just get a chance. it is importance for their success once they get that chance. >> nancy pelosi joined mediterranean joined m.d -- and mayor ed lee and business leaders. he was given that chance. his mom enrolled him in the program at 14. >> it was my first exposure to the work place, what does it mean to show up on time. >> there are many young people in need of the same opportunity and he urged businesses and large corporations to find room for them this summer. mayor ed lee is asking to match the 2500 jobs the city already
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offered to young people. 15 companies signed on. a new turn in the search for sierra lamar. >> the search for sierra lamar goes under water. why dive chemos came back out -- teams came back to this reservoir. [ glass clinks ] i just wanted to say a few words.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. >> a new grim effort to find sierra lamar. the painstaking search at reservoirs. if they are successful it will be a sad end to the mystery-
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they have started scanning the depths of the water ways. ktvu's janine de la vega tells us how they went about their search. >> reporter: sheriff's deputy are still here. in the last 5 minutes one of their boats did their last dive of the day. they have been taking turns going under water here. they need to take a closer look because what was detected in the water earlier this week. >> reporter: -- we take -- >> we take turns because you get tired and run out of air. >> reporter: divers are tethered by a rope because of the murky conditions. >> reporter: can you tell us what it looks like? >> dark. difficult trying to keep your bearings. trying to keep your emotions in a calm manner when you are down
5:30 pm
there. you can't which direction you are going. just relying on a rope. >> reporter: they used sonar earlier this week it uses sound to create an image and investigators determined there were 5 areas of concern. >> based on the size and shape we are seeing, we would like to go back and take a second look. they are larger than normal objects. >> reporter: divers searched close to the shoreline. using their hands. some divers went as far as 60 feet. searching for anything out of the ordinary. >> you want to find her so we could -- >> reporter: on land deputies searched the hillside and trails looking for anything suspicious. the searches are scheduled to go on tomorrow but the focus is
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the reservoir. reporting live, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. police made an arrest in connection with a series of bank robberies. this photos show cory allen tod. he was arrested tuesday at a motel on three counts of robbery and he is expected in other bank robberies and authorities are investigating if there salink to -- is a link to other heights. they are looking to whether he was involved. the wife of republican presidential hopeful mitt romney found herself in a war of wards. she was criticized for never having worked a day in her life. ktvu's rita williams is live with how the battle is being played out. >> reporter: call it the war for women or the war for their
5:32 pm
votes. >> the gender gap is real and women will elect the next president. >> reporter: the latest round is aimed at the wife of republican presidential hopeful mitt romney. after he said he relies on her for advice. >> guess what, his wife never worked a day in her life. she never really dealt with the kinds of economic issues that women are facing. >> reporter: she shot back, i made a choice tastay home -- to stay home and raise 5 boys, it was hard work. >> your job is more important than mine. >> reporter: the white house and the president distanced themselves. >> we can all agree, raising children is a difficult job. >> reporter: mothers and fathers stay at home or not we talked with agree with that.
5:33 pm
>> working and raising a kid is very hard. it is worth every second. >> they are both working for money or staying at home are both valuable. they are just two different jobs. >> reporter: ann romney would be the first first lady in three decades to not have drawn a pay check. not one person we talked with said they plan to base their vote for president based on what a candidate's wife does or does not do. reporting live, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. jury selection began today in the trial of john edwards in north carolina. he is charged with federal campaign finance violations. accused of receiving union million dollars -- $1 million
5:34 pm
in illegal campaign funds used to hide his mistress. he pleaded not guilty. jerry sandusky lost a bid to have his sex abuse charges dropped. it was his first court appearance since february. he has been confined to his home on a quarter billion dollars's bail. california lawmakers are moving ahead with their first response to the penn state sex abuse scandal. they passed a bill requiring all higher education employees to report child sex abuse. it now moves to the senate and they are considering a bill that would requiring coaches to report sex abuse. a tax break to create new jobs. many states think it is a good idea, but do they really get a
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return on their money? >> and a surge in births, find out who is having all those babies. some over-the-top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. you're feeling sleepy already? nighty-night. [giggling]
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no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. s. a ordinance to crack down on restaurants and bars goes before the planning commission tonight. it requires all businesses that serve alcohol to comply with
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standards, include alcohol cut off times and security. some owners oppose the plan saying it could lead to loss of revenue and increased prices. study finds while many states offer tax breaks to businesses, many do follow up to see if the breaks are worth it. breaks for businesses that pledged to hire new workers. half of all states had not taken basic steps to determine if they delivered a strong return. 13 states did a good job in measuring the impact of the breaks. in california it was among 12 states that well in the middle. >> california is a state with mixed results because they evaluated all of their
5:39 pm
incentives. >> some state did evaluate found out it displaced other jobs. the term "mentally retarted" could soon disappear. the senate passed a bill to replace it with intellectual disability. the author calls the term "mentally retarted" outdated. a surge in the number of babies born to unmarried couple. 1-4 are born to unwed parents who live together. high levels of vitamin d don't haptenes improve their grades -- help teens improve their grades. the study says it may not have the same effect on teens. dozens of politicians are here in san jose for a ground breaking ceremony for the new bart station in san jose but who they are crediting with
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bringing bart to the silicon valley. >> a severe thunderstorm warning, a couple of them in the central valley, one of the storms has rotation. wild weather coming your way. i will let you know when it reaches the bay area. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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dozens of police cars in a neighborhood in modesto after a shooting this morning. two sheriff's deputy went to an apartment to serve an eviction notice, one sheriff's deputy and one civilian was shot and killed. the authorities believe the shooting suspect is held up in that neighborhood. there is crime scene tape. these are residents waiting to get back into their home after several people were evacuated. the s.w.a.t. team is on the scene. there saconcern about -- there is a concern about explosives inside the apartment. ken pritchett said the sheriff's deputy is expected to give new information. when that happened we will bring it to you on ktvu channel 2 news. it has been a dream for decades and today bringing bart
5:44 pm
to the south bay took a step towards reality. ktvu's matt keller is live. the bart car sent to san jose was dressed up for today's ceremony. it is one of a few to have the new seats. these are the new seat covers. this is just one small touch done today for the big event which was years in the making. >> reporter: the ground breaking ceremony in san jose was your usual political show. the real dirt is already being dug up. 400,000 cubic yards of dirt. officials will keep the mess manageable for commuters. >> we will not close two intersections that same time. the project is paid for by local, state and federal
5:45 pm
dollars. many of the leaders credit santa clara county votes for starting the project -- votes for starting the project -- voters for starting the project. . >> the 800 million or so dollars that -- of federal dollars were obtained. it will pay construction workers to built the project. giving a boost to the industry. >> the construction industry is 1/3 unemployment so this sabig project. it will put thousands of workers to work. great for the economy. >> reporter: santa clara county business leaders and bart supporters gathered. >> it is good for business. about time. >> reporter: crews are taking down the staging for today's event. the first road closure is cato road, scheduled to start on april 30 and lasts for 9
5:46 pm
months. reporting live, matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. the west coast largest sail boat show is underway at jack london square. the show has everything from sail boats to yachts. one was hit by a huge wave in the pacific last weekend. it runs through sunday. the public will be able to visit the light house starting this weekend. the area closed it in 2010 because of a bridge leading to the light house. last december workers began a project to fix the bridge. and now it is finished. it will open at 12:30 saturday afternoon. can bam boons be -- bab boons be taught how to read?
5:47 pm
three times out of four they identified fake words and real ones by pushing the appropriate key on the computer. when they do they get food as a reward. they are very good at recognizing patterns. we are on storm watch and our chief meteorologist bill martin mentioned severe weather? >> ah. looking that live storm tracker 2 -- looking at the hillary -- looking at the live storm tracker 2, the national weather service issued a couple of warnings. live storm tracker 2 here, what i can do, this is the type of weather we are anticipating tomorrow in the bay area because we will get this cold, unstable air over the top of us. right here, see that spinner
5:48 pm
over merced? that is the national weather service doppler radar picking up rotation in that cell. if you saw something like that you would go around it, that is severe weather. if you were at the airport and they saw that they would shut the airport down. it indicates that that air is in the area. it is coming our way. we have weather that could produce thunderstorms in the north bay and central, east bay and south bay tonight and tomorrow afternoon. giants opening day is tomorrow and we will see wild weather. check out the game, opening day, chilly, showers, 54 degrees. not a warm day. they will play all 9 innings but it won't be that game we want when it is 70 degrees. it will be 50 degrees.
5:49 pm
10:00 p.m. tonight, that orange, that could get you hail. as we go, you can see these areas, the air is so cool, there is enough warmth radiating you can get develops. that is 1:00 a.m. still going. check out 3:00 a.m., there is some potential thundershowers activity over night. we get a break at 6:00 a.m. but the roads are wet. 8:00 a.m., it goes off again. now the day is getting warmer. you get clearing. you see the scattered showers, i wouldn't be surprised if we saw the weather we are seeing east of here now, severe weather. we are watching it for you. we had the tornado yesterday. in the mountsens, winter storm
5:50 pm
-- mountains, winter storm warning. you may want to maybe wait till things settle down on saturday morning. highs tomorrow, cooler, upper 50s. five-day forecast, like this, you know, it is wild weather, interesting weather, bay area weekend in view, not that unusual. you know this. tornado in the central valley, time of year you get them. that cold air is heading our way. potential tomorrow for severe weather, tonight it is there. >> the faa recommends pilots say 20 miles away from thunderstorms. >> this is a severe thunderstorm. i wouldn't want to be in the air. >> thank you. more problems tonight at the nuclear plant. they found more wear and tear on nubing that carries radioactive water. two generators are exhibiting the same kind of wear.
5:51 pm
it has been shut down for more than two months. it will remain closed till they determine the cause of the wear. the author of hairy potter is looking for a new market. she is writing a novel for grown up. it is essentialled for release on december -- scheduled for released on december 27. you may want to call it his bad air day. tim lincecum is known for his long hair and last night he showed off his new hair cut. it is 4 inches shorter. his performance made many people if his hair gave him power. he had the shortest night of his career. the rocky won 17-8. an old school way to get to school. the special incentive they got
5:52 pm
to bike to class this morning and why they are being pushed to puddle.
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5:54 pm
a report says today's car are not good for installing car seats. a quarter of vehicles have the
5:55 pm
latch systems. other problems include seatbelt buckles that interfere with child seats. it may have poured rain on most computers this morning but that didn't stop kids to hit the streets for national bike to school day. >> students and parents braved the drizzle this morning. they jumped on take bicycles -- on their bicycles. in richmond the sun broke out and students were rewarded with a beautiful rainbow that appeared over the school. one parent said they live close by and often bike to school. >> well, it was a normal day except we scheduled everything 10 minutes earlier. got out in the -- on the streets before it started raining. and beat the bell.
5:56 pm
>> this was organized to promote bicycle safety and physical fitness. but one said, the school handed out a goody back for those who biked to school. the oakland running festival gave a boost to the economy. 1500 runners came from outside the bay area and they spent $200 a day. it contradicted $3.5 million to the city. it also contributed $300,000 to local charities. developing news, it has been 7 hours since a gunman killed a sheriff's deputy and a civilian. coming up, the latest from our crews on the ground. the shift downtown oakland is seeing since the occupy camp has moved out.
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buy any kfc 10 pc meal or larger complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >> one of my valued members of my team is dead.
5:59 pm
>> an eviction turns deadly. developing news where s.w.a.t. teamed surrounded the home where a gunman remains inside. >> that stand off is in its 7 7th hour and police are getting new information to our crews on the scene. one sheriff's deputy and one civilian was shot and killed by a gunman. ktvu's ken pritchett is live now. >> reporter: we just had a briefing that wrapped up 60 seconds ago. not a lot of new information but an officer did say that they had been attempting communication with the suspect who they believe is held up in an apartment, they have been attempting the communication for three hours and haven't received communication back from the man inside the apartmen


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