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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 12, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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♪ and leave a spray of diamonds in its wake... ♪ we're on storm watch tonight with powerful thunderstorms bringing heavy rain to the bay area at this hour. from our ktvu roof camera you can see bolts of lightning strike a crane at the port of oakland. good evening i'm ken wane. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. the booming sounds of thunder are being accompanied by lightning, rain and hail.
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this video was taken in pacifica at about 8:30 p.m. sea sized hail fell for about threemens then stop three min -- three minutes and then stopped. this is what it looked like from our ktvu studios in jack london square where several bolts hit the top of the crane at the port of oakland. we have team coverage for you tonight. bill martin tracking the wild weather. but we start with debora villalon. >> reporter: we have sandbags here on fulsome street where last night there were none and a few dozen properties paid the price. with another downpour, it could happen again. it happens every few years and those who live and work here
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are tired of sucking it up. >> they had a really bad smell. it smells a lot better now. >> reporter: tonight's rain seems to rinse away the contamination and army of workers attacked all day. flooding started before dawn when overwhelmed storm drained began belching run offs and sewage. >> the water becomes a guiser it shoots right up. >> reporter: most damaged was the cafe. because it has to clean up every single item. they have the pull up the floor and clean up. and throw away their merchandise. >> this morning i was thinking
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a mistake. >> reporter: the store owner is sandbagging even though all his stock is off the floor as a precaution. after this last happened in 2009, the city worked on the system. >> no matter how big your pipe is. you can plan so well but sometimes mother nature takes it toll. >> can you go through this again? >> i'm in the middle of understanding that right now. i don't know how i feel about that. >> reporter: this art gallery flooded but she wouldn't know it tonight. the opening of spring studio went on as planned. artists refusing to let sewage stop the show. so far we are watching the streets on fulsome street. so far they seem to be working today. more details now this is a live picture of the bay bridge where a high wind advisory is
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in effect. caltrans is advising drivers to take precaution. severe weather in our forecast not just tonight but into tomorrow as well. i want to reconstruct what just happened. look up here it's 8:10. see this area out here off of pacifica. let's advance and forward and watch it develop. you see that flashing box that's a severe thunderstorms warning for san mateo county. numerous lightning shots near san francisco, near cal palace. see this line basically a squall line getting ready to move on shore. this is the system that fired the last thunderstorms you hear in the bay area. it's 9:15 and you can see this
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line of showers moving through. a classic looking squall line starting to break up here. we see it at 9:57. some activity in the tri area but basically it's falling apart. tomorrow we're going to see some sun, and we're going to see some crazy stuff. when we come back we will talk about that. the morning commute is going to be a wet one, see you back here. we're also getting reports of power outages throughout the area. we spoke to pg & e and learned that more than 200 customers are in the dark along congress cord. 2,000 customers are without power in san francisco's bay view district. pg & e says these outages are related because of power downs. we recorded these picturess from a caltrans camera right before dark. you're looking at interstate 80 near king vale.
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you can see snow is piling up but cars were still moving out there. stay with ktvu through the the shower for continuing coverage. bill is going to keep watching storm tracker 2. at 10:30 10:30 we'll show you a roof that collapsed in rainwater. a tense stand off with a gunman in modesto is now in its 12th hour after a homicide left a sheriff deputy and another person dead. amber lee is live not far. she learns it's been hours since deputies had conduct with the suspect. >> reporter: officers are
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keeping us about a block and a half down from where the stand off is taking place right now. just a few minutes ago we heard several bangs coming from where the light you see down there. that's where the apartment complex is. we also just spoke with the sheriff's department spokesman who told me no deputies have entered the apartment but that they're still trying to contact the gunman by using a public address system and a cell phone. at 7:22 tonight we saw smoke and debris coming from wood spring woods a small complex of apartment buildings after law enforcement used some type of device to flash out the gunman. this came after hours of using four robots in the effort of resolving this tense. >> i heard gunshots and i ran in my house. >> reporter: the ordeal started about 11 o 11 -- 11:00 this morning. witnesses say the gunfire went through the door hitting the deputy and unidentified civilian. >> all we know is we have two
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people dead and a deputy sheriff. one of my valued members of my team is dead. >> reporter: the fallen deputy has now been identified as robert paris. witnesses describe a traumatic scene. >> one guy was, they were trying to resuscitate him. they were probably doing that for a good five minutes. then the other guy, it was probably the opposite. they had another car shielding him until they got into the ambulance. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. teams from various law enforcement agencies and bomb experts were deployed. there may be explosives inside the apartment. near by homes were evacuated. >> it was like, hey you guys have to get out of here. something serious is going on around here. i said, i just have some boxers on. >> reporter: the last report was around 3:30 which afternoon. authorities have not released his identity but did say he may have been in the military.
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a woman who lives in a near by apartment says that he lived with his father. >> all i know about him is he was discharged from the military. i only met him once, he seemed nice. >> reporter: the man seemed to have been using social media to communicate with others. law enforcement says they are still trying to communicate with the gunman, amber lee. our coverage continues at that's where you'll find raw video from ho december ta -- from modesto. a driver was shot and wounded around 4:30 this afternoon. it happened at 47th avenue and thompson street in the melrose neighborhood. oakland police say the man with walked up to a man and woman and asked for money. police say the four would be robbers took off on foot. oakland police air forced three people after a car crashed and flipped over just
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before 4:00 this afternoon at 78th and helmont. officers arrested all three. they tell us the car may have been stolen. suspended san francisco sheriff mirkarimi is requesting that the city attorney be disqualified in participating in his case. north korea's much anticipated rocket launch ended today. the satellite the rocket it was carrying failed to reach orbit. officials say the rocket broke apart a minute or two after
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launch and didn't even get close to putting a satellite in orbit. north korea was so proud of its achievement it had invited foreign media to see him. comments about romney's wife has even president obama coming to her defense. this comes in in a political thug of war for women's vote. >> the gender gap is real. women will elect the next election. >> reporter: romney said he relies on her for economic advice. >> guess what, his wife has actually never worked a day in her life. she's never really dealt with the kinds of economic issues that a majority of the women in this country are facing.
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>> reporter: and romney shot back, rather tweeted back. i made the choice to stay home, believe me it's hard work. >> mitt said to me more times than you can imagine, your job is more important than mine. >> reporter: the president distanced himself from the uproar. >> there's no tougher job than being a mom. >> a mom or a dad say bay area parents. >> i think they're both working for money or staying at home with your kids is both valuable. they're just two different jobs. >> working and raising a kid is very hard. i got number two on the way so it's going to get harder. and it's worth every second. >> reporter: romney would be the first first lady never to have drawn a paycheck. no one we talked said they plan to base their vote for president based on what a candidate's wife does or does
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not do. two more earthquakes rocked mexico today. today's quakes were centered between the baja peninsula and sonora. yesterday people in mexico city were rattled by a 6.5 quake that occurred more than 200 miles away. so far there are no reports of major damage from any of these sizable quakes. new rules adopted tonight for walnut creek's bars and restaurants. the action many are vowing to take against the city. right now storm tracker 2 lighting up. and there's more behind this. so when i come back 10 minutes we'll talk about it and the forecast for your bay area weekend. up first, george zimmerman makes his first court appearance in the shooting death of trayvon martin. the evidence sited in his arrest.
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woman: which means a little heat to keep us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over-the-top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. you're feeling sleepy already? nighty-night. [giggling] george zimmerman made his first court appearance today. the prosecution's affidavit revealed some of the information that could be used at the trial. >> reporter: we got a closer look at the affidavit in the case. george zimmerman stands motionless in a florida courtroom, answering second degree murder charges. the affidavit of probable cause focuses on screams in the background of a 911 call the
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night of the shooting. >> do you think he's yelling help. >> reporter: trayvon's mother says it's her son yelling for help. zimmerman also ignored a 911 dispatcher when he asked him to stop following martin. >> we're not going to be talking about using words against the mother of a deceased child. >> i believe in the judicial system and i believe he can get a fair trial. >> reporter: the charges have brought some calm. >> it's time to let the process work and everybody needs to calm down and he's been charged. >> day by day things are going to be, leaks, rumors are going to go. it's going to get right back up to right where it was. and everything is going to have
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an opinion for a very long time. >> reporter: craig boswe -- boswell. >> legal experts say that a judge can dismiss the case before the trial if zimmerman proves he was acting in self- defense. crews took turns diving in the reservoir. santa clara county sheriff's department took turns diving in the reservoir. search teams were also dispatched to near by hillsides and trails. dive teams will be back in the water tomorrow at the yubas
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reservoir. stocks soared high again, china's economy is growing. the dow rose 181 points closing just shaoeug of the 13,000 mark. the nasdaq closed 39. hewlett packard enjoyed the bull run. increases in h p's pc business soared. for the day hp stock went up more than 7%. it's biggest increase since march of 2009. it gained 1.59. not to be outdone, google announced plans for a two for one share. the new shares will not come with any voting rights which protect the company's leadership. marin county wants george lucas to reconsider after lucas
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scrapped his plans far sprawling film production place there. which two near by neighbors may try to lure lucas. >> reporter: after years of trying, george lucas has dropped his battle. >> it is unusual that a handful of homeowners could stop this. >> ironically we could not find anyone who says lucas or his company is a bad neighbor. in fact, the opinion is quite the opposite. even amongst those at the homeowners association. >> i don't think there is a
10:20 pm
better neighbor than george lucas. look what he's done already. >> with this particular project it seemed a little difference with just the size of it and i think it scared a lot of people. >> it isn't going to have an impact on this, this community expect during the construction phase. >> reporter: employment agent monroe says silican valley and san francisco will try to lure lucas. >> given that it is lucas film and they already have a big presence in the presidio in san francisco i would think that would be an obvious choice. >> reporter: tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. we've learned tonight's wild weather has resulted in a ground stoppage for air traffic at both the san francisco and oakland airport. the fda issued it at and it was supposed to be lifted at 10:15, we're hearing from travelers on twitter that they're being
10:21 pm
forced to wait on the tarmac to wait out for bad weather. >> i'm not surprised as is anybody else that the airplane was affected. wind sheer the worse thing you can have especially at an airport. the heaviest showers moving to the south. those reds are gone, right. go down fremont. you're seeing a stronger lean of showers here. i'm not getting reports right now of thunder and lightning. but as this sideline moves through there's more behind it. as we go into the next 12 hours or so, there's a wet commute. we'll look at the computer model. we'll time it all out for you. up to tonight any way the mild bay area winter could lead to a very long and active west nile season.
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officials in contra costa county today say a dead bird found in pleasanthill tested positive for the virus, the first case of the year. last year the first nile virus was found until june. a crack down on bars and restaurants. >> we just learned the outcome of a critical vote. why some worry it could put them out of business. a key ruling for kraáf kraá workers. the decision whether restaurant workers and others have to take a lunch break.
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developing news. there's a large fire burning, we're told what's on fire is the apartment where two people were shot and killed earlier today and where a stand off is going into its 12th hour. these flames broke out we understand after a loud bang that went on at that scene. police were trying to make contact with the person held up in that apartment since about 7:00 this morning. we know that there was the concern of possible explosives inside the apartment. that's why the stanislaus sheriff department called out the s.w.a.t. team. a stand off has resulted in a large fire at the location where the one suspect was believed to be held up inside the apartment. at this point, we don't know how the fire started. we don't know the fate of that suspect but our amber lee is on the scene. she's working to get us new detail, as soon as we get them we will bring them to you right
10:26 pm
here. new at 10:00 tonight, bar and restaurant owners are planning to crack down on an ordnance. >> reporter: i was just fold that vote was 6-0 in favor of these new rules that would make it easier for the city of walnut creek to crack down on any bars or restaurants that it deems to be a problem. some business owners they say they aren't part of this problem worry they're being punished too. grogan's has been here since 1976. but the owner says that they know having a bar comes with problems.
10:27 pm
now we do have isolated incidents. it's not a crisis down here. crogan's is a bar not covered by tougher rules affected newer businesses, but they worry a new ordnance will make it easier to punish or shut down any business serving alcohol if they consider it a nuisance. >> most of our accomplishments don't create problems. but for the handful that do or will in the future this gives us a tool to deal with those situations. >> reporter: the city cut back the number of tip down. >> i've owned my place since i was 25 years old, i'm 63. >> reporter: in addition to speaking up, several bar and restaurant owners have formed their ordinary reason group and hired lawyers and are threatening to sue if the city moves forward with more restrictions. >> they feel their property rights are being enfridged upon.
10:28 pm
>> the city council still has the final say on this new ordnance, it could make it official we're told in may. live in walnut creek, eric rasmussen. the court supreme coulding on lunch breaks is going to reverberate across businesses. workers for chili's restaurants brought the suit. they said they were not getting their mandated breaks and would the court said state law does not compel employers to make sure employees stop work. instead employees are at liberty to use the time as they choose. the quest for the stanley cup begins and the san jose sharks make a big statement. see how fans react. and we're watching a very active storm tracker 2 right now. bill is back after the break with where the strongest weather is.
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we want to check back on the strong storms we're watching tonight. bill what's on the radar right now? >> i'll tell you it's going off. we're going to go to storm tracker two. these showersfelt sfelt -- showers felt like a squall line. we're getting reports right now. checking on my facebook page. we have a lot of people reporting thunder and lightning. the hayward hills and pleasanton. people are feeling this and hearing it. there's more rain in the forecast as you know. tomorrow morning's commute we're going to talk about that when i come back in 10 minutes, there's a chance for more severe weather as we go through the next 24 hours. a wild night, it's going to be a wild day tomorrow. and we have new video of
10:32 pm
the impact of tonight's storm to show you. a 50-foot tree came down on glen court drive up in the oakland hills about 8:00 tonight. police and fire crews are watching the road. police took down some power lines as well. pg & e had to cut power off to some homes as well. today's reign caused the roof to drop at a goodwill. >> reporter: firefighters checked out the damage to the petaluma goodwill store from above. workers heard an alarming sound. >> the noise got stronger and stronger. nobody ever dropped anything to make that kind of noise. i thought the big earthquake was coming at first.
10:33 pm
>> they went up there and found other blocked roof drains. in those areas they were able to clear the degree to let the roof drain properly to prevent further structural damage. under the weight the roof gave away. >> it was about 30-inches of water which is a considerable the áf weight. >> reporter: the building owner will fix the roof but the water damaged thousands of dollars in donated items. >> we've sustained a loss today. if we were to get more doe neighs it would be very much appreciated. >> reporter: it was business as usual later on in the day inside the store. >> we provide job training for people with disability or other barriers to disaappointment. but in this economy there's a hugh demand for our services. >> reporter: goodwill officials expect the repairs to start tomorrow. no one was hurt.
10:34 pm
stay with us for continuing coverage, ktvu morning news will be monitoring the weather, the problem it caused and how it will impact your morning commute. the fate of california's high speed really is now in the hands of the state legislature. the california high speed rail authority voted today. the legislature has until the end of august to approve the budget. $4billion in federal tpupdz -- federal funds have been committed. silican valley is the undisputed capital of invasion in america. this is where big dreams are
10:35 pm
born. this is where big things can happen. >> a $2.3 billion project will be funded by local, state and federal dollars including a voter improved sales tax hike. the full extension is expected to be complete by 2016. new at 10:00 tonight, the san jose sharks did something they've never done this season. they beat the st. louis blues. what made it more exhilarating, it was in the play offs. lloyd lacuesta is live with the dramatic overtime finish. >> reporter: it's a rainy night in san jose but that didn't dampen the spirits of shark fans who saw their hockey team beat the favored st. louis blues in a double overtime thriller by a score of 3-2. >> into the middle, they score. >> we got the game winning goal, we're up one game in the series, and that's all that
10:36 pm
matters right now. 1-0. we're going to take this series. >> reporter: the first game televised from st. louis was a nail biter. this was the first time the sharks have defeated the blues this season. >> i'm excited right now. i can't believe we won. it's a great feeling i have right now. >> reporter: the sharks barely qualified for the play offs. they are the seventh seed. the blues are number two. business are hoping the sharks make a long run to the stanley cup. >> it generates a lot of business for us, and it was looking scary there. look like they weren't going to make it for a while but i obviously they did. it's a great boost for the san jose economy. >> reporter: the sharks have been tot play offs 15 times in their existence. but they always seem to fall short of winning it all. >> we've been here so many times, the stanley cup or bust. we've been trying to get this for a while, san jose need this. >> reporter: to be the's come
10:37 pm
from behind win will no doubt start the fever. mark ibanez is coming up to tell you all about this win. lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. we're continuing to follow developing news at the scene of that stand off in modesto. a live report on what we've learned after the break. in live storm tracker 2, check it out. i'm getting reports of storms and lightning. there's more wild weather coming your way. first some clues to the sudden registration nation of the ceo of website and it -- ceo of best buy and it involves a female employee. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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more on tonight's developing news in modesto where a gunman shot and killed an officer and barricaded himself. >> reporter: just a few minutes ago a large group of onlookers toll me law enforcement asked them to leave behind our camera and that's exactly what they did. i want to show you what they're looking at. i just got in touch with the fire department and they told us they don't know how the fire started. initially i thought it was something they did to flush out the suspect, but that's not the case here. they've been trying to make contact with him. i said, is there any reason to feel he's alive. they say they don't know.
10:41 pm
the last time they made contact was around 3:30. everybody at my shot at 10:15, you could hear them talking over a loud speaker. the primary concern is to get this fire out, they have the fire department working on it right now. they're also trying to get the gunman out. they have no idea whether he's alive or not but they're taking every precaution, pushing everyone back behind our camera. that is the latest from here, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. new reports are emerging tonight that shed light on the sudden resignation of best buy ceo. brian dunn is being
10:42 pm
investigated on company finances used while he was dating a 29-year-old employee. in london the only version of the famous painting the scream still in private hands will be sold at auction next month. it's expected to sell for $80 million or more. norwegian artist monk paymented four versions, two have been stolen and retired -- monk painted four versions. in jerusalem, the greek orthodox church following a different calendar and celebrating easter at a different time than other
10:43 pm
christians. two men dubbed the neopolitan bandits are behind bars tonight. robert guitierrez were arrested. baseball returns to at that time park tomorrow. the last minute preparation for the giant's homeowner and the invited fan who won't be able to make it. will this wild weather clear out by game time? bill martin is back with his complete bay area forecast. so, ah, your seat good?
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fans are gearing up for the giant's home opener against the pittsburgh pirates. but there's one fan who won't be able to make it. >> reporter: with opening day
10:46 pm
here at at&t park less than 24 hours away, workers in the field and on the stands were making final preparations for the giant's first regular season home game. if the weather holds up the giants expect every seat to be taken some 40,000 people here to complete an annual ritual. >> it really is, it's a time to take a deep breath and say baseball is back. >> reporter: hector riv era of san jose got here early to get his tickets. >> i got the top level. >> and to pick up giant's gear for his grandson. >> perfect. >> i think. >> yeah. >> reporter: many told me they made sure they had their tickets early. >> why is it important to be here on opening day. >> because it's a moral imperative. i'm going to be here. >> reporter: but a fan that
10:47 pm
won't make it is bryan stow. the giants invited him to come down. but he will not be able to attend. >> we talk to his mom a lot, we visit him. >> reporter: the team hopes stow will soon be well enough to make a trip to at at&t park. until then, it's a sure bet bryan will be watching on tv as his favorite team takes the field. in san francisco, sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. the giants set a record before the season even started with the most season tickets sold since the team started playing at at&t park. there's 2,705 season ticketholders. the ballpark almost seats 42,000. 70% of the seats are taken for every game. the giants says tickets sales are strong with two-point # million tickets already sold for this season. former pen state assistant
10:48 pm
coach jerry sandusky lost his bid to have abuse charges against him dismissed. the court denied several requests submitted by sandusky's lawyer. one of the request was to dismiss the charges because the charges were too old. the assembly today unanimously passed a bill that would require all higher education employees to report suspected child abuse. the bill now moves on to the state senate. other states across the country are considering similar bills. state regulators today issued a warning letter to the president of the fish and game commission. dan richards was criticized after this picture was taking of him holding a dead mountain lion. richard violated the state's
10:49 pm
gift limit when he accepted the idaho gift from the ranch. he could have faced a $5,000 fine. richards repaid the gift. and right now the hot spot on live storm tracker 2. is the milpitas, fremont area. let's take a peak. it's an interesting phenomenon with the social media now. i'm getting lots of reports in this area of severe weather. thunder, lightning, heavy rain in milpitas up at the peak here. we're finding 100 people on my facebook page and weather page are reporting in what they're seeing. not only are you looking at the radar but on the ground you're getting reports of heavy rain. as the system moves through tomorrow, we're going to see more heavy activity. it's winding down now. a lot of the activity is going to wind down. but then this cold air pushes in tomorrow and that will trigger off more afternoon thundershowers. tomorrow morning showers, afternoon some clearing then as the sun comes down and heats the ground it's going to explode. we're going to see more very
10:50 pm
active weather. especially in the central valley but we could see severe weather out in the santa rosa area and out toward fairfield.tonight at 2:00 a.m. you see scattered showers, a lot of showers north of santa rosa and south and east. mornings on 2 will begin at 4:00. 8:00a.m. the moisture kind of leaves, it's cloudy, the sun comes out a little bit. heats the ground, then they start to fire thunderstorms. those thunderstorms could be quite severe based on what we're seeing tonight, based on how cold the air is. it could really create some interesting weather. we'll be monitoring it all day tomorrow. i'll be in here early and we'll just be monitoring the situation for you. baseball forecast, the giants opening day is going to be a
10:51 pm
cool day. i think the game is going on but it's going to be kind of wet on the feel. there'll be a little bit of a chance of a sprinkle but the main thing you will notice, cool temperatures just in the mid-50s at game time. forecast high tomorrow, you have lots of 50s tomorrow. a cool day. as we go into the five day forecast with the weekend in view. of tomorrow morning, the weekend clears out nicely. definitely, you've been here a long time, ken. you grew up here gasia. we don't get a lot of nights like this in the bay area. this is one of those nights where it's going off. >> the lightning hitting the cranes in the port of oakland. amazing. >> that's an amazing picture. the sharks begin their play off game tonight. toss these little scent boosters in before you wash. and the fresh scent will last until you're ready to wash again. [ buzzer ]
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[ laughs ] [ both sniff ] and this fresh scent will last? it's like you shoved a rainbow up your nose. i should go. downy unstopables. the fresh too feisty to quit.
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we have a live look another that developing news we've been following for you in modesto. a fire is still burning at the scene of a double shooting and now an 11 hour stand off. amber lee is on the scene and she tells us at this point it's unclear what started the fire but the firefighters are working to put it out right now. you see the flames here through the trees, crews and other
10:55 pm
people being kept about a block and a half away. at this point there's no sign of the gunman. turning now to mark ibanez and a good start for the sharks on the road. >> we weren't seeing this kind of hockey from the sharks a month and a half ago. the stanley cup play offs bearing no resemblance to the regular season. the sharks did not look a thing to the team that could not beat st. louis early in the year. they do it in the power play, it's directed in by hamlet. and they find themselves mixing it up with st. louis with the momentum switch. being that they were playing in st. louis. despite the fact they're down, they went to a second overtime and that man havlett will end
10:56 pm
up with the game decider, swapping it through. that's the game ender. but the big story might have been the goalie who won a stanley cup with chicago. st.louis saturday night. if you peaked outside, kind of hard to believe we're going to have opening day for the giants but you know the fans they are game ers, so are the players. they beat baseball's father time this afternoon. 49-year-old jamie moyer in colorado, bret hill probably wasn't even born when moyer made his debut, 6th inning, this is key. angel pagan with a shot to left. that will make it 3-0 san francisco. and they weren't finished with the two out deal. that's cabrera continuing his hitting power.
10:57 pm
two for four. double to right center. that's a rbi and a couple for him in the game. baumgartner took a no hitter. tyler colvan tries to make a great catch for him to try to save that no hitter but it turns out baumgartner was great. 7-1/3 inning. and win number one for him. meantime, highlight for the warriors it was balliwood night and that was good because everything else wasn't. brandon wright who used to play for the warriors slams it down. he had 16 points, nine rebounds and we always have to show you the bay area kid, jason patient, watch him work it. he's done it a million times to dirk nowitzki. kidd tonight, 19 points, 12 assists and 16 rebounds. almost a trouble-double for him. and good luck to the giants. they're going to play right? >> they're going to play, it'll just be a little damp on the
10:58 pm
field. >> thank you for trusting ktvu. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the news team will be here tomorrow morning at 4:30, we'll have the latest on the weather and the stand off. we're always here for you on ktvu and mobile ktvu.
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