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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 13, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> i had my eyes closed and i saw this big glow. i thought i wassen lightened. >> reporter: the normal commute got strange as the avenue was closed. it's a major artry. >> this is the -- piedmont starts there. this is oakland. the roadway affects all of us. >> if we move the dirt off we don't want that to cause more dirt to come. . >> reporter: neighbors flew there was a possibility of damage to trees after listennenning to it over night. >> some of them are very old. it was raining a lot. >> reporter: coming up at six why neighbors were worried about a potential landslide at this spot. reporting live in piedmont. >> the lightning storm was a big jolt for pg&e which had its utility crews rushing from the effects of the intense storm. david stevenson says how they raised to try to keep up with
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the weather. >> reporter: the national weather service said it wasn't necessarily a record but pg&e says the effect of the light lightning storm is still being felt today. wave after wave of lightning bolts lit up the night giving the bay area a show usually seen on the 4th of july. >> i'm not used to lightning out here. >> i have lived here 20 years and never seen that. >> reporter: at least 750 bolts of lightning struck ground, generated by a strong late season storm system and warm ocean temperatures. >> part of the standards of the midwest and back east, that's not a remarkable number. it's only for us on the west coast. >> reporter: still the impact was felt all long the bay area power grid. at least 25,000 people lost power as the bolts brought down wires and fried at least 25 pieces of pg&e equipment along the peninsula. >> our equipment operates from
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four thousand to 34,000 volts, about one billion, billion with a b, volts that suddenly go into that system when a lighten strikes it. >> reporter: lightning blew this lid off a transformer and burned several others in south san francisco. crews worked today to replace this huge pad mounted transformer that had a business park building. they say they tracked two huge wave of lightning strikes in realtime, letting dispatch crews to service the grid after the danger had passed. >> it's held up very well. especially interesting how intense the lightning storm was. >> reporter: just how intense will it be? it said it's san mateo equipment was hit 162 times in one night. reporting live. david stevenson. >> today we saw sun, then stormy skies in the span of just minutes. bill martin now in the weather
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center and has most of the storm passed? >> reporter: most is through the area. i go back in this area 30 years and beyond that and last night's storm top five. 750 lightening strikes reported. these are cloud to ground lightning. you get a lot of cloud to cloud and then it was just a huge night of tunedder lightning. just running it through last night. you can see it here. that's about when -- this thunderstorm warning was issued for the coastline and then it moves to the south bay and just explodes, especially toward mission peak and fremont. now it's a different day. there is instability out in the valley. you see the yellows and reds, we have it up here by napa but we are finding a quieter environment. scattered showers in the forecast. still outside chance for a scattered thunderstorm but as the day get as long and we get closer to sunset it starts to go away. very a weekend to talk about. i think you are going be
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interested in, plus at the ballpark the giants playing. they have a great day for the game. not going to rain on them. ly be back in a few minutes. on the bay area weekend forecast. >> thank you bill. a midflight scare for passengers of a united flight from sfo to england after lightning struck the plane not long after takeoff. >> huge flash, just right outside the window, and -- huge bang. >> we were all scared. i thought maybe this it. >> reporter: the plane landed back at sfo, nobody was hurt. this afternoon passengers were back on another plane headed to england. >> as we said thousands of homes and businesses lost power during that storm. right now it's pretty nice around the bay area. little sign of that storm and many customers have their power back on right now. pg&e says that 600 customers are still without power in the east bay, 190 on the peninsula. 140 in san francisco, 70 in the south bay and none in the north
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bay. pg&e said most service will be restored in the next 30 minutes but in piedmont where that landslide happened. electricity there should be back up by 7:00 tonight. it appearance there was no repeat today of the problems in san francisco's mission district yesterday. homes and businesses along folsom between 16th and 17th had a back up of rain water and sewage. city officials say they haven't had any new calls today of similar problems after the downpour over night. ? we will continue on the website. you can log on, just click on the weather tab for live radar in your neighborhood. >> oakland police have arrested two fugitives in a kidnapping case after a three hourlong standoff in jack london square. we were live over the scene at noon today when swat team set up around the jack london inn. two officers had spotted a stolen car with two wanted suspects, a man and a woman inside. police say they ran into the hotel where the man changed
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into women's clothing. officers evacuated guests and staff from the inn and just a few hours ago arrested the two. guests say it was a scary experience. >> they asked if i saw a man dressed as a woman and i said no. i had just left my room for a minute and she pulled me out. >> reporter: police say they are wanted for kidnapped and assaulting a 55-year-old man last month. they applingly drove him to southern california where he escaped. >> the search for the gunman who killed two people including a sheriff's deputy may be over. kara is in modesto where a body was found inside a burned out apartment building where the gunman had been holed up. >> reporter: still a very active investigation going on right now behind me. more than 30 hours after this scene got started you take a look beyond this yellow crime tape investigators have been
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taking a lot of precautions between the instability of the apartment after it caught fire last night as well as the fear there could have been explosives inside the home. >> at this point we did locate a body inside. >> reporter: police stopped short of saying the burned body was the gunman saying dna tests may be needed to make a positive indication. smoke could be seen coming the two story apartment as investigators spent their second day out here with an evidence dog peppering the front yard with yellow markers. the apartment went up in flames last night as police tried to flush out a gunman who killed a deputy and civilian. believed to be a locksmith. they now say they don't believe tear gas canisters used by the swat team sparked the fire. >> we don't believe that we started the fire. >> it was crazy. i was shocked. i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: ashley who is one of dozens of neighbors forced to evacuate. >> i saw the police officer
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being carried by six other officers. >> reporter: also learning more from neighbors about the man who lived here. >> he was a private armed security guard. he had different types of firearms, he had a loading dock for ammunition and repairing his firearms. he had tactical equipment, vests, gas mask, boots. >> reporter: others described him as reserved and paranoid saying he had surveillance cameras outside his windows and a bulls eye for target practice in the garage. the sheriff said the deputy and civilian killed have been trying to serve an an, eviction notice. this road is still closed off here and dozens of people who live in the neighborhood are out of their homes because of the investigation and could be out until later tonight. we are live in modest . >> today's storm didn't stop the sheriff's deputies from searching for science of sierra
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mar. >> we feel the pain of the family. we want to dot best we can. >> reporter: they have now turned their attention to another area of a reservoir after equipment detected possible areas of concern. ahead, what dive divers found today. >> the judge appointed to handle the martin case said she may have a conflict of interest. at a brief status hearing she revealed her husband is partner was a lawyer who zimmerman approached to represent him. by phone zimmerman's attorney tolded judge he may file a request she be remove from the case. she asked that he do that before next friday's bail hearing. >> mr.-- i look forward to your hearing from your decision or seeing your decision as to how you want to proceed. otherwise i will see you next week. >> zimmerman made his first court appearance yesterday on second degree murder charges, he didn't attend today's
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hearing. just a few days before the filing deadline the white house today released the president and vice president's tax returns. the returns show the president and first lady had a total income of just under $845,000. a little less than half cale from the president's 400,000- dollar salary, most of the rest came from the sales of their books. they played $162,000 in taxes. that's about 19% of their total income. they donated $172,000 to charity. the vice president and his wife, this year's return looks like last year. they had $379,000. that's about 140,000 below the last return. they paid about $88,000 in federal taxes, most of their money from the vice president's salary and teaching wages. they donated $5,500 to charity. >> on wall street the markets ended down making the worst
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week of the year. warnings about europe and china weighed on the markets, the dow was down 136 point. nasdaq was down 44 points to 3, 111. an ordinance to crack down enwall net creek restaurants and bars was approved. it will now go before the city council in may. the proposal requires all businesses that serve alcohol to comply with performance standards set by the city. they include cut off times for alcohol and security requirements. this is a response to drunken violence downtown. >> another live ball game at at&t park. sell out crowd and they almost saw history as matt threw a gem. we will have a live report. >> new snow in the sierra. we have just checked caltrans
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. a show of support from giants fans at today's home opener. tyler stow the son brian stow walked out with the team at at&t park to throw the first pitch. on the video screen brian and his mother who wished tyler luck. stow is still at a rehabilitation facility. >> he has quite the arm. the family is developed a special bond with the giants. fred shows us how the team honored them. he is live at the park. >> reporter: hi. this was the 85th straight sell out here at at&t park. i tell you pregame ceremonies were up lifts but the team and players and the fans got their money's worth today.
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in fact, they were able to see all the runs they would need in the very first inning and buster the catcher making his first start back here since that scary accident that ended his season last may, buster hits a double off the wall in center field. cabrera had two hits and scored two sot giant was in good shape leading 2-0 late in the first. the story was matt, perfect through five and two thirds innings, he had one base hit and then had the near perfect game. just one single in the outing. it was clean and it was about time for him and he said it was not distracted by the pregame ceremonies. >> definitely pumps you up. you get excited. you get the home opener and the fans are coming out and you are excited about getting, going out and playing on opening day. it's always fun. you get to watch the
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ceremonies, i think it's -- i have thrown a home opener before. you just have to find ways to stay on your routine and do your thing and not get caught up in it but enjoy it. once you get going just let your normal rhythm start going. >> one clean single away from a perfect game. that clean single from the pitcher of the pittsburgh pirates, gains 10-3 all time in home openers. they are just 3-4 on the season overall however, and of course john will have a lot more about the fans perspective of the opener later in the 5:00 news. >> thank you. today's home opener means big business for the vendors at the park. prices for game time snacks higher this area. at pack 47 just how much more fans will have to take and why the price hike may not be good news for vendors. >> the countdown for the reopening of the lighthouse at
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point bon," ta. its been closed since 2010 because of damage to the bridge. the area started repairing that area and now it's ready. the lighthouse will open tomorrow afternoon. it's at the end of a steep half mile walk at the top of the head lands. >> powerful waves slammed a log on top of a 6-year-old yesterday leading to her death. the girl was playing in the surf and the water soaked log landed on top of her. family and bystanders got it off but she was unconscious and she died at the hospital. >> new snow fell in the sierra where a winter storm warning in effect until 8:00 tonight. sugar bowl reports more than two feet of now snow. here is what it looked like on interstate 80. if you are heading up to the sierra pack chains, right now
5:18 pm
some chain restrictions are in effect on interstate 80. they are not required right now on highway 50. here say live picture of 80 in soda springs there. is snow and the roads look a little wet and slick. once again, pack those chain itself you are heating up to the mountains. >> he have been showing you how the wild weather is causing problems but look at this. wind and rain took down a pair of large tree up in the oakland hills. one came to rest on a house, the house wasn't damaged and nobody was hurt. >> we had a little bit of everything over the last 24 hours, let's check in with bill. >> when did you think? last night one of the all time thunderstorms of the bay area. >> absolutely. >> that's -- everybody i'm talking to its top five in 30 years. itch everybody talking about it. >> it was going off. everybody got a piece of it, especially in the east bay and the south in the santa clara valley. look at the storm tracker and you can see 7 radio rightening
5:19 pm
strikes, that's when it went up and then it just went through the bay area. source, hail today as well. most of the activity dying down. that pink area, that's a winter storm warning that will be dropped for the lake tahoe area. you can see activity in the inland valley. here is the thing. we expected morin stability today because last night it was so unstable. some of the cold air we thought would have the potential to produce a funnel cloud or severe weather. getting a bit of a break. we are heading for the bay area weekend and this is all gone. the bad weather, last weekend, this weekend, the bad weather is leaving. we had rain up to two inches, nearly two inches, san francisco own an inch in a very short amount of time. this wasn't the front that slides through and rains for three hours, this is big cell over you, dumps an inch of rain in 20 minutes and goes away. that's a lot of rain.
5:20 pm
we see that in san francisco. the drains in all the urban areas draining off. the weekend is coming up. tonight partly cloudy and chilly. there is a chance of showers tonight if are you in or about and most of it in the inland valleys, clayton, dry pattern for the week and the extended forecast, drying period. it'll start to feel like spring. what does that mean? allergies, it'll go off tomorrow. the sun will come out, in the pollen and the tree pollen will start to pop. be ready for that. there goes the system. lie pressure sets off and that will bring us a nice weekend. you know this system, it's going -- it's heading out to the rockies and the plains, it'll big concerns for thunderstorms, severe tornado weather saturday and into sunday in the plain states. we will talk more about that. if that rolls off we get a nice warming trend.
5:21 pm
ly come back in a few minutes and look at the computer model and the forecast and see how warm the temperatures will get. >> thank you bill. many americans hadn't heard from her until yesterday. now how the wife of romney is sending a message loud and clear. >> and new information about bay area artist thomas kinkade. what we are learning about his frame of mind before his death.
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. on the republican campaign trail the road to the white house led to the national rifle association. the gop candidates made a trip to the nra's yearly meeting in st. louis. romney promised the association that if he ise electricked he will defend the second amendment. >> we noad a president to stand up for the hunters and supports man who those who want to protect their homes. the president hasn't. i will. >> reporter: the former house speaker gingrich also addressed them, so did santorum who has suspended his campaign. he said he and his wife have been nra members for years and that his 3-year-old daughter is now a lifetime member. >> and that event gave another rising politic allistar a chance to sign. romney surprised the crowd by yielding the podium to his wife calling her a her of mine. >> let me give a shout out to all moms that are working and
5:25 pm
by the way, to all dads that are working. we love all of you. >> she is in the spotlight this week after a comment by a democratic strategist. she said ann couldn't understand the struggles of working women because she was a stay at home mom and never worked a day in her life. ann responded that she respects the choices that all women make and today she returned to that theme. >> you know i often think that you are only as a parent as happy as you your saddest child. you never, ever stop being a parent. >> while it seems she is only recently come out as a force she has been by her husband's side from the day he announced his run. she also makes her own appearances for the campaign at that nra event she also took issue with the washington person who described women as a
5:26 pm
special interest group. >> alameda county supervisor reportedly denying parts of an e-mail sent from her account to the bay area news group. the message accuse her exlover of harassing and beating her and accuse her husband of supplying her with drugs for years. she denies write that part and said her exlover may have hacked into her account. a charge his attorney denies. senate brother of thomas kinkade said the artist was a heavy drinker in the past few years before his death. he had a hard time dealing with widespread criticism of his art and with a failed marriage according to patrick's interview. his pictures of gardens and landscape was said to have generated $100 million a year in sales. he died in his home on april 6th. >> the rain isn't stopping
5:27 pm
people from searching for clues in the sierra lamar casef. they found anything. >> you feel, we feel his loss every day because he was such a big part of hour lives. >> the family of a berkeley man said they are setting the record straight when it comes to his death after he called police to report a prowler. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? we had to watch basketball in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the new wireless receiver only from at&t. get u-verse tv for $25 a month with free hd for six months. at&t.
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. rainy weather didn't stop deputies taking to the waterways in santa clara for sierra lamar. it's the second day they have been in the water looking for her. we were with dive teams all day and we are live with how the
5:30 pm
difficult situation was made worse. >> reporter: we are here at the sierra search center where volunteers will gather tomorrow for another ground search. a search under water yesterday turned up nothing. today divers moved miles west. somewhere beneath the waters divers hope to find something that may lead them to sierra. the rain made it more challenging. >> darker outside the darker in the water. we loose what little visibility we will ever have. >> reporter: sonar equipment earlier this week deteched eight years that concerned investigators. >> more often than not it's tree trunks, car parts, people love to throw trash in the water. >> reporter: visibility was zero so they had to use their hands to feel for obvious that shouldn't be there. it's not without risk. 40 to 60 feet down they can get
5:31 pm
tangled up in branches. >> you could swim inside a tree stump and not realize until you try to surface. very dangerous situation. one of the most dangerous you can do as a deputy sheriff to swim in to the areas where you can't see. >> reporter: despite the problem of the search for the young girl this team is motivated, many are fathers themselves. >> we absolutely feel the pain of the family, we want to be out for -- to do the best we can. >> reporter: so far they haven't found anything significant yet but are still out looking at that hour. searches organized by the class kids foundation will be held all this weekend. volunteers will be meeting here at 8:00 a.m. reporting live. >> the san jose police department faces new charges of racial profiling. the city's auditor said officers may be forcing minorities to sit on street curbs after minor traffic stops. they want police to document
5:32 pm
the race of everybody ordered to curb sit as well as the specific reason for the traffic stop. they want officers to wear small cameras on their uniforms to record what happens during those stops. >> the family of a berkeley man killed outside his home is asking for answers tonight and for the first time giving their own account of what happened. patty lee live in the newsroom with how the family story is different than what police have said. >> reporter: the family's account of what happened doesn't match what the police say happens and points out flaws in the emergency response system. christopher and alexander were -- after speaking out for the first time about their father's death. >> we feel his loss every day because he was -- he was such a big part of our lives. >> reporter: they say they are ready to correct what they say is the berkeley police department's inaccurate version. >> we wanted to set the record straight. we also wanted to make sure
5:33 pm
that the public is a ware that they are potentially, in danger. >> reporter: police say peter called them on a nonemergency line for help but didn't indicate he was in immediate danger so the call wasn't set as a priority because of an occupy protest. but the family said peter called on the emergency line, programmed into his cell phone. >> my father saw a clear threat of an invasion to his home and asked for immediate help. >> i feel for the family. . >> reporter: the father of his alleged killer also believes that a faster response by police may have led to a different ending. at the court in oakland a judge committed his 23-year-old son daniel to the napa state hospital. >> almost like a death. in a certain way. it's a tragedy for both family the. >> reporter: he said his son is refusing to take medication for mental illness. one of the reason he was deemed unable to stand trial.
5:34 pm
his father said he has tried to put his son in institutions nine times but it's not a simple process. he said he is relieved he will be treated another the hospital, even if it's against his will and under the circumstances. live in the newsroom. >> oakland firefighters were busy with a fire that may have been set on purpose. it broke out just after 1:30 this after at a building on east 9th street and 34th eve. one of the businesses is a auto repair shop. the cause is under investigation. police arrested a woman near the scene. a witness saw her burning clothes in a barrel and that the fire spread to the building. >> the president is in columbia tonight for the summit of the america's. he stopped in florida earler at the port of tampa. the president talked about the importance of trade with south american countries. >> american exports, by the
5:35 pm
end of 2014. today, with the trade agreement that i signed into law, we are on track to meet that goal. soon there will be millions of new customers for american goods in south korea and columbia. >> the president will be among 30 leaders attending the summit. the president was in florida a police officer was injured escorting his motorcade. the white house reporter caught this video and if you look in the middle of the screen lue see the officer sitting in the grass and a motorcycle opponent it's side. he a few cuts but wasn't seriously hurt. he lost control of his motorcycle after failing to stop for a speed bump. >> the oakland police force grew stronger today. we will show you what the department added to their ranks. and the scene after a pit bull turned on a child. how it happened and where that dog is tonight. >> and putting a price tag on your health. how much being over weight hads
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and get a free double chocolate chip cake. . a 3-year-old is being treated after being mauled by a pit bull. she was attacked aaron 11:30 in the 3100 block of plumb avenue near martinez. the child's condition is not
5:39 pm
known. the dog's owner turned the animal over to the authority its. . >> the police force grew stronger with seven new officers sworn in. dustin has wanted to by a police officer since he was little. at a ceremony he and other six others realized their dreams and got their badges. budget cut did you -- now he is well trained thrilled to be working in oakland. >> it's action packed, there is a lot of diversity. weather is amazing most of the time, not right now. it's just a nice place to be. >> they will go through a four month long field training program alongside veterans and then will be on probation for a year. >> some muni riders having to wait longer for the bus. they are cutting back on overtime. its stopped calling drivers in
5:40 pm
on days off to replace driver who call in sick. instead they let them sit in maine innocence yards, eight a day don't make their regularly scheduled runs . bart's budget picture is different. they have a surplus. yesterday they said it'll use a projected surplus of 30 to $35 million on upgrades, they include improvements news seats and floors. they plan to hire about 56 new employees. they say increases in rider ship and sales tax revenue have allowed them to balance the budget and bring in more money. >> a new study shows obesity costs more than just health. researchers found an obese person's made cal costs are $2,700 a year higher than if they weren't over weight. that's about $190 billion a year nationally, about a 5th of
5:41 pm
all health care spending in the united states. the new study . researchers in canada say smokers of menthol have double the risk of stroke. they surveyed more than 5,000 adults and found women when nonafrican american menthol smokers especially at risk, more than three times more likely to have strokes. they say the refreshing feeling of them makes it easy tore start smoking and harder to stop. >> sun is shining a sea of orange and black is back ins. how fans feel about this opening day. >> and back here in just ten your bay area weekend is here and i have really nice weather to talk about. so. see you back here.
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. mother in san francisco the skies parted for a sunny day at the park for the giants home opener. john was there for everything. >> reporter: it was very tough. i will tell you the stands empty but the bunting still up. the giants and fans enjoyed the tradition of the home opening day. 42,000 people couldn't have been happier. baseball is back. >> it's just a tradition with us and i love it. i absolutely love it. >> reporter: this young plan was born during the playoffs in 2002. >> it's just very fun and i would do this every day i would
5:45 pm
come here. >> reporter: a sold out park. >> today all about renewal, about hope. >> reporter: the restaurant across the street was packed as well. >> just a huge jump for us, you know we have had to hire almost twice as much staff, you know we are ordering a ton more product. >> reporter: even giants players and copes were fired up before the game. >> , especially when the fans come, every day. >> opening day special. almost a playoff atmosphere. >> reporter: the pregame ceremony had a a huge american flag. the highlight was when tyler stow threw out the first pitch. his grandmother and father joined live by video feed. the former paramedic said good luck son. then it was time to play ball. >> it's the best day of the year. >> yeah. basically like, little kid in
5:46 pm
disneyland. like the gains are disneyland. >> reporter: the day was enhanced by a great pitching performance and big hits for the giants. highlights at six. >> price hikes of snacks went up but a bag of kettle corn went up by 50-cents compared to last see season. giants officials admit the price hike is significant. >> the price of the hot dog i think about 50 years ago was 75- cents and now it's $5. you know over 50 some add years it goes up. >> they add -- there are several combination deals to make them nora fordable. still vendors worry the increased price will leave customers to cut back. >> sunday marks the 100th anniversary of -- one of the
5:47 pm
greatest maritime disasters in history. the sinking of the titaniy. >> they are marking with a new documenty. in it one of the people who found the location the wreck in 1985 said there is a desperate need to preserve it. >> we filmed it, made a beautiful mosiac and then 20 years of diving by submarines from other countries we went back 20 years later redocumented it, we can show you the shocking damage that's being done. >> reporter: they would like to see a law passed to protect it. researchers are using satellite technology to track the penguin population. they say the number of them in antartica has almost doubled from the estimate from 20 years ago to about 238,000 breeding pairs. the new number from satellite majeure, powerful enough to show the bird from their shadows and other objects. they say the new technology could help track climate
5:48 pm
change. >> you know there is a little bug going around are. >> very heard. yeah. trust me i know. >> the giants got me choked up. bill is here to tell us the spring weather the pollen. >> that doesn't help. that's why i'm way over here. something is going around. here is how we go. much nicer. plenty of rain this morning, last night. thunderstorms, major event. it was a big deal. lots of lightning strikes, more cloud to cloud strikes, just a lot going on. that is dying down. as you head into napa and fairfield a few scattered showers but i have to say, environment unstable but it's not in -- it's not creating the big thunderstorms, that could have happened for the atmosphere, more stable than we would have thought and i'm happy about that. we just -- last night was enough. we don't knead another round. today the potential to be severe weather. rainfall past 24 hours significant in that -- inch and a half of rain, inch and a
5:49 pm
quarter fell in someplaces in about 20 minutes, that's a lot of rain. that's what you get in a tropical storm in the gulf states, weekend will be nice weather. real good. sunday warm, no rain in the immediate forecast. for the next week the five day when you look at it you will see a dry one. the forecast offer night lows on the cool side. it'll still be cool because the cold air came in behind it. they got snow in the foothills, then in the system rolls off and as this rolls off and goes east it'll cause havoc in the plains, severe weather there. for us, high pressure sets up, interesting how that works, this it low coming through, bringing us activity. as it work across the plain and encounters the warm gulf air they will explode into tornadoes, now, mark will be here this weekend and will talk about that. we will watch that for you if you have travel plans. for us the lie pressure sets up. the temperatures go up. not going to get hot but on sunday into the 07's and 60s. into the saturday.
5:50 pm
the computer model says -- that's friday. that's saturday morning. few clouds lingering saturday morning, then you see the winds kind of going northeast. that means high pressure setting up 4:00 saturday. looks nice. baseball going on tomorrow. beautiful day, day worked out great. i hope you got to go out to the game. tomorrow a nice day too at the ballpark and starts at 6:05. forecast highs tomorrow. warmer. five day forecast with the bay area weekend. i may stand here at the chromakee and -- whatever is going around in the newsroom. we will get fowler on that to do a story. people are really going down hard. >> dropping like flies. she made it through. she shouldered through. >> barely. we are glad you are here. thank you bill. >> they have been together seven years and now brad pitt and angelina jolie are engaged . the two started dating back
5:51 pm
in 2005. they have six children, three of them adopted. they previously said they wouldn't get married until same sex couples could as well but they now say it's important for their children. they say they are very happy about the news. flying is getting friendlier. why travelers may be happier about their trips by air.
5:52 pm
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. a new report finds more americans are leaving their cars at home. the american public transportation association said the use of mass transit the is soaring in recent months. they found nationwide the amount of driving by cars dropped last year. here. bart said it saw 5% spike. that amounted to 114 million total trips on bart in 2011. >> the united states transportation department said today that the skies are getting friendlier. airlines are getting travelers and their bags to their defendantations at record high rates. nationwide they were on time more than 86% of the time in february. that's up from about 75% a year ago. flights at san francisco airport arrived on time more than 76% of the time. that's about 5% better than last year. >> airlines understand they
5:55 pm
can set apart their product and service. >> the latest government numbers show the lowest all time rate for lost bags, more than 99% of passengers had their bags on time. >> the airline industry is such a competitive industry they have choice and they will go to the airline that's offering the best experience. >> transportation officials say the mild winter helped improve on time performance. there is more good news from the friendly skies, flight cancellations also dropped in february and no tarmac delays of more than three hours on domestic flights. >> sciencists now say that they are 99% sure life exists on mars. they looked again at data collected more than 30 years ago by nasa. this video shows the rover headed for mars. the second look showed that what they thought was processes
5:56 pm
is actually activity. a mudslide in piedmont creating a problem. coming up the warning science residents recognize that predicted this could be a problem. and passengers heads back to the airport, the flightenning screen on board when a lightning strike forced their pilot to land. we love gardening...
5:57 pm
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like soap is for showers. everyone grows with miracle-gro. . >> we are tracking the storm and what showers remain area. >> a mudslide cause aid major road closure. >> what turned out to be the lightning express last night. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 1 news at six. >> good evening.
5:59 pm
>> its been a wild 24 hours for the bay area. skies clear tonight in most areas but less than 24 hours ago lightning lit up the night sky and we caught a bolt striking a crane at the port of oakland. about 750 strikes were recorded overnight this morning the sun peeked through and rainbow was seen over alcatraz. all day was a mixed bag with scattered showers and hail. we have live team coverage. we start with bill martin in the weather center tracking the condition right now. >> reporter: this was an interesting event. obviously you remember from last night. with the social media this it year it's in place throughout the country and the bay area. pictures have been flying in to the weather center of the bay area of the lighten strikes last night. we are getting it well documented. you get more strikes anat


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