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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 18, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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hosting a show called band stand. the tv sister station had a show called american band stand, and when its host was arrested for drunk driver, they called in dick clark as a replacement. dick clark introduced the country to some of rock and roll's brightest stars, buddy holly made their start then. >> anybody who appeared on the show with the exceptions of elvis presley, and the beatles and the rolling stones. >> reporter: the show made clark a very rich man, and he invested in other ventures, like music publishing, a record label and dick clark productions, through which he hosted and produced thousands of hours of radio, game shows and music industry, and new york's rocking eve when began
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in 1972. but a terrible stroke in 2004 brought him up short. when he returned to the new year's eve show to ring in 2006 it was only in a limited capacity, with ryan seacrest signing on to co--host and co- executive produce the show. in music and television, the man once known as america's oldest teen will forever be remembered as an icon of american entertainment. in los angeles, anita vogel, fox news. and what you are looking at right now are live pictures from hollywood, where clark is also being remembered on the hollywood walk of fame. you can see the wreath there with his name on it, placed on his star. and a lot of people came by, paying their respects. >> and clark and others gave music fans their first look at many other performers, playing a strong role in creating new stars. more on the influence clark played on other's careers. >> reporter: we just got
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through speaking with the well known rock star, greg kin -- >> you know i still look just the same. >> reporter: we talked to him about the video clip of him appearing on the band stand back in 1981. >> dick clark was so relaxed. >> reporter: he was perhaps known for jeopardy and the break-up songs. >> jeopardy was the number one record, really because dick clark jumped on that and started to play the heck out of that on american band stand, boom, right to the top. >> reporter: after his first appearance, ken's father wrote a thank you-letter, it was read on air. >> he dashed off the letter, he said that is the nicest thing that happened in a long time. it really touched me, he framed the letter, on his wall in his office. how many guys can say that?
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you know why it worked? it was pure. >> reporter: ken said he was so sincere it rubbed off on his guests. he was so sincere, he made you relax. >> 10 sentences into the show, i was not nervous. dick could do that, brought out america's best, he was america's oldest teen. >> reporter: he is releasing a new cd and appeared on clark show. he said he brought popular music into living rooms across america, reporting live in contra costa county, rob roth, ktvu. and dick clark appeared back in 2001, alongside a doctor for the importance of cholesterol screening. he explained during a routine medical exam, he discovered he had high cholesterol new . >> this is something you can take control of. there are a lot of factors, but cholesterol is something you can grab ahold of, say that you
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are not going to do that to me. >> he went on to explain by changing his diet and take medicine, he was able to get the problem under control. log onto we have a slide show of dick clark's remarkable life, just click on the tab. and now to the boating tragedy near the fair lawn islands. today we talked to the mother of one of the five victims in saturday's race. more on the man, long sailing history. >> reporter: well, she tells us he was always smiling, always willing to help a friend, and always loved being out here. jordan from never knew life without the water, and was on boats since the age of two. >> he would take that and put it in his hands. >> reporter: laura fromm said
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it made her smile, finding his calendar filled with races. >> he had the bridge to bridge, the feather and cross, may 12 was when he was supposed to graduate from dominican. and he has got a regatta on the schedule. nothing about graduation. >> she is doing her best to celebrate his zest for life, the unexpected loss of her only child is a reality that has yet to set in. >> just the sense of him, the presence of him -- just hearing him going up the stairs, with big feet, picking up the dog and throwing him in the air. >> reporter: she will miss the future he was supposed to have, founding a maritime business, meeting a woman and starting a family because he loved children. >> just reaching that
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potential, you knew, who knows what he would have accomplished. but you know i think so many people lose people they love, and so many lose their children, and i have to think that i lost mine doing something exciting that he loved to do. >> reporter: she says there will be a tribute to jordan at their graduation. other works will happen as well. ktvu channel 2 action news. and a california academy of sciences has a live web camera of the islands, want to show you pictures we took about 15 minutes ago from the camera. the reason we taped these pictures is because the live camera can move without warning. all right, what we want to do here is move this, see what we get. you can tell why we wanted to tape the pictures. i can tell you that the temperature at the fair lawns is 56 degrees with winds at 12 miles per hour. and fairly small waves.
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compare that to last saturday when the accident happened there were 20-25 miles per hour winds with gusts much higher, and waves 12-14 feet higher. and a demand tonight for top cities in san francisco to wave the pay raises coming their way as the labor dispute heats up. ktvu at a rally that happened now. the union members there expressing their happiness with the strikes. >> reporter: well, heather that is right, take a look behind me, the rally in the second hour outside city hall. there are an estimated 500-800 city workers, proposing the wage cuts in their hike and health care costs. the fbi local 1021 this afternoon brought 15,000 members to san francisco city hall. the workers ranging from hospital employees to animal control specialists. >> we are the people who ride the public services that make the city a great place to live,
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to work and play, we don't believe that the mayor appreciates our work. >> reporter: the new contract talks have gone on for more than two months. the sticking points, a set of proposed wage cuts and premium hikes. the mayor says that with a 170 million deficit, spread over a two-year budget, the labor unions must get something back. the supervisor says that the city seems more interested in helping big business. >> the big breaks they're giving to people at the same time to keep coming after the little people. >> i have often said the key to this is making sure we're an investment-friendly city. and and our investment confident is in direct measurement. >> reporter: the top city officials are scheduled for a round of pay hikes as mandated by the chatter. the mayor says he won't take a raise. >> i am going to ask others to give it back to the general fund. >> if they claim the city is in
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dire straits, how can they agree to take the money. >> reporter: back out here live again you can see the workers who float out to the streets of city hall. the workers are scheduled to go to a downtown location, that could tie up traffic. we'll bring you a report to let you know what is happening. for now, reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 action news. and the founder of oaksterdam will step down as he braces for a possible indictment. richard lee is giving up the related businesses, including the training school. they were raided by the dea and irs. they hauled away computers, files and marijuana plants and lee's home was also raided. he says he hopes the school can survive the federal crackdown. >> yes, it is difficult, seeing -- giving up all we worked hard
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to do down here in oakland. but part of the battle. >> reporter: lee is turning control of oakster dam over to the director. and tense moments, lack of electricity left these window washers trapped on a platform near the top of a 7th story building at 7th and harrison streets. once the power was restored the man they helped off was not injured. the customers lost power around 10 here this morning. you can see in the pictures traffic lights were also knocked off. there was an underground equipment failure after third and martin luther king, jr. boulevard. the repairs were made and about an hour later the power was back on. and approving a deal with facebook regarding the 57-acre campus, they passed a deal on tuesday, lift the 3600 employee limit placed on the previous
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occupancy on microsoft. they will make pedestrian and bike path improvements and set up a high school internship program. in exchange, they agreed to expedite the company's permit and not to levy city fees. and stocks went down sharply after yesterday's rally. wall street's major indexes lost ground on concerns about spain's troubled economy. the dow fell 83 points, the nasdaq shedding 11 points. the search for sierra lamar, entering a new phase, we'll show you why the scope is getting bigger and deeper. back here in
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. a san francisco attorney advising joseph naso, accused of murders. he has hired high profile attorney to serve as a legal adviser, fa zz io has ran for san francisco district attorney, he replaces for defense attorney, michael morowitz, there is no word on why naso made the switch, he is on trial for the murders of four women, with matching first and blast initiatives. and search crews were out once again looking for missing teen, sierra, looking for traces of her. the park is in santa clara county, the searches are at cla ra reservoir, that is where robert handa is why are they going back there now? >> reporter: well that is right, at the time, the investigators with the k-9
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units were doing the search, doing most of the work on water. so far the focus has been on the smaller water waves, and now the scope is getting bigger. it is a pains taking process, the santa clara county under water search unit, expanding the search for sierra lamar, she disappeared the 13th, a possible kidnap victim. they're taking divers to small ponds and reservoirs, so far divers have tracked down numerous images, but no evidence. >> the rock formations, the trees at the bottom of the surface levels, they found a vehicle inside one of the ponds. >> reporter: today, community volunteers searched around the nearby coyote creek trail, more than 100 people showed up at the volunteer center, some showed up such as robert gomez, for the first time. >> people want to do the right thing, come out here and help. >> that is what i'm trying to do, it is great, we're so
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thankful, and really it helps us copy cope to see all the people that care about sierra. >> reporter: sierra's family says it is helped by the possibility that investigators have new leads, from crime lab results from evidence found in earlier searches. >> we have been desperate for something from -- like this for a while, so -- we're hoping that -- it is going to you know, help -- help lead us to sierra. >> reporter: the sheriff's department says it will take days to search reservoirs and the department's search and rescue units trying to organize a ground search by the end of this week. live near morgan hill, robert handa. and funeral services for a sheriff's department shot and killed last week now are planned for friday. the stanislaus county county deputy robert paris was serving an eviction notice at a home in modesto when he was shot and
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killed. the shooting led to a long stand-off with police which ended when the house caught fire, he was later caught dead in the home. and a settlement in a class action lawsuit, growing out of the massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico back in 2010. bp has agreed to pay 7.8 billion, going to more than 100,000 plaintiffs, including both businesses and private individuals, federal and state government claims against bp are still pending. search crews spent another day off the southern california coast looking for a gray whale, caught in the debris, he watched the drauma unfold live here on ktvu news at 5:00 yesterday, crew members were able to cut 100 feet of line from the fin, but lost track of it during the night, the whale is still caught in line and dragging three bouys, the rescue crews hoped to find it again. this is the third whale rescue in just a month, and one of the
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whales died. >> this is just remarkable. let's look at the weather, it keeps getting better. >> that is how it will go, the last week, spring break, this week we're holding to a really nice weather pattern, temperatures increasing until the mid-80s, probably the warmest five-day forecast i have shown you all season, i have shown you outside it was nice, there were a few high clouds, 66 in livermore, 69 in concord, and santa rosa, 70 degrees, patchy fog along the coast, nothing like the last couple of days, winds out of the west-southwest, that direction, some gusts going to 20 miles per hour out in fairfield, 10 miles per hour in san francisco, winds tonight backing down, in the next couple of days, less wind and less cloud cover, we get into a warmer weather pattern, rain in the pacific northwest, and up in yreka as well. you see the days get longer,
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you can actually see in the graphic, as the days get longer the warmer air expands and pushes the jet stream further north, the only thing is it is the difference between the warmer air here and colder air, warm air extends north, the jet stream goes north. i hope it made sense. it is interesting, the old jet stream slips north, we start to dry out. we go into -- the training, climate style, dry summer pattern. this is a nice map showing you where the 70s are, those are yellows, lots of 60s, and lots of -- no 80s yet, but i think we'll see a couple of 80s popping up, a broad brush, feels for 60s, and 70s, tree pollen is driving folks nuts out there, if you're suffering you probably know what i'm talking about, breezy as we go into this afternoon, and then tomorrow afternoon, and then we're looking at mostly sunny, warmer for your -- your
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wednesday or your thursday, pardon me, in the next couple of days, high pressure is dominating, fog, increasing temperatures making it into the mid-80s, maybe even warmer, when i come back we'll look at the computer model and five-day forecast, i'll see you back here. and it is 100 days until the summer olympic games begin in london. today u.s. gold medal diver greg louganis flipped a switch in new york city, at the empire state building, starting the international count down to the game, 10,000 athletes are set to take part when the games begin, july 27th. and a man heading to the bay area arrested after taking off all his clothes in the airport security checkpoint, why he did it coming up. plus, how the mayor marked
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this day, the anniversary of the 2006 quake. this is not who we are. that is leon panetta, making a public apology over this photo.
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earthquake. mayor ed lee was among the hundreds of people who took a moment to pause at the fountain, which is one of only a few structures on market street that with stood that massive quake. that is also the spot where sorries gathered after the quake in 1906. >> the fact that many people cared about what happened years past, i hope it goes on forever that we never forget our roots. >> and many paid tribute to their loved ones ands painted the hydrant. authorities say it saved the mission district and the days after the quake when fire spread throughout san francisco. we have amazing pictures of the aftermath of the great quake on our website at you can find them under the 1906 quake tab on our home page. and today, leon panetta apologizing for newly published photos that show american troops posing with the remains
5:25 pm
of afghan insurgents. they apologized regarding the pictures which were reportedly taken back in 2010. we have blurred out the body parts. but they were said to have come from suicide bombers. >> that behavior that was shown in those photos absolutely violates both our regulations and more importantly our core values. this is not who we are. and it certainly is not who we represent when it comes to the great majority of men and women in uniform. >> the army says it is investigating. the white house is calling the behavior in those pictures wrong. a hearing will be set to take place tonight which could help decide the fate of the newspaper. they're in financial trouble, one idea called for a campus ballot measure, asking students to pay money to keep the paper
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running, but the student body president issued an order, making the idea invalid, regarding fees for independent organizations. tonight's hearing will decide if the student body president had the right to make that decision. these bees are safe in their hives here, but it is swarming season, what the experts say is happening right now. and pulling the brakes on a 68 million train, that according to a top legislative analyst in the state, the battle over high speed rail all of a sudden starting to heat up in san francisco is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol.
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thousands, and thousands of bees, suddenly coming out of a school. turns out lots of people are seeing the flying bugs these days. ktvu's john sazaki now in san ramon bringing us more pictures of the bees at a bay area school. >> reporter: we are at forest hill, where the houses have 10s of thousands of bees. this is swarming season, so across the area, swarms are catching more and more people by surprise. this took over a tree in vacaville yesterday. >> it looks as if there is -- just a big mass of tree bark or something. and there was just -- it was really -- >> reporter: the warm was 80,000 bees, the bee keeper said, that took the school by surprise. >> the bees were calmed, didn't seem anxious and attacking. >> reporter: was it scary for the kids? >> i don't think so. >> reporter: nobody was stung,
5:30 pm
and the bees were removed with no problem. >> i think it was a school learning experience for them. >> reporter: the president of the bee keeper's association is receiving two or three calls a day about swarms. >> they're out looking for places to land and make a nest. >> reporter: he says these swarms are common because hives are splitting. experts say when bees are swarming like here in vacaville, that is when they're safest to be around, they're not aggressive. >> when they're swarming, they don't have a hive to defend, and so they're less aggressive, they have honey, and bring as much of a food supply with them as they can. >> reporter: he showed us his hives in san ramon and says that the swarms are sizeable this year, but there is no reason to be alarmed if you see one. the bee keepers say they will be happy to come and remove the
5:31 pm
bees safely. channel 2 action news. and a man from oregon who was heading to san jose was arrested last night after he took off all of his clothes at a tsa checkpoint at the airport in portland. people around there say that john brennan was protesting what he felt was harassment by the security screeners. as you may expect it took a lot of other fliers by complete surprise. >> stop the line, they said, stop the line, we looked up, there was a man that was nude. >> reporter: the airport agents say they asked him several times to put his clothes back on, but brennan refused. tough words for the rail project. the increased criticism comes as state lawmakers are looking over the 68 billion plan. more on the new report, he has looked over it and joins us now
5:32 pm
from burlinggame. >> reporter: the train stations here in burlinggame was the plan, but in summary, they say you shouldn't build what you can't afford. every day, caltrans rolls right through the peninsula, and the high speed rail is slated to join. >> i do like that idea of the transportation. >> reporter: but according to this new report, the train could get blocked. >> so why not just fly? >> reporter: today's state legislators debated on whether or not to improve the funds for the high speed rail line. >> the bigger picture is the financial picture. >> reporter: there is a group battling the rail, as well as the group and the project. >> he says if you don't vote for his tax increase he is going to cut education further. so how is that for black mail. >> reporter: they urged the
5:33 pm
lawmakers to reject governor brown's request for the 2 million in bonds, they say the high speed rail is just not strong enough and relies on speculation for the funding, today, the report shows that just 17% of the funds needed to complete the project are actually committed. they say backing out of it now could cost the taxpayers even more. >> if we piece meal these contracts there is a risk they will cost more. there is a risk that what we have to do to maintain mobility for the citizens will cost morement more. i only ask that we balance the risks. >> reporter: the 68 billion was just too big of a price tag. >> 68 billion? >> no, not when they're shutting down all the elementary schools. >> reporter: state legislature expected to vote on additional high speed funding as early as june. live tonight, burlinggame, ktvu. the history the high speed rail system seems as long as
5:34 pm
the proposed system itself sometimes, as years, they passed prop 1-a back in 2008, authorizing almost 10 billion in bonds to start the price tag with about 40 billion. but it has since ballooned much, much higher than that. in 2010, the california high speed rail program was to be built in the central valley. and if the legislature approves the plan, the construction could actually start by later on this year. republican presidential candidate hopeful mitt romney campaigning in north carolina, continuing his attacks on president obama, the g.o.p. freshman says that mr. obama has not done enough to get the economy back on track, he says that others will see that. >> he said you wouldn't hear that at this convention, but
5:35 pm
you will hear it at ours, i'll tell you that. >> reporter: also today, governor daniels of indiana endorsed mitt romney as his presidential campaign. daniels has been mentioned as a possible vice president candidate. and the president told the audience at a job training program that richness is built through a strong middle class. he accused republicans of favoring tax cuts for the rich. >> instead of monitoring their views slightly, you have republicans in washington, the ones running for president, proposing budgets that shower the richest americans with even more tax cuts. >> reporter: the president also said the republican dominated house of representatives has passed a budget that would cut funding for employment and training programs. some stock and bond traders in san francisco were doing their part for charity today.
5:36 pm
>> 50,000 -- [loud noises] the global financial services firm bpig held their 10th annual commissions for charity today. joe morgan and blue were there to pitch in, all of the commission from today's event will go to children's charity. >> we raised 10 million, it has been about 20 million that we have donated globally, so every year it has gone up. but we never like to make a guess how much it will be today. >> hopefully it was a lot. they held their annual charity day since 2003. and george lucas saying no to marin county after they snubbed his plan for a film studio. but now another studio is trying to lure lucas to build his studio there, which city, next. and also a new discovery, what the california scientists say could be the weapon in the fight against hiv and aids
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. we have breaking news right now, going on in san francisco. you can see here there was a large rally going on, we told you about this a bit earlier in the news cast. these are union city employees, who are very angry over their contract negotiations that include pay cuts and hikes in
5:40 pm
their health care premiums. this right now is going on in front of city hall. it has actually been happening for a couple of hours now. we're watching it, at least 700 people there will watch this. we have news chopper 2 over ahead, if there are more developments we'll bring them to you during the course of this news cast and at ktvu. and george lucas rejected a move by the marin county board of supervisors to persuade the film maker to bring back the plan to build a new studio. yesterday they passed a resolution encouraging lucas to build at grady ranch. dozens were on hand expressing their support for the project. last week, lucas' film announced they would abandon the project because of fierce opposition from some neighbors. they said the complex they feared would bring to more noise and traffic problems. >> now that lucas has abandoned the plans for the studio in marin county, vallejo is hoping
5:41 pm
that they will get the studios there, saying their community would be the ideal location for the proposed studio, saying there is a lot of room for development at the old military base. and that there are many historic buildings there, ready for work. >> i just think it would be an outstanding thing for vallejo if we got the jobs back here and would bring vallejo back. >> george lucas' film company is reportedly in talks with the officials at two bay area locations for that studio. and cigarette butts account for three times as much trash as any other piece of litter. that is the claim from an anti- smoking group called legacy. as part of earth day it released a report detailing the environmental damage from cigarette butts. the report says they poison fish and contaminate the soil and water. many say they didn't realize that cigarette butts are one of
5:42 pm
the top sources when it comes to litter. coming up, a fight over tolls. why the triple a is now asking lawmakers to step in to regulate exactly what you pay. and back here in just moments, some of the warmest weather we've seen this season. i'll show you how hot it will get in your neighborhood [ glass clinks ]
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i just wanted to say a few words. first of all, thank you for the lovely meal jane. mom. and let's hear it for sara's paper mache eiffel tower. it's the washington monument. and dad, i'll never forget what you said to me this morning. you said "brian, it's 11:15. get up." so maybe this is just the cake talking but let's celebrate!
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[ male announcer ] celebrate the little things. buy any kfc 10 pc meal or larger and get a free double chocolate chip cake. . mayor ed lee has launched a campaign to send san francisco school children to learn during
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the summer. it involves nonprofits and public schools regarding education, they say it is crucial to help students retain what they learn during the school year. and triple a says the tolls that drivers are paying are not going to maintain the roads and bridges that are collected on, as ktvu's carol hahn shows us. >> reporter: the driving groups are unfairly squeezing drivers regarding the over sight funds on capitol hill. you will be hard pressed to find anybody who loves paying tolls. especially since states and tolling authorities have been driving up rates and drivers have little idea on how they're money is being used. >> i don't know where the money is going. >> where does it go? >> reporter: trip trip says the problem is more of our money is
5:46 pm
being taken to pay for projects unrelated to the roads and bridges being tolled, so they are asking congress to pass a bill giving uncle sam more power to eject rejectt tolls, but the state transportation officials say they're following all the rules, and problems from washington will stop their ability to pay for transportation projects. >> our concerns from state perspective are an insertion of new federal over sight, and uncertainty into what has traditionally been the state and local projects. >> reporter: it has been introduced in the senate committee, no word on if and when it will be up for a vote. in washington, carol hahn ktvu. and today's hearing was prompted by today's hikes, drivers there now pay as much as 12 if they use cash, instead
5:47 pm
of the toll system on the george washington bridge. and recruiters and hundreds of job seekers turned out today for the uc berkeley job fair, at least 1500 students are expected to attend the annual two-day just in time. they are invited to visit the booths and work with representatives from the high tech start-ups and major corporations. there are lot of people here, the companies here they're feeling good about the job market and prospects for people like us. they stopped working with the students. just in time job fair runs today and tomorrow in the balance room at the martin luther king, jr. student union building. scientists are hoping human stem cells could be a secret weapon in the fight against hiv and aids, ucla researchers think they may have found a way to use stem cells to attack and then kill the hiv virus.
5:48 pm
the team planted the engineered human cells into the specifically bred mice with hiv. now when they checked the blood of the mice years later, they found the infection-fighting cells that become depleted as a result of the infection, at the same time the levels of hiv in the mice also fell. a california city is being recognized for its efforts to become more sustainable. the u.s. chamber of commerce awarded santa monica for the city plan including setting strategic city wide goals in areas such as economic growth, open space, land use and housing, along with transportation and human services. >> what people take home are trees, which is terrific, but they're not taking home bunches of money. they like to be recognized for their work. >> as part of this year's award, santa monica along with two other winning cities, chicago and virginia will
5:49 pm
receive 20,000 worth of trees. and earlier in this news cast, we showed you the amazing pictures of the bees swarming, our own meteorologist bill martin had a recent encounter. it was kind of scary. >> we did that story, i came in here yesterday, we talked about the swarm of bees. this was the time of the year we moved, but i have never seen it. the sound of the bees coming over head, it was just immediately interesting, i always heard of them. they move all at once, it is so impressive. as you go outside, 70 degrees in santa rosa, 68 in san jose, and warmer tomorrow, a beautiful day tomorrow, with daytime highs tomorrow, in the 70s, low 80s, you're going to look hard for those, as we go through time it will warm in the mid-80s, even upper 80s, very spring-like, the weather triggers with the swarms moving, we were talking about that a little bit in the break, what is the trigger, it gets
5:50 pm
the bees to move the hives all at once, definitely as you saw in the news cast, the rain staying to the north of us and continues to stay to the north of us, high pressure sets up, temperatures warm up. the forecast model showing the fog forming late tonight. that is nothing, very little fog if any today. tommorow as you get into the morning hours, mostly sunny, tomorrow is a warm day, watch the clouds go away as you get into the thursday afternoon. that is high pressure really setting up, just getting rid of all the clouds, fog not really an issue, as the high pressure settles in, mostly clear, warmer today, right through friday, saturday, too. and sunday as well. tree pollens are going off, you probably notice those, if you are -- you're an allergy sufferer like i am. they're at eye level, when they drop the pollen, you notice it. it gets in your eyes, you don't get allergies, do you frank? >> a little bit. >> i haven't noticed it yet, the tree pollens seem to be the
5:51 pm
most difficult to get through in the next few days, through the weekend, everything is blooming, lots of tree pollens, warmer through the bay area weekend. >> this is incredible. all right thank you bill. if you want to be a contest accuse on the fox reality show, the x factor, time to get in line. >> when you had you to yourself, i didn't want you around ♪ ♪ ♪ the pretty faces always made you stand out in the crowd. >> singing like michael jackson, that is 13-year-old isaiah, live outside the cow palace, one of thousands lined up to register for friday's and decisions, x factor accepts the contestants as young as 12. >> i have been singing since i was really, really little, want to do it for the rest of my life, i think that i have a good message. >> registration continues through tomorrow at the cow palace with the and decision set to take place on friday. >> and it is an 11th hour run,
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don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. . the 9th circuit court of appeals scheduled to hear arguments. cal pine started to build the russell city energy city in
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2010 after they ruled there would not be a significant impact on air quality. they disagreed, and filed a lawsuit. the lower court refused to stop construction, and shabow is now appealing. the u.s. senate working on a last minute bill to keep 3700 post offices open, they are slated to stop closing next month. the measure would give the postal service 11 billion, the agency could then use that money to pay down debt, and also offer buyouts to 100,000 postal employees. supporters of the bill say closing the post offices would not only result in thousands of layoffs, but also slow mail delivery in rural areas. >> a lot of jobs at stake for -- an institution, really of our government that people have a right -- and have a reasonable expectation to be able to rely upon. >> now two things are currently off the table, scaling back mail delivery to five days a week, and raising the cost of
5:56 pm
the postage stamp to 50%, it doesn't forbid closing the post offices but does force the agency to look at shut downs, particularly in the senate rural areas, the senate could vote on this measure as early as tomorrow. the most successful coach in college basketball history stepping aside. pat summit will no longer be the head coach from tennessee, the 59-year-old said in a statement she loved being a head coach but recognizes her time has come to step into a new role. she was diagnosed less than a year ago with an early on set alzheimer's-type disease. summit won over a thousand games in 38 seasons as the head watch your coach there at tennessee. we're on the ground with hundreds of union workers. coming up, the dispute that prompted them to take to the
5:57 pm
streets. also, governor brown generating a rebirth when he was mayor, the transformation in oakland's up town now beating out the nation o?oowq
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
. hundreds of ununion workers marching in solidarity, the pay raises they're protesting tonight. and still waters run deep, how jordan was described. and a mother opens up for the first time about the son she lost at sea. complete bay area news conference starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 action news at 6:00. good evening, i'm frank somerville. and i'm julie haener, happening right now in san francisco, at least a thousand city workers are protesting a proposed contract that would increase their health care contributions and cut their wages. here is a live look at the crowd in san francisco, union organizers also say they're calling on top city officials such as the mayor, district attorney, city attorney and public defender, to forego pay raises that would take effect in july. now the protesters say that union members are angry that the city leaders could get raises, while asking for the


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