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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  April 19, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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major crash in oakland, where a car has slipped on embankment. find out how oakland firefighters had to rescue throws inside. >> work underway on the new 49ers stadium here in santa clara. what is planned for the official groundbreaking ceremony, later today. >> it was a scene of a horrifying shooting, three weeks ago. the big announcement from oakland's university. >> suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi is back in court today. we'll tell you why it could be just a formality. mornings on 2 starts right now! good morning. welcome to mornings on 2. it's thursday, april 19th. and we begin with developing news straight to sal, who is following a serious crash on an oakland fray. sal.
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>> reporter: eastbound 580, right near the seminary onramp, past highway 13, a car traveling at a high rate of speed slipped off the freeway here and ended up down the embankment, four people in the car. a couple of them got out right away, but there is apparently one person still in the car. the car was badly mangled at the bottom of a hill here, and firefighters you can still see working on this trying to get to the bottom of this hill. the person whose backyard borders the freeway is the first person who called the crash n heard a loud crash, also to complicate matters the people who are in the vehicle apparently there's a language barrier so they can't tell the officers responding what happened. this is it going on right now in oakland on the seminary avenue onramp to eastbound 580, and now the tow truck is there with a long piece of cable trying to get the car that's lodged next to a tree. again on seminary avenue, you cannot get on the freeway right now because of this injury
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crash in oakland. fortunately, the rest of the freeway traffic appears to be moving well eastbound and westbound 580. we'll have another traffic update just minute ahead. now back to the desk. the historic dated has finally arrived, the 49ers are breaking ground on their new billion dollar stadium. alex savage is live in santa clara with exclusive video of the preparations for today's big party. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, tori. 49ers executives and city leaders here in santa clara will be on hand later today for the official groundbreaking ceremony on the new billion dollar stadium, although as you can see and hear, work is already underway here on what used to be an overflow parking lot for great america. yesterday we shot this exclusive video as crews put together a mini stadium that's created just for today's groundbreaking event. 1500 people expected to be on hand for the invitation-only
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party. there were critics who tried to block, it but some worried about the burden to taxpayers, but the deal was sealed in 2010, when santa clara voters approved the stadium plan and today the shovels go into the ground at a ceremonial spot what, will be the 50-yard line. new stadium. >> there's a logo in the ground that's where we'll be kicking off our games here in a few years. and 15 odd years of work and to get this done and we couldn't be happier that it is happening here in santa clara. >> reporter: although this morning we did talk with a man who lives nearby the stadium, or what will be the stadium, he says he is worried about the noise and the traffic that could come along with it. he does not do this as a day to celebrate. the new stadium expected to be completed by 2014, and there's already talk about bringing the super bowl here to santa clara once it's done. the first shovels go into the ground at 6:30 tonight.
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alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. we're following overnight news from richmond. police are looking for suspects in an early morning shooting. officers found the victim slumped behind the whistle an suv at south 7th and virginia streets shortly after 3:00 this morning. emergency crews arrived within minutes and airlifted the victim to the hospital. he is now listed in critical condition and is undergoing emergency surgery. oakland police are searching for the gunman who shot and killed a man as he pushed his one-year-old son down the street in a toy car. it happened around 3:15 yesterday afternoon near the corner of 65th avenue and east long street. in the lockwood gardens housing complex. the child was not hurt in the shooting. someone nearby grabbed the child and ran to safety. the man was shot in the head and died at the scene. police say the gunman drove off in a car. oikos university will
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reopen on monday. three weeks after seven people were killed by a gunman. san jose news reports some of the classes will be held in the very same building where the shootings occurred. nursing students may be allowed to take classes at another campus. school administrators are trying to work out an agreement with patten university in oakland and unicef college in fremont to give students an option of taking classes there. 50 students have been suspended at berkeley high school, several others expelled, all because of a reported attendance scam. the bay area news group reports the students are accused of altering their attendance records in a database after paying off several other students who had access to the computer password. the changes made between october and january. however, school officials found out about it earlier this month. the suspensions will last between one it five days.
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the expulsions could be up to a year. it's 7:05. suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi returns to court today. lorain has the reason his attorneys want to remove city attorney dennis herrera from the case. lorain. >> reporter: mercury news attorney believes the city attorney has a conflict of interest. the city attorney says that argument is baseless and looks like the judge will side with the city attorney. now, yesterday the suspended san francisco sheriff talked up andly for the first time about the december night that led to a suspension and ended with a bruise on his wife's arm. he says they were on their way to a pizza place and got into an argument. >> she was screaming, and i reached over from the driver's seat, still with my seat belt on, to put my hand under her arm, to try to guide her back into the passenger seat so we
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could just deescalate. >> mercury news attorney wants to remove dennis herrera from the proceedings because he thinks the attorney should not represent the mayor and advise the ethics commission that is set to hear his cases. the judge said yesterday afternoon a preliminary judgment that he would likely deny the motion today. the hearing is set for 9:30 a.m., and tomorrow mercury will be back in court again trying to get his suspension overturned. reporting live, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. there's been a major crash in oakland. sal in newschopper 2 following it. sal. >> reporter: that's right, and the crash is still there. we'll let you know more of some latest details on just getting now. but in the meantime i want to let you know there's another problem we've been following, and northbound 101 is a mess in san jose because of another injury crash that was there on the shoulder on northbound 101 at alum rock. they managed to clear the
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lanes, but people are slowing down. if you notice the road sensors there, and you notice them everywhere else, you've seen the traffic is heaviest here of since it's not that heavy on other roads, i might vizards to use alternate routes such as the monterey highway, or perhaps you want to go on 85 and then use 87 into downtown san jose. 85 is a little slow, but after 87 so you can pull that off. let's go to -- let me move the maps here. can we go back to the maps? thank you very much. southbound 880 as you drive from hayward to union city in fremont, slow traffic. and eastbound 580, we talked about that crash now, the weather came down in our newschopper 2 had to get out of the area, but they're just about to transport the last critically injured patient to highland hospital on eastbound 580 seminary avenue onramp as a car was wedged on to a tree. four people were seriously injured, that last person
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trapped for a long time. the they got that person out, sending him out to highland hospitalized for treatment. and moving along the san mateo bridge, traffic is going to be busy. a little bit of slow traffic at the toll plaza, nothing major. at the bay bridge toll plaza, that traffic is going to be -- about the same. we spoke to someone at the metering light control tower. he said things are actually pretty normal now but they were operating manually. let's go back to steve. >> thank you very much, sal. very good morning! mostly higher clouds clearing out but there's a lot of low clouds around. now mainly impact the coastal areas because temperatures there, 50s, 60s. inland everything says it will be warmer, and even more so friday and saturday. finally everything beginning to lift to the north. a westerly breeze continues, west southwest at vacaville. even westerly towards northwest san jose. so i mean to, it's not howling,
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not turbo charged, but it's there. 50s on temps, mid-50s for many. santa rosa at 51. lows coming up, afternoon highs in the yellow indicated by 70s here. tomorrow probably some orange beginning to work in. that would be 80s but far inland. you can see everything now adds up and over. so i think the portland and seattle. that's where it's going. there is some very, very light rain, drizzle, shelter cove up to crescent city. so the warmer pattern is for the bayside and definitely inland. by the coast kind of 50s, 60s and 70s, just depends. santa cruz in the 70s but a lot of upper 50s or low 60s with that westerly breeze. it will be mostly sunny to partly cloudy, but just they're not getting a northeast wind. so temperatures at 70s for some, upper 70s. 60s for others. 72 vallejo. concord 77. 80 antioch. close for pittsburg. berkeley 68. castro valley 70. 79 gilroy. san jose at 77. saratoga as well.
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mid-70s peninsula, then cooler, 50s, 60s along much of the coast. also san francisco to san mateo 73. it will be warmer friday and saturday. those will be the warmed two days. cooler on monday. >> thank you, steve. a restaurant owner in petaluma prance to hold a benefitted for the children who lost their parents in a murder/suicide. kimberly conover was visiting her divorce attorney sunday when police say her husband shot her and then himself. they had 21-month-old twins and kimberly had two teenage daughters from a previous marriage. the owner of the blue american eatery is holding a benefit on may 3 to raise money for the children, asking other restaurant owners in petaluma to do the same. our time is 7:11. a pit bull doing that attacked a police officer has now been banned from marin county. the owner of the pit bull was order today keep the dog in walnut creek, with him. the pit bull reportedly bit a
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fairfax police officer and a man who intervened at a little league game almost a month ago. the dog must now be muzzled in public, and the owner has been ordered to pay for special licensing as well as microchipping for the dog. it's 7:11. heads are rolling, who is leaving the secret service agency after that prostitution scandal in columbia, and new comments from one of the women involved. also, cell phone shutdown. how state lawmakers are responding to last year's controversial incident at a bart station. and why mitt romney is taking a swing at president obama's golf game and his family vacation.
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screw coastal fog, low clouds over to the coast and hang out there with partly cloudy skies inland. lots of sunshine. temperatures mid to upper 70s
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san jose, true near 80 degrees. new this morning, several explosions in iraq this morning, it ends a period of calm. extremists launched 10 bomb attacks in baghdad, kirkuk, several other cities in the course of an hour. officials say at least 35 people were killed, dozens more were hurt. that leaves attacks follow weeks of relative calm within iraq. the month of march had the lowest death tolls since the u.s.-led invasion in 2003. also happening right now, in washington, d.c. defense secretary leon panetta is right there testifying at a congressional hearing about the situation in syria. the house armed services committee is getting an update on the current state of the conflict between the syrian government and the opposition forces in syria. general martin dempsey, the head of the joint chiefs of staff, is also scheduled to
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testify. the ax is coming down on the secret service in the wake of the prostitution scandal. ktvu's allison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with the agents who are losing their jobs and what one of prostitutes is now saying about the men involved. allison. >> reporter: tori, one secret service supervisor has been fired, another retired, and a third employee has been allowed to resign, now there are reports this morning that fired supervisor says he is going to sue the agency. eight other secret service agents are on administrative leave and under investigation for that night of partying at the hotel ahead of president obama's trip to columbia last week. one of the prostitutes who allegedly got into an argument with an agent there over the price of her services tells the new york times she's afraid and having nervous attacks. she said she did not know the men that invited her and other escorts to the hotel were secret service agents. she says -- they never told me
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they were with obama. they were very discreet. she says she got a police officer involved -- local police officer, after that dispute over how much the agent owed her, but now she says she's not sure she's willing to cooperate with u.s. investigators. reporting live from washington, d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. a new poll shows republicans top choice for mitt romney's vice presidential running mate is former secretary of state condoleezza rice. rice is a professor of political economy at stanford university's graduate school of business. she has repeatedly said she is not interested in the vice presidential job. rice received 26% of the vote in the cnn poll, followed by romney's former rival, rick santorum. new jersey governor chris christie and senator marco rubio of florida each received 14% of the vote. in the meantime, mitt romney is criticizing president obama for playing golf.
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and taking family vacations in hawaii. romney says, i would think you could suck it up for four years, particularly when the american people are out of work. romney says if he becomes president, he and his family would make use of camp david, close to washington, d.c., for their vacations. the secret service wants to talk with ted nugent, about comments the hard rocker made at last weekend's national rifle association meeting in st. louis. nugent who endorsed mitt romney said, if barack obama becomes the president in november again, i will either be dead or in jail by this time next year. some democrats say, that amounts to a threat against the president. nugent says he will cooperate with the secret service investigation, even though he says he finds it silly. the bart employee may lose his job because he gave free bart tickets to a teenage boy who was struggling to pay for his commute to school.
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today's chronicle reports the station agent jim stan ic may be forced to retire when he has a personnel hearing tomorrow. the bart employee admits he gave $300 worth of free tickets to the grandson of a longtime friend, when he says the teenager just couldn't afford the daily round-trip tickets from pittsburg to his school in san francisco. bart says the ticket agent simply broke the rules. california lawmakers now considering a groundbreaking bill that would limit cell phone shutdowns. the proposed law would require bart and other government agencies get a court order before they shut down cell phone service in a public area. this bill is in response to a controversial move by bart last summer. bart shut off cell phone service at a san francisco bart station in an effort to break up a protest demonstration. the san jose city council is trying to decide what to do about moonlighting police officers. at its meeting on tuesday, the council talked about a report by the city auditor that has 30
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recommendations to address the police department's oversight of secondary employment. now new police policies are scheduled to take effect this week with limit the number of secondary hours an officer can work every week to 24. however, some city councilmembers say they feel that still too much and it could lead to on the job fatigue. time 7:20. police arrested more than 17 san francisco city workers for blocking traffic during a rush- hour protest. a crowd of 1,000 union members took over market and van ness streets last night. they're upset about new contract talks with the city that include wage cuts and higher health care premiums. some say the city seems more interested in helping big business. >> billions of dollars in tax breaks are given to these people at the same time to keep coming after the little people. >> protestors called on big
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business to contribute more tax money to the city. mayor lee says the city faces a $170 million deficit over two year budget, and labor unions must give something back. fremont police are now asking for your help to find a witness to a homicide. a 20-year-old man was shot to death on central avenue in the city's centreville neighborhood two weeks ago. and detectives are still searching for the killer. they believe one man spotted at the crime scene may have some important information. he is a white man in his 40s, driving a 2002 silver mustang, with a large fin in back. this man is considered a witness, not a suspect. this is day 3 of testimony in oracle's patent lawsuit against google. google ceo larry page appeared uncomfortable as he testified yesterday, he couldn't remember seeing internal documents quoted by the attorney for
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oracle. today google software engineer timlinhome is expected to testify about a 2010 e-mail he wrote. oracle's lawyers say that e- mail shows google knew it was infringing on a java software patent. it's expected to warm up today as we go live, little fog there. steve says there's a chance of rain in fact in the extended forecast, and his forecast is next! also a bay area tech company already benefitting after beating a wall street forecast. >> good morning, northbound and southbound 880 traffic pretty good if you're driving in oakland. 580 also looks good. we'll have a complete look at the bay area including traffic trouble spots.
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[ joycelin ] it was a typical morning. i was getting ready for work, and then i got this horrible headache, and then i blacked out. [ female announcer ] ...who thought she had reached the end of her story. [ joycelin ] the doctor told me i had two brain aneurysms and that one of them had ruptured. [ female announcer ] fortunately, she was treated at sutter health's california pacific medical center. [ joycelin ] the nurses and doctors were amazing, and they were like a second family to me. and now i'm back to doing what i love. [ female announcer ] california pacific medical center and sutter health. our story is you. ebay stock is up 13 1/2% this morning, after posting a
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better than expected increase in quarterly sales. the san jose based company also edged up its 2012 forecast. ebay stock now at its highest level in four years, and it is trading at $40.72 right now. >> wow! time is 7:24. sal, you've been busy this morning. you've got a lot of stuff to follow. >> that's right. we do have a lot of stuff to follow. we're trying to give you a look at contra costa first, and looking at traffic there. as a matter of fact, i'm going to move by maps. we're going to start in the south bay first, then work up to contra costa. northbound 101 as you drive past alum rock, pretty slow because of an earlier crash. backed up almost all the way down to blossom hill road. yikes. terrible backup there. let's move into -- the maps promised contra costa there it is, highway 4, slow in antioch, also slow in bay point. western contra costa traffic here between pinole and richmond, a little slow traffic
7:26 am
there. now to the live pictures. interstate 880 looks good, driving past the airport exit north. and bay bridge toll plaza metering lights working well now. they may be on manual or not but most drivers don't care as long as they're working normally. traffic backed up for a 10 to 12-minute delay. let's go to steve. >> thank you. coast and bay fog but some of that fog inland already showing signs of burning off. still mostly cloudy over by the beaches, but some sun there, see some of that sun breaking through the low clouds. summer in three days. on the coast, sunny and getting warmer inland. temperatures will continue to warm up away from the coast as high pressure builds in so it's a dry pattern until middle of next week but coastal fog, and some sun by the coast but it's going to be warmer when you start off with lows in the mid- 50s for many, many. already 55, 56 for some. so highs today warming up, yellow indicates 70s and maybe some of that orange popping up, 80s by tomorrow. sure looks like it. and as everything lifts
7:27 am
northward into the pacific northwest you can see right there, starting to look more like the end of april or may pattern. but it's there, warming trend for bayside pin land temperatures so coast fog and any bay fog will burn off and temperatures warming up. still have a westerly breeze, so it's not going to be really, really warm by the coast but nice and then warmer inland with 70s to near 80. tomorrow we bump the highs up even more, carry that into saturday. that probably will be the warmest day if not friday, then sunday still okay but little cooler and cooling trend kicks in for everybody monday. he brought rock and roll into america's living room. >> it's sweeping the country, hottest dance sensation in the last four years, a thing called the twist ladies and gentlemen, here's chubby checker. >> music fans around the world mourn the loss of dick clark. >> a computer glitch causes some clays for commuters early early this week. we'll let you know if it's still happening, coming up. >> also a bay area youth basketball game incident, look
7:28 am
at this closely. home video of the police want you to see. so, ah, your seat good?
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never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. if i can do this, you definitely can do this. we can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. good morning. the oakland crash we're talking about earlier is still in the clearing stages in eastbound 580 near highway 13. the last person was just removed from a vehicle that ended up at the bottom of a
7:31 am
ditch here on the seminary boulevard onramp to eastbound 580. pretty heavy rescue scene. four people were taken to nearby hospitals. some of them suffering from serious injuries. now nearby, a glitch on the bay bridge caused a slowdown this week for some commuters. tara moriarity is live at the toll plaza with details on what happened. tara. >> reporter: normally the metering lights are controlled by computers. but there was some sort of of glitch so they have gone back to the old-fashioned way, the way they did it years ago, and they're operating those lights manually. we'll show you the tower where the man sits up there, and he looks out the window -- has a bunch of cameras also and making sure that traffic is running smoothly out of the toll plaza. earlier this week, some commuters had a hiccup in the carpool lane. on monday they experienced a 15 minute clay when the metering lights went on for the first time they can remember. there's usually no traffic in
7:32 am
the carpool lanes. caltrans says the problem is the software that controls the lights. it went down. so while officials work out the kinks, the traffic management center said metering lights will be controlled manually. usually they're run by computers at caltrans in oakland. we did speak to the man controlling the tower, and he says traffic is running smoothly and because he is operating everything manual lil, everything should be fine, your commute should be seamless this morning. thank you, farah. we're also following overnight news from oakland. police are looking for two men who ran away from a suspected stolen car that nearly plunged into lake merritt. our camera was the only camera on scene just moments after the early morning accident. police say the honda sedan veered off the road and took out several bushes before stopping just a few feet away from the lake. the driver and his passenger then ran off. the search for sierra lamar
7:33 am
is expand engine the south bay. santa clara county sheriff's divers say they're turning their attention to two reservoirs. coming up at 7:45, the online hoax that created brief excitement followed by anger among the missing teen's family and friends. a garage fire in san leandro has become a criminal investigation. yesterday evening flames erupted from a detached garage behind a house on warwick avenue near. firefighters noticed suspicious items in that garage. that's when the police were called in. the garage reportedly contained a marijuana growing operation. one firefighter needed to be sent to the hospital after a piece of wood fell down on him. medical marijuana supporters plan a protest of the federal raid of observation dam university in oakland. federal agents raided four oaksterdam facilities earlier this month. yesterday the founder of the school announcend he was officially turning over control
7:34 am
to new owners. the new owners say they'll scale back operations and only use the building' upstairs auditorium for classrooms. tomorrow's practice test will be held outside the federal building in downtown oakland. it's 7:33. police in hayward are looking for a man responsible for an ugly incident during a youth basketball game. in in home video a man in a white t-shirt runs on to the court and punches a teenage player in front of the stunned crowd. it happened during sub's game between the oakland soldiers and oakland rebel. it's still not clear why the angry man jumped out the stands, and police are still trying to identify him. it looks like one of the bay area's top cyclists will miss california's premiere competition. santa rosa's levi has won the amgen tour three times. the race is scheduled for next month in santa rosa.
7:35 am
but he is still recovering from injuries when he was hit by a car while training. the results a ballot measure to fund uc berkeley campus newspaper could be weeks away. the student body president disqualified the measure which asked students to pay $2 per semester to fund the daily californian newspaper. the judicial council met last night to consider overturning that decision, but they did not make a ruling. the daily californiaian reports ballots will only be counted if the council rover rules the student body president. the city of dublin is putting together one of the toughest anti-smoking ordinances here in the bay area. the contra costa times reports a proposal would prohibit new tobacco retailers from opening up 500 to 1,000 feet from children's areas like schools and parks. it would also limit the number of tobacco shops in the specific area, and also severely punish stores that are caught selling to minors.
7:36 am
there will be a few public meetings held before there's a final vote. pg&e is alerting 98 county residents about a controlled release of natural gas. the venting is scheduled to begin at 10:00 this morning. it will take place near interstate highway 280 and highway 92. people in the area may notice the smell of natural gas. bart is hosting its annual blue sky festival at san francisco's justin herman plaza today. it is held so bay area residents can learn about local groups working to keep the skies blue. it features environmental groups, musicians, carnival games, and vendors specializing in recycled products. the festival runs from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. happening right now, tributes pouring in nor one every biggest names in entertainment, dick clark, who died yesterday. our reporter bob de castro is live in hollywood at the
7:37 am
hollywood walk of fame, and bob, i can only imagine how dick clark is being remembered this morning. >> reporter: yeah, dave, the tributes are pouring in, and dick clark actually has a prominent spot here. here it is on sunset and vine. and you see the flowers, the candles, the notes coming in from fans throughout the day yesterday, upon hearing the passing of dick clark. they've been coming out this morning as well. i wanted to show that you star because in the center it's always emblematic what this celebrity has had an impact. that's a tv right there, but he really transcended television. had influences in so many other areas of entertainment and pop culture. he's being remembered this morning as a titan, and ryan seacrest last night on fox spoke on "american idol" and talked about him as an influence to him, saying it was one of the greatest influences of his life. he said without dick clark, a show like "american idol" would
7:38 am
never even exist. and of course, a lot of other celebrities owe in large part their stardom to dick clark. he introduced lots of musical acts to countless americans on american bandstand since 1956, it went on until 1989. anyone from madonna to buddy holly to tina turner, chubby checker, helped launch their careers, and he was a fixture every year, new year's eve, watching that ball drop in times square since 1972. 2004 he bowed out because of a stroke, but then appeared very briefly from time to time. but dick clark productions, thousands of hours on tv that they made, and they also had forays into film and restaurants as well. so his legacy is going to be long lasting, not just here in hollywood but all over the world. some of the notes saying you're the best in music, one really
7:39 am
simple note saying you will be missed. back to you guys. >> great report from hollywood, bob. thank you. and we have posted a slide show of dick clark and all of the years he contributed to the world of entertainment on just click on the dick clark tab. it is 7:38. we want to economic in with sal, see what is happening on the roads. >> it's been a busy one this morning, if you're driving around the silicon valley it will be a tough one on northbound 101, tough on 880 south, getting there. if you're driving southbound 880 to let's say fremont, and south, you'll see some slow traffic before you get there in hayward. and as we move along to livermore the valley commute has been little bit heavy getting in on the altamont past. south bay, 101 is pretty busy.
7:40 am
but it's interesting, 85 hasn't been that bad and neither has 280 some if you can avoid 101 and use some of the other ways you know, you might actually be in much better shape. let's go to live pictures now, this is a look at westbound 24. moderately heavy in lafayette, up to the tunnel. and you can see some of the sun that steve promised or mentioned. i don't know if he ever promises anything. he forecasts the sun. >> i promise! >> and boy, you do promise? >> on this one, yeah. >> the sun is out in lafayette. no major problems this morning at the -- oh, the sun is out at the bay bridge toll plaza, 10 minute delay, and also out there standing near the roadside, tara has a sunny disposition. now let's go to steve. >> promise? >> i promise. >> okay, thank you. we do have low clouds around now. most of the coast, except santa cruz coast, where it's mostly fog-free. we've transitioned into winter. remember last week it was rain? oh, yeah! fog, sun, breezy.
7:41 am
still westerly breeze. fog will be peeling back pretty fast by the coast. but sunshine for many, then warm inland. temperatures warming up into mid and upper 70s. few near 80 degrees. tomorrow everyone gets in on some low 80s, at least away from the coast. by the coast we're still dealing with 60s and 70s. there's not that offshore breeze or north-northeast wind. 50s, 51 to 57. 57 san jose, stuck at that. they still have low clouds in san jose. webcam from the meteorology department showing that. yet yellow indicates high temperatures today in the 70s some we're getting there. yesterday just a smattering. today will be more. there will be widespread. everything now riding up above and there she goes, high pressure kicks in. so some low clouds, otherwise it's sunny already. warming trend mainly for those closer to the bay, and definitely inland. by the coast, 50s, 60s if 70s. lot of fog out there. fog, sun, warmer. westerly breeze means temperatures can held in check over by the beaches. but still 70s near santa cruz.
7:42 am
napa 78. san rafael at 75. richmond 66. 80 antioch, brent wood. oakland though 70. alameda 67. danville 78. and 77 in pleasanton. 77 san jose. there's the 74 in santa cruz. but upper 50s pacifica, daly city, low 60s half moon bay, yet mid-70s on the peninsula. palo alto 74. mountain view 76. san bruno 67. fog will be still there, but it will be shallower and burn off sooner friday and saturday. that's when the warmest temperatures will be inland. still warm way from the coast sunday but cooler for everybody on monday. >> all right. thank you, steve. it's 7:42. lieutenant governor gavin newsom has a new gig. he'll be hosting his own show at san francisco based current tv, while still keeping his day job. a former ktvu reporter thinks newsom will thrive in his new position. others, however, want to see him focus on his position as an
7:43 am
elected official. >> gavin newsom is a very intelligent guy. he is well spoken. he has charisma. so i'm sure he will be an effective talk-show host for current tv. >> i feel he would probably generate a conflict of interest. he's now beholden to some corporate entity. >> newsom is expected to be on the air starting next month. what the new unemployment claim number says about our economy, and what is moving the markets this morning. also, the reasons the community near the bay area is one of the best places in the country to find love.
7:44 am
7:45 am
7:46 am
stocks are up as investors weigh in stronger corporate earnings reports from some stocks, drug morgan and stanley, united health group is, ebay and southwest airlines. right now the dow is up 22, and the nasdaq is up 23. s&p is up 4. however, the number of americans applying for first-time unemployment benefits remains near a 4-month high. filed new jobless claims last week. that's down 2,000 from the week before, but economists had forecast the number would crop by 10,000. the rise in applications the past two weeks could signal the job market is slowing. new jobless claims dropping steadily since last september. the owner of the metran in san francisco is selling the retail and restaurant complex. now a connecticut private equity firm will pay $1.15
7:47 am
billion for the met ron in fairfield and six other properties. a strange twist now in the self for missing teenager sierra lamar. ktvu's pam cook says it caused hope, alarm and frustration for her family and friends. pam. >> reporter: it began with a tweet from sierra's twitter account which has been quiet since the day she disappeared. there were some excited moments when a tweet was posted on the missing teenager's account. but santa clara county sheriff's deputies were quick to say that message was a hoax. investigators are telling the mercury news they believe someone either hacked into her twitter account or it came from someone who knows her password. that tweet has since been treated that. there continues to be a lot of tweets about the sierra lamar case. meantime, santa clara county sheriff's deputies say the next to phase of their search for the morgan hill teenager will
7:48 am
focus on the anderson reservoirs. divers once again scoured ponds near coyote creek trail yesterday. they have not found any new evidence or clues. more than 140 people were out searching the grounds near the reservoirs looking for anything suspicious. but again, nothing new has turned up. friends are also saying the number of volunteers is starting to drop. reporting live, i'm pam cook. back to the studio. >> thank you, pam. south korea has unveiled new cruise missiles it says are capable of hitting any target in north korea. south korea's defense ministry says the missiles should serve as a warning to north korea. this morning india's successfully test fired a nuclear capable missile. the rocket has a range of more than 3,000 miles, and can travel as far as beijing or
7:49 am
shanghai. while the two countries are trade partners, they have fought in the past over land. and secretary of state hillary clinton is me engine paris today with other diplomats from around the world to discuss the ongoing fighting in syria. meantime, in syria the u.n. monitors who just arrived there this week appear to be running into trouble this new video shows u.n. vans rushing away from a crowd of anti-government protestors in damascus, as what sounds like gunshots are heard. the mayor of san carlos has resigned. according to the city manager's office, mayor klein filed a letter of resignation yesterday effective immediately. in that letter klein cited major setbacks in the personal life that he said made it impossible to continue as a public servant. he also sewed he and his wife decided to dissolve their marriage and he has begun treatment to address his situation. but he gave no details.
7:50 am
a 40-foot gray whale is still tangled up in fishing line off the southern california coast, and marine experts are worried it may starve to death. the whale appears to be migrating in the wrong direction. there it is there. on tuesday rescuers removed about 100 feet of that tangled fishing line. but yesterday, they couldn't even find the whale. this is the time of year when gray whales migrate north. hoping to find your soul mate? santa cruz might be the best place to do that. the magazine ranked santa cruz as the third best u.s. city for single people, behind ann arbor, michigan and bloomington, illinois. it says the city has more single people than married people, and an abundance of outdoor activities that can help bring single people together. cal's football team is playing a spring game this weekend. the team will sprit up and play a full game this saturday. the spring game will be played
7:51 am
at edwards stadium at 11 a.m. admission is free. players and coaches will be signing autographs afterwards and you may even get to meet some former cal players who are now in the pros. >> wow! cool. moving ahead in the nfl, after that new orleans saints bounty scandal. what the 49ers general manager is saying about the saints and the suspended defensive coach. and how a news helicopter play a key role in a boat rescue on lake michigan. [ girl ] my mom always tells me:
7:52 am
if you want something done right, then do it yourself. that's the idea behind our children, our future -- the ballot initiative to fix our schools. we've waited years for the politicians to do it. now, we can do it ourselves. our children, our future sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our schools...
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not to sacramento. it benefits every kid in every school, with local control of the money. that's why the p-t-a supports it. my mom likes it, too. juppe:53. news helicopter saved the lives of two boaters in chicago. their sailboat capsized in the frigid waters of lake michigan yesterday afternoon. and the men had to hold on to the side of the boat. a news helicopter spotted the pair and notified police. the police department marine unit eventually came and pulled them to safety. the men who are in their 60s showed signs every fatigue but otherwise are okay.
7:54 am
vacaville police are warning people who use atms at night, there have been several holdups in the past two weeks. one man was robbed at gunpoint on tuesday, while drawing money from a wells fargo atm on peabody road near southwood drive. another man was also robbed at the same machine on april 10th, but the suspects description are different in each holdup. the big day for 49ers fans has finally arrived. the team is breaking ground on its new billion dollar stadium in santa clara. coming up at 8:00, ktvu's alex savage will give us a preview of today's big 49ers party. the 49ers are not letting the new orleans saints bounty scandal overshadow today's groundbreaking. general manager trent baalke even reached out to suspended coach gregg williams to talk about the issue. now they worked together with the washington redskins back in 2004. several weeks ago, mornings on
7:55 am
2 played recordings of gregg williams urging new orleans saints players to injure 49ers players in last january's playoff game. baalke says -- sharks head coach todd mcclellan is changing the lineup for game 4 tonight, against the blues. look for patrick marleau to center the second line, and logan will be a wing on the first line among other changes. sharks trying to kick started their offense and had a good start but the blues now lead the best of 7 series, 2 games to 1. today is really important game in san jose at 7:30. been to a couple sharks games and the fans are terrific. they always wear teal. a sea of teal. >> but get caught up in the speed! time is 7:55. hey, sal, you have had a tough morning, my friend. >> it has been tough. we're speaking of san jose.
7:56 am
commute down there, has been pretty slow. we're going to start with a look at the crash that we had on 580 earlier this morning a major injury crash, four people were injured when a car ran off the roadway into a tree. it took them a long time to get the last person out. the car was basically up against the tree. had to remove the car or get it off the tree before they could remove the last person. that man is in critical condition at highland hospital. three other people were also seriously injured. let's move along and look at 880 northbound, hitting slow traffic past the coliseum and head north. and as i mentioned, san jose, it's still pretty slow from just north of blossom hill, all the way up to sunnyvale. i think the other freeways, 85 and 280 are a better bet. >> a lot of low clouds out there, some of that around the bay beginning to show signs of burning off but it's rather thick. just fills in really fast here. so either you have the sun or the fog or it's burning off.
7:57 am
now down towards santa cruz it looks mostly sunny so they will be the warmest on the coast. all the higher clouds continue to push well to the north. but there's a big old fog bank so we'll have to deal with that and a west-southwest breeze. now it's not rip-roaring but westerly towards sfo, southwest at concord, west south west fairfield and west south west at vacaville. so yes, they'll warm up, but it's not going to be really warm. i think tomorrow will be the day you feel it. temperatures already at 58 at fairfield. so they're on their way to the upper 70s to near 80 easy. systems moving to in still producing rain, up in crescent city an inch and a half of rain last two days. that's pretty good rain! so there's still some holding on, drizzle on the coast, but warmer. coastal fog will give way, then mostly sunny to partly cloudy over by the beaches today. some 70s near santa cruz but upper 50s, lower 60s. and then santa rosa 78.
7:58 am
fairfield 78. 80 in antioch. warmer for almost everybody friday, saturday. sunday still looking pretty good. and there will be fog increasing and then cooling down next week. >> thank you, steve. it's a surefire way to draw a big crowd. >> microsoft alone, probably wouldn't come. maroon 5, i wouldn't come. but both of them and the girlfriend who wants to go, definitely! >> a special promotion for today's grand opening in the bay area. >> and a big day for the 49ers in the city of santa clara, as work gets underway on the team's new stadium. we'll tell you about the official groundbreaking event taking place later today! >> we're live in san francisco, where suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi is set to be in court this morning. we'll tell you why he'll be here today and tomorrow, when mornings on 2 continues.
7:59 am
when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no!
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don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave and clark. it's thursday, april 19th. topping our news at 8:00, the historic day has finally arrived! the 49ers breaking ground on their new billion dollar
8:01 am
stadium. alex savage has been live in santa clara all morning. he's back now and you have exclusive video of how they're preparing for today's big party out there, alex. >> reporter: dave, they're already here, moving a lot of dirt here, getting ready to pour the concrete here at the site of the new 49 others stadium. billion dollar stadium. those ceremonial first shovels will hit the dirt later today, but as you take a live look, you can see work already underway. this site used to be an overflow parking lot for great america. yesterday we shot exclusive video as crews put together a mini stadium here on this site that was created just for today's groundbreaking event. 1500 people expected to be on hand for the invitation-only party. today's shovels go into the ground at a ceremonial spot, what will be the 50-yard line of the new stadium. this took years of planning to get there deal done. a huge day for the 49ers and the santa clara city leaders. although this morning we talked with one man who lives nearby
8:02 am
and is worried about all the noise and traffic with the new stadium and doesn't view this as a day to celebrate. >> it isn't! i mean, especially for people that live on this side of 101. over there they can care less. even my daughter lives over there, on the other side and she voted for it. and of course, we're all -- my wife and i are like, whoa! >> in 2010, santa clara voters approved this stadium plan, although there was a challenge to those election results that. was eventually rejected by the courts. now the 68,000 seat stadium is expected to be completed by 2014. there's already talk of bringing this super bowl here to santa clara, one the stadium is finished. the groundbreaking event happens at 6:30 tonight. that's when the first ceremonial shovels go into the ground. but remember, this is only -- for invited guests. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news.
8:03 am
>> thank you, am ex. suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is due in court in about an hour and a half. ktvu's lorraine blanco joins us live from san francisco with the issue a judge will consider today. lorraine. >> reporter: you suspended shy of will be in court today and tomorrow for separate but related hearings. now the judge today will decide if the city attorney should be removed from mirkarimi's suspension proceedings. mirkarimi's attorney believes city attorney herrera has a conflict of interest because he is set to represent the mayor in the ethics commission hearing and his office also advises that commission. the judge yesterday said the argument is moot because the commission will have outside counsel. just yesterday, the suspended sheriff talked publicly in depending for the first testimony about the day that led to his suspension. they got into an argument on the way to a pizza place and he tried to stop her from leaving
8:04 am
the vehicle. >> she was screaming, and i reached over from the driver's seat, still with my seat belt on, to put my hand under her arm, to try to guide her back into the passenger seat so we could just deescalate. >> reporter: city attorney herrera says today's hearing is an deuce of the court process. mirkarimi will be back in court again tomorrow for another hearing to get a suspension overturned, and his ethics commission hearing is set for next week. lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. the uc davis police chief criticized for how she handled last november's pepper-spraying incident will step down today. police were videotaped spraying a group of student demonstrators protesting budget cuts. an independent report blames chief annette spicuzza for leading a dysfunctional department she had been suspended with pay but will now
8:05 am
resign. >> there's a lot of hatred here for the police department. >> we're committed to recovering from and moving forward and that's what we'll do. >> she says neither she nor the school wanted this incident to be their defining moment. time is 8:04. new video of an early morning fire in stockton, one that gutted a strip mall. four businesses were destroyed by the fire. no injuries have been reported. started about 5:15 this morning. 40 nearby apartment units were evacuated. fire crews had to fight the flames from the outside after the roof collapsed. you see it in the pictures. firefighters think the fire started in an old laundry center. this particular strip mall is located near the university of pacific. cvs pharmacy agreed to pay almost dollars 14 million to dozens of california counties, part of a settlement stemming from allegations that the drugstore chain ill leally mishandled hazardous waste.
8:06 am
san mateo county will be awarded $95,000 as part of the settlement. this morning microsoft is opening a new store right in the heart of silicon valley. people starred lining up last night waiting until 6 this morning, when they were allowed to start walking towards the new store. but it seems that everyone was waiting to see what microsoft has to offer. most of the people in line we talked to were interested in being among the first 1,000 people in line so they could receive tickets to a private concert tonight. >> i'm here because i'm determined to see 5 for free. >> i'm here to see maroon 5. >> we had absolutely no reason to come here exempt for the maroon 5. >> to visit the microsoft store, and the other thing like maroon 5 is an extra for us. >> no, not really. apple people, i think. >> jerry rice will be there in afternoon to play connect with
8:07 am
some lucky people. microsoft already has one store in silicon valley, and it's located in valley fair mall right across from the apple store there. sal is back, busy morning. how is 880 doing? >> it's slow now, dave. driving over to downtown oakland, if you have a job there and you probably take this freeway or used to the slow traffic here at high street, 580 is slow out of san leandro, and slow again getting over to the lakeshore curve. it's pretty slow out of san leandro. we had an earlier crash on eastbound 580, near seminary. it does appear kind of slow traffic going the other way, even though oakland fire has cleared the scene. it has been pretty slow there getting from let's say san leandro out to highway 13. let's move along and look at the commute at the bay bridge toll plaza. there are no major problems here. as i was speaking looks like we just got a new crash popped up on the board on 580 westbound,
8:08 am
on the way over to san quinten, which is just off the richmond bridge. and you can see castro valley, 880, hayward, san leandro, a lot of activity there. way tonight show you southbound 680 pleasanton will be slow. and northbound 680 got a tweet from someone saying it took a longer time than unusual getting from san ramon into wall nubbing created heading north. let's go to steve. >> thank you very much. very good morning. remember last week at this time? it was pouring, pouring! i remember one of hardest rains i've ever seen coming in. it was just nuts. here we are a week later, looking for our first 80s since october. that will be far inland but still it's there. and there's also there a lot of fog. that's going to an out closer to the coast. what is over the bay will start to burn off pretty fast but it's made it to san jose and points north and east. but coastal fog, sunny away, warmer inland. coming up on the temps. it's a dry pattern this week. any rain next week? maybe around wednesday, there's
8:09 am
some hints. west at 7 at napa, 13 fairfield. and a south at concord so there's a little hint of a breeze there, delta breeze, yet 50s for temps. mid-50s. 57 redwood city mountain view and san jose. up and over now, higher clouds still rain up in northern california. crescent city had an inch and a half so we're not done yet up there. but for us, clouds north but the fog in place. so coastal fog peels back over to the cost e. then temperatures 70s to near 80 degrees. 80 in antioch and also brentwood. but temperatures will continue to razz up there friday and saturday, the warmest two days. it will be warm inland on sunday but the fog is not going away. that will be back and cooler weather there carry us into next week. we arable computers are the next big thing. companies like apple, google, facebook all of them want to
8:10 am
make wearable computers an everyday thing. examples include eyeglasses that can stream information to the lenses, and a watch that can also be an atm card. incredible! many of these devices being developed will be used for health and fitness, social networking, and gaming. the last of four sickly horses will be removed from private property in the east bay this morning. contra costa county's animal control seized three horses with protruding bones and bare patches on their coats yesterday. concerned citizens took photos of the horses, three weeks ago, and sent them to animal control. >> the horses are on the property over on this hill over here. >> this is absolute abuse right here. this is neglect. it looks like it's walking death. and it's a young horse. it's really sad. >> animal control responded to the property after ktvu investigated yesterday. the horses owner could be
8:11 am
charged with animal neglect. the accusations of bribery in one east bay -- bay area political race with one of candidates is now saying. also, a new development in the trayvon martin case, how the shooting could soon affect gun laws in one u.s. state. and a ceremony happening now, marking this a nightmare that happened exactly 17 years ago today.
8:12 am
8:13 am
coastal fog and low clouds already, and they're back.
8:14 am
now it will burn off inland. temperatures warming up to a decent sea breeze, overall fog burning off so 60s, 70s and a few near 80 today. the u.s. government is strongly condemning the photograph published in the los angeles times that show u.s. troops posing with the remains of suicide bombers in afghanistan. the soldier who gave the photos to the newspaper says he wanted to draw attention to the safety risk of a breakdown in leadership and discipline that he believes puts u.s. troops in danger. >> that behavior that was depicted in those photos absolutely violates both our regulations and more importantly our core values. >> the release of the photos follows several other incidents this year that have strained the relationship between the u.s. and afghanistan, including video of u.s. marines urinating on taliban bodies. the burning of korans at a u.s. military base, and a massacre
8:15 am
of 17 afghan civilians allegedly by an army staff sergeant. one of women involved in the secret service prostitution scandal in columbia is speaking out. ktvu's allison burns in our washington, d.c. newsroom to tell us why the agents are losing their jobs and what the woman is saying about all of this. >> reporter: dave, the new york times to one of women who spent the night with a agent in columbia and told the times she had no idea the man was with the u.s. government let alone a secret service agent and now is afraid of having nervous attacks. she says he offered her $30 for her services, she was expecting more like $800. their fight over the amount is what eventually led to the discovery that as many as 11 agents and 10 military personnel might have hired prostitutes at a hotel in columbia ahead of president
8:16 am
obama's trip last week. she also emphasized to the reporter that she is an escort, not a prostitute. she says -- she says she is planning to leave the area, she does not intend to cooperate with u.s. investigators. three secret service agents including two supervisors are now out at the agency, and one of those supervisors reportedly says he wants to sue over this whole incident, sue the secret service. reporting live, allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. happening now, a ceremony underway in oklahoma to mark the 17th anniversary of the deadly oklahoma city bombing. about an hour ago, there was a moment of silence to remember the victims at the moment the bomb went off. 168 people were killed, including many children, when a
8:17 am
bomb destroyed the alfred p. murrah federal building in 1995. timothy mcveigh was convicted of carrying out the bombing and executed in 2001. today's also the anniversary of the deadly federal raid that ended a 50-day standoff in waco, texas. 19 years ago today, the fbi launchrd an attack on a compound where a religious sect had been holed up. the standoff started when members of the branch davidian killed four federal nation a shoot-out. their building caught fire during the raid, killing more than 75 people, including children. an iraq war veteran will be running for gabrielle give orders' seat in the u.s. house of representatives. jesse kiel has won the republican primary in arizona. he narrowly lost to giffords in 2010. kelly now will compete and a special election against democrats ronald barber. barber is giffords' former aide, who was also wounded in the shoot that left giffords unable to continue her post.
8:18 am
a special election is june 12th. east bay congressman pete stark is now apologizing for publicly accusing a challenge related of bribery. he claimed foale democrat eric took hundreds of thousands in bribes from a real estate developer. he denies the accusations. and he hired a defamation lawyer to sue stark if stark did not apologize. in a statement congressman stark apologized, and says he misspoke. but he also says he does have concerns about the behavior. he called that a backhanded in sincere apology. later today the governor of florida is expected to announce a new task force to investigate the state's gun laws. the action is a response to the trayvon martin shooting case. neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder, fatal february shooting of 17-
8:19 am
year-old trayvon martin. zimmerman claims he acted in self-defense. he is due back in court tomorrow for a bail hearing. and a new judge has taken over the case after the previous judge removed herself because of a possible conflict of interest. the jetblue pilot whose bizarre behavior prompted an emergency large engine texas last month plans to use an insanity defense. he is charged with interfering with a flight crew. he left the cockpit and went on a bizarre rant that included references to terrorists. according to an indictment, passengers had to restrain him. the las vegas bound flight was diverted safely to amarillo, texas. happening right now, a changing of the guard is underway at a popular national air and space museum exhibit. we want to show you the live pictures from virginia, where the shuttle discovery is replacing the shuttle prototype enterprise. the smithsonian will be the permanent home for discovery
8:20 am
after it spent one year in space. enterprise never left earth's atmosphere. we showed you live on tuesday discovery flew piggyback on a 747 from florida to dulls airport outside washington, d.c. these are the pictures of that two days ago. the enterprise will now fly piggyback on the same jet and head for new york next week. it will go on display on the deck. uss intrepid. later this morning, college football's number one team will visit with the number one sports fan. university of ibm beat the lsu tigers last january. alabama won its 14th national championship. president obama will host the team, have a victory celebration on the white house south lawn. the bay area sailing community hopes some goodwill will come out of that tragedy.
8:21 am
the proposed changes to the century-old race and what sailors want to see following last weekend's deadly wreck. also we're looking out the window looking at your weather. kind of foggy right now. but it should become one of the warmer days of the year. steve a coming back and tell you how warm it will get today. >> good morning. westbound bay bridge, a little backup but things are moving well on to the stands oh...
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
members of the bay area sailing community he is there could be changes feeling last weekend's deadly accident during a yacht race. five of the eight people onboard the sailboat low speed chase died over lost at sea on saturday. a friend of the crew says he wants to change race rules and require participants to wear the same type of electronic monitoring device used to find boats that are adrift at sea. there's also some concern for boat owners who worry the accident could lead to civil lawsuits. >> this will leave a lot of people spooked come next year, and they'll probably be -- a few less votes on the stark line. >> generally individual boat owners do not require their crew to sign waivers that protect them from liability. time is 8:24. let's go to sal, see what is happening in our commute. >> we're okay so far when it comes to major crashes but
8:25 am
we've had some slow traffic all over the east bay. 580 slow out of san leandro to oakland. 880 slow as well as you pass 238. 880 northbound you can see how slow it is as we focus in on this area near the coliseum. so the east bay is getting wear and tear. and looking around now at the toll plaza, this commute looks pretty good. we have a new accident in san jose, or no, this is san mateo, northbound 101 near anza, just popped up here. we'll find out more about it and get to you next time. now to steve. >> thank you, sir. very good morning. we have some fog on the coast and sun inland already and it's warming up. some temperatures in the upper 50s to near 60 here, and we're not even at 9:00 yet. so some fog, higher clouds thinning out and heading north. westerly breeze or south, so we don't have a offshore breeze. we do have an an shore.
8:26 am
everyone close here. they're not much of a spread here, scuffle degrees at best. and the cloud cover and everything continues to ride up and over as high pressure says i'm on my way. and it gets started yesterday a little bit and it will be more so today. the main warming will be felt bayside pin land, not so much by the coast unless you're on the santa cruz coastline. then some 70s there. couple 70s upper 70s to near 80 degrees, and even more on friday and saturday. so make plans, the coast might be fog but there will be okay, then fog increases for good cooldown in next to week but the weekend looking great. we have developing news coming in from napa. now we're getting word of a serious crash involving a 15- year-old driver. >> reporter: we're live at the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are normally run by a computer. but that's not the case today. we'll let you know who is running them instead, coming up. >> if the medical breakthrough doctors say will lead to better treatment for breast cancer.
8:27 am
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straight to our schools... not to sacramento. it benefits every kid in every school, with local control of the money. that's why the p-t-a supports it. my mom likes it, too. good morning. it's 8:28. we have new details about this crash we showed you earlier on mornings on 2. these pictures from newschopper 2, a car went down the embankment on 580 near seminary. car was wedged against a tree. they got three people out of the car immediately, or almost immediately. but the four th person had to wait until they got the car unwrapped from the tree. that person is suffering from critical injuries, sent to highland hospital. the car apparently was traveling at a high rate of speed. four people were injured, one critical, three seriously. the traffic in the area going the other way, the commute
8:30 am
direction was also affected by looking at all the emergency vehicles. we had a big backup in that area still. we've also had some problems this week at the toll plaza with the metering lights. we had a glitch there earlier this week, and ktvu's tara is live to tell us what happened. tara. >> reporter: the computers went down, the software. there was an issue there. so instead of the metering lights being one by them, they're run manually. those are the lights you see but you're not going to really notice anything different because the operator says everything is running smoothly. and if we look and swing over here to our right you can see it the traffic that's usual, but up there in the yellow tower, in one of those windows there's a man who looks out monitors the traffic and the lights to make sure everything is okay. and again, earlier in the week some commuters had a hiccup in the carpool lane. on monday they experienced about a 15-minute delay when the lights went on for the
8:31 am
first time they can remember. usually there's no traffic in the carpool lanes because the metering lights are also green. caltrans says the problem is software, and it went down. we're not sure when it will go back up. so while officials work out the kings, the lights will be controlled manually, the old fashioned way before computers came on to the scene. again, you should not notice any delays if you're taking the carpool lane this morning. if you do not have fastrak, you're going to be sitthin mose that you see right here, traffic as usual here at the bay bridge. tara moriarity, ktvu channel 2 news. we have new information about a violent incident happened this morning in richmond. police are out there looking for suspects in an early morning shooting. police found the 35-year-old shooting victim slumped behind the wheel of an suv at south
8:32 am
7th and virginia streets, about 3:00 this morning. the man was shot four times. he was airlifted to john muir hospital of walnut creek and is expected to survive. oakland police searching for a gunman who shot and killed a man who was pushing his one-year-old son down the street in a toy car. it happened about 3:15 yesterday afternoon near 65th avenue and east lawn street in the lockwood gardens housing complex. the child was not hurt in the shooting. someone nearby grabbed the child and then ran off to safety. the man was shot in the head. he died there at the scene. the gunman escaped at a car. the investigation continues. the chp office in napa is investigating a serious crash involving a car driven by a 15- year-old girl. it happened last night near congress valley road, just outside of napa. investigators say the 15-year- old driver was speeding when she crashed into a tree.
8:33 am
there were seven teenagers in the car at the time. at least three suffered major injuries. the chp is still looking for the 15-year-old driver who ran away from the scene. earthquake owes university will resume on monday three weeks after seven people were killed by a gunman. some of the classes will be held in the same building where the shooting occurred. youring students though may las another campus. school administrators are trying to work out an agreement with patent university in oakland and union tech college in fremont to give students an option of taking classes there. 50 students super been suspended at berkeley high school and several others have been expelled because of a reported attendance scam. the bay area news group reports the students are accused of altering their attendance records in the school database after paying off several other students who had obtained the
8:34 am
computer's password. the changes were made between october and january. however, school officials just found out about it earlier this month. the suspensions will last between one and five days. expulsions could be up to a year. the hustler truck is pulling out of san francisco. the truck is from larry flynt's hustler club in san francisco. you can see it has pictures of scantily clad women and the stripper pole in the back. the driver has been taking the truck home and parking it near a school district school, as well as a public library. the supervisor has been leading a campaign to get that truck out of san francisco. mar says the strip club is now agreed to send the truck to las vegas. new this morning, a study raise hope for better treatment for breast cancer. researchers are telling webmd
8:35 am
they uncovered new breast cancer genes that cause the disease while analyzing the genetic profile of two thousand tumor samples, all kind of complicated but say they discovered a relationship between those genes and cells that control growth and division. the researchers reclassified breast cancer at the 10 new categories. they say that could lead to more individually tailored treatment options. happening now, if you've ever had dreams of performing on "x factor," you industrial a chance to try out. it's a second and final day to register for the hit fox show, "x factor" at the cow palace. the actual auditions for the "x factor" don't start until tomorrow, registration will continue through this evening. we've posted nor clips on
8:36 am just look for the hop topics headline. sal, what kind of songs are they singing around the toll plaza? >> the blues! >> i had a feeling! >> not the toll plaza, the east bay. singing the blues there. other happy songs being sung and other cars, though. let's go out to the toll plaza. it's backed up, no one signing the blues here, just a normal morning. maybe they like the blues. it's not a bad commute here. no problems on the bridge. it's typical commute. moving along to 880, to san mateo bridge, and 880. that traffic is busy. i'll tell you where someone may not like the commute, in the east bay near castro valley. a number of cracks. 580 just a mess in castro valley out to highway 13. and then slow again, so almost the entire stretch of 580 from castro valley to lakeshore in oakland is terrible. if you have the luxury of waiting, i would. 238 is a big mess a as people
8:37 am
are bailing on 580. let's go to steve. >> some breaks in the clouds and lot of low clouds and fog there. santa cruz mostly sunny. so fog, sun, little breeze out there. fog will continue its retreat back to the coast. sunshine though for most and then warm inland. temperatures coming up. we're not expecting a huge jump but lot of mid to upper 70s to near 80. higher clouds continue to go north towards oregon, yet some rain continues to fall up near crescent city. now that sea breeze is still in place, the direction winds coming from, so it's out of the west for most or southwest. west at 8sfo. not strong. that sea breeze, so it's warming but it's not really an offshore event at all. good old fashion el dorado high pressure giving us what the days longer little warm-up here. now it will be more so on friday and saturday. you can see why, everything is
8:38 am
now riding way up on its way to vancouver. as that high build in, it will settle over us for friday if saturday. low clouds, otherwise mostly clear butt trend is for warmer weather. certainly bayside and inland. inland will take the most jump on the temps, but coast easing into it. so 60s for some, close to water's edge, or low 70s. but then not too far away you'll find some mid to upper 70s. pittsburg 79. antioch imthat's the first i do believe since october. 77 walnut creek, hayward 70. 75 fremont to 79 gilroy, 77 saratoga. santa cruz at 74. but half moon bay 62. pacifica 59. 60s in the city. 50s and 60s. 70s mid to peninsula. warmer friday, saturday the
8:39 am
warmest day. not too bad sunday and cooler on monday. thank you, steve. lawmakers on capitol hill held four hearings this week looking into the spending scandal at the general services administration. there was bipartisan outrage at each new revelation from 44- dollar breakfasts to a 17-day trip for the south pacific. jamie dupree joins us now from washington, d.c., so what was accomplished by the hearings besides grandstanding, jamie? >> reporter: tori, you're learning about the congress very quickly, i see. yes, grandstand something something we do very well her in washington, d.c., and both parties did it. look, this is the test for the congress. i've been around long enough to watch these people in and three do outrage very well. will they take the next step to actually make changes and force changes within the bureaucracy at the gsa, and will the gsa actually listen to them or just crawl back to their offices and hope the furor dies down? today we had one senator tom coburn of oklahoma who has been
8:40 am
trying for years repeatedly bringing up amend. on the floor of the senate to rein in the amount of main different agencies can stepped on travel for travel conferences, and he said american people, if you want to blame somebody, blame the congress because the congress has had repeated opportunities to cut down on the amount of money that could be spent by agencies like the gsa and has refused to every time. so a lot of finger-pointing around here, as usual. >> we heard this morning about some heads rolling in the secret service scandal. but are any heads going to roll in this particular scandal, and jeff neely is the poster boy in this instance. >> yes, jeff neely certainly does. and investigators are looking not only at the big vegas conference but also a number of other trips. you mentioned the one in the south pacific for 17 days, there's other trips like big real estate conferences he went, to one in atlanta, looking last night on the internet and found his name and a number of other gsa officials had all kinds of other conferences around the country. so it seemed like they did a
8:41 am
lot of travel. we can have an argument as to how beneficial that kind of travel is and legitimate argument probably. but when it's the taxpayer dollar, it's seen differently. and i think what probably the big question for a lot of lawmakers after all these hearings is this -- is this kind of behavior the excessive spending being replicated at other agencies and other departments,or just in the gsa? a lot of people would vote here it's probably happening elsewhere. the problem is finding it out and stopping it in the first place. >> so is it going to have impact on the presidential race? >> i would say it's one of those little things that sort of diverts our attention. it's like the secret service scandal. it could under certain circumstances, but for the most part most people forget about it after a couple months. it's the beauty of this business and in politics you never. if i told you last week we spent time about secret service agents and prostitutes in columbia, would yound have let me on the air. but that's what is being talked about a lot. so little things can jump up,
8:42 am
but i think the bottom line for november is going to be one thing, and that is economic issues. those will be pretty much driving things, but you never know what can happen between now and election day. >> absolutely. and we can always find out by checking out your blog. thank you, jamie. there's a link to his washington insider blog on our website,, on the news menu bar and our politics page. what sound like a goodwill gesture may cost a bart employee his job. why a station agent gave away hundreds of dollars in bart tickets. and why stanford quarterback andrew luck may not have to wait until next thursday night to find out if he'll be the nfl's number one draft pick. >> and a major milestone in the san francisco 49ers move to the south bay at the team ready for their official groundbreaking ceremony on the new stadium. hear from one of people who spearheaded the project, when morning on 2 continues. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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southwest airline warned investors it could report a first quarter loss, but instead it had a $98 million profit. and that's up from 5 million a year ago. increased revenue mostly from
8:46 am
its air-tran opposition helped offset increasing fuel costs. and expect do may more for a ticket on the three biggest airlines in the u.s. delta, united and american airlines are increasing prices by $20 per round-trip on the routes most popular with business travelers. other airlines are still considering whether to go along with the price increase. it's bringing up the date on some top stories we're following right now. suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi goes back to court at 9:30 this morning. his lawyers will ask a judge to disqualify city attorney again us herrera from mirkarimi's domestic abuse case. it's the billion dollar project that's been planned and debated for years. ktvu's alex savage is in santa clara now with a preview of today's groundbreaking for the new 49ers stadium. alex. >> reporter: good morning, dave. this is a long time coming for
8:47 am
the 49ers. later today those first ceremonial shovels will hit the dirt. but if you look behind me you can clearly see there's already work underway on the new billion dollar stadium here in santa clara. as you can see, there's some earth moving going on. you got a lot of work trucks moving about, around the site here where that stadium will be going up in the next couple years. what used to be an overflow parking lot for great america. now it's all transformed in a 68,000 seat stadium. we want to show you exclusive video from the site last night. crews built a mini stadium to seat the 1500 or so guests expected to show up later today. this all took years of planning and political wrangling to get this deal done. you'll remember back in 2010, santa clara voters approved a stadium plan but there was a challenge, and that challenge rejected by the courts. santa clara's former mayor
8:48 am
spearhead the this project and remembers making the pitch to the nfl commissioner when he came to visit silicon valley back in 2006. >> just really thought it was a great site. his words to me were, this is a no-brainer. >> financing for the new 49ers stadium involves contributions from santa clara and the 49ers plus loans from the nfl. work is expected to finish by the 2014 season, and there is already talk about bringing the super bowl here. once the stadium has been built. again, those ceremonial first shovels will hit the dirt later tonight at 6:30. but remember, this see vent only for invited guests, although the 49ers say they'll stream it online. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. well, it's not a surprise, but this morning espn reports the indianapolis colts have told stanford quarterback andrew luck they're going to take him with a number-one
8:49 am
draft pick. an nfl source tells espn the colts have known for weeks they would draft luck. his style resembles payton manning. the nfl draft starts next thursday night. in baseball now official, san francisco giants closer brian wilson will have surgery today on his injured right elbow. and wilson is done for the rest of the season. a famed surgeon will perform the operation today in florida. he is the same doctor who performed a similar procedure on wilson eight years ago when he was a college pitcher at lsu. the giants are hoping he'll recover in time for opening day next year. a bart worker could lose his job for giving free bart tickets to a teenage boy who was struggling to pay for his commute to school. today's chronicle reports station agent jim stannic may be forced to retire during a personnel hearing tomorrow. the bart worker admits he gave
8:50 am
300 dollars worth of free tickets to the grandson of a longtime friend. but he says the teenager couldn't afford the daily round- trip ticket from pittsburg to a san francisco school. bart says the ticket agent simply broke the rules. the san jose city council is trying to decide what to do about moonlighting police officers. at its meeting tuesday, the council discussed a report by the city auditor that has 30 recommendations to address the police department's oversight of secondary employment. new police policies scheduled to go into effect this week would limit the number of secondary hours an officer can work to 24 per week. but some city councilmembers say they feel even that is too much, and could lead to on the job fatigue. mass gunmen opened fire during an illegal cockfight in southern texas. this is the first video from the ranch where the mass shooting took place.
8:51 am
three people were killed and eight others wounded. border patrol agents called in to help. spectators ran into the bushes when the first shots rang out. authorities say the cockfighting operation is elaborate, complete with concession stands and bleachers. a pit bull dog that attacked a fairfax police officer has now been banned from marin county. the owner of the pit bull was order today keep the dog in walnut creek with him. the pit bull reportedly bit a fairfax police officer and a man who intervened at a little league game almost a month ago. the dog must now be muzzled in public. the owner r is also order today pay for special licensing as well as microchipping for his dog. the world of entertainment is paying tribute to dick clark this morning. dick clark's star on the hollywood walk of fame is adorned with flowers like that one there, part of an outpouring of tributes. dick clark died of heart attack
8:52 am
in at hospital in santa monica yesterday morning. he was 82 years old. as you know, dick clark was a producer, host of american bandstand, he ran for three decades from 1957 to 1987, but did so much more. he helped usher rock and roll into the mainstream of the nation. he also launched several musical careers. the bay area's greg kin appeared on bandstand four times. the president and the first lady also reacted. here's a statement. the president add there are thoughts and prayers are with
8:53 am
the family and friends of dick clark. we posted a slide show of dick clark's career over the years at our channel 2 website, just go to it and click on the dick clark tab. >> you mentioned his wife came up with the name chubby checker. >> right. >> interesting. a bizarre incident involving a sierra lamar case. the online hoax that caused frustration.
8:54 am
never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. if i can do this, you definitely can do this. we can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the...
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excitement turned to anger and frustration after word spread a tweet sent from sierra practice mar's account was a hoax. santa clara county deputies say someone posted a message on the teenager's twitter account. the tweet was deleted but not before it sparked hope among friends who seen the message. investigators called it a hoax and say they believe 21 either hacked into her twitter account or it came from someone who knows her password. and this morning santa clara county sheriff's deputies dive team returned to the reservoir in morgan hill. it is the next phase of their search for lamar and will also include the anderson reservoir. the 15-year-old vanished on her way to school on march 16th, investigators say the search of the reservoirs could take days. show you new video, great video, a mother bear and her cub near lake tahoe. take a look at this. the mother bear spent the winter hibernating under the deck of this house. in january, she gave birth to
8:57 am
that little cub under the deck as well. now she's teach her cub to climb. the experts expect to see more bear sightings this year. the thin winter snowpack means the wild vegetation the bears feed on will dry up earlier than normal which means the bears will be out looking for food wherever they can find it. one more time, let's check in with sal and how is the east bay shaping up? >> still very slow out there. we do this quick report here. northbound 880, slow 580 even worse from 238. so really a tough time getting to the center of oakland. also the morning commute toll plaza is heavy once again from at least the macarthur maze. now let's go to steve. >> all right. pretty good fog bank but it's already heading back to the coast where it's partly sunny there. looks mostly sunny already santa cruz coastline, some fog over the bay. burning off and temperatures today starting to warm up. we're getting there. so upper 70s, still 60s over by
8:58 am
the coast. then friday, saturday will be the two warmest days, saturday. still good on sunday. cooldown on monday. but getting our first 80s since october. >> it's been a while. but still some rain in the forecast? >> maybe next week. but cooler. don't hold on to it because it's not going to last. >> all right. that's our report for this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news break. and join us at noon for more of today's court hearing in the ross mirkarimi case. we're also here for you on, and facebook and twitter. thank you for joining us!
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