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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  April 20, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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at the beach or lake. bebvo's manager showed us the ice cooler filled two to three times a day once the temperatures rise. keeping cool is important no matter if you're having fun out in the sun or doing some work. the sun means time for improvement projects. the store knocked down the price of their heaters, yes you heard right heaters 35%. one woman told us she had a date with her gardener and new plants tomorrow. >> no, i'm the kind of person that melts when it gets hot so i'll be out early in the day. >> reporter: the pollen count is high but the airplane quality is still considered good to moderate for this weekend. i want to bring you back out to concord. earlier in the day in the sun it was more than 100 degrees. it's expected to reach an
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actual temperature of 90 degrees tomorrow. the farmer's almanac it says for this year in san jose and san francisco are expected to have warmer than normal summers. jade hernandez. you can share your photos of the warm weekend with us just e-mail photos to or post them directly to our facebook page. sailors honored those lost in a racing incident. a time honored traditional is about to take place. patti lee has the story. >> reporter: that's right the corinthian yacht club's race. you see that buoy with the black wrap around it, that is to honor the crew lost. some of these sailboats are starting to circle the starting line. before that gun goes off to signal the start there's going to be a moment of silence here
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on the water at yacht club's around the bay and as far as new zealand. >> reporter: dozens of crews prepare for a night of friendly competition on the water -lt - - water. this event a warm up for the official start of the summer racing season. but what is generally a light hearted, everyone rambunctious affair now has a dark under tone. >> the crews are looking for some way to come together and honor the people that have been lost. >> reporter: lynch is racing with a crew that usually included keegan. >> it's a void that you know will never be filled. but we're just going to keep him in our hearts. >> reporter: tonight's moment of silence mark it is beginning of a series of private and public memorials. a parade of 50 boats will head toward belvedere coast for an on the water memorial service
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complete with bag pipes, a wreath and a cannon. no one has given up hope that the missing sailors will be spotted by ocean passing vessels and brought back home. the low speed chase may be removed from the farelon islands next week. officials told me this afternoon there's a very small window of time coming up during where salvage crews can safely remove that boat with the least impact to wildlife. the boats are getting ready for that moment of silence. you can see the corinthian yacht club and beyond it the san francisco yacht club. and many are coming together. we'll be bringing you that moment of silence live in about 20 minutes. patti lee, ktvu news. today hundreds of law enforcement officers joined the governor of california to pay tribute to a sheriff's deputy who was killed in the line of
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duty. robert paris was a 16-year-old veteran. he was killed last thursday serving an eviction notice in modesto. his brother and sister remembered him as kind and passionate. and avid hunter and outdoors man who was dedicated to his city. today nadia locklear stepped down. she's married to bill locklear. she's been at the center of a scandal involving an ex- boyfriend. she also claims she was attacked by her ex-boyfriend but charges were never filed. locklear says i owe my family, constituents, staff and colleagues a huge apology. i got myself in a place called addiction all by myself. bill locklear issued this statement. he says he supports his wife's decision and says the last year
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has taken a great toll on nadia. the stage is now set for next week's ethics investigation of suspended san francisco sheriff mirkarimi. today mirkarimi suggested politics are taking place in the race. >> the district attorney and i, when he was police chief and i was chair, we have had very high profile disagreements. >> reporter: mirkarimi said major ed lee seemed uninterested in hearing mirkarimi's side of the story when they met following mirkarimi's guilty plea. the ethics hearing begins on sunday. you can hear more of what mirkarimi had to say today on traffic is eased along interstate 80 in yolo county following a search for a gunman that shut down that freeway in both directions for hours. ktvu's matt keller is live near
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the yolo co sway with a search that continues at this hour. >> reporter: traffic is moving well this evening but it was a different story when drivers were shocked to see a man pointing a gun running from police. interstate80 became a parking lot this morning. several cars and trucks were parked on the yolo cosway. officers were looking for a violent man. no one was injured. >> i look out the front door, there were cops and everything was all over the place. >> reporter: police say the shooter ran about a block away and carjacked a driver leading them on a chase on the yolo cosway where he crashed. >> the suspect fired numerous times at officers. >> reporter: the suspect got out of the vehicle and started pointing his gun. commuters were witnesss to a terrifying scene. >> he was just randomly
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pointing it at people. >> it wasn't randomly, he was pointing at a car. he would switch to the next lane if that car wasn't stopping. eventually the traffic stopped to where he could get to the other side. >> reporter: others wanting to drive through to work, school or the near by sacramento airport had to circle around using i5 or highway 113. >> we were headed south on i5 and took the garden highway exit and tried to wind our way down to the garden highway and got rerouted a couple more times and eventually made it here. took a little over an hour, hour 15 minutes. >> the shooter went on to high jack a bird watcher in yolo county. that vehicle is found in north sacramento. i just spoke to a police spokesman a couple of minutes ago. he told me they were chasing down leads in the sacramento area but so far have made no arrests.
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matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. moraga police are investigating a report of a driver who might have been trying to lure a girl into his car. the girl said the driver seemed to motion to her but did not roll down his window or speak. the student described the man as asian, 35 to 45 years old driving a silver four door sedan. administrators say four students ate cookies laced with marijuana at that school this morning. live oak high, officials at live oak high says one student got dizzy and had to leave class. add -- administrators say they are looking to who's responsible. marijuana smokers gathered across the country and here in the bay area on this april 20th to celebrate national pot smoking day. one of the biggest gathering spots was san francisco's golden gate park. thousands of people headed to
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what's known as hippy hill. many of those celebrating cannabis today said they use pop for medical purposes. >> i can take a choke of marijuana and my spasms will stop. >> also today about 100 medical marijuana advocates rallied outside of oakland's federal building. sheriff's of milpitas based sand disk dropped today. the flash memory maker reported profits that fell short. income was $140 million down from 224 million for the same time last year. sandisk shares closed 11% lower today. legislation was introduced in sacramento to limit how much tax californians pay at the pump. the bill's author argues that's
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double taxation. the measure would cap the excise cap at 36-cents per gallon. well the tax foundation says this is tax freedom day. that's the day californians have earned enough money to pay all of their local, state and federal taxes. california's tax freedom day is three days later than that of the average american. the state capital was evacuated as part of a disaster drill. the emergency drill simulated the response to a fire burning out of control on the sixth floor. capital workers had to use stairwells and learn where the exits are near their offices. everyone eventually left the building and met at their predetermined stations outside. serving its final meal. the rush to get that last piece of china town history in san francisco.
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some contra costa county teachers are getting a raise. what made it possible during a year of cuts.
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the official search for a missing santa rosa teenager is about to end at sun down tonight. the sheriff's department says ground and air search today for 15-year-old mulanari did not turn up any clues. authorities say malinari may have been depressed when she was last seen saturday morning. she is described as 5'9" tall, about 150 pounds with curly brown hair and brown eyes. she left with a green backpack, a laptop and green mountain bike. some of its charm is actually what's prompting the owners to close a famous chinese restaurant in san francisco. we were with the cloud as they
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lined up for their final meal. >> reporter: how do you measure success? in some businesses it's in earnings. at sun wok it's measured with the plate. the line started early this morning outside the narrow three story china town fixture. >> open the door. >> reporter: when owner david ho opened his restaurant today for the first time, the door closed on a piece of san francisco history. >> it's seen a lot. >> reporter: they've been serving authentic chinese dishes for more than a century. >> famous pork roll. it's really good. >> a chinese donut, it's a classic in itself. >> reporter: the classic restaurant was featured in tales of the city with its cramped quarters, no frill food and as -- snarky sometimes
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rude wait staff. it was all part of the charm. where else can you get a work out running two flights of stairs while running food orters. -- good orders. but the small kitchen was not charming to code inspectors. >> it's going to break my heart. and-- >> reporter: so if you're craving a piece of history, get in line. no one is answering the phone for take out orders. in san francisco, walker, ktvu news. protesters were back at uc berkeley to call attention to what they say is a
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discriminatory access process. they say black and latino applicants are getting rejected from uc berkeley and other uc schools. >> we have every right to be here and we're going to fight for our right to be here. we occupied this building, the registrars office last week and we're going to do it again. >> reporter: the group says half of all california high school graduates are black or latino. but uc berkeley admitted less than 15% in its freshman class. san jose state today inaugurated a new university president. muhammad cayumi was sworn in this morning. he rose through the ranks to become president of cal state and now san jose state. he says he wants to focus on bringing a welcoming feeling to the campus. the vote gives every employee of the walnut creek
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school district a 2% raise and requires the district to pay more health care costs. that includes teachers. a district official says the board was able to pay for those raises because of a boost in enrollment and healthy reserve account. california's unemployment rate climbed back up in march after two months of declines. new figures released today show the jobless rate jump back to 11% in march. that's up 1/10 of a percentage point since march. that's still a full percentage better than the unemployment rate a year ago. here's a look at the unemployment rates around the bay area. marin county continues to have the lowest rate at 7%. solano county has the highest at just above 11%. turns out one of the best small towns in america is apparently right here in america. smitsonian magazine ranked millvalely in the top small
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town. the magazine praised millvalely's museums, botanical gardens and art galleries. the only other california town to make that list was laguna beach. >> laguna beach is beautiful too. and bill martin joins us to tell us how warm it's going to get over the weekend. >> temperatures tomorrow will see plenty of 90s. current temperatures outside are nice. it's a nice night to go out to ocean beach, out to the cliff house. you know where the cliff house is, right around here. and the park is right there. so we have some really nice weather. it's going to be a beautiful evening. the fog we had has basically burned away. the fog was dense at some time. fog cleared off and temperatures increased. look at the numbers. highs are coming up a good 5
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degrees. not concord. concord might come up 5 degrees. we will see more 90s on the panel tomorrow. sundays will be cooler because the wind shift and that fog that's not there now will reappear as you know. we call the southerly flow and the winds will start coming out of the south. you will notice it. let's say you're at the beach tomorrow, some where around 3:00 you will get a whiff of sea air. a little different direction. that will be that southerly wind. when you feel that south wind hit you, when you're looking out the wind is hitting you on your left cheek. that's the southerly wind. sometime tomorrow afternoon you will feel that, from there temperatures are going to start to come down. i think the fog will be back by about 9:00, 10:00. in the meantime we have a really nice day for you tomorrow. starts out nice. depends on where you are, 85 degrees this time of year is hot. and warm 70 degrees out in san francisco out in the avenues that's pretty warm.
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not quite hot. so the forecast tomorrow, here comes that fog i was talking about. you see the fog tries to reaccomplish itself. about 4:00, 5:00 a.m. there it is right there. not for long it goes away. you start to see the fog is going to start to work it way back up the coast. forecast highs tomorrow really nice for you saturday. lots of 90s in the santa clara valley. 92 in morgan hill. will be the warmest day of the season in just very, very nice in the five day forecast bears that out. the cooling comes in the form of the fog and the wind shift on monday, tuesday and wednesday. you will notice temperatures drop off pretty significantly. >> sounds like this weather will be the best one we've had this year. >> could very well be a good one. >> thanks, bill. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36, a small sense of closure is finally at hand for a family who's loved one was lost in an oakland school shooting nearly three weeks
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ago. the husband's long distance journey for a final farewell. a seven figure prize paid for a very small 2-inch card. those stories and a lot more at 7:00 on tv 36. stanford and cal facing off this weekend for a great cause. the big soccer match up expected to draw thousands all in the hopes to help a san jose girl in a fight with a rare cancer.
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a live look right now at the water in san francisco bay. you can see sailors there from the san francisco yacht club, what they're doing here is pausing for moments of silence for the five killed at sea during a race. followed by their first friday night race of the season. this is the first of several memorials. another will be held tomorrow, 50 boats headed toward belvedere cove. tomorrow fans can watch a special match all for a very special cause. it's all to benefit three children all three are undergoing treatment for a rare
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cancer in the bone. the stanford and cal women's soccer teams will hold an exhibition game. i'll be out there, a lot of fun activities for kids. and then the game takes place. we're expecting a lot of people to help those families. >> great, stuff. thank you. mark is here with sports and wow barry zito what's going on here? >> we have to stay off of barry zito's case for a while longer. another great performance, the game in progress in new york. remember angel pegan. pounds one to center. and posey has been getting a lot of extra hits but here a tweeer into the gap. he gots himself a double. in comes cabrera, shortly after that it's pablo at third base
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and he will score on a wild pitch, he hesitates then gets that big body in motion to score easily. it is 3-2. barry did give up a couple of runs. it's up to the bullpen now to hold it. meantime the oakland a's have been a surprise. continuing to play good baseball. they won three out of four over the favored angels in the american league. earlier this afternoon working out they get ready for a weekend series against cleveland. manager bob melvin hoping they will continue to be a team of opportunists per se. >> very rare that you score four runs, you get less hits than you have run and the other team has as many errors as you have hits. so ended up with a guy that was a nemesis for us, cj wilson. it was nice to beat him and come home. albert pujols playing the indians and warriors in progress against dallas tonight doing their thing. they're trailing by 10 which is
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as you know exactly what they should be doing. for the lottery pick. i'm not trying to be mean, i'm trying to be fair. >> giving us the facts. squatters have taken over a home in antioch but this time they're battling against the homeowner. the reason they think the homeowner has crossed the line. thank you so much for trusting ktvu channel 2.
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