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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 20, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now . >> a bay area politician is stepping down. what she says she needs to focus on. >> the brief and strange political area is ending. the supervisor resigned late today amid scandal involving an exboyfriend and addiction. we are live in the haywood hills where he is hoping to hear from her. >> reporter: no sign of her yet at this house she shares with bill locklear and their son.
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her son she said is why she is stepping down. nadia was barely on the board of supervisors before her meltdown started. first allegations a lover she met in rehab roughed her up in a hotel room. resigning she write she will focus on the well being of my wild, recovery from chemical problems and violence. trauma she adds adjust to much and something i can't ignore. >> it affects some. >> reporter: colleagues watched her behavior. >> she has been distracted. she is engaged sometimes but you can still see there was distraction. >> reporter: and the latest twist, a suicide alley mail from her to a newspaper accusing her husband of giving
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her drugs. she denied writing it but more embarrassment for her husband a veteran politician who bank rolled her campaign. last weekend these photographs of the couple at a democratic fundraising event in fremont. all seemed fine but those with sympathy say she needs to escape the public eye to get well. >> they have been wonderful neighbors and its been aigrette family and great to have them here. something just gone wrong and i'm sure she is on the right path to get it fixed. >> reporter: nobody answers at the home here in the haywood hills. from bill a statement of support. best for her, best for diego and best for hour family. he has ambitions to be state controller. she writes she will transition to the private sector. we are live in haywood.
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>> the charter said the board of supervisors has 60 days to name a replacement for her. the president said there there are a lot of good candidates. if they don't pick someone the governor will do it. >> suspended san francisco sheriff said he is looking forward to having his say in a hearing next week. today a court judge ruled that he will not earn his salary during his suspension. the mayor suspended him last no after he pleaded guilty to false imprisonment of his wife. they will both testify agent a meeting in which lee said the should have declined to explain what happened. the sheriff said that the mayor showed no interest in his received received side of the story. >> the ethics commission hearing starts on monday.
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the panel will eventually make a recommendation to the board of supervisors who will then vote on if can keep his job. late developments in the search for a man suspected in a violent string of robberies, he stole a truck in morning after an attempted robbery in west sacramento. he was firing at officers chasing him when he crashed on interstate 80 west of sacramento. officers then shut down the yolo causeway for six hours between davis and sacramento but the gunman escaped. the long closure you see there caused a massive back up stranding hundreds of drivers and forcing thousands of others to take long detours. >> tried to wind our way back through the garden highway and got rerouted. took about an hour and 15 minutes. >> authorities say the gunman hot wired a tractor then car jacked another vehicle but in just the past 90 minnesotas it
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appears deputies may have got him. they say they exchanged gun fire with a man in a north sacramento apartment building that man was killed. however at this point authorities haven't confirmed whether he is in fact the suspect. >> a body found in sonoma late today appears to be that of a missing teen. the son nah county sheriff has been searching for the 15-year- old. a body of a young girl believed to be her was found by a search team in the state park near santa rose a. the investigation into the case, apparently a suicide by hanging. the case is still under investigation and the coroner plans to do an autopsy on monday. in the south bay another search is set for tomorrow for sierra lamar, the morgan hill teen who disappeared more than a month ago on her way to school. santa clara county sheriff's deputies plan to search the
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hills. the areas have been searched before. some 90 law enforcement officers expected to take part. searching the rough terrain an foot. >> after weeks of cool wet weather temperatures really shot up today. it was hot enough for some to spend the day at the beach without wearing jackets. we saw one child cooling off in the water and if folks couldn't got to the beach it was a day for shorts and sandals and ice cold drinks. at the true value hardware store it was clear that nobody was going to be buying heaters today so they were marked down to 35% off and now as you may imagine fans are the hot item. lot of shoppers were also gearing up for a weekend working in their garden. tonight it's still warm in a lieutenant of spots, especially inland in places like contra costa. lloyd is live in walnut creek and says about one store that saw its business go up by 2,000% today.
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>> reporter: this late hour in walnut creek it's still roll up the sleeves and loosen the tie kind of weather. people are out and about enjoying the warmest weekend of the year. at 7:00 tonight downtown walnut creek was a toasty 84 degrees. a mini heat wave. how much better is the ice cream on a hot day? >> a thousand times better. >> reporter: this couple was beating the heat the best they of the year. >> reporter: the owner of this store said business jumped 2,000%. >> we are trying to make ice cream cakes but we opened it up afterward. it's really warm. i'm sweeting. . >> reporter: outside dining was the location of choice. >> i thought we would see morin side. i didn't realize he we would be outside. >> reporter: this restaurant brought the outside in. it's front windows like garage doors that can open up
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completely. >> people love it. we just have the windows open. a cool breeze that hits the chairs and -- people sit for eloping time. >> reporter: last week it was thunder, lightning and rain. today it was people wearing bathing suits and going sun tans at beach in ago land. >> you have a bit of a --. >> i know. can't help myself. i love the sun . least week was really cold and now its really hot. so you have to take summer when it happens in the bay area. it may be freezing next week. >> reporter: what is on everybody's mind of course is how long can this last? bill martin is a man with the answers. bill, can i trade this in for a flip-flops and shorts tomorrow? >> yeah. tomorrow lloyd it'll be even hotter, highs tomorrow into the low 09's. we will get to that. today's temperatures 86 santa rose a. we got a 90 in concord.
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where lloyd is standing now. 88 antioch. tomorrow's highs coming up a few degrees, check out the current temperatures n is at 10:12 at night. check out the temperatures. 71 in livermore, 71 concord, 66 in san jose. it's warm out there now. it'll be warmer tomorrow, i will let you know how hot it'll get and then a big switch. the fog comes back. >> california's unemployment numbers are back up after two months of decline. the jobless rate rose to 11% in march. that's up 1 tenth of a percent age point. it put many the rate back where it was in december but it's still a full point lower than this time last year. now here is a look at the rate around the bay area. marin still has the lowest rate at 7%. san francisco is at 8.1, santa clara at 7.9.
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in eight minute its our silicon valley workers locked in to their jobs? the lawsuit being pursued of employees. >> the florida man accused of killing martin spoke publicly today for the first time and apologized to the teen's family. it happen during a hearing for bail was set for him at $150,000. >> reporter: in his first public statement since the death of martin george zimmerman apologized to the florida teen's parents. >> i am sorry for the loss of your son. i did not know how old he was. i thought he was a little younger than am. >> reporter: his attorney said his client had hoped to apologize in private but was not granted a meeting with the parents. their attorney called itself serving and said they are devastated he was granted bond. >> they pray that his freedom is only temporary because the
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pain that he has caused this family is going to be permanent. >> reporter: he is a accused of second degree murder. he maintains he acted in self- defense. during the bond hearing his family testified over the phone and painted a picture of a care, nonviolent man. his father said prior incidents cited by prosecutors were misunderstandings or efforts to protect himself or others. >> i have never known him to be violent at all unless he was provoked and then he would turn the other cheek. >> reporter: he said it'll take a few days to post bond and there are concerns over zimmerman's safety. once he is out he will be required to wear a monitoring device and will have to check in with authorities every three days. i'm barbara hall. >> three more secret service agents resigned today in the wake of the agency's misconduct
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scandal. a total of 11 agents allegedly hired prostitutes in columbia last weekend prior to a visit by the president. now a total of six have left the agency. the military said it's own investigation is looking at 11 ask service members. some want to know if white house staff members were involved. >> it looks like just another house on the block here in antioch but squatters living here. why they are the ones taking that realtor to court. >> thousands of marijuana smokers come together in san francisco to celebrate 420 day but it's a difficult time for marijuana supporters. >> and this video just came in to the newsroom. a short time ago. what we have learned about a power outage and possible death connected to it.
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. >> new at ten a bay area real estate agent said she is being taken to court by squatters who have taken over a house she is trying to sale. she called us and eric is live outside the house now where he has been trying to get answers. >> reporter: neighbors say as many as three people have been living here since december and though the sonar said she never gave them permission they are apparently not moving out without a fight. >> it's a really good community, houses were built in the 90's. >> reporter: the realtor said
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it's about as close as she can get to the home she is listed for sale in antioch because the squatters took her to court. >> very a temporary retraining order. i can't come with in 50 yards of the home. >> reporter: filed by the squatters. >> yes. . >> reporter: she said the owner has been trying to unload the house in a short sale but when she went to check on the home there were people inside it. were they tenants ever? did they pay ever? >> they never paid my client. they -- the police have come out and said that they are -- their rental agreement is false and filled with miss spellings. >> reporter: nobody came to the door for us but the accused squatters did respond to the realtor with this e-mail saying they had established residency and demand she leave them alone. some neighbors had another suggestion. >> break the door down. the reality realtor will pay for it, arrest them.
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>> reporter: she said police can't take action because it's a civil matter. now she just wants to bring attention to what she considers a growing problem. >> it's an epidemic here. >> reporter: earlier this week accused squatters in another part of town sent a dog after us weree evicted. she has a potential buyer will be in court to take on the retraining order. we are live in antioch. ktvu channel 2news. >> we have new video into the newsroom tonight involving a possible electrician. happened about 6:30 on south norfolk street. the pacific glass and electric said balloons shorted out power lyon lines sending them onto a pickup truck. the driver tried to move them and they were still live.
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. pg&e would like to remind everybody never, ever touchdowned power lines. 3300 customers lost power, the utility said it's now been restored to all but 73 of them. >> california governor joined hundreds today to honor a northern california sheriff's deputy who died in the line of duty. the 53-year-old robert paris was a 16 year veteran with the sheriff's department. his brother and sister remembered hip at his funeral in modesto as kind. he was shot to death last thursday along with another man as they tried serve a notice in modesto. ? a bart station agent accused of giving away discarded tickets could be dismissed. the times said that he gave $300 in discarded tickets to a teen who needed financial help getting to school. that's against bart rules. a bart supervisor reportedly caught the teen and started
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discipline. what will happen is unclear. >> a anti trust lawsuit against big named companies cleared a hurdle today. the suit alleges that apple, google, intel, pidar and others secretly agreed not to hire away each other's employees. the workers say that cost them money. a jump has agreed that there is enough evidence for that suit to go forward. on wall street the markets ended the day mixed, the dow gained 65 points following a strong earnings report but the nasdaq lost seven tracked dog by a drop in apple stocks. >> a student who allegedly handed out marijuana cookies at cool is in custody. administrators in morgan hill say at least four students ate the cookies, one got dizzy and had to leave class. the times said the student who gave them is under 18 and was taken into custody.
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today is the time of day for marijuana users to light up. in san francisco several thousand people gathered at golden gate park to take part in the smoke in. it comes just a few weeks after the government stepped up it's the crack down on the use of marijuana for medication purposes and as john shows us, 4-20 was an opportunity for activists to make their point. >> reporter: more than 100 people rallied outside the federal building demanding an end to the government crack down. >> i think a lot of it is fear and the fact that for decades -- they are worried about losing money. . >> reporter: the president said his administration would lead the medical marijuana industry alone but agents have targeted facilities including a university. >> sad that we have to be here protesting instead of
10:20 pm
celebrating. >> keep the feds out of california. >> reporter: she is a patient who depended on marijuana from the university to deal with ms. >> i can take a toke of marijuana and my spasms will stop. i can get on with my day. verses medications that just wipe me out. >> reporter: they marched a few blocks and stopped at the president's campaign headquarters to give a let tore the staff asking the president to stop the crack down. >> we remind the president of his promise and point out what is going on with the justice department. >> reporter: while they are celebrating on 4-20 the fight continues to smolder. i asked the united states attorney for an interview and was told they have no comment agent this time-- at this time. >> welcome back. light winds out there now. it'll be a warm day tomorrow.
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winds south southwest at two miles an hour. that tells you something right there. not a big push of wind. high pressure dialing it in. no clouds overhead. tells you high pressure just living over us and it's getting stronger. as it does temperatures start to warm. forecast highs tomorrow. the oranges will represent the 80s. the reds the 90's. we will see a lost 80's and 90's. temperatures in the warmest inland locations in to the low 90's. as we go down the road through sunday and monday things change around. where the fog will be and how warm it'll be at your house tomorrow. i will see you back here. >> officials in la county ruled that andrew bright barred died of heart failure. the coroner said that a small amount of alcohol was found but no drugs, press description or illegal. the 43-year-old died last month after he collapsed while
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walking his dog. >> a popular spot for for hainingers a natural monument by the president. where it is and why its being done. >> and how does this sound? the vice president jeb bush. what he said his answer would be if offered the job. ♪
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. >> any historic sketch much land has grabbed the attention much the white house. today the president set aside about half of the former base as a national monument. we show you what visitors will find and why some areas still off limits. >> reporter: this afternoon cyclist whizs by on the roads. the former military base that closed in 1994 in monterey is enjoyed by nature lovers.
10:25 pm
>> the way out of the city. it's a way of connecting with wildlife where i guess just -- enjoying the trails. >> reporter: this coastal prairie is filled with wildlife and plants and today the president recognized 30 square miles of the land. he made it a national monument. >> these were some of the core area that soldiers trained in from 1917 to 1991. >> reporter: michael is the executive order for the reuse agency. created to redevelop the old base. the eastern half is where practice was held for soldier, some areas warn visitor to stay away buzz of unexploded shells. >> dedication of these areas will help us speed up the prosocial process of cleaning up those lands. >> reporter: outdoor lovers thrilled to hear the land is protected. >> there are canyon that are
10:26 pm
very beautiful. they have oak forests, other parts are pretty baren and it has something for a lot of people. >> reporter: this land cape is visited by nearly 100,000 people a year. government and local leaders believe with this it'll be visited by even more and give the area a boost economicly. >> the vice president had to resort to plan b today after a visit to santa barbara. air force 2 was struck by birds last night as it landed at the airport. nobody was hurt but the plane was grounded and inspected for damage. the vice president left this morning as scheduled on a smaller plane. he was in santa barbara for a fundraiser. new figures showed a jump in the number of registered voters in cal a. the secretary of state said we have added more than one million registered voters l are now some 17 million residents who are eligible to vote in this state. about one in five are independent, the highest ever
10:27 pm
in california. the number of republicans dropped, they now account for about 30% of voters, registered democrats remained about the same at 43%. >> now to the campaign for the white house, a member of an american political dynasty said he would consider taking the vice presidential nomination if offered. jeb bush said he doesn't think he will get the nod. he said in his view mark orubio is probably the best person for the job. >> they were so full of life and promise and they will not be forgotten here monday. >> and a quiet certify nonny on the waters of the bay. how sailors remembered those who died during a yacht race.
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. >> three weeks since the mass shooting at oikos claimed seven people. today as the school repaired to reopen the last of them was laid to rest. rita williams tells you why family and friends waited so long to say good-bye. >> reporter: finally a peaceful ending today for a victim of such a violent act. friends and family gathered at the chapel of the chimes in haywood this afternoon to say their final good-bye to the 24- year-old. police say she was the first of seven victims the accused gunman killed during his shooting rampage inside the university. >> whoever did this, did you know we already -- we forgive you. it's all up to god. >> reporter: that was to two and a half weeks ago.
10:31 pm
ten days ago when she was memoralized her family couldn't bury her because she was trying to help her husband immigrate from the philippines phenes. he finally was granted a three month visa today and he and her son buried her. >> heaven is a happy place and mom is heave again so she is happy. >> reporter: her husband said it hurts to know your wife died in such a tragic way. it's hard to accept. cat lynn and seven others so full of dreams will not be forgotten when school reopens on monday. in oakland. rita williams. >> oakland police today identified a man shot and killed near mill's college on monday. the 21-year-old was a passenger in a red chevrolet camaro. it was on the mcarthur
10:32 pm
boulevard exit when someone opened fire. it then hit a light pole. he was a carpenter and died at the scene. the driver was wounded. police say they don't have a motive or any suspects. a woman who was mistakenly shot and wounded by san francisco police has filed a federal lawsuit against the city. last september police were chasing an armed man and opened fire on broadway in north beach. a stray bullet struck jess her. she and others were waiting for a limo to take them home. another person was also hurt. the suit said she was an innocent bystander and accused the city of a civil rights violation. >> this was a quiet night for sailors as they went out for the first friday night race of the season. the sailors bowed their heads for a moment of silence to remember the five people killed during that yacht race last weekend. >> reporter: dozens of crews prepare for a night of
10:33 pm
competition on the water. this event a warm up for the firm start of the summer racing season. what is generally a light hearted affair now has a quiet under current. >> everybody, the crews, and -- the sailors are really just looking for some way to come together and honor the people that have been lost. >> reporter: ed is racing tonight with a crew that it often included jordon, one of the five crew members of the low speed chase lost during a race around the fair longs last saturday. >> it's a void that you know will never be filled. we are just going to have this remember him. . >> reporter: tonight's moment of silence marks the beginning of a series of memorials, 50 boats will head toward the cove for a on the water memorial complete with wreaths action bag pipes and a water cannon. sailors say they are coping their grief in their own way and nobody has given up hope that the missing sailor also be
10:34 pm
spotted by ocean going vessels and brought back home. >> the low speed chase could be remove from as early as next week. . there was a small window of time during which crews can safely move the boat with the least impact on wildlife. and coming up, what happened to a government air craft that failed during a test flight over the pacific while it was going 20 times the speed of sound. a report released today reveals what went wrong. >> earth day is this coming sunday and tonight activists rallied in richmond for occupy earth day. music got the crowd going at the richmond bart station. they took part in the protest against chevron which has a major refinery in richmond. they say it's a major
10:35 pm
monthpolluter and doesn't pay it's fair share of taxes. southern california power officials say they have finished their inspections of the two nuclear reactors at the power plant. the plant has been closed since january after a leak was found in a tube in one of the reactors and similar wear on two in the other reactor. there is no word what those inspections turned up and it's still not clear when the reactors may be back online. >> hundreds of thousands of pc users could loose their connections because of malware. it started back in november when hackers ran a citiesment scam infecting computer was malware to cut off internet connections the fbi has since set up a safety net to stop disruptions for infected computers but that system will be shut down on july 9th. >> san jose state welcomes a new president. why students say his fresh perspective could help the university. >> and back here in continue your weekend isor. it'll be really warm.
10:36 pm
how warm in your city and when the cooldown starts. >> a san francisco musician can't preform at his own restaurant. why he is being silenced.
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. >> initials have figured out
10:39 pm
why a glider aborted its flight over the pacific ocean last summer. a report out today said larger than anticipated portions of skip peeled off it causing to roll. it was launched from southern california and released for a glide at 20 times the sound of speed. it was meant to help them get anywhere in the world in less than an hour. senate pentagon reporting the death of four americans after a helicopter went down last night in afghanistan. the helicopter was responding to a suicide attack at a police checkpoint in helman where at least 11 people died. one official blamed bad weather for the crash. army officials say they still haven't determined the cause. taliban leaders claimed responsible. >> in other nuts world in pakistan a boeing 737 crashed near the airport. all 127 people on board are believed to be dead.
10:40 pm
officials blamed heavy winds during a violent thunderstorm. the pakistan government has banned the owner of the airline from leaving the country. the company had just started fly after being grounded by financial problems. in syria the shaky cease fire is apparently unralph eling further. activists sent out video of what they say is new government shelling and they say 1 civilians were killed. the united nations is working on a new resolution. and in japan six bears escape from a zoo by climbing on top of snow drifts and over a wall. several hours later the bodies of two female employees were found mauled . the zoo is privately owned has 32 other bears. police are investigating possible negligence by the zoo.
10:41 pm
>> thousands of people had a frustrating drive this morning trying to cross the bridge. two crashes, one in each direction closed several lanes for hours britaining traffic to a stand still. it started around six. officials say a driver in the other direction got distracted and then hit the back of an empty cruiser. it hit a fire truck that had responded to the first crash. the back up lasted for hours and stretched for miles. the good news, nobody was seriously hurt. ceremonies at san jose state marked the inauguration of a new college president. he is first from afghanistan and holds four degrees from the university of cincinnati including a doctorate. he was president of cal state east bay where he expanded the outreach to businesses to try to increase the number of student internships. >> what it means for me that when you work for something and you have great visions you can
10:42 pm
always accomplish it. >> he is suited for the job and some students hope his background will make him sensitive to the needs of the immigrant community. >> it's almost closing time. a restaurant is serving its last meal tonight. >> and warm weekend awaits. bill march tip will tell us how high temperatures will go in your neighborhood. so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. mmm-hmm. and just leave your phone in your purse.
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. the loss of the china town restaurant. the line was down the street tonight for the restaurant's final day. the restaurant has a bit of the city's quirky past to it. a late night dive customers had to walk through the kitchen and upstairs just to get to the dining room. the waiters rude including the past master of insulting
10:45 pm
dinners. depending on who you talk to they may be up to 100 years old. >> it's older than the golden gate bridge. it's -- seen a lot . if only the walls could talk. >> he it appears to be a victim of code violations though some wonder why the codes were ignored so long. it usually stays open until three so there may still be time for one last dish of noad noodles if you hurry. >> new at ten the owner a north beach restaurant said he is being held back by the city and it's costing him money. amber lee is like in the city where the man said he is paying for the previous owner's mistakes. >> reporter: we are at the restaurant here on grant avenue. its been open five months. the owner said on friday night business was double what you see here if was able to provide
10:46 pm
live music. san francisco musician is singing the blues, unable to fill his dream of playing in his own restaurant. >> it's my dream really to open a place that we can seven great food, have good drinks and play music. . >> reporter: he said the site has been home to live entertainment. he named it for elvis presley's birth place but he said red tape is silencing his dream. >> this is behind the red curtain social security the old stage. >> reporter: last october the he was give una permit for music but three days later the planning department revoked it. >> from the onset we were handcuffed with restrictions. >> it's outrageous the city didn't let him know. >> reporter: the neighborhood association said that the previous business which provide
10:47 pm
live music at the site did so without the proper permits and got a reputation for late night fights and violence. the group acknowledges there has been no trouble. >> if he follows the rules he be available to play. >> reporter: he is a applying for permits the planning department and the entertainment commission. he signed a 19 year lease and has no intentions of giving up his dreams. live in the north beach. amber lee. >> we have -- in the bay area weekend. one of the things that happened -- the fog has been trying to reform. very clear skies along the coast. along the beaches you are clear right now there. is a chance and you will see that in the model for some of that fog to reform and maybe
10:48 pm
push in late tonight. it'll be gone early tomorrow. the high pressure the story and that as it increases pushes the air down, it warms. that's where we are. very different than last weekend. big storms we have had and the thunderstorms, the air was rising, now it's warming. that's why temperatures were so warm and get warmer tomorrow with high pressure firmly in charge. not just today but through tomorrow and through sunday as well. temperatures tomorrow should be the warmest of the week if this high pressure sits here. not unusual to have the high pressure off shore in to the summer months. what is unusual is the near record warmth that we will see tomorrow. could see a couple records but most temperatures below record levels, 80s, maybe a 93-degree reading. so the computer model talking act that fog. here we are friday night at ten and then just the last hour up deaded them and presses the fog in about five. not so father that's going to
10:49 pm
happen. i think patches of fog but i don't think this robust. i think patchy and as you see the high pressure gets stronger. just -- that's your saturday afternoon. now on sunday things switch around. the winds come out of south and sunday the fog rolls back in and is back sunday night. cooler on sunday. cooler on monday. cooler on tuesday. definitely a cooldown. tomorrow the warmest day. 89 in napa, 91 in antioch. the forecast highs for saturday and they will be the warmest temperature wes have seen. most likely they will be considering it's still in the 60's. very warm. 91 san jose. 92 gilroy. along the coastal sections, like half moon bay and pacifica. that's the your saturday. sunday a little more fog in the afternoon as i said. five-day forecast shaking out like this. warm to hot tomorrow. i have 90s. 93 degrees. your weekend in view. 86 as it drops off but just a
10:50 pm
really nice looking bay area weekend with temperatures well, maybe ten to 20-degrees above the average. then that cooldown. sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday lots of fog and cooler. >> doesn't get much better. >> that in the meantime such a nice night. >> yeah it's the first really warm night in a while. >> thank you. >> okay. >> thousands gathered today all hoping to land a spot on the show the x factor. ♪ [ music ]  . >> people started lining up bright and early this morning outside the cow palace for a chance to tryout. it's . if you want to be an arm chair judge log onto the website wal-mart he have posted some of the singers preforming. >> someone bought a baseball card today in a online auction
10:51 pm
for $1.2 million. . he was one of the game's earliest stars and only about 200 of the cards were issued. the money isn't even the highest bid ever for one of his cards, last year a diamondbacks owner paid 2.8 million for the best quality card that is known to exist. >> lot of money. >> they are building but what about paying for it? new information about efforts to fund the rep renovations at the memorial stadium. [ tires squeal, engine revs ]
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♪ ♪ ♪
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[ male announcer ] not everything powerful has to guzzle fuel. the 2012 e-class bluetec from mercedes-benz. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. . >> the campaign to fund rain vacations of memorial stadium appear to be far short of the goal liana cording to the newsroom they have only raised $35 million. the goal is 270 million by next summer. cal bear fans will have a chance to check out the team tomorrow during a first spring football event in three years, practice will be held at edward stadium. >> from football to baseball and does zito have it back? >> it's possible. the giants played entertaining of late. can't do justice to tell you the truth to the game tonight.
10:55 pm
45 seconds, lots of storylines, highlights as fringe said another solid effort from zit zito. allowed a couple of runs, former mets, pagan deep left center. his first homer assuagings against a team he played for. a three run third continues. posey been hitting for average but not power. here is the extra base hit in to the alley in right and it's cabrera ripping around the score. sandoval scores shortly after on the wild pitch. we come tonight the mets tie it 3-3. winning run at third. baxter. sanchez hangs on. it all happens just fast and he is out. we go to the 10th and that man sanchez the rookie catcher comes through with a clutch base hit to center. cabrera comes in with what turned out to be the game
10:56 pm
deciding run. giants take the first on the road trip. more takenning -- just not tonight. the a's little flat coming home against thend yans after the night series. he imitating the -- that's a pretty good stance to imitate too because he hit it out of jimenez, a solo shot. we have 1-1. a former oakland a. slicing it down. that will cash in a couple. gets a two run double and the indians lead 3-1 and the a's were were never able to come back. he starts hitting the ball to right field taking everywhere on the field. look out. he had three hits tonight. that's the rbi single to close the gap. however they were never able to come back.
10:57 pm
nobody is picking on the warriors, they are doing what they do best, loose. it's serving a good purpose. need to get that lottery pick for trying to prove next year and they are closing in on it. the mavericks, jason terry. he wanted to play for the warriors briefly. wright who played a little bit for the warriors, 17 points and 17 minutes. the warriors have one guy who is showing he is a star on the rise. not nearly enough against the mavericks on their home floor. west, he of the wet willie fame goes in and scores, he was fined 25 grand for that early net week but looking good tonight as he goes the distance. the warriors have now lost 14 out of 16, somehow words sound hollow from the sarges climbing they are still alive. tough to believe that. they lost seven out of eight. >> they need a
10:58 pm
row. >> tomorrow night. >> thank you. >> and it thank you for trusting us. we will see you the next time news breaks. >> morning at two starts with new search effort for sierra lamar and we are always here for you online. she's full. [ female announcer ] hamburger helper beef pasta. helpers. forty dishes, all delicious. gives us the most nutritious of gifts. but only when they are ready to be given.
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