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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 23, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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this has a lot of information on it. >> reporter: he offered to pay wesley shermantine for information leading to victims tied to wesley shermantine and loren herzog. authorities believe they have killed dozens of peoples. in february investigators dug up a well and found three sets of remains. two identifies as missing teens. >> this is the well they dug. now, wesley shermantine keeps telling us to go to this well here. >> reporter: it also points to an orchard next to a river where another victim is buried. neighbors saw the fbi in the area. he believes the map and notes indicate dozens of potential sites and dozens of victims. >> says this is a list of the ones found but there are more
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victims in this area. >> reporter: it is presumed this map is in the hands of authorities. all of wesley shermantine's mail is intercepted. i talked to the fbi but they wouldn't comment on the map but said they are involved in the case and a search will resume. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >> before remains were found a map drawn by wesley shermantine led investigators to two sets of remains. those remains were later identified. wesley shermantine is on death row and claims loren herzog is responsible for all of the killings. the san francisco ethics commission is meeting to discuss the case against san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. mayor ed lee removed ross mirkarimi from his job after he pleaded guilty.
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ktvu's rob roth is monitoring the meeting and coming up, he will explains what it means. classes resume today at oikos university where 7 people were shot to death. ktvu's jade hernandez is here now and tells us there is a new development involving the killer. he is now in the hospital. >> reporter: we rushed over here tee the jail this afternoon -- to the jail this afternoon after learning the gunman has been moved to the infirmary since refusing to eat. that is three weeks. this comes on the same day classes resume for the first time since the tragedy. [ music playing ] >> reporter: they continue their musical memorial for oikos university students. it has been three weeks since
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the gunman killed 7. >> they started today. 15 other students resumed study elsewhere. >> students are traumatized. >> reporter: the school is working out a contract to lease space for the students. >> keith: i got a couple faculty that feel they can't come back. >> reporter: only 17 students returned in addition to the instructor. 5 students could not. >> it is hard. i wish everybody the best. >> they are doing well. >> our goal is, we will prevail and we will continue. >> reporter: students left school not wanting to stop. at the jail, the gunman, one goh ko has been put in the
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infirmary since refusing food. >> he is in this situation and he feels shame and he is just -- says he is not hungry. >> reporter: the sheriff's office cannot force him to eat and they might have to obtain a court order to insert a feeding tube. for the perez dependent of the university -- perez dependent of the -- president of the university, he plans to speak tomorrow. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. occupy san francisco protesters are mapping out their plans to send wells fargo a message. ktvu's matt keller is live to tell us more. >> reporter: one protester told me today is a prelude to tomorrow. tonight they are expecting 300 people. they have a couple of dozen people who have already shown
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up. as for tomorrow thousands are expected right here. tonight they are gathering here to reach out to financial district workers. you can see police are alsocey movement wants to eeping an eye put a spotlight on several issues, protesters are also calling wells fargo one of america's biggest tax dodger. >> wells fargo isn't paying its fair share. >> reporter: a spokes men released this statement saying wells fargo is a responsible corporate citizen and fulfills its tax obligations. the protesters are scheduled to meet tomorrow morning and march to the share holders meeting. they are goal is to stop the
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meeting and convening a people's stake holders meeting. they are asking everyone to remain non-violent. we will update you throughout the newscast. reporting live in san francisco, matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. protesters took over agricultural land that belongs to buck belongs to buc-- university of california at berkeley, they are trying to block the university from developing that land. the protesters say they want to create a large vegetable garden there. >> we feel this is a unique place, 5.3 acres and to use it for anything but agricultural is a waste of the space. >> a statement from university of california at berkeley says they have no plans to develop that property and it is used for agricultural research. and the protesters are tress
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passing. netflix posted its first loss in 7 years. but it was a smaller loss than expected. the company blamed raising licensing fees. they saw a surge in the first three months this year. the first loss was $4.6 million, netflix stock was off $4.27 today. a loss of 4%. >> a report shows government debt continues to grow in europe. the dow is down 102 to 12,927. the nasdaq is down 30 at 2,970. a man in a wheelchair was hit and killed by a muni train in san francisco this morning that civic center station. the man was hit by an m-ocean view train. a witness described what he
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saw. >> there was a guy lying there with his leg severed at the hip and i just was there, i was there to support him. >> paramedics took him to the hospital where he died. no word on how the accident happen. a bus bridge was set up to transport passengers while the line was closed. republican presidential hopeful mitt romney won another dig endorsement today when new york city mayor rudy giuliani came out in favor of him. . >> i think he proved he is the most effective republican. we talked about the economy, how he wants to handle taxes, encourage business. we mean to give people jobs. >> mitt romney campaigned in pennsylvania today. coming up, the possible running
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mate who joined him today. president obama today announced efforts to prevent global atrociousties. atrocioustys. he took part in a national day of remembrance. >> he created a prevention board and said the u.s. is going after nations that go after technology to oppress their people. >> authorizesauthorizes sanctions for using technologies to track and target citizens for violence. >> officials believe iran provided syrian president with technology that can jam cell phones as well as block and track communications. military security
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clearances are being suspected for the secret service sex scandal. the defense department suspended clearance for military members that are under investigation and a officials said another member of the military is now under investigation. that brings the number to 12. a dozen secret service agents are also being investigated and six also lost their jobs. with expectations for the season high, they blessed the fleet at the harbor in half moon bay. >> jackie spear was among those taking part in the blessing. fisherman are expecting their best year since 2005. >> it has been very productive. i know the commercial guys start may 1 and they are
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looking for a wonderful season. >> half moon bay is the only bay area board where they sell brechtly to the public. union workers were turned away from the job today because of buttons they were wearing. they had the letters wtf and the words where is the fairness. officials were concerned the buttons might offend some people. police say they are changing their tactics, what every officer will learn and why. >> and i am back here in 10 minutes, what a weekend, temperatures in the 90s but we have rain back in the forecast. i will see you back here.
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the head of california's prison system released a plan to cut costs by $8 million.
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-- $8 billion. officials say the state will still build medical and mental health officials. coming up tonight at 6:00, we will hear from the chief about why he says this plan will work. police announced few details that it is reforming its crowd control policies. ktvu's rita williams joins us with a look at the reforms. >> reporter: you might call it a preemptive strike. reforming before the mayday protest and before reports expected to be critical of the way it handled past occupy demonstrations. >> the chief has made a commitment, as i think only who somebody can, to change the culture. >> reporter: that culture
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within the police department brought national criticism about how it cracked down on the occupy encampment. >> our duty to protect public safety and balance free speech and the rights of nonprotesting residents. >> reporter: with that in mind, among other changes each officer will be trained in new crowd control tactics. himself included. >> probably a half hour to 45 minutes. >> reporter: that is enough? >> yeah. >> i am hopeful it works. seems like a short amount of time, half hour, doesn't seem like very much given the importance of the area. at the end of the day i hope it is not too little. >> reporter: he brought a lawsuit that mandated reforms
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in the department. they are conducting 1-2 major investigations into how it department is doing. >> do we need to put this department in the hands of someone outside of opd. >> the tied is starting to change. >> reporter: the chief says the tied is starting to change because half the department has been hired in the past decade and has been brought in being taught to do things the right way. reporting live, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. the san francisco giants etoday announced a memorial next monday for alexis bush who was lost at sea during a sale boat race. the 26-year-old was a bat girl with the giants for three years and her father was a former executive vice president for the team. her boyfriend was also on board
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the boat low speed chase. he survived the accident. the memorial is set for 1:00 p.m. and willy mays gate will open at 12:30. george zimmerman, the man charged with shooting trayvon martin is now out on jail. he walked out around midnight on $150,000 bond. he is facing a second degree murder murder charge for the shooting of trayvon martin. the martin attorney says the family isn't pleased. >> this is tough for them. think about the crusade to have george zimmerman arrested and now he walks free again. it is tough for them to see their son's killer walk free again. >> no word on george zimmerman's whereabouts. he has been taken to a undisclosed location for his safety and he has been fitted
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with a ankle monitor and must observe a 7:00 p.m. curfew. to the day time show in the sky that has a lot of people talking. look now, she snapped this photo. she was walking her dog yesterday when she took pictures of the meteor. you can see it here. it was followed by a loud boom. she wasn't the only one who saw this. >> took 4-5 seconds for it to go across the sky. just disappeared. it was bigger than a shooting star. looked like someone lit off a roman candle. >> researchers says the explosion was the equivalent of 3.8 kill tons of tnt exploding. they said it was the size of a mini van.
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they say it usually occurs over the ocean. let's talk about the weather. was it muggy out there today? >> yeah. definitely muggy. what a difference temperatures were today from over the weekend. 10-20 degrees cooler in many places today over yesterday and there is a lot of fog and low clouds. i got to say, i was enjoying the weekend and it cooled off so quick. we are back into a cooling weather pattern. that is sw, that is south, southwest. 21 mile-an-hour. that airport, right here. you can see all the fog. that wind is ushering in all the moisture off of the pacific. weave rain in the forecast -- we have rain in the forecast. a big change from what we have seen. last couple of days were
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stunning, spring like, especially along the coast. over night lows in the 50s. highs tomorrow lots of 60s. tomorrow looking for increasing clouds. i think we will see drizzle too. and showers in the extended forecast. when you go off shore, the high pressure is giving up on us and didn't all winter, stuck around, tomorrow the clouds will increase, we may get a sprinkal and wednesday night, showers develop wednesday night and thursday. i will time that out in a bit. let's go to the forecast model for tomorrow. tonight, 5:00, we are passed that now, you can see where the clouds are, drizzle showing up. midnight, lots of clouds. morning commute, that is drizzle. that is the lower atmosphere
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full of moisture. it pushes the moisture up against the hill. rises, cools, condenses and you get drizzle. we will watch for drizzle tomorrow morning. it is just a function of adding moisture to the atmosphere. this is tomorrow afternoon. commute looks like it will be dry with drizzle. wednesday night things change. when we come back, wednesday night and looking for the rain. see you back here. caltrans is holding a contest asking children to design medallions for the tunnel. it calls for three to be cast out of concrete and installed on the new children. school children are invited to submit their art work by may 7. passengers on board a plane a headed to california, what was not working and also look
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at this, video that we showed you on the morning news, what the chp is blaming for the crash. and he helps break a box office record in berkeley. we talk with the dancer about his acting role. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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a car flipped over on 880 in oakland this morning and burst into flames. the driver got out okay but the chp gave him a breathalyzer test and arrested him. a flight filled with passengers from hawaii and only one working engine landed safely today in los angeles. the pilot shut down the engine an hour before its arrival after instruments showed some sort of problem. it was on its way from hawaii, it was a 757, which has two engines. the plane is designed to fly with only one working engine. mikhail baryshnikov has once again reinvented himself and brought his talents to the bay area. he is starring in the new drama in paris. >> it is a love story.
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and very simple love story. >> mikhail baryshnikov conquered the world of dance and choreographer. mikhail baryshnikov describes it as a tragic love story between a lung waitress and a russian general in the 1930s. he says this was not a calculated career move but a fortunate turn. >> luckially i get the phone -- luckily i get the phone call say i got this idea, are you game or not? yes. >> i imagine he gets lot of calls. he loves working in the bay area, especially in berkeley. in paris is performed in russian and french with english subtitles. it opens wednesday at the
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berkeley repertory theatre. the washington post and associated press looked at the job numbers for grads and found half are unemployed or under employed and it is not likely to be better this year. the exceptions are those in the sciences, education and health feeds. ross mirkarimi's latest battle is going on right now, the battle to get his job back. >> a memo that some say is a smoking gun on the san bruno explosion, has to do whether the hole occurred here or along the steam. that story ahead.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at
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5:00. >> san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi enters the next round to try to keep his job. his future now in the hands of the ethics commission which is meeting right now. ktvu's rob roth just stepped outside of the meeting to give us an update. >> reporter: the hearing got underway an hour ago and will go on for some time. did san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi commit official misconduct? >> reporter: he was greeted by supporters before he entered the hearing room. >> reporter: what is it like? >> surealty. surreal. been a nightmare. i want to reunite with my family. >> reporter: little drama is expected. the goal is to establish ground rules for his misconduct
5:31 pm
hearing. the commission never completed this type of case so there is no blueprint on thew do it. >> if they want to have full cross-examination of witnesses, that is fine. if they want the evidence submitted to them in paper form, in terms of affidavits and motions, that is fine. >> reporter: as we reported last friday the city subpoenaed his campaign manager and her cell phone records. the city is looking to see if he made calls to the neighbor who first reported the incident. >> she said she never broke the law in any fashion. >> reporter: the ethics commission's hearings could last for a week. no word on whether ross mirkarimi or mayor ed lee will testify. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news.
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the board of supervisors will vote tomorrow on whether to accept nadia lockyer's resignation. the latest in a scandal. if the board accepts the resignation it will have 60 days to name a replacement to serve the rest of the term. if the board doesn't act, governor jerry brown can appoint a successor. the trial against john edwards began today in north carolina. john edwards is charged with illegally using political campaign money to hide a love affair from the public and his cancer-stricken wife. among those who will testify is john edwards' former campaign aid. if convicted john edwards faces up to 30 years in prison and a $1.5 million fine. to the smoking gun pg&e
5:33 pm
memo that reveal as history of problems on the same line that exploded in san bruno. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar asked officials about the new information and he joins us now live from san bruno. >> reporter: it is the kind of document that raises as many questions as it answers. >> reporter: today pg&e stepped up its pipe testing program. a year ago they gave investigators a memo written 24 years ago documenting league repairs to the pipe that exploded but 9 miles south. >> we committed that if we found more documentation we would provide the information. >> reporter: they found another document which it also turned over. >> the information is nothing new. the information confirms what we concluded. >> reporter: what it concluded, it was along the weld, a weld
5:34 pm
around the pipe and not along a long seem weld. >> a leak on a long seem weld would require a strength test on that pipe. a leak on the girth weld would not require such a test. >> reporter: ed a vuicates say no matter where it occurred, that shouldn't matter at all. >> it is ridiculous for pg&e to say they didn't have responsibility to check the entire line. >> reporter: especially when a mega main is involved. any leak should be a issue of concern and be repaired immediately and not allowed to sit for 20 years. >> reporter: even as we speak a program goes on for years to come. reporting live, consumer editor
5:35 pm
tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. more des now of the most important pipelines. last year pg&e tested 160 miles of high pressure gas mains. this year it tested 10 miles. with warm weather now, it mains it a better time so they expect to test 185 miles this year. bitheent of 2418 it would have tested all of its lines before testing every transmission line in its system. republican presidential hopeful mitt romney campaigned in pennsylvania today and he brought the man most often mentioned as his running mate. marco rubio introduced mitt romney. neither would discuss whether he will be the vice presidential candidate. instead mitt romney went on the
5:36 pm
attack against president obama. >> 50% of the kids coming out of college can't find a job or can't find a job consistent with their skills, how can you be supporting a president that led to that kind of economy. >> mitt romney appeared at a energy company where he critatized the energy policies. the mystery deepened over $400,000 campaign campaign contribution to help mitt romney. first a stock trader was named but today restore our future said that was wrong. blaming a clerical error. it is happening in two hours, the east bay community will be targeting massage parlors. >> a brain freeze from eating something really cold, how
5:37 pm
research could lead to treatments for migraine headaches. cçrrú ñw?
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we have developing news from the islands involving that boat, the boat that crashed killing 5 people on board. what you are looking at is a live webcam picture. the camera is constantly moving
5:40 pm
so you can't see the boat. but we have seen people prepping the boat so they can remove it. the helicopter is leaving half moon bay to take it off of the islands. again, as you recall, 5 people on board the boat died during a competition a week ago saturday. coming up in an hour-1/2 the counsel -- hour and a half, massage parlors are a front for prostitution. a ordinance will require them to be satisfied by the -- certified by the state and under go back ground checks. san francisco is the latest to offer people a place to drop off unused prescription drugs. the city will offer drop off
5:41 pm
sites at 12 parmacies and -- pharmacies and 12 police station. >> any police station, one of the 12 designated pharmacies. >> every year there have been more drug over doses from prescription medications than cocaine and heroin combined. you will be able to get your coffee fix in the happiest place on earth. starbucks will open at california adventure. 5 more will open at other locations, disneyland and epcot and animal kingdom. a starbucks opened inside disneyland paris three years ago. avenue get brain freeze?
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scientists think they know what causes it. they think the body is sending a rapid rush of blood to the brain to keep it warm and it causes pressure. if they can figure out how to control the blood flow they might also be able to treat migraine headaches. what does it cost to have your appendix removed? a low price of $1,500 and a high price of $180,000 with the average at $33,000. the researchers say this demonstrates the disparities in a broken healthcare system and president obama's plan does little to eliminate the huge spread of prices. a woman with a gun tries to rob a store but what happened next surprised her and the clerk she was threatening. >> and back here in 10 minutes,
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umbrellas needed this week, when you will need those.
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the search of a basement in new york city for a boy who disappeared 30 years ago ended today. etanetan patz dis-- etan patz. he was the first to appear on a milk carton. they say they found no obvious signs of human remains, however they are testing a wall stain
5:46 pm
for possible blood. the basement was near the boy's home and used by a handy man who was with him the night before he disappeared. lorraine blanco reports, if he had not stepped in, someone could have been shot. >> reporter: police have the gun and now they are looking for the woman who used it to threaten a gas station clerk. >> i heard someone say give me your money. >> reporter: that is when the driver jumped into action. before 10:00 p.m. sunday night a woman tried to hold up their store. but a good samaritan grabbed the suspect and knocked the gun from her. >> he was very brave. i never been in a -- that type of situation before. >> reporter: police say under normal circumstances they
5:47 pm
discourage people from getting involved, but in this case he may have saved lives. >> the co-worker believed and acted in fear of safety that the suspect was going to pull the trigger. >> reporter: witnesses say she was a black female, 140 pounds with a medium build. there are several cameras inside and outside the store. police hope that will lead to an arrest. lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. police released this picture in an effort to try to catch a man that burglarized a car on sunday, april 1. look. within a half hour this man used a credit card stolen from a vehicle to buy items at a store. anyone with information give police a call. jennifer hudson broke down in tears today she was
5:48 pm
testifying against the man accused of killing three of her family members. she was the first witness in the murder trial of her sister's ex-husband. he killed the family in a jealous rage four years ago. a prosecutor said roger clemens lied and lied to cover up his lies about steroid use. he came back to court this morning for the start of his retrial. the jury was seated followed by opening statements. he iscused of lying when he said he didn't use performance enhancing drugs. president obama welcomed the air force academy football team to the white house.
5:49 pm
>> president obama struck the heisman trophy running back pose. he presented them with the commander in chief award for victories over the army and navy teams. the president noted many players will soon be graduating. >> as you look to trade the uniform of your team for the proud uniform of your country, i want you to know this country will stand by you and help you succeed and come home safe. >> the president accepted a team jersey and the game ball. let's talk about the weather. we heard from bill there is a possibility of rain? >> yeah. this week. won't be a big event but temperatures will drop off and the commutes look like they might be slower than normal. outside right now cloud cover. you have seen that all day. that dropped temperatures today. came off as much as 10, 15, 20
5:50 pm
degrees. that represents the wind out of the south. that is when things change. this is a southwesterly wind. that arrow here, that is a live reading. when you see wind shifts, the temperatures plummet, the clouds move in and we will see winds next couple days and it will moisten the atmosphere enough that we will have rain, showers. not a big rain event. but we had just such a night weekend, hard to imagine. last night, temperatures went from mild 60 to 80 and dropped into the 50s. tomorrow will be marked by
5:51 pm
increasing clouds. high pressure gets moved away. that process started last night but will continue tomorrow. coastal drizzle in the forecast and showers midweek, wednesday night into thursday. so here is wednesday afternoon. 1:00, showers. heaviest rain north and south. we are in the middle. that is wednesday afternoon. that is your commute. you get into thursday morning's commute, more scattered showers. and then thursday afternoon's commute, out of here. that is how it goes. i showed you the resolution, not really that great, these are the highs, those were the forecast highs. here is your bay area weekend in view, it will be an okay weekend. a lot of clouds and that is because the wind direction. temperatures come up but the clouds hang around.
5:52 pm
wednesday night into thursday morning, rain. >> thank you. we have developing news. news chopper 2 is over head another helicopter in half moon day. that lifts things and what it will do is fly to the islands tonight where it will pick up the wreckage of the racing boat, the low speed chase, 5 people were killed during a race when it was hit by big waves, over turned the boat and 5 people lost their lives. live pictures of the helicopter that will -- pictures of the helicopter that will pick up the boat. we will have more on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. it was a mild stone of sorts for four falcon chicks that live on a san francisco skyscraper. we love gardening...
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s . high on top of a san francisco skyscraper, four falcon chicks. >> with their parents nearby the chicks endured what has become a right of passage. biologists climbed out on a ledge on the 33 floor of the pg&e building. they examined the chicks.
5:56 pm
there are two males and two females and they put i.d. bands on their legs. it is appropriate they should visit the nests one day after earth day. >> we wouldn't have any falcons to ban. >> they found the chicks are healthy and should begin flying in three weeks. the program teaching them about the longevity of the birds. another group of falcons that hatched on top of san jose city hall will be banned may 1. if you want to see a picture go to occupy takes aim at one of the largest mortgage lenders. the protest going on right now in san francisco and why this is only the beginning.
5:57 pm
>> the first of its kind study to uncover why more san francisco firefighters are getting breast cancer.
5:58 pm
complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
5:59 pm
>> good evening. i am. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. >> news chopper 2 is over the half moon bay airport. what you are looking at is a helicopter lifting helicopter, it is going to head out to the farallon island to pick up the wreckage of the low speed chase sale boat that crashed during a race killing 5 people. one of our photographers spoke with the pilot. we spotted several people working to prepare the wreckage and we have a crew heading to half moon bay and we will update you as the night wears on. >> the san francisco giants announced a memorial to honor one killed


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