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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  April 24, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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it started out as dozens of protesters, now it's swelled to hundreds threatening to shut down a wells fargo shareholder meeting in san francisco. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. we begin with developing news out of the west oakland. police are investigating a shooting that broke out as firefighters were dealing with a house fire just a block away.
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paul chambers has been on this story since it broke this morning and joins us with a live report. >> reporter: good afternoon. we have two active scenes going on. the fire scene and the police scene. this is the police scene. we're at the intersection of 14th and peralta. this is closed here because of that active police investigation. someone was shot outside this home. over here the actual fire scene is going on. this is down 14th street. this is where the fire is basically being wrapped up now. here's what we do know. about 9:30 a.m., the fire broke out at 14th and campbell. we're told that it started in a back corner lower level. this is a duplex building. people were allowed to go back inside to see that there are a lot of water damage inside, most of the damage is done to the bottom level where the fire started.
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it was baffle fully engulfed when firefighters arrived on scene. they were able to put it out within 20 to 30 minutes. about 30 minutes later, a man told us he heard about the gun notes just after police left the area. >> after that officer pleft, i heard pop, pop, pop. maybe about five, six shots. then a pause, then another set of shots. >> reporter: no word on motive or a gunman description or witness -- witnesses say they believe the victim was shot in the lower body area. according to witnesses out here, the fire happened on 14th and campbell. people from this area walked down the street, ran down the street to get help to the firefighters asking for help with these people that were
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shot. it's a really interesting situation. it was 0 minutes between each other. there was a fire and shooting. both of them are being investigated right now. back to you. occupy protesters have been on the scene all morning outside wells fargo in san francisco. things have really started heating up with the crowds growing. we're live with what's happening right now. >> reporter: we have not noticed any outbreaks of violence. the emotion has swelled in this crowd over the past half-hour. police do anticipate making some arrests here. you can see that half a dozen people have formed a human chain and there is a barricade set up with quite a bit of a police presence here. you can see down the alleyway here, a bunch of the shareholders are standing in the alley. hundreds of protesters began their rally and march at the justin herman plaza and ended
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up here at wells fargo bank. wells fargo has its acknowledge shareholders meeting at 1:00 this afternoon. protesters say they're going to crash it. they call themselves the 99%. we've seen labor unions, teachers, immigrants rights activists wind up embarcadero a and up california street. they're demanding that wells fargo be held accountable for what they call shady processes or profiting from community losses including home foreclosures, predatory lending, tax dodging and investment and private prisons. >> they lied to us when they got their mortgages. they lied to them when they had them sign that paper. knowing from the day they signed those papers they could not afford that home. that is definitely not ok. >> reporter: we contacted wells
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fargo to get their reaction. they said, the unfortunate reality is some customers own homes they can't' ford. today's march is in the wake of upsets at other fortune 100 shareholder meetings including citigroup's shareholders rejecting their c.e.o.'s pay package because they said it was exorbitant. back to you. >> thank you. protesters also say they plan to keep farming on land owned by the university of california that they took over in albany. the land is used by uc researchers to grow experimental crops. protesters claim the land will be developed and destroy one of the last tracts of farm land in the area. after moving in sunday they planted their own crops. they say the university responded by shutting off the water. uc says it will work toward a
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peaceful resolution. we are also covering breaking news in hayward where police are investigating a reported bank robbery. it happened just about 15 minutes ago at a wells fargo on the corner of second and a streets. police and fire have responded to the scene. we're hearing the robber may be in custody. he may have held a person in the bank hostage with a knife. these are live pictures from our chopper over the scene of an attempted bank robbery in hayward at second and a streets. it does not look like anything urgent is going on, no guns drawn. an taped robbery has taken place and the suspected robber may be in custody.
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gunfire erupted at two different locations in east oakland l.a. night. police are trying to determine if the incidents are related. the first one happened near 98th avenue and holly street with witnesses reporting hearing dozens of gunshots. when bliss arrived they found two men with gunshot wounds. the victims are expected to survive. a witness who did not want to be identified described what he heard. >> it sounded like 30 shots, two different guns, long rapid fire, longer than what you usually would hear. sounded like a gunfight. >> a few minutes later police responded to another shooting at thermal where officers found man sitting in his car with gunshot wounds. the shootings come as oakland police may be moving away from a so-called 100 block crime prevention plan.
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about 20 police officers will reportedly return to their previous community policing beats. oakland police arrested some suspected taggers early this morning. the suspects were taken into custody shortly after 1:00 a.m. at 93rd avenue and international boulevard. police spoppedded to reports of a burglary. they spot some young people spraying graffiti on buildings. tonight san bruno city council is set to discuss about what to do about sections of the empty pipeline from the 2010 gas line explosion. many residents are pushing for the removal of the line to help soothe some of the psychological wounds from the deadly blast. the city council is considering three plans, leaving the pipe in the ground but filling it with concrete, tearing out all of the more than 8200 foot line, or removing part of the pipe and filling the rest with concrete. >> our major concern is that we
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are trying to rebuild the neighborhood. if that pipe is removed and it can be removed, it's a major disruption for the residents. streets dug up for many months, inability to complete the infrastructure project. >> the pipe has been out of service since the explosion more than a year and a half ago. today the alameda county board of supervise supervisors votes on whether to accept the res nation of a colleague. we're live from oakland. has a decision been made? >> reporter: they did just reach a decision. nadia lockier was not in attendance at the meeting. in her absence fellow supervisors voted to accept her letter of red nation she submitted friday praising her work in the process.
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>> we wish our colleague the best in terms of her recovery and her journey. >> reporter: before taking that public vote supervisors discussed her resignation letter during a closed door meeting. she has been at the center of a political scandal after revealing an affair, reporting an assault at the hands of her ex-boyfriend in a newark hotel room. after that she checked into rehab for drug and alcohol addictions. the other supervisors also think she is making the right decision. >> i think the board's reaction was that she basically made the right decision. she appeared to most of us to really need help and to take care of herself and to take care of her child. we support that fully. >> reporter: the board of
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supervisors has 60 days to find a replacement. anyone can apply. that person will serve until the november elections. the board will discuss the selection process next week. back to you. >> thank you. suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkirimi says he is optimistic and hopeful he'll keep his job. the city's ethics commission held its first meeting last night on whether he should continue on as sheriff. ross mirkirimi is facing misconduct charges from the mayor after he pled guilty to a false imprisonment charge involving his wife. the ethics commission is scheduled to hold another public meeting on may 29. we have more pictures of the salvage of that sailboat
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that ran into the rocks at the farallon islands killing five people on board. this morning we were live in half moon bay as the low speed chase was lifted on to a flatbed truck at the half moon bay airport. yesterday evening we showed mother dramatic pictures from our chopper as the helicopter carried the 38-foot racing yacht from the farallon islands to the shore. the boat went aground ten days ago during a race. we have unedited video of the salvage operation on the san francisco giants will hold a memorial next monday for alexis busch, one of the five victims of that sailing accident. the 26-year-old was a bat girl with the giants for three years and her father is a former executive vice president of the team. busch was the first bat girl in
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major league baseball. the morgan hill unified school district has started notifying parents in the morning and the evening if their children don't show up to class. the school district is responding to increasing pressure following the case of sierra lamar. the 15-year-old disappeared on her way to school last month. the district's automatic calling system will now inform parents of any unexcused absences at 10:30 a.m. and that's in addition to the regular 6:00 p.m. notification. in arizona police and volunteers are set to return it a landfill to resume the search for a missing 6-year-old girl. isabel celis was last seen when she went to bed friday night at her tucson home. when her father went to wake her up saturday morning, she was gone. police say her window was open and the screen missing. the girl's mother was at work at the time. police have also been interviewing sex offenders in the area. an suv crashed into the front of a senior
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rehabilitation facility in oakland this morning causing quite a scare for many clients and employees. the vehicle went into one of the offices of the rehabilitation center of oakland located on 40th street near broadway. an employee at the center tells us it appears the driver of the suv was trying to park when she somehow lost control. the san francisco fire department responded to a small fire this morning at a homeless encampment around 8:30 under i- 280. no one was injured. a police officer at the scene said the encampment is a recurring problem in the area. a multicar pileup clogs traffic on the golden gate boulevard. >> if it has not rained where you are yet, things may soon be changing. rosemary orozco is tracking the forecast. she'll have the forecast. >> arizona controversial immigration law gets a closer look. what's happening today ahead of
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thanks from president barack obama. rebecca milwaukee has been named this year's national teacher of the year. today mr. obama honored the english teacher at a white house ceremony saying she maintained high expectations for herself and her students in her burbank classroom. >> she also knows that school can be fun and that fits a personality that she describes as a twelve-year-old goof ball dying to get out. i have to say she was a little goofy when i met her. >> during the ceremony, the president also honored winners of state year awards. the senate judiciary committee is holding a hearing today on arizona's controversial immigration law. the law requires authorities to check the immigration status of anyone arrested, stopped or detained who they suspect of being an illegal immigrant. today's hearing comes one day before the u.s. supreme court
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hears arguments on the issue. the supreme court will focus on whether states can adopt their own immigration laws or if the federal government has exclusive jurisdiction in that matter. two people suffered minor injuries this morning in a five car crash on the golden gate boulevard. the accident happened in the northbound lanes around 8:20 and slowed traffic while tow trucks responded. traffic slowed and one car rear ended another setting off the chain reaction crash. the bridge reopened after about five minutes after 9:00. a head on collision closed highway 121 in sonoma county for nearly two hours this morning. it sent a napa man to the hospital with critical injuries. the crash happened just outside the city of sonoma. the chp says the man was driving a small sedan when it drifted across the center lane and hit a big rig head on. a small pickup truck slammed into the big rig.
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the big rig driver was not hurt. no word on the condition of the pickup driver. the road opened again about 7:15. outside our doors for today partly sunny, mild and a bit muggy. we have a combination of clouds and sun, even a little drizzle falling at times. you can see a combination of low clouds, high clouds and just about everything in between. you can see storm tracker 2 showing you all those clouds, lighter shades and darker shading indicating different levels. some of us are in the 70s. 67 san francisco, 66 in oakland, partly cloudy to mostly sunny over parts of the coast at this hour. 66 to 70 degrees, anywhere from palo alto, menlo park, mountain view, san jose 72 right now.
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63 santa rosa, 68 in napa. socked in pretty good, low clouds in addition to the high clouds and the combination between the two even squeezing out a little bit of moisture and perhaps a little light drizzle at times. you can see that system that is still off the coastline bringing in moist conditions and that's why we're feeling mild and muggy. this is still about 500 miles off the coast. we'll get the wrap around moisture by tomorrow. a second system will follow and bring us a chance of rain thursday. this evening nothing yet. tomorrow afternoon, scattered showers. thursday -- today partly sunny, muggy, temperatures slightly
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warmer than yesterday. 60s to mid-70s. 68 for santa rosa today, 70 berkeley and oakland. 72 san jose, 73 gilroy. some rain, a tenth of an inch to a half inch wednesday into thursday. >> thank you. we have new information from tara on the ground at the protest outside wells fargo in san francisco. there have been six arrests and california is shut down now from battery to montgomery. these are pictures from news chopper 2 as it zooms in on the area. you can see the large crowd. police are guarding the entrance to the annual meeting of wells fargo shareholders as protesters associated with the
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occupy wall street movement are gearing up to crash that meeting. bank shareholders are being asked to show certificates or other proof of ownership before being allowed to get inside that building. the protesters walking in that entire intersection right now where the streets have been shut down. this is happening california shut down from battery to montgomery. we'll follow this on and later newscasts. just ahead, a check on stocks, plus apple set to release its earnings report, a long running tennis tournament ending.
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solid u.s. corporate earnings and higher spirits in europe propelling u.s. stocks higher today. the dow is up 77. nasdaq is down eleven brought down by apple and the s & p is down four. apple will report its second quarter earnings after the markets close today. they're expected to report profits topping $9 billion. most of the growth is because of strong sales of iphones,
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ipads and ipods. next year will be the final year of san jose's sap open. the second oldest men's professional tennis tournament in the u.s. will be held for the final time next february. the association of tennis professionals approved a plan to add a new tournament in brazil wiping san jose off the schedule. thank you for trusting ktvu, channel 2 news. join us at 5:00 for more on the occupy protests at wells fargo. we're always it here for you on thank you for watching. vegetables at their peak.
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