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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  April 26, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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a major marijuana operation shut down in east oakland. who is behind bars this morning and what else police found when they went into the east oakland warehouse. >> reporter: it could be a wet commute this morning with light, spotty showers. we'll show you some of the problems already caused by the rain. party time with
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prostitutes. the secret service scandal continues. "mornings on 2" begins right now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's thursdaying april 26th. -- thursday, april 26th. overnight, police busted a warehouse and claudine wong is there live with what officers found and the arrests they made. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, tori. here's where things stand. you have 11 people in custody, weapons confiscated. it all happened at this warehouse on 89th avenue. if we pan over there's still a fence down on the ground as
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police dash that that police knocked down as they went in. police say it's -- police -- that police knocked down as they went in. we've had crews out here since the police went in. we have video of the 11 people arrested. police are calling a major warehouse. now, when police went in, they arrested the 11 people, but they also confiscated weaponps, they found two pit bulls and -- weapons and they found two pit bulls and they went in and the more than 1,000 plants to deal with. police got a search warrant and then spent hours taking away evidence. we did get a look at the -- we did get a look at the bed of the truck. it was actually a pre -- there was actually a pretty distinct
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smell coming from that vehicle. as far as the size of the operation, all we're told it's bigger than a street operation. we do know from property tax records that this warehouse is in the range of about 13,000 square feet. so you had a lot of room inside. what else they know about this operation, who else could be arrested, that's what we're still trying to figure out. live here in oakland, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. thyme just about 7:03. it's starting to rain in some -- time is just about 7:0. it's starting to rain in some parts of the bay area. it's creating slick and dangerous highways. alex savidge is at the toll plaza. how are things there? >> reporter: well, things have dried out here at the toll plaza, but certainly, as you move through the bay area, there are wet roads. there were decent showers that came down in contra costa
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county and a rain-related crash there in antioch. this was a head-on collision. five people injured. and so far this morning, we don't have an update on their condition. two vehicles were involved here, this was a hit-and-run accident of some find, although, there were no injuries injuries, the crash has been cleared from rains. even though you are heading out the door and it may not be raining where you are, it's important to remember the roads may be wet and the chp is urging everyone to slow down. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> now, steve has all of your weather throughout the morning ands -- and you can always get more information by going to you can have weather and traffic updates sent straight to your home. new developments in the growing secret service prostitution scandal. coming up at 7:15, we'll hear
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from a reporter from our sister station in see -- seattle who cover -- who -- who has more on the prostitution scandal. 7:05. the latest budget cuts are divide up the school board. by a 3-2 vote, 90 positions were slashed last night including 14 bus driving jobs. last night, the board cut some 115 jobs, teaching and counseling positions last
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month, eliminated home to school bus -- bus transportation. well, the air in the bay area we're told seems to be getting a little cleaner, according to the latest report, the bay area is no longer one of 25 most polluted areas in the county. less car exhaust as well as spare-the-air days are seen as two reasons for the cleaner air. most of the local smog was blamed on heavy car use in santa clara county. the other big smog areas were in southern california and the lower central valley. if you want to know more about the air in your particular neighborhood, we have a link to the entire report on our channel 2 website, just click on the web links. all right. it is 7:06, we want to check in with sal and apparently there is a crash in san francisco. >> yeah, we were watching it on our san francisco camera. it was right here on highway 101, the picture we normally so you, right there in one of the
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lanes. it's a little windy. you can see the camera shaking. at first we thought it was an injury crash and it ebbs what. the chp got it out of the way. you can kind of still see it's a little bit slow there. so give yourself a little bit of extra time. at the bay bridge, this is good news because anything there would affect bay bridge traffic. it doesn't look like it will an big factor. you can see traffic here is moderate. as we look at the south bay we're looking at 101 southbound, that's where the slowest traffic is, near capital expressway and 280 at 85, so far, just a little bit of slowing at 17. 7:17. let's go to steve. >> okay. thank you. one cloud ban is moving off. there's also a breeze. seen some gusts at 30, 35 miles an hour. right above the caldecott at 25
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or 30. it will also be cooler. yesterday, it was really muggy. they had a southeast wind. 75 in san jose and livermore 74. the city was 67. santa rosa, 70. today is low to mid-60s. a little different pattern here. had two systems. yesterday's system finally came up. last night, boy, things really let up for the pennsylvania and south bay. here comes our second system back to sonoma county, healdsburg, guerneville. that's our little cold front. it's on the way. brentwood, and redwood city .43. san jose had .25. there was more than that, about .410. 50s on the temperatures, mid-
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50s we've been in the low 60s all week long. there is our front. that's not much behind it. yesterday's system long gone and also it kind of -- what -- it kind of set the stage for the atmosphere being juiced up. it was so muggy and humid. it will clear things out as we get to this breeze out of the north most. os on the temperatures -- 60s on the temperatures. cooler and warmer weather coming up. that will take us into the weekend. breaking news. federal authorities have issued an alert warning of a possible terrorist attack on the first anniversary of osama bin laden's death. you may recall u.s. forces killed bane la den after raiding his compound on may 1st of last year. he was -- u.s. officials are concerned about a lone-wolf
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avenging hig death and say they extremists would see an attack on that date as a symbolic victory owe he the west. well -- over the west. neighbors are worried about a woman who opened up her house to the homeless. she claims she's just trying to help the less fortunate. >> neighbors say she's invited about a dozen people to live with her that are homeless. a code enforcement officer noticed construction going on in the home without permits. miss ruben will not say meg more about this. >> should people be concerned? >> no. >> why not? >> because god is working in their neighborhood. >> i don't want a home lowe's shelter across the street from me. the city says she's allowed --
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allowed to house there under the big code but they hope could if dab -- to go there next. it's being called the rumble in the row ton day. how a new bill he crack down ton the mixed martial arts industry -- crack down on the mixed nar shall arts industry -- martial arts industry. if my, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. if i can do this, you definitely can do this. we can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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because everyone deserves a lifetime. vy some morning rain here but there's also a band of sun but the wind is picking up. about 25, 30 miles an hour. cooler, breezy today after the morning rain.
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>> good shot there. >> 7:13. another bombshell this morning in the secret service scandal. our reporter from our sister station kiro-7 just returned from el salvador. he has more. >> reporter: good morning. i just returned and we spoke to a club owner and a few other people and they confirmed what used to be rumors. they say in march of 2011, just as president obama and his family were coming to san salvador for a visit, the secret service agents as part of an advanced team, they were doing sweeps, k-9 sweeps, explosives sweeps. they enended up by the van load going to the strip clubs,
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drinking heavily. witness says they payed for sexual favors from the strippers and we have a witness who said the secret service agents made arrangements to take some of those prostitutes back to their hotel. as the news is break, we're just starting to get reaction from washington, d.c. but when we called to get reaction before this, they didn't have any. we're just starting to get it. our source, who is a government subcontractor, who was with this group all week long, said he had grave concerns about what they were doing. he says there's something called a pimp for a lot of these girls at the clubs who are really dangerous criminals. anything can happen. there's also certain security details that were a problem bau, believe it or not, our --
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problem, because believe it or not, the secret service agents were bragging about who they were before the president got there, they thought it was a great way to getwy. but it was that -- to get bim -- to get women. but it was that bragging that led to this. >> how did you learn about this? >> reporter: a year ago i was in san salvador a few weeks after president obama visited and we were doing a story on jets, and this security contractor just began talking to me, kind of casualty, telling me about the secret service behavior he witnessed. i immediately thought it was a story. i tried to get him to come
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forward and do whatever i could to get him to come back. and he backed off. i've been in contact with him. finally decided to come forward after the breaking news of the sex scandal in colombia. so when that happened, i called hill. he agreed if i grew -- flew down there he would talk to me. it had to stay as a rumor because we couldn't confirm it that just adds credibility to his story. >> absolutely. okay. thank you, chris, from our sister station in seattle. three u.s. marines and an embassy woker are im-- worker are implemented in another scandal. they were disciplined for allegedly pushing a woman out of a car in brazil last year. >> i have no tolerance for that kind of conduct. not here or any place in the
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world. >> officials say it happened after asuit over payment. pin net ta says those involved are no longer in the country and the marines were demoted. the woman who suffered a broken could collar bone is -- broken collar bone is suing the embassy. a little girl's mother says airport screeners yelled at her daughter. she said it happened after her daughter want to hug her grandmother after the grandmother set off the security alarm. the tsa called the daughter an uncooperative suspect when she started crying. the tsa says screeners followed the proper procedures. there's a controversy new plan to protect -- to prevent bird strikes. flocks of birds have hit two jets in the last week. both planes made emergency landings in the new york area.
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now a senator senator wants to -- wants to make it earsier to round up geese near a federal refuge and kill them before a tragedy happens to a plane. a fincial embarrassment for the city of stock ton. that city is considering -- stockton. that city is considering bankruptcy. it's laid off hundreds of workers. now it turns out the city has
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been contributing to retirement accounts to two council members and the mayor. >> i was shocked when i found out. when i was elected to council, i came in as an employee. hr said here is your package. >> i talked with my children. i said, you know, what you -- i said, you know, if you get extra money from the store that is not yours, you give it back. well, i i've been given extra money from the state that i have to give back. 7:20. state lawmakers are considering a bill to regular considers in the growing sport of mixed martial arts. it could enforce code -- code of
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conduct. 40 -- promoters say new regulators will drive mma events out of the -- drive mma events out of automatic of california -- out of california. 7:21. well you will likely be using your -- well, you will likely be using your windshield wipers
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this morning. and a controversy spoils okay toe mom's -- october octomom's visit to the bay area.
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welcome back. it looks like the octomom will not be coming to walnut creek afterall. she was due to appear in a mom's nightout event. her event got casseled, after tmz reportedly -- reported -- canceled after tmz reported her
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poor living conditions. now, her hairstylist took the photos when she went to her house for the hair appointment. that hair appointment cost $529. she gets about $2,000 to help her raise her children. let's check in with sal. we've had a lot of collisions out there. we have some slow traffic here on highway 4 to show you. you can see by our traffic pictures that we have a lot of microclimates going on. rain here, not there. westbound 80 at gilman street
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there is word of a car fire. in just a bit, i'm gonna have them see the berkeley area. the morning commute is looking good on northbound 101 except for the park near 880, right there, some slow traffic. 880 and 285 getting slower. that's clouds, and there was some sunshine here -- there's some clouds and there was some sunshine. this is kathy in napa. that's an award -- that's an abandoned ward. rain up in lake county, marin county and back over towards san francisco. now, lot a -- not a lot but it's there. that's what we have to deal
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with today. until that system goes -- st. louis that system comes in. will build -- until that system comes in. temperatures will be cool today and then start a warmup tomorrow. the looking -- the weekend is looks nice -- it looking nice. >> reporter: police have arrived on campus to speak to the prince at this high school -- principal at this high school and we'll let you know
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what happened. why are we here?
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you said we should try club chipotle!
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i said we should try a chipotle chicken club! spicy, crispy chicken with bold chipotle sauce on toasted sourdough. get it as s combo with fries and a drink. did you say you want drinks? i said a drink comes with the combo! you know how to mambo?! of course i can do the robot. a warning has gone out to parents and students at pleasant hill middle school. tara moriarty joins us live from pleasant hill with the disturbing incident that has everyone on alert. tara? >> reporter: we've noticed two patrol cars here andly are on campus as police -- and police
7:31 am
are on campus as parents begin to arrive. this incident happened at oak park and pat irson near the safeway store around 7:30 in the morning. the man asked the girl for directions. he also asked her her name, school, address. and then he wanted to know if she had a boyfriend. the school principal sent out an alert via phone and also announced the over the loudspeaker at the end of the day. >> we want to make sure that people are informed. but we also don't want anybody getting really uncomfortable. rewant them to be aware but we don't want to scare them. >> reporter: the man is latino, approximately 5'6", average bill brown eyes and a -- and a mustache and kingy short hair
7:32 am
-- kinky short -- short hair. the police came out and they are pursuing leads. there's at least one officer who patrols the area on a normal basis. back to you. san francisco police are investigating two hate crimes they say assaulted people they thought were gay. the first incident happened april 7th near market and golf. in each case, the attackers punched men while yelling homophobic slurs. police released the sketches. if you recognize them, you are
7:33 am
asked to call san francisco police. novato police are searching for the gunman who fired shots at a house that was full of people but fortunately no one inside was hurt. it happened yesterday evening off robinhood drive -- on robinhood drive. police say about half a dozen bullets went inside the home causing damage to the walls. the man who lives at the home says he's been there 12 years and is schick boy woman. right now -- >> they think it was random but -- i don't know. it seeming 13 shots in the side of their house seems a little more conform da tash we have an update on a story we brought you yesterday morning there
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will be an autopsy p formed on the -- there will be an you a perform the on the -- an autopsy performed on the body of -- you can see the rescue there -- the coroner's office says with don't know the man's name or how he died. but officials say he's an older man. into indication that he was one of the sailors that swept to sea. from the san franciscoful will not -- the san francisco. alameda county investigators are searching for a man who sells thelele
7:35 am
investigators released this photo of a man dressed in host skirt believe is behind the ask. they say the victim needs money -- dressed in this shirt and behind the desk, they say the victim needs money. >> and they say the same suspect might be responsible for similar crimes. in stack,. final preparations underway now for ronnie montrose. montrose was a bay area native, didded one of rock in roll artists. now, tomorrow's sold out cancer will feature samemy hager, alice cooper, members of
7:36 am
journey and kiss. no well, in employee, -- well in florida, representatives of gorge zimmerman won't say how much money was tan given un. >> he's in -- he's in riding right nowle he we -- right now. >> reporter: this trial is very interesting. the defense strategy appears -- trying to pick apart if both of what he said in route what he
7:37 am
-- in both statements are true. he will go -- go through a series of questions and then abbe lowell asked him whether he had fallen in love with john edwards. >> john edwards a lot of the in the country. >> lowell said did you fall out of love with him? young responded i -- i have mixed mixesed. san francisco -- i have.
7:38 am
>> reporter: when young confronted edwards, young said he had evidence of everything that had transpired. he said edwards looked at him and said you can't hurt me, andrew. you can't hurt me. >> all right. 7:37. let's go to sal, see what's happening in our commute. how are we holding up? >> we're doing okay. we've had a couple of things pop up. there's word of a new accident with injuries. just popped than. a little bit slow leaving downtown san jose itle it yesterday we had -- san jose.
7:39 am
creed we had a terrible day. it's moot quite as bad as it ha and westboundle 8 a on the shoulder. police are there. there's a slowdown coming past that. 7:38le? le now the is the isle it north. it he wanted to remind everyone that lake shasta is 9 of the
7:40 am
the that -- that that is lake shasta. the pattern is gonna change. as you get to may, usually things calm down. temperatures now in the 50s we've been in the low 60s but because this other system is moving in, we had such moisture in the atmosphere, it's squeezing out some rain. so even though the system is weak, it's giving is some rain. temperatures have been in the yellows. that's 70. they will be in the green and the blue. that's 50s and 60s. this will be the coolest day of the week. high pressure coming in with our system -- so our system now is giving us light rain.
7:41 am
60s and 50s on the temperatures. it will be a cooler day when it was very tropical like. that will take us right into the weekend. >> thank you, steve. what's moving the markets this morning, including the latest jobless claims numbers just gout a couple of hours ago. and new information on the meteor that hit northern california including what makes it pickup of the rarest types of meet yore rights -- meet yore -- meteorites in
7:42 am
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stocks struggling a little bit for direction. a broad decline across europe and alsos -- losses at well- known companies like etna. taking a live look at the big board. the dow is up 38. nasdaq is up 6. s&p is flat. the latest jobless figures seem to show the job market is stuck again. 338,000 new claims were filed last week. that's only down 1,000 from the week before and keeps the total near a three-month high. experts had forecast a drop of more than 10,000. until this month, the number of files had been falling steadily since october. more than 26,000 nissan suvs and trucks are being recalled. it's all because of a mistake on the tire information label
7:45 am
of 2012 nissan titans and armadas. nissan will give the owners corrected labels by early next month. later today, timothy geithner will be appearing at a san francisco event. he's due to speak about the u.s. economic relationship with china in a speech at the commonwealth club. geithner will review the progress made so far in advancing opportunities with china for businesses as well as the economic challenges that still remain. now, that talk is set for 1:00 this afternoon at the mark hopkins hotel. we have developing news about a new terror alert as we approach the first anniversary of osama bin laden's death. pam cook is in the newsroom with more. >> within the last half-hour, the fbi and department of
7:46 am
homeland security issued an intelligence bulletin. it was one year ago, may 1st, 2011, that a nighttime assault was led by a u.s.-special operations squad on osama bin laden's compound in pakistan. as we approach that first navy of the raid and subsequent killing of osama bin laden, u.s. intelligence is concerned about what they call a lone h wolf terrorist attack to avenge his death -- lone-wolf terrorist attack to avanege his death. it's being reported that terrorists are calling for revenge for killing bin laden. and those terrorists would review an attack on the anniversary a symbolic victory. they've not seen any credible threats here at hole.
7:47 am
but we'll continue to watch for any updates. but a -- here at home. but we'll continue to watch for any updates. pam cook, husband. -- dam pack, -- pam cook, ktvu channel 2 news. this is video in ha ma. this -- in hama. this is violence from a cease- fire. a marine has been discharged over comments he made on his took about president obama. he maduro was let go -- he was let go and continued his post even after being warned about t he then expresses - -- about it. he then expressed his right
7:48 am
under the first amendment. 7:47. president obama will formally launch his reelection campaign next week. he will appear with michelle obama on saturday may 5th, one in columbus, ohio, the other in richmond, virginia. the campaign manager says it feels like the right time to put the president's record up against mitt romney. well, rick perry is now endorsing mitt romney. he initially supported newt gingrich. but now that newt gingrich is expected to drop out, he is throwing his support behind mitt romney. we're learning more information about a meteor that hit northern california sunday
7:49 am
morning. scientists say it was as big as a minivan. it hit the earth's atmosphere and was seen and heard from california to nevada. they are asking for people from the pub -- from the public. >> see if you captured this coming down. as of today, there's been no video reported. >> scientists have confirmed the reason they want these pictures and they want to find more pieces of this rock, it's one of the more primitive and rare types of rocks out there dating to the early formation of the seoular system 4 billion to 5 billion years ago. 7:49. well, moving power lines underground, but there is a family in the east bay that says things didn't turn out why
7:50 am
they -- like they expected. and sanford andrew -- stanfordary andrew luck and advice he -- and advice he received from jim harbaugh about draft night.
7:51 am
7:52 am
some incredible pictures. look at this, a warehouse yard on fire in kansas city, missouri. now, the neighborhood was evacuated as a precaution and propane gas tanks exploded. one firefighter was treated for heat exhaustion. firefighters eventually allow the this fire to burn -- allowed this fire to burn itself out. back here at home a plan to move power lines underground had unintended consequences for a family in oakland. they are one of many families in the piedmont pines area who chose to pay extra tack taxes -- taxes to move the power
7:53 am
lines. one want was shocked. he's worried his family may be exposed to health problems with the pairssh -- with the wires so close to the house. >> it can affect your foods and your watt and many different things. >> the design of the -- they -- area water and many different things. the raiders 'have the third round pick. the colts will pick andrew luck because they have the overall first pick. when asked who he looks forward to playing against in the nfl, he said it would be very fun to face his former coach jim harbaugh. he also said har bra gave him
7:54 am
-- harbaugh gave him some advice. >> he said have fun with it. don't get too emotionally involved with it. the 49ers will host its draft day party. season ticketholders got the first crack of the limited number of tickets available. it's not clear if there are any tickets left. so if you are wanting to head down there -- if you are headed down there check ahead. >> let's go right to our live pictures. it's dried off here in bay point. can see some slow traffic still remains on highway 4 coming upped a over the i. no major problems as it comes to
7:55 am
accidents 0 stalled vehicles. it's -- accidents -- as it comes to accidents and stalled vehicles. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up here. no major problems there. traffic is looking pretty good as you drive on the bridge itself. but there is a slowdown here obviously. in san jose, i think the slowest freeway is 101. again, from 280 to sunnyvale, it's been steady monday slow right through san jose it's slow. 85 is slow through saratoga. >> let's go to steve. mostly cloudy, some sun, here comes more rain moving in from the north. we've had rain from the south and out to the east bay. now it's picking up a little bit. temperatures yesterday, 70s, 60s. today there will be a lot of low and mid-60s. it's also breezy and windy.
7:56 am
>> i think by about noon, the system is gone and we'll see a little bit more sun but temperatures will be -- held in check just due to a cooler air mass. cooler, breezy is the main message. temperatures, 50s and 60s but this will be the coolest day of the week. it won't be as hot as last weekend t looks like low to mid- 70s -- weekend. it looks like low to mid-70s. a gunman opens fire on the streets of one bay area city. what investigators are doing this morning that could lead to an arrest. >> reporter: oakland police head into a warehouse and find more than 1,000 marijuana plants. why they say they had their eye on that place for a while. and an important heads up
7:57 am
for you golden gate bridge commuters. the massive project that's about to begin. i'm a native californian. times are tough. our state's going through a tough time. but we can fix it. ♪ chevron's been here in california for 133 years. we work hard. we support 1 in 200 jobs in the state. we support each other. and we spent over $450 million dollars with local small businesses last year. and, together, we can keep this... we're committed. ...the great state of california. committed to california. ♪
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[ man ] when i went to get my first new car, my dad said to get a subaru because they last. ♪ he drives a legacy, but i'm nothing like him. i got the new impreza. maybe i should have picked a different color... [ male announcer ] the all-new subaru impreza. experience love that lasts. ♪ good morning. welcome back to "mornings on
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2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. in overnight news, a huge oakland police raid seized more than 1,000 marijuana plants and almost a dozen people were arrested. the bust was at a warehouse on 89th avenue. claudine wong is joining us live now. she has the latest on all of the arrests and everything that happened. >> reporter: well, dave, when police got here, they came forwardened a -- they came prepared and flocked down this fence and headed inside this warehouse on 89th avenue. we've been talking to neighbors about this bust over here in east oakland. some were surprised but others say this warehouse is an ongoing problem. no one we've talked to said they know the people running this operation. we do know 11 people were taken into custody. ten men and one woman but that was only the beginning of a long night. they found weapons, two pit bulls, and more than 1,000
8:00 am
growing plants. >> that's crazy. it's so close. that's a lot of weed. >> i have a son in the back seat. i don't want him around that. >> i knew it was growing -- they were growing there but i didn't know there was a bust. >> reporter: at least a couple of people said they could smell the marijuana although they weren't sure where it was coming from. others said there was some type of crackdown several months back. maybes have also said this was not a situation that we had a lot of traffic coming and going out of this property. that's in line with how police are describing what was going on here as more of a distribution center. whatever was happening, it got on opd's radar. this is and continues to be an ongoing operation. they are saying there could be more arrests made.
8:01 am
live here in oakland, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. 8ac -- 8:00. look at this. this happened about 7ac last night. the man on your right wearing a block hoody walks up to a car and fires at least seven shots and then drives away. the driver of the tan sedan was hit but his lives are not life- threatening. the cats means los gatos in spanish. last night the city held an off- leash proposal that would allow dogs to be off leash and run preat specific times of the day. one mom who opposes the plan read a statement from her young daughter. >> my name is kate and i play all of the time with the park
8:02 am
at mys -- with the park at my friends. i don't like it when the dogs are off the leash because they knock me down and square me. >> i'm thinking if you need a fence, you should put it around the play area. [ laughter ] 8:01. there is a plan to extend the tax rebate program that helps draw tv and movie production companies to work in san francisco. the rebate program has helped bring shows including fox's alcatraz to the bay area but it ends in june. san francisco's supervisor is considering extending the program two more years. the shoes and movies they've brought in $40 million worth of work to san francisco. today pg&e will regain re-- will begin removing trees. it's part of a controversial maintenance program. pg&e says the work that starts today will remove 17 trees that represent immediate threats to
8:03 am
the high voltage lines. pg&e says this is not a start to a more extensive tree removal plan that's been criticized. some property owners and environmentists obto pittsburgh's plan to remove thousands of trees along a 39- mile path from the geysers to petaluma. there is a new development until recent case of mad cow disease. the 5-year-old cow came from a tu laurie county -- tulare county dare dairy. scientists say this current infection is not easily transmitted and no human has ever contracted it. south korea held im-- law enforcemented imports and now independent nova -- south korea held importions and --
8:04 am
halted imports and now indonesia is doing the same thick. 38-year-old henry armana made national news following his arrest last november. sheriff deputies investigating reports of a marijuana -- of a marijuana operation, they found a bobcat car cause and the man said he eight the cat because he tried to -- the animal tried to hurt his animal. a closure will cause detours and delays and adding
8:05 am
to the normal traffic volume, the giants they are playing at home and there is a beer festival at forward mason. you are urged to use the going ferry which will offer extra service or just ahead the air -- or just avoid the area. when the bridge approach reopens, drivers will use a temporary bypass. >> now, at our channel 2 website,, we posted all of the details you need about how to get around the closure just look for the doyle drive tab there on the front page. >> this would be a good file to ton into "mornings on 2" on saturday and sunday from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. let's check in with sal and see how things are going. >> are you starting with 880? >> i am and i'm looking at it because it's becoming busier.
8:06 am
i'm heading northbound. you can see it for yourself. 88 on on the north side would be the drive up to downtown. it's heavier but not stop and go. if you are driving the morning commute on 880, it begins to slow a little bit as you drive to highway 92 on the san mateo bridge we still have a little bit of wet aboutler -- of wet weather there. 280 and 101 have been slowed. now we have a bunch of fender- benders. 101 fear near fairfax. as we move the maps to the livermore area, still kind of slow getting into the alta month pass because of earlier problems. now, let's go to steve. well, a couple of systems here. a little bit of sun. but generally mostly cloudy and
8:07 am
rain. our second system is numbering -- is coming in. temperatures will be coming down. we had the 70s yesterday. mid-70s 65 today. as we go from a southeast direction. the wind has been picking up. it will be cooler much cooler than we've had had. the system from yesterday is also producing rain up in ta hee. i know it's 31 and raining at the keys. rhine -- rain continues to ramada dab to come in from that st. louis system most it is that. the rain picking up from our --
8:08 am
our system. brentwood hadn't .50. redwood city. 43. not too bad. temperatures will be slowing down. the one system exit stage right, the next one moving in and upstream very, very guy cut -- quiet --vy very quiet -- ve, ry quiet. morning rain and drizzle. a cooler forecast. a lot of mid- to upper 60s. friday morning there will be a little chill. tori and dave. thank you, steve. another search for a missing morganner is charged again for
8:09 am
-- morgan hill teagueer was held last night. investigators believe she was kidnapped on her way to school. "america's most wanted" interviewed her and -- >> we don't know if sara was taken out of here. but someone may have talked about coming to this area, the segment will air at 9:00 on may 11. 8:09. well, the mystery is solved of that sunken treasure at the bottom of lake permit. aches weeks ago, they found two wags -- two bags of jewelry. a few weeks ago, they found two
8:10 am
bags of jewelry and the man who owned the jewelry never realized he drop the those items -- dropped those items. mike the gan itch had just -- michaelgan itch had just joined the item included an instrument that helps upheave michael ganitch had just joined the team.
8:11 am
and included in that list is an instrument that helps upheaving [ male announcer ] ever wonder what's behind two little fle
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8:13 am
mostly cloudy, breezy, cooler and rain returning now the we had our southern system. the northern one is coming in. some rain is picking you. it will be partly sunny but cooler this afternoon with highs in the 60s. [ sound of gunfire ] >> in downtown montreal, a
8:14 am
violent clash between student protesters and police in riot gear. more than 5,000 students filled the streets raft night. they are -- last night. they are upset that a student negotiation group was excluded in talks about negotiation. rocks and brings shattered windows. prosecutors are expected to drop charges against four occupy cal protesters. they face several charges, stemming from a demonstration on the cal campus in november. the decision to stop the charges came straight from the top. some faculty members complained excessive force was used against some of the students.
8:15 am
and the trial continues in the cameron rose days -- case. he's accused of hitting a police officer with a chair. the prosecution told the jury they should convict him of first-degree assault on a peace officer. our sister station in seattle has found more information on the prostitution in colombia. alison burns is in d.c. with more. >> reporter: members of congress want to know if there is a culture of using these
8:16 am
services. the subcontractor says several agents paid strippers for extra services and some of them brought women back to their rooms. >> just head, the secretary of homeland security was defending the agency before a congressional committee. >> is this the first time something like this has happened or have you had reports of similar instances in the past? >> mr. chairman, i asked the same question and over the past two and a half years, the secret service office of professional responsibility has received no such complaints.
8:17 am
she said she's reevaluating training policies in the agencies. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. well, it was a happy scene but it followed a horrible highway incident. it involved a mother, her son and a dog nicknamed freeway. it. last week angela and her son were driving down 780 in vallejo when they saw this dog dangling from a rope. now, the horrified mother and son tried to get the attention of the driver but couldn't. finally after about a mile that rope snapped. >> the dog broke free and slipped and the guy kept going. >> what was the look on the dog's face? >> scared. and -- like he was gonna kye probably.
8:18 am
>> he did lose one of his legs. he will be up for adowntion tomorrow. the -- adoption tomorrow. the truck driver could face animal abuse charge. a father in new jersey says his son diagnosed with you a tis touch is being -- with autism is being -- is being bullied put a tape recorder in his pocket. >> shut up! >> he said he was frustrated by a lack of answers and decided to see what was going on for himself. every child is worthy of defense and respect -- of defense and respect and that one -- and that no one deserves to be complete -- to be treated
8:19 am
with cruelty and be humiliated. that video went viral, the school district said those students on the reportings, no longer work in the school district. grape growers are optimistic about the year ahead. the wine industry creates about 40,000 jobs. but the past few years were rough because of the weak economy. now wine growers say restaurants are doing better so they are buying more wine. they also say the weather conditions have been favorable. >> last week we had great, warm weather and the vines really took off. >> reporter: growers say they are increasing -- increasing their their lines.
8:20 am
safeway frosted -- reported their first-quarter costs were up 2.4%. most the in-- most of the increase from cost-hut congressing. >> now, that he are been sorts of -- there's been reports that redwood based shutterfly is and the deal is expected to wrap up in the next 20 minutes. we've learned that a man dressed in an army has fired on
8:21 am
individuals. good morning. southbound 101, traffic backed up as you drive by the freitas parkway. we'll tell you more straight ahead. [ female announcer ] this is the story of sam,
8:22 am
who made an unexpected arrival. [ woman ] he was 4 months early, weighing 1 pound, 12 ounces. [ female announcer ] fortunately, sam was born at sutter health's alta bates summit medical center. [ woman ] the staff was remarkable. they made me feel safe, trusting, cared for. [ giggles ] they saved his life. i owe all of them my son. [ female announcer ] alta bates summit medical center and sutter health -- our story is you.
8:23 am
breaking news coming out of
8:24 am
afghanistan this morning the there are reports a man dressed in an afghan -- there are reports a man dressed in a robe was shot. the shooter was killed when coalition forces fired bark. this is the latest of a crushing -- disturbing train of coalition officers. a berkeley summer youth program may be canceled after a thief stole a dozens kayaks. he says the kayaks were stolen between april 6th and 13th. they were stacked an ununsecuritied tailor -- trailer at the water park. if it done come out, it will probably become part of the tradition. >> it's by word of mouth i
8:25 am
talked to other thirds and they said about the kayaking program. they asked for it. it's fun. let's check in with sal. sal, everybody behaving themselves out there. >> i just found out about something new. i was wonder if the -- wondering if the controller could bring up my maps. we have a new structure fire reported on a street very close to 880 at 98th avenue. a bunch of oakland firefighters are on the way. this is not a car accident obviously -- i will have to turn my radios off. they are going crazy with the fire. it's a fire near 880. be careful with that. 880 southbound between hayward and freeman, you will see some slow traffic there. still wet on the come bar ter
8:26 am
and san mateo bridge and then -- come bar ten and then the san mateo live pictures now. this is 880 northbound, a little bit of slow traffic coming up past high street up to downtown oakland. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's backed up for about a 10 to 15 mit. that's true. here's seen some -- even some rain coming back in the picture. just had a -- had a nice treat from butter. it's a true story. true story. some of the rain into the east bay. back over towards san rafael. berkeley, and this is the
8:27 am
everyone but it's still but still there. this looks like the last series of rain in the current pattern and we go sunny side up and grammer weather will take us into the weekend -- that will take us into the weekend.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
welcome back. 8:29. well, police patrols have increased around pleasant hill middle school this morning. ktvu's tara moriarty is outside of the school to tell us what happened that has parents and students on alert. >> reporter: well, the last bell rang around 20 minutes ago and you could definitely sense that parents and students were aware of what happened about a week ago. we noticed a police presence here. about three squads patrolling the area. and that's because of an incident that happened on monday morning. an 8th grader was approached by a man near oak park and patterson. she was walking to school when the man asked her for directions. and he started to get more personal wanting to know if hee
8:31 am
-- if she had a boyfriend. that made her uncomfortable. she left the school and reported the incident. >> we have a school resource officer who is a pleasant hill police officer. she took down the description. left here i know and has been on it. >> reporter: the suspicious man is described as a latino male, possibly 40 years old with a strong accent, approximately 5'6", average build, brown eyes and mustache and kinky -- kinky short black hair. now, investigators at the police department are due back in the office about now, so we'll be contacting them for updates and let you know. back to you. today a san francisco man is scheduled to be arraigned m san mateo county on suspicion of pumping a taked -- firming a
8:32 am
teenaged -- pimping a girl. he's accused of holding the 17- year-old girl with a gun and then offerer hadding her on the -- and then offering her on the website. well, police in novato want to know why someone fired shots and shot up the outside of a home with a family inside. fortunately, no one was hurt.
8:33 am
now, alex savidge just talked to the police. he will tell us what investigators are saying about this shooting coming up. police were called to the fine foods after students used chalk to scrawl poetry. some parents say call the police was a bit much. an autopsy will be performed on the body recovered from the base of an ocean cliff in sonoma county. it was spotted in the water by tourists. during "mornings on 2" yesterday, we showed you live
8:34 am
pictures of a sheriff's helicopter lifting out the body. there's no indication that the body is one of the samiers swept to see. meanwhile, the san francisco district attorney's office will not file any charges against the owner of that captised -- capsized sailboat. pros coos -- prosecutors believe well, the parents of a readwood city high school -- prosecutors believe the parents of a redwood city, one
8:35 am
man's kid has been accused of copying homework. he does not deny that. that he are investigating -- they are investigating. last month, the board cut 115 teaching and counseling positions. the air in the bay area seems to be getting cleaner. according to the latest report, the bay area is no longer one of the 25 most polluted areas in the uncountry. less car exhaust and spare-the- air days are two reasons for the cleaner air. most of the was was named -- was named -- smog was blamed on other areas. and we have a link to that
8:36 am
entire report at a -- at this woman is accused of offcharges her insurance company -- patients' insurance companies. criminal charges have been filed against her and the company's medical director. we are following breaking news. we just learned a soldier from west afghanistan has died. within the past 30 minute, the department of defense reduced -- released this information. planwell mass va ka kezz. the said only a few minute
8:37 am
-- va -- released this information. manual -- manual velasquez. a.c. transit has approved a plan that could speed up traffic along a popular bus route. $152million were ject were created a -- were used to create bus lanes. they would be on one route between downtown oakland and the san leandro board. all right. 8:37. want to check in with sal. see how things are moving on 880. it's going to be a little bit
8:38 am
slow on 880 near 98 on the right side of the freeway. if you are driving north, you might so some -- you might see some fire trucks or engines there. let's take a look at 880. let's a little bit very coming in as you pass the col coliseum as the. san mateo bridge a little bit traffic is busy, dumbarton bridge as well. the south bay continues to be a big issue with 101. i guess it's becoming ther gonna -- you saw the east shore freeway is becoming really slow now. let's go to steve. we have a full rainbow here
8:39 am
over novato. the photographer -- the tropical system was moved out and -- thank you, george. there is our system. it doesn't look like much because it is -- it isn't much. now, you can see the rain kind of picking up in intensity. we've -- we'll have morning rain and cooler, breezy. the wind has been up 25, 30 miles an hour. it will be a different pattern. we had a southeast wind almost all week lock. that really give us that -- gave us that it -- gave us that
8:40 am
balmy, -- i -- balmy weather. then partly sunny, partly cloudy. highs, 50s and 60s. temperatures were in the mid- 70s. they will start a rebound tomorrow. it will be chilly friday morning and then we'll see warmer weather looks good. most of next week looking rather quiet, dave and tori. >> 8:39. neighbors in a sacramento community are concerned about a woman who has opened her home to the homeless. patricia rudden says she's just trying -- trying to help the less fortunate. an investigation was launched after an inspector noticed construction going on without permits. the william has no why the --
8:41 am
without permits. >> rudden said she called police about a theft incident. police m vallejo investigating the home of a les dane -- police in vallejo are investigating the murder of a woman inside her home. according to her friends, she used to observe her own business before she came homeless. the word of a new terror alert came just within the past hour. pam cook has more. and a cool listen how --
8:42 am
this one is -- and a close call for a novato family after someone attempted to hurt them.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:44. let's bring you up to date on tom of the top stories we're following for rue note -- some of the top stories we're following for you right now. agents seized 1,000 marijuana plants in east oakland. they also arrested 11 people and confiscated several weapons. new allegations this morning of partying by secret service agency -- agents. our sister station, kiro-7 in seattle, interviewed a subcontractor who said he joined secret service agents at a strip club last year in advance of president obama's arrival. and police are searching for a gunman who fired at people m a house. alex savidge has more. >> reporter: this family cannot understand why they were targeted, dave. take a look at the damage to
8:46 am
the house. the house sprayed with gunfire last night. it was around 6:45. i will give you an idea the path the bullets took, the trajectory they took. several shots came through the front windows and at least one of them lodged right up here in this inside wall. several people were at home at the time when this happened. thankfully, nobody was hurt. >> this window shattered over here. this window shattered over here. we have -- we have no idea. >> reporter: the homeowner showed us the shots on robinhood drive. the homeowner says someone was sitting m the -- in the room where those mum -- where those bullets entered they believe the shooting was random. bliss says it will be hard to feel at ease now. >> for a period of time, you
8:47 am
just have a sense of disbelief like what was that all about? >> you can't -- you can't process it. you process it but it doesn't make any sense. >> we think the person responsible for this was on a hillside next to the house firing directly into the residents. our perimeter was set up, we weren't able to locate anyone. >> so far novato police have not made any arrests. they also don't have a description on the shooter they are looking for. as we come back out to a live picture. this is the hillside, police are looking at. this is where the shooter fired those shots from. police say later on today, they will be back out here with an investigative tale, they will be scouring that particular hillside aifia for evidence trying to find whoever trayed this shouse with gunfire. we're live in novato, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news.
8:48 am
we continue to follow developing news about a new terror alert. pam cook is in our newsroom now. this comes as we approach an anniversary next week. >> yeah, the concern is that terrorist groups or more likely a lone wolf will try to avenge osama bin laden's death, which was one year ago next week. now, this morning, shortly after the start of "mornings on 2" at 7:00, the fbi and department of homeland security issued a bulletin saying terrorist groups have called for revenge against the united states for killing bin laden. the bulletin also says al qaeda and its affiliates would view the attack on this anniversary a "symbolic anniversary." >> it would be all of the above, lone wolf, al qaeda, taliban, et cetera, that could do this. that's what they are trying to alert the american public to, overseas and in the united states. >> it was one year ago that an assault led by a special team
8:49 am
of navy s.e.a.l.s was carried out on osama bin laden 'compound in pakistan -- osama bin laden's compound in pakistan. now, u.s. intelligence says there's no specific threat at this point here in the u.s., the u.s. embassy has apparently issued a warning to u.s. citizens in pakistan to stay out of public markets and restaurants over the next two weeks. i'm also hearing reports that security at international airports here and abroad could also be tighter over the next week or so. reporting live in the newsroom, i'm cam pack -- i'm pam cook. the airport security patdown of a 4-year-old girl in kansas has the tsa defending its actions. the little girl's mother says airport screeners yelled at her daughter. she says it happened after her daughter ran to hug her grandmother after the grandmother set off a security alarm. she said the agents called her
8:50 am
daughter an uncooperative suspect and took her into another room. the tsa says the proper procedures were file -- were followed. flacks of birds have hit two jets in the laugh two weeks. this was video lake -- taken last thursday. both planes made emergency landings from the new york area. now one senator wants to make it easier to round up geese near a federal refuge near j.f.k. airport and kell them before ka tas industry happens to a -- and kill them before catastrophe laps -- catastrophe happens to a plane. the city has been contributing money to the mayor and the two -- and two council
8:51 am
members, their retirements. >> i was shocked when i found out. when en-- when i was elected as council, i came in as an -- as an employee. here's your package, here's your choices. i had no idea there was anything inappropriate. >> i talked with my children and i said, you know what i've told you your whole lives if you get change in the store you are not due, you give it back well, i've received benefits from the city that i'm not due and i'm obligated to pay it back. alameda county investigators searching for men who target the elderly and selling them fake gold bars. they say he tells his victims
8:52 am
he needs money to care for a sick relative and then offers to sell them a gold bar. >> the person is taken to the bank and they withdraw somewhere between $5,000 and $15,000 depending upon how much they are gonna buy and the person gets the -- gives them the money, they get the gold bar that is faked and they are scammed out of ha money -- out of that money. octomom will have to cancel her trip to walnut creek. she's no longer invited to host moms nightout. but they canceled her appearance after tmz showed poor living conditions at her home where she cares for her 14
8:53 am
children. her stair heilist -- her hairstylist took these pictures. she went to the home to treat her hair, saw the conditions and called police. the hair appointment cost the octomom $529. that's about a quarter of what she receives in welfare payments -- welfare payments every month. a randomly selected fan will have a shot at a million bucks. it's a new promotion on the heels of this shaft court shot. but for the season finale. it will be a three-quarter shot. the warriors say ticket season holders will be automatically entered in the drawing that will decide who takes that shot. and a player throws a foul ball into the stands. a couple catches it but the little boy right next to them, really wanted it. he starts crying.
8:54 am
it's very clear. he's not very happy. many are the criticizing the couple of for not giving the ball -- the couple for not giving the ball to the little boy. someone gave the kid another ball so his night was not entirely ruined. well, treasury secretary, tim geithner in the bay area today. the important economic issue he's gonna be talking about.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
timothy geithner is appearing in san francisco to speak about the u.s. relationship with china. geithner will review the progress made so far in vad adding opportunities with china -- in advancing opportunities with china. the talks are scheduled for 1:00 this afternoon at the mark hopkins hotel. let's quickly check in with sal. see what's happening out there. right now traffic is going to be still busy in many areas. let's go out to the live pictures. i want to show you that 880 is still pretty slow coming up past the coliseum. also, looking at the bay bridge, it's not become better. in fact, it's still backed up for about a 15-minute wait in you are not in the carpool lane. this morning's commute on san francisco's freeway. it's still very slow. i want to move the maps to hayward. hayward to fremont very slow
8:58 am
traffic. let's go to steve. mostly cloudy, partly cloudy -- >> all right, we lost your microphone. i think it's run out of juice. >> i was just reaching over to help you. >> rain, sun, a little cooler today. >> that's right. >> it will get warmer and nicer this weekend. >> yeah. >> all right of that's our report for this morning -- all right. that's our report for this morning. thank you for joining us. >> be sure to join us for the news at noon. we'll see you later.
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