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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  April 26, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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it seemed like 12, 13 shots on the side of the house. that -- that seems more random to me. >> multiple gunshots hit a home with a family inside. what the family members and police are saying inside about the scary is dent is -- incident is our top story.
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george bush. i'm story -- top story. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. alex savge savge --al lex savidge is -- alex savidge is at the scene. >> reporter: police here are trying to figure out why this particular house was targeted. it's a crime that's shaken the people who live here. crime scene investigators ran a piece of string from the home to a nearby hillside working to calculate the trajectory of the bullets. more than ten shots were fired into the front of this house just before 7:00 last night. if i had been standing up here, we would have been shot in the head. >> reporter: sharon bliss was home at the time but luckily in the a back room -- in the back room. >> i thought it was a light bulb that went off, a bad light bulb and there were more and
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more shots. i didn't really know what was happening until i came in here. >> reporter: several bullets came through the front window and lodged in their crown molding. other round stuck in the siding. investigators worked to retrieve them. this all happened in a rural novato neighborhood near robinhood drive. the shooting shattered the sense of peace this family feels here. >> they unnerving. these kinds of things don't happen in this neighborhood. >> it's like a disbelief. what was that all about? you can't -- you can't process it. i mean, you pro process it but it doesn't make any -- you process it but it doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: police say 24 house was -- was targeted. >> we have a very quiet life. we go to church, we work, we are home. we're very quiet. we can't think of anyone who
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would like to hurt us. >> reporter: at this point, investigators don't have a good description on the shooter they are looking for but certainly the people who live in this house are hoping an arrest comes soon. we're live in afternoon in novato, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. we're back on storm watch. mark tamayo says the rain is mostly gone t was heavy. our cameras were out this morning and caught this downpour. there was similar weather in the north bay and south bay. there are flight delays up to an hour at sfo for some arrivals due to the weather. mark will join us in 15 minutes for details on the forecast. the highway patrol is advising drivers to slow down and be careful on the rain-slicked roadways. this crash involving a u.p.s. big rig and honda happened around 2:00 this morning on 880 at washington avenue.
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there were no serious injuries. another crash, a head-on collision, in antioch last night sent five people to the hospital. it happened at 10th and l street. no word on the victims' conditions. police hope surveillance video will help them catch a gunman who opened fire in east oakland. >> the shooting happened around 7:00 last night. a man wearing a black hoody walks up to the car near interstate 580. he fired at least seven shots and then runs away. you can see on the surveillance video. the driver of the tan sedan was hit in the back but his injuries are -- but his injuries are not life- threatening. police have arrested 11 people and sized more than 1,000 marijuana plants from a major drug distribution center. it happen the overnight at a warehouse on 89 -- it happened overnight at a warehouse on 89th. claudine wong has this report. >> reporter: neighbors tell us
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things have been pretty quiet at this warehouse on 89th. >> it looked like an abandoned warehouse. it didn't look like there was anybody in there. >> reporter: but police say there was a lot happening behind closed doors. police calling it a major illegal marijuana distribution -- distribution center. >> that's crazy. that's a lot of weed. >> reporter: the police headed inside this warehouse, where they found people, guns and a lot of marijuana. our cameras were there shortly after the s.w.a.t. team went in with shot bangs just before 9:00. police say 11 people were arrested, ten men and one woman. one man was arrested and as he tried to drive away. more represents and two pit bulls were found inside.
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it wasn't until just after 5:00 a.m. this morning that the lass evidence truck pulled away. as the sun came out, so came residents. some looked more surprised than others. >> i know they were growing there. but i didn't know they did the bust. >> reporter: how did you know they were growing? >> last time they did the same thing. >> reporter: neighbors say there's been activity there in the past. police would only say this bust is part of an ongoing investigation that could lead to more arrests. claudine wong, cut kut. -- claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. and we're getting more information on the pot bust. 50 pounds of bought was seized valued at $1 million. 30s also found $-- $1 million. authorities also found $40,000 and assault weapons. a warning went out about a suspicion man would approached
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a student. we were at pleasant hill middle school this morning. the school has put out an alert about a man who stopped a young girl on monday a few blocks from the school. authorities say he asked her age, name, school, address and then wanted to know if she had a boyfriend. that's when she walked away and reported the incident to the school principal. >> we want to make sure people are informed but we don't want people getting really uncomfortable, especially children. we want them to be aware but we don't want to scare them. >> reporter: the girl described the suspicion man as latino, he's about 5'6" with an average build, brown eyes a mustache and kinky short black hair. another search for sierra lamar is planned for this weekend. yesterday, hundreds of volunteers fabbed out near gilroy across -- fanned out
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near gilroy. investigators believe she was kidnapped on march 16th on the way to school. "america's most wanted" interviewed sierra's family yesterday and will broadcast a segment on this case. the segment will air on the lifetime channel on may 11th at 9:00 p.m. and there will be another search saturday at 8:00 a.m. a plan to build a new hospital is being debated at a city planning hearing but activists are opposed to the idea. new at noon, tara moriarty joins you live to explain what they want to see happen instead. tara? >> reporter: well, this is the site here where they plan to build a brand-new hospital on cathedral avenue. today the planning commission will decide whether or not to give the project the green light. now, the nurses with the
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california nurses association, they met before the day-long hearing to voice their concerns. they say the 550-bed facility is smack in the middle of the city, would exeser bait traffic and -- exacerbate traffic and they say the proposal does not meet the standards of the environment impact report. >> and this is ground zero, this one-acre parsle at the corner of -- parcel at the corner of geary and van ness where they expect 2800 trips to be made to the hospital, a day. >> reporter: they say they will provide adequate parking and shuttles for workers. now the buildings off california are not earthquake- proof and the state is changing that. >> i think we're putting them
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in the center of top town where where it's much more -- center of town where it's much more accessible to people who need this. >> reporter: one doctor told us that there's currently only one quake-safe hospital in all of san francisco and that's kaiser. san mateo county also has six new quick-safe hospitals and doctors say if a new facility is not built in the city, they worry that their business will go down the peninsula. we just left the hearing a short time ago and it's getting extremely heated. we'll let you know what happens coming up at 5:00. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. the mystery of the sunken treasure at the bottom of lake merritt is involved. six weeks ago, a group of sixth graders found two bags of jewelries as they helped clean the lake. police have confirmed the man was able to prove he's the
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owner of the attention. he says he was walking by the lake and didn't realize two of the bags dropped in the water. the police returned the items to him. they ended up by the van loads going to the strip club. >> you will hear more from a reporter who says the party scandal verning the secret service in colombia -- involving the secret service in colombia has happened before. and mark tamayo is coming up next with major changes coming coming up. and more of this amazing video of this jetliner -- next. great idea. so we'll switch to u-verse tv and internet...
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you are looking at a violent clash between student protesters and police in riot gear in downtown montreal. more than 5,000 students filled the streets last night. they are upset that the education minister excluded a student association group from talks. several journalists were reportedly hit by pepper spray and rocks and bottles were thrown. next week marks one year since the u.s. raid that killed osama bin laden. federal authorities are warning of renewed efforts to target
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western civilization. there's no specific or credible threat but an intelligence bulletin warns of lone terrorists possibly using the date to avenge the death. former al qaeda leader. the u.s. embassy in islamabad warned americans to avoid restaurants and markets during the -- markets during the next two weeks. our sister station in seattle, interviewed a subcontractor who worked extensively with the secret service advance team in san salvador. last year he joined secret service agents at a strip club. they ended up by the van loads drilling heavily. witnesses say that they payed toker -- paid for sexual favors from the slippers.
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this follow -- payed for sexual favors from the slippers. >> nine secret service agents have resigned. four have been let go. no access to the doyle brink from lum bard or marina boulevard tomorrow until monday at 5:00 a.m. the giants are playing at home and there's a beer festival at fort mason. people are urged to use the golden gate ferry which will offer extra service or just avoid the area. >> if people -- if people pay attention and are aware, we won't have a problem.
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if people think that they are the only ones using the bridge, we'll have a problem. >> at we've closed details about how to get around the closure. we'll have full coverage on our weekend "mornings on 2" on newscast. ac transit has approved plan that could speed up traffic along a popular bus route. the board approved a $152 million project to create bus only lanes and bus stations on elevated street medians. they will be on one bus route between downtown oakland and the san leandro b.a.r.t. station. the board expects it to cut pollution and lure more motorists out of their cars along that route. there appears to be less pollution in the bay area. the latest report from the lung association says the bay area is no longer of 25 top cities
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in the one. most of the local smog wassed -- blamed on -- was blamed on heavy car use in santa clara county. the other big areas of the state were in southern california and the lower central valley. if you want to know about the air in your neighborhood, we have a link to the entire report on -- report on our website, click on "web links." pg&e will begin removing trees under power lines in sonoma county today. it's part of a controversial maintenance program. pg&e says the work is to remove 17 trees that represent immediate threats to high- voltage lines. the company says this is not a start to a more extensive removal plan that's been criticized. some property owners object to pg&e's plan to remove thousands of trees from the geysers to the petaluma. sfo is one of america's favorite airports according to a new report. the list comes from trip
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advisers which surveyed more than 1,000 travelers about their travel habits and preferences. strong winds made for a bumpy ride for passengers arriving in spain yesterday. take a look at this. boy, a hard landing to say the lease at the airport after fishtailing and swerving. the pilot finally managed to get control of the plane and bring it down safely. but he did have to make a couple of flyof-anced -- fly- arounds. the video shows one plane that had abort at the last second. and we have gusty winds in the wake of the frontal system that moved in earlier this morning. here's the live camera out toward the bay. the oakland estuary in the foreground. the skies are beginning to
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clear out. but with that, the winds have been wicking -- picking up. a little bit of activity to show you, the coverage has been on the decrease but a few showers in parts of the east bay right around the livermore area, mainly to the south of san jose but especially closing in on gilroy around 101, we still have a few clouds to track as well. here is the latest on the satellite. the clouds beginning to break up a little bit but the winds, taking a look at our buoy reports, right around the bay bridge, winds gusting to 28 miles an hour. as far as rainfall totals over the past 24 hours, pretty impressive. look at redwood city, nearly .50 of rain. san jose very impressive up .27. but the north bay, not picking up as much. current numbers just updated. showing you some 50s and 60s. so stepping outside the door,
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you will note the temperature change. we're mild and -- we're mild and muggy yesterday but a big change in the temperatures for this afternoon. just a chance of a scattered shower in the short term for this afternoon but winds will continue to ramp up around 20 to 25 miles an hour. here is a bigger view in the pacific. you can see a quiet weather pattern. this moves in for tomorrow. with that some morning clouds to start out our friday but our warming trend begins. we'll take this into your friday, look at that. just a few clouds. but decreasing the cloud coverage in the afternoon. temperatures for this afternoon, mainly in the upper 50s to low the low to mid-60s. san jose tops out at 64. half moon bay at 60. and livermore in the mid-60s. here is a look ahead to your five-day forecast. your weekend always in view, clearing skies for your friday. there is our warming trend.
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most areas back up into the os for saturday and sunday will be the warmest day of the weekend. it looks like the warming will continue from monday into tuesday. no pressure this weekend. beautiful weather this weekend. >> thank you. >> sure. the 49ers had the 30th pick in the first -- have the 30th pick in the draft. the colts will pick andrew luck because they have the overall first pick. when asked who he looked forward to playing against in the nfl, luck said it would be very fun to face his former coach, harbaugh. he also said harbaugh gave him advice and to have fun with it. the 49ers will host its annual draft party today at noon. it begins at 4:00 and the santa
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clara convention center. season ticketholders got the first look at the limited number of tickets available. it's not clear if there are any tickets left. a man who knows a lot about the economy is in the bay area right now. and the plan that could mean more seens. we're talking about movie and tv productions.
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encouraging news about home
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sales offset -- offset a disappointing report about unemployment claims. the dui is up 131. nasdaq is up 25. s&p up 10. timothy geithner is appearing at a san francisco event in about 30 minutes. he will review the progress so far with china and the u.s. and the challenges that remain. a san francisco leader wants to extend the tax rebate program that helps draw tv and movie production companies to work in the city. the rebate program has helped bring shows including alcatraz to the bay area but it ends in june. mark farrell is proposing extending the program two more years. he says it is already brought $40 million worth of work to san francisco. coming up today at 5:00, a special mission to save a very
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special cat. the reason why this small ork tabby traveled 8,000 miles to arrive in san francisco this week and the intense effort to help save his life and why it is an issue that extends just this one case. that story coming up at 5:00. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. be sure to join us at 5:00. we are always here at and mobile
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