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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 27, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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demolition crews just a couple hours away. >> everything is getting in position. >> reporter: the road has linked san francisco to golden gate bridge for 75 years. crews have 57 hours to create a new temporary roadway. it's a job that starts the top down. . >> they take portions of the deck down until they can take girders down . >> reporter: 6 5,000 ton of concrete must be removed in time for a new temporary roadway to be built, paveed painted. this animation shows how it'll route bridge traffic to completed southbound tunnels. caltrans expects to meet the early monday deadline to reopen the roadway. the bay bridge. >> a lot of the crew that worked on taking down the west
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approach is working on this project. they know their demolition and construction and can do it in a tight time it line. >> reporter: now coming up at six we will have a behind the scenes look at the demolition crew. for now reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson. channel 2news. >> that doyle drive closure is expected to impact thousands of people this weekend. crews have been telling all of us about this project for weeks now. it'll be shut down. that's here in the area of fine arts. this area is expected to be gridlocked for much of the area. if you want to avoid it here is an option. it's a longer route miles wise but could save you time in the long run. you will start in san francisco, this is the closure.
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get from san francisco offer to the bay bridge, go eastbound to oakland and up on interstate 80, jump onto 580, take the san rafael bridge across and then are you in marin. what they shades longer when it comes to miles but you really could be using this as your best bet if you don't want to just sit in traffic inching along. another option here has nothing to do with the roadways and that is taking the ferry. people are planning to do that. there are some improvements here because the transit district has doubled its services from services . baseball fans can use ferry service to the ferry building and then just walk or take muni down to the park. even with these many people in the area are addressing the closure. let's go turn it over to
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christian who is live at the site the closure and people there are in for a long weekend. >> reporter: they are. let's getter give you a sense of where we are. we are on lombard. also in the distance you can seat sign. caltrans working right up to the last minute to get the word out to driver that this approach will be closed and that driver should expect delays. chestnut street in the marina district is bustling with activity just one block from almost barred. it's usually an easy trip from marin. >> kind like, summer in a college town. that's where it is in the bay bridge closure. i think the thing about the closure is anybody is sure what it'll be like. >> reporter: restaurants and bars in the district like the popular tipsy pig are wondering
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whether the closure will discourage people from making the trip across the bridge. >> it was a concern. you know we talked about it as far as in meetings with the owners. >> reporter: the manager, they have high hopes. >> it'll create a lot of traffic. people are still in town and still come out. >> reporter: with nice weather in the forecast golden gate rec area is urging people to avoid the usually popular field which will be hard access. >> we are thinking you can find a new experience in the area, this may be a great weekend to tryouto ocean beach. >> reporter: coming up at 6:01, we will have more on how the closure is expected to affect the richmond district. that's where all the cars expected to wind up. we are live in san francisco. . >> the project has been in the
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works for years. major construction started all the way back in december of 2009. the entire project is expected to be completed in the year 2015. we have posted much more information on the detours and transit options on the website, just click on the doyle drive tab. >> san jose police are still questioning several people after a deadly stabbing. officers say they got a 911 call from a home about 1:45 a.m. they found a man with stab wounds in front of the house. he died at valley medical center. a man inside wouldn't cooperate and police learned he may have been armed so a swat team responded.
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>> we had the officers make contact with the individual. he did come out of its house. there are other residents in the house as well. there is no indication of hostages. >> reporter: as reported live the unidentified man was detained at 11:00 a.m. >> police are investigating the shooting death of i 17-year- old. they found the victim about 8:30 on the 1100 of 34th street. he died at the scene no arrests have been made. at this point this year 40 people have been killed in oakland including three just this week alone. ahead at 5:30 we will hear from police about the spike in home sides, also we will tell you what happened to the teen victim's brother just a couple of weeks ago. >> a strange of taxi cab crimes have police releasing an aheart.
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. >> reporter: three cab drivers have been robbed in one case the robbers popped open the back trunk and threw the driver right inside. tonight the warning is out. police alerting cab drivers in oakland to be on the look out. >> don't know who it doing this. it's most of the time it's happening around east oakland. >> reporter: that's where we found police today taking this cab cab. the story starts here at the bart station where police say three black men called a cab, destination antioch. >> when they got there the subjects got out of the cab and held him at gun point. one of them was armed, he was forced in to the trunk at that point. >> reporter: with the driver in the trunk they then drove 37
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miles from antioch to the intersection here in oakland of skyline where they took him out and then took off. a short time later a police officer picked up the 45-year- old cab driver, he was unharmed but police say his cash, cell phone and jewelry were all stolen. >> obviously this is a -- this is a violent crime. >> reporter: and the sergeant said a tip led police to the east oakland apartment complex on 83rd avenue where it was found but with nobody inside. it's the same area another one was robbed just this week. >> we are looking into the possibility that it's the same suspect. >> reporter: the company in pittsburgh area said the driver is taking a few weeks you've before possibly coming back to original. the trio should be considered armed and dangerous. live tonight in oakland. >> the governor is issued an order to prison official that could potentially restart executions in the state. a judge stopped them in 2006
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and ordered officials to improve their procedures which included using three different injections. the governor now wants officials to explore using a single drug for injections. the capitol punishment could be halted for good in november if a measure to get rid of it is a proved by voters. currently there are more than 700 on death row in california. >> we will know if csu employees voted in favor ever authorizes a strike. today was the last day of voting. if approved the staff among 23 campuses could walk off the job. the vote comes at a hard time for the system. it's lost almost a billion dollars in state funding since 2008. >> the president is threatening to veto a bill that could keep interest rates from doubles this summer. the house passed it but the president said republicans plan to pay for it by eliminating a
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health care fund. the house speaker said the issue is getting out of hand. >> people want it political because it's election year. my god do we have to fight about everything? >> the measure now goes to the united states senate which is unlikely to pass the house bill. the senate's version calls for raising social security and payroll taxes on some high income businesses that republicans oppose. >> nurses in a labor dispute are offering to postpone a one day strike for next week. they have planned to strike tuesday at eight northern california sutter hospitals. today they said they will call it off if the hospital chain withdraws the sweeping concessions its demanding in rn and patient care standards there. is no word if they will accept. it? cosco offering mortgages. the warehouse is rolling out an online mortgage lending program. the project is a partnership with first choice bank and ten
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other lenders, ten thousand mortgages have been issued to members. they already offer other financial services such as health and auto insurance. the company said it'll expand into it auto and student loans. >> the patent fight between yahoo and facebook getting worse. yahoo alleged the network infringes on 12 of lieutenants patents. that's up from the ten alleged violations the first lawsuit filed six weeks ago. they also denied allegations of infringement by facebook. >> gains on wall street helped the dow reach positive territory for the month. amazon up 16% after a big increase in shipments. the dow added 23 points. >> i'm live on san francisco bay with sailors reaction to an unprecedented ban on off shore
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yacht races. why some say it's not warranted. >> and back here in just ten the weekend is here and things starting to warm up. which cities will see 80s in to the weekend. ers. fangled? we had to watch basketball in the living room...
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. >> a bridge needs to be repaired after being damaged by a dump truckt. was loaded with rocks. it got stuck yesterday on the bridge and as you can see from the san mateo daily journal the weight of it damaged sewer, water and pg&e pipes. the broken lines were capped and authorities say it took more than three hours and two big rigs to pull that truck off the bridge. >> sailors weighing in on the coast guard's new sailing rules for the bay. we first brought you the restrictions as developing news here at five. tonight john fowler is live on san francisco bay with what you
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found there. >> reporter: i'm on the 35-foot -- it belongs to sailing out of berkeley. now, right now i can tell you that i spoke by phone to the head of the off shore yacht racing association. she said that she was -- first -- surprised and blind side by the unprecedented coast guard ban on off shore yacht racing thousand she now understands it. with me now is anthony sand berg, a veteran. is it so dangerous that it needs a safety review? >> i don't think so. we have been sailing racing for a century and we know what we are doing. sailors careful and sometimes there are going to be accident but no more than you find in seaing or horse riding. >> reporter: i spoke this afternoon with captain snow whose call it was and who made the call to ban it. >> we need to hear from the
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experts to make sure we are doing everything safely. tragic loss of life if this case we don't want to see happen again. >> reporter: two weeks ago five people died on the low speed chase as that boat crashed. the coast guard is calling in the united states sailing organization to help review safety. the education chair of united states sailing with me right now. it's rich jensen. is he also with -- what sort of changes need to we made to off shore racing and it's safety protocols? >> well i would say that the -- the sailboat racing off shore has gone through about a hundred years of development and improvements in safety. will are documents that are hundreds of pages long outlining just how off shore races to be done and how boats
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should bee equipped and sailors should be trained. i'm willing to believe there is another level of safety we can find and i'm looking forward to united states sailing investigation, but i would be surprise fire ed if 23 comes up with anything dramatic. >> reporter: the coast guard expects to take three weeks for the review and they say that they will ban two races, one scheduled for tomorrow which will --. and another done -- canceled or rerouted. also eight races tomorrow inside the bay and of course on sunday it is the opening day on the bay with lots of sail boats out here. reporting live on the bay, john fowler. >> north now where authorities today identified a body recovered on the county coast. they say the 58-year-old brian able was not one of the four missing crew members the low speed chase. his body was pulled from a
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bluff wednesday. the coroner did an autopsy today and it's to early to determine how he decide. results are pending. >> another retired space shuttle has landed it's new home. the shuttle enterprise hitched a ride on the back a 747. it was taken past the statue of liberty and other landmarks so crowds could enjoy the view. it was built in 1976 and has never actually flown in space. it was instead the prototype for the shuttle that followed. it'll go on display on board the carrier united states intrepid as early as this summer. >> a wayward dolphin create aid stir in southern california. on lookers saw it in a wetlands area near huntington beach. it was swimming in circles. rescuers may try to get it into a safe area and then take it back out to the ocean. it doesn't appear to be sick,
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just lost. they say it belongs to a pod of six that was seen in the harbor. >> it's weird watching it go around like that. seems confused. let's talk about the waste the weekend is here and wow. it looks good. >> yeah. it's here already. it's friday. the weekend is here. temperatures onto increase. we will go to a bay area weekend after source 24 hours ago a very warm, mild sunny bay area weekend. outside we have winds, you saw johnny on the basement it looks breezy. let's look at the bridge. he was by the marina. gusts of 22 miles an hour near the bridge. redwood city and a lot of sailing there. 20 moil an hour gusts. it's breezy there and it's going to stay that way through out the flight and into tomorrow. take a look at the baseball forecast. a's playing, mark will tell you about that. giants are playing in town tonight. it'll be 55 degrees for that game. the game starts at skin bring
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up the winds, it'll be breezy, not like candlestick breeziy but breezy. winds in the ballpark area. it'll get going. if you go down take a jacket. the weather systems staying to the north. we are heading for a neat bay area weekend. did will feel like spring. have you to break from pollen when the rain came down. next couple day dear sir you have to take the allergy medication or are prone to allergies, next couple days lue notice them. maybe early in the morning. the pollen early in the morning and late under the day and early in the afternoon when you notice them most. okay, overnight it was cold. frost in some valleys this morning, tomorrow morning, little bit warmer but 42napa. it's chilly when you wake up. a know a lot of have you baseball games, have practice or golf games or whatever. tomorrow morning early, those are cool temperatures, they will require a sweatshirt but by nine sweatshirt in the bag
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and you are in your t-shirt and temperatures will be in the 60s and by three or four 70e and low 80's. here are the forecast highs, that's a real nice looking farther. if you want heat you just go east. if you want to go cool you go to the coast in the golden gate park. temperatures in the low 60s. when i come back we will go to the bay area weekend and your city to show you what the forecast high will be for both saturday and sunday and we will look at the long range forecast forecast. >> americans are holding onto their cars longer. what that is doing to the cost driving. the new crack down on distracted driving. which drivers most likely to crash because of distractions. now the chp is trying to target them. >> and a bidding war on who will build the new bart cars. the promises each company is making and what may be the deciding factor. we love garden
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everyone grows . >> a new study finding the overall cost of driving has increased slightly in the last year. that's despite sharp price increases for gas and tires. americans paid about 60 cents a mile to drive their vehicle during 2011. that's up a cent from the year before. a reason for that is cars retained much more of their value because americans are holding often this them longer sin creasing the value.
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>> the highway patrol is joining forces to stop distracted driving which is the number one killer of teens in the united states. >> distractions, have lead to sometime close calls for some, collisions for others and injury or death for many more. >> chp officers came out to clayton valley high school for a conference to stress the dangers of distracted driving. they were joined by other agencies, also a state senator and concerned parents including a mother who lost her son in a distracted driving accident. >> so much easier to people will pay attention to the time you have now with those that you love instead of having to -- look back at time, only wish you could go back to. >> chp officers took us on a ride along to show us how easy it is to spot a distracted driver.
5:26 pm
they say drives 16 to 19 are four time its more likely to crash than older drivers. the events part of the national distracted driving awareness month. this isa now a bidding war between two companies wanting to build the new bart fleet of cars. what the new fleet is expected to look like. bart staff had recommended the contract go to canada, it's bid was $1.5 billion. now a french manufacturer is offering a price of 1.7 billion, a liter higher but they say 95% of its parts will be made in the united states compared canada, 66%. the bart board is set to decide who will build it next month. flying children is never 'yes but for some the thought of getting on a plane with a autistic child may seem him pock. a group in sacramento is hoping to change that. they are called wings for independence and it gives family a dry run at the
5:27 pm
airport. children can see what it's like to check a bag, go to security and get on the plane all without their it parents stressing out about schedules. >> this is a great opportunity to see how -- just trying to get on. >> it has held similar events each month at the sacramento airport. coming up in 25 minutes the new push to help children with autism in the classroom. >> the number of home sides shot upward after last night's shooting death of a teen. the police department tackling the problem. >> it's one of the bay area's most popular and enduring tourist attractions, how and why the mysteries of the winchester mystery house are about to be revealed. . and more live coverage the massive construction operation that's just about to start on doyle drive in san francisco. these are some of the last pictures you will see of doyle drive intact. what's the best gift you can give mom ?
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. >> is this is ktvu channel 2news at five. >> this is a live look from news chopper 2 of doyle drive in san francisco. you see here, three pieces of the many pieces of machinery set to get moving here as we are now just two and a half hour away from the big weekend closure. the closure has been in the works for months. it's expected to affect thousands of people. today crews got the big hammers ready to roll out this evening. they will be used to rip the 75- year-old elevated roadway to pieces. 6 5,000 tons of concrete and steel rubble must be removed in the first 16 hours of the
5:31 pm
project and intime for a new temporary roadway to be built, paved and painted. let's go now to that live look at what's happening doyle drive from news chopper two. looks like even lighter than normal traffic but this is all going to change. i have seen a number of countdown clocks to the big closure and what -- two hours, 29 minutes and 13 seconds to go drivers trying to get through before the roadway shuts down. that is set to happen at 8:00 tonight. now for your help throughout tonight and throughout the weekend we have posted more information on the detours and all your transit options on the website. just click on the tab right there at the top of the home page. >> this has been a very violent week in oakland. three people killed including a 17-year-old who was shot and killed last night. jade hernandez talked to the victim's brother and said he was also shot just a couple of weeks ago. >> reporter: that's right. police investigators work in teams, this week those teams
5:32 pm
have been working overtime three homicides in one week. a few seconds before someone signed rest in peace cody. >> i was just like in shock and it was like is he lying in front of the gate. your dad's gate. >> reporter: carol's father used to own this home years ago. >> are you serious -- that's a 17-year-old. eve time they walk past the church i like keep up the good work. >> reporter: that church is only a block from last night's shooting which police say marks the 40th home received the year. the third this week. the first last saturday on 78th and arthur and then on wednesday someone shot and killed a man near 840th and last night a shooting on 34th. neighbors say left a 17-year- old deed. >> they were fighting landed on my truck. i heard the shots and -- i got down and ran in the house. >> reporter: his 22-year-old brother a parolee did show us his wound healing two weeks
5:33 pm
ago. >> just killing me right now. i haven't even cried. >> reporter: while the neighborhood mourns another young person acknowledges detectives were investigating 32 homicidessa the this time last year. this year the maimingor crimes unit is working 40. she pointed to the number of isolated home sides pushing the trend upward such as the oikos gunman who took seven lives. >> we have had homicides that have resulted in something to do with the family situation or domestic violence and we have to look at that and say its driven the numbers up. >> these special circumstances account for 11 of the homicides, we have been told there will be a vigil held for last night's victim. >> here are more details now about the oakland homicide. again so far this year there have been 40 killings in the city. there were 103 in all of last year. that was up from 90 in 2010
5:34 pm
which was the last year of four in a row that the number of homicides had declined in oakland. in 2006. there were 145 killings that year. >> romney appealed to young voters today in ohio. he invoked the memory of president regan during a speech about lowering taxes. >> with all the power of my soul, i will devote myself to creating a stronger america based upon freedom so we may remain in ronald regan's famous words as that shining city on a hill. surrender. >> the young voters are going to be important in the election and it's one that the president's campaign has targeted as a key part of the bid. no apple could be close to offering it's own movie
5:35 pm
streaming service. they are reportedly in talks to stream films owned by epix. any agreement made would ably to it their set top box which has hooked up to a television and the lets people stream from netflix. they are also working on its own tv product. >> big news tonight involving the winchester mystery house in san jose. the
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. >> the president sign -- cut off, why you wouldn't be able to ballotery ticket for 13 hour. >> and do you think nutella is healthy? the move the company has to make after a customer realized something. what'll it be?
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. >> lottery officials reminding people they won't be able to buy tickets for several hours because of planned system maintenance. terminal also s will be shut down, during that players won't be able to buy lottery tickets or claim any prizes. >> the president signed an order targeting diploma mill that take advantage of military veterans. he signed the order at fort
5:41 pm
stewart in georgia. it addresses growing complaints about aggressive marketing tactics aimed at military families eligible for federal aid under the gi bill. >> the sum of your comrades have discussed, sometimes you are dealing with people who aren't interested in helping you, they aren't interested in helping you find the best program, they are interested in getting the money. >> reporter: the administration is also considering trademarking the term gi bill so companies can't use it in advertising without permission. >> the makers of nutella have settled a lawsuit. the woman said she started feeding it to her 4-year-old after seeing an add that suggested it was healthy. she then found two table spoons have 11-grams of fat. the company will pay four dollars to anyone who bought it in california between august 2009 and this january.
5:42 pm
. you can find out how to make a claim by going to our website, just look under web links. >> a new report finds many workers aaron the country aren't getting enough sleep. according to the national institute for occupational safety and health more than 40 million workers sleeping less than the recommended amount of time. the recommended amount said adults should sleep for seven to nine hours a night. worker who don't are more likely to get hurt on the job or make mistake that could hurt co workers. >> people on bikes don't realize how invisible they are to cars. >> bikes sharing the roads with cars. a surprising reason in don't wear helms or use rights. >> and back here in just ten, the bay area weekend. i think you will like it.
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get high speed internet for $14.95 a month for 12 months. at&t. . >> the sport of archery is making a come back, the hunger games features competitions using bows and arrows. since it released sales of equipment have shot up by as much as 30% but expects warn the movie make itself look easier than it is and they recommend learning the rules first before deciding if it's right for you. >> the number of bikes continues to grow on bay area
5:46 pm
streets and conflict between cars and bikes seem to be on the rise and are becoming a topic of anger in both camps. it's particularly pronounced after the sun goes down when vehicle right side used to having the roads to themselves but are confronted with bikes almost invisible until it's to late. >> reporter: friday night the sun is going down and the hip -- the most at risk of the crowd, dodge dangers on every block. bicyclists without helmets. >> why isn't it on? >> because. i like -- everybody to see my smilely face. >> reporter: there are bicyclists without lights. >> i should put one on. >> reporter: and without helmets or lights. >> every time -- i have had a spill it was a shoulder the guy
5:47 pm
hit. not my head. >> reporter: we found that for all bicyclists 16 and older san francisco has the highest number of victims injured or killed in all of california. figures a database collected by the california office of traffic safety show that in 2010 the latest figures available, almost 600 people were killed or injured on bikes, making it the most dangerous california county for biking when ranked by the daily vehicle miles traveled. for veterans some would call them the survivors the situation is almost suicidal. >> people on bikes do not realize how invisible they are to people in cars. >> reporter: dan cook has been biking bay area streets for a quarter century. he was riding in the hip oakland bike scene when we stopped him to get his perspective on bike riders without helmet its or lights. >> i think they are insane. i think they are. >> reporter: when we stopped helena one of the many younger ones on the streets she said why she doesn't wear a helmet or have lights even at night.
5:48 pm
>> it often feels like a benefit to be hidden. i have heard of people being mugged on their bikes. i was chased with -- a guy tried to hit me with a stick off his bike. came from a bus stop and swung a metal pole and i was able to swerve and there was no traffic but it's pretty common. >> reporter: in the south bay, santa cleara had the clara had almost 800 victims. >> nobody wears helmets. kind of --. >> reporter: david stevenson. >> california state law requires bicyclists under the age of 18 to wear a helmet. the law requires all bicyclists to have a white light in front and on the side visible for 300 feet and a red rear reflector.
5:49 pm
no turning to the weather, i remember yesterday here at five bill martin said it'll be a nice weekend and here we are at the beginning of that and bill it is. >> reporter: and such a turn around today from what we saw on wednesday and thursday with the rain and the cooler daytime highs. we started off cool and then turned in to a beautiful sunny day, very spring like with temperatures in the 60's and low 70's. little bit of wind and a few clouds north. let's check out point reyes. gusting to 31 and point reyes, the tip one of the windiest places, they get a lot of wind. highs today. look like this. lots of temperatures in the 70s and 60s. 70 in concord and livermore. 689 redwood city. 71 morgan hill and into tonight we will see no real fog along the coast. that fog should return into sunday but the weekend will be
5:50 pm
nice. both days, 80. warmest day sunday. it won't be hot but will be nice. let's check out the microclimate. upper 60s. 70's toward the oakland area. you pop over the hill into lafayette it's midand upper 70s and then walnut creek, concord, morgan hill down the south bay and livermore. you will be in to the low 80's. high pressure where it should be. we get warm. sunday the warmest day in to the bay area weekend. little bit of coastal fog returns on sunday. still going to be a nice weekend. computer models show what will not happen. it won't rain. the rain stays north. bit of coastal fog rolls in sunday morning. that will be the thing for cooling coast side. inland we will still stay on the warm side into s especially far inland. 80 tomorrow in fairfield. 80 clear lake. 77 vallejo. temperatures above the average for this time of year. 80's in the bay.
5:51 pm
pittsburgh 80. concord, 70 haywood. 81 morgan hill. just going to be that kind of day in to the bay area saturday. sunday you can see there looks like a couple of degrees warmer and just real nice. representing the coast and the inland temperatures now. the overnight lows but the coast temperatures there to represent the coastal sections. >> get us all. . >> american idol the concert coming to the bay area. plus it's called the autism act. what it is how it'll help.
5:52 pm
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5:54 pm
. a man was seriously injured in an apartment fire in san francisco. the fire was called in about 2:30 on wood side avenue. firefighters found the man inside the apartment. he is being treated at the hospital for burns and smoke inhalation. several other residents got attic and were checked at the scene. the cause is under investigation. >> a group of parents traveled to capitol hill today to push for better teacher training for autistic children. >> very been approached by teachers, professionals, specialists and they will tell me we need more training. >> reporter: the parents are throwing their support behind a new bill announced that would
5:55 pm
create autism grants for school districts. the act would train teachers about the specific educational need of children on the autism spectrum. those with at least 10% of special ed kids on would be eligible. >> many kids on the spectrum, you know there is a stereo type of who they are yet every child is extremely different. >> reporter: here is what you may find interesting. one in 88 children has some form of autism before their it 8th birthday. according to the group autism speaks, autism is now the fastest growing develop mental disability in the united states with boys four times more likely than girls to develop that disease. >> a new study suggests children who were bully reasonable doubt more likely than others to harm themselves. researchers looked at bullied children up to the age of 12
5:56 pm
and found they are three times more likely to do harm to themselves than children who are not bullied. the authors say they hope their research will help identity those at greatist rick ofself harm. american idol is come doing the bay area. it'll be in san jose july 22nd at the hp pavilion. tickets go on sale may 11tht. had be a homecoming for students and former eye doll hopeful. he and his fellow contestants will preform in 45 cities. >> caught on camera. coming newspaper two minutes, two bike riders struck by a passing car that then sped away. the well known road where it happened and what we learned about car. . and new penalties possible for occupy protesters. the action the city is taking against some of the demonstrators. ♪
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. we are are just two hours the weekend closure of doyle drive in san francisco. we break own the impact and how to get around the bay. >> and it's hard to watch but this is the moment of impact when a car strikes two bicyclists and then speed away. the road rule that rider says
5:59 pm
drivers breaking every single day. >> complete bay area news coverage, starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2news at six. >> good evening everybody. we are counting down to the doyle closure slated to start two hours from now. in the past 30 minutes the chopper brought us these pictures of caltrans news getting ready for the weekend work. we have live team coverage that is suspected to improve traffic around the bay. >> reporter: take a look behind me. 8:00 sharp these hammers that you see beyond the truck are going to roll down the path and then roll up on the drive and start tearing to pieces. this is one for the backs. >> reporter: the crews raring to go ready to tear down the 75- year-old


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