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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 27, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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the demolition has begun, happening now the destruction of doyle drive and the detour that could bog down traffic all weekend long. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. doyle drive is closed and it's coming down. chopper2 news was on hand when
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the road was shut down. built back in the 1930s, traffic lanes were narrow and no longer met savety standards. we have team coverage of this major project, eric rasmussen has been if finding out how people plan to get around the closure. but we start with patti lee and the scene that started two hours ago. >> reporter: we're at a great standpoint where we can show you the site. four sections of doyle drive are being torn down at the same time. crews have 54 hours to remove the structure, and build a new
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structure for drivers. >> you have people above the deck, below the deck, on the ground. >> reporter: crews told us the job starts from the top to the bottom. >> when they do that is they bring down the gourders, then they're going to bring down the -- >> reporter: ktvu was there when heavy machinery ripped down. we saw vehicles making their way down a bridge resort for the last time. highway patrol escorted the last vehicle. >> stay away from that area if
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they absolutely need to. >> reporter: the construction manager told us demolition will go on through the weekend and by tomorrow night, crews should start repaving the roadway. i asked how confident were they for them to start rebuilding tomorrow night, he says construction is tricky. at 10:30 we'll bring you a live update on the progress of this huge demolition project. now here's a map showing the exact portion of the doyle drive that's closed. the man approach will be from highway 1 in the avenues. the closure is set to last until 5:00 monday morning. there are a number of events and gathering in marin and the city this weekend and thousands
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of people who want to attend those events. >> reporter: we spoke to someone who works out here, and h he says it might actually be lighter. people might be getting the message that this closure is happening. now even though the bridge is open this weekend we heard from many people who say they are looking for better options. caltrain warned about gridlocks. and for some fans getting home was never easy. >> i am going to go through the presidio, i have a secret rout that probably everybody else knows. >> reporter: fans are bracing for what could be a longer than than normal through the valley.
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>> how long do you think it's going to take to get home tonight? >> i'm hoping 20 minutes. realistically, the áf two hours. we have movies in the car. >> we don't need doyle drive. >> do you have reservations? okay come on down. >> reporter: but the district is doubling its service, allowing rebecca braun and others to keep their plans. >> we're going to stay away from doyle drive. >> reporter: and tonight's bicycle ride made it a little more difficult. they do say you should expect delays all weekend.
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we're live here at the golden gate bridge, eric rasmussen. more details now on doyle drive, construction on the roadway started in 1933 the same year workers started working on the golden gate bridge. the cost $1.05 million. just geting to this point has been a massive prong. we want to -- massive job. we want to show you a time lapse of the work that's already been done. can help you get around this weekend's closure. our drive time map can gauge
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how long it's going to take you to get around the traffic. there's a new development tonight concerning the boating accident that happenedded in the f era lons. a body has been identified. eight crew members were on board, three survived and were rescued. the coroner identified a body that was recovered from the bodies of bodega bay. the man has been identified as bryan christopher able of sonoma. in six minutes, graduation
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night for dozens of firefighters the grant that is bringing them back to the battalion including some who were laid off. >> san francisco police have created a sketch after a teenage girl reported that a man tried to grab her right from the street. the man is described as light skin, possibly latino. the incident happened yesterday morning just before 8:00. the girl was on her way to school, she says she managed to escape on foot. the family of sierra lamar is expected to the áf announce an increase in a reward. sierra lamar is from morgan hill and has been missed now for six weeks. employees at csu are voting
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tonight. union leaders say they expect members to support a strike declaration. the union represents, 20,000 professors and staff at 23 other campuses. the house approved a bill that extends low interest rates for federal student loans. without the bill the rate would double on september 1st. students rely on those loans to pay for their education. president obama and top republicans have exchanged barbs over how to extend those interest rates. debra villalon is live with a new outreach effort that's
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possibly a new way out. >> reporter: what if they had a number to call before trouble and before it's too late? >> i would love this phone to stop ringing. >> reporter: kevin grant gets called to shootings like this one tonight, a shooting of a 17- year-old. grant tries to defuse retaliation. >> we are eating our own people. how do we do this? lay another black man down over nothing. >> reporter: new commercials and music are aimed at showing them a way out of street violence. but the purest persuasion. >> the first thing he said to me was, mama don't let me die. >> reporter: a mother who's son was left paralyzed by nine bullets just four months ago. >> now, all i can do is sit up in a chair and push myself around. >> reporter: it's not a crowd
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easily moved. they found today's violence overwhelming. >> i have to keep going back and forth to the operating room, to the trauma bay to deal with this, it's just too much. >> so half of my face was gone. >> reporter: whether it will make a different seeing scars. >> on the dashboard i saw that, i saw blood, i saw my teeth. >> kevin grant hopes he'll get through to a few kids. convince them somebody cares and doesn't want the next victims to be one of them. >> it's one of you kids out here dead. one of you babies out here dead. what are we doing? stop, please. i beseethe you. >> reporter: the teenagers left with gift cards, t-shirts and cell phone numbers to call outreach directly and confidently. and grant called me just a few minutes ago to let me know a young man turneded in a handgun today on his way out the door.
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we're live in oakland, debra villalone. today facebook denied wrong doing and failed claims in federal court. yahoo is seeking a jury trial to settle the dispute. wall street closed its best week in nearly a month with its first consecutive day of gains. the dow picked up 23 points, nasdaq 18. expedia rallied today's. and a bicyclists rammed by a car and it's all caught on camera. and the bay area weekend is here, i have very warm temperatures to talk about. i'll show you the warmest day on the weekend. a napa state hospital patient ends up here at the county jail what his alleged victim told us that he did. more live pictures right
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now from san francisco. heavy equipment carrying away a part of doyle drive. we'll continue to bring you pictures over tonight's forecast.
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new at 10:00, san jose's fire department is stocked something that hasn't happened for years. the newest recruits just received their badges, lloyd. >> reporter: julie san jose has
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665 firefighters who work in stations like this one scattered throughout the city. it is considered one of the thinnest departments for a city its size. 19 firefighter recruits marched into the san jose city council chambers tonight to the applause of family and friends. almost two years ago, 49 firefighters walked away from this city after budget cuts eliminated their jobs. the positions were restored after the city received a federal grant. these recruits marked the final group hired to bring the department back to full strength. tim avila was the first of the group to receive a fire helmet and department badge. >> i just want the citizens to know that we are here, we are definitely committed. >> of the original 49 laid off, 22 came back. tonight's group all had to have previous fire fighting experience. because of that they had just an 11 week instead of 18 week fire academy. but it was still grueling. >> our training staff
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constantly presented us with new challenges and obstacles that force us to push ourselves harder and harder each day. >> the new firefighters come in with a 10% lower salary than the ones they replaced. and there's no guarantee that the job won't be cut again. >> i'm not worried about the budget issue, i'm not worried about the pension. i'm here to live a dream of working for the fire department of the city of san jose. >> some of these firefighters will be on the job and in fire houses as soon as this sunday. live in san jose, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. a developing story out of berkeley tonight where police say they have arrested a man in connection with a hit-and-run that was all caught on camera. this video was posted on you
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tube of the crash. it was recorded by a camera mounted right on the bike of one of the victim, you can see the black car there entered the picture, hit the cyclist and then keep ongoing on tunnel road not far from the clairmont hotel. the two bike riders had bumps and bruises but other wise were okay. police say they arrested the owner of the car this afternoon at the jack london inn in oakland. he's identified at 43-year-old michael patrick madaglia. after the crash he reported to police that the car was stolen. the car was found then police arrested madaglia. officers reported to a the áf shooting. when they arrived they found a man lying on the ground outside. he had been stabbed and he died a short time later at the hospital. a stand off followed with a man inside the house who finally gave up at about 11:00 this
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morning. police will only say he's a 51- year-old man. they will not say how the man is connected. these pictures are from the raid wednesday night, investigators say it was one of the largest growing operations in city history. inside they found 2,500 plants, 50 pounds of processed marijuanas and numerous weapons. only one of the suspects charged today is from oakland. there's been another report of a attack at a hospital. >> reporter: all is quiet today oud of napa state hospital a far cry from last night -- all is quiet today outside of napa state hospital. the that victim told me he was
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attacked twice by a second the patient. >> he gave me a black eye and was trying to gouge me with a pen. >> reporter: 42-year-old patient anthony craig gray is now at the jail facing several chargeless. they include attempted murder, assault with a weapon and two counts of battery with a police officer. other patients told me they saw the whole thing. >> he was wrestling with the staff. he hit one staff. police came, he hit the police. >> reporter: the hospital which ktvu has found has glossed over events like this in the past released a brief statement act the incident. it said, the patient was allegedly threatened and later three staff were allegedly injured. >> now that's [ bleep ] now. he attacked me, beat me up. he could have killed me. >> reporter: the psych tech who was assaulted told ktvu she has a black eye, was with a doctor
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all day and can't stop crying. hospital fishes say, mr. gray could end up right back here at the hospital. in napa, i'm john sasaki, ktvu news. more details now we talked to the hospital police union tonight and a spokeswoman said, our guys are getting beat up left and right. last night was another example of why change needs to be made. end quote. it's another night for the gordon beirsch. the group pub opened in the old hills bros coffee buildinging
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in 1972. intercom communications will begin monitoring the station. some staff members are also being laid off. intercom says it'll keep its r & b format. a nice little warm up today. at the buoy showing sustained at 13 miles per hour. we're looking for a pretty nice day tomorrow. temperatures are on the increase. these are the highs from your friday recorded by the national weather service. official highs. you watch where they go, they're going up. 80 in concord, that's up 10 degrees from yesterday. you're going to see lots of yellows and oranges. yellows are 70s, mid- and upper
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and the 80s orange. a major milestone for the revitalization of lands end in san francisco is scheduled for tomorrow. the 4,900 square foot visiting center offering a sprawling view of the ocean and the remains of the old sutro bathhouse. there's also educational experience in the area's culture and natural history and there's a cafe and retail store. president obama's new campaign ad and the big accomplishment it adds up. and the new alert sent to dozens of cab companies in oakland. and we continue to watch demolition work going on right now in san francisco. a live update from doyle drive coming up at 10:30.
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a crash between car and ac transit bus this evening sent one person to the hospital. it all happened on foothill drive. the crash closed traffic in both directions along foothill for about 20 minutes. during that time police directed traffic through some of the side streets. a witness told ktvu the woman driving the bus was taken to the hospital. a warning has been released after two cabbies were robbed. a driver was locked inside his own trunk. >> reporter: tonight the warning is out, police alerting 75 cab companies in oakland all by way of this e-mail to be on the look out. >> we don't know who is doing all this, but most of the time it's happening around east oakland. >> reporter: that's where we found antioch police hauling
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away this yellow cab. late last night police say three black males hailed a cab, destination, antioch. >> when they got to antioch, the suspects got out of the cab, held him at gunpoint. one of the suspects was armed. he was forced into the trunk at that point. >> reporter: the three men then drove 37 miles from antioch to the intersection of skyline and joaquin miller road where they took the cab, -- cabbie out and took off themselves. >> reporter: his car, cell phone and jewelry were all stolen. >> obviously this is a violent crime. >> reporter: and it was a call that helped them find the cab. >> we're looking into the
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possibility that it's the same suspects. >> reporter: the trio of robbers can be considered armed and dangerous. president obama's campaign is using osama bin laden in its ad. it uses the decision obama made to make the decision to kill osama bin laden. a spokeswoman for romney says it's sad to see the obama campaign use an event that unified the country to divide it again. u.s. troops are pulling out of the island of okinawa but not immediately and not all at the same time. now an agreement has been reached to withdraw 9,000 marines and their families.
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most will go to guam the japanese have complained about the noise and misconduct by members of the military. we're witnessing history and this is what it looks like. and we're following developing news, these scenes just in from a house fire. one that could be seen from quite a distance tonight. ♪ [ man ] when i went to get my first new car, my dad said to get a subaru because they last. ♪ he drives a legacy, but i'm nothing like him. i got the new impreza. maybe i should have picked a different color... [ male announcer ] the all-new subaru impreza. experience love that lasts. ♪ gives us the most nutritious of gifts. but only when they are ready to be given.
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continuing coverage now of the doyle drive project. take a look into the future. caltrans created this animation to show us what motorists will encounter next week after the demolition is complete. the underground viaduct are said to be put into use beginning monday morning at 5:00 a.m. the construction crews tearing down doyle drive are now 2-1/2
10:31 pm
hours into that demolition project. amber lee is live and has a front row seat as heavy equipment rips apart the structure, amber. >> it's been a half hour since we first showed you what this historic demolition project looks like. this is what's going on right now. section by section workers are tearing apart the roadway moving quickly it appears they're making good progress. when that's done, another specialized piece of equipment called the labante with giant red claws will come in and crush the columns. crews say it'll be noisy all weekened long in this area but that they're doing everything they can to mitigate the noise and dust. the sprinkles you see are coming down from a mist being sprayed to keep down the dust.
10:32 pm
caltrans says it realizes the historic project is attracting a lot of attention but crews are urging people to stay away from this area. law enforcement is out in force trying to keep people out of the restricted areas. that is the latest from here, reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. this sunday is opening day on the bay, the beginning of the boating system on san francisco bay. officially gets started at noon at pier 39. it'll feature the annual boat parade which is made up of various boats reflecting this year's theme of spirit. that event the boat event this weekend could just add to all the traffic problems that are expected because of doyle drive being shut down all weekend but there are some alternatives and we asked walker to show us the best ones. >> reporter: it's a beautiful
10:33 pm
night for a game. gets there could be fun, getting home could be not so fun. you basically have two ways to head from the city to the north bay, option number one the bay bridge. the suggested way to put san francisco in your rear-view mirror is head east. take the bay bridge to the san rafael bridge to the north bay. >> we're just getting off the richmond san rafael bridge it's taken us 23 minutes to cross two bridges and travel 26.5 miles. the detour is highway 1. >> you will see all the traffic guys. >> reporter: doyle drive project spokesperson mollly -- molly says if you're going to the games, be patient. many are trying a different mode of transportation. >> we've got about 2,000
10:34 pm
parking spaces here. which normally we might fill 1/ 1/3 of them this weekend but this weekend we high just fill up. >> yeah we're going to come back later. but that's okay, not guilty okay, but but that's okay, not have to drive into the city and take the ferry will give me a little longer to sober up. mornings on 2 will be watching the demolition work and monitoring any problems. developing news right now, alameda county firefighters are on the scene of a two alarm house fire near san leandro. the fire started in the home around 9:00 tonight. the fire is contained right now but not completely out. she said no one was hurt and no other homes were damaged.
10:35 pm
we heard from several people who could see the fire in highway 580. two weeks after the prostitution scandal erupted, the secret service is releasing new rules. agents are not allowed to visit unethical establishments. the city of san francisco has reached a tentative agreement with its second largest union. more than 4,000 city workers belonged to local 21. this agreement could set the table for other union negotiators. local 21 says the deals ends wage concessions. the details aren't being made
10:36 pm
public. union leaders are recommending that they approve it. burning man has been placed on probation after too many people attended last year's event. the bureau of land management issued the -- burning man's population cap is 50,000 people but last year's event drew more than 53,000 people. the probation limits black rock city to a one year permit. if the population cap is exceeded again, the company may be banned from holding future events. the american idol contestants are now taking the show on the road. this season's top 10 finalists are going on the american idol live tour. performers include san jose's own deondre brackensick who
10:37 pm
finished third. tickets go on sale may 11th. christians protested but the lady gaga concert went on any way. your weekend is here. it's warming up nicely. you will see which cities will be warmer. and you will be surprised what was found posted online by students on a standardize test being taken this week.
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california's department of education says it has found pictures of standardized state tests on several social networks. officials have asked facebook, twitter and other websites now to remove those pictures. a spokesperson says some pictures included test questions and answers. the testings were discovered last week. drivers between the ages of 16 and 18 are more likely to get into accidents than older drivers. law enforcement officers teamed
10:41 pm
up to talk ability how devastating distracting driving can be. >> i got a message that i want everyone to understand is that there's no good place to be in a situation that takes a teen's life need lessly in something as preventable as distracted driving. the sheriff's s.w.a.t. team are said to take part in an elite international competition being held in the middle east. 11 teams will be going against some of the best in the world. previous winners included the marine unit. in news of the world tonight, in china a blind lawyer has escaped from house arrest. there's late word that he's now under the protection of the
10:42 pm
u.s. government. after escaping, chang posted a video con telling what he called the brutal treatment of he and his family by the u.s. government. chang served two years in prison for exposing forced abortions and sterilelyization. coffee shops that offer marijuana are popular with tourists but that's about to change. club owners and the mayor of amsterdam says this will hurt tourism and they plan to fight back. in south korea, lady gaga kicked off her asian tour despite protests. christian groups called for her concerts to be cancelled. they believe her concerts are pornographic and promote homo sexuality. nonetheless the concert sold out.
10:43 pm
pg & e is giving homeowners a chance to opt out of smart meters. a wayward dolphin trapped in shallow waters, why experts don't want to attempt a rescue. >> it is one of the bay area's most popular and endearing tourist attractions. we're going to tell you why the mysteries are about to be revealed to the world. what kind of temperatures we can all expect in the complete bay area forecast.
10:44 pm
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>> nasa's very first space shuttle the enterprise made a dramatic entrance into new york today. it flew around manhattan on top of a 747.
10:46 pm
the enterprise was a propowe pro -- prototype and never made a trip into space. it was supposed to be named constitution. eventually it'll be part of the intrepid museum on the hudson river. san jose's historic attraction the winchester mystery house is about to go hollywood. the story of sarah winchester and how her haunted house is being made into a major motion picture. >> reporter: it is known as the house built for spirits. the mystery of the house will soon become a motion picture. >> just the exposure from the movie is great for the house and the history and legacy as it already stands. >> reporter: the victorian mansion and it's 160 rooms was the home of sarah winchester, the widow of the man who made a
10:47 pm
fortune from the winchester rifle. sarah winchester expanded the mansion from 1984 until her death in 1922. in a mix of history and mythology, she designed strange question i can stairs, rooms and hall ways to house the people killed by the winchester. >> it was cool, the door that led to nowhere and the staircase that ended in the ceiling, and the cuberts with nothing in them. >> it makes for great drama. makes for a great suspension story. >> reporter: the next mysteries to solve, when will production start, who will star, who will
10:48 pm
direct. robert handa, ktvu news. it's official, the america's cup is coming to the san francisco bay. construction is already under way. officials say the america's cup is just what the city needs to boost its tourism industry. the ability for people to see san francisco shine with this sort of activity is unparalleled. people are looking for something new. people are looking for new experiences, that is what defines visitor satisfaction. >> city officials say the cup will create 7,000 jobs. a dolphin ended up in the wayward after taking a wrong turn. after watching the dolphin swim in circles all day. marine officials tried to see
10:49 pm
if it can find its way back to the association. when they tried to approach it, it would not allow them to get close. that means it's healthy. the forecast goes like this, tonight is going to be another cool one but not as cold as last night. temperatures are going to be in the mid-40s in the coldest spots. we'll see temperatures near 80 or at 80. the extended forecast partly sunny and cooler as we head into next week. right now all you're thinking about is the weekend. these are the overnight lows. highs tomorrow are going to come up another five to 10
10:50 pm
degrees. we move through the microclimates. around the bay low 70s. you go to places like moraga, 75, 76. you drop by santa clara, down by morgan hill and you're going to find upper 70s, low eight 0s. -- low 80s. as we go through the day on sunday temperatures are going to get to the upper 60s. not the best direction for sailing but there'll be lots of activity on the bay on sunday. everything stays warm. i think sunday pacifica, half- moon bay you folks are going to notice the low clouds and fog and that's going to cool you off. we have lots of cities.
10:51 pm
we have four panels. 44 cities, four areas with really nice spring like temperatures. 79 in livermore. 80 in gilroy, along the coast. saturday these are saturday's numbers. sunday's numbers are going to be cooler because of that fog. a five day forecast, no rain in this one. there's no rain past 10 days. looks like a pretty dry period coming up. temperatures will be about as warm as they've been all week and. >> thank you, bill. coming up here watch time lapse pictures of the rising of the new world trade center, it is about to hit a milestone. @ ♪
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[ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪
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the 2013 sl. the building has rising in the footprint of the new york trade center is rising. by monday it is expected to become the tallest building in new york city surpassing the empire state building. the twin towers were the tallest buildings in manhattan until they collapsed during the september 11th terrorist attack. >> as you said, with the kids it's a spectacular and the memorial is just beautiful. fred is here he's in tonight.
10:55 pm
>> during the offseason and this week's draft they've been working on putting some punch in the offense. tonight san francisco picks a duck. niners have a lot of running backs but james could help. 49ers first round pick a.j. jenkins was introduced this week to the media in santa clara. jenkins made 90 catches for more than 1,200 runs. 49ers like aj's's speed and intelligence so they made him the 30th over all pick.
10:56 pm
>> words can't really describe that feeling. >> reporter: raiders general manager reggie mackenzie and dennis allen finally saw some action. they had today's final pick and selected utah's bergstrom. andrew luck with the colts, michael schwartz heads to cleveland. dolphins take justin martin. eagles take kendricks. san diego came to the city with the worse record. san francisco is a team that just can't hit or catch. but tonight giants play down to the competition. giants hosting a home stand, 1- 0 in the pegana pounds this deep into the seats. it's pegan's biggest homer. giants pitcher eric looked a
10:57 pm
little nervous in his first major league start but he quickly settled down. hacker gave up three runs and 7 innings. pablo sandovaled homered tonight. men are men and gloves are really glove. 2-run homer to break the tie. that's sports as we see it this friday night. and more draft tomorrow. >> i love that big glove. >> where did he get that? >> texas, everything is bigger in texas. >> you bet. >> thank you for watching, we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> and the news continues tomorrow. they're going to have live coverage of the doyle drive project. it the will continue for 57 hours straight until 5:00 a.m.
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