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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  May 7, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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vanished. >> they ubtrained surveillance video -- obtained surveillance video where the vehicle is seen. >> reporter: one resident says he contacted investigators after seeing cars he didn't recognize on his security camera tape from march 16. >> we know she was supposed to be on the bus. so i looked and saw a couple cars i didn't understand. and they took the entire tape. we talked to sierra lamar's mother who is asking the public to be on the look out for the jetta. we will hear more from the family and investigators later at 6:00. live, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details about the disappearance of sierra lamar.
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she vanished ony. 16. the -- on march 16. the next day her cell phone was found. march 18 they found her bag with a t-shirt and pants inside. on the same day boat teams searched reservoirs. on march 29 they found a box labeled handcuffs and two used condoms but it investigators say they are -- but investigators say they are not related. officer shot and killed a suspect yesterday morning. the officer said the suspect pointed a gun at him. a second officer was shot in the league. chouteau avenue -- sergio angel arruda remains in jail
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after a police pursuit. he is charged with evading arrest, resisting arrest and operating vehicle without a license. police are still looking for three other men in the car. crime in oakland is causing thousands of residents oo move out of -- to move out of town. every homicide in the city leads to the departure of about 70 people. when large numbers of people move away it create as drag on the economy, makes it harder for businesses to grow and raise the tax dollars to run the city. one woman said she is moving out. >> i don't feel safe anymore. the crime grows every year. cars racing all the time. >> from 2000-2010 when the city
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averaged 118 homicides a year the population dropped by 1800 people. a group of occupy protesters is still in farmland in albany. they hoped to have the dispute settled by today but protesters are still have agameting. coming up, what is at steak for university of california at berkeley researchers who use the farm. new at 5:00, the cia stopped another underwear bomber attack on a u.s. airplane. the plot involved a more sophisticated bomb than the one that failed in 2009. authorities say this time a al- qaeda cell planned to blown up a plane bound for had united states. the fbi is trying to determine if it would have passed through the airport security. u.s. defense secretary leon panetta says they will do
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everything to keep america safe. >> what it makes clear is this country has to into remain vigilant against those that seek to attack this country. >> the cia says they stopped the bomb before he bought a plane ticket and no americans were in danger. california primary is underway. departments are sending out the june 5 ballots. the last day to request a vote by mail is may 29. this will be the first test of california's new open primary. democrats and republicans can vote for any candidate regardless of party. coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00, we will tell you more and how it could effect some races. it was mitt mitt romney's turn to fire back today.
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he appeared in cleveland at a rally. this weekend in ohio president obama accused mitt romney of being out of touch. and today mitt romney hit hard on the economy. >> not enough people have been finding good jobs and a lot of people lost their homes. that is a promise he didn't keep. we need a president who understands what it takes to get the economy going again. >> the white house tried to deflect the message by criticizing mitt romney for not responding to a woman. mayor ed lee is set to release his witnesses for the san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi hearing. they submitted a special list of fact witnesses. the commission hearing is expected to get underway at the end of the month. on thursday it will be ross
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mirkarimi's turn oo produce his -- to produce his list. yahoo's ceo is still on the job. ktvu's noelle walker is here with more. >> reporter: it is the politics of business. a share holder who wants more seats went digging for dirt and found it at the highest level. >> reporter: one of the largest share holders called for the firing of the ceo by this morning. because while his resume states he has a degree in computer science, yahoo confirms the degree is in accounting. the deadline came and went. >> they have no choice but to replace him. >> reporter: he said the problem for yahoo is about the ceo's character than ability.
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>> behavior runs down hill. if the ceo exaggerates the employees exaggerates more. >> reporter: it is a valuable lessons for students. when jobs are tough to come by the temptation can be great. >> everything on your resume truthful. updated. i ran it by the career center and they approved it. >> reporter: we spoke to a former ebay employee -- [no audio] >> computer science -- >> reporter: i tried to reach yahoo for comment but did not hear back. an article read, yahoo didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. a jury in san francisco
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ruled in favor of oracle in its lost against google while handing it a major set back. the jury decided that google infringedfringed the copyright but the jury reached often impasse on whether it fell under the rules of fair use or not. without that it will be difficult to win the millions. google is moving for a mistrial. gas prices are on the decline. aa aa shows the national average $3.78. in the bay area the average price in san francisco is $4.30. down 6 cents from a month ago. oakland $4.20. san jose $4.21. both down a nickel a gallon. on wall street stocks
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closed lower over all. france signal a move towards economic growth. here are today's closing numbers. the dow is down 30 to 13,008. the nasdaq is up one at 2,957. san francisco may be losing the 49ers but the city will get something in return. ktvu's david stevenson tells us what they agreed to and what it could mean for the city and the team. the 49ers and san francisco officials worked out a deal in which the team would pay a price to leave early. >> reporter: for some fans the departure is a betrayal. >> san francisco 49ers. >> reporter: the team's lease runs through the end of the
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2015 season. it is cutting a deal that would allow it to exit early. >> you know, with our stadium if we -- we want the ability to move a year early if we are able to construct it. >> reporter: in exchange san francisco would get a million dollars for its recreation and parks department. jobs for workers that new stadium and a agreement to land a super bowl. >> that is hundreds of millions of dollar as it the local economy. -- dollars for the local economy. >> reporter: the 49ers press officer didn't return our calls but they hope the team will move executive officers to san francisco. >> cheated? no. >> reporter: some fans will follow the team, others say the
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2015 season should stay that stick. >> reporter: the propose goes before the board of supervisors tomorrow. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. the smell is gone but the mystery remains after people reported a strong smell of natural gas this morning. at 8:00 a.m. the smell was so strong schools evacuated. pg&e, firefighters and the county hazmat team tested the air but didn't find anything. >> the weather is very calm this morning, probably slight inversion that would hold down the odor. >> the smell dissipated a hour later and the students were sent back to class.
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whether you are looking for a tour of the golden gate bridge, perhaps a souvenir hat or a picture that top of the bridge, this is the place you will want to be ahead. >> a very warm to hot day today, 90s out there, it will be very warm tomorrow again, i will have the specifics. cçrrú
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. the fire department saved a swimmen at crown beach -- swimmer at crown beach this morning. they jumped into the water offer a pleasure boat and they began struggle. last year a suicidal man drowned off of crown beach. firefighters saying they were
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not satisfied. a woman hit and killed in san francisco yesterday. police say she was returning a shopping cart to the trader joe joe's super market when a truck hit her. the accident happened near the crest of the hill and the driver's vision may have been blocked. people say it is a dangerous spot for pedestrians. >> a lot of cars that fly down here. and there is a lot of cars that go in to trader joe's. crossing is dangerous. >> police say the driver stopped. there is no indication he will be charged. police are crediting air bags with preventing injuries in a roll over accident this morning. one of the vehicles might have run a red light. it tied up traffic for 30 minutes. the grand opening of a new
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visitors center kicks off celebration for the golden gate bridge. >> fun place. let me show you something. this tie was designed by the guy who designed the bridge. i bought it there just today and you can too. the new visitors center is a $6,000,000.50 $6,000,000.50. >> these walk ways for here for all time. not only to the people that come this year but the next year and years after that. >> reporter: the center provides historical tours for a fee. >> for the first time there will be daily tours of the bridge. >> i think it would be great to know the history. have someone explain it. walking around with you, letting you know the facts because if you walk over it right now there isn't a lot
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there. >> great. i can see all the things and learn how they construct the buildings. >> this is an incredible opportunity for us. >> reporter: this green screen system will handle the fog. >> for the are so many days when it is so foggy you can't see the bridge. for many people this is the only time they will be here. for myself having been on the top, this is way more fun. >> for them to be able to take home a photo of themselves at the bridge, that is priceless. >> reporter: proceeds support the center and new activity for visitors. consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> our coverage continues of
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the visitors center, go to, and click on the slide show. officials are reminding homeowners get ready for wildfire season. part of wildfire awareness week. a dry winter could mean an early start. they want home owners to clear 100 feet from around their homes. it was a beautiful day in the bay area, sounds like it is hot and getting hotter. >> spring time right now, early may and we have 90s out there. the fog will have an impact on the coastal temperatures for tomorrow. i will show you and you can see it. here it is. you see the fog showing up. a little south. what you see here, the winds, upper level winds, blowing off shore right here. see how it is notching out the
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fog. surface winds out of the west. we have wind along the coast. the fog is coming back, cools things off along the coast. inland stays warm. if not warmer tomorrow than today. upper 80s and low 90s. 50 in vallejo tomorrow morning. coastal fog. the inversion is so shallow. we are doing the story about the smell in the atmosphere, inversion, it is shallow, the air gets capped behind the hills and the cool moist air can't get through. it will squeeze through the golden gate bridge gap there, that is why the winds are strong but the cooling will not impact the valley, antioch, morgan hill. high-pressure system as we head into a beautiful bay area week
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ahead. temperatures cooler each day but we are looking at a nice pattern. plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the 70s and low 80s. nice throughout. the high pressure stays off shore. as it sits it will allow weather systems to track to the north and gets you the inversion. tomorrow beautiful. like today except for the patchy fog along the coast. tree pollens are nasty and the grasses are showing up as well. this pattern is stuff on you for the allergy sufferers. when i come back we will have complete forecasts, for your city and the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. >> thank you. peninsula experts are searching for the mother of a baby owl found. we have a picture of the owlet.
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the peninsula humane society says it is now healthy but it is too young to live on its own. volunteers returned to the park to try to find the nest or a foster owl family. the words are raising eyebrows. >> i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marries men, women marrying women. >> what the white house says about vice president joe biden's words and how gay couples are responding. >> a trip that will end right here in the bay area, why and who is traveling along with the road show. q
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my feelings about this are evolving. i struggle with this. >> that is how president obama described his stants against same-sex marriage 10 years ago. today vice president joe biden says his opinion has changed. the president says his views are still unfolding. vice president joe biden couldn't have sent a clearer message. >> what this is about is a simple proposition, who do you love? who do you love? i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying
5:25 pm
men, women marrying women. >> joe biden and the white house said today the vice president's comments do not signal a change in the administration's stand when it comes to same-sex marriage but they noted president obama made strides for gay rights. the president opposes the marriage act and he repealed "don't ask, don't tell." we asked people about the comments. >> great. the right way to be. i don't know how much it helps president obama. >> the present doesn't make the decision but if he would say that as the leader he supports it, it would be more encouraging. >> vice president joe biden isn't the only official to back gay marriage. this weekend arnie duncan said
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he supports marriage rights for same sex couple. mitt romney also said he opposes same-sex marriage. we have an update. he believes the chinese government will hold up its deal to allow him to study in the united states. he has an invitation oo attend new york university. he is in a hospital recovering from a fractured foot. auction ears put off the forecloser sale of the octomom. it is now scheduled for may 21. the owner nadya suleman is the mother of 14 children. she declared bankruptcy. listing assets of less than $50 million and deaths of more than
5:27 pm
$1 million. protesters continue to farm on university of california at berkeley land. why they say crops like this are at risk. >> tour of california begins on sunday. i will have a report that could make the difference between winning and losing.
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. complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. >> these protesters are told to lead the land where years year -- occupy protesters moved in and started planting crop on
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university of california land. ktvu's allie rasmus is live now. >> reporter: this piece of land is called gill track and it is at the center of struggles between university of california at berkeley and protesters. the crops he will show you, i have in my hands and the scientists say they are caught in the middle of the fight. >> at this point and go on. >> reporter: a profester at -- profester at university of california at berkeley. >> huge history. >> reporter: there are other people cultivating the land she uses. >> our vision. >> reporter: protesters with "occupy the farm are growing their own crops. officials say they are open to sharing the land as long as they clear first. >> i have said many times we
5:31 pm
will honor their plans but they need to leave so the university can prepare the soil. >> reporter: protesters are wary of the proposal. >> there is a little bit of back and forth. >> reporter: three professors and dozens of students depend on the land. there is a lot of money also involved. >> the researchers have several million dollars in grants. >> reporter: if they remain -- >> doesn't look like they are leaving. >> reporter: the research, federal money and work will be lost. >> i don't feel like they have an exit plan that allows us to plant and we are collateral damage in their fight. >> reporter: police came to the camp to tell protesters they are trespassing. and protesters discussed whether or not to accept the
5:32 pm
proposal and we just checked in and they say they will issue a statement and putting out more details about a half hour from now. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. facebook is taking the next step towards its ipo. mark zuckerberg was in new york city today. facebook is talking about a price range of $35 a share. jay carney said the obama administration does not negotiate with al-qaeda. the remarks came after the release of a video on the internet said to be that of a man kidnapped 9 months ago in pakistan by al-qaeda.
5:33 pm
>> we call for his immediate release. the government will make every effort to see him released but we will not negotiate with al- qaeda. >> in the video he says he will be killed unless the president greases to the demand. -- agrees to the demands. one solder diagnosed with ptsd believes it is a war injury. >> any service member wounded in combat, talking about a blood and bone wound is awarded the purple heart medal. >> they are debating the issue of renaming ptsd this week.
5:34 pm
some of the fastest bike riders are getting ready for the tour of california that starts this weekend. ktvu's joe fonzi is in morgan hill where he talked to the man who is considered the number one rider on the planet. joe? >> reporter: that i did. california has some of the most diverse terrain in the world and that is something the riders will be experiencing this year in the tour of california. >> reporter: this year's tour of california won't stop in morgan hill but a morgan hill company would play a role in who win. one of the top racing bike designers where the bike's technology is as important as the guy riding it. >> we really invest all our efforts every day into the sport and we stay connected
5:35 pm
with the riders. >> sometimes i would point to a problem and they said we know. >> reporter: he is the world's top rider on a team that features three time tour of california winner. he took time off today to go on a lunchtime ride with the people who design his bikes and see the latest in research and development. >> meeting the people that -- the brains behind the bike. first two times we had bad weather but it is evolving. for the american riders this is the most important race of the season. >> reporter: the fact it doesn't take long for the advances here to strickle down to the bikes consumers can buy. for 7 years one stage of the race begun or ended here in the
5:36 pm
south bay. this year that is stage three. stage one is sunday in santa rosa. joe fonzi, ktvu channel 2 news. they have heard the battle cry and they are off for a bigger start than anticipated. >> "the avengers" won the top spot at the box office. $207million. that topped by 40 million, the record last year by the final "harry potter" movie. think like a man was a distant second. california students going out of state for college, what is driving them away and why
5:37 pm
some community college students might have to get their fix somewhere else. >> this plane is incredible, the night of a life time in a moment -- the flight of a life time in a moment. we love gardening...
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neighbors rescued a woman and her son was a burning home last night. two men jumped a fence and went in the backdoor. one of them carried the woman
5:40 pm
out of the home. no one was hurt. a lot more california high school grads appear to be heading out of state go to college, frustrating with the rising costs here. the number of california freshman has gone up at several out of state colleges. and california enrollment at the universities of oregon quadrupled. the uc system is trying to attract more out of state students because they pay more than in-state students. no more physical ed courses at college students. the policy allows repeats only if the students gets a bad grade. they are considering the change to save money.
5:41 pm
researchers have a health warning if you live near a freeway. after studying 3500 heart attack survivors. those who lived within 400 feet of a freeway were 27% more likely to die within 10 years. the farther people lived from the highway the lower the risk of death. a study released today by the cd -- centers for disease control. 30% of americans are considered obese and experts say that is costing the country $150 billion a year in healthcare. there is word that hypnosis
5:42 pm
and acupuncture should help people quit smoking. some users were three times likely to be tobacco free after quitting. dine nors may have contributed to the green house effect. dinosaurs produced 570 million tons of methane every year. that amount is dwarfed by the level of man made carbon dioxide. three times as expensive as a text book and they are required reading. the controversy over spending taxpayer dollars and whether it all adds up. >> how warm it will get in your
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a change is coming to some bay area students. but not all. ktvu's john sasaki looks at why some schools are providing students with electronic tablets. >> reporter: these seniors are lucky. they each have new technology to help them learn. >> there is so many easy things you can do with the touch of
5:46 pm
your hand. being able to get the definition. >> reporter: some of the students are reading this book for a class. >> i use it for my creative writing class. it is good for research. >> reporter: taxpayers passed a measure to buys this technology. >> this is the way the students live now. this is their reality. it is the reality of what is coming after high school. >> reporter: here it is the ipad, after officials tested other tablets. >> it is designed to listen to internet radio, watch netflix, read books but not designed for content reaction. >> reporter: they aren't cheap. ipads with three times more expensive than textbooks.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: but that is the price of teaching kids. students come to the library to work on laptops but a lucky few have ipads. >> we have been using especially a nineteenth century technology and here we are in the front of the 21 century. >> reporter: she does home work on hers but her classes don't offer curriculum using the ipad. >> students will be more interested and understanding. something they like so they would be interesting. >> reporter: they have two of the only tablet programs in the area are growing the program with bond money. but other districts don't have the funds. >> we have issues. the schools plan to have a
5:48 pm
tablet in place by 2018. john sasaki ktvu channel 2 news. few muni passes for low income minors. last month they approved to give the passes to 35 low income riders under 18. but it is contingent on a grant. they will take up the issue wednesday. the public has a chance to vote on what to name some chicks at city hall. school children came up with 10 finalist names. if you want to vote, go to vogue ends next wednesday -- voting ends next weekend. things are looking good. nice weather. not worried about rain. it will be dry and warm and
5:49 pm
tomorrow being warmer than today. some places. in the inland valleys. let's look at current temperatures. 87 in santa rosa. 74 at the san francisco airport. 75 in oakland. 88 concord. the winds that golden gate bridge, 24. that is what we are tracking is the winds out of the west. they will bring some of the fog up along the coast. you see the fog. that is the mechanism for cooling coast side. that fog is not going to get far inland and temperatures inland, these are today's highs, tomorrow it will be about the same or warmer. fairfield could make 90 degrees tomorrow. maybe 92. warmer inland tomorrow. cooler coast. the fog settles in. the fog, highway 1, coast line, visibilities could be low.
5:50 pm
really packed. tomorrow, the fog comes back along the coast. that cools things off. cooler there, and everywhere else warmer in some places. inland bay valleys and around the bay, oakland, san francisco, you will come down a few degrees. there will be cooling through the golden gate bridge. reds are 90s tomorrow. you get the picture. plenty of warmth tomorrow. similar to today. winds out of the west, west, northwest, up to 20 miles per hour tomorrow afternoon, that is the mechanism that will cool the inland valleys wednesday. highs tomorrow, 90s throughout the bay area. 91 pleasanton. 91 livermore. 77 alameda, some of the cool air filters through the golden gate bridge. 90 gilroy. 65 pacifica. and fog there by tomorrow afternoon.
5:51 pm
five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, nothing wrong with that. yeah. that is a good looking week. really is. at 10:00 we will talk about the hay fever and tree pollen. >> i thought of you today. >> you don't get allergies do you? >> not anymore. >> thank you. there are a handful of b17 bombers from world war ii that are still flying today. i got a chance to go up in one of them. what i found inside and what i found surprising right after the break.
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take a step forward and chase what matters. . developing news in the peninsula city. pg&e crews are at the scene of a gas main break. it is a short street just east of 280. this is the result of a construction accident. at this time there is no call for evacuations. but we are trying to get more information for you on the gas break. when we get it we will pass it along to you here on ktvu channel 2 news. court today reversed its demands the u.s. make changes in veteran's mental health care. it over turn as ruling -- turns
5:55 pm
a ruling. they said the handling of posttraumatic stress disorder and other claims were unconstitutional. today a panel ruled any changes may only be ordered by congress or the president. we got a chance to fly on history today. >> reporter: a b-17 bomber, one of only 11 still flying. the flying fortress. a gunner underneath the plan and another one squeezed into the rear of the plane. our pilot never flew a b-17 bomber in combat but always thinks of all the men who did. >> they lost more than the marines did in the pacific. >> reporter: once we took off, the first thing you floats is how -- you notice is how loud
5:56 pm
it is. this is what you have to do to get through here. you have to crawl on your knees. this is not for people who are clawser phobic. >> reporter: after a tour of the bay, our flight was over. >> we are just about to come down for a landing here. >> reporter: that landing wasn't as rough as i thought it would be. if you want to see the b-17 bomber it will be that hayward air port saturday. >> tight squeeze. coming up, it has been six months since this connen foration and now time is
5:57 pm
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a new lead tonight in the search for sierra lamar and the picture investigators want you to see. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >> good evening. i am. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. >> investigators are asking the public to be on the alert for a car that could be connected to sierra lamar's disappearance and they ruled out evidence that was discovered. ktvu's robert handa is live where he just spoke with sierra lamar's mother about an hour ago. robert? >> reporter: as you canb imagine this new information -- as you can imagine this new information is delivering hope. this is a new development in trying to find sierra lamar. >> reporter: she met me an hour ago. today the sheriff's department released this picture of a red


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