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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  May 21, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> effect me? i will sell more. >> reporter: he first revealed to ktvu this morn warriors president on sunday promised him the team is coming. >> really nice guy. really nice man and he said everything will be find in building the arena. >> reporter: sources say talks of building a warriors arena on a plot of land to be developed by the giants stalled out over control of the product. mayor ed lee says the ball is in the warriors' court. >> i am excited. we put the best foot forward. i think our city has the pedigree of success. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, what san francisco mayor told us it would take to pay for the new arena. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and san francisco's gain
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would be oakland's loss, at 5:30, how oakland is reacting. construction crews bringing the 49ers to santa clara rolled in in a big way today. crews started the process of sinking more than 3,000 pilings to support the structure. they hope to install 120 each day over the next 25 days. it uses a technique that is environmentally friendly. >> we found a way to reduce the cement content to reduce the carbon foot front. >> the 49ers will start playing there in 2014. developing news, search crews in yosemite national park have found a 22-year-old university of california at
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santa cruz student live and well. john paul chaufan field. rangers spotted him this afternoon 5 miles from the campground. he was unharmed and in good health. no heard how he was separated. facebook fizzled. shares for friday was $38. today facebook shares closed at $34. a drop of $4. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar is live in san francisco with what is behind the slide. >> reporter: friday investors spent $16 billion. today that is worth $14 billion. it boils down to this. >> reporter: today investors lost $4 on each facebook share. >> on friday those were the optimistic investors, today are
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cautious. is it going to grow as fast as it has been? you have the bloom off the rose. >> reporter: he studies economics at stanford. >> i think it is good for silicon valley there is risk involved. not everything is a guaranteed win. >> reporter: he says it was bad timing. >> this is a significant trading market right now. there is not a lot of investing going on. >> reporter: many investors are avoiding the stock market and facebook made its own troubles. first its earning were trending down. too many shares were offered and two many insiders were allowed to sell their stock. >> nasdaq operated poorly so what went right? >> they have investment funds,
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they have got a war chest that they can round out their product offering. >> i am encouraged by the fact they are set up to play for the long run. those who did that have done very well. >> reporter: tomorrow day three for facebook on the rough and tumble stock market. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> nasdaq officials are apologizing for a technical error that delayed facebook's debut. the exchange is embarrass immediate trading was supposed to start at 11:00 a.m. but didn't open for another 30 minutes. the nasdaq ceo says it did not diabetic facebook's market performance. yahoo reached on agreement to sell back half of its interest in the company. it will bring in $7 billion in
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cash and stock and yahoo plans to spend $5.5 billion buying back its own stock. they have been in negotiations for two years. stock closed up 1% today. stocks regrouped today with hope of political progress in the greek debt crisis. >> the dow bounced back from a losing streak. the dow is up 135 to 12,504. the nasdaq is up 68 at 2,847. another government agency announced it is investigating jp morgan chase big trading losses. the commission began looking into jp morgan chase investments and the resulting $2 billion loss. securities and exchange commission is investigating how they disclosed the loss to share holders and the fbi
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launched a criminal investigation. the ceo called the loss an embarrassment and a black mark. the oakland unified school district is the focus of a police investigation. ktvu's cara liu is live, you talked with the school district and one mother whose son was killed by school police. the district keeps its own police force. about 9 officers. officials learned last week they may have to turn over documents as part of a federal investigation. >> reporter: the oakland unified school district police force is under investigation. according to a spokesman. >> supposed to be confidential. someone didn't abide by that and leaked the information so i will confirm there is a grand jury investigation. the district hasn't been notify offend the scope of the investigation.
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but speculates it is connected to one of the controversies the department faced last year. he mentioned the january 2011 police shooting of raheim brown who was parked outside of a school dance. police claim the officer opened fire after seeing raheim brown stab another officer. >> it is disgusting. you have no right to take a person's life because you are a police officer. he wasn't trying to hurt him. the district plans to cooperate. >> we have nothing to hide. we will accommodate any request. >> reporter: we reached out to theuse departments of -- to the u.s. department of justice but haven't received a comment. cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. friends and family of a fallen army sergeant gathered today, they died may 6 in
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afghanistan. it was his third tour of duty. his first in afghanistan. funeral services were held this morning. he is survived by his wife and two sons. president obama said today that nato allies agreed to a plan to wind down the war in afghanistan. president obama said when the u.s. combat mission in afghanistan ends next year, nato will continue to train and advise afghan forces. >> we can pull back our troops in a responsible way and we can start rebuilding america and making some of the investments we made in afghanistan here back home. >> the president said progress is being made on reopening supply roots. pakistan closed the routes after a u.s. air strike cleared
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two dozen. and the bay area is in president obama's very near future. we will have details on his next trip here. the naacp is speaking about today about a resolution. they voted to endorse same-sex couples. the mission of the naacp has been to ensure the equality of all people. he discussed his parents who back in 1966 lived in a state where interracial marriage was illegal. >> i am a bit moved. my parents' own marriage was against the law at the time and they had tie return here to baltimore after getting married in washington, d.c. the procession was mistaken for a
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funeral. >> the vote comes after president obama's decision to support same-sex marriage. bill to help californias who were thrown out of the military for being gay is making its way. the bill would help veterans who were discharged because they were gay to clear they records. it now moves to the senate. student from rutgers university received 30 days in jail for using a webcam to spy on his gay roommate who later committed suside. he suicide and he has to pay a $10,000 $10,000 fine and attend counseling. he cried when his mother
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pleaded for leniency. >> why was he so mean spirited and evil that he would humiliate him. >> he was convicted of a hate crime for videotaping tyler clementi kissing another man. tyler clementi killed himself a few days after that. the weather is heating up and so is cal fire. how they began ramping up for fire station and what firefighters are doing get ready. >> fog will be a big story, lots of coastal fog will play into your forecast. back here in just a few minutes. mom? hmm?
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. early on there are concerns about this year's fire season. our chief meteorologist bill martin says there is no rain expected for weeks. ktvu's robert handa is live
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where fire crews are at the ready. >> reporter: fire season is upon us. if you can't tell, you can tem by staffing at cal fire station. we are here, the central facility for santa clara county. today is the first day cal fire is staffing the engines, half of the agency fire season staff came on today and will staff the engines 24/7. today was the first day for many training classes for supervisors and firefighters. crews are coming here from the bay area to the oregon boarder getting ready. the this afternoon many made their way to this field for the sessions. >> today we are conducting training burn exercises. this is part of a regional class. we bring people from all over to the santa clara unit to take
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a wild land fire investigation training class. >> reporter: as we showed you last week, the special unit went into operation on a minimal basis and now conducting training sessions. live, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. officials say due to budget cuts a record number of school districts are in financial trouble and more are facing insolvency. 188 districts received negative financial ratings from the state. that is up from 45. the list includes the oakland unify school districts. -- unified school districts. san francisco mayor ed lee named a street after nancy pelosi. in golden gate park connecting
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martin luther king and john john f. kennedy drive. it honors her 25th year in congress. caltrans is giving commuters a heads up of construction closures. tomorrow night, highway 4 will be shut down over night. lanes will be closed from 11:00 p.m. through 6:00 a.m. the closures are part of the project to widen the freeway to six lanes. let's talk about our weather. we saw the fog already hit san francisco? >> yeah. cooler day tomorrow. the fog is back. the on shore flow is pressing in and that begins the cooling. sunday was a warm day. today you see cloud cover north
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by redding, the south wind, there is a weak system up there and that takes the top off the inversion, stretches out the inversion, and allows the fog, look where it is, over the coastal hills, a thousand feet, over a thousand feet in many locations. check it out. this is early. hayward. oakland, napa. you know tonight when you get up tomorrow morning there will be full aerial coverage of fog tomorrow. all 9 counties will have fog. there is the system as it goes through. bringing rain to the north. be nice if we got rain, wouldn't it? the rain is north. this is weak enough that it stretched out the atmosphere and that is why the fog is pushed in. look that temperatures. 57 degrees in san francisco. you get away from the fog, this
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is the microclimate, back into the 80s. not for us. we will see lots of 70s. maybe couple low 80s. but the forecast, through time here, will be for a cooling trend. sunday was warm. -- sunday was warm. today cool. tuesday mid-70s. maybe couple upper 70s. through the week, more of the same, fog in the morning and mild day time highs. standard late spring weather. but it is not as stunning as the weather we experienced yesterday. hope you got to see the eclipse yesterday. stunning. 49 in santa rosa. 51 napa. 53 fairfield. fog when you wake up u concord, fremont, hayward. when i come back i will give you the high for your city, we go to the five-day forecast and
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looking that weekend. a recall of bagged salads is being expanded. they are recalling bag salads across the countries after they detected listeria. initially it only effected california and colorado. river ranch, fresh and easy and cisco. they have best buy dates bean may 2000 and may 29. police haven't released a cause for a deadly crash friday that killed a young woman who just graduated. she died when the car she was in flew into a nearby tree. authorities say she just graduated from the university of california at berkeley with degrees in social welfare. her son and her boyfriend were also in the car and suffered serious injuries. san jose residents will weigh in on a water rate hike
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tonight. they want a 44% hike over the next three years. they say it is needed to upgrade and people are using less water. tonight 7:00's hearing will be at the event center. big catch off the california coast. but what was fished out of the ocean turned out to be a major surprise. >> caused damage and sent three people to the hospital, what authorities are saying about the cause of this weekend's fire.
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. investigators think a two alarm house fire saturday night was accidental. they are still looking for the exact cause. that fire sent three people to the hospital. it took fire crews 20 minutes to put out a fire that did minor damage to two homes. the fire started in a truck nearby and spread to the two town homes. that was after 9:00 a.m. no one was injured. the district attorney will seek the death penalty for a former marine for killing six people. he was arrested january 13 of this year after a homeless man
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was stabbed to death. witnesses chased him into a trailer park after the crime. investigators and dna linked him to the deaths of three other homeless men and a mother and her son. talk about a big catch. they fished out tons of marijuana off the southern california coast. 160 bails of marijuana were gathered yesterday uth of los angeles. a boater saw them floating in the water and called police. authorities say it has a street value of $3.6 million. four men arrested in los angeles in connection with an attack in the dodger stadium parking lot. it happened after a fender bender got out of hand. a car driving by a man hit another car as they were leaving yesterday. three men from a third car also got involved. they held the man down while the other driver kicked him. the victim is in stable
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condition tonight. this comes a year after bryan stow was beaten in the dodger parking lot. when you get in your car, buckle up. today is the start of it the clickt or clickt or tick ticket campaign -- click it or tick it campaign. california has 96% of people buckling up for their safety. ered -- can oakland afford to lose the golden state warriors? >> this is the governor's mansion a state park on the closure list, a plan to save it and all of california state parks.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. >> oakland basketball fans and leaders are reacting to rumors that the golden state warriors may be leaving town. the golden state warriors may be san francisco bound. ktvu's jade hernandez is live at oakland city hall after speaking about the move. >> reporter: it is hard to dismiss the rumors hitting city hall tonight. can oakland afford losing the golden state warriors? >> no shovel turned over in san francisco yet. the golden state warriors are here. let's focus on the court. >> reporter: spoken like a man who just renewed his season pass.
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the city's renovations have proven the city has done what it can. inside city hall, he acknowledges why san francisco is wooing the warriors now. >> we are hoping we are still in the game. and we understand san francisco losing the 49ers and they don't want to be a city without a sports franchise. >> reporter: neither does oakland. >> the fans are such die hard fans that that sports facility is always full. >> reporter: for the team, work out practice continued as scheduled and the city administrator told me negotiations are still on going. >> even if they make an announcement soon that doesn't mean the talks with us are off
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the table. >> reporter: thursday or friday of last week, that is the last time the warriors spoke to officials. and they have a lease till 2017 and the team might have to spend $80 million to get out of the contract. 700 jobs would vanish per game from this side of the bay. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details on the warriors. it started up in 1946 in philadelphia and staid there till 1963. then moved to san francisco, 1971 the team became the golden state warriors and moved to oakland. san francisco police are out with numbers on how many people ran into trouble yesterday during the bay to breakers. 40,000 runners and walkers. only 19 were arrested. police haven't disclosed the
5:31 pm
charges. however in recent years they cracked down on runners drinking. at least 8 people were sited yesterday for carrying open containers and possession of marijuana. lawmakers may finally agree on something, a plan to save our state parks. 70 parks are now on the closure list. ktvu's ken pritchett is in sacramento with the plan and how it works. ken? >> reporter: this is the governor's mansion and the last governor to live here was ronald reagan, since then it has been a state park when is on the closure list. >> reporter: on monday the governor's mansion is closed. >> shouldn't be closing it. such a historic site. >> reporter: and the lawmakers agree. >> we are here because we face
5:32 pm
the specter of possibility dozens of state parks closing. >> reporter: he has half a dozen parks on the closure list in his district, authored the bill to save all california parks on the list by creating a parks trust fund. seated by bond money and contributions from californians. drivers could buy a save our state parks license plate or they could check a box on the federal form or buy a park's annual pass with their state refund. >> i think we can achieve it. >> reporter: there are no new taxes in the plan. >> what do you say? save all the state parks? >> yeah! >> reporter: how many of the 70
5:33 pm
parks on the closure list will close remains a moving target. many state parks have been saved with nonprofits to run the parks. in sacramento, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >> here is a look at a dozen state parks in the bay area that were scheduled foreclosure. there are more than 70 parks statewide slated for closure. you can see the entire list on, click on web links. opponents of a measure held a demonstration in sacramento today. the proper 28 forces held a long wooden force to the capital. they said it would allow lawmakers to serve more time in the capital. right now they are limited to 14 years. proper 28 would reduce that to
5:34 pm
12 years. opponents say it would allow people to stay in the legislator for 12 years. >> 80% increase in time this initiative. >> supporters of the measure say it will result in less time for politics and more time to get things done. president obama plans to visit the bay area this week. his last trip was in february. it includes fundraisers wednesday and thursday. >> the visit comes as mitt romney seen his support in california drop. fundraising for mitt romney dropped in the golden state. in march mitt romney and president obama raised $2.3 million in california.
5:35 pm
last might mitt romney raised 837,000. president obama brought in $2 million. today is the last day to register for the primary election. it has to be post marked no later than today. you can find the form on the secretary of state's website and at the post office, libraries and out election officers. the jury in the john edwards trial wrapped up without a verdict. we have video here of john edwards leaving the courthouse to take a lunch break. he is accused of using funds to hide his pregnant mistress. jurors asked to review evidence by donators. the private company sending a proctto the international space station and when the new launch is set for
5:36 pm
taking off. >> getting a parking ticket without a officer nearby, and which city could be next?
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the final journey of the uss iowa has been delayed because of the threat of bad weather. it was supposed to leave yesterday to los angeles. but a storm system is sed to
5:39 pm
the -- is headed to the california coast and officials were worries about the towing operation. the private rocket maker space x will try again tomorrow to launch. over the weekend the rocket was set to lift off and all 9 engines ignited but the computers shut down the launch. engineers traced the problem to a faulty volve. they hope to blast off before 1:00 a.m. this morning. it will be the first private rock toot attempt -- rocket to attempt this. . what caused a plane crash today. the plane went down about 6:30 a.m. the plane was dropping fertilizer when it nose dived dived and hit the ground.
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authorities are working to locate relatives of a man who drowned in the russian river. he was at steal head beach. he told friends he couldn't swim but he went in tourings to rinse -- in to rinse off. a man's children who were conceived after he died will not receive his social security benefits. twins borne to the surviving wife did not qualify. the children were conceived using frozen sperm. the social security administration rejected the application saying to qualify their father needed to be alive during conception. justices decided not to reduce a fine against a student
5:41 pm
who illegally downloaded music and shared it over the internet. he was sued in 2009 for illegally sharing 30 songs and a jury ordered him to pay $22,000 for each song. illegal parkers be wear. cameras are out to catch you and ticket you. >> back here in 10 minutes, fog, the work week and the five- day forecast with your weekend in view.
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the one parking violation that brings in more money than any other in the city. ktvu's david stevenson tells us why drivers say they are unhappy. the sound that is in thousands of -- that sends thousands running towards their cars. >> i think it is a way to make money for the city. >> reporter: every day officers take on drivers who waited too long to move their cars for street sweepers. >> i was just backing out. i took out the trash and coming back and he gave me a ticket. >> reporter: street sweeping citations brought in $10
5:45 pm
million last year. 39% of all tickets issues. $29million a year. that is $6 million a year more than fines for expired parking meeters and than any other traffic citation. >> part of my budget is dedicated for parking tickets. >> reporter: officials are testing out two sweepers that have been mounted with cameras. the goal is to free up officers. >> we hope we can use the pcos for different services. >> reporter: 5 months in, no one received a ticket. but is that day coming? >> we are trying different things to make sure it can work. >> i don't like it. >> reporter: officials say the data captured by the cameras could be shared with law
5:46 pm
enforcement agencies. that worries drivers. >> where is the information going to be held? >> i don't like to have my privancy infringed upon. >> reporter: some say it is no match for parking control officers. >> concerned about jobs. i don't like getting tickets but in this neighborhood we need parking enforcement. >> reporter: oakland hopes to test out similar cameras and san francisco will decide whether more sweepers will issue tickets. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. a survey finds fewer californians man to hit the road this memorial day weekend. 4.2million will travel 50 or more miles over the holiday. that is down 1.5%. the number of people who plan to drive is up 1.6% from last year but air travel is expected
5:47 pm
to drop 5%. just in time for the weekend, seeing a drop in gas prices, except in california. the national dollars is $3.71. in california prices are holding steady because several refineries are shut down. in the bay area, a gallon is $4.41 in san francisco. that is down a penny from last week. in san jose $4.34. $4.33 in oakland. scope exam could save lives is the finding of a study that looked at people who had sigmoidoscopies. the study found 21% fewer cases
5:48 pm
and 26% fewer cancer deaths. the most prompinant catholic college sued the obama administration over birth control. they argue the policy is unconstitutional. they say it violates religious freedoms. president obama offered a compromise but bishops rejected the plan. firefighters in colorado hope to contain a-week-old wildfire by tomorrow. it burned 12 square miles near fort collins north of denver. a camper accidentally started the fire, there is no word on whether any charges will be filed. tonight president obama is speaking to the graduating class of joplin high school in missouri. it comes before the anniversary of the deadliest tornado,
5:49 pm
killing 161 people. it also destroyed the high school. $1million donation helped equip each student with a laptop commuter. our bay area weather, this week is different than last week. >> definitely cooler. temperatures dropped off 10 degrees today. and they will drop through time. it isn't going going to get cold, we will be 70s and 60s, maybe a couple low 80s. fog long the coast. we can see it is making its play. shooting across the san bruno gap. this is a low lying area by the airport. maybe -- i don't know what the gap is, 600 feet. you see what is happening here. the fog is making its way towards livermore. that is how you know tomorrow will be a cool day.
5:50 pm
the reason is the weather system, rain in the pacific northwest, gets over the hills. highs today down 10 degrees from yesterday. highs tomorrow, about the same, maybe cooler. not a major cool down. subtle. through time, fog and low clouds, sunny tuesday. tomorrow like today. extended forecast, like today. not a big change coming. weekend things warm up again. low 50s over night. through time, high pressure setting up. sunday was really warm. today and tomorrow, the system is impacting us. that is why the cooling. the mechanism for the cooling. we are not getting rain. it will be a hot day when you see the fog barely trickling over the hills.
5:51 pm
like today when it is over the hills you know tomorrow will be a cooler day. 60s around berkeley. 60s towards the lafayette area. 70s walnut creak and low 80 towards discovery bay, fresno. that is it. forecast highs tomorrow, lots of 70s. as you see here. five-day forecast, brakes out like this, with the bay area weekend in view. look at the numbers, it is mild. fire danger isn't huge. mild week ahead. >> thank you. why there are hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money waiting to be claimed and the happiest place on earth just got more expensive.
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day pass. california eventual is now $87 a day, up from $80 a day. annual pass is up 30% and cost $649. mother deer is safe today thanks to the action of a san jose couple. the dough became trapped and gave birth. when the land owner refused to cooperate, neighbors and officials took over. they opened the fence, and carried them outside the fence. 10 baby ducks survived today. they became trapped in a storm drain over the weekend. as the mother waited they tried to run farther into the drain but firefighters blocked their escape as a rescue volunteer climbed in and lifted them out. the california lottery
5:56 pm
wants everyone to check their tickets to see if you are the winner. someone bought a ticket and matched 5-6 numbers but haven't yet claimed the cash. the ticket was sold at a quick stop on william's road in salinas. it could soon be pay day in the south bay, coming up, the push to make sure the lowest paid workers get a better wage. >> and veterans express outrage in getting their benefits. the allies they found. mom? hmm?
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[ male announcer ] answer life's most pressing questions. instantly. get high speed internet from at&t for only $14.95 a month for 12 months. at&t. ♪ . a $2 raise is on the table in san jose, the new concern that raising the minimum rage could cost jobs. >> we talk to leaders on both sides of the bay as the golden state warriors appear poised to announce they are leaving oakland. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >> good evening. i am. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener.
5:59 pm
>> raising the minimum wage in san jose will help hard working families. ktvu's matt keller is live in san jose with why critics say the plan could have a negative impact on jobs. >> reporter: a group of students is holding a vigil here in two hours hoping to put pressure on the counsel to raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour. >> reporter: she has a friendly outgoing personality. she works part time for a large retail store. she can make $40 more a week if san jose's minimum wage increase passes. >> it would be instrumental in me getting my own personal space. >> reporter: they are scheduled to vote tomorrow. they can pass it and it would go


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