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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  June 13, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> reporter: the fire was right here where i'm standing and as bizarre as it was, it raises some questions. pg&e said that a contractor somehow punctured a gas line. pg&e says that the contractor did not notify authorities to see if there were nearby buried utility lines. it took pg&e almost two hours to shut off the burning gas. >> if pg&e didn't show up, i would say at least an hour and a half. until i see them, they start digging. >> reporter: yoot klose he is available valves for the building was under the street which required pg&e to start digging. >> the valves should not be underground but above ground. >> reporter: why not shut off the whole neighborhood? >> it would take time and take time for the gas pressure to go down and escape from the pipe itself. that might take hours. >> reporter: in other words,
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says pg&e, the gas would have kept spewing out of the burning hole, anyway and when the gas pressure was restored, hundreds of homes would have unlit pilot lights leaking into them, increasing the danger of another fire or explosion. >> we need to shut off the valve right away when there is a fire. >> if you have to relight pilot lights, that's okay? >> that's totally okay. >> the concern here is from a consumer perspective, a standard of an hour and a half for a gas line to be burning is way too long. >> reporter: so coming up at 6:00, how soon should a response take, including some of your opinions. we will more details now on the condition of the construction worker who reportedly touched off yesterday's fire. he is reported to be stable in the st. francis hospital burn center after paramedics took him there yesterday with life- threatening burns. he was listed in critical condition yesterday. a property management
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company in down strewn released surveillance video it hopes will help catch an arsonist. the video shows a man setting fire to some furniture in derby alley yesterday morning. that's about a block left of union square. can you see him in the lower right hand side of the picture he then comes back later and adds more material to the fire. the resident manager of the nearby building put out the fire before the fire department got there. neighbors hope someone will recognize the arsonist and call police. arson investigators say they think an early morning fire that left dozens of people homeless at a redwood city apartment complex was deliberately set. the fire started at a car port at 523 stanbaugh street. investigators from the san mateo sheriff department collected evidence from a scene that they call suspicious. flames destroyed two apartments and five cars and damaged another five vehicles. >> i ran outside to seat cars.
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they blew up at the same time and i yelled to everybody get on and my mom, i told my mom. >> redwood city fire officials said that flames spread to the car port to the apartment above just before midnight sending dozens of residents from their burning homes. all of the people got out safely but one dog died in the fire. arson investigators found an accelerant near the vehicles and other clues that lead them to believe that the fire was intentionally set. seven-time tour de france winner lance armstrong is facing new allegations of doping today. the charges from the u.s. anti- doping agency threatens to strip armstrong of his tour de france victory. armstrong has denied similar allegations in the past. in february, a federal agency ended it investigation into armstrong, without charming him. armstrong said that he had
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passed hundreds of drug tests and passed them all. and a nurses strike is going to affect patient here in burlingame for almost a week. >> reporter: 11 different campus has their own strikes and picket lines early this among. take a look right here. we are live at the mills peninsula where a rally just started for these nurses. i want to stretch that each hospital had its own spicy fish issues dealing with the contracts. this was the scene this morning outside alba bates in oakland as some nurses have been on strike since yesterday morning. >> reporter: here is a look at the perk lee campus. they oppose the demand which say would drastically change their contract. >> the hospital is proposing about 1100 takeaways that will eradicate the contract that we had worked the last six years to get. >> we are asking for real changes in their contract in
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terms of some benefit changes. there is no question about that. that's being done throughout the country, firefighters, policemen, nurses are not immune to that. >> reporter: some of those changes include reduction in nurse's health care, retirement and days off. the hospital wants to change the current sick poll sifnlt so ridiculous that they can think that nurses can work without sick time or put us on the government for sick time for short term disability. >> we not cutting sick time. we are offering our nurses up to eight weeks of paid time off every year. >> reporter: but nurses say that may sound like a not but for senior nurses, that could cost them between 12 and 17 day as year. >> that's significant. that's a weak here that is sick time or vacation time, time to regroup, time to recharge. >> reporter: this is the nurses' fourth time striking. they say that one-day strikes are successful because since
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last year, they forced the hospitals without takeaways and the hospital hired the nurses for five-day contracts. so no patient services will be affected. a series of sexual assault cases involving children has a san francisco startup changing its policies. scout is a mobile flirting app for the iphone and android platforms. the company is under fire in three states where adults are accused of assaulting children which its met. scout says it's suspending its service for teenagers and announced it is working on new safeguards. everyone would say that finding a way to stop childhood sexual exploitation is a good thing so why would some protesters try to shut down such a conference this afternoon? patty lee is live. >> reporter: there is a first time for most everything. a group calling it self occupy patriarchy believesin their argument enough to gather downtown but many hid their
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identities behind masks. protesters rushed the door to this oakland downtown marriott hotel to disrupt the first conference organized by the alameda d.a.'s office to stop the sex trafficking of children, one of the fastest growing crimes in the united states. >> on the average, just oakland alone, some of our street workers are encountering as many as 250 kids a year. >> outside, members of this crowd claimed that a conference was a thinly veiled attempt to increase the harassment and repression of sex workers. >> they don't ask for our help when it's like they are thinking that we are criminals, too. >> reporter: this east bay sex trade worker said that if law enforcement want to identify the criminals exploiting children, they should stop criminalizing the adult sex workers who are in this profession by choice. >> i would help if i could.
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and i would identify who is doing the bad stuff. >> reporter: and they are setting up hot lines so that even those who are breaking the law can reach out without repercussions. contra costa county sheriff department are looking for two suspects who shot two victims and left the scene? a car. the motive is not yet known. there is no word on the extend of the victim's injuries. santa clara police say they named a suspect in a homicide that took place nearly 16 months ago. on february 27th of last year, officers found 30-year-old alfonso castillo lying dead in the 3200 block of monroe street. he had been stabbed several times. they now have a warrant for 22- year-old roberto armenta. he goes by the name daniel also. anyone who knows where he is is asked to call the santa clara
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police department california democratic leaders say that the legislature will vote on a budget before the friday constitutional deadline. governor brown and the legislature are continuing to negotiate on how to close the $17 billion budget shortfall. a florida judge has ordered the release of more evidence in the trayvon martin case. the material includes crime scene photos, an autopsy report and tests conducted on george zimmerman who was charged with second degree murder in the killing of unarmed teenager trayvon martin. the judge ruled that the names of the witnesses in the case will be withheld along with photos of the teen's body. the violence in syria is intensifying tonight as united nations peace monitors come under attack. the screaming cloud of
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government sporters swarmed into the caravan, smashing windows. in war-torn homes, government forces let loose a barrage of shelling. russia is denying the u.s.' claim that russia is sending helicopters to syria. pro terses gathered along the russian consulate to protest the shipment of arm shipments to syria from russia. one woman shied has relatives in syria fighting for the rebels. >> i do worry, but i'm not -- i'm no less than the people who actually go to the streets every day knowing that they may not go home, you know, alive. >> the obama administration should do action, not just talk. enough talk. diplomacy has failed people. >> at one point, a state
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department official tried to move the protesters away but san francisco police determined they could stay. we'll hear from some of golf's new young guns who could very well be right in the middle of things this weekend with the u.s. open about to get underway. and back here in just ten minutes. we have a forecast that i think you're going to like. it's really heating up in the five-day.
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the golf world's biggest stars are in san francisco for this week's u.s. open. >> reporter: ken, we all know that the u.s. open features the best golfers in the world but right now that field of best golfers in the world might be deeper than it's been any other time in history. for better than a decade, the best player in the world was pretty easy to identify. it was tiger woods. but during woods' well publicized fall from grace, a new generation of players has
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emerged with its own expectations of winning. the most colorful among them would have to be 23-year-old ricky fowler. fowler backed up his flamboyant wardrobe with his first tour win last month. other potential stars have emerged. a year ago, then 22-year-old rory mcilroy won the open in washington, d.c. >> really just gives me a lot of self-belief knowing that i have won one of these before and that i can i go and do it again. >> reporter: if you want more color, there is always a gay named bubba who said he never had a golf lesson. at 33, jerry lester watson, jr., better known as bubba, is no youngster out here, but he won the masters in april. then on a media whirlwind that follows such an accomplishment. >> of a augusta, i went home first. my wife said, you have to go and do it. that's something that you
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wanted to do. that's a difficult situation for me because having a son at the same time that winning the masters is more important. >> reporter: what's more, this year features the youngest player in u.s. history, 15-year- old andy yang. >> and phil mickelson turned 32. he has won four majors but never a u.s. open. the a oup to watch tomorrow is tiger woods, phil mickelson, bubba watson. you can expect big groups around that three some but don't be surprised if someone else emerges on the leaderboard. joe fonzi, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on the u.s. open, first held at the olympic club back in 1955. jack fleck won that year. billy casper won in a playoff. scott simpson was the winner and in 1988, lee janzen won the
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u.s. open. can you find more coverage on our website you can find slide shows and videos from the practice rounds two men testified in graphic details today that former penn state football coach jerry sandusky sexually abused them when they were young boys. one said that sandusky performed oral sex on him and the other said that sandusky routinely grabbed his genitals during car rides. >> these young men are coming in the eye of the public in a very, very, very highly watched case around -- with media everywhere. so that adds to the difficulty. >> reporter: ten men accused sandusky of molesting them over a ten-year period when they were boys. sandusky has been listening intently to their testimony without showing any emotions. jurors in the trial of major league pitching star roger clemens have yet to spend a full day of deliberating and
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probably won't until monday. clemens is charged with lying to congress for lying to congress. jurors received the case yesterday and spent 15 minutes deliberating. they resumed today but only for half a day because of a scheduling conflict. a scheduling conflict will keep them from deliberating thursday and friday. the saying goes everything is big another texas and that's true of the jail population. california used to have the largest with 173 inmates. but the prison population was sharply reduced last year following an order by federal judges on prison overcrowding. california now has fewer than 136,000 state inmates while texas has 154,000. the bay area was treated to an aerial spectacle as an air national squadron flew over the bay. don't see that every day. five pave hawk rescue helicopters and a combat shadow
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aerial refueling jet took part in a training mission today. the squadron is from the 129th rescue wing of the california air national guard based at moffett field. they assisted in the rescue of a boat racing. from the art place, national arts funding organization, the pilot project will use lights to create themes including art, technology and the environment. some of the lighted areas will include the south first area and san pedros square. summer officially begins a week from today, i believe. bill martin is in the weather center and it's been feeling like summer the last few days. >> yes, it has. if you are heading out, and i know you will be here for the evening product cast, fire hazards will be high. offshore right now, we have
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wind. this is interesting because if i don't notice a lot of wind at your house, let's go right here to point res. blowing up to almost 40 miles per hour wind gusts. winds are gusting to 43 miles per hour. there is a gail warning offshore. winds around here, at the golden gate bridge. take a peek. west-southwest at 16. that's not that unusual but the winds offshore, they are howling, just offshore, maybe a mile or two. wind up to 30 miles per hour. the gail warning in effect for the offshore waters and breezy out there overnight lows in the 50s. those winds, it just amazes me that you can have that much wind two miles away but you are not noticing it in fremont or san mateo even though it is breezy out. >> forecast low on the mild side. fog will return. they've got a break out there at the u.s. open around the olympic club. sun came out. as we head towards the weekend, sun will come out, too, for the u.s. open. i'm not a golfer but it's a big
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deal. the golf world is watching the olympic club the next few days and they're going to see some spectacular weather out at the facility on saturday and sunday. we'll get to that. there is the fog. that's san francisco airport right there. it's a low-lying gap and the fog shoots straight across. moving out into livermore valley. that's tomorrow morning and it burns right back and looks like tomorrow afternoon, we'll get another burn off of fog at the olympic clubhouse, you get a break. forecast highs tomorrow, there's your nineties. it's going to be kinds of mild. toyed's highs, pretty might. tomorrow, almost a duplicate of what we had today. then everything changes around as we head towards the weekend. i'll be back to tell you all about it. it was notorious mobster. you may know him as ray liotta's character in the movie good fellas. and new development in the search for a missing morgan
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hill teenager, sierra lamar. what her parents announced today. cçrrú
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the unfortunate of san francisco is debuting a new satellite campus in the east bay. usf moved its campus from san ramon to pleasanton. the campus has six new smart classrooms with wifi access.
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an official ribbon cutting will be in july. secretary of defense leon panetta said that no special information was given to filmmakers about the killing of osama bin laden. representative king said that the pentagon and the cia jeopardized national security the man who inspired the film good fellas has died. hill roast a tell-all book about mob life called wise guys. martin scorese chronicled his life. he died from heart-related problems. comedian jerry lewis is
5:25 pm
recuperating after collapsing at an award in new york city. he was in new york to give actor tom cruise the friars' club award. as he prepared to go on stage, lewis collapsed. he was rushed to the hospital. people close to lewis said he was suffering from low blood sugar but he is doing well. the friars' club issued a statement saying that lewis feels well today and thanks everyone for their good wishes. search efforts resumed for sierra lamar but along with the search, we'll tell you how the family took stems today to try to entice people with any information to come forward. and the head of j p morgan chase makes a $2 billion apology. must be nice, cheering on team usa from the shallow end.
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expwhrrkts she has been missing for almost three months and even though a man has been charged with her murder, there is no sign of sierra lamar. the search for sierra lamar is ramping up, including an increase in the reward for help find her. robert handa is live with the developments >> reporter: there is in development in the search for sierra lamar. the sheriff department told us about its next search plan. the family put up this banner. about 70 searchers fanned out over santa clara county searching for 16-year-old sierra lamar who disappeared june 15th. >> we go on these searches and, sometimes, we don't find
5:29 pm
anything but at least we are out, thereey cleared the area. >> reporter: we found out that the sheriff department plans to resume searching waterways. >> it's not based 0 many a tip or lead what came into the case, more the dive team and investigators want to send a team out there again to search the water area with the new sonar equipment that they recently got. >> reporter: the family announced that the reward has increased from 25 to $35,000 and homes to generate more information about garcia torres. sources tell ktvu channel 2 news that they got several information from several tipsters, wanting to talk about the disappearance. sources are not speak, but they believe that there are people withholding crucial information. >> we want them to find it in their heart to come forward. it's really hard for us because we've just -- we've just been desperate to find any
5:30 pm
information to get sierra back with us. >> if they want the money, go ahead and take it but tell us where sierra is at. >> reporter: volunteers plan a search again saturday. on that day, a fundraiser will also be held in sea side. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. a san jose man has been convicted on child pornography and child molestation charges. prosecutors say that 40-year- old john zeno moore had rigged his home with hidden cameras and secretly recorded the daughters of single mothers that he had rented rooms to. investigators found hundreds of videos and pictures of girth bathing, dressing. the first people arrested in the berkeley occupy will not face charges. the two women were arrested on
5:31 pm
suspicious of trespassing. prosecutors dropped charges against the other seven who were arrested. the number of people who lost their job in the solyndra company is higher than first thought. at first, it was said they laid off 1100 many employees. the u.s. labor department record indicates that 1900 people lost their jobs. the head of one of the world's largest banks apologized to congress today. jamie dimon said he was sorry that jp morgan committed what he characterized as the $2 billion blunder. ktvu's scott mcfar land report from the washington, d.c. bureau. >> reporter: the ceo of jp morgan said he is sorry for the $2 billion the company lost but says that no taxpayer money was jeopardized. >> we'll not make light of these losses but they should be
5:32 pm
put into perspective. we'll lose some of our shareholders' money and for that, we feel terrible. we have let a lot of people down and for that, we feel sorry. >> reporter: dimon said that they had made some investments but before he spoke, protesters chargedto the front of room. and they had to be led away by capitol police. he says that jp morgan chase is sound and will put together some rules. >> we do need to recognize that you are one of the big banks in the world, have big profit and sometimes, big losses >> too big to fail banks are too big to regulate. >> reporter: we read some of your tweets about dimon's apology. so everything is okay now? another read, a $2 trillion
5:33 pm
loses $2 billion and the ceo has to testify to congress? why? what does it have to do with government? there are fears of future bailouts. >> taxpayers are sick of wall street reaching into their pockets afterry time they lost. >> and there may be clawbacks which means that some of the executives responsible for the trade might also lose some of their pay people in the bay area are carrying more debt that people elsewhere. the san francisco-based credit car march says that the average credit card debt here was just over $5800 last month compared to a national average of 5600. bay area mortgage debt ran about 400,000 compared to a national average of 167,000. the good news is that people here in the bay area had higher credit scores. retail sales fell in may. it's the second cop secative
5:34 pm
month they went down. demand for building materials was off and gasoline prices was off which resulted in a decline of .2%. that could point to a downturn in the economic recovery. worries about the upcoming election in greece sent the dow closer. the nasdaq was down 24 at the low. the criminal case against former dead democratic presidential candidate john edwards is over. prosecutors dismissed all files against him. the jurors found him not guilty in one charge and deadlocked answer the other. the u.s. attorney announced that it will not seek to recharge him. president obama shared a few laughs with some fathers in a barbecue. the president host add group of
5:35 pm
soldiers and other soldiers at pre-father's day on capitol hill. one of the guests was a barber and the president said that barber shops are a good place to get men in touch with resources. his administration wants to help fathers find job training, support groups in ways that they can be more involved in their children's lives. republican challenger mitt romney against blamed president obama for the slow pace of the recovery. >> the basic is to determine whether they should continue to hold on to their job the record that is we have 23 million americans that are out of work or stopped looking for work or under employed. >> romney spoke to a business round table in washington today. he said if elected president, during the first 1 hyundais, he would take stems to cut the deficit by $500 billion. that would include cutting federal programs and reducing government salaries. doing more to help our veterans. the changes announced today to get a better handle on post traumatic
5:36 pm
stress disorder. and a massive wildfire burning in colorado. we'll tell you from how far away the smoke can be seen.
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5:38 pm
due to increased reports of misdiagnoses of post-trauma sick stress disorder, every branch of the military will now
5:39 pm
review reports on troops for the past 1211 years. leon panetta says that he is not happy with the results and have asked the air fore, army, navy which includes the marine corp to review their files. >> delays gap in how they diagnose these cases and how they deal with them. that's a whole area that we have to do much per on. >> last month, more than 100 service members had their ptsd ms. diagnosis reversed. fires from colorado can be seen as far as away as wyoming. the fire destroyed structures and forced people from their home. the blaze i about 10% contained right now. in southern new mexico, a 56 square mile fire has destroyed at least 220 homes and other structures. workers found heaps of burned metal and debris on home sites hit hardest by the little bear
5:40 pm
fire which is just 35% contained. and in eight minutes, an update on the fire burke in the foothills that has threatened homes and forced evacuations a south san francisco company is recalling some raw chicken because it was not labeled properly. the recall here affects cranberry apple crust chicken breasts sold at trader's joe. the product may contain milk, soy and mono sodium gluttattammate. we have posted the information on our links at the boy band one direction has invaded san jose. how the small venue ended up with such a big name. back here in just ten minutes, the fog has gone away. temperatures, well, there are' going to start to warm up. we'll tell you exactly when it's going to get hot around here.
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thousands of bay area fans will no doubt sound a little hoarse tomorrow after a concert set to begin here in less than two hours by the british boy band one direction. matt kelly is down in san jose where you heard a lot of screaming already today >> reporter: right now, it's kind of the calm before the storm. i'm sure there will be a lot more screaming. you can see a lot of people here are decked out in their one direction gear. the british irish boy band has invaded america and teenagers could not be more excited. >> reporter: if you don't have a teenage daughter, you probably have not heard of one
5:44 pm
direction. ♪ you're beautiful >> reporter: but if you do, then you are familiar with niles, zane, liam, harry and loui. >> we are in one direction. >> i just want to hug them. >> i'm going to ask for a hug and i'm going to try to have a conversation with them. >> i'm excited to see the boys a lot. >> tickets to one direction concerts are so difficult to get this group had fly all the way to san jose from cincinnati to see the show. >> because we love them so much. >> we really wanted to see them and this is the place to come. >> reporter: the event center at san jose state is relatively small compared to other arenas in the area which is 4500 seats. but when it booked one direction eight months ago, they had to break through. >> we expect them took very popular band. i didn't expect them to be this big. i didn't expect them to grow this fast. we are lucky to have them. >> reporter: one direction will head to the paramount theater
5:45 pm
and next summer, they will can r be back on another tour but much bigger very much crew like hp pavilion and oracle arena. and can you get that those people who are here tonight will be at those concerts apple is about to shut down social network ping. that's because they are partnering with other. ping has failed to gain much traction with users. the social network also allow users to better follow updates from artists, share music samples with friends and find some concert information like the boys bands in san jose. move over dot com and dot org. soon, we will see others like dot lol. the none profl groups that
5:46 pm
oversees web addresses began the application process for new endings last year. the hottest new domain on the list, dot-web. it drew seven applications. the first new domains are expected to go live early next year the first commercial spacecraft to visit the international space station appeared to have weathered the travel well. the dragon was beat up but it is in good condition. it delivered food and supplies and returned to earth with 1400- pound of experiments. space x plans to launch another capsule next sumpter. and the newtel scope was boosted into or bit to look for a new back hole. it was launched by a rocket that was released from a carrier aircraft. the mission will take two years and cost 170 million-dollar the u.s. forest service is now adding seven air tankers to
5:47 pm
its fleet of planes used to fight wildfires. the forest service awarded new exclusive use contracts shortly after president obama signed a bill into law today. the law cuts the red tip to allow faster contracting of air tankers. the forest service says it wants to bulk up its firefighting resources as hot, dry conditions worsen here in the west. air tankers are being used to help battle a wildfire raging dangerously close to some homes in mariposa counties. some homes have beeney evacuates yateed near merced. eat valkaches order is expected to be lifted by 9:00 tonight the cause of the fire is under investigation we have been fortunate here in the bay area with no major fire so far this season but let's turn ute to our chief meteorologist bill martin. >> we have another hot stretch coming up this week. can you still see green in the
5:48 pm
hillside which is unusual for this time of the year so that is good news. but after this weekend. temperatures will go into the upper 90s and we'll see a lot more dry brush. when that green goes away, game on for fire season. so that's something that we have to look for. we're going to see a bit of an offshore throw development. that's reminiscent of what we saw last weekend and that will prompt a red flag warning. fire danger up this weekend. temperatures today, well, they were, you know, some places were warm and some places were a little cooler. temperatures throughout the bay area for the most part were down a few. look at san francisco. towards antioch, you got down to 94 degrees. the fog was there this morning, maybe at your house and then it went away. temperatures just go flat. tomorrow, thursday, just like your wednesday. i think it's almost a carbon copy. fog in the morning. it clears off, just nice weather. temperatures just like i showed you. a major warming trend for the weekend. that is what we are talking about in the weather center.
5:49 pm
the winds offshore are howling right now. those winds are going to begin to die down a little bit as we go towards the bay area weekend. high pressure sets itself off and starts to warm us up. tomorrow, just like today, then the air starts to go offshore, the air starts to sink and this is what i'm thinking. we may pop 100-degree reading right there. ken, you will be in this week and rosemary orosco will be here. saturday most likely and sunday as well. the forecast tomorrow, through the micro climate, so not a high fire tanker day because it has nice humidity. as you move into the east bay, low 70s where there are mid-80s where on saturday, sunday, you'll have 90s and mid-90s. the forecast is for a nice day tomorrow and gradual warning as you head into friday, saturday and sun day tears the highest forecast for tomorrow which are very similar to what we had today. still good air quality. and still with a little green in the hill. but i tell you what, as we get into saturday, it's going to
5:50 pm
take in 100-degree day. and then game over for the green because everything will gobrown. some sunshine out there tomorrow at the olympic club canyon, gasia. here tomorrow the five-day forecast with the weekend in few. this is where you're going to be talk being fire danger and sunday will be right up there as well. >> we have been warned. >> yes. >> turks bill. you hear of germs but how many are on the human body but why that's not necessarily a bad thing and a major rescue effort helped some critters escape almost certain death. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations
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the next time you tip the scales with a few extra pounds, maybe you can blame your microbes. the government's human microbe biome project mapped out all the bacteria and tiny organisms that live throughout the human body. they found that people who share their bodies with 10,000 species of microbes and they weigh a total of about pounds. the good news is that many of those organisms work to keep people healthy extra pounds may help men survive a type of immune cancer. obese men are more likely to
5:54 pm
survive an aggressive form of non-hodgkins lymphoma. researchers said that the higher survival rate might have to do with how they respond to chemotherapy but they don't recommend that men gain excess weight. volunteers in marin county went on a rescue mission to keep some baby salmon from being left high and dry. >> two fish and giant sal man der in here. >> reporter: they scooped up tiny juvenile salmon and steal head trouts. this work is critical. >> we are out here rescuing salmon from certain deaths. this little stream here will go dry for the next few days so these fish are stuck here and they become literally sitting ducks for heron and birds and raccoons and what not. >> the volunteers collected about 200 fish today.
5:55 pm
biologists identify weight and measure them and released them down stream. the group says there used to be tons of salmon. this year, there is a glimmer of hope. despite the state's money problems, 31 state insure ran department workers are getting brand new ipads. the business model ipad costs about $1000 each. the governor's office says it's not pleased with the spending decision or price tag because of the bad message it sends during these bad economic times. the agency says that the ipad were not purchased from the state budget because the agency is built from fees from the insurance industry. sonoma county supervisors approved a plan yesterday which would take over operations at annandale state park for at least a year. the park is on a hit list of parks set to close in july.
5:56 pm
supervisors say that closing the park would cost the county tourism and increase vandalism the world's second largest chain announced it's adding barbecue, sandwiches, pork to its menu. but burger king is also offering an unusual dessert which includes a bacon sundae. can you see the bacon crumbles and then a slice of bacon to top it off. the bacon sundae and specialty sandwiches are just here for the sumer >> >> dea agents storm a park. why dea says that this business was shipping drugs all over the country. san francisco unleashes the dogs on aggressive pan handlers. the unusual new incentive that the city is offering to stop people from begging for change. you'd get knocked off.
5:57 pm
and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems.
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you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. dea agents sweep a hayward business. the front investigators say was using to hide its drug distribution ring. thieves ignore stereos, tvs and even a lap to. the irreplaceable family heir loom that they did steal that has left one family devastated.
5:59 pm
good evening. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm ken wayne. frank and julie have the night off. federal drug agents swarmed a business as parts of an international raid. john sasaki has more on the business. >> reporter: this is one of six properties here in hayward raided this morning by federal agents and local police. it's part of many investigated in canada and the u.s. our cameras were rolling as d. a agents pulled some evidence out of two businesses. the viking street business is called california connection incorporated. >> we call ourselves automobile accessories. i spoke to th


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