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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  June 14, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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slow from the trains to traffic to ferries. i am ken wayne. >> i am gasia mikaelian. as we reported at 4:00, trains are now running through the transbay tube. but that news comes too late for all those who got behind the wheel. ktvu's sal castaneda has been helping us get around. he is live with where things stand. >> reporter: north bound 101 is a mess to the bay bridge. here it is. it is backed up. north bound 280 getting down to king street very slow and the central freeway slow as well. it is not as bad as the trek from oakland -- sorry. this afternoon as the trek was this morning but it is still very slow. it is a little easier than it was this morning but not that much. bart is running again.
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some people are taking that out of the city. this is eastbound, slow traffic off the bay bridge but things are beginning to normize especially now that train -- normalize now that trains are running again. >> get live traffic updates by going to now we want it get to the repairs on the bart traction. ktvu's tom vacar joins us from the west oakland bart station where all of this started this morning. what is the status? >> reporter: we want to show you tape that we just shot and it was the near normal operations of the bart trains coming and going here at west oakland bart station. that is the gate way to the transbay tube. now back down here on the
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ground. already crews come to clean up the street and now they are installing the fence that will protect this property and in this case it is interesting, they put up a sign saying they are under construction which means they intend to rebuild. one other thing we want it show you, that is how this was. across the street, 2 lanes. this car was melted by the heat. this car has been burned and been destroyed. but that is the situation with a lot of property around here that suffered heat damage. this is the most graphic example. at this point the trains are running and at this point service has been restored but a lot of work will be done after bart closes, it will be to do something about the work that continues to need to be done to bring it back up to 100%.
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that is the situation right now. >> we have breaking news. news chopper 2. there is a rescue underway. here is a live picture. a wind suffer appears to be down. we have had winds out there earlier today. it would be a good day to be out there wind surfing. the bay water is cold, in the 50s. 28 miles per hour mark tamayo is telling me is what the wind conditions are like. that is just inside the golden gate. looks like somebody is clinging to the side of the surf, that sail is what i am trying to
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say. has a life jacket on and a helmet and there is a coast guard boat there on the right hand side of your screen. a person on the jet scene also in the water. it appears things seem to be under control here. we don't know if they theremay be -- if there may be somebody else involved. we have the coast guard on the scene. and jet skier on the area and let's talk to mark tamayo right now. mark, you are a surfer. you know what it is like to be out there. winds 28 miles per hour, that is a stiff breeze. >> it is. you can tell by the texture of the water. the timing with the fire coverage, the winds kick up in the afternoon, the sea breeze kicks up and that is what we have. it had buoy close to the field, winds gusting to 28 miles per
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hour out of the west, southwest and you are talking about the cold water temperature, cold out there. water temperature around 56 degrees. the area once again. there is the golden gate bridge and the boyy center we are -- buoy center we are looking at. it will be a challenge for the crews it deal with with the choppy conditions. >> mark, looking at this, this person seems to be doing everything right a life jacket a helmet, holding on to the sail, and the coast guard is near by. in a situation like that you don't want to swim to shore. wait for the rescuers to come to you. >> looks like everybody is remaining calm. they are doing what they have to do to get a plan out of the water and looks like they are doing that. >> we will keep an eye on this
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and see how things develop. looks like everything is under control as the coast guard monitors the situation with a wind surfer down. we will keep an eye on it. oakland fire investigators have been trying to figure out if the fire that caused the commute problem this morning was intentionally set at the west oakland bart station. ktvu's christien kafton joins us now to tell us what he found out. >> reporter: this is a rapidly changing scene right now. there is a lot of fence work. that fence coming up in the last 20 minutes. crews were allowed to clean outside the area but not go inside because it is treated like a crime scene. this investigation is rapidly developing. we have been hearing rumors of a security guard who had altercations before the fire
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broke out. we heard from oakland police who are also aware of the rumors. in an e-mail police said based on information provided at this time it does not appear that an assault occurred this morning at that location. what the e-mail does not address is whether there was a verbal altercation between the guard and suspicious individuals. we have seen agents on scene and investigators from oakland fire department on scene working to figure out what the cause was of this fire. >> we are looking for anything unusual, the burn patterns. >> reporter: taking a look at the live shot, you can see there is a building over there, that is across fifth street from where the fire occurred.
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i spoke with a security guard from that business, he was here at the time of the fire and agents talked to him as well and we are see figure they had video before the fire broke out. we asked the atf if they would comment, they said they would get back to us. we will continue to find out how they are involved and what they learned so far. as soon as we get that information we will bring it to you. live, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> bart trains are running, but people are trying to take buses. they are getting on at the transbay tube where ktvu's rob roth is standing by. >> reporter: so far so good at the transbay terminal. buses seem to be keeping up with demand. the lines of people have staid relatively short and almost now
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nonexistent. they added 20 additional buses and that seemed to have helped. passengers were getting anxious. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> can't pick up the kids from school. little things like that. >> reporter: that is not little. >> i know. it will be a wait. even though i appreciate the early departure it is still a wait. thank god everybody is safe. >> reporter: for much of the day buses kept rolling in at full capacity. many said it was a 2-1/2 hour nightmare. but they seemed to take it in stride. back live. there are few people waiting for buses right now and we
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haven't see any effects from the giants game. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> ferry operators added boats to help people. ktvu's janine de la vega is live that san francisco ferry building. >> reporter: earlier today there was a long, long line. look behind me, that is the end of the line. all these people are about to board the ferry. they are all waiting to get back to oakland and there has been another ferry from harvard bay to alameda. there has been a manager from the ferry service out here monitoring the traffic. the agency doubled the boats it used from san francisco, they have gone from one to two boats. they are going every 30 minutes and running three boats from
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san francisco to alameda, oakland. an additional boat has been on stand by. earlier today some wished that extra boat had been used. >> trying to avoid the crowd. if we leave work early we thought we wouldn't have to wait and it didn't work. >> reporter: we just spoke to the manager from the san francisco ferry service and he says boats are coming every 35 minutes. the san francisco ferry service said it is running its highest capacity boats, one boat holds 700 people. they are listening to the feed back of the commuters. there is not much of a line at all. i am sure it will build but now that bart seems to be running again, doesn't look like there will be too much of a weight. things look better out here
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than an hour ago. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> service is up and so is the demand for trains. cçrrú [ thunk ]
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bart service resumed but there are some delays still. ktvu's david stevenson is live with more. >> reporter: there is a sense
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of relief here at the powell street station that service has been restored. commuters are making their way in. slowly right now. we saw more anding in and out when -- more coming in and out when service was first restored. trains arriving here to know to the east -- to go to the east bay. here are some of the first trains. this is one of the bart's busiest stations. 3:50 service was back in effect and that was welcome news from people. >> a mess. it looks like a thousand people was that transbay terminal. >> relief not having to walk blocks to that station. but more happy i don't have to
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way three hours to get to work tomorrow. >> i just think it is crazy. reminiscent of a natural disaster. today you see how chaotic it could be if anything happened. >> reporter: a train streaming. thousands people daily depend on this stop. it services union square, the gardens, the convention center. again, coming back live, some of the folks come in and out, relief here that service is back up. a lot of people taking the trains as the hour goes on. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> stay with ktvu for continuing coverage through the evening.
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we have updates on and twitter and facebook. an amber alert in santa rosa. three sisters, 7, 6 and 3 were kidnapped this morning. authorities believe their father jose rojo-bojorquez took the girls. he is 25. possibly driving a black 2005 chevrolet tahoe with california license plate no. 6txa253. anyone with information is asked to call 911. we broke the story at 5:00 yesterday. a bicyclist charged with vehicular manslaughter. ktvu's david stevenson has been working on this story and shows us how the district attorney made the decision. >> reporter: the district attorney announced a vehicular manslaughter charge against a bicyclist striking and killing a man at market and castro
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streets. >> an individual who had a need for speed. trying to beat his own record. >> reporter: chris bucchere scene in this video showed negligence in speeding before striking 71-year-old sutchi hui. his niece told us i am glad that justice is being made. the case ignited a furor when he posted online comments mourning the loss of his helmet. he could mace face up to -- could face up to six years in prison. they issued a statement saying we believe people should be responsible for moving carefully without harming others. we encourage people to resist drawing conclusions. >> the tragedy that occurred
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her did not need to occur. it was predictable. avoidable. >> reporter: prosecutors they chris bucchere may self- surrender by tomorrow. an arraignment is expected next week. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. a girl's softball coach is charged with sex crimes with a minor. he pleaded not guilty to sex crimes against an underaged girl. the charges are against one victim but they are not releasing their identity. he is held on $160,000 bail and set to return to court june 27 for a preliminary hearing. back to the bay area weather. let's check in with mark tamayo who is in for our chief meteorologist bill martin today. >> warmer temperatures in the forecast as we head into friday
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and especially by the weekend. you will notice the change. right now, we have mostly clear skies. in the clear with the fog bank to the south, as we shift the maps to the north. clearing skies. and a breeze out there, winds 15-20 miles per hour. as far as current, numbers just updated, temperatures right now ranging from the low 60s in san francisco to the mid-70s in san jose. warmest locations in the 80s, concord and the fairfield area. tomorrow morning, mostly clear skies. some patchy fog coast side, and temperatures friday morning most areas in the low 50s. forecast model showing the clouds on the increase. 7:00 friday morning. as we put this into motion,
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lots of sunshine. this is something different for friday, 90s build back in. so we will break it down. 7:00, patchy fog. more sunshine by 3:00. temperatures in the upper 60s to 70 degrees. around the bay, lots of sunshine. temperatures warm up to the 80s but the sea breeze returns into the afternoon, 20 miles per hour and 3:00 we warm up into the upper 80s, 93 degrees for the warmest locations inland and warming will continue. coming up, we could have triple digits for the bay area weekend and details on a fire weather watch, late friday night. we have been telling you about it, the big traffic problems caused by the fire near the west oakland bart station. sal castaneda will tell us how traffic looks like. here is a live picture of 880
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we have an update on the fires burning in marin county. we brought you these pictures live. firefighters doused a gas fire. now both off ramps are open once again. however traffic on st. francis drake is blocked. and fire crews contained a grass fire, that fire did not
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threaten any homes. for fans trying trying to get to the giants game things were rough with bart out. ktvu's john sasaki is live at at&t park. the crowds disappeared now that the game has been over and now the commute will be easier for giants fans but getting to the game was a challenge. bart is one of the primary modes of transportation and today they didn't have that option so fans had to find other ways to get here. fans and employees found other ways, those their frustration was obvious. >> so bad this morning, you know with all the traffic. towards the bridge, we took the parkway and got the bridge and came over from there.
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golden gate bridge smooth traffic. >> we took 880 north, we got off, 92, 280s and off to the park. took hour and a half. >> reporter: what was it like -- [ talking at the same time ] >> not going to that. you don't want to know. >> reporter: some fays missed the start -- fans missed the start of the game but others made sure they left early to get here on time. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. ktvu's sal castaneda has been helping us through commute chaos today. he is live to tell us how things are right now. >> reporter: things are getting little bit better out there. this is north bound 101. still very busy. after watching this morning's commute i will take this. stop and go from 280 to the normal deck. let's go to the maps.
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if you want to get out of the city and use the bridge, eastbound 92, not that bad. back to you that desk. >> we will have the latest information on the investigation into the fire here in oakland and how it effected the morning commute. >> the deadline is tomorrow, democrats say they have a budget plan ready for a vote, what they don't have from the governor.
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good afternoon. the afternoon commute still busy leaving san francisco. i want to show you north bound 101 to the 80 split. it is backed up from 280 to the lower deck of the bay bridge. the central freeway is backed up on to the market street on ramp and we have heavy traffic on the 280 and on the embarcadero trying to get on to the on ramps to the bay bridge. in the east bay a lot of cars driving on 880 south towards highway 92. bart service has been restored. trains are running. they are slightly delayed. you can see a train in this picture there. they are running from san francisco to the east bay and the other way around. one more thing, if you want fooget out of san francisco -- to get out of san francisco and
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not be stuck, the san mateo bridge. >> with the reopening of the transbay tube, some are getting relief tonight. ktvu's david stevenson is live at the powell street bart station where riders are goating on the train -- are getting on the trains tonight. >> reporter: service was restored at 3:45. you can see the commuters. let's look at video we shot. these are some of the first trains loaded up to take passengers east. we are going out at 3:50, service was back in effect. they have been cautioning passengers to be prepared to wait as long as 5:00 to cross the bay and then they posted signs when service was back. it is one of bart's busiest
5:32 pm
stations. services thousands who come here to shop along market street and at the west field center above the bart station here. coming up at 6:00, we will hear from the commuters and hear how it prompted riders to make radical changes. for now reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> bart engineers are still on the scene at the waissuddin -- at the west oakland bart station and ktvu's tom vacar has been there all day. >> reporter: very much a work in progress. for now bart is operating. this is the third rail we hear about, if we slide it had right, you will see some of the coverers have been burned and destroyed and that work has to be continued tonight when bart is closed and it is not operating. a lot more work will be done
5:33 pm
later when bart can send crews back up there. for now tonobody goes -- now nobody goes up there. here is video from 1:00 this afternoon when repairs were at their peak. the third rail was warped that time but as it cools it unwarped. then insulators needed to keep it from shorting out, needed to be replaced and that was done as well as the replacement of data and control wires, absolutely special to keep the system running. back out live. this is a lamp post that you can see the bulb was absolutely melted away. that is how intense the fire was because that is glass. to melt glass you have to have serious temperatures. but the work is a work in progress and it will continue. that is the latest from here.
5:34 pm
i am consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. we are going now to christien kafton at the scene of the fire with more on the investigation. >> reporter: tom, since our last report we moved around the corner to give you a better perspective on the fire. there is still a fence being put up. investigators believe the fire started at the far end of this building over here. they believe that is where much of the investigation is centered. we are hearing rumors that we heard of a security guard who may have had an altercation with a group of people before the fire broke out. late this afternoon oakland police responded to our inquiries with an e-mail. it reads based on information provided at this time it does not appear an assault appeared this morning at that location. it does not address whether
5:35 pm
there was verbal interaction. we can report that we have seen bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives here on scene and seen investigators from the fire department working to determine the cause of the fire. we are joined by the chief from oakland fire department. generally what can you tell me that investigators are looking for. >> they are looking for anything out of the ordinary, suspicious activity that might have occurred at this location. >> reporter: one thing they look for are burn patterns, anything that looks different? >> at this point i don't have an answer. but they are doing an investigation. >> reporter: and working closely with atf agents, this is a joint operation. >> yes, it is.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: okay. thank you so much for joining us and thank you for giving us the latest. earlier i spoke with the security guard who works at this building here, across the street, he said atf agents talked to him and looking to see if his business had video. we have asked the atf if they will comment, one of the agents said they would get back to us. we have not heard back so far. we will pursue to find out what role they are playing in the investigation. once we get that information we will get it to you. live, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> stay with us on for complete coverage of the developing story. we have live traffic maps and the latest on alternate routes. tense moments in san francisco on the bay when a kite surfer found himself in
5:37 pm
trouble. we brought you these pictures. he was struggling near the yacht club. the coast guard and a rescue boat rushed to his aid but the victim kicked himself to shore where people were standing by to help. tomorrow is the deadline for lawmakers to pass a state budget. ktvu's ken pritchett joins us live now from sacramento. >> reporter: they don't have the governor's okay on this. democrats do not have republican support. i talked to a staffer he says they just received the language from the budget but not all of the details have been revealed and the vote will take place in 24 hours. >> reporter: empty seats and a lot of them, that is how the hearing this afternoon on the
5:38 pm
democrat's budget plans started. >> they expect us to make a decision when we haven't seen it. >> reporter: republicans say it wasn't till this morning they saw the bill. she says the budget -- he says the budget balances the budget over the next three years. and it eliminates a billion dollars in social welfare cuts. as for reaching a deal with governor jerry brown on the plan -- >> no. we don't. but we are as close as you can be. >> reporter: last year governor jerry brown vetoed the budget. >> reporter: because this budget does not contain new taxes democrats do not need republican votes to pass the
5:39 pm
budget. instead the budget does rely on trigger cuts targeted at k-12 education. those will kick in if voters do not approve new taxes. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. we are live as the bay area tries to get home after this nightmarish commute. we will have the latest on the efforts to get out of the city. >> the reward dozens of students received today as they head off to college.
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today comcast handed out dozens of scholarships. half of the winners were from the bay area, 93 recipients. each of the seniors received $1,000. two of the students won $10,000 scholarships. >> in the middle of this deliberation, this is a bright spot. we have the private sector stepping up to help us achieve success for the students. >> 25 students took home new laptop. the number of cancer survivors in the u.s. will surge 30% by 2022. that report from the cancer treatment, says 18 million people will be living with the
5:43 pm
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viewers sending us photos of the fire today.
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you can see here the building is engulfed in flames. you can sends us your photos, or send them to twitter or facebook. commuters are feeling relief now that bart is up and running but it is still a slow go. we have live team coverage with crews around the bay area to monitor the commute home. ktvu's john sasaki live at at that time at that time park where -- live at at&t park where the giants played today. >> reporter: this was a big day, gorgeous weather, but now that bart is back in service the commute home is getting easier but getting here was tough. bart under the bay is a primary transportation but today they
5:47 pm
didn't have that option. heavy traffic across the bay bridge was one but fans found many other ways as well. >> we took 580 over the san mateo bridge and up 101 to 280. >> reporter: how much longer did that take? >> two hours. >> reporter: what was the ferry like? >> you know, it took 40 minutes and it was a cool ride. i got to see the bay. my first time taking it. >> parking was lawful. no one could take bart in so you had every parking facility packed. we parked on the street. >> reporter: a executive told me it took her two hours to get here but then she went over the bay bridge. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >> ferries were helping out with the crazy commute. ktvu's janine de la vega is live at the san francisco serry station -- ferry station
5:48 pm
tonight. >> reporter: things are running smoothly. you can see a ferry just pulling away. it was loaded up with hundreds of people and it left essentially no line here that san francisco ferry terminal. i can count maybe 10 people waiting for the next one to come now that bart is running trains, traffic dropped here. this afternoon, around 3:00 p.m. lines started building here with commuters. the longest weight seemed to be -- wait seemed to be an hour. the ferry service is running three boats from san francisco to oakland and two from san francisco to almead a. by -- alameda. by 5:15 the crowds started shrinking here. >> not that bad, during the summer lines are longer from san francisco to oakland. >> reporter: were you expecting a mess? >> i thought they would be able
5:49 pm
to handle it. you can fit a lot of people. they are usually not full. >> reporter: they will continue operating additional ferries from san francisco to oakland, alameda till 8:30 p.m. tonight. live, you can see there is already another ferry that is about to pull up here in the distance awaiting for passengers and commuters to come on. again, things running pretty good here at the ferry terminal. not too much of a live right now -- line right now, 15-20 people waiting for the next ferry. reporting live, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> it may be bad timing, bart announced it will raise ticket fairs. they voted in favor of the increase today. this hike will be the last in the current program to raise fairs based on inflation. the 1.4% increase is expected
5:50 pm
to generate $4.8 million. it will take effect july 1. the maximum additional amount passengers will pay is 15 cents a ticket. the labor department says unemployment applications rose to 386,000. the monthly average rose to 382,000, the highest in six weeks. e. we have had reporters out in the sunshine, they didn't have to put on a jacket because it is hot out there. >> temperatures by tomorrow and saturday, a big change, maybe too hot for a few out there across the bay area. right now, though, mostly clear skies. fog this morning to the south.
5:51 pm
south of monterey bay, and santa barbara. warmer air will be transported to the surface as you can see here as we head into saturday. as far as highs from today. low 60s in pacifica and san francisco to the upper 80s around fairfield and antioch. livermore 85. and san jose up 78 degrees. high pressure in command of the weather. this continues to strengthen. warm friday. warm to hot saturday. saturday easily the hottest day of the weekend as high pressure strengthens, more of an off shore flow. temperatures by saturday, here is the range, upper 70s for the beaches. warmest locs inland 100 -- locations inland 100 degrees and then we cool off. sunday still hot but cool off on sunday and monday. as far as the fire danger, fire
5:52 pm
weather watch, will be converted to a red flag warning for friday night into saturday morning, winds gusting to 40 miles per hour at the peaks and humidity down to 30%. fire danger will be a concern into the weekend. that could be expanded for the east bay hills as well. forecast highs tomorrow afternoon, santa rosa lower 90s. inland approaching the low 90s. oakland 76 degrees. san jose 84. morgan hill 90 and downtown san francisco in the lower 70s. beautiful. some patchy fog to start out the day but clearing skies and olympic club for the u.s. open, low 60s. here is a look ahead, your seven-day forecast, windy conditions conditions conditions for the hills saturday. we cool off for the second half
5:53 pm
of the weekend and continues into monday and tuesday. just to give you reference, last weekend was warm, this weekend will be warmer than that. >> thank you. the california national guard is marking a big day, the years of service it is celebrating.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
the pentagon is marking june as gay pride month. the defense department will hold its first event to recognize gays and lesbians troops. in sacramento today the california national guard honored the united states army. >> for all of you out there serving, special heart felt thanks. your among the small percentage of americans that stood up in time of war. >> birthday cake and high prize for american soldiers. this is the 237 birthday of the u.s. army. he had special praise for the
5:56 pm
role the army played in the gulf war. >> you continue to serve standing side by side to support our effort. >> the event to honor the army was sponsored by the national guard. a judge in chicago agreed to hear apple's request for a injunction. last week the judge canceled a trial in the suit against google. however yesterday he decided to hear arguments from both sides on the injunction question. schools are at the top of the class in state test scores. 16 of the top 31 schools according to the rankings were
5:57 pm
in santa clara county. hoover was fifth. three districts are among the highest rated. the lake side district is ranked third in california. researchers have a new picture of the most stressed people in the united states. women, people with lower income and people with less education are most stressed. they analyzed data from 1983 to 2009. stress levels for women increased 18% over the time period and stress levels lowered with age. 30-year-olds have less stress than 20-year-olds. the situation with bart service is still developing at this hour and coming up in 2
5:58 pm
minutes, more live team coverage on where bart service stands right now and the arson investigation into the fire that started this reaction. >> oakland city leaders discuss the reports about its handling of occupy protesters. what the report says police could have done better.
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