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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 28, 2012 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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trying to track down the shooter. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live at john muir hospital in concord where the girl was just released. >> reporter: we got a chance to talk to the girl's family tonight. they said she is doing remarkably well considering she was shot in the leg this afternoon. the gerl's mother told me that she still trying toe figure out what happened. >> they called me on the phone an said she had been shot. i thought they were playing a prank on me. >> reporter: this woman did not want to be identifies, but says her 8-year- old daughter was at a cousin's house at bay point when gunshots seemed to come out of nowhere. >> she was sitting on the couch next to my nephew and they heard a loud boom and she felt the pain many her left leg. >> reporter: when the shooting stopped, investigators say the little girl and a 22-year-old man were hit. it happened on franklin avenue around 3:00 the contra costa sheriff's office could only say an unknown suspect fled southbound in a black car. >> i don't know exactly what
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happened, none of the details, like did the bullets come through the door? through a wall? did it happen inside the house? >> it's like it's sad, you know when it is going to stop? >> reporter: cramer jones is a crisis counselor and friend of the family and frustrated by the violence. >> so much shooting going on involving the keds and like they don't have any heart or nothing to where they don't even stop when had he see the kids. they keep shooting. when is it going to stop? >> reporter: investigators say that 22-year- old who wooz shot was taken to another local hospital and is also in stable condition. the family says she don't know who could have wanted to target their family. live in concord, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. we have learned the name of a man shot to death in oakland while on his way home from work. it's a story we first reported last night on the 10:00 news. investigators say 41-year-old
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rafael cortes garcia was shot just before 7:30 last night auto mechanism died on his doorstep at 13th avenue near east 31st street. police say someone with a gun was seen running away. the motive is not known. gunfire sent two people to the hospital in east oakland. the double shooting happened just after midnight. it's believed that the victims are related. both are in stable condition. police in san josi say they found the car of a wanted double-homicide suspect. the police spokesman says the 2006 nyssa maxma longing to pedro medino was impounded yesterday, but investigators are not saying just where that vehicle was found. the 31-year-old medina is wanted in connection with shooting deaths of a man and woman inside the couple's home on north 7th street last monday. authorities believe medina is heading to either southern california or mexico. an effort it try to stop suspicious fires at a san josi
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park apparently is not working. residents near kelley park say there have been four fires in just 24 hours. none of them big, but the sense of deja vu has residents up in arms. debora villalon. >> reporter: ken, this park closes at night, except for the homeless. newly evicted, they are back. and so are the fires. >> this area right here burned last night. >> reporter: nearby homeowners heard grass crackling, smelled smoke and called 911. >> we had two last night and two this morning. >> reporter: suspicious fires set simultaneously in different parts of kelley park. all small, but part of a big problem. a few weekend ago several fires scorched a dozen acres here, and going back six months, dozens of fires. >> i suspect that the four fires that last 24 hours are a formal of retribution.
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>> reporter: retribution perhaps from homeless folks mad about being kicked out of the park nine days ago. neighbors pushed for the much publicized eviction eviction, but within days the squatters are back. >> everything that you see is that is not dirt or leafs is the last couple of days. >> reporter: this man, knows many of the evicted campers. and says they wouldn't intentionally set fires in a park where they want to stay hidden. >> i mean if they would just look after themselves they are not hurting nothing. they have to have somewhere to go, to call home. >> it's adangerous situation. >> reporter: dangerous enough that they want police to come through the park, tired of threats and confrontations with the homeless, plus the ongoing threat from fires whether from campfires or arson. >> it's just a matter of time
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before jumps the road. >> reporter: residents have contacted the police chief with their concern. so far though, no patrols. live in san josi, debora villalon ktvu channel 2 news. fire crews are battling a brush fire tonight near ukiah in mendicino county. they say the fire burned 350 acres so far and is just 15% contained. that means it grew by 200 acres in five hours of they say no structures are threatened, but there is a communication towers nearby. there are reports that the fire may have been intentionally set. >> an 8-year-old boy who nearly drowned at a san josi pool earlier this week is now home from the hospital. a family friend gave us that news just this afternoon. the boy was playing in the pool at the west winds housing complex on monday when somebody noticed that the boy was in the moving of the firefighters say a woman who immediately gave the boy cpr saved his life. new video tonight following
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a car crash in san josi. the accident happened around 6:45 on highway 101 north of capital expressway. san josi firefighters say three people were taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. all of them are expected to southwest the highway patrol says it's not clear what led to the crash. >> two people died and four others injured anyway chain- reaction crash in san bruno. the accident happened near the fresh of el camino real this afternoon. authorities say a pickup truck heading east struck serial vehicles that appeared to be stopped. two people inside one of the stopped vehicles were pronounced dead at scene. four others, including a child were hospitalized. the highway patrol is trying to figure out how two women fell out of a party bus on highway 17 killing one of them, 25-year-old natasha noland was killed had the bus hit her, a 20-year-old woman is being treated a valley medical
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center and we have confirmed that noland's father is the owner of the pacific waves surf shop in santa cruz. allie rasmus. >> reporter: it began as a fun night out, a party bus full of people, heading back to santa cruz after a could be certificate at the shoreline amphitheater. just after midnight a fight broke out on board. >> somehow the door opened to the bus and the two people involved in the altercation fell out of bus. >> reporter: while the bus was moving in the while the bus was moving approximately 45-50 miles per hour. >> reporter: investigators want know how the doors of bus popped moment. there are two mechanisms for the bus to open, either manually or this emergency lever near the door. >> reporter: the bus driver was sober, but the 12-15 passengers onboard were drunk. >> alcohol was a huge factor at the scene everyone was extremely intoxicated. so there wasn't a lot of cooperation with law enforcement. >> this raises the problem to a new level. >> reporter:
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next month the state senate is expected it vote on legislation requiring party bus operators to verify the ages of their passengers and prevent underaged drinking. on this particular bus chairperson investigators say the whom end aced up in hospital is just 20 years old, but they aren't sure how many passengers were under the legal drinking age. >> they could have gone up and impaired the driver's ability to drive safely and that could have been a hazardous situation. to allow someone to be that intoxicated in the vehicle should be illegal l. assemblyman jerry little says it's time to think about new rules for party buses carrying any extremely drunk passengers even if some of them are over 21. . more details now on the efforts to crackdown on underaged drinking on those party buses. legislation al lie mention wod require bus operators topaque sure that all passengers are over 21. drivers who fail to comply could face fines and lose their licenses. assemblyman jerry hill wrote
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the bill following the death in 2010 of 19-year-old brett studebaker of burlingame. today volunteers ramped up the search for a missing pacifica woman. more than 100 people turned out to look for 76-year-old maria jansen, also known as marlies. her husband reported her missing on wednesday after last seeing her in the backyard of their home. janson is knowns an avid hiker and in good shape, but it's not clear where she went. >> we're keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that she is found, but as time goes on it's that much more critical. >> search-and-rescue teams from as far away as napa and monterey took part in the search. maria janson is 5' 5" and may have been wearing yellow croc style shoes. the search tins this
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morning for sierra lamar and volunteers held a fundraiser. the volunteers have been combing the areas for any signs of sierra. >> we haven't found anything substantial since the beginning; but still i think i'm going to stay positive -- i'm staying positive. >> on tuesday, 21-year-old antolin garcia torres is scheduled to ender a plea in the kidnapping and murder case. stopping traffic, how these cows got out and blocked traffic on highway 4 and why a witness says this it is no accident. spraying in the south bay, the effort underway right now to save a 250-million dollar industry before it's too late. >> the sacramento international airport may become the third largest airport in the country to ditch federal screening agentses are.
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. it looks like a cattle drive today near highway 4 in contra costa county. the livestock were found roaming the highway. a man on horseback headed up off-ramp to herd the cattle ot of danger. a witness on the scene tells us a fence had been cut, which aloud the animals to get out. the lunt is on for an
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invasive pest that is threatening crops in the south bay. ktvu's noelle walker shows us the plan of attack to try to stop the oriental fruit fly. >> reporter: andy mariani is under the gun. the spray gun. he is putting insecticide on his fruit trees trying to keep the oriental fruit fly from turning his nearly ripe pluats into their homes. >> we have to treat in order to save our crop. >> reporter: andy's orchard is in morgan hill. city agricultural inspectors found four flies in traps on tuesday. today is the first of two months' of targeted treatments to keep the pests at bay. >> as long as we get an early start on it, we're verily likely to get control quickly. >> reporter: the stray is a gelatin that contains
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and a ferramone. a quarantine would close andy's market. agriculture is a $250 million business in santa clara county and nobody want to see those big bucks wiped out by a pest. police in turlock shot and killed a man following a freeway chase and attempted carjacking. this incident began this morning. officers spotted a stolen car involved in a police chase on tuesday. police say a man approached the vehicle and saw officers and brandished a handgun. they then jumped into the car and drove onto highway 99.
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several exits later, they say the man got off the freeway and jumped out of that vehicle. police say he then fired into a truck as he tried to carjack the driver. that is when police say they opened fire, killing the man. an officer was struck in the leg during the incident. it is is the not clear how he was shot. a san francisco real estate investment firm is reportedly poised to rodevelop a struggling sacramento shopping center. according to the sacramento they will buy the downtown plaza. that mall has been struggling for years with empty storefronts and dwindling foot traffic. there is no word on whether that property will remain a mall. sacramento international airport may one day replace its tsa agents with workers from a private company. that change has been made at san francisco airport and the airport in orlando, florida. they say private workers are
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more nexible and less expensive than government workers. airport officials destroyed that will happen if and when a company is picked. >> company that is chosen will then be trained by the tsa. they will use the same tsa procedures, policies, and equipment. so the traveling public, even if this goes forward, not too much will change from the perception of the traveling public. >> those opposed to privatization say it would end up costing taxpayers more for the same service welcome to newark international airport. >> it's the new face of the airport customer service, coming up, why some customers aren't fans of the new airport avatar. in election 2012 news, republican presidential candidate mitt romney arrived in israel. romney's camp says the candidate plans to meet with
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leaders. some of of his wealthy supporters including casino mogul adelson plan to attend mco rubio said in elected "mr. obama would bring the country back to the dark ages." later in the day, a mechanical problem on the plane prompted a landing landed in new mexico. mr. obama says both relationships and democrats are agree on extending the bush-era tax cuts, but democrats want to limit those cuts to those making less than $250,000 a year. when democrats and republicans agree on something, it should be pretty easy to get it done. but right now that is not the case. instead of doing what is right for middle-class families and small business owners, republicans in congress are holding these tax cuts hostage
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until we extend tax cuts for the wealthiest americans. >> congressional republicans say exempting the wealthy would amount to a tax hike on people who create jobs. three funerals were held today for victims of the theater shootings in colorado, including two young men credited with saving the lives of their girls. in iowa, hundreds shared tears and memory as they gathered for the funeral of matt mcquinn. when the shooting began, 27- year-old mcquinn dove over his girlfriend to shield her from the bullets. he was shot three times. his girlfriend survived with a bullet wound to the knee. mcquinn's uncle spoke of his nephew's sacrifice. >> greater love than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. >> and in crystal lake, illinois a private ceremony was held for 27-year-old john larimer. larimer's girlfriend said when the shooting started he pulled
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her down and hut his body over hers to schedule here. and in san antonio, texas, friends and family remembered 24-year-old jessica ghawi. just last month she had avoid being injured in a toronto mall shooting that left one person there dead. following that shooting ghawi wrote iraq i was reminded we don't know when our where our time on earth will end, when or where we'll breathe our last breath." starting tomorrow flags will be returned. and remembering the victims coming up in ten minutes how an idea by two people the bay area led to funds being raised for the colorado victims. how fires in russia are sending smoke to the west coast. . and down in goes, a bit of
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the history in new york comes crumbling to the ground. . also a new u.s. navy ship is christened today. the dark chapter in american history that the vessel honors. and the clouds are currently pushing back into the bay. coming up a timeline for your sunday and whether mid-90s return to parts of the bay area. [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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. a bit of history turns to rubble in upstate new york. this demolition of the 19-story atanne's heritage tower in irondequoit near rochester. officials plan to turn the land into a parking lot for a nearby hospital complex. the worst drought in decades has left crops dying. agricultural officials say crop yields in the largest producing states will be much lower than
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experts forecasted, more than 60% of the country is experiencing drought conditions. the young trees and saplings are also struggling. >> soil temperatures are elevated because of the high temperatures and they are losing a lot of water and their roots are stressed out ? >> to help farmers lawmakers next week are set to consider legislation on the house floor that bo extend the which is set to expire in september. the drought is also affecting much more than crops. coming up in 7 minutes the impact all this dry weather is having on the nation's blood supply. in news of the world in syria, government forces stepped up their offensive in aleppo in an effort to retake neighborhoods held by rebel fighters. the assad regime launched an attack with arlington willry, tanks and gunships in the city of 3 million people after a day of fighting and at least 29 dead, opposite leader seas they
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still hold the neighborhoods that they claimed earlier this week. in peru a sad end to a search for two missing american mountain climbers lost in the cordillera blanco rank. the bodies of 32-year-old ben horne and gil weiss were found today. their tracks indicated that they had summited the 20,000 plus foot peak. in march horne described high altitude climbs as a spiritual experience that allowed him to glimpse a little bit of god. in uganda, victims of the ebola virus and health officials say they may have contracted the virus after attending a funeral.
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in 2000 the disease killed 224 people in uganda. it's been a smoky week in parts of southern oregon. meteorologists say the cause of the trouble, well it lays more than 8,000 miles away in russia. there are nearly 70 fires burping in siberia and all of that smoke is actually crossing the pacific ocean and hitting areas from vancouver, british columbia to medford, oregon. the last of three u.s. navy ships dedicated to the site of the september 11th attacks was christened today. >> there she goes the supplement. >> is somerset is named for the pennsylvania county where passengers and crew diverted utiteed airlines flight 93 after it was hiked on the way to san francisco. the navy says the somerset will be used primarily as a carrier
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for troops and equipment. the other two specialty ships are are named after arlington county, virginia the site of the pentagon. at your service, the newest technology that is causing quite a stir at an east coast airport.
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. we have developing news out of san leandro where a shooting has closed the bart station. a spokesman says it closed at 10:00 this evening. no other detail about the shooting has been released, but bart says service will continue on the line that serves san leandroo, but the trains will
10:29 pm
not stop at the san leandroo station until the crime scene is clear. it's the new face of customer service. >> check it out. >> welcome to newark liberty airport. >> travelers in newark, new jersey are being greeted by a computer-generated image of a customer service representative libby. travelers have had mixed reactions from liking her to finding her creepy. the port authorities spent about $180,000 on libby and four machines like her and say the avatars are not replacing any real humans with jobs. a simple idea between two northern california teenagers quickly evolved into a fast fund-raiser for the colorado shooting victims. ktvu's ann rubin with details on the idea that raised $1050. >> reporter: the money started to roll in
10:30 pm
long before the bikes rolled out for this fundraiser. >> from the first day we have been getting calls from people we'll support you and pledge for you. >> reporter: and has been coming in from some unlikely places, the vacaville police officers association had a safety event in the same park where they were setting up. >> we heard about this young men's venture and wanted to give you $100 donation. >> reporter: thank you. >> this venture played in the aftermath of the colorado movie theater shootings, they organized a bike-a-thon fundraiser called the knight ride in honor of the dark knight. >> i think it's fantastic that people actually want to help. because we were just two teenagers and now everybody is coming to help us out and it feels nice. >> reporter: the money will go to the aurora relief fund helping families with memorial services and medical bills. cyclists were asked to donate what they could. >> the bike ride itself was
10:31 pm
short, the group small, but dedicated. in the end they hoped to accepted more than money to aurora. they hoped to send a message. >> no matter what happens in america, we stick together. >> reporter: their hope had been to raise $1,000 and at the end. the day they say they actually exceed their goal. in vacaville, ann rubin ktvu channel 2 news. >> the red cross says its blood supply is at its lowest level. they blame the shortage on the heat and storms and that combined with the usual summer slow down in donations has caused the blood supply to drop to emergency levels of the red cross officials say in fact, at some point surgeons may have to cancel elective operation. groups came together to help clean up some neighborhood organizations including the old oakland neighbors, parishioners from the first urinetarian andellia baker center for human rights. we caught up with some of them
10:32 pm
at l.a. square park. organizers say one reason for today's clean-up is that the city has little money to do it. >> we come in and do what the city is not able do. and what no individual is able to do, but coming togethers a group, we can get a lot down. >> it's the second year for the clean-up called throw down for the town. they gathered at 19th and harrison near lake merritt for a community concert. a new smartphone has helped samsung climb to the top of the heap when it comes to mobile phone sales. analysts say samsung has now passed nokia has no. 1 in the wireless phone sales with more than a quarter of the global market. some of america's most beautiful national parks are now just a click away. google has added five california national parks to
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its street view picture and users can drive through the advertisual parks. the department of virtual parks. and ktvu news is just a click away. download the ktvu app to get ktvu news to go on your cell phone. click the live icon. california lotterydict officials say a lucky winner bot a $52 million lottery tick in the bay area. someone hit all six numbers own a mega millions ticket. it was sold at the qwik-stop store in fremont on walnut avenue. here are the winning numbers, 2, 3, 4, 8, 43, and the mega number of 26. there is no word yet on whether the winner has come forward to claim his or her prize. speak of look, how about all eyes up in the sky today?
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from the giant sea creatures to the more traditional kind. thousands flocked tot annual event in berkeley. the other activities on tap for this amazing two-day e.. we could see there was a breeze out there and still is in jack london square, but a warm-up is on the way. meteorologist mark tamayo joins us next with when you expect temperatures it go up. must be nice, cheering on team usa from the shallow end.
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. >> it was all eyes to the skies for day 1 of the 27th annual kite festival in berkeley. organizers expect 35,000 people to attend the 2-day event at cesar chavez park in the marina. they soared high above the
10:37 pm
crows of the festival includes kite-building lessons, team competition and also free candy crops over the crowds candy drops over the crowd. let's check in with mark tamayo and it's going to start warming up. >> a bit of a warm up and we have a bit of breeze, so the kite flyers might like that. gusty winds for tonight and into sunday. we do have a little bit some patchy fog pushing back into the bay. you can see on live stormtracker 2, the cloud deck with the clouds hugging the coastline and also surging back into the region. i have also been watching the conditions of the wildfire to the southeast ofukive of ukiah. probably the biggest challenge for fire crews is a bit of a breeze and terrain in the area. we'll he keep you posted on that as we head into sunday. as far as temperatures from
10:38 pm
today, mid to upper 80s. the other extreme in pacifica on the cool side, 59. san francisco, 64 degrees this afternoon. forecast headlines for tonight. partly cloudy skies, fog will continue to ramp up in coverage. not much change for your sunday. extended we do bump up the numbers and we will have a few more 90s to talk about. you will see this first thing tomorrow morning, some fog kiestside and around the bay. temperatures to start out your sunday in the low to mid-50s. so if you can see for tomorrow, as we showed you little change out there, inland spots, warmest locations maybe to 90 degrees for the extreme end. here is the change into monday. high pressure returns and with that inland spot easily back up into the mid-90s
10:39 pm
around93-95 degrees. our forecast model showing you the fog on the increase and once again we could have drizzle to start our sunday morning. clearing back into the afternoon showers, still partly cloudy skies for the beaches. the last day of the garlic festival in gilroy look goods. patchy fog to start out the day, but temperatures in the mid-80s for afternoon highs. so these numbers not a big change. oakland at 68. san josi around 80 degrees. fremont in the upper 70s and san francisco 66. and in san francisco, the third game of the dodgers for tomorrow at at&t park and partly cloudy skies, temperatures right around 64. here is a look ahead, your five- day forecast with your weekend always in view. warming up into monday and ramping up the numbers from wednesday into thursday. so heather and ken, i promise we're going to warm things back up. by midweek we're going crank up the heat. >> when a weatherman make as a promise, he is sure of it. >> i will stick to it.
10:40 pm
>> thank you, mark. thousand are keeping an eye on the warmer and are ready to lace up for 35th annual san francisco marathon. the route starts at the ferry building at 5:30 a.m. the runners cross the golden gate bridge between 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and some of the lanes on the bridge will be closed because of the race. the san francisco marathon is the largest in northern california. about 80,000 people are registered for the race. coming up next, the a's look to gain ground in the west as they take on the orioles. also what barry zito is saying about today's ugly game against the dodgers. sportswrap is next. get to your local subway for some dinnertime delisness tonight. subway. eat fresh.
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. good evening everyone and welcome to this saturday night edition of sportswrap. just a week ago we were talking about the oakland a's being a contend for the american league's second wild-card spot. things have changed. win 18 out of 21 game and you are knocking on the door of first place in the division. yeonis cespedes snaps a round a hunter pitch with runners on board. a's and bartolo on front. 3-0 in the 5th. five strikes out for cologne. chris carter doesn't have a lot of hits fort a's, but when he gets one, it goes a long way. the a's with the 5-0 lead. carter with 15 hits, eight of them home runs.
10:44 pm
cespedes looking more and more like a player can do it all. that allows jemile weeks to come all the way around from 1st to make it 6-0. cespedes with an rbi triple, two hits, three rbis for him. then how about some defense? cespedes moved to center when coco crisp left of the game. cespedes returns the ball down and almost casually making the back hand grab. it's all going well for the athletics as they continue to gain ground. they are 12-2 since the all- star break. it was all good around the rest division. angels hosting tampa. the rays go on to win 3-0 and the loss by the angels mean that the a's have moved into second place in the al west. adam dunn at


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