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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 31, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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(tayna) oh. a list of prominent politicians. from jail the suspect talks exclusively to ktvu. good evening i'm ken wayne. frank somerville is off tonight. >> and i'm julie haener. targets politicians? that is what one man is suspected of doing. debra villalon is live at the jail with the exclusive
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interview of the suspect with his arsenal and intentions, debra. >> reporter: julie, robert johns spoke to ktvu today for about 20 minute, lucid and calm but some of his answers bizarre. he claims he got much of the ammunition as birthday presents. and the weapon, a sawed off knife, guns and ammunition. he is claims he has two birthday, is working on the real estate market and wants to take over the world. >> scary, really scary especially after colorado. >> reporter: police had no idea the fire power he was sitting on. >> you can't be too cautious. that's why i never approached him. i never said anything to him i
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just let him be. >> reporter: from jail, police says police took him weapons because of colorado shooting. he says it's in no way related to the aurora shootings. but this woman says he left a death threat. a note she turned over to police. >> it was disturbing and it really upset my daughter. >> after that, police brought him in. he had been picked up briefly a month before by officers who confiscated his weapons and sent him for an evaluation but did not find the ammunition. on a list, the president and president.
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-- and vice president. that list is startling enough, authorities may ask the fbi to consult on this cage. johns johns did divulge to us he has a report in another state. none of the belongs were registered to him. the md80 landed safely. it the airport called out ambulances and fire trucks but they weren't needed. what we do know is the plane was chartered by the justice department and had 66 people on board. we have new information tonight about yesterday's double homicide in san francisco. the medical examiner's office today identified the victims as 23-year-old fredrick glasby and marce daniels. police respond to a fight at
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the intersection of bur. when police arrived they found two men shot. they later died at the hospital. six people have been killed in that neighborhood since may. ktvu's john sasaki tells us how much taxpayers will need to pay or risk losing nearly 1/three of their fire stations. >> reporter: the memorial where three people died continues to grow. >> i can't believe it only affected one apartment. that what we're just amazed by. because i mean they did their job. >> reporter: a lack of smoke detectors may have helped caused the death. but soon longer response times could soon cause more problems. >> absolutely cost lives. >> reporter: today the fire chief says if the measure fails, 10 of the district's
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fire stations will close in the next 10 years. >> we've cut our cost as much as we possibly can. at this point we're going back public and asking to keep our fire stations open. >> from the fire fighters perspective. it's taken them longer to get to the scene. that means fires get bigger. that mean it is workload is going to be more significant. >> reporter: chris hunt is with the contra costa's taxpayers association. >> that's not the right time to put taxpayers. there's a lot of blow back against the pensions. >> reporter: neighbor carmichael says hi would support the tax. >> definitely, as long as it
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doesn't cut into my paycheck too much. >> reporter: john sasaki. residents in san m ateo county will be asked to approve a half cent sales tax. the money would go toward maintaining public services. since 2008 the county has reduced its operating cost by $70 million in part by cutting hundreds of jobs and having employees pay more of their health and retirement cost. the board approved the ballot measure today. new developments today an injunction was issued against a san jose hotel we told you about last week. police call it a hot spot for prostitution. the hotel elan will be allowed to stay open but must build a fence around the property and install surveillance cameras alook with other injunctions. motels around the area were told they would face similar
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injunctions if they did not clean up their act. supporters of prop eight asked the supreme court to declare the ban unconstitutional. the high court is expected to make itsdecision this fall. 65% of support gay marriage. that is up up from 2008. uc davis today confirmed the officer at the center of last year's pepper spraying incident is no longer employed at the university. a spokesperson said she could not speak about the details but as of today is no longer the
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officer for the university. pike had been on unpaid leave since last year. mayor jean quan is fighting a federal take over of the department. >> reporter: just how bad the oakland police department seems to be in the a eye of the beholder. >> we're beginning to build some ties between the community and police that was not there before. >> the culture change they say is coming the not here. >> reporter: monitors latest report here revealed among other things what internal affairs investigators call racist, insulting and inappropriate photos posted at
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police headquarters of major jean quan and felton, the judge overlooking at the department. >> someone told me there had been a little -- >> reporter: quote either they were incompetent or did not know what was going on in their command, or they knew, failed to act and then lied. >> we don't need stagnation, we need progress. >> reporter: this became the first department that could be taken over and run by federal authorities. in oakland, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. in 13 minutes a rally ed th
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take over of opd. one city councilwoman's solution for the problem. b.a.r.t. is stepping up its efforts to put an end to cell phone thefts. this after two boys were arrested for robbing a man of his cell phone. police are asking victims of cell phone thefts to now come forward. police believe the young boys were connected to other cell phone robberies. in each crime the suspects used pepper spray to escape victims that fought back. zynga is facing a lawsuit. this as they sold millions of shares at $2 higher than the ipo price. more disappointing news for
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facebook. shares for the menlo park company fell. that's 43% below the social network's ipo price of $30 a share. this may not be the worse of it. customer service and employees will begin selling their stock. on the broader market, u.s. stocks retreated as they waited for news from the feds. the nasdaq was down six. the federal recertain is holding a two day meeting and word on possible action could come tomorrow. i see a lot of people who need help. and we were giving them that help. >> the end of the line for two medical marijuana dispensaries, why they say they are being forced to close. it's a common complaint, potholes making for a rough ride. the lawsuit saying rough roads caused one man to die. >> reporter: and america's cup practice races are less than a
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month away and they're shaking up the rental market in one bay area city and here's a hint. it's not san francisco.
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america's cup fever is gearing up in the bay area. practice races are less than a month away in san francisco bay. ktvu's patti lee is in alameda a city that's getting a big piece of the action.
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>> reporter: oracle is moving to alameda in the next week and a half and they're setting up shop here at the former naval station. a dock is now the home for artimus. >> it's a $20,000 a month lease. the artimus team decided this was the perfect place for them to park their whole effort. >> reporter: with 80 families moving to alameda in the next week or so, the city is an early and unexpected beneficiary with a race mainly associated with the other city by the bay. lisa fowler is helping artimus team maces find long term housing. >> they're coming into one of the tighter markets i've seen in my career of over 20 years. certainly better than the market in san francisco if you're a renter.
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>> reporter: families are staying in hotels and frequenting neighborhood businesses it's a snapshot of how the america's cup will impact its host city. san francisco a topic of discussion at the clubhouse tonight. >> this is going to be the biggest venue of the cup. >> reporter: this will be the first time the race will be a spectator sport. alameda residents say they're also ready for the action out on the water but also here on shore. >> it just gets people to know this island in relation to san francisco bay. >> reporter: artimus team members are building a dock to hoist their boat in and out of this water. with the help of local shipbuilders that dock is expected to be ready next week.
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reporting live in alameda, patti lee. police are looking for the suspect that hit a bicyclists. ramos had been declared brain dead. he might have been killed by a white suv. the damage was so minimal that the drive may not have known. coming up in 15 pháeups the troubling number of cyclists dying in sonoma county -- coming up in 15 minutes. the city of oakland faces a wrongful death lawsuit over a fatal bicycle death last year. the family says lee flew over the front handlebar of his bike last september after the front tire was caught in a 2-inchchru
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in the middle of road. two san francisco cannabis clubs were forced to shut down today. rob roth tells us what cannabis supporters plan for tomorrow. >> reporter: inside hope net there were hugs, cheers and last minute marijuana sales. after 12 years in business, hope net was forced to close. >> i see a lot of people who need help. and we were giving them that help and it's not going to be there anymore. >> reporter: the landlord at the vapor room received a similar notice and it too is closing today. eight san francisco dispensaries are closing along with the two largest in oakland. >> yes there are a few more dispensaries still left in san francisco but what we're all wondering is when this is all
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going to stop. >> reporter: melinda haag says she's received letters concerned about the dispensaries in the city. >> reporter: just devastate had the the right to take care of ourselves is being taken away because it's an easy way to heal yourself. >> reporter: medical marijuana supporters are planning a procession in the form of a funeral procession. apple's first witness was one of its top designers who said samsung clearly ripped off it iphone design. some of the judges rulings are damaging the case that it did not copy the iphone.
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a coalition of community groups and politicians rallied against goldman sachs over what they call excessively high fees they have to pay. as part of a 1998 refinancing deal, oakland makes an interest payment of $4 million a year to the bank. the interest rate of that deal was set at more than 5%. since goldman sachs receives millions more from bail outs and loans it needs to renegotiation. >> just like we bailed them out we want them to extend those generosities to us. >> reporter: the oakland city council has determined that if goldman does not renegotiate the deal it will never do business with the bank again. a goldman sachs spokeswoman declined to comment. these were the high temperatures from today. slightly cooler than yesterday
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but there was still heat in the antioch and fairfield with upper 90s. forecast highs tomorrow, they're coming back up. temperatures are on the increase. tonight temperatures cool down. there's very little fog at the coast. by the time you get up there's fog in san francisco, probably fog in salsalito and oakland. then the fog burns back, and the heat starts to go this way. high pressure is building back in and these upper 90s are going to start shifting into our inland bay valleys. that is for tomorrow. when i come back i will get more specific for your broadcast high. it includes some haze. there's word that gloria vidal has died.
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he was considered by many a very big the personality. relatives included jackie onassis. vidal once said style was what you want and not giving a damn. >> a warning about local fish. plus-- >> reporter: could the oakland police department be closer to a federal take over? one particular criticism of opd that played into a protest here at city hall tonight. and take a look at this the damage done to a packed passenger plane as it landed today.
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new at 10:00, loud criticism of the oakland police department after a critical report by a federal monitor
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assigned to oversee reforms at hpd. eric rasmussen is live, where the criticism is coming from several directions, eric. >> reporter: it is and the issue came up tonight over a protest of the police shooting of bluford. someone put a giant pink slip on the doors of the city hall demanding the officer that shot bluford be fired. and the talk of opd got things fired up. the parents of allen bluford led this rally at city hall. bluford's mother insists hpd isn't sharing information about her son. >> that's not cooperating, that's not standing up for justice. that's not getting to the bottom of what's going on. >> reporter: the police department's handling of the shootings was among the number of new concerns raised in the
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latest report by a federal monitor appointed to investigate reform. it could mean that the department is closer to federal take over. >> are you concerned that this department is pushed into take over. >> reporter: part of the solution is putting more officers on the street. >> right about here is when i realized they were on my tail. >> reporter: aronnte kings says three men tried to rob her. but she's been unable to get an officer to come out and take a report. she says she was told to file one online. >> i keep hearing about the feds might possibly be coming in to take over the opd and the mayor says oh it's not necessary. well something is necessary. obviously something is necessary. >> reporter: and a hearing in front of the judge who will decide whether to order a federal take over of opd is
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scheduled for december. we're live here in oakland, eric rasmussen, ktvu. supervisorred voted to impose a new contract on government prosecutors. the one year contract includes a pay cut of 1% effective september 1st. a bird, possibly a canada goose collided with a plane today. the tkpwaoz made a huge hole in the nose of a boeing jet. one expert said if it had to happen, the nose was the best place for the bird to hit. the public department of public health is posting these signs in fishing areas to warn people of the danger of mercury
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in certain fish. the state says children and women over the age of 35 should not eat white sturgeon from the bay. >> i had friends that question whether they should everyone be riding anymore. >> a troubling trend in sonoma county that has the cycling community on edge. >> recycling boxes are being turned into works of art. the city's way of supporting the project and how it can stop vandalism. ♪
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new at 10:00, a new approach to combat graffiti and vandalism in the south bay. ktvu's matt keller is in the south bay where utility boxes are being turned into works of art, matt. >> reporter: ken this is one of san jose's newest pieces of art right on a utility box and they
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also heap it can stop vandalism. >> reporter: in broad daylight in downtown san jose a woman does something that would normally result in an arrest or fine from police. >> i get a lot of people that stop and interrupt and say, hey what's going on what are you doing. >> reporter: but this is not vandalism. kenney martinez is an artist and this utility box is her canvas. >> tried to get the history of san jose on this box. >> reporter: kenney is one of several artists that have painted 22 utility boxes for the art box project. requirements include making sure the paints is appropriate for all ages and no political, religious content. >> the only negativity is more a subjective thing that it probably isn't the person's favorite work of art. >> reporter: the program is paid for by private donors to turn a beige box into a
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whimsical display of different ideas. >> for the main part it's our city getting out of the way saying yeah that's our utility box, go ahead and paint it, make sure it's pretty. >> reporter: city leaders and art activists say this project helps in the battle against vandalism. >> there's a code. you know with street art or even this kind of art you don't go over someone elses art. >> reporter: if you like to see the art boxes in san jose go to our website click on the story and hot topics on our home page to get the top locations in the city and who sponsored the boxes. republican presidential candidate mitt romney is back home in boston after his trip abroad. romney spent his last day in poland paying tribute to the hundreds of thousands of powe lands who died in world war ii.
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>> this is a holy sight for the polish people, show some respect. reporter: romney met with poland leaders and was warmly received by crowd. romney is expected to announce his choice for a vice presidential candidate soon. lit first be released via an app. romney will likely wait until his wife returns from the olympic games where her horse is competing. the goal is to discouragety tyran from weapons. iran it says it can withstand the sanctions. the driver that crashed
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into a home has come forward. last thursday a cadillac clipped one house then slammed into a second narrowly missing a mother and young children. a 21-year-old has identified himself as the driver. he told police he ran because he was scared. it's happened again, a cyclist in sonoma county has died after being struck by a car. this is the sixth cyclist fatality in 12 weeks. as ken pritchett reports even the experts can't explain why it's happening. >> reporter: in this intersection is a spray painted circle with the word helmet clearly written. this is where a young cyclist a man in his 20s to early 30s died this morning. cyclist john keturi says this a popular riding site. >> reporter: i had some friends call me to make sure it wasn't
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me. >> reporter: the cyclist was riding downhill when he struck a pickup truck. the driver was sited and questioned by police. we don't know the cause of the accident. there could be many factors. but we're told by people here that those turning left at 7:00 in the morning there might be a visibility problem. because that the time it seems like the sun is peaking on that hill. five fatal crashes in one week. several of those crashes involved unfit or impaired drivers and bicyclists were also at fault. typical of carver suggestion bicycle accidents. >> half of them seem to be the fault of the driver and half seem to be the fault of bicyclists. >> reporter: keturi says fellow bicyclists are concerned about the accidents.
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he says he feels comfortable in bicycling but says it requires a watchful eye. the sister of facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is working for his competitor, facebook. another sister tweeted, congrats fire bird. there are now more zuckerberg's working for google than facebook. another major power outage strikes india. also ahead the new tool offering hope to bay area scientists trying to unravel some of the universes biggest mysteries. and back here in 10 minutes it's warming up for your
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wednesday. we'll show you how warm it's going to get in your neighborhood, see you back here. some vacationers got a show they weren't expecting. the cause of a fire in a hotel in the las vegas strip.
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investigatorss say an air conditioner started a fire. people on the 36th floor of treasure island were evacuated. at least 13 people were checked for smoke inhalation. no one was seriously hurt. a 9-year-old boy with a wish to go camping is being blamed for a house fire in east palo alto. firefighters were called to a house on jasmine way around 2:30 this afternoon.
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the boy had set up a tent and mattresses in his garage then knocked a lit candle on them. his mother ran into the garage thinking her son was still inside. she was treated for minor burns and smoke inhalation, no one else was hurt. the man accused of kidnapping and murdering teenager sierra lamar did not make a plea in court. the attorney for torrez was granted a delay in her client's plea enter. it's now set for august 29th. volunteer searchers were at today's the court hearing. sierra lamar went missing, her body has not been found. a black out made life difficult. major cities came to a standstill and businesses closed. three major power trips failed in the middle of the afternoon. some came online hours later but the system is not expected
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to be fully restored until tomorrow. in uganda six more cases of the uvala virus have been reported. ugandan officials fear that the illness could get as bad as eight years ago. there's no treatment for the fever that is spread by close contact and bodily fluids. the storm is expected to hit the northern tip of the island nation with wind of up to 130-miles-an-hour and heavy rains. after that forecasters say it will head to china and could make land fall in changhi early friday. we have new information about the death of a san rafael hiker who's body was found wednesday in the national
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forest. thomas heng died of trauma. he disappeared after the group separated. his body was found three days later. scientists may soon be able to unravel the planet's mysteries. starting tomorrow, berkeley scientists will be controlling the space telescope capturing images of black holes. >> turning deeper into black hole environments. >> the satellite telescope is nasa's sharpest ever. >> and you can watch all of our newscasts live on our cell phone. just two to woody allen making the bay area the backdrop for his newest film project. how it reflects what some call a film renaissance.
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and chief meteorologist bill martin is working on your complete bay area forecast. the warmest day this week and what you can expect by this weekend.
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one of america's legendary film maker will be using san francisco as his backdrop. >> reporter: this also means work for local actors and extras while the film is shot later this summer. >> everyone gets excited because they want to work. definitely with a legend like woody. woody had done great films here and everybody is excited for him. >> reporter: allen's editorial take the money and run was
10:45 pm
filmed here. san francisco based casting director nancy hayes says many big named films used to come here. >> in the mid-90s it was a dry spell. that's when we turned over and started doing more commercials. the major who says he's a big woody allen fan is trying to get more production to the city. >> it does cost a lot to produce in the city. we're having so many more successes. >> a lot of work went to canada and we're trying to see that come back. >> when a movie comes to town, it's not just cast work. we're making sure we're seeing for bigger roles as well. >> while the film is still only in preproduction and has not yet been titled it's expected to be released sometime next
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year. sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. it's a sign the housing collapse may be nearing an ends. all 20 of the largest metropolitan areas posted games in april. the s & p case-shiller forecast showed an increase of 2.2% in may over all. students at four profit schools such as heald college and the kwraouft -- university of phoenix will be affected most. this should save about $55 million. the changes won't affect state colleges and universities. cal state students don't have to worry about a faculty strike. the union reached a tentative agreement on a four year contract that avoids potential strikes this fall. but there are no pay increases. and the faculty hasn't had a
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raise in five years. csu said budget cuts in sacramento are the reason contracts still need to be approved by both sides. there appears to be no deal on defaulting on payments. defaulting on those bills will not affect delivery or day-to- day operations but it will mean the postal service will not be able to pay as much into its retiree health benefits. it's been struggling in recent years with competition from the internet, fed ex and ups. and it's mild inland tonight, right now it's 71 71 degrees in the inland bay valleys. there's fog returning to the coast. we have a warmer day tomorrow. the winds are coming out of the west a bit so we have the fog moving back. tomorrow morning you will notice it. not that far inland. it's not one of those deals
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where the bay area counties are going to be covered. i think it's going to be right at the coast. sneaking through san bruno, berkeley, albany, oakland, alameda. i think the fog is going to stay mostly at the coast. that is going to allow temperatures tomorrow to increase. it was so hot inland, upper to mid-90s. as we head into tomorrow temperatures are going to come up a few more degrees. kind of on the cool side or mild side just what you would expect for this time of year. as you go through the bay area microclimates, san francisco might get up to 69. you're in the mid- and upper 80s as you head into the upper valleys and beyond. southern santa clara valley and up into the inland bay valleys. you will still have that very cool coast with fog hanging right in. so as we go into wednesday and
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thursday, temperatures do not flat line but they slightly work their way up. after thursday they slightly work they way down. it's a week of mild changes or subtle changes. as we head into the bay area weekend. more significant cooling, not cold but mostly mid- to low 90s. air quality still good. fire danger high at this point but we're not seeing the winds and we have high humidity so looks like we will be in good shape. the east bay valleys you're going to find the big numbers out toward antioch and brentwood. 97 in brentwood. and then mid-80s town town san jose. you will notice the heat tomorrow. the heat is going to be the same heat really right through thursday and for the most part into friday but a little cooler. by the bay area weekend. i would not call it
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significant cooling but just cooler. there's no real spikes or valleys it's just sort of this flat line and low to mid-90s inlands. low and mid-60s coast sides. cooler for the weekend. >> nice summertime weather. >> barable. >> this could be a normal harvest for wine crops. that would mean 900,000-tons. temperatures in the 80s and some harvesting could begin in two weeks. the sonoma grapevine commission says the past two years have not been very good. pinnacle's national monument is one step closer to becoming the 59th national park. the 26th national park in california. the bill creates pinnacle's national park cleared the house with bipartisan support. it now goes to the senate. lincecum and the giants
10:51 pm
host the new york mets we'll have all the highlights in sports. and on his day off, barry zito trades in his mitt for cooking utensils. what he hopes comes from his community service.
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barry zito and the san francisco giants have stepped up to the plate to help build a new st. anthony's dining room zito helped serve food for people waiting in line for a hot meal today. zito has helped create awareness to build a new $5 million dining room. st.aptny's is the only place in san francisco that serves free meals every day of the year. mark ibanez here to tell us the giants are back where they want to be. >> first place, top of the west. dodgers lost the victory vibe returns. feel good day all around for the giants. reenergized on the field tonight and putting an end to that five game skid. game two with the mets down 1-0 in the second. they load the bases. tailor made double play ball. but tejada that's a terrible throw to first instead of an
10:55 pm
inning ending double play. two runs score. the giants take the lead for good. tim lincecum the seventh victory of the year. goes 7 innings, last pitch gets him out of the bases loaded jam. in the eighth they had a little extra room. another new coming, marco s cotero hits a single. giants up a game in the west. long days journey into night for the new giants pence. he finds out about the trade, flies across country. arrives late tonight from sfo. rushed to the ballpark. rock star treatment. shown in the right hand bat. you know what they're happy to have him. >> he swings with so much conviction. you know he just swinging hard every time and he's good. i think he'll bring good energy to the team.
10:56 pm
so looking forward to it. i think he will help us a lot. >> reporter: dodgers and all that dough down south did throw their weight a little more early in the day. also going to philadelphia for outfield help. the flying hawaiian they call him, shane victorino, the plot thickens. should be a couple of months worth watching. the a's would walk off the field in dismay tonight. just one of those get it out of your system game. rarely are not not in a ball game this is one of those nights. listless, start to finish tampa bay and put your own punch line on that guy he was having fun and they needed that tonight. tampa worse hitting team in the big leagues but eight runs tonights. a couple of hits, a couple of rbis off tomy malone. jeff kepenger in the tampa act.
10:57 pm
rbi single there's james shields a 3-run hit for tampa. the warriors whistling the way into the move. rush one of the rare spots last year he will return two year deal worth about $8 million. that's about all the warriors have left to spend. training camp a couple of months off. that feel good feeling going on and not legally allowed to show you any olympic highlights but the women's gymnastic teams lights out. all gold. men's basketball also a winner. that's the sporting life. >> watching them making me so nervous. mark, thank you. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> ktvu news will be following a shooting that we're just getting word of on paul avenue and 101. we understand one person has died. we have a crew on the way to the scene and we have the very
10:58 pm
latest coming up tomorrow morning. we have the latest for you on and mobile ktvu.
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