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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  August 16, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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the low 90s. take a look at the numbers in a few minutes. sal has an update on traffic. >> good morning. westbound highway 4 traffic looks good. 24 westbound up to the tunnel, there's an accident at camino pablo accident. 680 southbound as you drive down to the bottom of the hill, traffic is moving along well. >> today is a critical day for sus spened san francisco sheriff -- suspended san francisco sheriff. the ethic's commission will decide if he is fit to be the sheriff. >> reporter: we've been hearing about it for months and come down to more than just talk. at 9:00 this morning we're expecting fire works and a decision. the ethic's commission is supposed to make a recommendation to the board of super advisors whether he should be removed from office. he was
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convicted of a misdemeanor imprisonment charge. attorneys and the city will get 45 minutes for closing arguments. then get the chance to question both sides. the public will weigh in and deliberate in open session. >> there's no reason this should be secret. the people's business is the people easy lex and elected officials. going to see it in messy gory. . >> the board has 30 days to make its decision. it will take 9 out of 11 to remove him from office. and that decision will come in october. coming up what one legal expert predicts the outcome to be. >> a man is facing charges on suspicion of sexually abusing children at his wife's day care. arrested yesterday at the inhome
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day carat ria vista. sheriff's deputies say the day care license will be revoked. >> this morning police in redwood city searching for an armed robbery suspect who may have struck five times in one week. paul chambers has surveillance video police are hoping will lead to an arrest. >> reporter: good morning. we have very limited information about this case. police believe he's armed and dangerous. that's why they want him off the streets and behind bars. police have released this video you are looking at. the man is responsible for five armed robberies since august 7th. here he is wearing a new york yankees hat. he held up three markets two which on middle field road. also held up a restaurant and a gas station. all the robberies have been in redwood city. the most recent incident happened on tuesday. investigators say in each case the robber was armed with a handgun and unclear how much money he's gotten away with.
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if you recognize this man, you are ask today call redwood city police. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> this morning parents are questioning whether they are allow their child to fly as a minor. a 10 year old girl was stranded at one of the world's busiest airports. scheduled to fly from sfo to michigan with a stop in chicago in june. she missed her connection when a company paid to meet her in chicago failed to show up. analysts say the incident is shedding light on hiring outside companies to he is supreme court unaccompanied minors. >> happening right now firefighters are battling 70 fires. you can see almost a dozen major wildfires burning in california. firefighters battling the ships fire. getting ready today for thunder
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storms and strong winds. that fire threatens more than 900 homes and prompted voluntary evacuations. a fire burning in lake county, it is 75% contained. firefighters are battling two wildfires in northeast san diego county that have put hundreds of residents under evacuation order. it's called the wilson fire. burned about 8,000 acres. 50% contained. firefighters are worried this fire could merge with the stewart fire. that one has scorched 7,000 acres. only 40% contained. 400 residents have been ordered to evacuate. only a few dozen residents have paid attention to those warnings. >> jerry brown has kicked off his campaign for a ballot measure that would raise taxes on high incomes. proposition 30 asked the most privileged to pay
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more to prevent three weeks. half a billion dollar could be cut from higher education. the tax measure would raise income taxes on couples making $500,000 or more for 7 years. also boost the sales tax by a quarter cent for four years. one group says there's still time for president obama to drop biden. we're going to hear about that when we go live at 5:15. >> if you are in pala alto, repairs are expected to cause traffic problems. charleston road is going to be clogged with construction equipment. in just a little while parents and buses will be out there taking kids to and from school on that road. that area will be jammed for the next two weeks. the pg&e is replacing a gas line in the wake
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of the deadly san bruno explosion. >> we are often surprised by road work. when you are heading to and from work. right, sal? how is everything out there? >> we have an sig alert coming up to the tunnel. right near the camino pablo exit. we're getting new information. witnesses say two cars were speeding at 100 miles an hour as they were coming around the turn. one car lost control and flipped over. the other car took off. this is initial reports we get here at ktvu. westbound 24 at least one lane possibly two are blocked. and issued a special traffic alert. they expect us to be there for a bit. westbound 24. let's move along and take a look at the rest of the traffic. looks good here. this morning if you are
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driving on northbound 280 or 101, santa clara valley traffic off to a good start. let's go to mark. >> good morning to you. forecast headlines for thursday . these are minor changes but today will be a touch warmer than yesterday. a few 90s showing up inland. tomorrow thicken up the high clouds and few extra high clouds for saturday. and temperatures cool off by sunday. here's a look at the current numbers. you can see ranging in the mid 50s to lower 60s. san jose checking in. 60 degrees. and santa rosa one of the cooler spots at 54 degrees. current fog pattern, hugging the coast side and heading into the bay. mountain view and santa rosa reporting cloudy skies. high pressure warms us up a little today. temperatures around 90 to 94. fog hugging the coast side for this morning.
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and watching moisture to our south. this is what's left of tropical storm hector. now a tropical depression. and this is the flow developing into friday and into saturday. we will thicken up the high clouds tomorrow afternoon. also feel muggy out there as well. whenever you get a set up like this, there is a slight chance of isolated thunder storm. forecast model is backing off quite a bit. but something we're going to keep an eye on. friday night and into saturday morning. better chance of picking up thunder storms for friday and slight chance for saturday and partly cloudy skies by sunday. temperatures by the lake in the low to mid 80s. our temperatures this afternoon on average about 3 to 5 degrees warmer than yesterday's reading. oakland lower 70s. no triple digit heat but still approaching mid 90s. san jose 82. san francisco the clouds clearing back to the shore line 67 degrees. here is a look ahead. five day forecast with
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weekend always in view. temperatures holding steady for friday and cool things off for the weekend especially by sunday. >> 5:09. we have a developing situation in london. big announcement expected any minute now. this could decide the future of the founder of wiki leaks. >> the reason today could be the day many more shares hit the market.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. breaking news out of afghanistan. nato says one of its helicopters crash. 11 people were killed including three american troops. nato is investigating the cause of this crash. out of afghanistan. more information as soon as it becomes available. >> 5:12. happening now. he the great britain wants to extradite him to sweden. they want to question him about sexual assault allegations. he has been hiding out at the embassy since he asked for asylum back in june. he's fearing if essex traffic dieted he may be handed over to the united states. that's where he thinks he'll be punished. >> in election 2012 news with
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several gaps by joe biden. washington d.c. news room with the chances of that happening. >> reporter: the vice president hearing criticism from rewill republicans and democrats. there's plenty of time for president obama to find a new running mate. according to the weekly standards, he has three weeks to pick someone new. even posted a running count down clock to september 6th when the ticket is formerly nominated. on tuesday biden told a virginia crowd that mitt romney's would quote put yall back in chains. the comment was taken out of context. obama is defending biden to people magazine calling
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him an outstanding vice president. reporting live ktvu channel 2 news. >> mitt romney's running mate paul ryan will be in ohio this morning. accused president obama of raiding medicare. >> $716 billion from the medicare program to pay for obama care. >> ryan says he welcomed a discussion about controversial plan for overhauling the care which he would shift medicare to a voucher like system. president obama says the plan would end up costing senior citizens more money. >> the plan offered by congressman ryan would force seniors to pay an extra $6400 a year. >> the president obama ended a three day bus tour in iowa yesterday. he was joined by first lady michelle obama. no events are scheduled for the president today. >> the trial has been put on hold for the fort hood
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psychiatrist accused of killing 13 soldiers in 2009. hasan was ordered to shave when he showed up in court with a beard. but his attorneys say his beard is an expression of his muslim faith. the trial was supposed to start next week. army prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. >> time is 5:15. a san jose man that was wounded in a shooting has died from his injuries. 21-year-old victor mendoza was gunned down on monday after 4:00 in the afternoon. the shooter fired the shot from a passing car. the investigation by the police continues. >> a trucking firm could face steep fines for an accident that caused westbound lanes to be closed for more than 8 hours. the san jose mercury news reports piles trucking clipped a
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concrete overpass on the highway yesterday morning. smashed a traffic signal and light poll and tore concrete from an overpass. if the company did not have the proper permits, could be forced to pay the cost of the repairs and even some additional fines. >> time now 5:16. sal is back. you were already telling us about an sig alert on highway 24. >> yeah westbound 24 near the cross roads. one car flipped over on its roof. and chp report witnesses say two cars were racing at 100 miles an hour westbound. and one car lost control and flipped over. the other car took off from the scene. and now it's a big mess out there. serious injuries. westbound 24. it is still relatively early and not a big back up. for example, look at my 24 lafayette camera, i don't see a big back up.
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good area for you to know about. move along and take a look at westbound bay bridge. this traffic here is light coming into san francisco. also this morning's commute on interstate 880 in oakland. that traffic is off to a good start. filling in for steve, it's my buddy mark. >> we have some clouds once again. not everywhere but still some patches right around the coast and parts of the bay. temperatures have been cooling off over the past few days. today's forecast features a bump in the numbers. nothing too extreme. santa rosa warming up five degrees from yesterday's high. and livermore instead of the upper 80s, lower 90s. 93 degrees. clouds have been moving around since we started the show at 4:30 this morning. san jose reporting cloudy skies there. and santa rosa reporting patchy fog. most recent observation as well.
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current numbers mainly in the 50s to lower 60s. stepping out the door in oakland 58. it is windy around fairfield. and redwood city lower 60s. high pressure returns a little for today. going to warm things up just a few degrees. this is tropical depression hector. was once a tropical storm. and we're showing you this because the flow sets up we could have high clouds for friday and saturday. there is a slight chance of isolated thunder storm for late friday. those chances are beginning to fade. around the coast we showed you cool temperatures, patchy fog this morning. more sunshine by 3:00 around the bay. and here you can't pick out the hot spots. 90 to 93 inland. 90 in fairfield. san francisco, 67 and complete look at the forecast highs in a little bit. as far as five day forecast, you
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can pick out a few extra clouds. cooling by sunday and next week. >> european markets are mixed this morning after china warned trade outlook is getting worse. that led to a drop on china's shanghai index and hong kong overnight. others gained ground though up nearly 2%. wall street, the futures indicate a slightly higher opening for the dow, nasdaq and s&p. more facebook shares can be sold today. not allowed to sell stocks for the first 90 days. now, they can. analysts are predicting that will mean more volatility for the already battered stock. closed at $21 a share. $38 three months ago. see what happens. >> a warning
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this morning about what you may be eating right now for breakfast. why a new study says eating eggs may affect your body just like smoking cigarettes. >> we're paying airfare and rent and food. >> and in the midst of a financial crisis, where thousands of dollars are being spent by san francisco city college. ♪
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welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news. 5:23. a new study says eating egg yolks could be as bad as smoking. eating three a week can increase heart disease by two thirds as much as smoking does. studies lead author says both eating a high cholesterol diet. hailed as a success. the park encourages volunteer s and visitors to help come pick apples. the event is fun but also has a serious purpose. part of the purpose to keep the hundreds of black bears that live at yosemite from interacting with people. keep food locked up since it attracts the bears. campers think the apple picking is a good idea. keep bears away from the campers and cars and breaking in and
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causing damage. >> our goal has been for people to store food properly and allow bears to live their lives naturally. >> before the apple picking event started there were nearly 400 bear/human encounters a year. this year there have been 38. >> time now 5:24. a city college faces financial problems. ktvu has uncovered new information about school spending. pamela fisher has been on the job since may. she commutes from her home in montana. expense reports obtained by ktvu shows city college pays for airfare, taxi's, meals and rent. more than $5,000 a month. also paid a salary of $276,000 a year. >> i think it's a huge fall out we would put ourselves in that position knowing we don't have the money for certain major resources we need here.
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>> chancellor fisher was not available to comment for us. the city college spends 92% of budget on salaries and benefits. the school has 8 months to clean up problems or may lose accreditation. >> 5:25. sal is covering traffic for us. >> westbound 24 at the cross roads an overturned car. chp reported this is according to witnesses result of a high speed chase -- not a high speed chase but racing. one car flipped over. not causing a huge delay yet. it's still early. moving along and taking a look at 680 south. here's mark. >> hi, there. good morning to you. starting out with clouds. forecast headlines for today for
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thursday, bump up those numbers a little bit. the warmest location is approaching lower 90s. a few high clouds during the afternoon hours. we do cool things off by sunday. temperatures ranging from low 60s out toward pacifica. inland different story. and a look ahead five day forecast with weekend always in view. temperatures do cool over the weekend especially by sunday and monday of next week. coming up breakdown thunder storm chances in about 7 minutes. >> thank you. 5:26 on the time right now. crystal clear as police search for an armed robbery suspect in redwood city. the video that could help police crack the case. >> reporter: and petaluma's baseball team headed to the little league world series. how this town is going to cheer them on. >> what fans and team are saying about his 50 game
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good morning to you. welcome back. ktvu channel 2 morning news. thursday august 16th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. time now is 5 5:30. i know you and steve have been calling it all week, starting to cool down. >> string of triple digit heat, that is no longer in the forecast. a nice relief there with the fog coming to the
5:30 am
rescue. today a little bit of a bump in the numbers. these are minor tweaks to the forecast. the event temperature range for low 60s to lower 90s. we'll take a look at the numbers in your neighborhood coming up. sal has an update on traffic. >> good morning. westbound 24 traffic still looks good here but just around the corner at the top of the screen there is a crash there. overturned week. tell you more about that in a few moments. also looking at the traffic in the freeways. 5:31 back to the desk. thank you, sal. police in redwood city are hopeful clear surveillance video will help them find a serial armed robbie suspect. paul chambers joins us now. more on how many times this suspect may have hit in one week.
5:31 am
>> reporter: good morning. police releasing very limited information. they want him off the streets. that's why police released this video you are looking at here. police believe he is responsible for five armed robbies. here he is wearing a yankees hat. held up three markets. two of which were on middle field road. he held up a restaurant and a gas station. all the robberies have been in redwood city and north fair oaks area. more recent happened on tuesday on 2nd avenue. in each case the robber was armed with a handgun and unclear how much cash he's gotten away with. if you know anything about the cases, you are asked to call redwood city police. we're going to stop by those locations and talk to someone and bring that to you later in the show. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2
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news. >> 5:32. a 29-year-old marine captain was welcomed home for the last time last night. you are looking at new video. guard riders, family members, friends. he is supreme courting his body from sfo to a funeral home in los altos. he was killed last week in afghanistan. friends and family gathering to remember him with love and pride. >> he lived a lot in his life. he wouldn't want us to be sad. he wanted us all to celebrate his life and have fun and remember the good times. >> he was on his 4th tour of duty. scheduled to come home in december. his funeral will be held saturday afternoon. >> a man suspected of groping a woman in a parking lot is facing
5:33 am
charges. 36-year-old samuel lyons was arrested tuesday minutes after it was reported. he's already wanted in connection with another incident. investigators are now trying to determine if he was involved in any other incidents in the area. suspected serial killer is looking for a new legal advisor this morning accused of murdering four women between 1977 and 1994. yesterday he announced he had fired his advisor after four months. now wants the county to pay for a new advisor. but he's a millionaire and does not qualify. >> 5:34. police have identified persons of interest in three sexual assault a littles at the outside lands music festival over the weekend. three young women were sexually assaulted between saturday and early sunday morning. one in
5:34 am
the wooded part of golden gate park. another near a set of white tents. investigators say alcohol and drugs were involved. >> we believe our victims weren't in the state of mind to give consent to have any type of sexual intercourse. >> the police special victim's unit has requested dna and other evidence from the persons of interest and the victims. investigators were also preparing to contact the organizers of the concert. >> young illegal immigrants have been lining up for a new federal program that allows them to get work permits. about 1600 people showed up at an employment center to see if they qualify for the program. immigrants must have come to the u.s. before the age of 16. they have to be in school or join the military and have no serious criminal record. some leaders
5:35 am
have criticized a program including a governor who has been at odds with the president. >> 5:35. first lawsuit has been filed in connection with the chevron refinery fire. the lawsuit was filed on behalf of 8 people who claimed they suffered health problems related to that fire. more than 1,000 people have called his office and he's heading up a group of attorneys preparing a class action lawsuit. >> the community of petaluma is pulling out the stops in support of all stars. alex savage joins us now. he is at the movie theater that is going to show the big game on the big screen today. >> reporter: good morning. the baseball team is getting big league support as well. the a's and giants teamed up with a $15,000 donation.
5:36 am
first game in the little league world series will be shown right here on the big screen at the movie theater. >> and they called him out and the game is over. unbelievable. >> reporter: this past weekend they won the west region by beating hawaii. first northern california team to make it to the world series since 2002 when a team advanced. made up of 12 and 13-year-old boys. most of them go to petaluma junior high school. later on today, the team gets down to business. they enter a 16 team double elimination tournament. they play the team from fairfield, connect connect today. and here at the movie theater, it promises to be a party like atmosphere. hundreds of people on hand to cheer their home town baseball team on. ktvu channel 2 news. scombl.
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>> losing most productive hitter melky cabrera after testing positive for levels of testosterone. he leads the league in hits. and second in batting average. the the news stunned a lot of fans. >> i think it's sad for baseball and kids. they look up to these guys and what do you tell them? >> i can tell you there are 44 games left in the season. he could possibly come back if the team makes a deep post season run. can they even get to the playoffs without him in the batting? the giants organization released a statement. it says we were deeply disappointed. we support policy in efforts to eliminate
5:38 am
performance enhancing drugs. we posted more on our web site there's a story plus slide shows of cabrera and another one on other major leaguers who have tested positive for banned drugs. you can see it all at >> 5:38 is the time. if you are just joining us, sal has been covering an sig alert. >> we had one of our crews drive by there and said the scene is clearing or cleared. trying to get clarification on that. at least the good news is we have improvement here. if we look at 24 picture if the lanes were still blocked, by now we would see more slow traffic here and we don't. so the traffic right here on 24 westbound doesn't look that bad. and pretty decent drive all in all between walnut creek and oakland.
5:39 am
move along to the bay bridge toll plaza. you will see slow traffic only as you pay the money in the cash lanes. 5:39 let's go to mark. >> the clouds continue to do their dancing around the bay floating near the coast and around oakland, hayward, fremont and mountain view. here's the latest. patchy fog being reported up toward sonoma county. current temperatures updated in the 50s around 60. san jose 60. san francisco in the upper 50s. and it is windy right now with winds over 20 miles an hour. high pressure returns a little for today. all just minor changes to the forecast. we're still going to have extremes. cool temperatures for the beaches. bundle up there. on track to reach low to mid 90s. and tracking moisture to our south. tropical depression hector. here's the flow developing into friday and saturday. with this set up as the moisture
5:40 am
approaches the this area. thicken up the high clouds by friday afternoon. it will feel muggy out there. there is just a slight chance of isolated thunder storm developing in our hills. that would be for friday night into saturday. those chances are beginning to fade. here's our forecast model. a big batch of high clouds moves in and there's that cloud deck as we head into saturday morning decreasing by saturday afternoon and evening hours. as far as today the clouds pull back near the shore line. temperatures warmer than yesterday's highs. that will translate to low to mid 90s inland. fremont around 0. 80. look ahead, your five day forecast with weekend always in view. cool things off for the second half of the weekend. by sunday, more cooling into next week. coming up a look at the tahoe forecast and they could pick up thunder storms over the next few days.
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>> they are calling it one of the biggest drug busts in the central valley. how big was it and what impact will it have on criminal activity in the area >> a popular baby seat being recalled. severe injuries being suffered because of where the seats were placed. >> good morning. richmond bridge traffic looking good. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather.
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good thursday morning. time now 5:44. the clouds clear back to the shore line. 90s return for the warmest inland hot spots. all the numbers coming up in a few minutes. >> welcome back. good morning to you. quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now.
5:44 am
in just a couple hours right now closing arguments begin at the ethic's hearing for suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. the supervisors will decide if he will keep his job. a man is facing charges on suspicion of sexually abusing children at his wife's day care center. don elliot is accused of abusing two children at the lots of tots day care center. and the taliban now claims it shot down an nato helicopter in afghanistan. reports of 11 people dead and nato is telling cnn, 7 of them are americans. more details in a live report in the next half hour. >> the biggest drug bust in the central valley, that's what police are saying about the success of operation chris call
5:45 am
clear in which authorities -- crystal clear in which authorities seized chris call meth. led to the arrest of 11 people. and believed to be tied to a mexico based drug cartel. authorities say getting the suspects and drugs off the streets will reduce gang violence because they use local gang members to distribute the meth. >> a governor at odds with president obama is in the middle of controversy over immigration. issued an executive order yesterday responding to the obama administration's new immigration program. she ordered her state agencies to deny driver's licenses and other benefits to illegal immigrants who obtain work permits under the federal program. >> they are here illegally and unlawfully in the state of arizona and already been determined that you are not allowed to have a driver's license if you are here illegally. >> to qualify for the new
5:46 am
federal program. immigrants have to come to the u.s. before the age of 16. also have to be in school or join the military and not have a serious criminal record. >> a pennsylvania judge is upholding that state's new voter identification law and now legality will be decided by the supreme court. requires voters to show a valid id before they are allowed to fill out a ballot. you need to prove who you are to fly on a plane so why not vote? opponents argue the law written by republicans will discourage young minority and poor voters who don't have photo ids and support democrats from voting in the up coming election. >> 5:47. cal fire officials say two wildfires burning are 70% contained. full containment expected by next monday. the
5:47 am
walker fire started last sunday. two homes and out building have been destroyed. two more residents have been damaged. no word on what may have started those fires. and cal fire announces a statewide burn ban because of the fire danger we have right now. suspending residential burn permits on state controlled land. includes residential burn permits, forest management, hazard reduction and other industrial type burnings. this burn ban will stay in affect until there's a significant drop in the change in weather conditions or at least until the end of the fire season. >> right now 5:48. there have been traffic problems. >> those traffic problems on highway 24 have been resolved for the most part. no major delays on 24. let's go outside and take a look at interstate 880. the traffic here looks good. no major problems as you
5:48 am
drive-thru the area. and if you are driving at the toll plaza, we're getting a back up in some of those cash lanes. nothing major but you should know it's there. no problems. if you are driving into south bay, northbound 101 and 280 are off to a good start. now, let's go to mark. >> good morning to you. starting out with clouds . increase in coverage a bit over the past hour or so around san francisco, oakland, hayward, mountain view and san jose, mostly cloudy skies. breeze out towards fairfield with winds at 20 to 25 miles an hour. a bump in the number for reference yesterday's high 79 in santa rosa. river more 89 degrees back up into the lower 90s. and back up lower 80s. all because this high pressure returns and strengthens just a little bit for the afternoon. we're going to have the other extremes fog for the coast and watching this area of low pressure wobbling
5:49 am
off shore. that will set the stage for moisture to approach. so with that, for our forecast, a few high clouds for friday and saturday. feel a bit muggy out there. this is a tiny chance of isolated thunder storm for friday night and saturday. lake tahoe forecast, chance of thunder storms for friday, scattered clouds. temperatures this afternoon as mentioned, the clouds pull back to the shore line and warm things up a little bit. san jose tops out 82. morgan hill 91. temperature s checking in around 3:00 this afternoon. here is a look ahead. five day forecast with weekend always in view. a few extra high clouds for friday. temperatures holding steady. gradually cool things off. more fog and cooling trend continues. >> the number of people filing for first time unemployment
5:50 am
benefits edged up slightly last week. labor department reports this morning 366,000 new people are asking for job less benefits. that's up 2,000 from the week before. it is fewer than economists had expected. american airlines cannot abandon union contract with the pilot's union. that's the decision of the judge handling bankruptcy proceedings. american had hope to save more than $1 billion a year in labor costs. american says it will submit a new motion by tomorrow. it also could mean american and pilot's union could resume. bumbo babies chairs are being recalled after several children managed to wiggle out of them. 20 children fell from high places and ended up with fractured skulls. it will send a free kit that includes a strap to keep the children in the seat. you can find out more by going to our web site
5:51 am
and clicking on web links. >> all right. time now 5:51. we have breaking news in right now. there's a decision on the asylum request by the founder of wiki leaks. >> state department by getting in over its head by changing its change.
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good thursday morning. time now 5:54. today warmer than yesterday. that's the key headline. clouds this morning clear back near the shore line. warmest location approaching mid 90s. >> we have breaking news. they will grand a sylum to wikileaks founder. this is embassy in london. we're right outside of it right now. supporters you see them there. they've been waiting out there for this moment. great britain wanted to extradite him to sweden to be questioned about sexual assault allegations. he said if he was extradited he feared they would turn him over to the united states and punish him. >> high winds force the cancellation of plans to fog an area to control the spread of
5:55 am
west nile virus. an area between wilber avenue, east 18th street and hill crest avenue. they will focus on treating storm drains after mosquito samples tested positive for west nile virus. >> 5:55. state legislature is considering a bill to change the name for the department of fish and game to cal wild. supporters say the name change would make the department consistent with other state agencies like cal trans and cal fire. passed the state assembly. but wondering about the cost for that. legislative analyst shows changing the web site and designing a new logo would cost $250,000. >> we're coming up on 6:00. >> we're seeing more people on
5:56 am
280. you can still have decent opportunity to get the highway 17 or if you are on 17 it's crowded but not stop and go. heading south from fremont. no major problems this morning if you are driving across the bridge. now let's go back to you. >> time now 5:56. a robbery spree in one community. the person police are looking for and how you can help catch them. >> plus , a man arrested on suspicion of sexual abuse. how the case is connected to day care. >> and a look outside this thursday morning in the oakland area. clouds right around the bay. sunrise 6:27 and change in temperatures coming up in a few minutes. >> time and temperature brought to you by
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live where a critical decision is expected today that could determine if the sheriff keeps his job. >> raging wildfires all across the west. what could make a bad situation even worse?
5:59 am
>> and petaluma is pumped up for little league team as they head into the world series later on today. what the town is doing to show their support. >> we have breaking news. americans are among those killed in a deadly attack in afghanistan. ktvu morning news continues. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you for joining us on this thursday morning august 16th. >> a brand new day. good morning. i'm dave clark. good morning. >> good morning to you, guys. tracking fog out there . usual spots. clearing back near the shore line and today will be warmer compared to yesterday's highs. you can see santa rosa goes up five degrees. more changes for your weekend forecast. have that in a few minutes. sal has an update on traffic. highway 24 traffic looks good so


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