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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 17, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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this configuration. left guard. >> getting on both sides as i mentioned earlier. their plan and i know coach said earlier his mind was just spinning because he used to playing tackles. he's playing left guard and right guard and the calls are different. the blocking is different. very different ballgame. >> got to learn to play both though. get up on game day, you have two or three back up offensive lineman. these guys have got to play on both sides prior to play action looking for full back of the flat taken away. runs for the first down. get to the 30 yard line and going to be short. got to get to the 30. little bit short. they will put the football away. he wanted the full back and
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they took that away from him. >> yeah they did. wasn't much of a fake and didn't fool arizona at all. as soon as he saw that he had no other choice. wasn't secondary receiver. look deep and look short. you look for that short guy to get a first down. mark had one blocked tonight. he had a real strong leg. and he let this one soar. he forced that late.
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i felt his passion for the game. i felt his ability to communicate. i think he's going to be a great communicator not only to his coaching staff and his players but throughout the building. >> reggie talking about his new head coach 39-year-old dennis allen who is the youngest head coach in the nfl. the biggest influences on him when he was in atlanta, wade phillips as well. sean payton he worked with. thomas getting loose on a run on
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the outside. former 49er picks up 11 yards and arizona first down. dennis allen ten years ago was breaking into the nfl on dan reese's staff on the defensive side. moved up quickly. went to new orleans. superbowl champion with the saints. and we knew how good he was. tebow took all the headlines. they won the afc west last year. >> it was excellent. they kept the game close and they give the offense the chance to do something in the 4th quarter. there's ryan throwing the bomb again down the sideline. good coverage there as they took a deep shot there to the wide receiver steven williams. and he's played well tonight. >> been a lot of the right places at the right time making big plays defensively and coming
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up with tackles. >> he is a second year corner of ohio state. starter on the left side. and shante spencer on the right side. michael did that a lot in the base. but who will be the third corner? could be a guy there. there's a fumble. the raiders may have the ball back as thomas clayton lost the ball around arizona 0 yard line. raiders need this football with under 8 minutes to play as they would pile. they are saying he's down. still arizona ball? no. raider ball. they have given the ball to the raiders. the raiders take it over on the arizona 40 yard line. will go out here and get the call from greg.
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and the ball got punched out. >> definitely got punch oud. ed out. >> nason bro dean. he was on the raiders last year. prior takes over trying to tie the game. going for a bomb. over the top. broken up by aj jefferson. nice coverage there by jefferson. took a deep shot in the end zone. the big sooefber who was well covered by jefferson. >> had a step on him initially. half a step or so on him. and the ball just hung up a little too long. too much air on the ball. it was inside too. you got to put that ball outside over the outside shoulder. >> trying to take advantage of his size. 6-3. former basketball player. win a lot of
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jump balls. second and 10 -- 2nd and 10 for raiders. cut back inside. looked like the block was made for him inside and he went to the outside. and he got lifted up and buried. >> i think he should have stayed on the inside. the blocker was kicking the defender out. naturally he should have come inside. >> almost lost the football when he got hit by greene also. a nice tackle put the helmet right on the football. >> that ball is going up in the air. >> now, for the raiders, this is third down and 8 on the arizona 38. 7 minutes to play in this preseason game. the raiders are down 31-24. the raiders false start. >> false start offense number 60. five yard penalty.
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3rd down. >> h asl am, third year lineman. had some injury problems there. they've moved him around. seen him play a lot of left tackle in napa. right now he's playing right tackle. >> those guys have to be able to go both sides. if they are fighting for that third and fourth position they have to be able to go. >> listed as a third guard. 3rd and 13 for pryer. here comes the blitz and couple blockers out in front. the cardinals close fast. they will hold them shy of the first down at the arizona 35 yard down. if you are dennis allen how do you play this? >> throw out a field goal. >> they want the ball back on defense and try to win it with a touchdown. had an opening there but the linebackers came quickly
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from the second level. >> they were letting everything underneath so they can converge once it's thrown and that's what they did. >> eddie has a strong leg. last year he made a 62 yard field goal. he's a left-footed kicker. this will be a 53 yard attempt from the left. snap, hold. got it down. has it away. and it is good. from 53 yards away . and an extra point block but from 53 no problem. ball didn't get very high but didn't matter. it went through. >> these 50 yard kicks are common place. before back a few years ago, if you kicked over 40 yards you had trouble. >> 53 and right down the middle. raiders down 31-27. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight.
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grep papa, tp and jim plunkett. the raiders are within 4, 41-27. very strong leg we mentioned last year. transferred from central arkansas to harding. made a 62 yard field goal. and that 53 yarder was plenty good.
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hit this one high in the air on the kick off. he's coming out. 5, 10, 15, 20 . he's dropped it around the 25 yard line. it was opening night last year lined it up to tie an nfl record of 63 yard field goal. condo will snap. will hold. can he do it from 63? part of history. good. has it away. i think he may have the distance. it is good. he made a 63 yard field goal to tie the all time nfl record. it was tom in 1970 about the saints. and later as well. amazing kick. i was more impressed from 61 yarder he made
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in cleveland. the history books will show 63 yarder was more impressive. i think they are going to break that record. >> if he played in denver he could. >> he could do it for oakland. 31-27. two of the five longest field goals in the history of the nfl. 61 yarder in cleveland. second down and 8th. picked up only a couple run on first down. counter hand off to the back here. this is javarus james. last year finally went to honolulu. 63 yarder. he's made 350 or more. also beat the jets in overtime about 57 yard with longest overtime.
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probably the strongest legged kicker in the history of pro football. >> possibly the biggest. >> he is. he is. he doesn't have his running mate shane leckler not able to play. maybe he'll play against detroit. throw bun down the next sideline. and back again with a 41 yard line. well placed ball there by brian to steven williams as he beats van dyke for a 31 yarder. >> very well thrown and van dyke would beat by two steps. the receiver hadn't slowed down a little bit. the ball was thrown on target. really almost dropped it. >> we saw this from preseason game against larry fitz gerald. he will not play the ball in the air and complete it in there. >> no question he can run but
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when you run you have to make the playoffs. >> there's the hand off to javarus james and he goes straight ahead for a few more there. second down at about 5. arizona cardinals like the raiders a year ago. 8 and 8 in the nfc west. they were off to a horrible start. lost 6 in a row. wanted 6 before rallying to 7 of their final 9. if they get decent quarterback. they can run the ball and defense. >> i'm sure they can. they have to get the years they played. i don't think they are going to get that. >> 2nd and 3. the hand off to. kind of jump starting. this game is expiring very quickly on
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us as we hit the two minute warning. a break in the action. reminder that tonight's broadcast is brought to you by safe light auto class. we hit the two minute warning in glendale. and the cardinals lead the raiders 31-27. back with final 120 seconds on the raider's broadcasting network.
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the reason you play these games is to win. that's the whole point. he would like to find a way to get the ball back here. 1st and 10 in arizona. two minutes to play . raiders will stack that up and call a quick timeout. see if they can get the ball back. tie the game or go for two. in early july, raiders lost, one of
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the great raiders in 1960s and early 70s. ben david son passed away at the age of 72. >> he was a dear friend. he first came to us in the early 60s.
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this is a good situation for him. >> he likes to practice these things. when i was up they were practicing. they need better control. >> 3rd down and 5. creeping up from safety position.
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they runaway from him. gets the edge. and down the sideline. he ran out of bounds to stop the clock. he does have the first down. 1 hine 30 seconds to play. -- 1:30 to play. >> would have kept the clock going. but by going outdoes give the raiders hope. but that is going to be tough as his cousin got the edge there. former cardinal. probably end of the game. there's james coming left. turns back inside. and drop him in bounds. so the raiders will be forced to call a time if they choose or use it later. they are not going to call a time. tick down
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as we approach 1:20 to play. the raiders will go back to napa. get home tonight. flying right home after the game. 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. off day tomorrow. and back at it sunday afternoon for a practice. they are going to break camp this week. thursday will be the final day of dennis allen's first training camp as the head coach. >> you have to say probably been a pretty successful camp. he tried to set example that he wants year round and also getting used to these new rules that they have when they can wear pads, how long they can practice. when they can't practice. there's a multitude of new rules. >> and a concern after the game as we'll check with rod and the medical people. find out about ford and his foot injury. and how did the x rays come out.
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>> all the things you don't want to worry about you have to worry about. these are three guys who are pretty instrumental. long running successes in football team. >> starting wide receiver. back up running back and back up quarterback. can't lose those guys. >> we also got to get guys back like mooer and jones. those are the young guys that need to work. mid field after a couple downs. they will win and 1 and 2. the raiders will fall to 0 and 2. big game coming up on saturday. the third one is most meaningful of all. on the air at 4:00 on tv 3:30 with the pregame for raiders and detroit lions. bring you on home on tv. koech flores and i will have a closing over on radio. 31-27 is your final. arizona beats the
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we're back at university of phoenix where the raiders lose a tight game to arizona 31-27. want to remind you all our next broadcast is next saturday at 4:00 p.m. so for grep papa, so long from arizona with a final score arz arz 31 -- arizona 31 and oakland 27. you can still order great packages for the exciting 2012 season by calling 800 raiders. we thank you for watching our coverage of raider's preseason football on your oakland raiders broadcasting network. good night, everybody. big news !
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bay area coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >> an alert goes out after a convicted sex offender with a violent past escapes a facility. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> be on the look out for escape sex offender. his name is derrick sanders. he was reported missing from a mental health facility this morning. located in redwood city just east of interstate 280. and erik is there live now some parents are taking this evening. >> reporter: put out a county wide advisory complete with his photo. he is a locked mental health facility just up the
10:30 pm
road. somehow this sex offender with a history of violence managed to get out overnight. >> these are both photos of 34-year-old derek sanders. investigators say this one is closest to what he looks like now. around 4:00 a.m. staff making their rounds discovered he was gone. the sheriff's office say he may have escaped through elevator shaft. he has a misdemeanor case. sex offense against a minor in this county. >> parent received two alerts and says he's taking the warning seriously. >> i've really checked the house. just keep the eyes open to make sure people aren't hiding and so forth. officers across san mateo are on the look out for sanders who they consider high risk. >> he's a parolee, violence, prior sex offense. the fact he
10:31 pm
has sex offense with minors is definitely a high risk in our community. >> officials declined to say anything about what happened. but some who have worked nearby say this incident highlights a larger problem. >> i'm not surprised. >> why not? >> i've been in the mental health field and i see these budget cuts and there's going to be incidents like this. >> and here's another look now at sanders. he's 165 pounds and last seen wearing a red polo shirt. he does have family in san mateo and alameda counties. ktvu channel 2 news. >> just days after an attack on an employee, napa state hospital is making a change in policy. ahead in 21 minutes, why one worker says he's still disappointed. >> we're following developing news out of arizona tonight where there was a shooting at
10:32 pm
the raiders/cardinals football game. glendale police responded to reports of fights and a shooting in the parking lot. a man in his 30s was shot in the face and taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. he was in critical but stable condition. a suspect was taken into custody. fast moving thunder storms dumped heavy rain and triggered flash flooding. take a look at this video. flash flood warnings have been issued in several parts of southern california including san bernardino. authorities reported making several rescues throughout this day. now to our chief meteorologist bill martin who is tracking the potential for severe storms in northern california. >> that's right we could see thunder showers east of the bay area or in the bay area over the next 12 hours. take a look at what's happening. tropical moisture working its way to the north.
10:33 pm
you noticed it about sunset this evening. and outside right now you can see the clouds in the forecast. they are pulling up into the area. a lot of low clouds moving into the area could trigger high level thunder storms in some of the higher terrain late tonight and early tomorrow morning. a big deal. dry lightning this time of year we could have real problems. when i come back here i'm going to break it down and give you the specifics on what you need to know. see you back here in 15. >> we have late word tonight from police about the drowning of a three year old girl. happened at 719 in the 2000 block of blue jacket way. they received a call about a three year old girl drowning in a pool. she was pulled from the water and given cpr but unfortunately she died later. the investigation into her death is on going. in yosemite searchers return to the river today but failed to locate a 6 year old boy. jacob adams from orange county was waiting with
10:34 pm
his brother on wednesday when both boys were swept down stream. the body is a 10 year old brother was found in the river yesterday. >> calm has been restored to a neighborhood tonight after a bomb squad detonated a suspicious device. the object was spotted the afternoon in the 700 block of maple wood avenue. over the area this evening as the bomb squad deployed an robot. destroyed the device at 7:40 tonight. told to stay in doors for five hours. the device was described as a 12 ounce soda bottle wrapped in gauze like material. police say they determined it was a device used for making illegal narcotics. >> the state of california released a new batch of job less numbers today. they show the unemployment rate is unchanged from july. the state's job less rate held at 10.7% for the second month in a row. that
10:35 pm
translates to 2 million californians out of work. that is an improvement over a year ago. california unemployment rate was 11.9%. the nation's job less rate is substantially lower coming in at 8.3% in july. the unemployment rate in the bay area is much better than the rest of the state. all 9 counties are below the statewide average and only solano county is in double digits. marin continues to have the lowest unemployment rate at 6.7%. >> apple stocks spiked today and closed the week at all time high. closed at $648.11 breaking a record high first reached in april. after hours trading climbed again by another 80 cents. analysts say investigators are getting excited about up coming apple products. a new i know phone is expect -- facebook dropped to a
10:36 pm
new low. dipped to more than half of $38. closing today at $19.05. investors are concerned about how they will make money from increasing numbers. on wall street u.s. stocks closed higher. the dow gained 25 points rising 2% for the week. 4% this week. stocks are trading near their highest levels since may of 2008. >> we have new details tonight about last night's sit in in the oakland campaign headquarters. debra returned today and found that on going trouble is trurning the president's office there into a bunker. >> can you open the door so we can talk? >> at the president's oakland outpost, volunteers work behind locked doors. and are still smarting over last night's takeover.
10:37 pm
how act at this visits got inside and refused to leave. muscling past a wall of chairs and scuffling with campaign workers who retreated. >> everybody to the back. everybody to the back . >> the half dozen squatters stayed several hours until police led them out under arrest. they want the obama administration to stop prosecuting the army private involved in the wiki leaks case. >> are you a volunteer? >> yeah. >> now, tighter security. extra precautions to assure they are not infiltrating. >> i got an e-mail, i e-mailed my picture ahead of time. >> how can you operate as a campaign headquarters if you can't unlock your doors? >> i'm not allowed to comment. >> what happens when it's not
10:38 pm
peaceful? that's what worries me. >> neighbors to the obama office know just two weeks ago protestors shattered the windows and they worry about what's next. trying to do honest volunteer work. and it really is going to affect our businesses. the shattered glass still hasn't been replaced. this office might move. we were told no comment. debra ktvu channel 2 news. more details now five of those six people arrested were released this morning. they are due in court on september 17th on misdemeanor trespassing charges. the protestors say the 6th person is still being held on a probation violation. >> new at 10:00, a growing debate over a use of very small spaces. many say san francisco is brightening neighborhoods by allowing people to turn public parking spots into tiny parks. live in the city tonight. and tells us why others say it's not
10:39 pm
a trade worth making. >> reporter: take a look at this park. it's become kind of a gathering place for people in the community. this isn't just a cafe tables. it's public art. that is for sale on craigslist for $12,000. it is part of a much larger question of how far the city go in balancing public park spaces with public parks. >> the long line of parked cars on 22nd street is a bit of greenery. a tiny 120 square foot public park that used to be a public parking space. it's a venue for public art. >> the owners are taking park in the program to convert parking spaces. pay the city several thousand dollars to rent the spaces which range from cafe seating to green space. >> private citizens can basically fund public parks. >> people can come and they
10:40 pm
don't have to buy a latte to stay. >> demand has increased. there are 33 with another 15 in the design process. and you might say is a mile long. >> the folks who are on the list wanting to know about when we're opening up again exceeds 100. >> many drivers aren't as revved up. especially in areas such as the mission district where finding a parking spot is as good as striking gold. >> i was saying we can sell this one when we pull out. >> the city should create limits to the program. >> really busy city i think maybe if there are too many of those that with would cause problems. >> reporter: the next round of park permits will be issued in the fall. they have no plans to put any limits in place. live
10:41 pm
in san francisco. ktvu channel 2 news. >> i'm nervous, excited, anxious. >> move in day for cal students and unwelcome surprise some of them are finding. >> it hurts. it hurts because your first question is about your own child. >> americans killed overseas. one bay area parent 's new pole helping others fighting in afghanistan. >> and a gathering tonight in downtown san francisco. the show of support for a punk band that is getting international attention.
10:42 pm
10:43 pm
it's back to school weekend at uc berkeley. thousands of students are moving in and getting ready for the first day of fall classes next thursday. amber lee live where families say they are digging deep to pay for housing on campus and off. >> reporter: we're just outside the hall tonight. we went inside to speak with a student and his parents about the struggle to pay for the american dream. >> freshman alex from los angeles spent the summer working to help pay for his tuition in a dorm room he'll be sharing. >> i'm nervous, excited, anxious to start. a mix of emotions and excited to be here. >> his parents said alex will be the first to get a college
10:44 pm
degree cht. >> tears of joy. it's difficult. >> dad , a truck driver. and mom a bank employee say the family lived in a neighborhood where a stereotype is often that of a gang member. alex is an a student who has won academic scholarships to pay for $30,000 for tuition. >> it's paying off now where he's where he wants to be. and he's been the role model for the rest of our kids. >> not far from campus, students pay more for an apartment. we checked online and two bedroom on this block goes for $2300 a month. returning sophomore told us he found a deal. one bedroom that rents for 1 for $1400 a month. it's to not be --. >> he's majoring in political science hoping to some day become mayor of los angeles. >> they've given so much for me
10:45 pm
and i feel like i can help out the community and make it a better place. that's my goal. >> you always want the best for your kids and accomplish more than what you were able to accomplish. >> reporter: tonight, he is getting to know his new roommate and new job to help pay for education. reporting live. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >> san francisco police say they are taking steps to prevent a rave that is being planned for tomorrow night. police say any rave on the island would be illegal because raves require permits and so does serving alcohol or cranking up the volume. the department has notified the highway patrol and coast guard and plan to limit entry. young people waited in line for a concert today say they know how to stay safe at raves. >> you don't take anything from anyone you don't know and don't
10:46 pm
do drugs. you just enjoy the music. it's just best to stay away from that stuff. you don't know who is giving it to you. >> police say they learned about plans for that rave from a concerned parent. >> we have new information about a fire who killed two men. appears the fire started in one of the men's up stairs bedroom. broke out about 3:30 this morning in a two story home. we've learned 73-year-old joseph rodriguez and his partner were asleep in separate rooms when they died. fire officials say 8 foot piled with clutter fuelled the fire and prevented fire crews from reaching the men more quickly. >> it's hard to find the body in the dark and if you have stuff all over the place, it can be that much more difficult. >> officials all it hoarding. they were antique collector s. still looking for a cause but
10:47 pm
say it doesn't appear suspicion. >> police are looking for victims of a sexual assault suspect who contacted women online. 26-year-old jackson of oakland is charged with rape, robbery and kidnapping. he was arrested late last month in las vegas. he assaulted a teenager and woman in oakland earlier this year. investigators say he used my red to find his victims. >> two american special forces members were killed today. the shooting happened in the farra province. the americans were working with local police in the region. the suspect was shot and killed. the shooting is the latest attacks on their coalition. afghanistan is america's longest war and just yesterday 7 other service members died when a helicopter crashed. now, a bay area woman with a personal stake ins there
10:48 pm
has taken on a roll. >> every time he is deployed i wear them. >> the afghanistan war is 7,000 miles away. yet it's very close for pat. 9 americans killed now in just two days. >> it hurts. it hurts because your first question is about your own child. and then immediately if not mine, whose? >> her son is newly promoted captain. now in his second die employment. look at thighs figures to see what a deadly place it is. with the draw down underway. american troops are dying at about one a day so far this year. this making it more deadly for those who are there. >> this means i jump out of planes. >> we first met them five years ago not long after he returned home after his first of two
10:49 pm
tours in iraq. >> we try to make it a point to celebrate their lives and get right back out there the next day. it's hard. >> his mother now has more than just her son to worry about. she was just elected the national president of blue star moms, a group formed 7 years ago for mothers whose children are serving in the military. >> we take care of ourselves by taking care of everybody else. >> and she says they pray their children stay alive. that the blue stars in their windows don't turn gold. rita williams, ktvu. >> coming up, the special honor of fallen soldier received in dublin 6 years after he was killed while serving overseas. >> we've been tracking tropical moisture. light sprinkles showing up around the bay area.
10:50 pm
a stronger cell near north. light sprinkles out around pillar point. light sprinkles showing up around mount tam. this moisture moving into the area could produce thunder storms late tonight, early tomorrow morning. that's our big concern. lightning strike this time of year, real issue with fire. when i'm back here, we'll look at the latest computer model and track where this moisture is going to go and what you can expect. see you back here. >> this week's fire near clear lake is 95% contained with full containment tomorrow. the two wildfires burned. two houses were destroyed. fire crews anticipate for being on the scene for several days. >> the vote today after a worker was attacked. and in 8 minutes we ride along with a crime suppression unit. the
10:51 pm
tactic that's already being credited. >> i'm not afraid to show my face. an international protest or a punk rock band. the ruling that has upset so many people. at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company
10:52 pm
that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
10:53 pm
dozens of people gathered at san francisco's herman plaza tonight for a rock band. they are being sentenced to prison for criticizing their government. that event was just part of an all day international campaign. ktvu's noel walker reports it ranges from regular people to rock stars. >> reporter: this is not what you expect to see or hear
10:54 pm
outside the russian embassy. >> and i'm not afraid to show my face. this is in support. >> hearing the verdict in her native russia that sent three members of the punk rock band to jail for two years. their crime? huliganism. band members smiled as the judge handed down their sentences. the once obscure band is getting worldwide attention. >> the united states is disappointed by the verdict. >> white house to protest in the streets were singer madonna gave the band a nod. >> i think that they have done something courageous. >> most of my friends would not come here to support me because they are afraid. >> back at the embassy, it
10:55 pm
feels like russia decades ago. >> right now we don't have freedom of speech in russia. >> you think you are going backwards? >> yeah. we are going backwards. >> declared them prisoners of conscience. >> officials at napa state voted on policy change two days after an attack on an employee. allows workers to carry safety on belt clips. comes after reports that a patient punched a hospital technician on wednesday and tried to choke him with a lanyard. >> don't gives any merit to say we told you so. pretty disappointed they don't listen to us before something actually happens. >> the technician was not seriously hurt.
10:56 pm
the policy change will take affect once the belt clips arrive next week. >> looking for a man who robbed and is a salted another man. investigators released this sketch today and description. armed robber is 25 to 30 years ol'. he hit a man in the head with a shotgun tuesday morning and grabbed the wallet and ran. anyone with information is urged to contact police. >> an ipad that was stolen ended up in the hands of a clown. kenny the clown. this is a picture . his real name is kenneth con. and he says this man gave him the ipad without telling him. he used it to download music before police tracked it to i tunes account. he is due in court monday. >> a traffic headache awaits
10:57 pm
drivers this weekend. latest on plans to close down a bridge. >> we're with the police tonight and tell you about a new special team they have out in force and how many arrests they've made.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
crime crack down on the peninsula. dozens of arrests. road along with them this evening. live now to tell us what's being done differently here. >> reporter: police tell me crime typically increases here in the 4th quarter. the department hopes by having a special team dedicated to combatting crime that that won't happen. >> master 47, where are they at? >> rolls out of the station with


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