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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  August 20, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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what has been a violent week on the streets of san jose. and a congressional has got out of hand. starts an fbi investigation. all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. monday morning august 20th. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. >> good morning. another comfortable day. a little toasty for the far inland areas but it's summer. it's august. our temperatures very seasonal for this time of year. not as hot as what we saw last week. for today, this morning, some of us waking up with fog and low clouds. even patchy dense fog reported getting across the golden gate bridge. we will turn partly cloudy by
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mid-morning. 70s around the bay. wefb a cooling trend to talk about. good morning, sal. >> good morning. westbound bay bridge traffic looks good. not a big delay getting into san francisco. you are going there early. should be a nice drive for you. likewise for the san mateo drive. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. at 5:00, a firefighter was hurt battling a house fire in the oakland hills. allie rasmus joining us live trying to figure out the cause of that fire. >> reporter: good morning. firefighters have cleared the scene. we can get up close and show you the house where this fire started. it's behind that white fence. the home is built into a downward slope. this is the east mont hills. this started just before 2:00 a.m. you can still see a little bit
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of smoke smoldering. the firefighters made sure all the hot spots are out. there is residual smoke from this fire. this is what the fire looked like at its worst. four engine companies had to respond. the home was empty. no one was living inside and no furniture inside. the fire lieutenant says there were no initial signs of anything suspicious that may have triggered this fire. it was strange for a fire like this to breakout with no people and no furniture inside the house to burn. fire fielters said they had to focus on making sure the flames did not spread. . >> we were able to get the fire under control. >> reporter: one firefighter was hurt battling the flames. according to the lieutenant, that firefighter dislocated his shoulder when part of the floor collapsed.
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>> reporter: back out here live. you can see what challenge firefighters had making sure the flames were contained. a lot of trees and shrubs. this first alarm fire has been extinguished but there is smoke and smoldering here. live in oakland, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the ch p is investigating after an ambulance hit and killed a person. that happened about 11:30 last night. we're told the person got out of a car and trying to run across the highway when he was hit by an ambulance. >> the ambulance drivers stopped and attempted to render first aid to the subject but he succumbed to his injuries. >> the eastbound lanes were closed for several hours while that accident was investigated. >> san jose police busy
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investigating shootings. police say the gun man shot and wounded the victim then fired shots at bystanders. none of them were hurt. budget cut backs affected their response. >> got here as quick as we could but didn't have the response because with fewer officers. >> that victim was taken to the hospital with possibly life threatening injuries. coming up at 5:30, live report on the violence in san jose in just the past few days >> today the chairman of the u.s. chemical safety board will visit the site of the refinery fire in richmond. the visit comes as the san francisco chronicle reports network of air quality monitors failed to collect meaningful data after that fire started. detected just one contaminant that
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exceeded state guidelines but did not test for particular matter which can cause lung disease >> a skinny dipping scandal in the holy land. a law maker apologizing after a night of partying in israel last summer. coming up for you, live to our washington d.c. bureau for more on the investigation of the late night swim and other law makers who were involved. bay area act at this visits that -- activists who played a role. they say the fbi recruited richard in the late 1950s as he was about to graduate from berkeley high. he is credited to giving guns to the black panthers and training them on how to use the weapons after joining the party in 1967. he committed suicide after
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battling an illness. >> random testing turned up signs of e. coli contamination. affects romain lettuce. marketed as field fresh wrapped. best buy date of august 19th. so far, no reports of anyone getting sick. >> 5:05. the world's fastest boats will takeover the san francisco bay tomorrow. be competing for the top honors in the america's cup world series. the practice runs are tomorrow followed by four days of racing. it's a warmup race to the big races next year. the qualifiers begin wednesday afternoon. the quarter finals are thursday and friday with semi finals on saturday. and the big race on sunday. you can see all of the action. to find out the race times for each day or more
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general information, go to our channel 2 web site and click on the america's cup tab on our home page. >> 5:06 and our home traffic center, how's traffic? >> monday, pam and dave. >> so easy to get up when that alarm clock goes off. >> it makes it easy is the traffic is doing well if you want to get going. should be a nice drive for you if you are driving almost anywhere. show you these pictures. traffic is light here on the east shore freeway heading out to the maze and the toll plaza. has been pretty good. no major problems here if you want to get on the road, should be a nice drive into san francisco. also this morning we're looking at the san jose area and the valley. nice looking drive as well. you can see traffic continues to move along well as you drive up to highway 17. hello, rosemary. >> good morning to you. welcome back. some
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of us in fog this morning. the city along the coast 2.5 miles. dense fog reported. that means visibility a quarter mile. take it easy out there. mid 50s in fairfield. cool start in santa rosa. 50 degrees for you. mid to upper 50 s down along the southern half and into the san jose area. 57 at this time. the satellite radar. we have changes on the way for the week ahead. comes in the way of this trough. easy to see on the satellite. you'll notice this by tomorrow morning. going to be right about here. bring in a cooler air mass and beef up the marine layer. very similar to how we woke up on sunday. mid-morning burn off. if you are waking up with gray skies, leaving us mostly sunny skies it
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will continue to hug the coast. areas around pacific could remain cloudy. here is a look at the afternoon highs. 82 in santa rosa. a week ago today hit 92. 10 degrees difference there. 68 in berkeley. low 60s for the city and the coast. 67 for areas right around oakland. up over the east bay hills and warm day. 86 for livermore. 80s for morgan hill . the extended forecast. we will be cooling it down a few degrees on tuesday homding with that temperatures. mid $80 wednesday, thursday and warming it up again for the weekend. >> it is the first solid lead in the case of a missing uc davis student. the evidence that's giving her family hope. >> the money was there but was
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it used to create jobs? the controversy involving stimulus funds. >> 680 off to a good start to san jose. more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. h.
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and free ourselves from worrying about the ones we love.
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new lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. how? the secret is hydrogen peroxide. it attacks tough stains and kills 99.9% of germs. new lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly. another step forward in our mission for health. new this morning, bart officials may have to require
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job description. that supplier received an e-mail after reporting no jobs had been created by $4.8 million stimulus grant. the company reported the stimulus money did fund 196 work hours. the supplier says it felt no pressure from bart, just experienced confusion over what to report. >> just about 5:13. a group of republicans has some explaining to do after revelations of their partying in israel. alison burns live and tells us one congressman is apologizing for skinny dipping. >> kansas republican apologized last night for swimming nude. reports more than 20 people took part in a late night swim on a trip to israel last august including several republican law makers and families.
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some swam fully clothed while others partially. some of the law makers are reportedly saying they took the swim because of the holy significance of the sea of gallali where the bible says jesus walked on water. the most senior law maker on the trip did not participate in the swim but i'll show you what happened when he found out and why the fbi got involved during my next update in about an hour. ktvu channel 2 news. >> new information now in the search we told you about last night. volunteers found a notebook belonged to the missing uc davis student. missing 19-year-old. the notebook was found in a brush along the american river. she was last seen almost two months ago.
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250 volunteers searched for her over the weekend. her family believes she may have suffered a nervous breakdown during finals. there is a $10,000 reward for information leading to her safe return. >> an earthquake in indonesia was killed 4 people and injured 12 others. the 6.3 quake hit at rural area on friday. happened while people were ending their fast. 165 homes and buildings were also damaged. delegates from the japanese city will talk about last year's tsunami today as they continue their sister city visit. yesterday representatives were at lake merit. they dedicated 10 new japanese lanterns and a cherry tree to celebrate. >> we are the 46th sister city
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that has achieved 50 years. >> the japanese delegation arrived on friday. in addition to today, disaster preparedness talk, oakland's mayor will host a private meeting and also be a fair well dinner tonight. >> time now 5:15. sal is back. is there fog around the bridge? >> there is. a little bit foggy heading down to the toll plaza. you will see it thick here. drivers who drive this way everyday might be used to it. take it slower and the whole area has fog in it and tough driving. also this morning, the east shore freeway, no fog here. traffic looks good. and if you are driving on interstate 280 and 101, looks good down the peninsula to the south bay. let's go to rosemary.
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>> typical summer like pattern in place. thank you, sal. we do see a cooling trend into mid week. it's going to move closer to the coast. increase the on, on shore breeze. numbers will continue to fall. for today, right about where we should be, some of our afternoon highways will be below average into tuesday and wednesday and thursday. temperatures outside your door this morning sinking back into the 50s in areas near santa rosa. 49 degrees. a bit of a chilly start. patchy dense fog. clouds all the way across east bay. mostly clear, conquer, livermore. right about 60 degrees. by noontime already going to feel pretty good. low 60s along the coast. our inland areas low to mid 70s. a good looking lunch time forecast. notice, not a lot of red.
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plenty orange out there. mid to upper 80s. hitting the 90 degree mark for the afternoon. afternoon highs, 82 for santa rosa. 80 petaluma. 67 by the water. 68 for berkeley. 67 oakland. mid to upper 80s inland. 86 for walnut creek. 89 for antioch. the peninsula for today, 70 degrees. 67 san bruno. low 60s with partly cloudy skies. low 60s there. the extended forecast what we talked about a moment ago, a cooling trend. tuesday, wednesday, thursday. back to the seasonal average by friday and warm on saturday as well as sunday. back to you.. >> european markets opening a trading week as german and greek leaders meet to discuss the on
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going crisis. taiwan lost a half of a percent. only up slightly after chinese real estate prices increased signalling china is unlikely to cut interest rates. checking in on our numbers, little bit of game posted friday. the future is indicating that and better look as we get closer to the opening bell. best buy has confirmed they have named a new chief officer. former ceo brian dunn left because of an improper relationship with an employee. try to turn things around. best buy faces falling sales and proposal by the founder to take the company private. >> 5:19. a new move to change
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the way califora schools are graded. one law maker says should be the new focus. >> plus, a bizarre turn in the allegations against melkey. what one of his associates is accused of doing. >> you can wake up with ktvu every morning. get the morning's top news stoent your cell phone. get your ktvu morning wake up call by texting the word wake up by 70123.
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good morning. time now 5:22 giant's star melkey space cabrera being investigated this morning. an associate of him is accused of buying a fake web site featuring a nonexistent sports cream. that was an attempt to get him out of his 50 game suspension after he tested positive for synthetic testosterone. but that cover up did not last long. now the food and drug administration and the lead investigator are investigating this case. >> if it was a million-six, he was looking for a big contract. there's money on the line.
5:24 am
>> i'm now wondering if more people are going to do it in the future or not >> major league baseball has suspended four players who have tested positive. two of those players are from the giants. he has not responded. but the giant's manager has responded. he said and i'm quoting, you can be world-class parents and your kids can go south or have some issues. we can't follow guys 24/7 and it comes down to choices. he is a grown man. he's a veteran. these are unfortunate things and we'll continue to work at cleaning out baseball. end quote. >> a state law maker wants to change the way california schools are graded. the current system focuses on standardized tests. he wants to de emphasize that. and focus on things like preparing students for college.
5:25 am
changing the way theory evaluated could change the way they are taught. more college graduates are signing up for the minimum teary because -- military because of the economy. steady increase in enlistment since the recessment began. >> gray whale, golden trout, and golden bear may have a new member. the pacific sea turtle could be joining the ranks as the official marine reptile. the state senate voted to designate the turtle california's official reptile. jerry brown has to sign the legislation into law. october 15th will be leather back
5:26 am
conservation day. >> we're looking good here. the traffic is moving well in san jose northbound 280. i'll tell you highway 17 looks good. and if you are driving on the peninsula. 101 looks good. the bay shore freeway looks good to the airport or back. nice drive over to san mateo. let's go to rosemary. >> little change in store for your weather. waking up with the fog and low clouds. the on shore breeze weaker. i know because i was here yesterday morning. 16 miles per hour. still a little brisk out there. and cool. 49 for petaluma. mid to upper 50 s. we're going to rebound nicely once again for today. 60s at the coast. 70s around the bay . 80s to low 90s. we have a cooling trend as we get towards tuesday, wednesday, truly yours. into the mid 80s
5:27 am
for the warmer spots. bring our temperatures below normal. it is going to be a different story for the weekend. >> all right. thank you. a republican congressman is in damage control mode this morning. the comments he made about abortion and rape. and massive wildfire is still burning out of control. tell you how many homes are at risk this morning. >> reporter: we're live in san jose at the scene of an overnight shooting. we'll tell you why neighbors are nervous and not just because of this recent violence.
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good morning to you. welcome back. this is ktvu morning 2 news. august 20th. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. let's get a look at the weather. what's it like today? >> enjoyable. inland areas were waking a week ago today. today, mid 80s. how about that? cool conditions at the coast for today. this morning waking up a lot like yesterday. patchy dense fog in santa rosa. low clouds and fog making its way across the bay this morning. partly cloudy by the afternoon. mild to warm temperatures in the forecast. the cooling trend on tap for mid week. take a look at those numbers in just a bit.
5:31 am
>> good morning to you. traffic on northbound 2 80 coming up right through the san jose area. looks good getting up into the west valley. the morning commute looks good on interstate 680 and heading down to san jose. let's go back to the desk. >> speaking of san jose, police are are dealing with a spike in violence. joins us from san jose where it has been a violent couple days. >> reporter: good morning. the victim of this most recent violence was found here on the 1600 block of east san antonio. police tell us he was transported with life threatening injuries. it's quiet here this morning but police shut down the area to investigate. the shooter is still on the run this morning. the suspect shot at a few other witnesses but no one else was injured. comes after a deadly
5:32 am
week in san jose. four people have been killed. three people shot to death. and one woman stabbed with a sword. some of live here tell us they are concerned about what seems like an increase in violent crime. >> i'm scared but what can you do. i don't want to move. i'm too old to move. >> reporter: there have been 28 homicides in 2012. police are looking this morning for a motive in this shooting. ktvu channel 2 news. >> overnight in san jose, one person was rescued from a car that collided with a pick-up truck and a light 1 person was rescued from a car that collided with a pick-up truck and a light pole. happened about 12:15 this morning. no word on the victim's condition or what led up to the crash. >> 5:32.
5:33 am
investigating an overnight fire . allie rasmus is at the scene with the details of what happened out there. >> reporter: the fire started just before 2:00 this morning. and while the flames and hot spots are long gone, you can still see smoke. the roof of this building is still smoldering. this is built into a downward hillside near michigan and sun kiss. let's show you the video of what the flames looked like. the flames towered above some of the nearby homes. 15 to 20 feet into the air. no one was inside this house. investigators believe it was empty. so at this point they are not sure how it started. they don't know whether the electricity was connected or not because when they got here they shut off the power. something investigators will have to focus on determining the cause of this fire. there was some appliances
5:34 am
in the home but no furniture. that's part of the reason firefighters think this could be suspicious. >> the house is not currently occupied. and the amount of fire that was in the home when we got here, does make a difference. >> reporter: one firefighter was hurt in this fire. he dislocated his shoulder and taken to the hospital. but the neighbors here in this residential area are very lucky the flames did not spread. the home where this fire happened, you can see all the trees and bushes completely surrounding this home. so when firefighters got here, they put up a water curtain, dousing the entire area around the home with water to make sure the flames did not spread. limited and contained here. allie rasmus, ktvu. >> threatening about 3,000 homes
5:35 am
in shasta. cal fire says 7 homes have already been destroyed and grown to 12,000 acres. it was started by lightning on friday. opened up for people who were forced to leave the homes. >> get the trailer hooked up. move a few cow s. more than 1,000 firefighters are battling that fire. containment is at about 5%. steep terrain is an issue. one neighborhood woke up to these 40 foot flames yesterday morning. that's the second fire in less than a week on the same block. coming up, what investigators believe is the start to these fires and the steps they are taking to prevent future fires. >> missouri congressman doing
5:36 am
damage control, pack pedalling after he says rape rarely results in pregnancy. todd akins said that if he --. >> if it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to shut that down. let's assume that didn't work. i think there should be punishment but it ought to be in the rapist in not attacking the child. >> he issued a statement saying he misspoke but still opposes abortion in cases of rape. >> presidential candidate mitt romney and running mate paul ryan are distances themselves from those statements. the mandis agreed with the statement and that romney/ryan administration would not oppose abortion in instances of rape. holding a town meeting later this morning in new
5:37 am
hampshire. >> the man accused of breaking into the home of steve jobs is due in court this morning. he admitted to breaking into his home on july 17th and steeling an ipad and other items. he allegedly gave the stolen ipad to a friend. he used it to entertain kids in a clown routine. the san jose jury could start deliberations between apple and samsung. apple says copied the iphone. it wants more than $2.5 billion in damages. samsung is arguing apple should pay it more than $421 million for infringing on its patent. closing arguments start tomorrow. >> time now 5:37. sal still watching the bridges and the roads. how are we looking? >> doing pretty well. we're
5:38 am
looking at the bridges and especially the bay bridge getting into the city. but also the approaches to the bridges. highway 4 looks good as you drive over to the willow pass grade. no problem off the bridge on 680. we're looking pretty good. and there have been no problems if you are driving from vallejo. moving along and taking a look at the bay bridge approach. that traffic looks good getting into san francisco. hopefully we're going to have a decent monday getting into the city. still nice and early for you. if you are driving on the peninsula, san mateo bridge, traffic looked good. and santa clara valley still off to a nice start in all the cities here and all the freeways for this early commute. let's go to rosemary. >> 50 minutes into the sunrise. overcast skies once again .
5:39 am
patchy dense fog. visibility down to half mile. 2.5 miles along the coast. dealing with that through the morning hours. 54 in livermore. mid 50s in hayward. if you are up early yesterday morning and didn't need to be but these temperatures a lot like what we saw yesterday including the cool 50 degrees in santa rosa. the satellite radar up above, mostly clear skies. the low cloud deck will be burning back similar to yesterday. marine layer about 1,000 feet a lot like sunday. looking at a mid-morning to late morning burn off. this trough is moving coastward. going to do so slowly through today. by tonight and into tomorrow, right off the coastline. it will be a little thicker tomorrow and our on shore breeze will continue picking up by the afternoon. seasonal temperatures in store for your afternoon. the morning clouds and fog out there.
5:40 am
afternoon sea breeze. fairly light at this hour. 60s at the coast. 70s around the bay. you don't even see a 90 degree on this map. 78. 67 in oakland. mid 80s oeft inland down into the santa clara valley. rounding our way along the peninsula. 62 in the city for the afternoon. so a mild to cool day along the coast as well as the city. afternoon will be partly cloudy. there is the cooling trend. mid 80s in the forecast tuesday, wednesday, thursday. and a bump back into the upper 80s, low 90s for the weekend. i'll take a look at the highs for you coming up. >> 5:40 on the time. families of 9/11 victims will decide the barrier place of unidentified
5:41 am
remains. what they want from the appeal. >> scary scene caught on tape. what happened after the driver of what used to be a police car now a race car lost control at a state fair. >> good morning. san mateo bridge traffic off to a nice start. tell you more about how the monday commute is getting underway. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age.
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good morning to you. waking up with fog and low clouds around the bay and the coast this morning. changes in store for the afternoon. 60s at the coast. 70s around the bay. 80s to 90 in land. >> quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you at 5:43. a man walking
5:44 am
across highway 4 overnight was hit and killed by an ambulance. emergency crews in that ambulance tried to help him but he later died. the eastbound lanes of highway 4 were shut down for several hours during the night while that accident was investigated. also an oakland firefighter was injured battling a house fire. happened along sun kissed drive about 2:00 this morning. firefighters say the home was empty at the time of this fire. san jose police are investigating several shooters. 9:00 last night on east san antonio street. that victim was rushed to the hospital with possibly life threatening injuries. >> we have new video of a crash during a charity race. police say a driver lost control during the battle of the badges which is a race featuring old police cars. three of the people who were hit were flown to hospitals but are expected to survive.
5:45 am
two other victims were treated and released. top general is meeting with senior officials today. in an attempt to find solutions to the increase by afghan soldiers. so far this year, 32 inside era tacks. at least 40 people have been killed including 26 americans. the latest attack happened yesterday when two police officers turned their guns. an american service member was killed. serian activists say 6 people have been killed. two of the dead are children. the attack happened in the city of dara whicha -- dahra. 2 of the dead are children. the attack happened in the city of dara -- dahra. >> 55 -- 5:45.
5:46 am
future resting place of thousands of unidentified remains. the family members were against plans to put the remains under ground at the september 11th memorial. the victim's families were never consulted about this. the group filed a petition asking for contact information. that was denied by new york trial court. the families are appealing that decision in a state supreme court. back here at home, two fires in less than one week on the same street raising suspicions. residents woke up to 40 foot flames early yesterday morning. fire officials say the building was vacant. all of a sudden a fire last tuesday in a neighboring building. it has residents in the area concerned. >> it worries me about the neighborhood. there's other abandoned buildings across the street from our home and i'm not
5:47 am
certain those won't be next since they are abandoned. >> firefighters say they are aware of squatters living in and around the buildings. homeless camp is to blame for a fire in june on the same street. start of a neighborhood watch program is now underway. >> occupy activists return to the land owned by uc berkeley to harvest crops. there was tension at first but police unlocked the gate for them. activists filled dozens of boxes. and gave away the vegetables in albany and west oak land. the group maintains the university needs to allow access for a community garden. . >> uc berkeley will hold fall convocation today. began moving into campus housing last week. it's for new under grads.
5:48 am
will include an address by the chancellor. classes are due to begin thursday. >> 5:47. check back in with sal for a look at traffic. >> going pretty well. doing nicely here if you are driving almost anywhere in the bay area. let's take a look at the highway 4 commute. no major problems coming in from antioch. this morning's drive at the toll plaza hasn't reached any major slow down. it is looking nice getting into the city. if you are driving this morning in the santa clara valley, northbound 101 and 280 are doing well >> nice summer pattern in store for your monday dealing with patchy dense fog along the areas of the coast. fog and clouds moving across the bay into the
5:49 am
east bay. concord, antioach. warm inland. upper 80s low 90s which talki about this morning, right where we should be. we've got a trough off the coast. it's going to bring us breezy gusty conditions by tuesday. a cooler forecast in store for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. for today, at this hour, 50 degrees in santa rosa. chilly start in some areas. 49 in petaluma. 55 in fairfield. 57 concord. 54 in oakland. upper 50s along the southern half of the peninsula. temperatures pretty much holding steady for the next hour. sunrise about 6:30. 85 in sonoma. 81 in nevado. nice and warm inland . 67 in salsoledo. 89 for antioch. 68 in hayward
5:50 am
for today. going to be a nice warm day for you. 85 for morgan hill. 78 in san jose. a mild one in san mateo. 67 san bruno. low 60s at the coast. low 60s along the coast. going to be warmer in santa cruz, low 70s for today. extended forecast. numbers are falling off. mid 80s for tuesday, wednesday, thursday. upper 80s friday. back to 90 for the weekend. back to you. >> crude oil prices are rising for the 5th day in a row. $96 a barrel. the demand and supply would not indicate a boost but stronger than expected retail sales are increasing consumer confidence. that is actually pushing prices higher. gas prices continue to rise if you haven't noticed. the average cost for a gallon of regular is
5:51 am
$4.12. gas prices in the east and north bay are close to the state average. but in san francisco gas is $4.20. all of those are up 35 cents from last month. analysts blame most of the increase on that chevron refinely fire. >> i now pronounce you. >> muscled his way past the bourne legacy. flipped to second. paranorman, the campaign and sparkle round out the top five. >> the little leaguers with a big dilemma. why the all stars find themselves in a position where they have to win. >> plus a real life hollywood tragedy with a sad unexpected ending for a famous movie director. >> you can get ktvu news to go. click on the live
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icon. you can watch all of our news casts live on smart phone. be connected any time, anywhere.
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good morning to you, temperatures holding in the 50s. by the afternoon, we've got that
5:55 am
summertime spread. 60s at the coast. upper 80s to near 90 inland. >> the hollywood director known for hits like top gun, beverly hills cop 2 and many others committed suicide yesterday jumping to his death off a bridge in los angeles. tony scott, 68 years old jumped from the vincent thomas bridge about 12:30 in the afternoon. authorities later found a suicide note in his office. again, scott is known for directing blockbusters like days of thunder, man on fire and beverly hills cop 2. two people have died after a single engine plane crash in new york. the plane had flown less than a mile. it narrowly missed a house. no one on the ground was hurt. that was registered to someone in florida. federal officials are investigating the cause of the crash. >> a campaign to crack down on
5:56 am
drunk driving is well underway. began on friday and runs through labor day. officers report 38 arrests for drunk driving for friday and saturday. the same number of arrests were made in santa clara county. other areas have not released their arrest numbers. plan to build an affordable housing project could be one step closer to reality. county officials say 240 unit housing project would be allowed. the properties owned by filmmaker george lucas. he made headlines when he withdrew plans for a production facility and opposed developing affordable housing instead. the facility would have created hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars in tax revenue. >> may be a little down but not out yet. hundreds of little leaguers will be filling out the movie theater to watch their team play in the little league
5:57 am
world series. the movie theater boulevard 14 packed yesterday watching second game of the world series. it was close but they did lose to a team from tennessee. but it's not over yet. because the world series is a double elimination. >> close game for a long time. and we will look forward to this next one. we're a believer. we think they have a good chance still. >> they will play a team from new jersey. that's at 1:00 today. the boulevard 14 movie theater will be showing the game. tickets are $10. the money all goes to the little league. >> we're all on that bandwagon. let's check in with sal. >> starting in san jose northbound 280 still looking pretty good getting up to
5:58 am
highway 17. not a bad drive here. if you are driving to get to the south bay, still looks good out of fremont. back to you. >> all right. weekend of shootings and violence. what police are investigating this morning and one of those shootings happened overnight. >> plus a deadly bay area krafrnlt the people who normally rush to the rescue find themselves under investigation. >> it's a great start across the bay coast. north and south off to the east. our daytime highs running the gamete once again. a look at what you can expect for your neighborhood.
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