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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 20, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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people come together to light candles, and share memories as they remember a woman who was part of their lives, but who's name they didn't know. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm gasia mikaelian in for julie haener. they attended the candlelight for a woman known to many, but who's name they couldn't recall. it's there outside of walgreens, where the woman died, and the vigil just wrapped up.
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>> reporter: two photos, and both photos hide the face of the woman police are still trying to identify a week after her violent death. ♪ [ music ] a somber tone was set for what became a memorial service for a homeless woman well known to people livinin the mid-town neighborhood of san jose. >> she was quiet. she never begged. she never asked for money. she never panhandled. she was part of the fabric of our lives. >> reporter: walgreens blocked off its parking lot, and employees from other stores filled in, so workers could participate. >> we saw her every day. she was part of our walgreens family. it's important that we have closure. >> reporter: one week ago, just before 6:30 at night, police say the woman was stabbed several times by a man with a sword like weapon. she died just feed away from where she lived, and slept for a week and a half.
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police say it was a random attack, and have arrested a suspect. they're having trouble identifying the woman. neighbors called her gail, but she was known as john doe in the homicide unit. >> i said that i was going to adopt her. she ended up adopting me. >> reporter: john said she worked in oregon as a home care worker before coming to california. he says he bought her clothes and gave her money over the years. the irony of a woman so well known in her neighborhood, but unidentifiable in her death. >> does that hurt that she's known as jane doe in her death? >> it probably does to everybody else, but not to me because i knew her as a person. >> reporter: reporting live in san jose, matt keller, ktvu, channel 2 news. san jose police are on the
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scene of yet another homicide tonight. the 29th homicide in the city so far this year. the 24-year-old victim was apparently shot on poco way. friends took him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. police say the shooting appears to be gang related. about 45 minutes later another man was shot two miles away on north jackson avenue. he is expected to survive. it's not known if the shootings are related. the recent spike in criminal activity has some business owners so rattled in san jose, they're now talking about moving out of the city. >> what we need to be doing is having a more consistent enforcement effort. recognizing we have a real shortage of officers right now in the police department. so we need lots of folks to help. >> reporter: we've learned that starting on september 1, two additional sheriffs deputies will be deployed to patrol the transit mall at st. james park, and a team of law enforcement
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officials are set to make drug sweeps in the area as well. also hiring off-duty san jose police officers for foot patrols. 15 wildfires are raging through the state of california tonight. many of them are burning here in the northern region of california. the ponderosa fire has grown. what you're seeing here is a two lane road that is just impassable because of those flames in the center. i talkwide a photographer late tonight. he said as he was taking these pictures, the fire crew he was with ordered everyone to move out. these were the last pictures he could take before flames forced everyone to turn around. fire crews are coming in from across california to fight these flames. at least one bay area department says it just can't
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send any more help. >> reporter: four wildfires are resources in the bay area stretched thin. >> at this point, we have resources left, but they're not the type of resources they want. >> reporter: he coordinates the bay area response. he says there are calls for more crews to respond to the fires. but out of nine bay area counties, only five have the capacity to send more firefighters. >> we're actually in the point route now, where we're rotating crews. >> reporter: in oakland, eight firefighters are preparing to take the place of two crews who left town a week ago. >> all the systems in california are taxed at this time. >> reporter: the city cannot afford to send any more crews than it has already committed without jeopardizing the crews here. today, it requested more enjoins that can go off road.
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but all five in the bay area have already been sent. >> there's a lot of life, and property threat that's occurring, when you have full communities like single town that are in the path of the fire, it needs to be addressed. >> reporter: many residents have moved to shelter. near the path of the wildfire is a sanctuary for wild horses. it's safe so far. patty ray, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> go to for a slide show of the ponderosa fire. click on the photos tab there on other home page. the city of oakland says it's pinpointed the source of persistent problems with police radios. they've counted as many as 500 failures a month. the problem is due to interference from at&t antennas on cell phone powers, and one in particular on east 9th street. last month on president obama's visit, some radios went down
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for a half hour. we tried to ask jean quan about the development tonight, but she declined to comment. at&t sent us this statement. in the interest of public safety, we have temporarily taken some 2g frequencies out of service. we continue to operate on other 2g services, and our 3g, and 4g service throughout the area is unaffected. left field, game over. california wins it! >> continuing coverage of a dramatic home run that has these bay area boys living the dream. tonight, the hometown support that is helping propel petaluma in the little league world series. no question the players are hometown heros. 12 and 13-year-old boys from petaluma have captured the heart of the bay area as they pursue a little league world championship. carrie, you spoke on the phone to the boy who hit that game
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winning home run. >> reporter: i sure did. how exciting for him. he tells me he was just trying to put the ball in . he did a lot more than that. they had the game on about two dozen screens. this place went crazy, so did so many others, as petaluma national took today's game in dramatic fashion. [ cheering ] >> oh, my god, that's amazing! it's so great! so wonderful, they earned this! what a great way to end. what a great game. >> reporter: a walkoff home run ended a nail biter of a game that went into extra innings. hundreds watched from petaluma movie theaters. >> this game was absolutely a
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nervous, to the nth degree. >> reporter: others celebrated tonight from local bars. >> it was like pandemonium in here. they're not playing for money. they're playing for the love of the game. it was so exciting to see. >> reporter: the game winning home run was hit by 12-year-old danny marzo. we talked to him tonight by phone. >> it looked like a good pitch and then when i hit it, i knew it had a chance to go. i didn't feel anything after that. i was too happy. >> it's such a wild ride that each time you take another step there's like a sense of relief along with a sense of accomplishment, and excitement. >> reporter: as you can imagine, many of petaluma's bars and restaurants do plan to show the game live tomorrow evening. the game starts at 5:00. live in petaluma, carol lou, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> that will have the petaluma team going up against the new england team from fairfield,
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connecticut. that game is set for 5:00 p.m. our time. if petaluma wins, they will advance to the semifinals of the u.s. bracket. >> our sports director, mike ibanez, a petaluma graduate will have more on the walkoff in sports. melky cabrera could face additional punishment for allegedly trying to pull one over on major league baseball. he has faced a suspension for 50 days for using testosterone. now word that he tried to fabricate a website. the representative reportedly paid $10,000 for the website, but investigators say it didn't take long before the plot was discovered. apple has achieved a new milestone. a surge in its stock price has made the company the most valuable company in the world
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ever. apple has been growing in value for four years. they have a mark up of over $623 million. the stock rose nearly 13% today. a single share closed at $665.15. then moved another 80 cents higher in after hours trading. broader markets were florida today. the dow industrials fell 3 points. nasdaq dropped just a fraction. many investors and traders are taking their summer vacations. timeline of a disaster. tonight, a look at the only known photos taken before the fire at the chevron refinery. >> i'm back here at 10:20, the latest computer models will show you right where the fog will be tomorrow morning, and where it will burn off tomorrow afternoon. >> that laugh. that hair. how comedian phyllis diller is being remembered tonight for more than her side splitting shtick.
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new video to show you now. oakland firefighters helped save a man from running back into his burning home. neighbors say firefighters had to restrain a man because for some reason, he wanted to go back inside his home, even though it was on fire. they say that he lived there with his mother. no word tonight on any injuries. a man who was killed after running right in front of an
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ambulance last night has now been identified. about 11:30 last night, the highway patrol says the man was hit by an ambulance in the eastbound lanes of highway 4 in antioch. the coroner says he was 62-year- old michael moore of brentwood. he parked his car on the side of the road, then ran right into the path of the ambulance. the driver couldn't stop, and moore was declared dead at the scene. at this point, his motive for doing that is not known. new photos today release the vapor cloud ahead of chevron moments before it ignited. the photos that show how it all went down in under three minutes. >> reporter: gasia, investigators with the chemical safety board toured the area today. they call this a close call, and say it's fortunate for chevron that it won't worse. you are looking at disaster in the making. a freelance photographer at
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pier 39 in san francisco snapped these pictures august 6. 10 photos that show the progression from vapor cloud, to full blown fire in less than three minutes. >> we think that the size of the cloud is significant. >> reporter: investigators with the chemical safety board released the photos this evening. believed to be the only picture evidence of the initial vapor cloud. to give you some perspective, the refinery stacks closer to the ground stand about 200 feet tall. inside that vapor cloud, at least 20 employees. >> this type of cloud, the size of this cloud, enveloping people working in a refinery shouldn't be happening. >> reporter: csp investigators have been at the plant for the past two weeks, and plan to be here for several more, as they dig for answers about what happened, and if there was a better way to handle it. i asked if the findings will have any teeth. >> we hope results a great deal of positive safety change and these findings will enable, not
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only chevron, but other energy companies to avoid this in the future. >> reporter: investigators were initially concerned about chemical safety board inspectors talking about the investigation before it's complete, fearing that it could potentially jeopardize cal- osha's investigation. the chemical safety board today said it's obligation is to communicate with the community. noel walker, ktvu, channel 2 news. community groups say despite all the air monitoring, accidents and disasters are poorly monitored. activists with communities for a better environment say air quality monitoring systems are ineffective during disasters. refinery ground monitoring
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systems measure only pollutants, not toxic particulants. we're learning new information now about the future of south bay online gaming company, onlive. it went through a bankruptcy alternative late last week. as part of the proceeding, all previous shareholders, including its employees and founder lost their shares in the company. the newly formed company that acquired the assets will now operate under the same name, and is expected to rehire nearly half of the company's former employees. she was known as the first lady of comedy. phyllis diller died today. her first shot at standup came right here in the bay area.
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as jana katsuyama reports, people are remembering the comedian with that distinct laugh. >> reporter: her laugh, unforgettable. today at the purple onion in san francisco, the comedy club owner lit a candle by her photo. >> she would be like for many, many, a show 80 something around the weekend. >> she was funny. a very funny lady with a loud laugh. >> reporter: as a standup comedian, she blazed a trail as one of the few women on stage. drawing laughs for her character as a housewife. diller worked at ksfo radio, and appeared on television in the bay area. she also appeared on tv with bob hope. eventually getting her own phyllis diller show. later, she performed on the
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silver screen. inspiring generations of female comedians. san francisco comic margo gomez showed us an autographed copy of diller's biography, and says today, many around the country are remembering diller and mourning. >> she was such a hero to many comedians. especially her roots in san francisco and as a woman who defied all odds. >> reporter: phyllis diller died in her sleep this morning in los angeles. she was 95 years old. from the purple onion, in san francisco, jana katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> has more on phyllis diller, including photos and video. you can find it under hot topics. there is word tonight, inoperable brain cancer may be why director tony scott jumped to his death in los angeles. witnesses say he fell 185 feet to his death yesterday from the
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vincent thomas suspension bridge in san pedro. he is best known for districting top gun, beverly hills cop, and days of thunder. he was 78 years old. calling for better suicide barriers on california bridges like the golden gate, and also like the one that tony scott jumped from yesterday. he cited more than 1500 jumps from the golden gate bridge, since it opened back in 1937. a new book claims that a key member of the black panther party was also an underground fbi agent. at that time, aoki recalled running the streets with the party founders. the book quotes the former fbi agent and a report about his undercover book. he also provided the panthers with some of their first weapons. he went on to teach at merit college and committed suicide
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in 2009 after an illness. ♪ [ music ] temperatures outside today, cooled a little bit. 74 in vallejo. 89 in concord. a couple of degrees cooler today than yesterday. temperatures tomorrow are going to trend down as well. here's the computer model for fog. a big dose of it early in the morning. lots of fog in the morning tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow, about three or four degrees cooler than they were today. when i come back at 10:45, we'll go to the latest computer model, and go looking for more heat. i'll let you know how long that fog is going to stick around for tomorrow. a few leaked parts for the new iphone are fitting perfectly already with other leaked pieces. an online company is releasing photos of a smaller docking port, and a head jack assembly mounted on what is believed to be the frame of apple's next iphone. you can see the head phone jack is now on the bottom of the phone, and the docking port is
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much smaller. there are rumors of a september 12 unveiling. our new ktvu ipad app is ready to download. it is very user friendly. and you can use it to watch all of our newscasts live. plus, get drive time traffic, bay area weather, and video of breaking news anytime, anywhere. still to come tonight, excitement growing in san francisco over the america's cup. the big events that start tomorrow. plus -- >> we paid enough. we paid with lives, we paid with damage. >> outrage in san bruno after pg and e proposes to raise rates. why the company says it's necessary. >> and we'll take you to the grand opening of a new school in east bay, that focusing on improving academics for a certain demographic that is too often left behind. íú
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pg and e today asked for permission to raise rates. ktvu's rob roth tells us, a bay area lawmaker is calling that request offensive. >> reporter: this long time resident watched the pg and e repair work from her front yard. >> it's been almost ten years of 18 wheelers up and down the street. >> this is a constant reminder for us. >> reporter: since the blast that killed eight people, the california public utilities commission ordered pg and e to test and replace much of its massive pipeline system. pg and e has requested the puc to allow the utility to ask customers to pick up the $2.2 billion repair tab. for customers that would mean an additional $2 a month for the average household for the next 40 years. san mateo assemblyman jerry hill today called that offensive. >> the puc should not allow pg
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and e to force its customers to pick up the tab for work resulting from decades of neglect. >> reporter: hill and the consumer group, turner are urging the puc to shootdown the proposal, and asking shareholders to pay for the repairs. pg and e says shareholders have already paid for repair projects the past two years. >> this proposed $2.2 billion is something that will continue to make our system safer in the future our system will always require maintenance. >> we've paid enough. we paid with lives. we paid with damage. >> reporter: the puc is expected to vote on pg and e's proposed rate increase in about 30 days. in san bruno, rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. lawmakers in sacramento have now passed a bill that could end the official use of the term mentally retarded. the bill sponsor said the phrase is offensive, and outdated. 42 other states have stopped using that term, and instead
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using the term, intellectual disability. the bill is now on the governor's desk. raising the achievement level of young african american males. the 100 black men community school is taking over the side of the thurgood marshall middle school. when the school opens doors to students on september 4, -- rchlt some -- some of the world's fastest boats will be out on san francisco bay all week. practice runs start tomorrow, followed by four days of racing. it's all part of a series of races leading up to the america's cup finale next year. here's the schedule. qualifying begins on wednesday. the quarterfinals are thursday,
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and friday. the semi finals are on saturday, and the finals are on sunday. we're told spectators can get a great view from san francisco's marina green. you are looking at one of the new additions to cal's memorial stadium. the new development tonight, regarding the cost of construction. >> i can't defend what he said. i can't defend him. >> mitt romney speaks out about controversial comments by a member of his own party.
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-what's up? i'm chris. -and i'm erik. both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment. the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business.
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new at 10:00, in just 12 days, cal football fans will take their seats inside a newly renovated $321 million memorial stadium. telling us about a new infusion
10:31 pm
of cash for that project. >> reporter: frank, today rewe learned about a 10 -- we learned about a $10 million donation. crews are inside testing the lighting. cal pride flying high on campus today, but september 1, a rally community will wave the flags inside a seismically safe memorial stadium. >> i'm so freaking excited. >> reporter: after a year of playing across the bay at at&t park, the cal bears will return home. >> it's gorgeous. i've bn in it. i've been on the turf. i've seen the electricity they have installed. it's just going to be an amazing year. >> reporter: crews have been working seven days a week. the crucial part of the project was finished months ago. the second can now shift up to six feet in the event of a major earthquake. and giant shock absorbers
10:32 pm
support the press box. it was a big, expensive project. >> absolutely transformational gift for us. >> reporter: in addition to today's $10 million, they chipped in to save cal baseball. >> we continue to be challenged. but our football programming about successful, our football program having a stadium, where in our community wants to gather, is part of us shoring up our financial model. >> reporter: a 1.5-acre plaza outside the memorial stadium has been named after the goldman's. reporting live here in berkely, heather holmes. the university of california and at least 69 other organizations filed a breach in the supreme court case. a woman filed suit in 2008 arguing the use in race in
10:33 pm
decisions is unconstitutional. districts sided with the university. the supreme court will hear the appeal in october. in election 2012 news tonight, abortion was a hot topic on the presidential trail today after controversial comments by congressman todd akin. the republican representative from missouri said that legitimate rape rarely results in pregnancy. >> what i think these comments do underscore is why we shouldn't have a bunch of politicians, a majority of whom are men, making healthcare decisions on behalf of women. >> president obama supports abortion rights and said that akin's comments were offensive. but even worse for akin is the fallout from fellow republicans. including presidential candidate mitt romney. >> deeply offensive. i can't defend what he said. i can't defend him. >> the national republican senatorial committee also says it will no longer back akin,
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and there are calls from the gop for akin to back out of the race. akin has apologized, but also says he has no plans to quit. few people had ever heard of todd akin before his comments. today a lot of people around the bay area responded in disbelief. >> i can't believe it. this day and age. >> he may be misinformed, but the damage has been done. >> how incensetive. how unintelligent of a remark. >> candidate todd akin supports a blanket ban on abortion. his comments were the results of a question of whether abortion should be legal in cases of rape. after 80 years, one of the country's most prestigious golf clubs is breaking rank. >> reporter: for 13 years, janet played for the
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professional golf association. she says there were times she couldn't walk into a golf club let alone walk on a course. but today it's a new day and age. >> we didn't get it right. >> reporter: talking about the decision to break an 80-year- old tradition which prohibited women from joining the georgia club. today the club invited condoleezza rice to be the first women to join and get green jackets when the new season opens. >> i'm just thrilled. job well done for augusta national golf club. i hope the members feel very good about their decision. they should. >> reporter: augusta national has had its issues in the past. some call the club racist, and sexist. the first person of color wasn't able to join until 1990. although women are able to play, in 2002, female activists unsuccessfully campaigned to
10:36 pm
join and get membership. now that's changed. >> there are going to be controversies, it takes the augusta national to show it. but i think it's a positive contribution. >> reporter: we asked former secretary rice for an interview, but she declined. apologizing for a brief naked dip in the sea of galilee in israel. it happened a year ago, after a long dinner, and some alcohol, but it's only coming to light now. kevin yoder was with 30 other gop congressmen, and some decided to take a dip into the sea, which is where the bible says jesus walked on water. yoder was the only one that took off all of his clothes. >> certainly not an incident that i'm proud of. it happened over a year ago, it was obviously a mistake on my part. >> yoder insists he wasn't drinking. but others apparently were.
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republican leaders say they were angry about the incident. a new study suggests that women with dense breasts are no more likely to die from beast cancer than other women. scientists say the tumors may be more difficult to locate, but once diagnosed, their cancers are no more aggressive, or harder to treat. about 25% of women are considered to have dense breasts. researchers are raising a red flag about dr. burnout. a male clinic shows men show at least one sign of being worn out. researchers say burn out was tied to long hours, with 37% of physicians working more than 60 hours a week. comedian rosie o'donnell says she is happy to be alive after she suffered a heart attack last week. she said last tuesday, she
10:38 pm
suffered chest pain. after several hours, she got nausious, clammy, and threw up. a doctor found one of her arteries was 99% blocked. o'donnell is urging others not to wait, but to call 911 instead. nasa reveals its future plans for exploring mars. why they say they need to dig a little deeper into the red planet's surface. >> in just a few minutes, we're going to talk about that fog heading your way, and the cool down settling in over the bay area. >> been making time since he was 17. now at 75, this south bay man is hitting a landmark in blood donations. big news !
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in news of the world tonight, in syria, helicopter gun ships resumed operation. today is a major muslim holiday. there had been a lull yesterday. activists said at least 100 people were killed. president obama said the u.s. would reconsider its opposition to military involvement if syria decides to use chemical, or biological weapons on its people. this is the most significant step toward allowing freedom of expression after nearly a half century of repression. under the new rules, journalists will no longer have to get approval from state sensors before they publish their reports. there are still laws that may stifle reporting. and in argentina, annual
10:42 pm
week long celebration has begun that combines bull fighting and religion. they try to grab a horn from fighting bulls. when a ribbon is retrieved it is then offered as a sacrifice to the virgin mary. nasa plans to dig deeper beneath the surface. geologists say the interior of mars remains a big mystery. compared to the $2.5 billion cost of the mars curiosity rover, this next mission would cost only about $425 million. a 75-year-old man from mountain view has developed a life long habit of giving blood. this afternoon, david mitchell made his 600th blood donation at sanford. mitchell says it's actually a
10:43 pm
pleasant experience, and that the need is great. >> every now and then, you hear about statistics, you know, little children, or babies that need that stuff. >> mitchell donates blood components, such as platelets. that allows him to give as many as 24 times a year. whole donors are limited to six times a year. it's back to school in the bay area. why the halls are filled with fewer high schoolers. cooler today, but will the trend continue? chief meteorologist bill martin is standing by with your five- day forecast. x
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10:45 pm
a san francisco man who prosecutors say engrace united himself to power brokers in the
10:46 pm
city, was booked for a real estate scam. keith wilson was convicted of taking $350,000 from seven people, saying he would invest the money no foreclosed homes. the district attorney says one of the seven victims was an elderly man who took out a $100,000 line of credit on his home. prosecutors say wilson never invested the money, and instead, spent it to support a lavish lifestyle. >> basically, he thought he could use people's money and make it into his own personal piggy bank. >> prosecutors believe there may be other victims associated with wilson, and they're urging those people to contact the d.a.'s office. it was the first day of school for many youngsters throughout the bay area today. david stevenson tells us why one district saw far fewer students this year. >> sophomores, right? >> seniors! >> just checking. >> reporter: only on the job
10:47 pm
for five years, he's already gotten an education in math. >> over the last five to seven years, we've lost approximately 40 to 45% of the funding that we could have had, or should have had. >> reporter: even as school districts hope they will pass funding this fall. districts are seeing an overall drop in high school enrollment. which means even less money in state funds. this year less than 4200 signed up for their freshman year. >> we've known that there is a bubble. >> reporter: the reasons for the dip may include private schools, or students priced out in san francisco. for now, the high schools are competing for the same shrinking pool of san francisco students. >> we've made concerted efforts to get to the middle schools, and help them understand the
10:48 pm
significant programming that we have here. >> at first, i was really skeptical about coming here. i wanted to go along with my sisters, but there's a lot of diversity, and a lot of friendly people. >> reporter: they have seeing an uptick in elementary students. reasons they say to hold onto high schools for future generations. ♪ [ music ] temperatures cooled off a bit today. the fog is moving in along it's coastment highs tomorrow, as i mentioned earlier are going to drop a few degrees. along the coast, the winds are blowing. the gusts are to 23. the winds are transporting that very moist, cool air into most bay area neighborhoods tonight. the marine layer has stretched out a little bit. that's why the temperature dropped a few degrees. it will stretch a little bit more tomorrow, and a little more the next day. it will be deep enough that we see lots of fog coming up over the hills, and certainly
10:49 pm
getting into the east bay hills. creeping into livermore valley as well. this low pressure system is going to be the mechanism for allowing the fog to stretch out. it will set us up with a day tomorrow, a lot like today, except a few degrees cooler. more fog in the morning, slower burnoff, and the day highs maybe two or three degrees cooler than today. on the bay, they're going to be doing practice runs for the america's cup. the winds will be picking up in the afternoon. southwest 10 to 5. southwest wind gets blocked off by the hills by twin peaks. winds tomorrow, about 25 miles per hour. the winds the next few days will start clocking westerly which will be better for them. these highs, not bad for this time of year. maybe a little below the average in some places or just about right. 88 in pittsburg.
10:50 pm
80 in livermore. very nice for this time of year. fire danger is going to get a little bit of a respite. 88 in morgan hill. the air quality, as i mentioned before gets better as well. along the coast. 61 in daly city. san francisco, 66 for a daytime high. your five-day forecast, we're going to cool off a little bit the next couple of days. then temperatures start to claim back up as we head into thursday, and friday. in the weekend, we're back into the low 90s. a nice weather forecast. the upshot to all of this, is it takes the pressure off the firefighters a little bit, because it's just a cooler moisture flow in the bay area. but it's still pretty warm in the fire zones of northern california. it will cool a bit, but not as much as they would like. tomorrow, a little cooler. the next day, cooler, and back up for the weekend. >> we're pretty much done with the lightning strikes. >> no thunderstorms or activity around. another judge has been added to the panel on "american
10:51 pm
idol." ♪ [ music ] >> rapper nicki minaj is reportedly the latest judge to take a seat at the table. mariah carey confirmed in july, she will judge upcoming contestants. the hit fox show will return for its 12th season here on ktvu this fall. >> my kids are going to be so excited. ahead, highlights for the big we know for the petaluma nationals. plus, a very heavy east bay landmark moves to a new home. where you will be able to find it now.
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a piece of maritime histories that been mored along the waterfront has a new home. it is relocated today from jack london square to the uss hornet. it sported the anchor. a classic pitcher's dual down in dodger stadium. the giants back in first place. not only that, they beat the best the dodgers have to offer.
10:55 pm
the reigning cy young award winner. clayton kershaw. didn't exactly tatoo the ball against him. pablo sandoval with the sacrifice fly. angel pagan with the beautiful slide. the replay will show, he was safe. 2-0 giants. 2-1 the final. madison bumgarner brilliant on the mound. 8 shutout innings, 10 strike outs. he had help from hunter pence in right field to rob mark ellis. and later, marco scutaro up to backhand the ball off a.j. ellis. despite what happened to the a's on the field tonight, they are serious about a
10:56 pm
postseason stop. they acquire stephen drew from arizona in exchange for a minor leaguer. should be an upgrade. nice distraction for a's fans. the game against the twins this evening. former a, josh willingham, hitting .409, with 5 homers against his former mates. the onslaught continues. a couple of rbi's off brandon mccarthy. joe mauer, also 3 for 5. the twins coast behind 15 hits off oakland pitching. 7-2 the final. no matter what, a sensational ride for petaluma. not ready to have it come to a halt either. tie ballgame, bottom of the 8th. danny marza waits for the pitch. >> left field, game over! california wins it.
10:57 pm
>> 5-4 walkoff victory, beating the team from new jersey. a game none of those kids will forget. imagine throwing a no-hitter in a world series. that's exactly what connecticut's will lucas does. you see the final out. 13 strike outs. dominating indiana, 4-0. tomorrow, 5:00 p.m. our time, it's petaluma vs. connecticut. do or die for petaluma if they're to continue in the world series. it's hold your breath time for everyone who loves nfl football. every year, it seems a huge star goes down in a meaningless preseason game. might have happened tonight. michael vick blasted. bruised his ribs. x-rays prove negative. but you won't see him in an exhibition game this preseason. sergio wins in golf. that's the sporting life for
10:58 pm
tonight. >> thanks mark. >> thanks for trusting ktvu news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> ktvu news begins at 4:30 in the morning. we have a crew in san jose for tonight's homicide. we just learned the victim there is 17, not 24. always news on wow,
10:59 pm
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