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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  August 30, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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. >> reporter: we're live in san jose where an attic fire spread at a strip mall. we'll tell you what may have sparked the fire and thousand could affect your commute. it's no longer a hurricane but isaac is still causing huge problems. now we're learning about a deadly tragedy.
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>> reporter: we're live at sfo where some screeners allege that baggage isn't being checked properly. find out what sfo has to say about it. and opinion warning in one bay area neighborhood after a turning crime involving -- and one warning in one bay area neighborhood after a crime occurred. to well, good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell, it's thursday, august 30th. breaking news. san jose firefighters are at the scene of a fire that threatened several businesses earlier this morning. lorraine blanco was first on the scene and just moments ago, lorraine, you spoke with investigators. what did they say this. >> reporter: yes, i did. we just got another update from the public information officer for san francisco. he told me after checking a little bit more here on the scene, they notice that the
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damage is minor-to-moderate. the not so good, it will be a while before they open capitol southbound between alum and florence. firefighters when they arrived, they saw the smoke coming from the mexican restaurant. so that's where they believe the fire originated. the stores share a attic says that's common. so they found a second fire between a tae kwon do shop and a bridal shop. >> as can you imagine, when you have water flowing and live electricity, you can get sparks. so one the things we always do when we fight a fire, we shut off the electricity so we won't get the water like that. it's possible that we did have activated sprinklerheads so one of the possibilities is that
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maybe the sparking from hitting electrical lines may have spread the tire to other locations. >> reporter: there are no injuries out here again. again, traffic is closed southbound on dan tal between alum rock and florence. -- capital between alum rock and florence. they are cleaning up as much as they can so businesses here can salvage as much as possible the fire department, public information officer told me the damage is minor to moderate and they will be able to reopen for business not too long from now. lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, lorraine, thank you. some screeners at sfo are complaining that government that government officers are interfering with them doing their jobs. tara moriarty has more. there's talk about checked
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baggage. what's that all about, tara this. >> reporter: welling we've all seen -- well, we have all seen how the screeners screen our bags but what about the big bags? screeners allege those are being put through without going through security. the tsa has disailed -- screeners say the tsa has disabled part of this process. they say the tsa disabled the function back in 2004. now screeners say they only have seconds to inspect suspicious bags and ultimately take shortcuts to keep the process moving. this usually tums when the traffic during -- happens when
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this traffic is very busy. >> the new system have automatic screening capability in them. so they don't require manual slicing. right now, the screening is very effective. >> very efficient. >> reporter: thank you for joining us live, mike mckaren with sfo. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, tara. 7:05. concerned growing this concerning about a walnut creek high school student who has been missing for almost a week. 16-year-old la ris ta -- larissa huntsman was last seen leaving the high school. police don't suspect foul play. show has a medical condition and does not have her medicine
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with her. she was last seen wearing a blue shirt and blue shoes. the republican convention wraps up with the main event -- mitt romney's acceptance speech. >> after four years of getting the runaround, america needs a turnaround and the man for the job is governor mitt romney. >> coming up at 7:15, we'll go live to tampa where ken pritchett is getting row action from california delegates and a look at changes taking place. continuing coverage on isaac. the first fatality from the storm is being reported in mississippi. a tow truck driver was struck boy a falling tree. elizabeth pramm joins us live from new orleans where isaac is forcing thousands from their homes. good morning, elizabeth p.m. >> -- good morning, elizabeth?
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>> reporter: good morning. people were evacuated from east of lake pontchartrain. they wanted to get those people to higher ground because the floodwaters really continue to rise. the storm is 125 miles north and east of our location and that water only has one place to go and that's down south. the homes in the low-lying areas are completely submerged. louisiana's plaquemines parish is one of the hardest hit by isaac. the storm caused severe flooding. officials were forced to rescue dozens of people by boat after they became stranded. >> national guard working with private citizens, sheriff deputy and they've reported at least 35 people have been rescued. >> reporter: rescue operations were also called in for st. bernard parish. a number of residents chose to ride out the storm despite evacuation orders. >> we lost everything. like a lot of people did.
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>> reporter: in new orleans the storm had less of an impact than many expected. >> the $11 billion that they spent strengthening the levees was spent wisely. >> reporter: the city's historic french quarter drew a steady stream of people looking for refreshments and electricity despite the wind and rain. >> get something it eat and drink. >> they have power because they have the lines under the ground. that's really smart. >> reporter: now, tori, as far as the price tag is concerned, a lot of people are comparing this storm like hurricane gustav. the price tag after that storm was right around $2 billion. so experts say when all is said and done, the price tag with this storm could be around $1.5
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billion. tori? >> all right. elizabeth, thank you. caltrans is opening a new h.o.v. lane in rohnert park. the new lane is on highway 101 between rohnert park expressway and santa rosa avenue. this lane will be carpool only during the commute hours of 5:00 and 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. this is part of the widening process. 7:08. want to check in with sal. so what's high pressuring on the east shore. is it a pretty slow? >> it's a little preslow. traffic on 80 westbound is crowded, it's improved a little bit. it was slower earlier. but now things seem to be evening out. when you get to the bay bridge, toll plaza -- toll plaza, though, there's some traffic making it on the bridge. highway 17 and 101 is getting
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slow. it's not the worst commute in the world. as you get to cupertino, things finally ease up. let's get to mark tamayo. good morning. we're waking up to a lot of sunshine. except at the immediate coast. a cooling trend begins for today. the latest on isaac right now, you can see the excessive rainfall beginning. it's a slow gradual pro set. and the latest -- gradual process. and the latest now, winds 45 miles an hour moving at the northwest. here is the forecast trek later on today and this afternoon, still a tropical storm here. later on today into early friday morning, this weakens into a tropical depression but still, a significant rain trope -- rain producer. as far as terms everybody cools off. that means the temperatures
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inland instead of the upper nines will go for 90 degrees. look at sore, 48. san francisco at 54. san jose, 60 and concord checking in at 56 degrees. our forecast model showing you the fog regrouping coastline. clearing back to near the beaches this afternoon. temperatures inland. there's that orange contour, that's the 80-degree range. upper 80s to right around 90. you will notice the big change, coast side. all right some moving out there. look ahead to your five-day forecast with your weekend already in -- always in view. your hoyle weekend. we'll have to keep an eye on a few -- on a few extra clouds on monday. there's the possibility of a thunderstorm moving into the state. back to you. >> thank you. an fbi file on joe paterno,
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temperatures inleft hand on track to reach the upper -- temperatures inland on track to reach the upper 80s to the
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nines. >> reporter: governor romney will accept the nomination tonight. and last night we heard from paul ryan, the vice presidential pick. he's the favorite among many of the conservative delegates. [ cheers ] >> reporter: paul ryan accepted the nomination of his party to be the vice presidential candidate. >> i accept the duty to help lead our nation out of a jobs crisis and back to prosperity and i know we can do this. [ cheers ] >> reporter: and then he went on the offensive drawing roaring applause from delegates as he released many criticism, of the miami campaign and the presidency -- hitting healthcare, the economy and more. >> with all of the attack ads, the president is just throwing away money and these pretty experienced at that. [laughter] >> the greatest threat to medicare is obama care and we're going to stop it. college graduate the should not have to live out their 20s in
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their bedrooms staring up looking at obama posters, wondering when they can go on with life! >> reporter: it was a red meat speech, well received by the delegates. >> i gotta tell you, the way romney and ryan play off each other, i think it's great. i think they get along well together. they bring different strengths and i think it will be a very dynamic ticket. >> reporter: well, later today, we will have the activities of this final day of the republican national convention and we will have governor romney's speech which is scheduled for 7:00 tonight, pacific time. in tampa, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, ken. and coming up at 7:45, we'll tell you about speculation surrounding a mystery guest expected to speak
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tonight. clint eastwood and tim tebow are 2 of the guests scheduled to make an appearance. and you can watch the rnc coverage live here. the oakland raiders game will now air on our sister station tv36. 7:16. well, australia is mourning the deaths of five australian soldiers in afghanistan. three of those australians were shot and killed by a man wearing an afghan army uniform. the 2 others died when their helicopters died in helmand province. some new information now on the -- on coach joe paterno, an fbi file has been released. more than 800 documents posted online. it shows the fbi spent years looking into threatening letters sent to paterno in the
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1970s and 1980s. the anonymous writer was upset with a ter know after penn state left early. there's nothing in the file about jerry sandusky, who was convicted of child molestation back in june. well, a new judge in florida will preside over george zimmerman's second- degree murder. an appeals court ruled that judge kenneth lester has to step down. this is after zimmerman's lawyer accused the judge of making comments that could prevent a fair trial. george zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in relation with the february shooting death of trayvon martin. the orlando centianyone is reporting that a judge known for her tough sentences may now take over the case. the nfl will start the regular season with replacement -- with replacement referees. they will officiate every game next week starting with wednesday's opener. the association is locked out, talks at a bargaining agreement
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are at a standstill. row praisement refs have been use -- replacement refs have been used for all of the preseason games and many are criticizing their ability call the games. comcast has issued a letter to fans recommending the fans switch providers. cal's athletic director said she will cancel her agreement if there's no agreement before the first cal football game. san francisco's board of supervisors said it will vote again on a controversial water project. this is after the challenging of the height of the condos. the usual limit is 84 feet but this project received approval for 136 feet tall. the board is scheduled to vote
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again on tuesday. well, today, california will conduct a test-run on its landmark cap and trade program. the state will auction off emissions permits. about 150 companies like refineries that emit large amounts of greenhouse gases will be taking part in the exercise. if they reduce the emissions below their cap, they can trade with those companies that receive -- that exceed the limits. the drought in the midwest is causing a pretty big problem for an annual festival in wisconsin. othersering ergs say they continue -- organizers say they don't have enough could you manure -- enough cow manure for the cow chip throw. organizers say they are dipping into reserve to make sure the competition can begin as scheduled tomorrow. >> i'm sure everyone in wisconsin feel as lot better about that.
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>> i'm sure they do. well, when comes to warm temperatures, we actually peaked yesterday. our meteorologist, mark tamayo, is coming back. he will tell you how much cooler it will get today leading into the weekend. one man killed, a home literally blown to piece -- blown to pieces. the leak that may have contracted to the deadly blast. good morning. traffic on highway 4, pretty slow traffic coming up. we'll give you a look at the commute -- coming up.
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a man with a bomb was arrested in pinole. the fbi pass aid long a tip that this man report lid planned to blow up a bomb fill. police and the bomb squad surrounded the home on sunday. they arrested him and found a bomb inside. there's no word on who or what may have been the target.
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it's 7:2. a propane leak is being blamed for an explosion that killed a man in connecticut. investigators say the victim was trying to help a friend fix the leak last night when the blast occurred. the homeowner and a young girl were also severely injured. the explosion was so powerful, it blew the home to he pieces and firefighters were -- to pieces and firefighters were shocked at what they saw. >> there's nothing left of this house. there's a chimney. that's it. the houses with blown over a couple of hundred yards. the debris is everywhere. it's this roads, in the woods. >> the blast site is cordoned off. this morning, the goes and electricity is on again for poem in -- the gas an electricity is on again -- and electricity is on for people between marine and california.
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people living nearby were asked to stay inside with the doors and windows shut. pg&e shut off gas to the leaking pipe and it was repaired a few hours later. 7:24. let's go to sal. i know how busy is looked earlier at the toll plaza. >> yeah, it is. sorry to cut you off. >> no problem. >> it's still busy. that's what i'm trying to impart to the viewers here. the traffic is going to be slow and it is going to be slow in contra costa county as well. as you are driving on highway 4, pittsburg, bay point, the traffic is moving well. 80 westbound from pinole to richmond, that traffic is slow. and it's very slow at the toll plaza. it's backed up for a 20-minute delay. no major problems.
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at 7:25, mr. mark tamayo. >> hi there, sal, mr. sal. we have clouds across the coastline. yesterday, it's one of those days that's warm to hot. things beginning to change. we still have a nice afternoon. but the beach is probably the biggest change with the patchy fog nearby. temperatures only maxing out in the afternoon. inland spots in the extreme, upper 80s to 90s. san jose, 8. oakland, 73 and san francisco six 8 degrees. a -- 68 degrees. we're also gonna bring in a few extra high clouds you can't see for labor day. 7:26. nine children run over by a car. what the la driver says went wrong and why parents said he
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should not have been behind the wheel. >> reporter: a mother with her 2 kids is robbed -- with her two kid robbed. and finding jobs for at- risk teenagers. the alameda county program that one 17-year-old said changed his life.
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7:29. new this morning, san mateo are looking for the person they say robbed a family at gunpoint in the middle of the date -- in the middle of the day. it happened near an elementary school. claudine wong joins us live to let us know how the school is responding. >> reporter: good morning. it happened here in the 7 club block of indiana avenue -- in the 700 block of indiana avenue. i'm joined by the superintendent of the district where this occurred. your school was in session at the time. you were alerted very quickly afterwards. tell me what you guys did in response. >> well, our immediate response was to inform the parents that there was an incident off
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campus, and -- to let them know and work with the police collaboratively. >> reporter: i know you said you sent 2 e-mails out to -- two e-mails out to let them know what happened. >> we are working collaboratively with the police department and we're expecting a police presence and we've sent two e-mails out to the parents. >> reporter: now, one of the incidents was not associationed with this school. any -- associated with this school. >> no. >> reporter: molly barton, superintendent. meanwhile, we want to give you the suspect description very quickly. the suspect is described as a
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man, latino, light-skinned or caucasian, he's supposed to be in his late teens early 20s, about 6 feet tall with a stocky build. anyone with information is asked to call police. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:31 a san jose man will be sentenced this afternoon. paul ray castillo will get life in prison without the possibility of parole. last september, during a two- week weird, he stole -- period, he stole 2 cars, tried to run over a police officer -- two cars tried to rough over a police officer and killed a car during a carjacking -- tried to run over a police officer and kill -- and kill an individual during a carjacking. around the bay area, since the beginning of the year,
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there's been a spike in craigslist robberies, primarily involving car sales. >> if the seller only wants to deal in cash, that should be a clue. also, if the vehicle that the buyer warrants to purchase doesn't have any license plates on it or it might have paper plates, this should be a clue as well. >> robbers are also using a bait-and-switch method to lull victim noes a false sense of security. first, the meeting is set up in a nice neighborhood but then they switch it and that area has now become a side street or isolated location. teenagers in alameda county are now getting a county grant and that money will place teenagers in various jobs. and it will pay for their paychecks. derrick mccormick works at
7:34 am
brown temple church e says his job has kept him out of trouble and taught him a -- church. he says his job has kept him out of trouble and taught him a life lesson. >> everybody knows right from wrong. stick with the right crew. >> the grants last 2 years. organizers say they are there a lot of teenagers out there who need jobses. they say even -- who need jobs. they say even at no cost to the employers, it can be a chance to participate. yesterday district director accepted a federal grant. the fire stations were closed in june because of budget cuts. the $7.8 million grant will go for hiring 27 firefighters. it will take 60 to 90 days to reopen the fire stations. state lawmakers are working through hundreds of proposed --
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hundreds of proposed laws. one bill would require bills to pay overtime and provide meal and rest breaks. family members and teenaged baby-sitters are not covered by the proposal. apple is offering customers -- customers a chance to recycle old cell phones. coming up at 7:45 what you can get for your phone and the problem that could significantly drop its value. if you normally use the bum bar done bridge, you may -- bum -- dumbarton bridge, you may want to make other arrangements because of seismic changes being done to it. caltrans will start to shut down the traffic tomorrow
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night. the traffic is expected to open 5:00 a.m. on tuesday morning. >> if you need to cross the bay, head north to the san mateo bridge or just drive south around the bay on highway 237. now, our channel 2 website,, has all of the details on the dumbarton bridge closure and how to get around it. just go to it, look for the hot topics section at 7:5. let's check in with sal for an update on traffic. how are things looking on 280 this. >> it's kind of slow. we've had a couple of bad days in the south bay. i suppose we could look at the bright side. everyone is going somewhere to work and to school. it's been slow here on 280. it's slow here on 101, it's slow on 85 trying to get to cupertino and sunnyvale. it will start to be slow on southbound 280 approaching the san jose exit. also, we're looking at some
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slow traffic on the east shore freeway now. it had been pretty good. but now it was slower on westbound 80 to richmond from pinole. moving the maps to marin county, southbound 101 from novato to san rafael, we have slowing there as well. let's talk about the toll plaza. it's kind of a constant. it's slow out there. it's backed up for about a 20- minute delay before you make it onto the span. let's go to mark. hi there, sal. good morning to you. we're starting off with a lot of sunshine. as you can see here, the dry hims are -- you have to be careful with the hills. right now, we to have the -- we have the fog hugging the coastline. i'm just looking at the cameras sneaking into the bay a little bit. up in santa rosa, 48.
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concord, 56. san jose, 60 and downtown san francisco 54 degrees. high pressure today, begins to relax. as a result, everybody coombs off a good 4 to 8 degrees from yesterday's highs. this cool system moves into the north. look what happened to the trend on friday. warm of the locations, only in the upper 70s to around 80 degrees. that's for tomorrow and tomorrow one of the -- likely one of the cooler days of the week. at least partly cloudy skies. this orange contour links up with the 80s. warmest locations inland to right around 90 degrees. we have a south swell. with that, the waves will be increasing especially for the south facing beaches. could be on the order for 4 to 7 feet. this is for friday, saturday and possibly for the remainder of the weekend, not possible to warrant a high surf advisory. temperatures this afternoon, a
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bit cooler. warmest locations, upper 80s to the lower 90s out towards antioch. oakland around 7. san jose, 82. san francisco forecast high, instead of the upper 70s we'll go with upper 60s this afternoon. here is a look ahead to the five-day forecast -- more coling for your friday -- cooling for your friday, some gradual warming for saturday and sunday. a few extra clouds as we head into labor day on monday. coming up at 7:45, we'll take a look at the forecast for the 9ers game at candlestick. eleven people were injured after a car jumped a curb outside ofen elementary school. gigi grasiette believe a lot of people think he should not have been behind the wheel. >> reporter: we're in south los angeles, south of downtown.
7:40 am
11 people were injured. four of them at this elementary school. let's take a look at the video. witnesses report such a chaotic scene with people lining all over the sidewalk -- as you mentioned, the driver identified as preston carter is 100 years old. as a matter of fact, he turns 101, still week had a valid came driver's license and apparently no history of traffic violations. he says he was backing up his car. he thinks his brakes failed but police are looking at the possibility because he's a senior citizen and that -- that he may have hit the accelerator pedal. as for his/100ths, well, the investigation is going on, but our low paper here in los angeles, reached out to preston's 78-year-old daughter. show said no matter what the -- she said no matter what the
7:41 am
state says, they are tdy -- they are definitely taking dad's keys away. 11 people injured in the crash when the 100-year-old man loued his asked lang into a powell of -- man lost his balance. a top political correspondent has just been fired from yahoo! news. what he said about mitt romney that cost him his job. you can't avoid it. the simple reason why shopping on is about to get
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more expensive. at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area
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is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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stocks, down right now. pretty significantly with investors underwhenned by news this morning of higher consumer spending. retailers like target, costco, limited and macy's reporting higher than expected sales. but investors could worry that high gas prices could force people to cut down on shopping. gas prices have spiked this week due to hurricane isaac.
7:45 am
this morning the labor department reports 374,000 people filed for first-time unemployment benefits last week. that matches the revised numbers for the week before. applications have risen slightly. but they are still lowered during the spring when new hiring nearly stalled. and and yahoo! fired its washington bureau chief for what he said offcamera on an open microphone. someone commented on the republicans not being concerned about holing their convention as isaac was about to hit louisiana. david chalane was overheard saying happen foy have a party with black people drowning. he's apoll justed since for this and also apoll justed to romney -- he's apologized since this and also apologized to romney and his supporters.
7:46 am
a lot of the buzz this morning is about a mystery speaker for the rnc. alison this burn has more. alison this. >> reporter: that's talk it could be clint eastwood, a hologram of ronald reagan or tim tebow. paul ryan formally accepted the vice presidential election introducing you the country to -- introducing the country to himself. >> with all of the attack ads, the president is just throwing away money. and he's pretty experienced with that. >> reporter: but it's condoleezza rice sparking speculation about her political future after laying out her vision for leadership in the world. >> my fellow americans, we do not have a choice. we cannot be reluctant to lead and you can from the lead from
7:47 am
bead hind. >> reporter: i'm trying to find out more message that romney is gonna be delivering tonight. hope to have that for you in the next update. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. well, a secret service agent is in hot water after leaving her gun unattended on a plane that mitt romney had targeted. a news producer found the gun and called the secret service who took the gun back. that secret service agent did not fly back with romney. president obama spoke to a crowd of 7500 people in charlottesville, virginia yesterday. he told students from the virginia of va they can -- that they can determine the outcome
7:48 am
of the election. >> and listen, if you doubt that, then pay a little attention to what's happening in tampa this week. >> don't bo! vote! [ cheers ] -- don't boo! vote! >> reporter: the president took part in a live chat as part of the ask-me-anything series. at first people doubted it was him so the -- but the white house focused this. this are you anxious to get your -- are you anxious to get your hands on a new ipad. what's going on, a. >> el, with apple has announced a recycling -- well, apple has announced a recycling program.
7:49 am
what you get in exchange for your old iphone is an apple gift card. iphone customers we spoke to this morning, like the idea. >> but it just creates a mott are -- a lot more waste. >> it's gonna encourage -- it's gonna encourage people to keep this product line because they think they will also get that kind of a refund t -- because they think they will also get a refund. >> apple is offering $45 but we checked -- we just made one change this quality of the phone and that is that the battery does not fully charge and the amount you get back drops to just $50. now, apple not oftenerring anything with the iphone and people with the 3-2 can get the
7:50 am
-- can get otherrers in -- company test others. p is blamed for a -- can get other offers. isaac is blamed for a tow truck isaac. isaac may have triggered several tornadoes in mississippi and alabama. lock at the major damage -- look at the major damage from what is believed to be a tornado. power lines and large tree limbs were also snapped.
7:51 am
member of the board havep it more than of 0 -- members of the board continue to get hit. rescuers are on the way. fast-rising waters from lake pontchartrain cut a lot of people offguard. coming up at 8:0. >> we'll if to the latest -- had you at 8 o 50. we'll about the the late et. a ten -- we'll have the late et for you at 8:50.
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welcome back. a wildfire has triggered an air quality alert in mendocino
7:54 am
county. this fire has burned about 33,000 areas in the covlo area. pollution levels are considered dangerous. some residents have -- have -- some residents have been forced to evacuate. to well, neil armstrong will be laid to rest tomorrow, the same day as a rare event on the moon. armstrong died saturday. he was 82 years old he died in ohio. tomorrow, his family will hold a private service. at the same time, a blue moon will be visible in the nighttime sky. there is when there's a second full moon in one calendar month. that won't happen again until july 2015. the san francisco 49ers are teaming up great america on a knew attraction -- new
7:55 am
atrucktion -- attracttion. they are building a new roller coaster called the gold strike he. this isen animation of what it look look like -- of what it will look like. the roller coaster is set to open next spring. and just a reminder, the oakland id arers -- the oakland raiders take on the seattle seahawks. the game starts at 7:00 p.m. >> all right. 7:55. sal is back. you are taking care of everything, right? >> pardon me? >> i said you are taking care of everything? >> i am taking care of everything. sometimes i don't have this turned up loud enough. what? what's that dave! [laughter] >> i think it's years of doing this job that's making me deaf. you can see traffic is busy coming up out to the willow
7:56 am
pass grade. we mentioned the raiders' game on tv36. pardon me, the raid remembers in seattle -- the raiders are in seattle. let's take a look at the complete. the 49ers play tonight at candlestick. you may have to watch out for that traffic. let's go to mark. >> good morning to you, sal. temperatures really sore. if you don't like the each, we have relief. most of the -- like the heat, we have relief. most of this is hugging the coast. mostly clear skies, coastal
7:57 am
temperatures. in the afternoon, mostly sunny skies. temperatures in the lower 60s for the beaches but inland, instead of the upper 90s, we'll go with lower 90s tomorrow. sal mentioned the 49ers game at candlestick. you will see partly cloudy skies. definitely want to bundle up. they always look on the little side a little bit. here is a look ahead to your first-degree -- to your five- day forecast. 00 in the 8:00 hour we'll have an update ton isaac. 7:57. police in palo alto are searching for a man who has been groping women. one attack took place at a popular shopping center.
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firefighters called for a second alarm at this building and found a small fire between this tae kwon do and lanny's bridal shop. the manager of the martial arts school says the kids will be disappointed. >> we get really close to the families and the kids. we think of them as our own, you know. >> reporter: the fire is still under investigation. with you firefighters think they may have a po -- but firefighters think they may have a potential cause. they say sometimes with structures like these, the sprinkler system and electrical can spark a fire. there were no injuries out here and back out here -- actually, i thud say -- should say, san jose just opened capitol between florence and alum rock. traffic is reopen and moving
8:02 am
slowly. back to you. >> thank you. 8:01. safety concerns at sfo. screeners accuse the feds of making interest jobs harder while -- their jobs harder while endangering lives. tara moriarty has more. >> reporter: good morning. well, once you check your bags at the ticket counter, they go through the curtain there and behind it is a ct machine. screeners allege those machines are not fully effective. screensers say they can hone in suspicious bags by creating a computer-generated cross section. they said they were disable the function in 2004. but a spokesern said they don't
8:03 am
need the function and screen adequately without it. screeners say they only have seconds to inspect suspicious bags. this revolution comes at a time when the number of travelers  passing through sfo has hit an all-time high, 21.5 million people in the last year. we're live at sfo, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:02. police in palo alto are searching for a man who groped 2 women. investigators say one woman was groped yesterday in the sanford shopping center. another woman was groped on fulton street. take a look at these police sketches. police say one man was described as being about 5'9 and indian. police think the same man may
8:04 am
have committed both crimes. police in had the view are searching for 2 women accused of stealing credit cards and going on a shopping spree. police say the 2 also use the credit cards at a -- also use used the cards at a taco bell, a target, a chevron, a subway and a jack in the box. police say a police chase started just before 3:00 this morning after the driver refused to pull over. he was said to be going 0 miles an hour after he lost control
8:05 am
-- 50 miles an hour after he lost control. in june, a police officer shot and killed 15-year-old derek gains near a gas station. police say gains had been reaching for a nearby gun whenever the -- when the officer fired. it was later determined there was no gunpoint and the gun could not be shot. police say there's to way the officer could have then that and fired. hurricane isaac is moving inland. the first death blayed on isaac now reported in mississippi -- blamed on isaac now reported in mississippi. our reporter is live there now and tell us about the warnings now. elizabeth? >> reporter: that's right, hi, dave. there are flood warnings in
8:06 am
this area. there also are tornado watches. the threat for the folks here still exists. some of the homes south of here are still submerged. louisiana's plaquemines parish is one of the areas hardest hit. officials were forced to rescue dozens of people by boat after they became stranded. >> national guard working with local officials, they reported at least 35 people have been rescued. rescue operations were also called in for st. bernard parish. >> we lost everything. >> in new orleans, the storm had less than an inpath than
8:07 am
many inspected -- less of an inpath than many -- less of an impact than many inspected. the city's historic french quarter drew a steady stream of people looking for refreshments and electricity despite the wind and rain. >> came down, things started to open. >> they have power in the quarter because they have the electrical lines underneath the ground. so that's really smart. >> reporter: now, dave, as far as the final price tag is concerned, experts are comparing the price of this storm to hurricane gu tav. although no storms are alike, gustav cost around $$2 billion and -- $2 billion and the estimate of this storm, $1.5 billion. we want to check in with sal. >> we have a lot of stuff going
8:08 am
on. i want to go right to the maps because we're going to show you that traffic is going to be busy as you drive all over the bay area. westbound 24 at orinda, there is a make accident. that one came in about 15 minutes ago. the traffic will be busy on 24 as you drive through. as we move the maps to the east bay, just a lot of slow traffic on 880 heading south. most of it sunday the speed limit as you drive towards fremont. just a lot of slow traffic. northbound 85 is slow. there was an accident heading the other bay -- heading the other way. 101 and 280 are very slow trying to get into sunnyvale and cupertino. and then here on the peninsula, 101 through san mateo is slow. i would -- you though what i would do this i would take 280. it's pretty god for the most part heading down the peninsula -- pretty good for the most part heading down the
8:09 am
peninsula. let's talk about the macarthur maze. this traffic doesn't look too bad. if you are going to the toll plaza, that's backed up for about a 15 to 20-minute delay. i will tell you traffic is backed up. there it is. it is barked up beyond the 880 overcrossing -- it is backed up beyond the 880 overcrossing. let's go to mark. >> hi, sal. thank you. a lot of sunshine here, a bit of a haze. we do begin to cooloff. the latest on tropical storm isaac. it's weakened a little bit. winds, 40 miles an hour. once they go to 38 miles an hour and that -- that will be late this afternoon. this -- back here in the bay
8:10 am
area, we have this, the fog, row trouping overnight. we are the it current numbers boy ginning to warm up for the 8 -- we have the current gums. we twinning to -- numbers. beginning to warm up. high pressure continues to weaken. most areas col off on average. -- cool off on average. more is our forecast model. more sunshine away from the immediate shoreline. temperatures inland, upper 80s to right around 90 degrees. so the warm of the location on the other side of the 9. fairfield, 89 -- on the other side of the 90.
8:11 am
fairfield, 89. san mateo right around 72 degrees. we do cool off for your friday. the holiday week, we do warm up the numbers a little bit by sunday, maybe a few extra clouds for labor day monday. we'll take a look at the warning if you are heading to the coast over the next couple of days. can pg&e handle the big fines related to the san bruno of the dea -- of the fire. and lance armstrong being stripped from his medals.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
records show a total of 19 cal/osha inspections at the refinery since 2005. the number of inspections declined in recent years. there were five inspections in 2010, three last year, and none this year. at least until the fire. our time is now 8:14. well, the san francisco neighborhood where that big sinkhole opened thump week, it's still blocked off -- this week, it's still blocked off this morning. up to 800,000 gallons of water spilled into streets and houses. the p.u.c. dug up the 42-inch pipe that broke. the repairs may take more than 2 weeks -- more than two weeks. the city is paying for the cleanup. >> i have no ride to work. my car is stuck. >> you can't get it out? >> no. >> that sinkhole, 10 feet deep,
8:16 am
40 feet long. the pavement was actually buckled 6 inches. turning to the election news, the republican national convention wraps up tonight with the main event. mitt romney eight acceptance speech as their presidential nominee. our reporter, rene marsh, is live in tampa to tell us more. rene? >> reporter: good morning, dave, yeah. we're talking about paul ryan. he was center stage yesterday. he was really on attack mode. really focused on the issues. but tonight, we're waiting to hear exactly what will the
8:17 am
focus of mitt romney's speech be. and at this point, here at the convention hall, preps are underway for this big speech. gop presidential candidate, paul mitt romney -- mitt romney is freeing for the most -- preparing for the most important speech of his career. >> i think you will see a person who is extraordinary qualified capable to lead. >> reporter: america needs a turnaround and the man for the job is governor mitt romney. [ cheers ] >> reporter: ryan also played the attack dog, hitting the president hard on obama care. >> the greatest threat to medicare is obama care and we're gonna stop it. >> reporter: and worked the crowd, first playing to the female votes. >> to this day, my mom is my role model. >> reporter: and then relating to the younger audience.
8:18 am
>> i hope it's not a deal breaker but my play list starts with a.c./d.c. and ends with zeppelin. [laughter] >> you can tell these 2 people have a lot of chemistry on the -- two people have a lot of chemistry on the trail. >> reporter: all right. the big question is what will he focus on. what will he speak about. his campaign keeping that information very close to them. we expect the speech will happen around 10:00 eastern time. a big, big night for mitt romney, as he's been waiting for this moment for five years now. back to you. >> you can watch mitt romney's speech live right here. our coverage starts at 7:00 tonight. now, by the way, the oakland raiders game also scheduled for 7:00 p.m., that will be broadcast on our sister
8:19 am
station, tv36. 8:18. solano county officials plan to set mosquito traps after a dead crow was found in vallejo and tested positive for west nile virus. it's the 19th bird in solano county to test positive. in the meantime, the investigator control plans to spray for mosquitoes tonight m brentwood. they will treat an area north of balfour road. the spraying will continue, weather permitting. a woman believes she spotted a cat weighing about 50, 75 pounds in this area. school children were kept inside. a woman may have mistaken a dog running in the area for a small mountain lionp it's not clear if -- lion.
8:20 am
it's not clear if anyone else spotted the cat. "linked in" has signed a new lease for offices on mathilda and maude avenue. but the work has not started on the facility. when the work is finished, they hope to have 2900 workers at the location. they say the headquarters will rehayne in mountain view but they just need more space for the work force. it's scheduled to open this july of 2014. well, cycling star lance armstrong is thumbing his nose at his critics. >> i've been asked to come up here and talk about my story of survivorship. i'm a father of five, and yet i won the tour de france seven times. [ cheers ] >> that was lance armstrong, speaking yesterday at a cancer conference in montryialial --
8:21 am
montreal. an anti-doping agency accused armstrong of taking performance- enhancement drugs and he was stripped of his titles. one man is getting ready to take on lake tahoe this weekend in the longest swim of his life. good morning. northbound 280. it looks like slow traffic. we have a big problem on highway 24. we'll talk about that and the rest of the morning commute straight ahead. way-there's no way.
8:22 am
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this is in southern california. they spotted blue whales off the coast of orange county. they appeared to be -- well, showing off. swimming close to the whale watching boat. blue whales, by the way, are the biggest animals on earth. 8:23. it will an busy labor day weekend for adventure swimmer jamie patrick. patrick plans to swim 6 miles, nonstop around lake tahoe. he estimates the challenge will take him between 40, 45 hours to complete. mat trick -- patrick says live updates will be posted from his support boat. he plans on diving into the water at 6:00 a.m. and will stick close to the shore line. 8:24. millions of californians expected to travel on this long
8:25 am
holiday weekend. 3.7million people are expected to travel at least 50 miles from home according to aaa. that's up almost 4% from last year. almost 3 million them will be taking a tar to where they are going -- car to where they are going despite the tact that cass prices are -- despite the fact that gas prices are higher. we want to check in with sal. what's happened on 24? >> lock at highway 24. this is -- look at highway 24. this is terrible! if you are not watching, a lot of people don't watch the tv and they say, well, how wad can it be? look at this. it's bad. it's very slow. but the damage is done. 24 is backed up on interstate 680. one freeway, one big accident and this happens. all right. let's take a look at some other things. 880 is slow. so is highway 92. there was a minor crash but it
8:26 am
turned into a major backup on the san mateo bridge. and then the bey is lit in. i think we'll have -- is lit up. i think we'll have a lot of people going back to work and school after the summer vacations. let's go to mark. sorry, mark. sorry. stand by. let's go to the toll plaza. the top story is backed up for about a 20-minute dally. there was a stalled car on the bridge not too long ago. okay. hello, mark. >> i was holding my breath. i'm ready to go. we do have a lot of sunshine around the bay area, except way out in the distance, our camera shows haze and fog. here is a perspective on the satellite. a lot of overcast, it's coming in tight from pacifica, san
8:27 am
francisco. it looks like the marin headlands. we have a surf. not enough to warrant a high surf advisory but the waves will be peaking -- picking up. just a little bit of a warning for the waves and strong rip currents both saturday and sunday. some patchy fog nearby in pacifica. concord, 8. you can see here the latest of isaac tracking to the north with winds back down to right around 40 miles an hour. as far as the -- here is the latest, you can see the winds moving to the north-northwest
8:28 am
at 9 miles an hour. investigating a late-night crash. the search is on for the driver who disappeared from the scene. it happened less than 24 hours ago. a mother robbed at gunpoint while with her two kids. it happened right across the street from the school. how the -- how the school is responding and what police has done in the last hour. and getting it gear to putting driverless cars out on the road.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back. 8:30. more police are out there patrolling college park
8:31 am
elementary school in san mateo this morning. less than 24 hours ago, a mother and her children were robbed at gunpoint. claudine wong is out there now with more on what's happening out there and how the school is responding. claudine this. >> reporter: we're on the 700 block of indian avenue. it happened along this street. the mother and her 13-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son were just walking down the street when a man came up with a gun. and they did what he asked. parents here have been notified because it happened near the school. the school sent out 2 e-mails just two e-mails just letting them know about the robbery. within the last hour we've seen a police officer down the street from where we are, keeping an eye on things.
8:32 am
one dad feels safe stiff. >> i think it's pretty isolated. the schools have already been safe since we've had our kids here. i have tilth in the police to check it. >> we've -- i have faith in the police to check it. >> we would advise the public to use extreme caution if they see anything like this. we're asking for anyone to call us. if they are confronted, go along with whatever the demands are. >> reporter: we don't have a very depailed -- detailed description right now. police say he's a white or light-skinned latino in his late teens or early 20s. he's described as about 6 feet tall with a stocky build. if we come out here live to indian avenue, you can see things are getting busy. there is actually a preschool here. there is a high school nearby. not everyone goes to this
8:33 am
school. certainly that he want everybody to be on alert an -- they want everybody to be on alert and watch out for their surroundings. an investigation is happening right now into a late- night crash into the south bay. now, it happened near the brokaw road offramp in san jose about 10:15 last night. a couple of people were hurt in a rollover accident. now, there was accident that one person in one of the cars disappeared from the scene. police thought perhaps that person had been thrown out of the vehicle. but it turned out, according to our reports, he left the scene and walked to a nearby gas station. a san jose man will be sentenced this afternoon for a deadly crime spree last year. 34-year-old paul ray castillo will get life in prison without the possibility of patrol. last september. >> during a 2-week period, castillo stole 2 cars, tried to run over a police officer, shot
8:34 am
a man at a gas station and then killed a woman he had kidnapped during a carjacking. concern is growing this morning about a walnut creek high school student who has been missing for almost a week. 16-year-old larissa huntsman was last seen friday afternoon leaving the campus of the high school. police say they do not suspect foul play but show has a medical condition and does not have her medicine with herp she's 5'3 and weighs 1 25 pound. she was last seen wearing a blue shirt, blue shorts and blue sneakers. a program is helping at- risk youth up to $400,000. some of the people involved in the program say it's money well spent. >> i like it a lot. i can see myself in the future
8:35 am
doing this. >> they are doing something productive. it's either paying them to be in jail or paying them to do something in their lives productive. >> the grants last for 2 two years. last for two years. well, a bill to recamp the way catch teachers evaluated is making its way through the senate. this would allow teachers to decide how they should be evaluated. critics of the bill say this will weaken the evaluation system. 8:35. lawmakers in sacramento have approved a bill that would pave the way for driverless cars to hit the road. the bill requires the dmv to
8:36 am
dumb up with standards to come up with control-computer cars by january 2015. currently, engineers at google and stanford have developed prototypes of this type of car. drivers would still be required to sit behind the wheel. the supporters hope the computer controlled cars would row dues accidents which are mosley -- which would reduce accidents mostly caused by human error. 8:36. well, the chipotle restaurant chain says it will stop rounding out customer bills to the nearest nicking. it was a controversial practice
8:37 am
t was uncovered by a newspaper in new jersey after customers noticed their totals didn't quite add up. chipotle admitted they use a software that rounds out the bills to the nearest nickel. the company says it started that practice just to keep their lines moving faster. well, san francisco's eagle tavern is lying back into business and the gay community is already celebrating. it's on 12th street. it's one of the most pop pow laugh gay bark in the south of market -- bars this -- bars in the south of market district. there was concern they were gonna change it into a new restaurant but instead, the owners said, they will open the bar in the next couple of months. they are gay and they say they want to make the eagle tavern the guy of their -- the pride of their community. there is a lot of problems on westbound 24. other parts of -- other parts
8:38 am
of contra costa county. >> this is much slower than it we're getting closer to the end of the commute. we have word that they've cleared all of the lanes. >> if you use highway 24, you node allow yourself to use extra time to get through it. let's take a look at the rest of the east bay. bay bridge, barked up for a little -- backed up for a little bit of a delay. hayward, union city, 880 very slow in the south bay. still a slot of -- still a lot of slow traffic. also on 85 and on the peninsula
8:39 am
to see, 101 and 280. on the peninsula the traffic is slow. 8:38. let's go to mark. >> high there, sal, good morning to you. we'll have mostly clear skies. we do have patchy fog developing near the shore line and the cloud deck will increase in coverage. right now, the maps are mountain -- as you can see the tag, a factor, right around the marin head left hands. the -- head lands -- headlands. santa rosa right now 53. san jose, though, pretty mild at 63. concord, 60 and oakland the upper 50s and 58.
8:40 am
high pressure is beginning to relarks. as a result that will be the source for the cooldown today. more cooling for tomorrow. this weather system moves in from the north. you can see what happens. only the warmest locations. you will notice the change lee twin -- you will notice the change beginning today. over the holiday weekend, we begin to bump up the numbers a little bit. >> here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast. more cooling for your friday. your weekend always in view. we'll gradually warm up the numbers. we could be tracking a few extra high clouds as we head into monday for labor day. game wardens in california use some tasty treats that's
8:41 am
been raiding trash cans north of downtown los angeles. the bear dubbed meatball was captured in la canada flintridge with some bacon and hone. he's actually been returned to the wild three times in the past. >> meatball. >> okay. 8:40. well, up next we'll take a look at what's moving the stock markets and why sears is being dropped from the subpoena subpoena. ask me what it's like when my tempur-pedic moves.
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target, costco, limited and macy's reporting higher-than- expected august sales. but investors worried that higher gas prices due to isaac could force people to cut back on shopping. the dow is currently down, 97. the mostly cloudy is down 26.
8:45 am
the s&p is down 9. so speaking of s&p, sears is losing its place on the s&p 500. the index is made up of stocks considered to be widely held with large cap capitalization. 8:44. well, the washington bureau chief of you news was fired for what he -- of ewe news was -- well, the washington bureau chief of yahoo! was fired for what he said off camera. he was overheard to say that mitt romney was "happen foy have a party with --" happy to have a party with black people drowning." he apoll justed for that --
8:46 am
apologized for that remark calling it thoughtless. mitt romney face as key test tonight in his fight for the white house. alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with the message romney is expected to deliver at the republican national convention in his speech tonight. >> reporter: it's his biggest platform yet to make the case for a romney presidency and answer the attacks against him. paul ryan set the stage last night taking aim at president obama's handling of the economy. >> college graduates should not have to live out their 20s in their childhood bedrooms, staring up and hating obama posters and won'terring when they can move out and -- wondering when they can move out and get going with life. >> reporter: some say it was condoleezza rice who stole the show. he's the only speaker so far who did not use a teleprompter and her speech prompted new
8:47 am
speck about her -- prompted new speculation about her political future. and they are reports about tonight's mystery speaker. fox news quotes a gop source says it's clint eastwood who recently endorsed mitt romney. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:46. a secret service agent is in trouble for leaving her loaded gun on mitt romney's plane. she left it when she got up to go to the bathroom. someone not watching the republican convention is the first lady. on the late show, michelle obama talked about several topics including the republican congressman running for senate.
8:48 am
>> for reason he says he said something he shouldn't have. i don't know. >> you though she said she did not watch it, she urged both party to the watch -- parties to watch. there are reports that a dam in southern mississippi is in danger of failing. reports say immediately mandatory evacuations are reportedly happening now in tangapoa parish. now, isaac is still a tropical storm powning the gulf coast and causing major evacuations this new orleans. some of the screeners in sfo accuse of -- august the federal government of safety
8:49 am
inspections of luggage. now, checked luckage goes through a ct scan, questionable tags we're told trigger an alarm and require further checks. the examiner is loring -- the examiner is reporting the tsa won't allow the screeners to use a function that enables them to use computer images. the screeners say their time to check each bag has been cut to a matter of seconds. to and fire damaged several businesses in a -- and fire damaged several businesses in a mall. you are back now with a look at -- how is the damage out there, lorraine. >> reporter: yeah yeah, live, thousand that firefighters are on their final clean up. you can see quite a mess out here, windows and doors, shattered and there is a gaping hole in the roof above the tae kwon do school. san jose fire says they first
8:50 am
noticed a school coming from the mexican restaurant. the alarm set around 4:45 a.m. at the capital commercial center. because it's a strip mall and the businesses share common attic space, firefighters called for a second school. the flames were small but finding the stores and extinguishing it was difficult. >> it was more of a smoldering type fire. there's water damage and then we to pull the ceiling in the attic space. >> the fire is still under investigation. firefighters they them dark -- dash firefighters think they may have a potential cause -- firefighters think they may have a potential cause. the good news out here, there were no injuries. reporting live from in san jose, lorraine juan -- lorraine
8:51 am
blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. australia is mourning the death of five soldiers. three australians were shot and killed by a man wearing an afghan army uniform. the 2 other soldiers died when their helicopter crashed in helmand province. for australian, it was the highest death toll as part of the international coalition in afghanistan. there's new information on late penn state football coach slow paterno. an fbi file kept has been released -- has been leased. more than 800 documents are posted online. it shows the fbi spent years looking into threatening letters sent to paterno in the 1970s and '80s. the anonymous you a her was upset -- author was upset with a ter know after leaving the program -- with the author after leaving the program early. a new judge will preside over george zimmerman's second-
8:52 am
degree murder. a judge ruled that kenneth lester must step down. zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder stemming from the shooting death of tray mon -- trayvon martin of the the orlando sentinel reports that a judge who is known for being very tough will take over the case. the referees ago association has been locked out and talks of a new cold front are at a standstill. the replacement refs, they've been out there all during the preseason. there is have been a lot of complaints. the pac-12 is playing hard ball. they showed off the san francisco studios in february. it went on the air 2 weeks -- two weeks ago. while it looks like some systems have not been -- have not been able to reach a deal,
8:53 am
the director says she will cancel her subscription if there's no agreement before the first pac-12 game this evening. the state will auction emissions permits. about 150 companies such as refineries who emit a large amount of greenhouse gases will participate in this ex- exercise. if they -- exercise. if they reduce the i missions before their cap, they can trade or sell to companies that exceed limits. the official launch begins in november. 8:53. a runaway car that seriously injured school children in southern california. what the driver of the car says went wrong and why his age is a big part of the investigation. and sal returns with a
8:54 am
check from the east bay traffic.
8:55 am
8:56 am
some parents -- some parents are saying the 100-year- old driver who sit several children in l.a. should not have been behind the wheel. police say preston carter ran into nine children and 2 adults near a school yesterday. four children were seriously injured. they are in stable condition now. detectives think carter may have hit the gas instead of the
8:57 am
brake but he claims his brakes famed. >> the brakes failed. >> you know i'm sorry about that. i ontario wouldn't do that for nothing on earth -- dish wouldn't do that for nothing on earth. >> carter will be 101 in a few days. the dmv says he has a current license and no traffic violation. drivers 70 and older must pass a vision and written test every year. his daughter says he won't be driving anymore. the chp says a scooter a man was riding hit a median in san rafael. the man flew off the ike bike, went over the rail and fell 40 feet down. one other thing, the dog he was carrying in a pouch, it died. sal, a plane makes an
8:58 am
emergency planning -- makes an emergency landing at sfo? >> that's right. the sfo -- southwest southwest flight came in with landing gore issues. it did land. no one was hurt. this is highway 4. it is moving better than it was. let's go to mark. >> hi there, sal. a little cooler. a quick look at the maps as can you see see here. the temperatures on average, about had to -- 4 to 8 degrees cooler than yesterday. cooling continues as we head into friday. >> okay, mark. >> sounds good, mark. and that's our report. thanks for watching. we'll see you the next time news breaks.
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