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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  September 8, 2012 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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now about the victims. >> reporter: we do. in the last 30 minutes or so we had a chance to speak to police. they confirmed what we have been hearing from witnesses. one woman was killed out here. they said a second female, they aren't giving age, a second female was taken to a local hospital in what they call grave condition. even though they cleared this scene, it happened right over here on this corner here on main street. witnesses say the driver of oh red pickup truck was speeding down main a little after 6:00 when he appeared to lose control and slammed into a family on the sidewalk. one woman as we mentioned, a mother was thrown across the street and died. the driver and another female were transported to a local hospital. i spoke with managers at the marriott. valet workers were so shaken.
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up they had to be sent home. a woman who witnesses the crash was also upset. >> the young girl she was laying down. her head was all bloody. and she was unconscious. i was kind of looking and then another lady came to me and she said mom is dead. >> reporter: while we don't know the exact speed we can tell you the pickup was wedged between a traffic light pole and a retaining wall there so badly, as you're seeing in the video, it was difficult for tow truck operators to remove it tonight. as we come back out live, we also asked police if alcohol was involved in this crash. that's something they're looking into. the traffic situation in just the last few minutes police were able to open up both directions here on main street in this busy part of walnut
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creek. there's many more details that need to be figured out. we'll bring you updates as we get them. >> seventeen auto burglaries in two days. the alarming number has police issuing a report to drivers. the one part of the car thieves are targeting that many consider safe. >> reporter: this is the police blotter in the local paper. it's essentially a list of auto burglaries. seventeen just this week. some are from rental cars. most happened in parking garages. police say there doesn't appear to be a pattern but they do appear to be related. a car can say a lot about its driver. it is style, status and security on four wheels. in palo alto what some cars say is target. >> not surprised. it's a nice area. probably some good stuff in
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these cars. >> reporter: police are warning drivers about what appears to be an auto burglary ring. earlier this week a burglar or burglars took just ten minutes to break into six vehicles in this lot at the stanford shopping center. that isn't the only hot spot. four city parking garages and lots are on the list. >> i'm surprised though. i'll be weary about parking here from now on probably. >> reporter: the burglars looted 17 vehicles by breaking the windows, taking valuables and in some cases popping the trunk to steal items the owners likely thought were safe out of the sight. >> they broke my window and pull out the stereo. >> reporter: that's why he stopped parking on the street and now parks in city garage r, where six of the burglaries happened. >> that's scary. >> reporter: now police say some people have reported seeing suspects in this case, but the descriptions are so
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varied police are not releasing a sketch. for now they are stepping up patrols. >> a frightening scene in oakland as two cars exchange gunfire with one bullet grazing a 2-year-old who was strapped in a car seat. it started around 6:15 this evening. police say people in two cars, they were firing back and fort at each other using automatic weapons. one man driving to pick up his wife said his car was hit veratimes. one bullet came through the front windshield. the driver says that bullet kept going into the back of the car. >> i had my 2-year-old son in the backseat and it bruised his arm. it went through too. so i reversed it. i hit the gas. hi to save my family.
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>> police say there were 60 to 70 bullet casings in the street. one of the cars crashed. people inside fled. the other vehicle involved, possibly a newer model tan stuff drove away. administrations are underway into a pair of shootings. the first happened near the eastmont mall. then just about a mile away near the oakland coliseum another shooting. the victim in that shooting was also taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. so far police have no suspects in either case. >> nineteen museum workers were arrested after taking part in a noisy protest at san francisco's deyoung museum. the workers took over the museum lobby last night. the protesters were arrested because police say they blocked the doors to the museum.
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workers say that while museum managers are getting raises, the employees are being asked to pay up to $150 a month for healthcare. a spokesman says the museum has offered workers up to a 12% wage increase. >> two children have been found safe and that statewide amber alert has been canceled. authorities say the 7 month old and -- the father and alleged kidnapper has not been found. he is african-american, 6'3", 250 pounds and also has a tattoo on his upper right arm that reads aunt dog. authorities who rescued two children kidnapped from south san francisco and held on a boat, they released more details on the operation. police sate children's father christopher gave up without a fight when the fbi approached him. police say the 3-year-old girl
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and the 2-year-old boy were not hurt. he was booked into jail on $200,000 bail. >> a fundraiser is planned tomorrow for the family of slain highway patrol officer. the owners of jump highway say they'll donate 100% of their proceeds tomorrow to his widow and four children. tomorrow's fundraiser will also include a silent auction. he was shot to death during a traffic stop on tuesday. >> election 2012 news, republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan spent time in the east bay tonight. the fundraiser was at the home of a former san francisco 49er. >> reporter: supporters waited anxiously and secret service made the rounds. then just before 9:00 the
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motorcade arrived. this is the home of brent jones and ryan was greeted by his host when he arrived. about 100 people attended. some paid $1000 each to hear ryan speak. >> i wanted to see how the country is going to be changed. >> reporter: attenkeys shared what they thought were the highlight. >> the biggest thing i think he said was that together we can do it. we can turn the country around. and it needs to be turned around. >> reporter: did he say how? >> jobs. more taxes. opportunity. >> reporter: high dollar donors paid $10,000 to take a picture with him. our cameras got a quick glimpse was photo sessions. >> i'm undecided in terms of my vote. >> reporter: one neighbor who watched the fundraiser said she wished ryan had held a public
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event. >> it makes people feel they're listening to the issues of all of the people. >> reporter: this isn't accessible? >> for most people to pay thousands of dollars for a breakfast it is not. >> reporter: she also understands raising money is what members of both parties do on the campaign trail. >> more details now, paul ryan also visited google head adequaters today. he used an online chat to answer questions from campaign volunteers. ryan talked about economics and the direction he wants to seat country go. >> we need to get back to prosperity. these ideas are proven to work. we want economic growth. we want doesn't. we want an opportunity society where everybody can make the most of their life. >> tonight ryan attended a fundraising dinner in fresno. next he heads to oregon and seattle. >> the presidential campaign is kicking into high gear with
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both the president and mitt romney on the stump in key swing states. mitt romney spoke to a crowd of supporters at a military aviation museum. his speech focused on the weak jobs report released yesterday. he also took a swipe at the democrats for removing and replacing the word god in the party's platform at democratic convention. president obama made a stop in the key state of florida as he goes into campaign mode. mr. obama didn't mention this week's jobs report but did say his economic recovery efforts have created jobs. later the president made an unexpected stop at a sports bar. >> a new poll shows that the president is indeed enjoying a post convention bounce. he widened his lead with 49% saying they would vote for the
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president if the election was held today. that compares to 45% for romney. the 49% for president obama is his highest point in the survey since april. promoting peace. coming up, governor jerry brown signs a bill into law that aims to protect specific groups from workplace discrimination. >> a big crowd turned out to watch oakland's own andre ward defend his wbcwba super middle weight title tonight. sales were brisk. ward was facing off against bad chad dawson. people were snapping up hats and t-shirt before the fight. they came to see ward, considered by many one of the best pound for pound fighters. coming up, all the highlights from tonight's title fight. >> a bay area rapper shot and killed at a popular park. what police say he was doing
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when he was gunned down. >> this is a biologically produced version of styrofoam. today's message about the new economy. >> a statewide protest targets walmart. what the giant retailer is selling that has people up in arms.
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police are trying to piece together what led to a deadly shooting in a public park full of people. the violence broke out right in front of the victim's young siblings. >> reporter: he was a teen with his own music label and a budding career as a bay area rapper. >> he started out at age of 6 his mother bought him a bunch of instruments. then he developed an ear on the computer. started creating beats and songs. >> reporter: butday von george was gunned down in the parking lot of buchanan park yesterday. >> i was a fan. to hear that he passed was a big heart break. >> reporter: police say the 18- year-old got into an argument with a group of men and one shot him. the back. his uncle tells us several of
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his siblings were with him at the time. >> it's just so devastating. >> reporter: this park is an otherwise peaceful setting. that's why the rap group chose the lakeside area to shoot their video, not knowing the beauty would turn to bullets. >> just a shock to everybody. he wasn't that type of individual. he was a good kid. >> reporter: police do not have a suspect in custody, but there were a lot of witnesses during the shooting last night, so tonight they're following many solid leads. >> the reward for information about a missing man has increased to $50,000. search crews scoured a 6-mile stretch of the sacramento river for any sign of brett olson. the sheriff's department says tomorrow it plans to use water
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dogs as well as sonar equipment to search the area. a body found along the american river in sacramento has been identified as that of a uc davis student. shes reported missing 10 weeks ago. she suffered a mental breakdown while studying for finals. she was sent to a psychiatric hospital. >> dozens of volunteers turned out to help search for a missing teenager. the weekly saturday search took place in morgan hill. she was last seen march 16th. a $35,000 reward is being offered in the case. 21-year-old was arrested in may for her kidnapping and murder. he has yet to enter a plea. >> mother nature not helping in the fight against a wild fire in colusa county. the fire has burned nearly
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18,000 acres. an advisory evacuation warning was listed and highway 16 is now back open. fire is warning drivers to watch for debris. crews hope to have that fully contained some time monday. a fire in lake county has burned almost 3000 acres since it began yesterday afternoon. it's burning west of scott valley road. mandatory evacuations for the blue lakes area. no word on what started this fire and no estimate on what it might be contained. in southern california the forest service is battling a fire that has been burning for six days. fire officials say that fire has burned six and a half square miles and is 78% contained. >> shell oil refinery managers want people to be aware of
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maintenance work at plant. shell says crews will be working on safety devices called flares located along the side of the refinery. there can be smoke and noise associated with the work. the oil company says the work may last through tomorrow. opponents of unlabeled genetically modified food launched a statewide protest today in front of walmart stores. the california right to know group held signs earners of corn in front of the walmart store. they say the store is deceiving its customers by selling unlabeled genetically engineered corn. >> i'm not afraid it have, i just think we just need to know that it's happening. and i need to be able to choose whether or not i want to eat this food or not. >> walmart says it consulted with food safety experts before making the decision to carry the corn. the group protesting today was
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also pushing for support on proposition 37 which would require labeling of some genetically modified foods. >> an event to drive social change. 700 to view the latest products from an industry that experts say is an untapped gold mine for jobs. >> reporter: this was an all day conference known as ted x. >> a ted event like this really inspires a wider group of people. and helps that these great ideas really come to the light. >> reporter: the event was titled reinventing capitalism. topical considering the struggle economy. >> it's a big idea mash up and really also focused around business. >> it's cheaper an styrofoam, but it's all natural and 100% grown. >> reporter: this is a company whose signature product is a possible replacement for
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styrofoam. >> you could take this and throw it in your backyard and it will compost in about 180 days. >> reporter: to a wine company that donates half its profits to charity. >> we're at 50,000 cases. next year we'll probably break the 100,000 case mark. >> reporter: venture capitalists were also here arguing young people need to pursue education in computer science. >> about 3 million jobs because we don't have people with skills to match the jobs. >> reporter: attendose told me they were inspire. >> it's amazing what kind of ideas can flow through you. >> reporter: the overriding message is while business drives the economy it can drive profound social change ideally at the same time. >> extreme weather touches down in new york city. >> that just hit land. last the rocks.
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>> it is a rare sight, a tornado caused some damage today just outside the big apple. >> also nearly 17 years after o.j. simpson's murder trial there is new information about a crucial piece of evidence. >> a little cooler to start off your weekend. the neighborhood that will cool off more for your sunday and also the timing of our next warming trend.
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that just hit land. that's the rocks. >> and he was correct. this is amateur video on the rock away peninsula in queens,new york. another tornado actually hit in brooklyn. the twisters downed trees and caused power outages. no one was hurt. tornadoes are rare in the five burrows with only eight reported since 1985. in washington, d.c. there was also extreme weather with heavy rain and winds of up to 60 miles an hour.
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a boat capsized due to extreme weather conditions. no injuries were report. >> in news of the world tonight in afghanistan a suicide bomber said to be just 14 years old detonated explosives killing 6 people. u.s. officials said if the bomber was in fact a young teen it shows the insurgents are willing to use quote the most impressionable and vulnerable. the taliban claimed the bomber was in his 20s. in southwestern china falling boulders continue to cause fear after yesterday's earthquakes claimed the lives of at least 80 people. rescue crews used dogs to search for survivors. more than 200,000 people were evacuated after the quakes toppled thousands of homes.
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some of china's poorest people live where it hit. in nicaragua. plumes of ash and smoke spread into the sky. it could be seen for miles. authorities say about 3000 people have been told to leave their homes. >> doctors say a's pitcher is progressing after suffering that skull fracture. on wednesday he it was struck right in the head by a line drive. he underwent two hours of surgery to relieve pressure on his brain. 49ers linebacker patrick willis sent this tweet after the incident. quote, sorry to hear about what happened. i know you are a huge 49er fan. our prayers are with you. get well. today mccarthy tweeted thank buddy. it appears lance armstrong will not be allowed to run in the chicago marathon last
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month. the u.s. anti-doping agency issued penalties which ban him from all sports and events that abide by the world anti-doping code. that includes the chicago marathon. armstrong never formally registered for the event but was considering running. >> a former prosecutor in the o.j. simpson case says members of the so-called dream team of defense attorneys tampered with a key piece of evidence. he was told the defense had access to the famous bloody glove for an hour before simpson tried to put it on in front of the jury. he says late defense attorney johnny cochran tore the lining so it wouldn't fit. surviving members call the claim a fabrication. he said he didn't report it because he didn't want to appear quote whiney. >> promoting peace. the bill bill governor brown signed today. >> a tax you pay is not being
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used for its intend purpose. a new report about san francisco's restaurant surcharge.
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governor brown signed into law legislation at preventing recommendation discrimination against muslim workers. another was signed to acknowledge sick contributions to california. >> reporter: a rousing ovation where sikh americans applauded the signing of two bill. >> what america is is the result of people coming here from other places. >> reporter: one bill would bring a big change to future california textbooks. >> our history books are going to include that part that sikhs have played in our history.
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>> reporter: the second bill would protect sikhs and other groups from workplace discrimination. >> unword against the sikh american community has been rampant. oftentimes it causes employers to segregate their employees. have them work in the basement. >> reporter: the new law goes far beyond the sikh community. >> i represent them who lose their jobs because they're required to work on saturday or friday night. i have jewish clients. i've represented mormons, christians who don't work on sunday. and so often the companies could easily provide the accommodation. >> reporter: employers will have to accommodate people of faith. >> breaking down prejudices something you've got to do every day. >> reporter: those two bills go into effect on january 1. they're two of roughly 700 measures on the governor's desk
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that he must sign or veto by the end of the month. >> an elaborate memorial for the victims of the september 11th attacks is getting more attention. he planted a flag in the ground for each victim many a parcel of land in west sacramento. vincent says he's had help with the project. >> political, religious and other controversial ads are banned from golden gate transit buses. the bridge district approved the new policy yesterday. the move was prompted by those controversial pro-israel ads last month. only product and commercial ads will be allowed on buses in the district's fleet. a new analysis of san francisco restaurants and other businesses that charge a healthcare surcharge shows a significant portion of that is not going toward its intend
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purpose. the societied press looked at the mandate and found 40% of the money does not go to costs. a report did not say what the businesses were doing with that money. a new law requires businesses to use the money for its workers healthcare or face an investigation. >> new information confirms a black panther leader was actually an undercover government informant. fbi papers released this weekend show that richard aoki served as an informant. during the time he was with the black panthers he provided the group with some of its first weapons. he belonged to the asian american political alliance and the third world liberation front. the information provided him as quote, unique. >> a ceremony to mark the two- year anniversary of the deadly pipeline explosion is planned for tomorrow. it will be held at 5:00. the city will unveil a
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remembrance plaque. survivors gathered at the site with jerry hill who is sponsoring three bills. eight people were killed and 38 homes destroyed when the pg&e transmission line ruptured. >> three men are recovering after getting stabbed in an apparent gang fight last night. it happened around 10:45. police say the men were approached by a group of ten other men from a rival gang and a fight broke out. no arrests. the fairfield gang task force is investigating. >> a party on the east bay ever marked the start of celebrations for the birthday of oakland's children's hospital. parents, children and hospital staff gathered today. childrens hospital was founded in 1902. the head of the hospital says the services that it provides in the east bay are unique. >> we are the only place that
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you can go that provides the kind of service we do and children are not small adults. they're going to an adult facility is not prescribed the kind of services that children need. >> childrens hospital currently has 190 beds and sees more than 77,000 patients each year. new information now to update you on that fatal accident we told you about at the top of this newscast. police are now telling us that the driver of this pickup truck is under arrest tonight for vehicular manslaughter. he remains at the hospital tonight being treated for his injuries. police say the pedestrian thats killed was an adult and that the person that was walking with her who was also injured was also an adult female. we'll of course be following this for you and have much more coming up on mornings on 2.
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>> a fundraiser that's good for your sweet tooth. where you find an ice cream eating contest. >> that's what i want to know about. mother nature will soon be turning up the heat on you folks. when the bay area can expect a warming trend.
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lots of sup shine today across the bay area. temperatures a little bit of a change, have been cooling off over the past 24 hours. that will continue into the second half of the weekend. right now the maps, we do have mostly clear skies out there. you can see patchy fog
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offshore. a few patches near the coastline into the overnight hours. as far as temperatures from this afternoon, they range from right around 60. san francisco at 62. 80s to report inland. forecast headlines for tonight, mostly clear skies. a bit of a breeze. warm numbers inland. extended forecast, everybody warms back up. you'll see those coming up in a little bit. as far as overnight lows, first thing sunday morning temperatures pretty chilly in the north bay. upper 40s. lots of 50s to start out the day. we'll call it partly cloudy. high pressure has been weakening over the past day or so as this area of low pressure approaches our coastline. with that tomorrow some cooler temperatures, primarily inland. not much of a change near the shoreline or around the bay. you can see the range from
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around 60 to upper 70s. warmest locations around 80 degrees with under partly to mostly sunny skies. with that system that'll increase the wind and winds this time of year always a concern with fire danger. a red flag warning posted for the lake county area tomorrow afternoon beginning at 12:00 all the way until 8:00 with winds approaching 25 miles an hour. here's our forecast model. not much in the way of some fog. could have a few patches tomorrow morning. then into the afternoon hours, partly to mostly sunny skies. a little cooler inland as we do head into the second half of the weekend. santa rosa, upper 70s. fairfield around 80 degrees. oakland in the upper 60s. lower 80s out toward brentwood. san francisco some patchy fog in the morning. forecast high of 62 degrees. giants playing the dodgers
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tomorrow. look for this, partly sunny skies and temperatures around 60 degrees. first pitch after 5:00. five-day forecast, the key headline here it's that time of year with warmer temperatures. that happening especially tuesday, wednesday and thursday. in fact, by thursday warmest locations back up into the lower 90s. so warmer temperatures on the horizon. >> thank you, mark. the 17th annual ghiradelli chocolate festival drew chocolate lovers. an ice cream eating contest gave people a chance to express their affection for the confection. that's an organization that serves thousands of meals to those with hiv and aids. the festival runs through tomorrow. >> it is college football saturday. we'll have a complete wrap of
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all of today's games. >> it is the biggest fight of his career. we have highlights as andre ward defends his title against bad chad dawson.
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good evening everyone and thanks for joining our saturday night edition of sports wrap. be careful of what you ask for. boxer chad dawson moved down from light heavy weight to super middle weight because he wanted to fight andre ward. and tonight at the arena that man andre ward had perhaps his most impressive win. his speed and left hand was too much for chad dawson.
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sent dawson to his knees. ward kept punishing dawson tonight. they called off the fight in the tenth round. dawson falls to 31-2. andre ward climbs to 26-0 with 14 kos. andre ward keeps his super middle weight belt. oakland recently lost starting pitchers to suspension and brandon mccarthy a head injury. brett anderson made his fourth start. he mows down a pair of mariners in the third. allowed just two earned runs in 26 innings pitched. a big four-run fourth inning to bust open the game. assessment scores the go ahead


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