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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  September 9, 2012 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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this tragedy continues to haunt us all. a city and neighbors pause to remember those lost two years ago today in the san bruno pipeline explosion. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. we will get to san bruno in a moment. but we begin with developing news from the airport where the
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coast guard has gone out to help a plane that went down at the bay. >> reporter: the helicopter that was used in the rescue right there in the back of the hanger. they just arrived back about 8:30 to be the. that helicopters was used in the rescue. i'm joined by captain chris courtney. he was the pilot in the rescue. >> we came back, did a hot refuel and headed down south to the big suhr area, we had chp on scene, they were giving us help to get us to the location of the vessel. once we got on scene, the vessels engine was running. it was lifting to the left. right when we got there they had to cut the engines because the swells were six to 8 feet.
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once we've determined what the best course of action to rescue them, we sent the rescue person down. we recovered the second gentleman who was in his 30s. both of these men were a father and son duo that do this trip yearly up to canada. >> reporter: any indication what went wrong and why they ended in the water. >> not exactly sure. they have a signal that went up to the satellite. we were able to get an example position type of their aircraft. and who the particular device was registered to. that particular device saved their live. >> reporter: once you were able to get into their helicopter, what was their response? >> they were very thankful. they shook our hand. they were very close to dying and we helped save their lives
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that's for sure. >> reporter: as far as the weather conditions out there you were saying there were some swells and wind conditions out there. >> seas were 15 to 20 knots out of the north. >> reporter: how danger does that make it for you crews. >> it's very dangerous for the rescue swimmer and it's an entire crew effort. there's a crew of four we all do what we train for every day. and it's nice when you can walk away and save a couple of lives and change the difference -- make the difference. >> thank you so much lieutenant courtny for joining us tonight. we really appreciate it. as for the helicopter. they're doing a cleaning to it. you see those yellow lines going into it, that's a dehumidifier that will take out all the water that was brought into it. >> no doubt about it, a happy ending to that story there. it was two years ago
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tonight when a natural gas pipeline exploded into a fire ball in san bruno and changed lives there forever. two memorial gathers that were held today. one held by city leaders the other by neighbors. matt keller was there and tells laws proposed to stop another at that -- another tragedy. >> reporter: a plaque was dedicated with the names of those lost. there's three bills in the state legislature addressing the problems that led to the explosion. >> probably the most important piece of legislation is to require the public utilities commission to act on every recommendation coming from the national transportation safety board. because they've ignored those recommendations in the past. >> reporter: doesness gathered
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tonight in the middle of the -- dozens gathered tonight in the middle of the street at the exact time the explosion went off. just a few days away, a sign say it is grays are finally coming back as the foundation on their home is taking shape. >> i screamed at my husband, we have to get out of here now. >> reporter: rebuilding was not an easy decision for the grays. some neighbors weren't coming back leaving empty lots next door. and they haven't reached a settlement yet with their insurance company. but they've lived here since 1968 and coming back made sense. >> we know a lot of people in the neighborhood, that's home for us. >> reporter: phase two of the project, restoring drainage facilities in the crest view neighborhood is scheduled to be completed by the end of the
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month. other projects are expected to continue till at least the end of 2013. matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on just how far san bruno's crest view neighborhood has come. so far of the 38 homes destroyed in that disaster eight have been rebuilt. 12 properties are awading building permits. 18 others are waiting to be built. there were 17 homes damaged by the explosion and fire and of those 13 have been repaired. go to for a collection of stories we've done on the 2010 explosion. just click on the san bruno fire tab. dozens of homeowners in the town of series are assessing the damage after a major blast. it leveled one home, seriously damaged 22 others and shattered windows of homes not far away. one neighbor said the blast
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sounded like a plane crashed. >> the roof had tumbled on our head. my sister came into our room and she got me. we walked out of the room and we got all of our families out of the house. >> reporter: police had been to the hospital a couple of months ago because the homeowners were suspected of growing marijuana. the search for the body of a many are student at cal poly ended tragedy today. his body was found. he went missing while tubing down the river. his body was found today about a mile or two down river from where he was last seen. amber lee is live to tell us how community support is now helping the family cope with this loss. >> reporter: heather, tonight the family tells us they're grateful to those who helped search for the missing 20-year- old and the outpouring of support from the public.
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in the lafayette neighborhood where brett olsen grew up friends and family gathered to comfort each other. his uncle called him a shining star, a dreamer. and his family is focused on celebrating his life. >> it's not a somber, quiet, there's all sorts of emotions and that's the way it should be. >> reporter: the calpoly student went missing one week ago today. he and olson's parents returned to the bay area about 4:00 this afternoon after spending days in the chico area searching for his nephew. >> he went to there, and it's hash tag olson that say rest in piece. >> reporter: news that olson's body had been found spread in social media. >> the outcome wasn't the best, but they found him which is a good thing. >> they were talking about it at the coffee shop and school and the tournaments this weekend. at the gas station, it's just everybody feels for the family
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and feels that he's part of our community. >> reporter: osbourne read a thank you note olson's parents wrote for the community. >> the story is much bigger than the ending. the story is about human compassion, and sharing our journey. >> reporter: a friend created this facebook page let's brett bret home. many have written messageless of condolenceless. relatives have not yet released details for memorial service but say it will be reflective of brett olson's spirit, a young man who loved life. a special service was held in placerville today for volunteers who helped search for a uc davis student lanei lamox. family and friends gathered at the cold creek church in placerville to console one another. after more than two months of searching, the 19-year-old's body was found near the american river on friday.
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authoritys are looking into how she died but say they do not suspect foul play. a celebration of life service is planned for tuesday. a driver killed in a crash on interstate 280 last night was the owner of a popular mexican restaurant. authorities identified the victim as 51-year-old isaac mijea of san bruno who is the owner of don kiko's mention can restaurant. mijea was driving a mercedes near the 380 connector when he ran into a concrete wall. they're looking into whether he suffered a medical emergency before the crash. police say a 30-year-old pittsburgh man stepped off a curb and was hit by a mercedes leading westbound. the pedestrians injuries are not considered life threatening. the driver was not under the influence of alcohol but the pedestrian appeared to be
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drunk. that accident remains under investigation. we're learning more about an accident last night that left a woman dead and another in the hospital. the driver of a pickup truck is under arrest after his truck veered into the sidewalk and ran into the women. >> reporter: walnut creek police shut down two southbound lanes for much of the morning as a team continued to investigate a deadly crash that happened yesterday evening in front of the mariotte hotel. josem subrisi ran on to a sidewalk and hit two women. >> the drivers they're all talking and everybody is -- on our rides down there being super cautious. it made everybody drive safer. there's a huge crash. we were sitting there with the body shop guys, and we're like, somebody just had a wreck out
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there. >> reporter: that's when they figured out the 52-year-old woman wasn't getting out. >> we started running around like pandemonium. they were calling crying and they dialed 911. it was really awful. i could not even look. >> reporter: justin ryan smith walks through this intersection several times daily. he was on his way to dinner just a few minutes after the horrific crash. >> luckily, we had to grab a few things other things -- otherwise we would have been at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: police have not said whether drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash. in walnut creek, lorraine blanco. milpitas police are investigating the shooting death of a 7/11 clerk yesterday. police received a call about an injured employee. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the victim's name has not been released and anyone with
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information on the shooting is asked to call milpitas police. a man accused of helping kidnap a 17-year-old girl and holding her for ransom was arrested last night in vallejo. he was wanted in connection with kidnapping the teenager from her home in nevada back on august 31st. police say the teen is the daughter of sanchez perez former employer and that the kidnappers made ransom demands to the girl's family. police rescued the girl 24 hours after she was kidnapped. the mother of two children who were abducted by their father and held by their father
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at bay are -- we'll show you how the bay area is honoring a fallen chp officer through service to their community. and getting swept off their feet literally. presidential candidates take to the road and the air waves as they announce when they will go head to head. >> and the big name that gave the petaluma little league team a big pizza party.
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a man was rushed to eden medical center in critical condition tonight after a shooting in san leandro. this is new video just into the ktvu newsroom. the victim was shot several times at a home on orchard street that's near williams. it happened just before 8:30 tonight. detectives are interviewing witnesses as well as looking for a motive and there's no word on any arrest. the shooting death last week of a highway patrol officer led to action today. christien kafton shows what volunteers did to help the family of the officer. >> reporter: one by one, people climbed over the fence.
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cleaning and bringing dignity to the spot where officer youngstrom is a way of channeling their grief. >> there's debris, litter like a lot of areas on the freeway and we just thought, you know what it doesn't need to be that way. we took it upon ourselves to come and clean it up. of course put the wreath up there. >> reporter: in fairfield at the jump highway. they are also remembering the highway patrolman killed in the line of duty. >> we're donating all of our net proceeds for the day. everything from the silent auction is going to the family. >> reporter: officer youngstrom lived near by and people here say they are pulling together as a community. >> my daughter goes to school with one of their kids. apparently there's three others that go in the community. so you know, doesn't take a family to raise a child, it takes a community to raise a child. >> reporter: parents here say everyone if they have no connection to the youngstrom family they want to support them the only way they know how. >> we didn't know him personally but we wanted to
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come out and show our support. >> reporter: this is the wreath hung by fallen heros. if you would like a link, we have it on christien kafton, ktvu news. remembers other bay area first responders who have died. coming up in 15 minutes we'll take you to the annual event that this year had added emotion. gas prices are on their way up with the average price nationwide inching up 8-cents. the average price is about $3.84. san francisco has the highest price in the state by $4.24. in san jose a gallon of gas will cost $4.20. it's all about the jobs and
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it's all about the math. >> the president has kept in place a series of policies that have made no progress against unemployment and a shrinking job market. the number of individuals that are in the job market today is at a 30, 40 year low. mitt romney went to the air waves today to campaign then to church with his family. the republican presidential nominee called last week's jobs report troubling saying some of the drop in unemployment is because some people are dropping out of the job market. governor romney and his allies tell us we can somehow lower our deficit by spending trillions of more dollars on new tax breaks for the wealthy. after giving that math lesson on the florida campaign trail. president obama was swept off his feet. he received a gushing greeting
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while visiting in florida. the president is expressing his condolences after a police officer in his florida motorcade was killed in a crash. the palm beach sheriff's office says the officer was setting up the motorcade when he was struck by a pickup truck. so far no charges have been filed against the driver. president obama will make one last pitch here in the bay area. according to the san francisco chronicle. the president will appear at an event in san francisco on october 8th. and he'll need the cash. mitt romney can now tap millions. total tv ad spending for both sides is expected to top a billion dollars. the campaigns have now agreed to four debates. on october 4th in denver, president obama and governor
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romney will debate. then october 11, vice president joe biden and paul ryan will debate in kentucky. a final debate on foreign policy will be happening on october 22nd in florida. breast cancer survivors were among thousands of people who participated in the susan g. komen bay area race for the cure this weekend. the three day breast cancer event wrapped up today along the embarcadero. organizers will not know how many people participated or how many money was raised. far fewer than last year registered but it doesn't account for last minute account sign up. looking for a match. coming up in 14 minutes the community push today to try to help save a young life. this past week 23 state senators sent a letter to u.s. senators barbara boxer and dianne feinstein. asking them to request a comprehensive review of the u.s. anti doping agency.
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the request follows the agency's decision to strip cyclist lance armstrong of his tour de france titles and ban him for life. our coverage of the petaluma national little league team continues. a team that took third place in the little legal world series continues to get a hero's welcome. we show you the giant star that gave them a pizza party. >> awesome. really lucky to have this. really lucky. once in a lifetime. >> reporter: cain hosted a pizza party for them celebrating a remarkable season that ended with petaluma national taking third place in the little league world series. >> it's crazy, we see him on tv all the time and now we're
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sitting and eating pizza with them. >> reporter: cain says sitting down with the team brought back fond memories. >> that was the foundation for all of us. we all started some where. we all started in a backyard some where, playing little league with our buddies. >> reporter: highlights included photos and signed jerseys. >> this is so cool, just for him personally to come out and throw a pizza party is really awesome. >> reporter: his advice to young players. >> mostly have fun, just enjoy it and go out there and have fun and not take it too seriously. >> reporter: after a whopping 32 pizzas the boys were off to pier nine where they were treated to a ride on the water. cara liu. cheerful anticipation among apple enthusiasts as the clock ticks down to the big announcement that the cupertino company is expected to make later this week. a $50,000 a year price tag.
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the key reason it's going to take so much to run the world trade center memorial. coming up at 10:37, the areas that will be in the 40s tomorrow morning. and will 90s return to our local forecast?
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it was clean up day in up state new york after a line of thunderstorms downed trees and power lines. yesterday two tornadoes hit burles in new york city, one hitting breezy point in queens and another hitting canarcy in brooklyn. those twisters caused no major damage. in news of the world, in iraq a day of violence. 21 shootings and bombings left
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29 people dead. in kirkuk several car bombs went off. the bloodiest attack happened in umara where a car bomb outside a mosque killed 16 people. iraqi officials suspect minority sunni participates. the violence came on the same day that iraq's sunni vice president was sentenced to death. ashami denies the charges saying they are politically motivated. he accused the former president in setting the country on a path to a renewal war. a mystery tonight in china. take a look, a section of a river has turned read. the area affected is near the city of quinn. the city has tested for pollutants but hasn't found
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any. pollution is the most likely cause. but add that microorganisms can turn fresh water red due to oxygen deficiencies or that soot can cause color changes. tuesday will mark the anniversary of the september 11 terrorism attacks. each of the fire stations in san francisco will hold a ceremony starting at 6:45 in the morning. san jose will offer a peace picnic at the city center starting at 5:00 p.m. the world trade center memorial not yet finished will come with an expensive price tag. the foundation building it estimates it will cost $60 million a year to operate the memorial. security costs are a big part of the expense. supporters are concerned the memorial will need a federal subsidy. more than 4 million people have visited the memorial since it opened on september 12th last year. for a list of events in the
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bay area to mark the 9/11 anniversary, you can go to and click on the hot topics section. with everything that happened to her, brought it all back to us with our sentence. the recent shooting death of a chp officer is a somber reminder of a loss suffered by many other bay area families. >> it brings tears to my eyes. >> an emotional day for a bay area family. the simple test friends and strangers took today that could save a little boy's life.
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dozens of people gather on the peninsula to remember police officers and other emergency responders who have passed aid way on duty. the bell rang for each of the 72 public safety professionals in san mateo county who lost
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their lives in the line of duty or retired then passed away. frank meryll and his wife came to the ceremony in memory of their son richard who was shot and killed in palo alto in 2006. >> i didn't know anything about this until rich was killed. i haven't missed it since. >> he say it is grieving never ends but when he sees such a show of support, he says it does help ease the pain. the san francisco ethics commission will meet for a final time to discuss suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi. the commission recommended that mirkarimi lose his job permanently after his no contest plea. on tuesday, the commission will review a summery report for the board of supervisors. the board will make a final decision about whether to fire mirkarimi. it's tentively scheduled to take up the matter next week.
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former alameda county supervisor nadia lockyer is due in court tomorrow. she was arrested on child endangerment charges and then released to a rehab center. she was high on meth. she was released after a drug and extramarital scandal. she and her estranged husband are getting divorced. the family of jeremy kahn is hoping for a match that could possibly safe his life. jeremy's aunt says she used to skip bone marrow drives like this but not anymore. >> i restores my faith in humanity that people actually care to come out. >> jeremy is in the hospital recovering from his second
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rounds of chemotherapy. a family friend tells ktvu news he acts just like any other 2- year-old boy, playful and talkative. more and more parents who send their kids to private school are opting out of vaccinations. a recent survey shows a big jump in students not being vaccinized. governor brown is considering whether to sign or veto legislation that would require parents to discuss immunizations with a doctor or school nurse before they opt out. just three days to go for an announcement out of apple that's inspired rumors for months. many expect apple to unveil a long awaited iphone 5 with a larger screen and other changes. but guessing what apple might announce is a little like reading tea leaves. some people believe there are
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clues hiding in the designs of large banners already hanging in the yerba buena center. a snapshot from space. a warm up from the bay area is on its way. ktvu's meteorologist mark tamayo will tell us when we can expect 90-degree temperatures to return to the forecast.
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that is rin tin tiger providing some musical ambience at today's southern streets. cars of course not allowed.
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leaving the streets to pedestrians, bicyclists even some rock climbers. the next and final sunday streets event of the season is set for october 21st. that will be in the outer mission. >> let's check in with our meteorologist mark tamayo to find out about tomorrow and the rest of your workweek. >> lots of sunshine this weekend. already there's a system developing offshore. as we head into monday morning, it might be a problem. no storms out there. lots of clear sky expect some clouds developing out there. kind of expanding coverage in the past two to three hours. as we come in tighter we will take a look at some of our buoys. we have winds gusting to 20 miles per hour. that will help import some of the fog. temperatures inland, matching yesterday's highs basically in
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the low to mid-80s. san jose topped out 74 degrees. forecast headlines for tonight, we do have this. mostly clear skies, patchy morning fog. a little bit warmer and warmer temperatures showing up in the five day forecast. we'll have that coming up in just a little bit. temperatures will continue to drop off rapidly and some 40s definitely bundle up out here. especially in the north bay. napa at 47. the fog definitely coast side and a few patches moving into san francisco bay first thing tomorrow morning. here's the bigger perspective on the satellite with showers and thunderstorms flairing up for san diego and los angeles. we just have the fog to deal with, we're in between these two weather systems and temperatures tomorrow up just a few degrees. so with that we'll break it down by the microclimates. readings in the 60s, around the bay more sunshine. the inland spots on track to reach the mid- to upper 80s in
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a few neighborhoods right about 90 degrees. here we are 7:00 tomorrow morning. the clouds coast side. even a few patches heading into the bay. more fog tomorrow morning than this morning. and then into the afternoon hours increasing sunshine, patchy fog near parts of the coast. this orange contour, this links up to the 80s. warmest locations inland on track to reach the 80s right around 90 degrees. here's a look at the numbers for your monday afternoon. santa rosa 85, livermore 87, san jose 79. san francisco maxes out into the upper 60s and partly cloudy skies. monday night football in oakland with the raiders playing the chargers mostly clear skies and a bit of a breeze out there. temperatures in the lower 60s at kick off. here is a look ahead. a little bit of a drop off on tuesday.
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by friday, warmest locations approaching lower 90s with your weekend always in view. just a minor cooling for saturday and sunday. steve paulson has the latest numbers. nasa scientists are admiring a photograph taken by rover curiosity. the robot used the camera to take this self-portrait. curiosity also took a close up. sports wrap is coming up next.
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good evening everyone and thanks for joining our sunday night edition of sports wrap. the 49ers knew their schedule was a lot tougher than last year. after today's performance in green bay, the niners may be up for the challenge. and if you think jim harbaugh's mellowed out in his second year, think again. you just had a baby boy this week, so take a rest. and mo


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