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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  September 13, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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that was what set me in a tail spin of tear, anger. she's a bay area firefighters battling cancer. her coworkers want to help but city hall won't let them. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. a firefighter just days away from cancer surgery learns that the city of san francisco has denied her coworkers efforts to help out by donating their time off to her. only on 2, amber lee is in the city tonight and tells us why city health officials would
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reject a heartfelt offer of help. amber-- >> reporter: frank the firefighter has been on medical leave from fire station number 26 here in the diamond heights area since june. but in a week she's forced to return to work just days before undergoing surgery for breast cancer. >> precious moments with her 3- year-old daughter keihie is helping rivera cope with a breast cancer diagnosis. she is expected to undergo double mastectomy next week. >> i am scared. i'm a strong, tough woman. and this does scare me. >> reporter: the firefighter says she's out of stick leave and using her savings to support her children. she told me about half the fire department, 700 firefighters offered to give her their sick leave so she would still get
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paid while she was battling cancer. >> this is my doctor's signature. >> reporter: but says she received this letter of denial from the city department of public health. the reason given was quote employee current condition is not life threatening. >> that was the one that sent me over the edge. >> reporter: we contacted the department of public health and a spokeswoman told us she cannot discuss personnel matters. neves rivera says she plans to appeal but in the meantime she will go back to work for a few days before her surgery just to get a small paycheck to help care for her family. >> i don't want anyone to have to go through the feelings, emotionals that i've gone through when you get a letter like this in the mail. it should be an easier process. my biggest fear is leaving my children alone without a mother. >> reporter: neves rivera tells me she intends to win her battle against cancer so she
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can go back to fighting fires and saving lives. amber lee, ktvu. a single sample showing contamination of salmonella sparked a recall. the recalled cantaloupe were sould by dfi huron. if you have a cantaloupe with a huron sticker you should throw it away or return it to the store where you bought it. and the yosemite park has named a fourth case of hantavirus. almost all of those infected stayed in those signature tents
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in curry village. on wall street, stocks soared today after the federal reserved announced aggressive action to speed up economic growth. the dow industrialed gained more than 200 points closing above 13,400 for the first time since the start of the recession. the nasdaq was up 41. fed chairman ben bernanke advised caution saying the moves today will not cure all of our problems. >> while the economy appears to be at a pass of moderate recovery, it isn't growing fast enough to cause significant progress. >> reporter: the fed says it will spent $40 billion a month to buy mortgage bank securities freeing up money to give loanless. he also insisted that presidential politics played no role in the decision. and a house fire started just before 6:00 tonight.
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it created a cloud of smoke that could be seen for miles arnold. eric rasmussen is live to tell us what made this fire so difficult to put out, eric. >> reporter: julie the battalion chief here told me this is one of the toughest house fires they've had in years. this fire burned its way through the house inside the walls. a family with four children lives here and tonight the father told me he's just happy nobody was home. >> reporter: smoke had been pouring out of this million dollar home in the oakland hills for about 45 minutes when owner gary firestone arrived with his children. >> what floor is the fire? this is my house. >> reporter: the firefighters told him the fire started in the basement of the fire. >> i can't even tell you. it might be electrical. >> i saw the black smoke and the plaque smoke is the worse. >> reporter: this home and so
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many others in the area were built on the lots of houses destroyed in the fire storm of 1991. >> i think the fortunate part up here is there's sufficient distance between the houses up here. if you took it down like four or five blocks down, it could have been much worse. >> reporter: yet it was still a tough battle for firefighters trying to put out flames they couldn't see. >> it's made its way into the walls and into the first floor. right now we're just trying to open up spaces to do as little as possible while still makes sure the fire doesn't extend into the second or third floors. >> as far as i'm concerned, my kids are safe. all four of us are safe, all our animals are safe. nothing else matters frankly. >> reporter: we can tell you the fire is out. as a few engine prepare to leave, the fire battalion tells us they will be firefighters
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around all night. and neighbors claim the fast response to having a fire station near by. we timed it and it took 2-1/2 minutes for firefighters to get here. the supervisors will now vote on whether mirkarimi should permanently lose his job. mirkarimi has requested that the vote take place after the november election. but today the ethics commission rejected that request. mirkarimi's job is on the line because of a domestic battery incident involving his wife. a memorial on a sidewalk in walnut creek is serving as a reminder in a fatal accident. people have been dropping off teddy bears and fires outside the scene on main street. 52-year-old sherry hicks was killed after a pickup truck jumped the curb and ran right
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into her. the driver 53-year-old hussaine trepisi was released from jail last night. he has not been charged with any crime although police say that could still happen. thousands of law enforcement officers packed a church in vacaville today to pay their final respect to a highway patrol officer who was killed on the line of duty. kenyon youngstrom was killed when he was shot by a driver. the officer was remembered today as a dedicated hero and loving father of four children. >> reporter: the procession arrived, the salutes were waiting and inside a tribute to one of california's finest. >> and i want you to always remember and be proud of the man your father was. your dad was one of the best. >> reporter: officer youngstrom's casket came home and his family was right by his side. there was his niece. >> to me he was not only my
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uncle. he was my hero and he was a father to me. >> reporter: then his son. >> he really thought me a lot about being a man. you know he thought me a lot about what's forgiveness. >> reporter: alex youngstrom says his dad loved telling stories. and on this day, like father like son, he told himself skwr- tz i'm going to turn the corners at home, because that was always enjoyable. he weighed probably twice as much as i do. >> reporter: and people did laugh as they reflected on youngstrom's vibrant personality. but with the laughter came tears. they found the strength to go on and when he did he talked about the day his beat partner was shot. carlton said his partner was a god fearing man and on that day he stood strong. >> i know you can hear me. i want to thank you from the
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bottom of my heart for always being there for me. and i look forward to seeing you again, brother. >> reporter: partners forever, it's a bond never to be broken. in vacaville, mike mibach. more details now, the law enforcement community is a tight nit one. when one member falls they all share the loss. some of them came from places as faraway as idaho, indiana, even new york. >> we felt it was important to give him an opportunity for us to show our appreciation and their sacrifice and send our sincerest condolences to them. >> reporter: highway patrol officers from all over the area came to contra costa so that colleagues could attend that
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funeral. >> at we posted more video of today's tribute. look for the tab on the home page. cars keep crashing into this bay area backyard. we're asking why the city won't pay for guardrails. >> i'm back here at 10:20, today was pretty much the hottest day we're going the see all week. we'll tell you which cities will still crack the 90-degree mark. see you back here in just a few minutes. >> and toilets suddenly exploding. the problem causing them to explode and the class action lawsuit that has sparked.
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anti american protests are spreading over seas following the attacks that killed three americans. as christien kafton reports, secretary of state hillary clinton condemned the video that sparked if protest and ordered security tightened at u.s. embassies worldwide. >> reporter: protesters in north africa and the middle east targeted the u.s. embassies throughout the day angry about the anti islam video. in yemen protesters tried to break down the gate. in iraq a large crowd of protesters marched through the streets. in libya, officials announced that four arrests were made in connection with a rocket attack and fire that killed chris stevens and three others in the
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consulate. at stevens alma mater, a panel talked about the work he did in libya. >> he was in the street among the people, connecting and showing what a good american is. >> reporter: despite the tragedy of ambassador steven's death. today it does not necessarily mean a halt to the progress of democracy in libya. >> i think that this does not necessarily bode poorly for democracy in libya. there certainly means there's terrorists but we've experienced terrorism in our own soil as well. >> reporter: christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on the three other americans who died at the american consulate in bengazi. they were 34-year-old sean smith a foreign service information officer who was
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playing his favorite game eve online right before the attack. 42-year-old glen doherty was a former navy seal. his ex-wife said he loved being a seal more than life itself. and tyronewoods was 31, also a seal and decorated veteran. coming up in eight minutes new details about the four hour attack and what those who knew stevens are saying about his work. the opening of a chick-fil- a restaurant in walnut creek and a planned protest have both been delayed now for a second time. the controversial chain now plans to open a restaurant on north main street on october 25th. the date had already been moved from september to october 11th. chick-fil-a president angered the game community when he spoke against gay marriage and that's why a peaceful protest is planned when the restaurant
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finally does open. so far 600 people have notified they will attend. the company that says, wherever you go is moving out of san francisco. visa got it start at bank americard. the move is part of a long term plan. green volts said it was medially suspending manufacturing and sales. a major investor suddenly pulled out. the company laid off 60 of its 80 employees. one of the nation's largest home builder has plans for new houses. holti home of michigan wants to build a 73 home development in orinda. the homes will be just north of
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highway 24. halti says they hope the homes will be available next year. about 30 protesters gathered outside the event, they were hoping to greet governor brown but he didn't make it. demonstrators say they are angry about budget cuts to social service programs. >> somebody who helped the beginnings of this movement and now he has very grossly betrayed us. >> reporter: a representative with the organization said the protesters frustrations are justified adding that budget cuts have been devastating to the center over the last few years. the emotional debate over how to resurrect berkeley iceland is finally over. the berkeley city council has voted unanimously to allow the sports basement company to take over the building and renovate it into a new store. iceland closed back in 2007 and since then it has been covered with graffiti.
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the rink has a long history hosting three national ice skating championships. a fremont homeowner calls it a frightening experience that's becoming all too familiar. a vehicle smashed through his backyard fence overnight and he says it's not the first time. ktvu's alex sadvige explains why the city of fremont has already done what it can. >> reporter: a wrecked car taoetings on the edge of this backyard pool. this scene was deja vu for the homeowner. leon gohene -- a wrecked car teetering on the edge of this backyard pool. this has happened eight different times over the past 10 years despite signs warning drivers on grimer boulevard to slow down. >> what you have in place now is insufficient. >> reporter: several of his neighbors have also had cars
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end up in their yards. >> it's consistent and, i mean i didn't say anything about the city but they haven't addressed the issue. >> reporter: godene thinks the city should install guardrails on this section of the sidewalk. >> any of the cars that would leave the road would hit the grate. they would be pushed back into the road and not enter our property. lives would be saved. >> reporter: sidewalk barriers would do more harm than good causing more serious injuries to drivers. in last night's crash, police tell me the driver likely was racing, one witness put him at 80 miles per hour before the crash. the city says it can't necessarily account for that kind of reckless driving. >> the driver who crashed here last night remains in the hospital with life threatening injuries. meantime the homeowner tells me he plans to pass around a petition to his neighbors pushing for some kind of a barrier along their back fences. anything to keep more cars from
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crashing into their yards. alex sadvidge, ktvu news. in antioch police are advising parents to talk to their children after a man may have tried to convince a teenage girl to get into his car. police say they are investigating the incident and have talked to the man but no arrests have been made thus far. it happened tuesday afternoon in front of deer valley high school in loan tree way. police are asking parents to remind their kids to be more aware of their surroundings. these are the high temperatures today. today ended up being the hottest day of the week. 93 in antioch with 76 in redwood city. temperatures for your friday will come down a couple of degrees. i think you will see mostly lower 90s those inland bay valleys. the fog is at the coast again tonight. tomorrow morning about 80, look where it is. we don't have this big intrusion into the inland bay valleys like we did this morning or yesterday morning. we will see a little quicker
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burn off. a little more sunshine. despite that daytime highs tomorrow are going to be cooler. back here at 10:45, your bay area weekend, we'll have it all dialed in for you. the federal and foundation grant money will be distributed over the next five years to help stabilize families who are struggling with expensive housing and other issues. the funds will pay for things such as housing support, employment counseling, substance abuse and mental health. about 160 families will benefit. they were trapped by a growing fire. new details next about the attack that killed a u.s. ambassador from the bay area. >> and millions of the toilets in danger of exploding. in eight minutes ktvu investigating why a recall has prompted a lawsuit. science ter helped us build it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron, and i get to help science teachers.
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there are new details tonight ability -- about the four hour attack in libya that led to the death of christopher stevens and three other americans. jana katsuyama is in our newsroom now, she spoke with a man from oakland who was on the ground last year and saw stevens in action during the overthrow of the gadhafi regime. jana. >> reporter: today a member of congress said that the attack was a targeted military style planned and those who knew ambassador stevens said he had deep ties to bengazi and are not surprised he was there -- benghazi and are not surprised he was there. information specialist sean smith and regional security guard were caught in a safe room when a fire possibly started by a rocket propelled cannon trapped them.
10:25 pm
stevens was taken to the hospital and hours later his body was taken to the consulate airport. >> the attack in libya appears to be a very coordinated military style attack. this was not a demonstration gone bad. this was a clear targeted event. >> reporter: u.s. officials and top libyan leader said today it is still unclear who is behind the attack and that if the protest behind a film was just a cover. he was the u.s. representative to the new national council in benghazi during the ends of the gadhafi regime. >> it was his job to find out who these rebels were, who they
10:26 pm
respected and how he could respect the u.s. in dealing with them. >> reporter: friends of stevens are planning a memorial in honor of stevens. more details are emerging about the man who made the inflammatory film. he's identified as nakoula basseley nakoula. currently on probation for bank fraud charges. he was also convicted in 2007 of drug chargings. he claims he is a cocktic christian but that church deflames the his work. as for the reaction like this protest in cairo on tuesday. clinton emphasized there is no
10:27 pm
justification for responding to the film with rage. and she condemned the violence in the strongest of terms. the food and drug administration issued an alert of getting skin burns from skin cream. regular toys say too -- regulators say too much of that cream could lead to skin burns. but that it is rare. a northern california man dies from west nile virus. >> ktvu investigates the recall of millions of the toilets. why some say the recall has as many problems as the toilet itself. >> the cost of amazon about to go up. the change happening this week that will increase prices online and the rush to buy big ticket items before that happens.
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a warning tonight about millions of the toilets in danger of exploding. one company says they can shatter when their pressurized tanks fall apart. but as ktvu consumer editor tom vacar shows us, a recall to fix that problem may come with its own problems. >> reporter: there are millions of the toilets with this high pressure unit across america. emily williams became suspicious when she got a card in the mail strongly advising her to get a free repair kit for her toilet, no information why. >> that information was not given to me. i got this information off the internet myself. >> reporter: when she learned from the internet that her toilet was a potential bomb. the center of do it yourself fix it kit. >> i have the repair kit.
10:31 pm
i haven't done anything with it yet because i'm not physically able to do it. >> reporter: and as i learned, without clear directions, the do it yourself kit is difficult if not impossible to install. >> i don't see why i should pay a plumber to do something that's basically their product is faulty. >> have you ever installed one of these kits. >> yes. >> how tough is it for a professional let alone a neophyte? >> they're a pain. >> put the screw in here to screw it down. >> reporter: many owners must pay a plumber to install it. >> based on a month's service call between $100 to $150. >> reporter: the safety commission recently recalled 2.3 million pressured toilets, because several had blew up.
10:32 pm
the brands in committee incruise american standards, crane, kholer. the units were manufactured from 1997 to 2008. for example this unit was manufactured on 09-09-05 meaning september 9, 2005. but the repair kits do nothing to alleviate another problem. leaking tanks. >> there are no repair kits. >> what do you mean by that. >> they're an explosion mitigation to me. they don't replace any leaks. >> the leak is not repaired. flush mate says leaks are not a part of the recall. >> so cost wise, if you have a leaky tank, it's actually cheaper to put in a new toilet.
10:33 pm
>> the recall is in our judgment pleatly inadequate. >> reporter: class action attorney has filed a class action. >> there's a tremendous and instantaneous release of pressure that blows the two pieces apart. this repair kit is not designed to fix the defect. this is a collateral damage kit. >> once you know about this, something happens the liability is now yours. >> the manufacturer is saying you can no longer use the product. and we are requiring that you repair it. and you assume the burden of the cost of that repair. >> reporter: so if you keep using the toilet without the kit or if you install it incorrectly you could be responsible. >> they know they have a faulty product. they should take care of it. >> reporter: flush mate has no comment on the lawsuit. authorities in placer county are reporting a death from west nile virus. this is a photo of 74-year-old
10:34 pm
howard stoles who volunteered with the sheriff's canine unit. stoles is the fifth person in california this year to die from west nile. those who knew stoles says his death is a real blow to the community. >> he had such a servants heart. he made it look as if it was just the most natural thing on the face of the earth. >> according to the sacramento bee, stoles died last weekend after being hospitalized with incefilitis that was brought on by west nile. contra costa will be spraying. the agency also says there is no future spraying planned. turning now to the race for the white house where libya and the protest in the middle east
10:35 pm
are dominating the debate. republican nominee mitt romney toned down his are remarks about president obama today. but kept up other criticism. each man tried to portray himself as the right leader for difficult timeless. >> as we watch the world today, sometimes it seems that we're at the mercy of events instead of shaping events. and a strong america is important to shape events. >> i want people around the world to hear me to all those who would do it harm, no act of terror will go unpunished. >> the president and mitt romney are scheduled to debate foreign policy on october 22nd. two weeks before the election. and the new cnn poll asked register voters if they are better off now than four years ago. 44% said they are worse off and 37% said their financial situation is better now. a majority of those surveyed believe next year will be better. as for responsibility, 57% blame the policies of former
10:36 pm
president bush. and 35% blame president obama. new details tonight on the death of elderly twin sisters who were found inside their home in south lake tahoe back in february. the el dorado sheriff's department released the time line of the deaths of 73-year- old patricia miller and her sister joan. they say that patricia died first of coronary artery disease. authorities say patricia was joan's caretaker and that after her death, joan was alone to fend for herself. they say that she died about a month later from hypertherm -- hyperthermia when her bills were not paid and her heat was turned off. and i'm back here in just a couple of minutes fog is back at the coast. temperatures are going to trend down a little bit. your weekend is right around the corner. i'll tell you which day will be the warmest and when we can
10:37 pm
expect changes. >> and the local landmark that is featured in a video that has gone viral. man: there's a cattle guard, take a right. do you have any idea where you're going ? wherever the wind takes me. this is so off course. nature can surprise you sometimes... next time, you drive. next time, signal your turn. ...that's why we got a subaru. love wherever the road takes you.
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stanford police are warning about a series of sexual assaults. a female student says she was attacked yesterday as she walked down the sidewalk by mansanita field. the attack followed two incidents. police tripe the man as a hispanic male between his 20s and 30s. he's about 5'5" tall. the search for sierra lamar is being scaled back. the class kids foundation says it will no longer conduct the wednesday searches but the group will continue to hold the volunteer searches on saturday. organizers will focus on
10:40 pm
locations that still need to be searched. torrez has been charged with her murder even though her body has never been found. a new envoy arrived in demascus. areas of alepo and demascus are now besieged by fighting. in poland, customs officials seized cases of bootleg alcohol that might be linked to the deaths of 19 people in the past two weeks. the hard liquor came from the czech republic and had labeled that resembled those of popular brands. the alcohol contained methanol that can cause death or serious injuries. and in mexico, police paraded one of the country's most wanted drug traffickers before cameras today. jorge eduardo castilla is believed to be head of the gulf
10:41 pm
cartel. it controls drug routs. castilla used to be a police officer. a seven hour police stand off in west oakland ended this afternoon with a suspected burglar still on the lose. police responded to an alarm and several calls of an armed burglar entering several homes. the residents were not home at the time. detectives tried to make contact with the burglar but failed. a s.w.a.t. team eventually entered the home about 3:00 this afternoon but came out empty-handed. contra costa county authorities arrested a man from davis today after a carjacking in orinda. sheriff deputies say mark dilley knocked the woman down and took her honda civic. they say he then crashed her car and took off running as the car burst into flames. a lafayette police officer found him near by.
10:42 pm
dilley was arrested for carjacking, car theft, a suspended license and suspension violation. a video goes viral with 2 million views on you tube. >> the clock is ticking, how people plan to save money on big purchases from and our chief meteorologist bill martin working on the complete bay area forecast. he's looking at the weekend and will tell us how warm it's going to get.
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this saturday online retailer amazon is going to start doing something it's been resisting for years. it will start charging sales tax to california customers. ktvu's maureen naylor is live now where she talked to customers who are planning to make some big purchases in the next 24 hours. >> reporter: up until now online retailers for the most part have avoided charging sales tax you find at the
10:45 pm
bottom of your receipts but that's all about to change. it's the largest retailer. >> my friend suggested purchasing through amazon because there's no sales tax. i thought i better hurry up and make that purchase. >> reporter: california estimates it loses $1.2 million a year in on sale purchases. but starting saturday california shoppers will have to pay between 7.25 and 9.25% depending on the city. >> the state of california is in dire straits and i do think it's probably the best thing for consumers to actually pay the sales tax. >> reporter: with a motorcycle as her only mode of transportation, this native says paying sales tax won't trump the convenience. >> i live in a remote area so
10:46 pm
having stuff delivered to my house is very handy. >> a lot of customers like to touch stuff, try it on. and have an opinion from somebody else in the store. >> reporter: yet tech analyst believes amazon will come out of this change stronger. >> they're going to strengthen the distribution centers and go into much more heavy competition with a localized stores and retailers. >> reporter: and enderly anticipates a retail war brewing between amazon and wal- mart. a locally produced music video boy it is getting some serious attention. >> ♪ >> reporter: the video is called dream music part ii it was created by mark donahugh
10:47 pm
and sean michael. it features video from all over the bay area including san francisco, santana row and the santa cruz boardwalk. the team has even attracted interest from ashton cutcher. well rookie sports bar held a fundraiser. the group saved oakland sports held it first event. former raider and 49er simmons made an appearance. the goal is to convince the teams from leaving the city. money raised will go toward stadium construction and projects. the nation said goodbye today to neil armstrong. a public memorial was held today. his crew members along with several other astronauts all came today. the last man to walk on the moon called armstrong a humble
10:48 pm
man. >> you have left us far too soon, but we want you to know we do cherish the time we have had and shared together. >> as the sermon finished, a pianist sang fly me to the moon. and we've got a little bit of fog at the coast right now. some wind trying to push that fog into the inland bay valleys. we go into the pittsburgh. we have winds gusting to the west at 16. it's not huge but breezy out there. those winds will try to get the cool air. it will do that, i don't think we'll see a lot of fog, i think we will see marine air. i don't think it's going to
10:49 pm
push much further inland tonight. maybe not even as far as last night. the overnight lows tonight will be as high as they were the last nights. this whole week has been the same. we've talked about each night. tomorrow is going to be a lot like today just a lot warmer, a lot cooler. this week has been flat lined. it was the warmest day of the week. temperatures tomorrow are still kind of flat line. that's the way it goes into the bay area weekend. fog tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. the model says it doesn't have a huge input into the bay. although the models have not been doing that good this week either i have to tell you that. i would not be surprised if we see fog shooting in that's about it. your friday looks like a really nice day. it remained cool along the coast like it has all week.
10:50 pm
there's high pressure and low pressure here fighting. and it's keeping the heat right there in the valley. this low pressure is keeping the cool here and we're right in the slot in between. that's why the forecast, say we had 97 inland, and 58 degrees degrees right along the coast. that's why because the high pressure is balancing out the low. temperatures will get into the low 60s, upper 70s and low 80s. and maybe a low 90s in a couple of the inland bay valleys. 70 in richmond, so a nice day for your friday. 92 in antioch, 93 in brentwood, 93 in livermore. and 80 down there and it's 62 in pacifica. i swear i say it every friday but this week flew by. >> tomorrow is friday. >> five day forecast for your bay area weekend in view. nice weekend. i said this last night but september is a really neat month for weather and you're seeing it right now. look at next week it looks
10:51 pm
great too. not too hot. not too cold. literally just right. >> that weekend looks fantastic. >> thank you, bill. a new study confirms that job stress is bad for your heart. the researchers say the risk of heart disease increases 25% for those who experience stress at work. and a majority of americans say they do feel stress on the job. the research was published in the journal of neurology. a new ranking of california's top public universities plus the a's streak on the line. sports director mark ibanez is coming up.
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10:54 pm
uc regents met today in closed sessions to approve settlements stems from this incident. how much the university will play the 21 people who brought claims has not been made public. and the settlement still needs approval of a federal judge. uc berkeley tops a new list of the best public universities in the country according to us news and world report. cal ranked just ahead of ucla which came in second. uc davis made it to the eighth position followed by uc san diego and uc santa barbara. three other uc campuses made it
10:55 pm
farther down on the list of 114 universities. mark ibanez joins us now. the giants are moving a little closer to their goal. >> yeah, i tell you what it gets better every night for the giants i'm sure giant fans getting a kick out of it. everyone when they don't play, very tempting to say the dodgers are done. mathematically they have a chance. realistically, they look like dogs. down in l.a. game deciding hit right here. alan craig a cal allum. breaking a 1-1 tie. l.a.2-1/2 back and not looking good in the process. the way the a's are going lately. losing games just a quick shrug of the shoulders and move on. and much closer game than the score would indicate. however with the 12 game road win streak ending, this might
10:56 pm
have been the biggest play. cespedes strained his wrist. no report on how bad it is. it was 0-0 until torre hunter was 2-2 in the inning. anderson with a solo shot later in the inning, alberto callespo with a two run single to left. 6-0 the final. they get ready for a big week in oakland. the joint will be jumping. 49ers home opener, nationally televised against the highly regarded detroit lions a team that barely eked out a win. quarterback matt stafford threw three interceptions. remember they stacked him three times in the last season against detroit. >> make no mistake about it. this is a good defense. they are good. they've got play makers on every level.
10:57 pm
you know the front four or whatever you want to call them. three, four, five, however many they got up there. line backers are really good players and play makers. we have our work cut out for us. >> thursday night football, packers roll over the bears. they set up for another field goal, the holder mustang flipped it to crabtree with the trickery. 10-0, the touchdown and the on to the fourth quarter. aaron rogers didn't exactly light it up tonight. this is his only touchdown pass of the evening. donald driver taking care of it. rogers 22 of 32. 219yards and that touchdown 23- 10 the pack over the bearless. that's the sporting life for a thursday night. >> i like that post-traumatic niners. a good one. >> thank you, mark. and thank you for trusting ktvu news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> ktvu morning begins at 4:30 in the morning. and they'll be monitoring
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developments in the middle east and tracking your morning commute. we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu.
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