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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  September 18, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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traffic looks good as you get to the peninsular. let's go to pam. a firefighter was i can a firefighter was taken to the hospital after a business was damaged overnight. allie rasmus is there at the scene on east 14th with more on how this firefighter was injured, good morning raleigh. >> reporter: it started on east 14th street and that back door area is where the firefighters are where they have a flashlight and they are still checking out some of the damage. in that area there was a lot of heavy smoke and they sent several firefighters onto the roof to release the smoke so ground crews can go inside.
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one of the firefighter cut himself with a circular saw. it was a serious cut but they think he will be okay. meanwhile they continue to fight the two-alarm fire and they are trying to keep the smoke and fire from spreading to the rest of the restaurant. >> the guys actually did a great job in knocking down the roof relatively quickly. >> reporter: now i spoke briefly to one of the managers of the grill, he said this restaurant has been here for seven years and they have no idea how the fire started. you can see somebody is still going through the back storage room and that's because of that fire that they are now under investigation, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 morning news. also, this new play
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structure in antioch was destroyed. they found the structure fully engulfed in flames. firefighters are suspicious. it comes after a handful on friday and they say the fires were set by transients in the area. developing news in san francisco where a group of protesters remain camped out and tara moriarty is where police are preparing to move in, tara? >> reporter: there are patrol cars lined up for at least a block and behind me you can see there are protesters here and about two or three dozen people have been camped out overnight. dozens have pitched here until last year and lived here until police kicked them out and now
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it remains to be seen how long this time. as some of these protesters returned which marked the one year anniversary movement. they cried democracy over debt, student loans need to go and housing needs to be more affordable. >> they went up 30% in my neighborhood. how can you survive on that because wages have not gone up. >> reporter: many protesters being knowledge it has been few but it does not mean they have not been working at the grassroots level trying to undo the under injustices they have perceived. as you can see there are not too many folks compared to last year when the entire plaza was
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just a sea of tents. we will let you know when, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. the search for a missing firefighter will continue in lincoln nebraska. last night in nebraska somebody received a tip that somebody fit the description of charlie dowd. he went to montreal to see his son and grandchildren. he disappeared between denver and chicago. amtrak found his bag and cell phone and medication on the train in chicago. the city of san hoe are launching a new announcement. moore a 27 year veteran wants to spend more time with his
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family. it has throat an exidos of police officers. >> the frustration is when you are caught in the middle after it. >> well it's not the right time for me... >> moore took over 18 months ago and hits last day on the -- his last day on the job will be september 23rd. the bomber drove a bar packed with explosives into a group of aviation workers at kabul airport. the bomber was a young woman and the bombing was in response to a film that marked protest across the middle east. now an actor regrets his decision. >> if it was a film that never
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had been heard of, i would have said okay... >> reporter: he got the part after answering a casting call for zalman. four americans including chris stevens died in response to that film. this morning al qaeda's branch in north africa is praising the killing of chris stevens and is calling for more diplomats. they lit candles and notes of condolences to stevens family. most who didn't know about his death were with affected by his sacrifice. >> it struck me in a way that i
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am so feeling. >> i didn't know a lot about him i am hoping to learn more about him. >> a long time friend teacher and leader who brought out the best in people. >> time now 4:36, let's check out sal. >> we are off to a nice start, it is a nice looking drive with no major problems and actually the whole thing looks good if you are drive together mcarthur maze. also the morning commute looks good if you are driving into san francisco and right now the traffic look good all the way into the city. and if you are driving north to san jose, that traffic does look good >> >> some people inland are saying steve where is the warmer weather and the coast,
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it looks like you are locked in with that fog. if santa cruz does not break 70, it tells you nobody else is. that temperature will continue to drop. i still can't find a north or northeast wind and it is only 52 there now and they were 62 yesterday. santa rosa napa, they had 29 miles per hour out of the southwest. most locations are in cop cord, it is common because you have -- concord, it is common because you have the low clouds. highs today, 50s 60s and 70s and very low #0 dollars here. -- low 80s here today.
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and it will continue to control our weather until friday. it high blood pressure breezy in the debt it. 50s and 60s and 70s and i will tell you our temperature trend is to come down to wednesday, a slight warmup, not a biggy but then a cooler pattern on sunday and monday. some are surprised about the gender of the community -- but now one community can honor them. why mitt romney wants the entire video released.
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. good morning, strong gust of breeze, coast might get a little bit of sun but it's not very warm, 50s and 60s. in elections, mitt romney tells wealthy campaign donors that americans are victims who need government support. >> they believe they are victims and they believe the government has the responsibility to take care of them... >> mitt romney also said his job is not to worry about those people and he will never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives. it was taken at a fundraising dinner and his comments were taken off the cuff. >> we have a society driven by
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free people pursuing their dreams. >> the obama campaign responded by saying, it is hard to act as president when you have disdain fully written off half of the nation. >> he took a chance to go after mitt romney... >> we can don't move, vote. >> he announced a new trade complaint with china over automotive exports. and now trustees will vote on a tuition increase that would kick in if voters reject it in november. they will vote today with the full board expected to vote on the plan. if approved tuition would go up 5% but only if proposition 30
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fails. they would pay an additional $550 per semester. dennis is taking a musical a approach to pay day scams. [ music ] >> it is a parody of the summer hit call me maybe. >> it is also a reminder of an up and coming scam, if anybody has been affected by loans across the state they have awhile to pay the claim. >> some of them were illegal in california so we filed a civil lawsuit against them. >> the settlement or the loan companies have to pay $7.5 million. victims could be there for a
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refund. 4:45 is the time a lot of people have played out that song. >> yes, i think i hear that song every half hour on the radio. >> at least. >> let's look at the commute, traffic is doing well to start off our morning drive, looking at interstate 0 from vallejo -- 08 from vallejo, -- 80 from vallejo, now i can see clear up to richmond from this shot. it means it might not be a problem driving to the oakland area. the morning commute looks good with no problems on the bridge and if you are driving northbound in san jose traffic, traffic does look good right through downtown. even sacramento failed to hit 90-degrees and it ushered
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in -- well for september, you think maybe mother nature thinks it is july but it continues to be a big fog bank, very cool, we are getting down there across the board but it is all the way out to the delta west 13 at fso and most locations are reporting cloudy skies. the forecast, you can see 70s bunch -- punching into the delta. a couple of forecast things going on. handling the details, that has ramped up our fog. it is kind of a blocking pattern. windy and the usual suspects all the way out to the delta, foggy on the coast and they get a little bit of sun. not a lot but a little bit.
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little bit, that is a soft 70 by the way. we could see a bum of -- bump up as the low settles on us by sunday pam. >> they are talking about the response of a fatal shooting for an 81-year-old student. he pointed a gun before an officer shot him but his family members say he was unarmed. they plan to address city council members about what they say is a coverup. kinkaid's girlfriend will have to pay a high rent to stay in the mansion. she agreed to pay $11,000 a month to rent the home. she claims kinkaid left her artwork and his home in a
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series of handwritten notes. she was to take out everything until somebody else moves in. teachers' strikes could be coming to an end as they will decide to meet their latest offer a vote on the actual contract will come later. >> it is extremely disappointing to be in classrooms because that is where they need to be and every day we lose ground that they are not there. >> the largest school district kept 350,000 students and teachers have been out of class. if the berkeley pride day works, it will be worked on october 23rd. he said people who are by
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sexual -- deserve acceptance and they deserve support. it is right on top of the space kennedy center and that's because the flight to its new home has been delayed along the route from florida. if everything goes as planned, we will make a low passover in mountain view sometime between 8:00 and 9:00 on friday. a man left behind a stash of gold in his house. he left behind so much gold they needed a wheelbarrow to get it out. the man died of heart problems and only had $200 in the bank.
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the gold will likely go to his cousin who is a teacher in san rafael. the ruling came document, what a french court is now ordering them to do after they published pictures of the dutches kate middleton. now they can bring hundreds of jobs to dixon, stay tuned for more.
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. welcome back, an experienced skydiver got hurt after risking a maneuver known as scooping. he may have misjudged how high he was when he attempted the risky landing move. he scooped towards the ground before leveling off. brown had 20 years of experience. a french court has blocked further photos of kate middleton and ordered the magazine to hand over all copies. under this morning's ruling they cannot publish any nor photos. now the ruling only affects the
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french publisher. and an irish tabloid have also published those pictures. it can now become the new home of a movie studio. they want to build a 300-acre studio in the town of dixon. they are now best known for farming and ranching. that small town feeling is what makes dixon so appealing. >> you go to los angeles and it is congested and they are backed up and booked. >> if it is approved, there will be 800 construction jobs and 800 permanent jobs once the studio is open. nice. let's go to sal for a look at traffic, sal? pardon, traffic is doing relatively well for this time of morning but it is not a huge
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deal so far. let's look at the roads and you can see traffic here is looking pretty good on the interstate 880 freeway -- i have the east shore on my mind but right now 880 traffic looks nice and driving northbound on the right- hand side of your screen it does look good and construction work is not an issue. traffic does look good heading west all the way to the mcarthur maze, heading light at the bay bridge toll plaza and bay bridge is looking good for drivers. heading through san mateo and redwood city, 280 is in good shape to san jose and mountain view areas. 4:55 let's go to steve. it will continue as temperatures well inland continue to drop by the coast, 50s and 60s and also you are
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out there locationwise, some of us are out there. 70s inland mostly and a couple of lower 80s, fog sun around the bay lots of fog on the coast even some upper 50s, low 50s to upper 50s and between 50 and 55 and moffett tends stay warmer but -- tends to stay warmer but they havisherred -- urnerred -- ushered in cooler air. 50s and 60s for most, this cool air will hang around and it will control our weather. windy, delta, foggy on the coast. temperatures are hard pressed to warm up, oakland, same around the bay, and now inland lots of upper 70s, morgan hill to -- morgan hill to gilroy, it does look a little warmer
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inland rather significant cool down comes back sunday and monday, pam. two flights including one from san francisco were stopped after a color claimed explosives and hijackers were on board. and a thin air flight from finland landed and were taken to an isolated area and searched. nothing was found. both pilots told investigators nothing suspicious had happened during the flights. the campus is back opened but that is only after a bomb threat led to an investigation. the threat was called in and all students and staff were searched by police and bomb- sniffing dogs. no explosives were found. three other universities were called about phony bomb threats and they are not sure if any of
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these calls are related. police need your help in tracking down a very dangerous man. the attack that led to a community alert. battling an east bay fire in an east bay restaurant, we will have a live update from the scene coming up next.
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