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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 19, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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i'm beth troutman. welcome to another all new edition of "right this minute." that means great videos and the stories behind them starting right now. a driver rolled up behind two cyclists and -- >> continues to honk the horn. >> i have no idea what this guy is doing. >> what's behind the scary encounter with an angry road hog and why cops want to track this guy down. it starts as a breezy day and
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then the wind starts to pick up. how it went to hail in a hand basket in seconds. >> you can't see anything. texting is blamed for -- >> 100,000 accidents a year. >> see the new way to drive home the danger. and some tubers take a big wave. >> he's in a kung fu movie. >> a tubing trip turns into a flying lesson. i have a feeling this video will get on your nerves really fast. watch this, two guys are out for a bike ride in boulder county, colorado. sunday morning bike ride supposed to be relaxes when this happened. an suv pulls up, refuses to pass these guys, and just very annoyingly continues to honk the
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horn. >> i have no idea what this guy is doing. i'm riding right over the white line. >> according to him he backed up traffic behind him, they had to cross over a yellow line to get by. colorado state patrol identified this guy using the cense pl they are tryingo him down. he will receive some sort of citation when they do. because nobody got hurt, they can't extend these charges into something like a felony. >> he can obviously see they had no room to maneuver. he had plenty of time to go around himself. it takes a few seconds to slow down, wait for the cars to pass, go around and keep going. >> wow. >> this guy needs to get a life. >> he's clearly seeing these guys record him. does he not remember there's a license plate in front. >> what this guy is doing is extremely dangerous, not only to
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himself, the bikers but the other motorists behind him but then have to pass on a double yellow line. >> it was a nice sunday bike ride for me. >> you're about to witness mother nature in all her fury. this video was shot in new berlin by a guy named steve pollack. as the video begins it looks like a breezy day, then the wind starts to pick up. you can see the flag waving in the air, the trees blowing over, some like like they are about to bend. the winds pick up. the rains coming in parallel to the ground. then you start seeing hail come in. according to steve, the hail was about the size of a nickel. you can barely see the building across the parking lot. you can't see anything. just moments earlier it seemed like a clear, breezy day. >> what's visibility like, three feet. >> almost like a whiteout.
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looked like a snowstorm. this is rain. >> according to steve, he believes of this a microburst, which is a weather phenomenon that will have winds as damaging as a tornado. >> like mother nature blowing out a birthday cake candle. >> she's so old she's angry. >> moments later, almost as quickly as it's in, it's over. >> there was a severe weather warning in the area but for wind not hail. >> that was pretty cool. >> remember that story i shared with you guys yesterday about the guy in hollywood who claims that the meter maids gave him a ticket before his meter expired? we were red hot mad about that. we have an update from the l.a. department of transportation. remind you what the guy said happened. >> i'm get a ticket right now. but as you can see, six minutes left -- five minutes left on the card. >> he's claiming he had five minutes left but the meter made was giving him a ticket.
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l.a. dot says this is what happened. they have documentations. we're going by what the smart meter said. at 2:59 they used a credit card to pay the meter for an hour. 3:59 it expired. 4:02 somebody put a dime in so they wouldn't get a ticket. the citation was issued at 4:02. in l.a. you put in your dollar, all you get is an hour. the meter knows if you've been there over an hour. what happens is once the hour is up the meter is notified, go do something. he wasn't ticked until three minutes after his meter expired. we talked to this guy who posted this video. he's saying he did not put a dime in the meter. he posted an update, quote, fyi, i paid the bill, $63 plus $2 processing fee. i have a feeling no matter how much i fight this, the lapd will win. >> i didn't realize how smart these smart meters were.
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when the clock is up, they are on you. no grace period, no hoping the meter made is down the street. >> meter expired, $63. >> in rush hour we know there will probablien abbey an accident and it will likely be on a dash-cam camera. look at this guy driving down the road. look up ahead at what he captured. an obvious head-on collision between these two cars. then as the driver keeps going, you see there's a third car involved. reportedly he did cross the line and hit head on a hyundai and bmw. you clearly see how damaged this hyundai was. according to reports, four people were injured and taken to the hospital. unfortunately one of the victims in this accident did end up dying at the hospital later. i've got another point of view camera. this one from a motorcyclist. you see him clipping along pretty good in the right-hand
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lane. up ahead a silver suv changes lanes in front of him. he thinks, well, i'll go into the left lane. just when he thought he could go to the left and go into a clear lane, that lane was also blocking. he runs right into the back of that silver suv. no reports on his condition. since we have a russian dash-cam theme going, i have a video that will lighten the mood a little bit. check out this tractor driving in front of a car with a dash-cam. the car's dash-cam getting closer to the tractor. >> whoa. >> giant tractor wheel falls off mid spin, down the road. old mcdonald's hits the car behind him with the dash-cam. >> did he hit him? >> you can clearly hear him impact the back of the car. >> look out the back there, giant chainsaw massacre. >> you don't want it crashing down at any given moment. a long run with a lot more 5k of inspiration because of
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this guy. >> what do you notice there? >> he's in full gear, even carrying the oxygen tank on his back. >> one firefighter's running salute to another next. and this guy pulled a gun on the clerk and delivers a message. >> so what did he say when he walked up to the clerk. >> see why this guy said
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this next video might just inspire you guys to do some good. this is video from the annual kentucky fallen firefighters memorial 5k run. take a look at one of the participants. yes. what do you notice there? >> he's in full gear, even carrying the oxygen tank on his back. that's like 80 pounds of gear. >> it's 65 pounds of gear. he's a firefighter from frankfurt, kentucky. he's doing it to honor kentucky
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firefighters who died in the line of duty. look at the people behind him. you know he's not dogging it. he raised $500 under the idea he could complete this 5k, a little over three miles, in less than 30 minutes, which isn't easy. >> at the halfway point you are right at 14 and change. you'll make it, just got to kick it at the end. >> the cool part is the end here, the final leg of this 5k. >> 22 seconds. look at that. yeah! >> that's so cool. >> he finished in 29:45, 15 seconds under the time he wanted of 30:00. as you can imagine, once he finished this race just completely worn out. >> that last kick was killer. >> what a great accomplishment for him, the symbolism behind it and what amazing support it
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means to all firefighters. not just there but everywhere. >> steven, yesterday you brought us a story about the sheep rescue. >> yes. >> in iceland. >> they were pulling live sheep out of 10 feet of snow. >> a crazy snowstorm. i found this video, thought you would really enjoy this, given you were so into that story yesterday. >> care a lot about sheep. >> i know you do. >> the rescue group, they rescued hundreds of sheep from this particular snowstorm. apparently all the sheep couldn't fit in the rescue car. >> this guy hitched a ride in the back of an suv. >> this guys is a member of isar. this is a ram hanging out in the back seat just chilling. >> up here, can you make a left? there's a shortcut. >> according to rescuers this ram was incredibly happy and an
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incredibly thoughtful passenger. >> he just got unburied from 20 feet of snow. uncrank the heat, this is a thaw. down the mountain. >> another guy, his own back seat. >> at&t launched a campaign called "it can wait" in an effort to educate people of the dangers of texting behind the wheel. part of this campaign is traveling to about 200 locations nationwide with a simulator that shows teens exactly how much danger they can be in. this one took place at skyline high school in the bay area. ktu was there and able to capture the reaction of the teens after the crashes. >> it's really hard for me to text and drive. i wrote down, just left, and got
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into an accident and drove off the curb. >> everyone needs to realize this is a hewn, huge, huge problem. >> they are not focused on driving. >> just taking your eyes off the road for a second or two can really make a difference. >> there's people out there who never would drive drunk but people that would text and drive. >> reportedly 100,000 accidents a year happened because of texting behind the wheel. >> they should put this in shopping malls so adults can see it. adults are doing it, too. >> the goal of this campaign is to get people to pledge they won't text and drive. >> there's no text worth sending or receiving and endangering yourself or others. >> today september 19th is the no text on board pledge day. to pledge to never text and drive, go to it can >> hurt and in a wheelchair, still doing the show. >> it's kind of sad, kind of pitiful but you've got to give him credit.
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>> he's got to do the music. next, "right this minute." it's a hot wheel childhood dream come true. fire it up. >> come on, man. this is awesome. >> the hot wheel trick made real next. >> he gain internet fame in america trying to hug strangers. how does this act play in rome. >> right under his arm. >> see who can take a hug and who can't on "right this
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let's take a look at videos we have for you today. best of rtm time. >> beth, you know i love train videos. this one, the magic is back. he likes to crank people going through the drive-through this. time he's pretending to -- i don't want to give away what he does. you'll have to check out the video. it's a good prank but i feel sorry for the workers. >> wow, i don't know what to say about that. steven, you'll be excited about this one. >> what's this? what's in here? >> finally the latest installment. these are the guys who created it all. >> i don't love it. >> what's this wrapping paper? >> i love her. >> these guys are the best. often imitated but no one comes close to the original. >> hilarious. check both these he had.
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head over to the website. >> best of rtm. check out this video from sister station wxyz in detroit. this happened not too far from there. you can see the suspect walk into the 7-eleven. as soon as he walks in the door he wastes no time. he points his long barreled gun at the clerk and you won't believe what he said to her. she tess an undisclosed amount of money from the cash register and hands it over. you want believe what he said to her. >> what did he say. >> he said his mom was dying of cancer and he needed money. >> he needs money because his mother needs treatment or he's going to act out because life isn't fair. >> either way it's bed. >> if his mom is sick and dying of cancer, is this what she needs to see her son do. >> hopefully they can track him
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down. >> the image theta of the guy is a profile shot. they say he has blue eyes and they believe he fled in a dark-colored vehicle. whale gets a big old boat. >> oh my god. we need a bigger boat. little boys dreams coming true. hot wheels. you know you can make them jump and flip and go all over the place. the driver and team green at hot wheels, watch this. put a hot driver behind a very powerful stunt buggy and this is what you get.
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>> come on, man. this is awesome. a 92-foot world record corkscrew. the car does this roll in midair and lands it. that's sweet. >> you know what would make the video betterf they started the car, one of the plastic things. how do you practice for something like this? >> mathematics. that's what a car can do at the hands of a professional driver. here is what the car can do at the hands of somebody that has no idea what they are doing. this guy pulls into an area where parking is lot. blocked by this maroon renault ahead of them. let me help you back this car up. the woman driving is having trouble. come on back, come on back, plenty of room. on back. >> no. >> and crash. >> how do you do that? >> nothing between here and
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here. now, what would you do if you just ran over your friend? what would you do now? >> get out, check on your friend, check on her cool outfit or just drive away. >> no she didn't. >> left her friends? a ski trip turns into a ski slip. >> looks like it didn't feel good. >> see the mishap on the slopes "right this minute." wwvkñw
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so you're driving down the road in russia keeping a safe distance from the car, except at some point you stop paying attention. you try to pass and then -- >> oh man. man, it's not often you see the guy with the dash-cam making the dumb move. you can't pass there obviously. somebody was trying to pull into the parking spot. >> he probably should stay where he was. he tried to pass the two cars and that red van tried to make a left-hand turn and clipped him. listen to what it sounds like. but just barely, but the man is able to get away. >> he pin bald, hit the parked car, how much time could he have saved passing those people.
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literally a couple of seconds. come on. >> driving that could have been avoided. a skier there kind of taking maybe a break. maybe the skier fell over. watch what happened. boom, snowboarder flies right into the skier. you see skis flying. looked like it didn't feel good. skier cut in front of the snowboarder who was out of control, piling into the guy on the ground. >> looks like a three-person pileup on the mountain. video released by the camera company replay. from an accident on the snow to an accident out on the water. always fun except when this happens. >> they went flying. >> holy smoke. >> out on lake kasich.
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this guy in the blue flipping over. kind of got dumped out these other two are airborne. you don't hear much sympathy from their parents on the boat. >> that was huge. >> awesome. a front flip. >> make their way to the boat, the end. their faces don't look too thrilled about what went down but does look like they are okay. the next video demonstrates universal language of hugging. andrew hail tried his hugging trick before. this time he takes it to rome. >> that is a priest? >> that is a priest. >> thankfully the father did not decides point. he's giving them the long heads up. the universal symbol of back off. >> right under his arm. >> like a limbo stick, just dance right under it.
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>> i've got to be honest. i think i would probably shut him down, too. >> he looks friendly. i think i would hug him then tickle him under the armpit. >> looks like a pick pocket. >> come in for a hug. >> skeptical, skeptical. >> there it is. >> give time to decide if he's a creeper. >> this is my favorite. goes in for the tour guide and she recoils immediately. she turns around to everybody, this is what we warn you about. watch your pockets, hug your purses. >> does he try to hug a none? >> yes, in fact, three nuns. >> denied. >> what would mother teresa, a say? >> they are like, you will get none of our hugs. >> those are rare. that's it for us at "right this minute." thanks for joining us and w
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