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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  September 24, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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testify>> chris: i'm chris wallace. mitt romney tries to bounce back. and president obama faces new questions about the deadly attack in lib yampt -- libya. with the white house changing its story about what happened on the assault in the u.s. consulate in benghazi there is new criticism of the president's foreign policy. will national security be a campaign issue? we'll sit down with obama senior
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advisor robert gibbs. and caught on tape mitt romney's comments of people who don't pay federal taxes thal not support him. can he find a way out of this mess. we'll ask governor scott walker. gibbs and walker only on "fox news sunday". new polls give a boost to the president. we'll ask our sunday group if the upcoming debates are romney's best chance to turn things around. a stop in a burger joint and kids on a campaign flight. we'll go on the trail on "fox news sunday". hello again from fox news in washington. with anti-american violence across the islamic world and growing questions about what really happened in the u.s. consulate in libya, national security has finally become part of the president's campaign.
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joining us now is obama senior advisor robert gibbs. >> guest: thanks for having me. >> chris: last show, susan rice came on this program and i asked her about the attack on the american consulate in benghazi and this is what she said. >> the best information we have federal is that it was not a preplanned attack. it was a spontanous reaction to what happened in cairo as a consequence of the video. >> chris: why did ambassador rice give bad information. >> guest: at the point she gave that answer is the answer show gave and she has far more information than i do. we have learned more and as the
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investigation continues, i anticipate we will continue to learn more facts about the awful assassination and murder of our great ambassador in libya. you saw the white house say it was a terror attack and no one wants to get to the bottom of this more than the president and secretary of state so that we can protect our missions and consulate throughout the world and remain engaged. >> chris: i specifically asked the ambassador of libya who was saying it was preplanned. i specifically asked her about al-qaida that said it was revenge for killing the top al-qaida leader. mrs. rice said it was a spontanous attack that was not preplanned and she had information at that time and the information she gave the american people was wrong. >> guest: lock at that answer. show said the information and
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the answer based on what she knew at that point. we have learned more and we will continue to learn more. the most important thing we get to the bottom of the intelligence and happened and may or may not have caused the insdint. the state department revow of the of the mission in our consulate not just in benghazi and tripoli but throughout the world. make sure we protect those who serve our interest. paul ryan roin has a budget to cut national security. >> chris: so would your sequestration cut diplomatic security. that is what the defense department cut as a demand by your administration. >> guest: sequestration was a result of the super committee involved complote low in congress being unable. >> chris: the democrats insisted
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on certain cuts and the republicans demanded certain cuts. >> guest: super cut set up a conclusion congress yet again shirked its responsibility and fail would to implement the cuts that speaker boehner and president obama had agreed to. but look. >> chris: let me go back to the bad information that was put out. you can say in good faith, but the bad information put out by the obama administration. this is what jay carny said last week . let's listen. >> we have no information to suggest that it preplanned attack. the unrest we are seeing in the region has been in reaction to a video that muswill lims, many muslims find offensive. >> chris: again, at the time he said that there was information that it was a preplanned attack.
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susan colins co-chair of the national commito said poem don't show up spontanous with rocket grenades and machine guns. question: did the obama administration play down what happened in libya and what happened in cairo, because it would make obama foreign policy look better? >> guest: no one intentional low or unintentional low misled anyone involved in this. absolutely not. that is a answer that the press secretary gave on secretary 14th. it is now september 23rd. we learn more information. no one wants to get to the bottom of this more than we do. let's understand we saw a waive - wave of violence. in libya, this weekend is important. 30,000 people in the streets, protesting against islamic terrorist, against armed
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militias. it is a very dangerous region of the world that embraced democracy and undergoing the beginnings of the democratic action. it is important that we remain fully engaged in this part of the world. the president talked about -- with the leader of libya and president morsi and make sure they understand their obligations of protecting our embassy . >> the u.s. suspended all joint operations with afghan forces because they keep trying to kill the u.s. trainers. iran continue to build the nuclear program. israeli prime proim netanyahu said we don't have the moral right to tell them if they can attack iran. >> guest: first and foremost understand the training of afghan security forces meant
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getting fitted for a uniform . we have progressed in training in afghan security forces that will let us lead. >> chris: they suspended all operation. >> guest: chris you said a lot. we are rescreening a number of afghan security forces to insure that what happened in 51 occasions this year doesn't continue to happen. look our commanders on the ground and leaders here in washington certainly want that. and the islamic republic of iran is suffering under the worst economic conditions because of the toughest sanctions. >> chris: is there any indication of slowing down the nuclear program? >> guest: i haven't been briefod that. >> chris: there are reports that they doubled the number of centerfuges. >> guest: ther doling with the toughest economic sanctions
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because the world took a step together based on the leadership of obama. >> chris: it is not working. >> guest: chris, you don't know enough or i know enough about the intelligence. >> chris: robert, come on, you have any indication that it is stopping iran from stopping? >> guest: i think it made it tougher >> steve: has it had any affect from stopping the nuclear material? >> guest: if you listen to ehud barak. he would tell you that what we put in place with israel is complicating greatly their ability to build a nuclear weapon. >> chris: but they are doing that? >> guest: there are people in the world continuing to do it. it doesn't mean we stop working and that's what the president said. our red line is that iran cannot have a nuclear weapon. that's our red line and that's
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what the president will enforce and he took nothing off of the table of dealing with that. i don't think there is any doubt. four years ago we couldn't get the chinese and russians to implement international sanctions. because of the leadership of ambassador rice and president obama, we were able to put in place the stiffest sanctions put on the country of iran. and that is important and slowing them down. >> chris: with the islamic world in flames, the white house said he has no plan to have any private meetings with the world leaders, why not? >> guest: we have schedules. leaders have schedules ask they are not going to overlap. understand ambassador rice will see people and secretary of state hilary clinton will see people and it is important that we saw this. let's not brand everything that
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going on muslim rip large. this is clearly a maul radical group of muslims that have perverted the muslim religion. they have killed more muslims than any other religion because they are troying -- trying to gain power and take it away from those like in libya that want to see democratic action. >> chris: i want to go back to the un and new york. you say he has schedules and foreign leaders. but the president has blocked out time to appear on the view on tuesday. he has time for whoopy goldberg but not world leaders? >> guest: no, the president will be actively involved. >> chris: he's giving a speech. >> guest: their they have telephones in the white house. he talked to the president of
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egypt and leader of lib yampt we don't need a meeting in washington. >> chris: but hoe does need the time to be on the view. >> guest: i am sure if he was doing an brew with you on the fox news you would have no problem. 92 well, he hasn't. >> guest: he has a strong schedule. >> chris: you don't have a problem with not meeting with world leaders but meeting on the view? >> guest: you are the president of the united states every minute of the day. you talk to the leader in turkey and a hugely important leader in that region of the world and pick up the phone and talk to the president of egypt and tell them, they have to have a strong reaction to the violence in our embassy and they have to protect our consulate and embassies and people that work in them it is it not just one meeting on a particular day of new york. the president is actively involved and engaged in the most
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dangerous day of the world every day of the week. >> chris: mitt romney released tax returns and this is what hoe showed. 14.wobpercent in 2011. and summary and no returns, he paid an average of 22 percent and never less than 13.7 percent. this is the single dumbest question i ever have asked. does that end the issue for the obama campaign? >> he gave the accountant years and the american poem, two. what is he hiding? why does he has corporations in bermuda and investment in the kaymens and someone investing in the chinese state oil company and banks in china? american people deserve to know more about mitt romney's finance. he has not been straight and he hasn't been straight about what is going to happen with their
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taxes. middle class families are going to see taxes go up and while he's going to cut taxes for people like him. i do think it is rich and special in many ways that mitt romney had to manipulate his tax rate by not taking all of the deductions he was eligible for . something that would disqualify him from being president. he raised his rate to meet the rhetoric boy saying he paid 13 percent every year. if he loses the race he can go back and get. he's not been straight with the american poem about his taxs and not straight with the middle class people about what is going to happen with their taxes >> steve: we have time left for quick answers. we saw the 47 percent video. i promise i will ask governor walker about that. but the policy question. 49 percent of americans live in a household that machine gets a
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government benefit. 46 percent of americans don't pay federal income taxes that is up from twen percent in known 92, -- 1992. and i know politics. but beyond the politicings. is it good policy for so many americans not have skin in the game? >> guest: i think it is crazy that americans don't have a skin in the game. pay roll tax hit lower and middle class families harder than it hits poem like mitt romney. they have skin in the game. in the so-called fren percent. mitt romney includes those who live solely on medicare and social security right now. they paid in the system and now they are getting benefits that are do you. chris, the most devastating thing about the video is not just the voitself but the reaction from candidate mitt romney who said he was inelegant in what he said. what is the elegant way of
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saying fren percent of the poem are moochers and don't care about themselves and place in life to takability. 92 maybe we will hear that from scott walker. and the president and governor romney meet in a debate whompt has the advantage? >> guest: it is going to be a big moment. i think it is a big moment when two cand dates sit side by side and answer the question. they will get a real sense of what president obama is talking about in terms of middle class security and contrast that with mitt romney's vision for america. mitt romney has been through 20 of these debates in the prim easier over the last year. hine bragged that he was declared the winner in 16 of those debates. in that sense having ben through
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it much more recent low than president obama. he starts with an advantage. >> chris: robert, thank you always good to take with you, sir. up next mitt romney comes under fire for the secretly recorded votape. we'll talk with governor scott walker of wisconsin, next. we have big dreams. one is for a clean, domestic energy future that puts us in control. our abundant natural gas is already saving us money, producing cleaner electricity,
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>> chris: mitt romney had a tough week trying to explain secretly recorded remarkings he made last may in which he said
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47 percent of americans don't pay federal income taxs and think of themselves as victims. we are joined by romney supporter and wisconsin governor scott walker who is in milwaukee. welcome back to "fox news sunday"? >> guest: good to be back, chris, thank you for having me. >> chris: you you are bewildered by campaign since he picked paul ryan as his running mate. you expected mitt romney to run a builder reform agenda campaign and so far he hasn't. why not? >> guest: part of it is dealing with the tough issues on the side. they continue to be more aggressive as they were days after mitt romney picked paul ryan. not only is paul ryan from wisconsin and paul ryan himself. we knew mitt romney is qualified. his time in the private sector saving jobs and olympics and
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governor and creating jobs. and he picked paul ryan, he's not just qualified, he has the courage and passion to be the exceptional president. i want to so more of that in the campaign trail and that's what people are hung row for. they want that in the state of wisconsin >> steve: it is a long time and over a month since he picked paul ryan and republican convention and couple of weeks since then, are they wasting paul ryan and wasting the opportunity to present a reform agenda? >> guest: i think it is not just paul ryan, i talk to paul a lot. he was here and in florida. he is doing an effective job on the campaign. i would like to see more of the enthusiasm thos what mitt romney believes in and draw people to mitt romney not only in my state but states in the country ask balts ground states. we talk about the comment that was talked about this week. that takes away from the larger
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issue that is simple. this president and his allies largely define success with government by how many people are dependent on the government and unemployment benefit. mitt romney and i and others define success in government with the opposite how many people are not dependent on the government. not because they are kicked out on the streets but we empower maul business and sector and lead to greater prosperity and focus. when we get off in the side issues whether it is individual taxs and video comment that detracts from the larger debate. we need to move to one that has a vision of us moving forward again. >> chris: you say it is it a distraction but it is big news and we can't ignore it the video that was released. a lot of voters are receiving the information that romney told donors about the fren percent he
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said, 46 percent of americans who don't pay federal income taxes. watch what he said. >> 47 percent with him and depend on government and believe they are victims and believes that the government has responsibility for food and houses and you name it >> chris: governor, what do you think of romney saying 47 percent of the americans think of themselves as victims? >> guest: i don't know of the specifics of what he meant. most people i talk to including people who are unemployed today here in thitate of wisconsin don't want to be. they would like to go out and grab a job in the private sector and put food on the table and clothos their back. ity of people particularly don't want to be. they want to live the american dream. that is a contrast here.
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the president is attacking the american dream and american spirit and free enterprizes system and president rumly would help poem better themselves and that's the message and aspirational message and what drew people like me to someone like president regan who shared the same beliefs and did so in a optmistic. we get romney out on the stump and hear that better off he would be. >> chris: that is a great statement. he didn't say that. and this is last time we'll ask you about it and move on. he seemed to write off he didn't say people in hard times and want to get out of hard times. 47 percent victims and feel ened and i will not worry about them as they will not vote for me. he didn't say what he just said? >> guest: we hear on the
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campaign trail and you heard it from mr. rib gibbs the mind set after four years the president is not responsible for the economy and 43 months of unemployment above 8 percent and 23 million americans looking for work and foreign policy and budget discussion . he said it is the congress' faultment we need mitt romney making the case of how his leadership will win the election and how his leadership will put many of the people today who are dependent on the government back to work. and put them to work in the private sector and i hope that resonate first debate and continue between now and november 6th. >> chris: in the radio interview on friday you said too many people are restraining romney from giving his vision. i guess the question becomes. let's say you are appointed
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campaign chairman what would you say he needed to do in the bus tour in ohio? when he is face to face and man to man against bark obama in the first debate. >> guest: get off of the heels and american wants a fighter and not fight over politics but rather shows mitt romney will fight for the american people when he gets in the office. he's got a great plan he needs an opportunity to get beyond the side bar issues that are distracting from the incredibly positive plan to help the middle class and hard working taxpayers to move forward. i want to see more passion. and most americans, particularly in my state where there is swing voters they want to know what is wrong with the president and what is right and move the country forward. i want to see fire in the belly and i have seen it in wisconsin and i saw it in jamesville and i
2:27 am
want to see him lit yup ready to go. that's the mitt romney i know. if he does, i think he will win the election. >> chris: talk about wisconsin, that has not gone republican since ronald reagan since 1984 and mr. obama campaigned in milwaukee first time since february. and the real clear politics shows obama with a 7-point lead in your state and the president leads romney on who is better at handling the economy. question, governor, is wisconsin really in play this year? >> guest: i think it. in my recall we won by a larger percentage than two years ago and many of the polls show it would be tight. and the exit polls showed it was a split decision. and i ended up winning by a larger margin than i had two
2:28 am
years prior. there is a certainly a clear political division between the republican and democrats. we were the closest blue state in american only a couple thousand votes made the difference. the president was here and mitt romney's son and joe biden and paul ryan was here you will see more attention in wisconsin and other midwestern states. i do think it is competitive and i said all along to mitt romney if he wants to win wisconsin, he has to show the r doesn't stand just for republican but that stands for reformer and those swing voters will swing his way and he will win the election. >> chris: talk about your reform issue. you made national news in the last two years with the law that you pushed hard and over great opposition and ending collective
2:29 am
bargaining for most public workers. nine days ago. wisconsin county judge overturned part of that law as unconstitutional when it comes to school and workers and local government workers. how big of a set back is that for you, governor? >> it is a problem in the short term because our local governments set the tax levies. and moody's one of the national bond rating agencies put out a notice of negative outlook because of that decision . last year, we had another activist liberal judge and capitol base of the state make a decision that was overturned and the law was upheld by the supreme court. i am confident that will happen gan. -- we had an election, recall election where a governor was elected and most of us in
2:30 am
wisconsin, we've moved on and we are ready to move forward it is it good. reforms saved money. billion worth of savings and property tax went down first time in 12 years and a budget deficit into a surplus and we are moving the state forward and this is it a temporary set back until the upper court upholds that. >> chris: there is another labor issue. they just ended a messy and angry school strike in chicago. first of all. how about ralm emanuel handle it and are you seeing a split even between the democratic office holders and public unions. >> guest: i do. and i mentioned it before the strike n. places like chicago and ralm emanuel and massachusetts and new york and others out there, when you are the chief executive be it a mayor or governor and the buck stops with you. you have to make decisions that
2:31 am
make things work and in this case with our reforms like they tried to do in chicago not just taxpayer savings but making the government work. and think about it mayor ralm emanuel talked in particular about having accountability and measures on which you hold them accountable. and that's what we did in wisconsin and you pay based on performance. you can put the best and brightest in your classrooms and keep them there. it is good for the taxpayers and students and great teachers. goch gov walker thank you for talking with us today. we'll watch what happens in wisconsin. >> guest: thank you, chris. >> chris: we'll ask our suspected group for their assessment when we upon california right back. and every day since, we've worked hard to keep it. bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars
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to help people and businesses who were affected, and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy -- and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. we've shared what we've learned with governments and across the industry so we can all produce energy more safely. i want you to know, there's another commitment bp takes just as seriously: our commitment to america. bp supports nearly two-hundred-fifty thousand jobs in communities across the country. we hired three thousand people just last year. bp invests more in america than in any other country. in fact, over the last five years, no other energy company has invested more in the us than bp. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. today, our commitment to the gulf, and to america, has never been stronger.
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>> don't worry about. first take care of responsibility and what happened five or 10 percent in the >> i don't believe we can get far with leaders who write off half of the nation as a bunch of victims and who think that they are not interested in taking the responsibility for their own lives. i don't see a lot of victims in
2:36 am
this crowd today. >> chris: president obama jumping on what is now become mitt romney's infamous 47 percent video. time now for our sunday group. brit hume, fox news senior political analyst. kasie hunt of the associated press. bill kristol from the weekly standard and fox news political analyst juan williams. bill, you didn't waste any time after the video came out saying that mr. romney was "his remarks were i should say condemn the action and not the man stupid and arrogant." any second thoughts? >> i might have been a tad harsh. the romney campaign thought it was over the top. but if you are a conservative and fighting for 30 years and made the case over and over and skeptical audiences and college campuses and conservatives do want everyone to do better and tax cuts help the economy and
2:37 am
especially help those who want upward mobility and not just help those who are ready and doing well. if you make those arguments over and over the republican cand date seem to say if you don't pay taxes we can't -- you don't caver about the tax code and not much i have to say to you. and if you are dependent on government and senior citizens getting medicare, i can't expect your vote. it was a blow actually and honestly. i hate for conservatism to be redefined in that way. i am now moving on. >> chris: was it as bad bill kristol said. >> it is not good and not fatal and the problem with episodes like this. they shut you down in terps of making any news at all about what you may prefer to talk about for several days and you get to play defense for some comments that you know, part of
2:38 am
what he said. 47 percent pay no income tax is fine. but the rest of it though. people seeing themselves as victims and dependent on the government is not true. and therefore, very unfortunate. and he's dealing with it for days this came out in the middle of the we think and we are talk being it on sunday. this campaign is it running out of the time and getting late and can't afford tulosis days on end deal things he doesn't want to talk about it. >> chris: kasie, you spent months covering the romney campaign and reporting and contacts in boston, how much trouble do they think they are in and what is their plan to turn things around and brit said only 44 days. >> they do recognize how difficult the fren percent remark was. as brit was saying, they continue was not a good for them and it pushed them away from, they were starting to see stuff
2:39 am
take hold and polls moving in that direction and they had a distraction and they are looking at the next week as their chance to get back in the rhythm and they will go with the theme that obama and the country can't afford barak obama for four more years and they think that they will recal brate and get things back toon even playing field and they have an opportunity to shake things up >> steve: although he was much milder than he was in the radio comments. you heard scott walker saying we need more passion and a reform and a positive agenda. what you are talk being is not what walker is looking for. >> they have struggled this all along. is it a revverundum and a choice election. if it is it a revverundum on president obama then mitt romney will walk straight in that role and have the opportunity to do
2:40 am
that. it is clear we see demand from the conservatives and voters for more from romney on what he's going to do for the country. he will have a chance to do that on tuesday . he will take a clinton bus tour and we'll see policy specifics come out here. >> chris: juan, next big event on the calendar is the debates 10 days from now. and you covered a lot of debates, what do you think . chances for this being a game changer and before or during the debate, what does romney need to do differently. >> it is it a potential to be a game changer and a large odd and they want to see if something comes of it history, brit and i were talking earlier. not a lot of the presidential debates being explosive. but there is a potential there. there is not that many bench
2:41 am
mark moment to come before the election and you would have to point to the debates as one of those. what does he have to do the the polls are presenting a problem. on the economy which is the driving force behind the campaign and now more and more americans saying we think that the economy is move nothing the right direction and that is a problem for the romney campaign. he has to move his message beyond saying specifically what he would do on the economy and talk being larger issues. this is late in the game for him to try to climb new ground and get the american people to see him in a different light. right now, a place like iowa, suddenly obama is up by 8 ohio, obama is up and virginia it is getting difficult to imagine how romney progresses and makes the case that he could win. that is a problem you hear from the republicans. >> chris: bill, in the
2:42 am
interesting tough session with univision. president obama was asked what is the big lesson. he said you can't change washington from the inside and you have to change from the outside and if he is reelected he will have more of a conversation with the american people, is that the right take away. >> i don't think it is. and i think the rumny campaign should focus. if it is it the last four years, that was a muddy verdict bush how horrible was it four years ago. he has to make a choice about the next four years and explain what obama would do that would be bad for the country and what he would do to be good. gibbses is a good spokes man the and you talk about the policy stuff and he did fine. no one is going to change his
2:43 am
mind. but the point he was rattled. foreign policy. foreign policy. it is in the head lines and romney needs to make the case over national security over the next 10 days president speaking? un and romney will speak at the clinton and global initiative. what is it going on and why is it happening and what can the next president do about this. romney should answer that equip. and not just reminding people. guess what the economy is not great. >> chris: the president will have an opportunity to explain all of that to the ladies of the view. >> exactly. >> chris: we'll take a break president obama had troubles with the anti-american violence in the middle east and a changing story of what happened in the consulate in libya.
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>> chris: check out for behind the scenes feature and our monday preview of the week ahead. go to and be sure to let us know what you think. stay
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>> the natural protest that arose because of the outrage over the video were used as an excuse by extremist to see if they can harm u.s. interest.
2:47 am
>> they are still blaming the video. and they have a fundmental misunderstanding. they believe it was the video. it is not the video. >> santor john mccane and president obama disagreeing sharply over the attack that kill four americans in libya. we are back with the panel. slowly and grudging lie the obama administration acknowledging that it was a terrorist attack that took down the u.s. consulate in lib yampt brit, why did they have so much trouble saying it? >> i think the obama administration is deeply invested in the presence of barak obama and the outreach to the muslim world changed the fundmentams in the muslim world that was in the united states. and with drawing from iraq and out of iraq and gradually with drawing from afghanistan. the president has made speeches of the outreach and this changed
2:48 am
things. and what happened in the muslim world in the last week or 10 days is will powerful evidence that is changed. the administration is not prepare tod face that and they went in spin mode and it turned out badly when it was plain on most american's face that the september 11 and rounds of ammunition and attack on the embassy was denied by the for days and even now they keep falling back on the video. it was a terrible embarrassment. i am not sure it appeared that way in the coverage. but that is what it should be. >> chris: kasie? >> you can see as romney tried to deal with this as well as with the administration, he jumped on it initially and took the heat in the beginning, this
2:49 am
is it an evolving situation you for the obama campaign. he spoke before all of the facts were known and the facts are still coming out for what happened. and that is something that the administration will have to deal with going forward as opposed to romney. and if you think about it, they are calming it - calling it an act of terror. obama has been able to claim success. they had no attacks on the u.s. and they killed osama bin laden and that is one of the successes for the administration and what is going on in the middle east jeopardizes that. >> chris: bill, the state department spent $70,000 to run public service announcement ads oni television denouncing the infamous video that insults the prophet mohamed. >> the united states government had absolutely nothing to do
2:50 am
with this video. we absolutely reject the content and message. >> chris: but as that adwas running on tv in, in. were the protestors elevating the importance of the video or the obama administration. >> they elevated it for two weeks. chairman of joint chiefs of staff said talk about the video. it is it a matter of foreign policy and pathetic that the u.s. is making its case for the world. and they said yesterday president obama is going to address the video just to make sure that he does not approve of the video. and that is pathetic and the romney can't make the case correct, it is embarrassment to the administration, they are going to have to deal with what is happening with. they will not have to deal with
2:51 am
it unless the opposing presidential cand date makes them deal with it we critize and if voters don't see the other presidential candidate making the case. they think that the world is a mess and maybe the president is not doing great. but romney doesn't have to say. the next 48 hours is important. president speaking in the un and all of the stuff in the world and ridiculous video story discredited and republican presidential cand explain why foreign policy is failing. it is a huge missed opportunity. >> chris: that brings us to the bottom line question in a presidential campaign, juan. will it matter? even if you buy what some of us are saying which is it appears to be a defeat or failure on the part of obama foreign policy; is it enough to make them switch. >> i don't buy that analysis n.
2:52 am
libya there has been action that was organized anditated >> steve: that is it what susan rice said didn't happen a week ago? >> that seems to have happened in libya. that is not what is happening in egypt and yemen and else where in the middle east. i think there is a separate set of facts here and the stockholder thing to say. president obama came in the campaign with the unique standing for a democrat. he has a substantial advantage in the polls when it comes to the american perception. they see him stronger than any republican in this area. his approval rating and big news was 50 percent. but also on wall street journal. 49 percent approve the way he's doing business. >> chris: it is now 46. his has gone down. >> if you get half .
2:53 am
american people you are doing well. bill is on target. if you can make the case. but i don't think the american people in the after math of iraq and afghanistan and bin laden. i really don't like what he's doing on foreign policy? >> you think afghanistan is testament to his wisdom and the terrible attack on the base in camp lebanon shows withdrawal. >> all of the gains because of a surge who ordered. >> president obama he sent kids to fight and now undercut them. >> how much coverage did that get in the american press. >> why? american people are excited about one thing in afghanistan. that is getting out. >> the press should reflect that? >> i said the press should report the story of the attack. >> i know they didn't and on the special report day after the administration witnessed and said on capitol hill that benghazi was a terrorist attack bret baer held up a copy of the
2:54 am
new york times to note they had not mentioned it anywhere in the paper. this is how it is going to be for a republican. media is not going to help the republicans broadly speaking. the media. a smart republican campaign recognizes that and plans for that and thinks of way to counter act it. they have done it in the past it is not clear the romney campaign is doing that. >> chris: will this make any difference in terms of the election? >> it could if the issue were quep dead and respond tod as bill suggest by the other cand date. i don't think that is it happened. >> you think that is wishful thinking and you are reaching? >> i am saying it didn't happen. >> chris: thank you panel. make sure to follow us on twitter. up next, we go on the trail. gecko (clearing throat) thank you, mr. speaker, uh, members of congress.
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2:57 am
>> fretch percent of americans paid no income tax. >> my expectation if you want to be president you have to work for everybody and not just some. >> this is it a campaign of are you percent. >> the trick in figures out how to structure government system and pool resources and hence, facilitate some redistribution. i actually believe in redistribution. >> mitt romney and i are not running to redistribute the wealth. mitt romney and i are running to help americans create wealth. >> there we go. most lesson i've learned is that you can't change washington from the inside. you can only change from outside. >> he can only change from outside. we'll give him a chance in november. he's going outside.
2:58 am
we believe that here in america we are all in it together. we believe that america only works when we accept responsibility for ourselves and also certain responsibility for each other and for our country. >> of course we will always be there. we are a compassionate people. we don't measure compassion by how many people are on food stamps, we measure compassion by how many people can get off food stamps and get a good job. >> we still have 44 dispace four debates to go until election day. and that's it for today. have a great week, we'll see you on the next "fox news sunday". ♪
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