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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  September 24, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning a story we've been following since 4:30 this morning. a deadly police shooting in hayward. ktvu news was first on the scene. photographic is moving -- traffic is moving again on southbound 680 it's very slow and very limited as chp investigates a fatal accident. is a police shooting in san francisco prompts angry
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demonstrations in the mission district. why this was a busy monday morning for firefighters in southern california. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning, thank thank you for ginning us i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather, traffic, first. let's go to steve. >> cooler. we also have a system move into nevada that has picked up a little bit of that westerly breeze. temperatures will come down especially inland. 50s and 60s there. 70s and then mainly about 5-7 degrees cooler inland. here is sal. we have traffic that is beginning to build up almost everywhere you look on this monday morning on the east shore freeway. more people coming down to the mccarthur maze and the traffic here is moving along okay. westbound senator mccain bridge traffic looks good. the traffic is going to be busy heading out to the high-rise.
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we do have some traffic problems coming out of the livermore and pleasanton area for that we will go right back to the desk. our breaking news out of pleasanton where some drivers are starting to get through on the shoulder after southbound 680 was shout down near stone ridge drive following a fatal accident. ktvu allie rasmus tells us now what we are learning about the pedestrian who was hit and killed. >> reporter: the good news is right now traffic is no longer at a complete standstill. you can see one lane the far left lane is open again. about 30 minutes ago they opened that shoulder so vehicles can get around this accident scene but it's still very slow going here. this is still an accident scene an investigation under way as a car hit a pedestrian on the highway this morning. the coroners van arrived about 20 minutes ago. they just started moving the body inside of that van. we're in the process of
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clearing this scene. chp investigators say they don't know how this happened. why this pedestrian a man who they have not identified yesterday. ended up on the road. the driver involved is cooping with investigators. but right now they are not quite sure if it was one vehicle or multiple vehicles that hit the victim but the main driver involved is with chp. >> on my way and rolled up on this just as soon as they shut it down. that was about an hour and a half ago. we've been sitting here. >> reporter: now again there is one lane of traffic moving. we will show you the far left lane you can see traffic
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flowing through there. chp investigators still on the scene here. still keeping an eye on traffic making sure the cars don't pass the flairs stray set up here. in order to get around this backup, you can take 580 westbound at that 580-680 interchange exit foothill drive and then take some of the surface streets around so you can get around 680. the coroners van has arrived. they have removed the victim. the latest estimate 7:00 they may have more if not all lanes of southbound interstate 680 open again. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:04 new developments in the fatal police shooting just hours ago in hayward. now we know that more than one officer was involved. ktvu tara moriarty was the first reporter on the scene. she is back now and i know you have new details. what do you know, tara? >> reporter: we have just learned three police officers were actually involved in this deadly confrontation with the
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suspect. if you take a look behind me you can see the scene where it happened here at this gas station. the desan that has all -- the sedan that has all the car doors open and windows shot out that is the suspects vehicle. we believe his body is lying where the orange beariers are. joining me now is lieutenant roger to tell us what exactly led up to the shooting and what happened when the officers tried to approach the suspect. >> at about four minutes to 1:00 in the morning we received multiple 911 calls from the dirty bird lounge advising several shots had been fired inside the bar. there was a vehicle description provided and officers received that as they were enroute to the scene. while enroute they saw a vehicle describing that vehicle. officers got behind the vehicle and attempted to make contact with the driver. at that time the driver through the vehicle into reverse and
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aimed his vehicle at the officer. three officers were present at the time. those three officers in defense of their lives responded with shooting the suspect which did in fact stop his actions. the suspect was deceased there at the scene. further investigation revealed to us that one person had been shot at the bar. that person has subsequently been treated and released for a nonlife threatening gunshot wound. >> that was with the person we saw taken away in the ambulance. >> i don't know who was taken away. probably. >> reporter: whenever officers are confronted with something like that, that they have to eliminate the threat basically. >> well they certainly have to stop the suspects actions. and that is how we are finned to do it. >> what is going on with the investigation? i know there is a lot of different agencies out here. are they sort of helping out with keeping the traffic at bay or what is going on? >> we have two different scenes. we have the scene at the bar and the scene here at the
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officer involved shooting which involved us to take a rot of witnesses -- a lot of witnesses down to the police department. we relied on our partners in the community to give us assistance here in our city. >> reporter: okay. thank you for joining us me live this morning. we appreciate it. and just so you know if you have to take the hayward bart this morning, you will not be able to take tennyson to get off there. live from hayward i'm tara moriarty. we are learning more about the fatal shooting of a man in antioch. just after 10:30 last night police responded to reports of a man lying in the street at the corner of sycamore drive and lemon tree way.
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people in the area say there have been a lot of shootings in their area. time 16:07. in a couple hours from now san francisco police will meet with community members all about that controversial recent police shooting. ktvu alex savidge is in san francisco now. you have details of what is ahead. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. police chief greg suhr will be heading up this community meeting. it will happen later on this morning later on inside the corner stone church. he will be talking more about this police shooting that sparked protests last week. it was thursday night when a plained closed police officer opened fire on a 22-year-old parolee. police say that young man pointed a tech nine gun at the officer and refused to drop it. the officer shot him twice but that young man is expected to survive. that officer involved shooting prompted two straight nights of
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angry demonstrations in the mission. protestors smashed windows on businesses including banks and spray painted a police station. no arrests were made and officers have been able to maintain peace in the area. they are hoping they can ease tensions here by offering more details on last week's shooting. answering questions from community members, town hall meeting happened at 11:30. it's here at the corner stone church. we are live this morning in san francisco alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. a homeless camp that was cleared out last month in san francisco may be cleared out today. it's located near the cal train station on fourth and king streets. the coalition on homelessness say homeless people living there have received two notices to leave the camp. now according to the notice the camp will be cleared out at 8:30 this morning. time is 6:09. firefighters in southern california battling two wild fires. one in river side county. this one has burned more than 150 acres. several homes have been damaged. about 200 others are
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threatened. voluntary evacuation center has been established. this fire by the way is 35% contained. a fire at a rural san diego county is only 10% contained. it started yesterday afternoon east of campo near the campo indian reservation. this one has burned 1700 acres. it has destroyed four homes, threatening about 80 more. evacuations have been ordered and the cause of both of those fires are under investigation. right now it's 6:09. want to go back over to sal. he's covering a couple things for us this morning. >> we do have a big problem. one of the biggest problems is the 580 livermore valley. very slow traffic because of the problem on 680. a lot of people use 580 to get to 680. when you get on that ramp, you will get through but it's down to one lane. that is a huge problem for the livermore commute. that means that you will need a lot of extra time driving from livermore. even if you are not taking 680
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south just getting through livermore and dublin over to castro valley. another problem we have is in hayward. the south hayward bart station not the hayward downtown station but the south hayward bart station near the corner of tennison and mission there is a big police closure there. the only way to get there is on dickson. you cannot get to the bart station on tennison road because of the police closure. you will have to go the other way around. let's go to some of the live picture. east shore freeway traffic here is getting up to the mccarthur maze. bay bridge toll plaza this is backing up. we already have a big crowd here. 6:11 let's go to steve. thank you very much. system came by yesterday gave us higher clouds. it's kind of a muggy humid pattern inland. coast really didn't change much. this system is moving off rapidly to the east.
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it has picked up a westerly breeze. everybody is in it at the 50s. either low or mid. there is not much change there. san jose a little cool. by the way i want to give out shot out to colony. it's a lovely little area. thank you. so that is my shoutout to collin. west, southwest to 21. 60s and 70s and 80s right there. yesterday we had more 90s. system though is marching off toward the east. it looks like it will be a pretty good weather maker for the rockies. maybe parts of the far corners. for us it's a cooler pattern. slightly cooler. a lot of fog. and a westerly breeze is in place. not howling or anything. 60s and 70s and 80s and 80s. 67 alameda. oakland at 70 degrees.
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80 san jose. fremont 77. it looks really quiet into midweek. >> thank you, steve. 6:12 is the time right now. provocative new ad from mitt romney. why he's accusing president obama of being chicken when it comes to china. >> new details about texas governor rick perry's run for the white house earlier this year. the reason he may have made several mistakes.
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time now 6:15 in election 2012 news mitt romney accusing president obama of allowing china to steal american ideas and jobs. >> fewer americans are working today than when president obama took office. it doesn't have to be this way. if obama would stand up to china. >> that new commercial criticizes the obama administration for allegedly not labeling china a currency manipulator. it also claims the president is weak when it comes to protecting american interests in china. this new ad launches today as mitt romney begins a three-day bus tour in ohio. the president is defending his foreign policy record. he listed accomplishments on 60 minutes such as ending both the war in iraq and the threat from osama bin laden. president meets with world leaders at the united nations today. he will address the u.n. general assembly tomorrow.
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both candidates square off in a policy debate on october 3rd. president obama is under pleasure to clarify his stance on critical world issues as he addresses the u.n. general assembly this week. alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with the president's message to international leaders. alison. >> reporter: pam, with his primary focus on the campaign these days, president obama is not going to be having many preplanned one on one meetings with world leaders while he is in new york. he will be addressing the general assembly tomorrow. now the president is expected to weigh in on the war in syria. the protests over an antiislamic video, and nuclear tensions will iran. ian's president macmood ahmadinejad -- president obama was asked on 60 minutes if he felt pressure from israel to
6:18 am
take a tougher stand on iran. >> now i feel an obligation not pressure but obligation to make sure we are in close consultation with the israelis on these issues because it effects them deeply. >> reporter: now the president is taking heat for those comments and for taping an episode of the view while he's in new york and not participating in more one on one meetings with world leaders. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. a former professor who went on a shooting spree at the university of alabama in huntsville will be in court today for trial despite entering a guilty plea. amy bishop bleed guilty earlier this month for killing three people and wounding six others at a faculty meeting in 2010. but alabama law requires a jury trial in capitol murder cases. analysts say the trial is mostly a formality and will be brief. there is a new book out about texas governor rick perry's campaign for president
6:19 am
earlier this year. the author claims to know why perry may have made several mistakes and statements during his campaign. governor perry had a mild case of sleep a knee ma which -- apnea that made him very tired on the campaign trail. the governor couldn't remember the three federal agencies he proposed to eliminate. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger is coming clean in his new auto biography. they obtained a early copy of total recall. schwarzenegger admits to having an affair with his housekeeper and fathering her child. he wanted to believe the boy was not his but as the child grew he knew the physical resemblance raced any doubt. he says that is when his wife maria had become suspicious. he finally admitted it during a counseling session earlier last
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year. 6:19 is the time right now. livermore valley is a mess. >> it is. yeah pam and dave. just because you know 680 a lot of people come on 580 try to get on 680 south as we have been reporting since 4:30 when we went on the air that 680 accident has been blocking almost the entire freeway. in fact, at one point it was blocking southbound 680 entirely as police did their investigation. 580 though is very, very slow. it's backed up all the way out to tracy highway 84 is getting a lot of use as people heard about this. this commute is much worse than normally is. i want to mention the south hayward bart station. it will be tough to get there on tennison road because of a police investigation here. you should use dixon street. dixon street is the street that goes in front of the south hayward bart station. use that instead getting to the
6:21 am
station on tennison will be tough. let's talk about the bay bridge. it's back the up all the way beyond the oakland army base there. so it will be tough. also 237 we are doing pretty well here. westbound traffic that looks good crossing the bay or the valley i should say. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. a little bit more in the way of low clouds. more of a westerly breeze for some. in the delta there is a little bit more of an increase. the system right there is producing snow. just missed us. stayed to the north and east. pretty good system there marching into the rockies. 50s for us. low to mid. everyone is really close. we had a few high clouds today. didn't really do much by the coast. but it will be cooler today for those away from the coast. morning fog west breeze in place. more of a westerly breeze. 50s to upper 80s. inland temps some of the higher elevations are down a good ten
6:22 am
degrees. looks like not much changes tuesday into wednesday. then with your weekend always in view it does look a little warmer. there are signs it may be warmer by the coast as we head to the weekend. fingers and toes crossed. later this week the department of energy will award a small silicon valley solar company the boost it needs. the government will give $197 million loan guarantee to solo power. the money comes from the same program that promoted solyndra. they are one of four manufactures to receive a loan guarantee under the clean energy tech program. you think anybody can actually live out there? >> apparently a photo finish at the weekend box office. the house at the end of the street and the police story end of the watch both took in estimated $13 million.
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clint eastwood new movie was also there. i know you want to see the giants. they are on a role. what will get to see them in the post season. plus how stanford is making big changes for the freshman class.
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on >> duane: so welcome back. time now 6:25. giants fans will pay thousands of dollars to see their team play in the post season playoffs of at & t park. season ticketholders have had the first crash of the playoff tickets. the giants will hold a playoff ticket drawing today for fans that registered a couple weeks ago. other fans will have to pay a lot of money. tickets on stub hub range from $100 to thousands for premium seats. the a's still have a chance to win their division. they begin a four game series with the rangers today. the a's beat the yanks 5-4 yesterday to stay in front of the angels. more than 1700 freshmen start classes today at stanford university. they will be the first class to
6:27 am
take a new general edu requirement. the freshman class will be required to take thinking matter courses designed to stress the development of critical thinking skills. the university also plans to add breath requirements requiring students to take a certain number of classes outside of their major. 6:26 is the time. boy, sal just heard a report at problems 440. it's effecting livermore. it's a big problem. >> it's a big problem. i asked the control room to go to the maps first. i just put up this new map here. i want to show it to you. westbound 580 look at all this slow traffic. it's all red. the sensors saying traffic is very slow. and this is going to be our top traffic story this morning. because everyone is going to be delayed. if you know someone in this area they could be late to work. if that is you you want to give yourself extra time. we'll have another live report from the scene coming up. let's move along and take lobbing at 280 that traffic looks good. also this morning if you are on
6:28 am
the sunol grade after the crash it looks good. let's go back to steve. thank you. a little cooler today inland. there is a lot of fog on the coast. that has lifted a little bit. that system in nevada producing snow in california. it will give an impact on cooler temps. pam. >> thank you, steve. police now revealing what happened during a fatal shooting this morning in haywards. the events that led up to the suspects death. there is shocking news at a south bay elementary school. the principal is facing felony charges. we will tell you more about the tip that led to his arrest. stocks around the world hit it lower this morning. the reasons why up next as we take you live to the opening bell. i'm a professional stylist
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when my friends feel beautiful i just feel like i scored. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. i'm a maxxinista and now so are all my girls. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning morning news.
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that is swedish company visiting the nasdaq this morning. numbers heading lower this morning. a lot has to do with happened overseas and what will happen in the coming weeks. we will smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here on ktvu channel 2 morning news it's a brand new day monday, september 24th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. time now 6:30. since 4:30 this morning we have been reporting a fatal crash that has led to big traffic problems. let's go over to sal. >> all right pam and dave, westbound 580 is a huge mess because of this crash on southbound 680. look at all the slow traffic. this is much worse than it normally is. it's backed up all the way to tracy. that is because of the
6:32 am
bottleneck on 680 even though some cars are getting through it isn't adequate for this time of the morning. you need to give yourself extra time. people are on highway 84 as well. a lot of the pleasanton city streets are also jammed up as people have figured out i'm going to try the other road. not exactly an original idea. you need to give yourself extra time. this is a fatal happened that happened just before 4:00 a.m. that involved a pedestrian. and again it's all down to one lane. we have heard they could open the road by 7:00 but the traffic will take much longer than that to clear out. let's go back to the desk. we also have new developments from hayward in a police shooting we've been talking about since 4:30 this morning. you've been talking with police so what do you know now tara? >> reporter: this was a deadly shooting. confrontation between three officers and a suspect if you take a look behind me you can see the gas station right here.
6:33 am
and where that little orange thing is the car next to it is actually the suspects car. you can see it's completely riddled with bullet holes. we believe inside the orange barriers are where the body is of the suspect. now all three officers are okay. we just spoke to police. we are near tennison road and mission boulevard. police say gunfire first started around the corner from here at the bar called the dirty bird lounge. witnesses say the suspect got into a fight inside the bar and shot someone. that victim was take ton the hospital with a nonlife threatening gunshot wound. and then police were able to track down the man. >> officers saw the vehicle and got behind it in preparation to make contact with the driver. when they did, the driver reversed his vehicle quickly at the officers. the officers feared for their safety and responded in order to stop his actions. >> reporter: so the officer shot and killed the suspect.
6:34 am
all three are on paid administrative leave. this intersection here near mission and tennison will be shut down for much of the morning as police continue to gather evidence and investigate. if you're trying to get on bart this morning south hayward you will not be able to access it through tennison road. you will need to go down through industrial parkway and shoot up north toward dixon. this entire area is blocked off. there is swarms of police cars all around here and half a mile down the road as well. off mission at the dirty bird lounge. live in hayward i'm tara moriarty. we are continuing to track a fatal crash on 680 in pleasanton. that has been backing up traffic all morning long. ktvu channel 2 reporter allie rasmus is there where authorities are in the process of reopening all of the lanes. so hopefully better new there is. >> reporter: that is right. chp has opened all southbound lanes of interstate 680 which is why we have moved away from
6:35 am
where this accident scene happened. you can see the traffic making its way. it's flowing a lot better now. of course this morning it was at a complete standstill while chp was clearing this accident scene. investigators don't know why this pedestrian ended up on the freeway. they think he wandered -- wondered on to 680 and that is where the man was struck by an on coming car. it happened at 4:00 this morning. an hour ago chp opened the far left shoulder of this stretch of highway so traffic was no longer at a complete standstill. there is still a lot of residual traffic problems because of this accident that happened this morning. chp investigators are still trying to determine if it was one or multiple cars that hit the male victim. it's not considered a hit and run. the main driver involved did stop. someone called chp. that driver was interviewed for quite some time. for about an hour and a half all four lanes of southbound
6:36 am
680 were completely closed to traffic as chp processed the accident scene. the backup expanded almost to the al cost that exit. the big question to investigators why this man was on the freeway. >> we have no idea why this person was out here. we'll have to contact the family and find out. >> reporter: do you know who the person is >> it's still under investigation. the coroner just got here. he'll probably help us out. >> reporter: the coroner came and went and so now the accident scene has been cleared. you can see traffic moving on southbound interstate 680. for awhile chp was detouring traffic around this area. people were taking 580 westbound exiting foothill road and going through some of the surface streets to get around the accident. but because of all the dietaries and because of this earlier backup l is still a lot backup, there -- backup there is a lot of traffic problems.
6:37 am
live in pleasanton allie rasmus. a community meeting in richmond about chevron refinery fire how the august 6th fire sent more than 15,000 people to the hospital for treatment. tonight residents will hear from county health officials, air quality officials, and the environmental protection agency. now the meeting will be held at the richmond memorial auditorium. the doors open at 5:15. meantime federal investigators are trying to sort out who knew what about a bypass pipe used at chevron's richmond refinery. the chronicle reports the environmental protection agency launched a criminal investigation earlier this year opinion that is after bay area air quality district inspectors say they found a pipe inside the refinery that routes hydrocarbon gases around pollution monitoring equipment. surveillance tapes from the refinery show gases flaired from that pipe add least 27 times before monitoring. >> we are awaiting the results
6:38 am
of an epa investigation that will look at whether this conduct was intentional or negligent. >> chevron says the pipe was for balancing pressure but regulators did not buy that explanation they fined the company $170,000. the epa investigation is not related to last months refinery fire. time is 6:37. students in santa clara montague elementary school are getting letters from school to take home after their school principal was arrested. ktvu janine de la vega is here now with the details on the charges. >> reporter: dave, the principal here has a lot of explaning to do to the students, parents, and authorities especially when you consider what is painted on the wall of the school. it says at the end of the day, be ready to say i'm proud of what i did today. erik dean lewis the principal here is expected to be arraigned in court today on felony drug charges. a spokesperson from the department of justice says their drug task force received
6:39 am
a tip that lewis was involved in drugs and used a dating website. under cover agent set up a meeting with lewis. he was arrested friday after allegedly offering the agent drugs. authorities say they found methamphetamine, ghb pills, and scales in his san francisco home. >> mr. lewis i think did a great job here as principal. we have no sense there was connection between what he was alleged to have done in san francisco and what he did here. >> reporter: officials have placed lewis on administrative unpaid leave. lewis has been the principal here for seven years. we were told he was involved with an antidrug dare program here. he was charged with furnishing drugs and possession drugs they have also taken lewis' computer and going forward to see if further charges are warranted. we are hoping to talk to
6:40 am
parents this morning. some still haven't heard net knews. reporting live janine de la vega 37 6:39 is the time. back over to sal to check in on traffic. unfortunately it's a mess in some spots. >> it's a horrible mess because of an earlier crash on 680. and in case you are just joining us 580 commute out of tracy done. unfortunately i hate to say that this early in the morning. look at all the slow traffic here. this is because of an earlier crash on 680 at stone ridge that blocked almost all of the southbound lanes. it did for awhile. a lot of people obviously they used 580 and then used 680. just having that there for so long almost three hour closure not quite really has done a number on the 580 freeway coming out as far back as the 205 interchange. there have been minor crashes in the area. 680 slow. the 84 a lot of people use 84 out of downtown livermore to try to use that.
6:41 am
it's also very slow in some of the alternate routes are jammed up. i just want to let you know off the top if you're driving to the hayward the south hayward bart station this morning you are going to have trouble getting there on tennison road because of police activity. use dixon street instead. go to industrial and use dixon street. don't use tennison. all right let's move along to interstate 880 in oakland the traffic here looks pretty good. although it's crowded. at the bay bridge we have a big crowd. it's backed up for a 15-20 minute wait. 6:41 let's go to steve. sam, thank you, sir -- sal, thank you, sir. there is a delta breeze in place. that fog is really stacked up on the coast. all courtesy of this system which moved into nevada. it's move into the rockies producing snow up in colorado. for us the end result there is a little northerly wind. that is mainly up in the northern sacramento valley. there is ha lot of fog. so 50s and 60s by the coast.
6:42 am
around the bay fog then sun. 60s and 70s. inland subny and breezy. 50 to about 55 covers the spread. everything kind of stuck here. san jose clear though 52 degrees. west, southwest 21. vacaville has a west. still 80s inland. by the coast and around the bay 60s and 70s. that system will continue to march out of the area. high pressure looks like it's going to build in. kind of a slow process. slightly cooler for some today. more pronounced for others. especially well inland. still it's just tough to get ukiah and clearlake to clear down. novato 88. keptfield 77. 76 vallejo. oakland 70. 87 brentwood. hayward 74. 80 santa clara valley. saratoga 81-82. santa cruz 70. they are one of the few that will get out of the 50s.
6:43 am
60s in the city. 70s on the peninsula. quiet pattern tuesday into wednesday. does look a little warmer thursday. all signs point to a warmup. time now 6:42. a police shooting in san francisco last week ignited protests and vandalism. what the police will do in just a couple of hours hoping to calm down the community. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools.
6:44 am
today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight.
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good morning. lots of low clouds here. more of a fog bank that is moving locally inland and up and down the coast. it will be cooler today. 60s and 70s and 80s. welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you right now at 6:45. major traffic commute problems in the planton area after a pedestrian was killed on the freeway. authorities finally reopened all the lanes on southbound 680 but it's a mess out there. lanes were shut down about 4:00 a.m.. following that dead lisente. police in hayward now say three police officers fired shots at a man just hours ago because a man backed his car toward police officers trying to pull him over. that car they say matched the description of a vehicle that was seen leaving a nearby bar after a shooting that left a man wounded. school principal at santa clara montague elementary
6:47 am
school has been arrested. eric dean lewis was arrested thursday on suspension of possessing crystal meth for sale. they also found ghb pills and scales in his home in san francisco. in a few hours san francisco police will hold a community meeting about a recent police shooting that sparked protests. ktvu alex savidge is in the city now with details about the meeting. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. san francisco police chief greg sur is hoping to ease tensions in this community that is why he will be holding a town hall meeting later this morning here inside the corner stone church. he will be talking about a police shooting that prompted angry protests. last thursday night is when plain closed officers opened fire on a 22-year-old parolee. that man pointed a tech nine gun at an officer. one of the officers shot him twice. the man is expected to survive. police also say they have witnesses that can verify their account of what happened.
6:48 am
that officer involved shooting prompted two straight nights of angry demonstrations in the mission. protestors smashed windows on businesses including banks even vandalized the mission itself. officers maintained an increased presence in this area. during the community meeting later on san francisco police chief will offer more details on last weeks shooting and answer any questions from community members. that town hall meet willing happen again here at the corner stone church at the mission district it's on 17th street near valencia and get started at 11:30 this morning. live this morning in san francisco alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. a factory that builds iphones in china is shutting down today. foxconn says it will resume production at that factory
6:49 am
tomorrow but it was suspended after a fight. the reason for the fight surround investigation. time now 6:48. sal, come on back. you've got task messes arthritis morning. >> it is a mess on 580 westbound this morning, dave if you are driving on 580. there is the hayward bart station. can't get to it from tennison road because of police activity. now i want to move the maps to what i was talking about here. 580 very, very slow. there was a crash on 680 at stone ridge that closed the lanes southbound for about two hours. a little bit more than that. 580 a lot of people use 580 at 680 it has caused a huge traffic jam throughout this whole area that has take an awhile to unwind. it will be better but it won't get better soon. we are seeing some improvement but again not much. it will be beginning on for a few hours. let's move along and take a look at live pictures bay bridge about normal. 15-20 minute delay there.
6:50 am
in the southbound 237 we are seeing stop and go traffic which is pretty normal. also on 101 a little slow traffic getting into sunnyvale. let's go to steve. thank you. bigger fog bank today. kind of lifted a little bit. more of a westerly breeze in place. the fog up and down the coast looks pretty solid there. system moving into nevada now move into the rockies producing some snow up in colds. but for us on the backside of that we just got higher clouds. 50-55. looks like temperatures are stuck. a little cool for some. if you have the clear skies. but even livermore at 53. san jose at 52. our system wrapping itself up will move out of the picture. today we get a cool down for inland temps. sunny and breezy. slightly cooler for some. a little more pronounced for others. morning fog more of a westerly breeze now again there is a big difference in son-in-law of the temps. if you are well, well away from
6:51 am
any fog influence it will be warm. looks like a quiet pattern tuesday into wednesday. does look like a little warmup starts thursday. apple and samsung can agree on one thing about their prolonged patent battle. they want the court to reconsider the $1 billion reward. they found several samsung products infringe on some of apples products. apple is asking for $7 million more. but samsung wants the entire reward reversed. trader joes recalling house brand of peanut butter because of possible salmonella contamination. officials say there is no contamination of salmonella but it doesn't want to take any chances.
6:52 am
you can return the me peanut butter to trader joe's for a total refund. plus domestic workers are rallying in the state capitol. what they want the governor to do. oñ
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welcome back to the ktvu
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channel 2 morning news. the world health organization is closely monitoring a new respiratory virus similar to sars. authorities say a man from qatar is in critical condition at a hospital. he recently traveled to saudi arabia where another man died from a similar outbreak. a sars virus back in 2003 killed hundreds of people mostly in asia. breast cancer --ology psychologists say one type of breast cancer called triple negative might respond better to a nontoxic chemo therapy. triple negative tumors make up 10% of all breast cancers. scientists investigating the hantavirus outbreak want to know of an increase in deer mice and the design of the tent cabins are the problem. since june, nine people have
6:56 am
been effected with that deadly virus after spending the night in the signature tent cabins. three people have died. scientists say the cabins design allow deer nice to nest in the walls. those cabins have been closed indefinitely. governor brown signed several bills into law over the weekend including a measure to curb under age drinking on party buses. the governor also signed bills strengthening gas pipeline safety laws, allowing nurses to prescribe birth control pills. governor brown also extended a law that allows courts force mentally ill people with a history of violence into treatment. more than 200 bay area domestic workers are ading to the state capitol today to urge the governor to sign a labor protections bill. that bill passed by the state legislature last month would give child care providers, care givers, and housekeepers meal and rest breaks. it would also make them eligible for overtime pay. time now 6:56.
6:57 am
legend tear san francisco comedy club in north beach closes its doors today. the owners of the purple onion says everything in the club will be auctioned off tomorrow morning after tonight's big marathon event featuring 25 comedians. the owners of the purple onion say their lease was not renewed. let's go back over to sal. certainly busy guy today. >> yeah the biggest traffic story of the morning is 50 coming out -- 580 coming out of livermore valley. very slow traffic. 680 itself has recovered but 580 has not. it will take awhile. we have a live report from the scene coming up. also this is a look at 880 this traffic looks pretty good driving past the oakland coliseum to a crowded bay bridge toll plaza. now to steve. thank you. pretty big fog bank out there. it's making its move across the bay. higher clouds are gone. that system is move into the rockies but it's left behind
6:58 am
cooler air. 60s and 70s and 80s. coming up next here on mornings on 2 a story we've been following since 4:30 this morning. a tragic accident leading to huge traffic problems on 680 in pleasanton. what happened in the past 30 minutes. also a deadly police shooting in hayward. ktvu news was first there just hours ago. stay right here with us.
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