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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  September 25, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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attack took place. he tells us how the school district is responding. ken-- >> reporter: julie this is a copy of the letter that was sent home with 400 students reminding parents about a meeting tomorrow morning with school officials and police. police say the 9-year-old girl was accosted last friday in a school restroom by 25-year-old bradley mosack. mosack allegedly groped the girl, put his hand over her mouth and carried her off campus. moments later, the girl was able to free herself. >> she resisted by kicking him, and making efforts, successful efforts to get away from him. >> reporter: mosack is facing federal charges that could send him to prison for life. >> this is not something that we encounter. it is really a remarkable unusual and scary event for parents, law enforcement, city
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officials. >> we need to be more vigilant what's going on in the neighborhood. this is a nice neighborhood but you never know, what kind of predators are out here, i always tell my son you need to be careful. >> reporter: this parent's daughter is friends with the alleged victim. >> they are worried about each other. they look out for each other. when you go home or something you have to go with a pair, go with your friends. >> reporter: school officials say security at all campuses will be increased. >> i would anticipate that there will be changes along the lines of closing campuses and not letting parents on campus to wait for their children outside of their classroom door. >> reporter: that's because this incident happened as school was letting out and there were a lot of adults milling around waiting for their children. mosack is being held without bail. he's due back in court october 2nd to enter a plea.
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new video this evening following a shoot out between two cars on interstate 580 in castro valley. investigators say this ford is one of the cars the people inside took off on foot toward the near by b.a.r.t. station. the other car got away. you can see the bullet holes in the ford. the shoot out happened about 7:30 this evening between strobe street and seventh street. the highway patrol closed down 2 miles of highway 580 to accommodate the investigation. a very close call this afternoon for a pregnant woman who was hit by glass when someone opened fire on a street in oakland. the shooting happened on 16th street near seminary avenue about 3:30 this afternoon and left the street littered with dozens of shell casings. police say the pregnant woman was siting in a car when it was struck by a bullet and she was then hit by broken glass. fortunately she did not have to go to the hospital. police say it seems that the gunfire came from a passing car
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and one witness told ktv us -- ktvu he heard at least seven shots. the legislation protects all 278 state parks until july 2014. it designates $30 million to help fund the cost of operations and make park improvements. earlier this year, the parks system discovered that the parks system had hidden millions of the dollars. in 18 minutes another bill signed into law today. it allows driverless cars in california. how far the technology has come and where it may be going. comcast is cutting the cable on roughly 800 bay area jobs and closing all three of its call centers here in california. ktvu's jana katsuyama tells us why comcast has decided to move those jobs out of state. >> comcast workers learned
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about the cuts this morning. the company announced it will close their three the call centers in the next year. the total impacts more than 1,000 california employees. from front line customer service agents and tech support up to managers. and for many workers the closures came as a shock. >> i just think it's really unexpected and really terrible that they did this especially before the holidays. because we have families and they did all these training classes. >> reporter: comcast plans to move the jobs out of state. the reason -- >> because the high cost of doing business in california makes it hard for us to run these call centers. >> reporter: comcast plans to maintain other operations here. livermore says they are prepared to help the laid off workers.
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>> it's unfortunate but we want to be there for them as well. >> reporter: comcast says employees who do not want to relocate will receive a severance package, but some say that's not enough. >> i've been working with comcast for 13 years, i've been putting in a lot of hard work, for them to do us like this is a ridiculous shame. >> reporter: all of the call centers are expected to close by the end of the year. in livermore, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. and more details now, governor brown today said he's disappointed by comcast decision to move those jobs out of state. in a statement he went on to say, we must aggressively act to stem the losses and unleash the power and resources of regional economic development teams to help california compete again for business. fbi agents were busy today at a site in the valley that
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authorities believe contain the remains of victims. earlier this year skeletal remains were found buried in a near by well. the bodies were victims of the so called speed freak killers wesley shermantine and loren herzog. authorities escorted shermantine to this area so he could pinpoint additional burial sites. a former police officer and private investigator was sentenced to prison today for his role in a law enforcement corruption scandal. christopher butler the man with the gray hair and wear ago suit received a sentence of five years. butler is one of several current and former law enforcement officers allegedly involved in this scheme. today the u.s. supreme court announced some of the cases it'll take up this fall and same-sex marriage was not among them. the court listed the cases to be heard starting
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through november 7. the justices could still consider california's same-sex marriage ban and the federal defense of marriage act at a later date. another possibility is that the supreme court will let stand the ninth circuit ruling in favor of same-sex marriage. one case that is in the docket will deal with drunk driving. lower courts have argue had the a suspect's blood alcohol level could dissipate while police try to obtain that warrant. president obama spoke at the united nations general assembly. he addressed several issues critical at home and across the globe. the president denounced the anti muslim video that sparked protest worldwide as well as the reaction. and he specifically spoke on the attack on the embassy and
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the attack of four americans. >> nuclear weapons in iran will not be easy to contain. >> reporter: president obama said there is still time and space to resolve the iran issue throughdiplomacy but he went on to say the time is not unlimited. how the president's speech addressed claims advanced by mitt romney. and each candidate's weakness just six weeks to election day. well it's no longer just a sports story. the lock out of nfl referees has now captured the attention of presidents both current and former. plus labor groups are also weighing in. they said that the dispute highlight it is need for qualified workers. matt keller live in campbell and he tells us folks there are still talking about that confusing conclusion to yesterday's monday night football game. matt-- >> reporter: frank the garrett restaurant here is filled with sports fan and most if not all agree that something needs to
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be done about the nfl's replacement officials. >> reporter: this is the call during the packers-seahawks game that people are saying are the worse in nfl history. the different officials made different calls. the packers lost 14-12. >> terrible way to end the game. >> the whole confusion was just, unbelievable. >> reporter: sports fever in campbell turned into sports anger for one young packers fan. >> if they don't make it to the play offs because of one game, i'm sure there will be riots in wisconsin. >> reporter: football fans vented their anger on twitter. everyone president obama had something to say. sweeting nfl fans hope the ref lock outs are settled soon -- tweeting nfl fans hope the ref lock outs are settled soon.
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everyone former president clinton had something to say. >> i think for every employee and every player that's negatively impacted or hurt that the nfl ought to be held accountable for that. >> reporter: today the nfl and referees negotiated for a fourth straight day. everyone if -- even if the lock out continues will it still change anything for nfl fans. >> reporter: you're still going to watch the game right? >> have to, have to. >> reporter: espn is reporting $150 million shifted from people -t -- people betting on the packers to the people betting on the seahawks with that ending play. advertisements promised this machine can eliminate your body fat without surgery and exercise. what critics say it really does. also new details about a bay area principal arrested on drug charges. what investigators say they discovered inside a teddy bear
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when they searched his home. the vast majority of folks just simply don't know who i am yet. >> she is an unknown facing senior senator. why this bay area mother believes she can defeat dianne feinstein.
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so could you name the woman who's challenging senator dianne feinstein in the
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upcoming election. her name is amkin and she even says that people may not recognize her. >> reporter: we met with the republican here in santa rosa she spoke before a partisan crowd one of many campaign appearances around the state. >> i'm going to do it with a ton of energy you haven't seen. >> reporter: supporters call elizabeth amken dynamic. the danville mother of three calls herself a problem solver, a fighting. she's fighting to unseat dianne feinstein. >> i think dianne feinstein is absolutely out of touch. she certainly doesn't understand new media and the new online world. >> reporter: the 49-year-old told us her first career was as
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an ibm analyst. but she quit her job to work for those with autism. she says she is now ready to work for everybody in california. >> when you have the governor of nevada and governor of texas coming to the state and entizing businesses out we're going to have to put together a panel and really work with corporations here in california to convince them to stay. >> reporter: amkin says there's a lot of undecided voters and that her biggest hurdle, many californians don't know who she is. >> my job is to make sure they know i'm an al -- an alternative to dianne feinstein. >> reporter: amkin says she has asked for a debate numerous
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times but has been denied. -- today's apparent cyber attack targeted wells fargo's website. the bank tweeted an apology for what it called limited access to its website. last week service on websites for both bank of america and chase was also disrupted. a group has claimed responsibility for the attack saying they will continue until that controversial anti muslim video is removed from the internet. yahoo announced today it named a software executive as its chief financial officer. goldman formally served at cfo at the software firm. goldman replaces tim ward who served last year until marisa myer was hired to fill that position. users of apple have since convinced that apple's new
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service contains geographical errors and features that made google maps so popular. apple running out of its initial supply of new iphones september stock prices down today. the dow was down 101 points. nasdaq was down 43 points. santa clara prosecutors say they will not file charges against the san jose police officer who's 3-year-old son accidentally shot and killed himself with a handgun. preston orlando killed himself. the toddler found his father's back up weapon which had been left in an upstairs bedroom. officer brandon orlando was not grossly negligent and that the tragedy was a horrible and irreversible mistake. today was the first day on the job for chief allen
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anderson. anderson has also worked for the union city fire department and calfire. anderson replaced former interim chief roger bloom. he stepped down earlier this month after he was sited in santa cruz county for allegedly agreeing to buy beer for a minor. new information tonight about an elementary school principal accused of selling drugs to an undercover agent. ktvu's robert handa tells us what investigators found in the principal's apartment including what was hidden inside a teddy bear. >> reporter: the school principal for monte view elementary remains in the santa cruz jail. he was charged with selling meth, xtasy and ghb. but he could face more charges depending on what investigators find on his computers recovered from his school and his
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apartment. he was arrested after -- according to a drug task force report, lewis had 10 hidden cameras in his home including in a teddy bear. >> who knows, everybody has their own lifestyle. it could have been for the dates he brought home. >> reporter: that view was echoed by others. >> it's always disturbing to see something that might have involved a child. but we don't know that yet. >> i highly doubt that any of his activities happened on school property. there are so many other people around. >> reporter: according to the report the undercover agent says eric lewis was texting me from work regarding meeting up to use meth. lewis admits drug sale and use on a large scale. >> i think that makes it disconsorting to people. >> reporter: lewis will stay in jail until he can prove he can
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post$25,000 in bail without using drug money. robert handa, ktvu news. and these are the high temperatures recorded. a 90 in antioch, tomorrow going to look a lot like today. it's not a lot of changes. might be a little cooler in some places, maybe a little warmer in other places. what we're noticing is a lot of fog. a lot of cloud cover is pushed in. tomorrow morning the computer model has a fairly aggressive fog print. really not like this one. we had plenty of fog. you're going to see fog in many bay area locations. temperatures tomorrow, very similar to what we're having now. as we go through the week when i come to the five day forecast, we're going to be looking at a pretty good sized warm up. i'll let you know when that occurs. we'll be back here at 10:45. the father of a teenager
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from sebastapool says he intends to bring his son's body back to the states for a second autopsy. 18-year-old kyle nolan died on august 22nd. the shaman overseeing the retreat says nolan died after drinking a ha hallucinating tea. toxicology reports have not yet come back. an incredible find below the streets of san francisco. >> i think it's important for people to know that you know there are literally walking on history. >> the project that has uncovered the ruins of a former city hall destroyed by an earthquake. plus cars without a driver. the mayor step today to toward a revolution in how we get around. -- jor step today toward a revolution in how we get around. what was grandma's cold remedy?
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prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight. new video tonight of a two
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alarm fire in san jose that has chased four people from their home. san jose firefighters responded to the home on midhurst court. firefighters say the blaze started in the garage then spread to the roof of the home. tonight the red cross is helping the four residents find shelter. driverless cars which once seemed like a futuristic fantasy may soon be part of our daily life. as sal castaneda reports, governor brown took a ride in a self-driving car today to welcome who could be a new era in transportation. >> reporter: perhaps to drive home the point, governor jerry brown arrived today at google in a self-driven toyota prius. he then went inside to sign a bill for driverless cars to become legal. >> pioneering the future and leading not just the country but the whole world.
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- - >> reporter: the new law will require safety standards including requiring a human being inside. but that may eventually change according to google cofounder sergey brin. >> you can have a car drop you off here to work. get out, walk through a little bit of green space and it goes off and takes somebody else some where else. >> reporter: he says driveless cars can potentially reduce the demand for parking. engineers say driverless cars may not be subject to what causes most automobile crashes, human error. >> i expect that self-driving cars are going to be much safer than driverless cars. >> just because they say it's safe, don't mean mechanically something can't go wrong. >> sounds a little bit like the jet sons i used to watch when i was a kid. >> reporter: google has tested driverless cars for more than 300,000 miles they say. still a lot more testing needs to be done and it'll be a while
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before you can get your hands on one. in oakland, sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. construction crews in san francisco have unearthed the brick foundation of the old city hall that was destroyed in the 1906 earthquake. workers digging on a landscaping project discovered the ruins behind hyde street. the original city hall was built back in 1872. it took 25 years to complete the elaborate building with its dome that was 300 feet tall. and it was just nine years old when the 7.9 event -- earthquake rocked the city. >> first you're just impressed by the massiveness. a proposal that would make san francisco home to the
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smallest apartments in the nation are on hold. the microapartments would be just 220 square feet. they include a kitchen, bathroom, closet and beds that convert into tables. supporters say the small units are a solution to rising rents. the bright flash that forced a b.a.r.t. station to be evacuated. new video shows what people on the platform saw before smoke filled the station. >> we investigate a medical controversy. critics say this procedure is being used inappropriately. but patients say it works to get rid of fat.
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for many americans the battle of the bulge is a
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lifelong pursuit and any weight loss procedure is worth consideration. john fowler looks into a twice that harnesses the power of microwaves and reminds us of the old adage, buyer beware. >> reporter: 29-year-old catering megan bufford says she wanted to lose some inches. the altschuler center advertising a lipotron that reduces body fat. >> i've lost several inches off my waste. >> reporter: each treatment costs $108. alexander said it felt warm. promoters of the device say the machine's microwaves are heating fat cells deep underneath the skin. >> the fat is releaseed from the fat cells, through the course of the week the body
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starts to eliminate them through the limph system. >> i've been told by the people doing this that it's safe and effective. >> reporter: not according to the fda. we're told the device manufacturing began to get approval five years ago. >> the fda denied clearance and said they needed to provide more data. >> reporter: a state complaint last month against dr.alt schuller. >> they may not mart this device because it does not have approval from the fda. >> there is a federal investigation but admits the company is doing nothing illegal. it registered it as a massager. skirting the law dangerously. >> this device has caused burns and electric shocks to patients. >> reporter: but the department of health tell us they had no complaints. >> people come to me because they know i will do the research and that i will
10:31 pm
determine if the technology is appropriate to use. >> reporter: lipotron's distributor promises big profits but after a warning reportedly stopped making direct claims about whether the $85,000 machine reduces fat. the alt schuller website continues to make the claims claims. encouraged to pay thousands of dollars for a procedure not proven safe or effective. >> the devices remain on the market and it's inexplicable to us that the fda has failed to act despite that knowledge. >> reporter: the fda declined comment and the california medical board says investigations of physicians are confidential. activists say it might be useful to remember the old adage. if it sounds too good to be
10:32 pm
true it likely is. at we posted more information about the lipotron just look for the special reports tab on the front page. >> we got another sneak peak at the work being done in santa clara. managers say the stadium is 15% complete and the project is right on time. fans driving by can expect to see more construction going on over the next few weeks. >> we're in great shape schedule wise. we don't want to jinx it. the weather has been great if i can find some wood to knock on. hopefully we'll have a great winter and we're just going to keep building. the $1.2 billion stadium is set to open for the 2014 nfl season at we posted unedited video from today's tour just look for the hot topics section. home prices kept rising in july across the united states because of increased sales and fewer foreclosures. national home prices increased
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1.2% in july compared to the same month last year. home sales have been bolstered by the lowest mortgage rates on record. the average rate on a 30 year fixed mortgage touched a record low of 3.49% last week and has been below 4% all year. a limited supply of homes has always helped drive prices higher. san francisco is reporting its first human case of what appears to be locally acquired west nile virus in 40 years. a local man is now recovering at home. he apparently became infected last month. the man had reportedly not traveled recently making it likely he was infected in the bay area if not in san francisco. just last week officials reported that a bird infected with the virus was discovered near city college. san jose police are searching for a man they say has robbed at least two banks in santa clara county in the last month. take a look at these pictures from bank surveillance video. they show the suspect at the us
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bank on lincoln after in san jose and the u.s. bank in sunny vale. investigators say the man entered the bank, demanded money and took off running with the stolen cash. investigators believe the same man may have been behind a robbery at a chase bank today in los gatos. a white man in his 30s wearing a brown beanie, white shirt and dark shorts got away with an undisclosed amount of money. witnesses say they saw the suspect get into a gold colored 90s sedan and drive away. pittsburg police are asking for the public's help in finding a homicide suspect. an 18-year-old man was shot in the back and died in buchanan park. police say they are looking for 18-year-old clarence cater of antioch. two other suspects are already in custody. police say the three suspects are rappers and rivals of the victim devon george.
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he was filming a video at the time of his death. b.a.r.t. says it believes what caused a frightening incident in san francisco almost a week ago. these are images from four cameras at the civic center station on september 16th. you can see a brief flash of orange on the upper left hand picture then smoke filling the station. b.a.r.t.'s chief engineer says its preliminary investigation shows it was a 1,000-volt of electricity caused by metallic debris on the tracks. >> it was a spectacular arch but it did not damage or consume anything but fire. once the electrical arch was distinguished that was the end of the event. >> reporter: some passengers recall seeing a sheet of flames. it was not in fact, a fire and that there was only minimal damage. a reminder here you can get ktvu news to go, download the ktvu app, click on the live i con and you can watch all of
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pg & e says repairs are complete after a gas leak caused a four hour evacuation in brentwood today. the problem started around 12:20 this afternoon when crews ruptured a valve while working on a service line. a 14 unit apartment was evacuated as a precaution. the leak was capped about 35:
10:39 pm
35:00 -- at about 5:00 tonight and residents were allowed to return home. new details about a man killed in an office involved shooting in haywood. police have identified the man as edgar alvarez of hayward. officers shot and killed him early saturday morning. investigators say he tried to back a car into them after officers responded to a report of shots fired inside a dirty bird lounge. police say that alvarez was a known gang member and that a gun was found inside his car. the county approved the $160 million project last year. today supervisors voted to approve the budget which includes jail funding. the board president says the county has no choice but to build it. >> there is a public safety issue and if people get arrested and they get convicted someone has to house them and
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that's our role. but our role is also to make it humane. our facilities right now are really dilapidated. county officials have approved construction of a new mosque in southern santa clara county that cordova center would be built in san martin. many support it many are against it. supervisors say the new center has passed every requirement. in spain violent clashes broke out between riot police and demonstrators in madrid. the protest was organized under an occupy slogan and was aimed at new austerity measures. spain is in the midst of its second recession in three years and unemployment among young
10:41 pm
people is said to be about 50%. in the east china sea, japanese patrol boats and a taiwanese boat fired water jets at each other. this is over a confrontation of a group of small islands. two weeks ago the japanese government bought the uninhabited islands. and until today taiwan had pretty much stayed out of the dispute. in israel, jews prepared for the holiest day on their calendar. the day of atonment. it began at sun down. jews pray and ask god to forgive their sins and some also fast. six weeks and counting and the polls are counting too. what mitt romney has to do to win. >> but up first developing news, police respond to a safe
10:42 pm
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we have developing news tonight concerning a daring armed robbery of a safeway store in san leandro. it happened around 9:00 tonight. police say the armed robbers got away with an unknown amount of money. there are no reports of anyone being hurt. at the hour the store is closed while police conduct their investigation. the race for president is heating up with just six weeks left until election day. ktvu's rita williams tells us the issue of foreign policy took center stage today but likely won't be the main issue at the first debate next week. >> reporter: in a speech at the united nation, president obama fought violence and extremism. >> today we must declare that
10:45 pm
this violence and intolerance has no place among our united nations. >> reporter: the speech also fought his republican rivals claims that mr. obama is too quick to apologize for american values. a weak leader on the world's stage. >> we somehow feel we're at the mercy of events rather than shaping events. >> reporter: speaking of former president clinton's near by forum, mitt romney said he hoped to return next year as president. having made progress on democratic reforms internationally. >> obama is just done too many things which i think show the american public that he can be tough and he can get things done. ending the iraq war, bringing a lot of troops home from afghanistan and setting an end date for that war and getting osama bin laden. >> reporter: henry brady director of school of policy says romney's best chance to win now is during the debate.
10:46 pm
to hit the president where he's more vulnerable. >> i think it's the economy. >> reporter: all this with the election just six days away, and another 10% who say they could be persuaded to change. rita williams, ktvu news. oakland mayor jean quan testified about the state of the oakland police department as civil rights opponents attempt to put the police department under state police. the judge overseeing today's hearing had said quan could face punitive action if she did not testify today as she had missed her last court date siting city business. city rights opponents say oakland have failed to follow reform. a federal judge is scheduled to consider the issue in december.
10:47 pm
all you need is a smart phone to ride munni for free. that's according to a firm that specializes in mobile security. it says it's discovered a flaw in the system. the glitch allows those who are computer savvy to reset the value on muni's system to not pay. the purple onion shut down last night and today remnants of the comedy club went up for sale. items included musical instruments and pictures of the club's old headliners. the purple onion lost its lease after the building was sold. but last night the owner told us he plans to carry out the tradition at other venues around town. that fog is pushing inland right now it's over in berkeley. it's trying to get over the east bay hills. right now i've got fog all along the coast. then i have a finger of it
10:48 pm
shooting through here. we have fog working it's way south toward san leandro. suffice to say we will have more fog tomorrow morning. we already talked about that, when you wake up tomorrow morning, upper 40s in the coolest spots, low 50s around the bay. temperatures you know probably where they should be this time of year. the days are getting shorter since we got through the equinox. nights getting longer, these numbers are going to start coming down they're going to be in the mid-40s, even upper 30s. we're getting into the cooler time of year. you will notice that tonight in the north bay especially. and then tomorrow afternoon temperatures about where they were today. lots of 70s and low 80s. heating up as we go into the bay area weekend. that's where we could see a big increase in our fire danger concerns on friday, saturday and sunday. tomorrow a lot like today. this high pressure shifts a little bit. we get some slight northeast winds as we head into friday and saturday. that's why temperatures are
10:49 pm
going to come up. right now what we're selling is a pretty decent warm up for friday and saturday. temperatures could easily be into the mid-90s in some of the bay area valleys. tomorrow just like today which was a lot like yesterday. there are going to be some temperature fluctuation but it's limited. upper 80s in the warm spots tomorrow. fairfield 85. 63 in richmond. 72 in vallejo, 90 or near 90 clear lake. 86 in livermore. these highs not far from where they were. 77 many milpitas. as you get heading off to work it's cool. in the afternoon daytime highs warm up nicely we had a really neat run of weather here within the last few weeks it's been very fall like. it is fall now. we had fall like weather before fall. and we're going to continue that way with the noticeable heat up as we get into the
10:50 pm
friday, saturday period there. so we'll be tracking that for you and hopefully that won't get us into too many high fire danger issues. >> boy, mid-90s over the weekend. >> especially on saturday. >> thank you, bill. the oakland city council public safety economy has put off making a decision on its red light camera program. the city first began using those red light camera in 2007. oakland police would like to continue the program but opponents think it's more about revenue than safety. the council plans to revisit the issue in two weeks. and oakland's lake merit has a new bridge. construction workers move the pedestrian bridge into place at the southern end of the lake this afternoon. it's expected to be ready for foot traffic at the end of the year. the bridge is 13 feet wide, make that 15 feet wide and 146 feet long. it spans the new water way that replaced those old culverts
10:51 pm
that used to run under 12th street. some animal shelters in the south bay are being rewarded in a big way. what they did that's prompting a windfall of donations. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars
10:52 pm
straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight.
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efforts to say pets from being euthanized is paying off. matty's dog is donating $1 million to animal shelters. mark is here with sports the a's just don't give up this season. >> eight games left and still very much in it and this brutal road trip just about over. you cannot be a baseball fan and not admire the tenaciousness and grit of the a's as they scratch and claw their way to a much needed victory early on. boy texas seemed inprobable. continually after this play. josh hamilton to right. two runs would score. the rangers look like they're in big business but they limit the damage. and now we've got a 2-2 score in the seventh. rangers load the bases again, elvis andrus deep to right. moth giveth and moth takes
10:55 pm
away. he had a lot of ground to cover. the bases were loaded at the time. he definitely saves the day. full on mcgiver mode there. george catarus deep and second deck deep. home run that winds up as the winner. the a's leading the second wild card position by two games to stay with eight to play and just clutch into that lead because the angels won't give up either as they go for it in anaheim. picking on seattle, tori hunter pulverizes one. it's a difference maker because they hang on to beat the mariners, 5-4. as for the giants although they haven't officially put the vacancy sign on his locker, looks like they have no intention of resigning milky cabrera following his suspension which would come if the giants make it deep into the play offs. an official statement is done on the milky situation probably
10:56 pm
on thursday. meanwhile the postclenching party blues still hanging. it was not bill and ted's excellent adventure for the giant's fan. he was scary bad. gave up seven runs losing his 15th. he walked four, threw two out pitches like that one. then there's this guy, paul golstmith who absolutely owns him. here he launches the three run moon raker up the foul pole. he's now eight for 14 off lin -- off lincecum with five home runs. a shot down the left field line one of the few bright spots for the giants in a 7-2 easy win for the diamondbacks. levity in the rider cup usually don't go together. but in an effort to lighten the mood. we bring you the first ever captains and celebrities scramble a little like the at&t. some of the celebrities on hand
10:57 pm
like bill murray decked out in a very tasteful golf outfit. small but spirited crowd getting a crack at the shaddy cab. >> mark, thank you. >> and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
what is with the age-gap hiring policy at movie theaters? they never hire anyone between 15 and 80. the girl that sells you the ticket, she's 10. then the guy that rips it, he's 102. couldn't they find anyone in the middle? it's like they want to show you life coming full circle. you're 15, you're selling the tickets. then you go out. you have a family, career. 80 years later, you're back at the theater, 3 feet away, ripping tickets. it took you 80 years to move 3 feet.


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